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The Germans have three problems with Russia


The recent visit of the “sweet couple” of German journalists to Putin’s den and a series of provocative, aggressive and naive questions from their side of the Russian president pushed me to write this short note about our boy. In the end, the GDP of a person is very busy, and he simply has no time to answer the questions of the “average German kindergarten student”. My time is less limited, so why not make life easier for literally everyone and not give answers to all the questions about Russia, which are so much disturbing the ordinary German "questioner".

So, the Germans have exactly three problems with Russia.

The first problem. Literally on a subconscious level, the Germans consider Russia to be a system of lower order than Germany. In engineering, politics, economics, military, science, literally everything. Accordingly, the “dialogue on equal terms”, from their point of view, is impossible in principle. Russians have no democracy, outdated technology, corruption, lack of press freedom and personal freedom. In short, gloom. The funny thing is that at the same time the Germans categorically refuse to study this very "backward Russia". As a rule, they know nothing about Russia except Russia for propaganda, and, strictly speaking, they don’t want to know much. But Russia is not Nigeria at all. Over the past three hundred years, beginning with Peter the Great, Russia has played a leading role in world affairs, being the largest power on the planet. With the exception of island Britain, Russia is the only power that Europeans / Americans have never been able to defeat and occupy. France, Austria, Italy, Germany, Japan, Portugal and Turkey, Iran and India, China and Korea - all of them, one way or another, were defeated in a new and newest storiesbut not Russia. But on one totalitarianism, slavery and lies it would be extremely difficult to achieve this. Here, you see, there is such a logical paradox in their propaganda: on the one hand, it is a worthless third-world country, which is a pity for a good bullet, on the other hand - the number one threat to European democracy.

Apparently, they were carried away by the translation of Nekrasov ("... You are mighty, / You and impotent ..."). Such is the paradox. The fact that in the field of space technology, helicopter manufacturing, production of modern fighters is Russia is the number one country in the world, they are simply not noticed.

Paradoxically, even the operation of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria did not change anything in this picture of Russian backwardness. But such an operation on the planet can be carried out literally by two countries - the United States and the Russian Federation. Perhaps China is not aware of their capabilities, but I doubt it a little. By the way, no matter how much we want all of eternal peace, but it is precisely such military operations that demonstrate the level of development of the state. We need modern equipment, pilots, security, intelligence, logistics, communications, EW ... a lot of things you need, you will get tired of your fingers. By the way, can Germany (the economic heart of Europe) conduct a similar operation? Japan (East Asian industrial and financial monster) can? Why not? All the money stole Serdyukov-san?

Do you find paradoxical the talk about the complete absence of corruption and the unprecedented economic efficiency of the German economy and the simultaneous absence of a sufficient number of machine guns in parts of the Bundeswehr (which is quite small)? Some kind of inconsistency here. In the "zero" salary of the German worker was tightly cut, social benefits, too, the German economy is "blooming", but there was no money for machine guns. Even taking into account the fact that large German capital literally “gutted” Eastern and Southern Europe. By the way, there is no money at the Luftwaffe either, that's why they don’t fly (just kidding). Of course, looking at this "holiday of life", Hitler would shoot himself a second time. Something strange is the economic prosperity of Germany ... Where, in fact, and in what is it expressed? Space program? Are underwater cities being built? Submarine fleet? Willy II after coming to power - "in a quick" way heaped a fleet of the open sea, which cost incredible money and was the second on the planet. At the same time, the Russian fleet was far behind. The Führer, having come to power - “in five seconds” built super-powerful ships, which cost a lot, but sharply raised the naval rank of Germany. The USSR could not build such ships at that time, alas. Industrial, trading Germany needed a powerful navylike Britain, Holland, Venice, Byzantium ... Nothing new. Although the fleet is expensive. That is precisely why modern Germany does not have a fleet. Absolutely. But there is democracy. But the Russians have a fleet, but it doesn’t matter.

Russia is the largest country in the world, and these lands have not been given to her as a gift from the “higher powers”. This is called successful state building. There are trains running across this endless territory, factories are smoking there, laws are being observed. In this area live one and a half hundreds of various nations. Plus space, nuclear shield, science. It is such a Eurasian power. But for the Germans all this for some reason does not exist. They are ready to build relations with the United States or China, but not with Russia. They don’t see Russia as a serious partner, they don’t want to see it point-blank. In principle, it was Russia that maintained the relative order in the territory of the “walking-field Ukraine”, until the European integrators came. The lack of a realistic assessment of Russia and its capabilities makes it impossible to build an adequate foreign policy of Germany.

The second problem. Russia is unknowable in principle (a mysterious distant country), and only a tough confrontation based on the incompatibility of cultures and values ​​is possible with it. Funny enough: for example, no one has ever said such nonsense about Spain (which is not really Europe). As, however, and about Turkey in 19-20-21 centuries, which differs from Germany much more. Japan, for example, was an ally of Germany in WWII, and no one tried to argue that the Japanese were a total mysticism. Although the difference between Japanese and German culture is much more than between Russian and German. It’s just historically that Russia’s entire millennial history somehow contacts with Europe. Europeans consider themselves the heirs of Roman and Greek culture (different Europeans in different degrees). Russia positions itself as the successor of Byzantium.

That is, Russia is not Turkey, not Iran, and not even Algeria. This is, figuratively speaking, an analogue of the United States, that is, Europe outside Europe, geographically and mentally. But if, with respect to the United States, the Europeans readily recognize this (the West and its values), then with respect to Russia they refuse to admit categorically. Millions of Germans from the 18 century to the beginning of 20 left for the United States (mass emigration). Germany knows and remembers this. But, forgive me, during the same period, hundreds of thousands of Germans moved to Russia. Russian urban culture in the Russian Empire was created largely due to their participation. Just after WWII and the achievements of Vaterland on the basis of humanism, it is not customary to recall this. But that was, that was. Read the Russian classic literature (a good reason), and you will be shocked by the number of various Germans "in the frame." What did they all do here? Money earned. At the end of the 18 century, about a quarter of a million Germans lived in Russia. Germans, Carl. In the distant mysterious Russia. At the end of 19 century under two million. And it is only those who continued to consider themselves Germans. Many "Russified".

Berlin is very close to St. Petersburg, in every sense of the word. Those Russian Germans, as a rule, lived in large cities, so their presence was very noticeable, although there were also places of “compact settlement”. This alone contradicts the theory of "distant and unknowable" Russia. Germans remember well the participation of Germans in the construction of America, the participation of Germans in the development of industry, science and mining in Russia in Germany for some reason does not like to remember. Why? What's wrong? After all, this can be proud of: the factories at the Great Lakes and in the Urals — that is, across the globe — were built with the participation of German specialists! Well this is really cool! About the Great Lakes remember, about the Urals ... what Urals? It's just that it spoils the life of the very theory of “far and wrong” Russia. Strange, but Russia and Germany have very close and numerous connections, especially since the days of Peter, but only Russia remembers this (not always). Thousands and thousands of German officials, officers, doctors, entrepreneurs and engineers moved to Russia. The reason is simple - in Russia the competition was lower, and there were more opportunities than in overcrowded Germany.

By the way, in the same classical Russian literature and in the 18 memoirs of the century, there is a strong dissatisfaction with the “dominance of the Germans”. A hell of a lot of them rode here, on Russian bread ... And at the beginning of the 21 century, German journalists, "breaking themselves through the knee," try to understand - what kind of Russia is this? Shangri-La some kind, and only. It seems that someone is slightly deceiving someone. Especially given the fact that a million and a half million Russian Germans returned to Germany in 90, who, being fluent in two languages ​​and being familiar with both countries, could easily put all the points / umlauts over and (or over). You see, what is the matter, in order not to answer serious and unpleasant questions, you can always pretend that you do not understand the obvious things - “fool to include”. And asking a very busy Russian president with a naive look: “Well, how is that, Mr. Putin?”

The fact that in the EU headed by Germany the Russians found themselves in the position of “second-rate people” in the Baltic states, for some reason, remains behind the scenes and is never discussed. And the question is interesting. But okay, even about this, the Kremlin decided not to raise the scandal. And Kiev, Maidan, a coup. And German politicians and journalists can not see and understand the obvious things. “Why Crimea?” They ask, directing an incomprehensible gaze on President Putin ... The logical connection of these two events (that the German politicians did not support Maidan - the Crimea would have remained in Ukraine) is absolutely inaccessible for them. In general, this discussion is frankly stupid: the actions of the West in Kiev in February 2014 are not discussed in any way - this was necessary, and the response actions of Russia with them in conjunction with cause genuinely perplexity. Why was it still good? Approximately the same discussion went around the "retaliatory" Iskander. What for? American anti-missiles to Europeans was strictly forbidden to discuss. Therefore, they discussed the Russian Iskander. Actively with pressure. This is the same with Ukraine and Maidan - they conferred in the West and decided to recognize Maidan-2. Everything, the question is closed, the more they are not going to discuss it with anyone, especially with outsiders.

In fact, the February coup in Kiev and the immediate recognition by Berlin of its results broke through the ulcer of the Russian-German contradictions. There were a lot of problems and disagreements. Let us also recall the “confiscation of criminal Russian money in Cyprus”. Eastern Partnership. We deliberately "let go of the brakes" these issues, hoping for positive prospects. They thought that everything was in order. And burst. And aggravating the “sincere misunderstanding,” Putin called Russia's main mistake, “that it had not previously declared its national interests.” And now she said suddenly. GDP should have been perfectly aware that all political space in Europe is completely divided and there is no place for “Russian national interests” there. In order to squeeze them in there - someone must move very strongly. The truth of life is that Germany and Russia are culturally close enough, but the Germans categorically refuse to understand and recognize Russian interests in Europe. That is why they professionally "include a fool" and refuse to understand basic things: "Everything was fine until Putin suddenly annexed the Crimea."

The third problem. Even after two world wars, the Germans, by some strange coincidence, are convinced that the confrontation with Russia is quick, easy and pleasant. Blitzkrieg syndrome to his. The whole calculation in 2014 was made on the basis of the fact that we will impose sanctions, and Russia will collapse. It was a kind of dvuhhodovka operation of a single version of "A." Understand that the most fun - having planned, started and lost two world wars, these people have not learned anything. Nothing at all. “They haven’t forgotten and learned nothing,” said Talleyrand, describing the “restored” French aristocracy in 1815. Approximately the same can be said about our German "partners". The extension of the June 22 sanctions of the year is just from that very series. The German leadership is not something that has not learned from the two world wars - it categorically refuses to extract them. Another approach to the same geopolitical rake. Big wars do not start like this with a bay-bakery. They are prepared and carefully planned. In advance, in advance. That is why it is very easy to prevent a big war. At first sight.

It is surprising that Germany's open support for neo-Nazis in Eastern Europe and the break in relations with Russia did not in any way affect the Chancellor's rating. It is unclear and wrong. This is how, at one time, Germany supported the "color revolutionaries" in the same Libya and Syria. And no one inside the country objected. The hysteria began when a stream of refugees from Africa and Asia poured into German cities. Here Germany experienced a severe painful shock and fell into a serious political crisis with WWII. You see, these are not just lines in newspapers and videos in the news... This is a real deepest crisis of German statehood. But to this day, for them, Assad is an enemy who must leave. And the "democratic opposition" of Syria is a friend. Even after the "Cologne New Year". Some kind of schizophrenic policy: they demolish the regimes that serve as barriers to migrants, and then hysterically look for ways to solve the “problem of migrants”. To this day, no one in Germany wants to admit the fact that the “demolition” of Gaddafi and the war in Syria were a mistake.

From their point of view - these decisions were absolutely correct. Assad and Gaddafi - had to leave. Point. This is not discussed. There should be no refugees. The decision is correct, the consequences are wrong. And how to work with such people? Even the terrorist attacks in France have changed absolutely nothing here. Asad is an enemy and a tyrant, he must leave. Point. Why this retreat? So with regard to Russia, politics is just as schizophrenic: the fact that Russia did not want to recognize the results of the armed coup in Kiev and respect those who seized power with weapons in the hands, served as a pretext for sanctions. Moreover, the plan is absolutely delusional from the very beginning: we are conducting a coup in Kiev by armed neo-Nazis, destroying those who disagree, establishing a regime of terror there and creating death squads with SS symbols. And Russia understands all this and accepts. And the friendship in the triangle Moscow-Kiev-Berlin only grows stronger with each burnt “Colorado”. Only a madman could believe in the reality of this plan. But German democratic politicians sincerely believed in the feasibility of this option. No kidding. And sincerely offended when Moscow disliked the “little Turchinov”.

I’m thinking, what if Mr Putin spoke to them not in German, but, for example, in Mongolian? Would everything be worse? He has been in politics for fifteen years. And all fifteen years he speaks Germans with Germans. For fifteen years he has been talking with German politicians in German about the problems of mutual relations between Russia and Germany. Then, suddenly, the Ukrainian crisis, the war in the Donbas, sanctions, and immediately after the New Year 2016, before Orthodox Christmas, two German journalists come to Russia and 2 hours are torturing Putin with absolutely “childish” questions. “Has your economy collapsed yet?” And when will it fall apart? ” There were two very large and bloody wars in the 20 century, millions of soldiers and civilians were killed, and Russia and Germany suffered heavy losses. Restoring relations under Brezhnev, uniting Germany under Gorbachev, drunk Yeltsin waltzing in the center of Berlin, Putin ... And suddenly, at the slightest conflict, the Germans rushed headlong into a fight, trying to destroy the Russian economy. Do they learn anything at all?

Of course, the Russian economy will suffer significant damage as a result of sanctions - this is a fact. It's silly to argue with that. But the political consequences will be quite different than the “sanction architects” planned: first, Germany will lose the Russian market irrevocably, nobody likes it when its main trading partner suddenly “bucks” out of the blue, you either trade in Russia, or play political games but not both together; secondly, Germany will completely lose political influence in Russia, it will be just one of the countries, no more; third, Russia will inevitably carry out certain “retaliatory” political steps against Germany. “There is no revenge in politics, but there are consequences”, - Stolypin. And most importantly, this will not help Ukraine in any way; in its attitude, Russia's position has become even tougher. This conflict will be protracted and difficult for both sides and completely redraw the political landscape of Eastern Europe (the relationship will be completely different). This is about how Europe-1918 radically differed from Europe-1914. It has already become clear that the Germans did not prepare for a long-term confrontation and that they did not have any “backup options”. They expected a quick victory on the “Russian front”, a quick solution to the “Ukrainian issue” and a quick switch to other problem areas. The protracted war in the east is so familiar ...

The trouble is that, as with the refugees, the negative consequences for Germany will not come immediately, not immediately, and in this case, the ordinary German does not see a logical connection. Despite all the "frostbite" of German foreign policy towards Arabs and Russians, Merkel remained a very respected and popular politician until refugees flooded into Germany. Here the Germans were outraged! How so? "And we are for sho?". Also, a sharp deterioration in relations with Russia during the reign of Merkel did not affect her rating in any way. And we thought that in Germany it was interesting to someone ... No, the Germans didn’t care. So, a little earlier Hitler was incredibly popular in the Reich, despite the world war unleashed by him. The Germans approved. But when thousands of bombs rained down on Hamburg, and it blazed like a Christmas tree, then the mood changed. But you will not believe - they did not see a direct connection here either. That is, the link between the attack on Poland and the burnt German cities was not obvious to them. So in the case of retaliatory Russian political moves against Berlin, and they will certainly follow, for the Germans this will be an unpleasant surprise. And in the same way two naive German correspondents will arrive and will ask Putin: “Vladimir, why?”

The Germans have three problems with Russia
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  1. The black
    The black 26 January 2016 12: 31
    The Germans have only ONE problem - with Merkel ... laughing..... Gelka namanyachit years on 50 forward.
    1. cniza
      cniza 26 January 2016 12: 35
      They are an occupied country and act only at the direction of the United States, even if Merkel doesn’t change anything.
      1. bort4145
        bort4145 26 January 2016 12: 55
        Thanks to the author for the article, but when he says "Germans" - he means the government of Germany and not the inhabitants of the country - and these are "two big differences" laughing
        Yes, and the phrase
        Even after two world wars, the Germans, by some strange coincidence, are convinced that the confrontation with Russia is quickly easy and pleasant.
        Not quite right, because pretending and believing is not the same thing either laughing
        We will wait until all Europeans reach
        1. Luga
          Luga 26 January 2016 16: 39
          Quote: bort4145
          Thanks to the author for the article, but when he says "Germans" - he means the government of Germany and not the inhabitants of the country - and these are "two big differences"

          The fact of the matter is that by the word "Germans" the author quite rightly understands precisely the Germans, and not their leadership. Ordinary ordinary Germans are pragmatic, highly specialized burghers, strong pensioners, always tired middle-aged, asexual tolerant youth, brought up on films in the style of "ya, ya, das ist fantastish." If they have anything to do with what happens outside the Motherland, then this interest is easily satisfied at the expense of their own media, which the Germans, accustomed to order, trust in the overwhelming majority unconditionally. I'm not saying that all Germans are like that - they are just the majority, and it is they who determine the atmosphere, the political climate, or something, in Germany. They cannot be called stupid - by no means, and they do not understand the obvious, from our point of view, things they are because they are IN THE FIGURE as long as it does not concern them, while they feel good.

          And now all of a sudden it suddenly became ... no, not bad yet, but a little already not so good. They are sensitive to this. Who touched - outraged. Who can - begins to try to figure out what is happening. Who knows - keeps quiet.

          And rightly Putin speaks to them - if there is interest, but he begins to appear, it must be satisfied with benefit for Russia. Even if one German out of a thousand who listened to Putin thinks about what is happening in the world, it will be beneficial for both Germany and Russia ...
        2. 97110
          97110 27 January 2016 10: 52
          Quote: bort4145
          Thanks to the author for the article, but when he says "Germans" - he means
          Germans. These terrible fat aunts, skinny boys with earrings, beautiful Jews, courageous Turkish taxi drivers, Hindus selling pizza - ALL the inhabitants of Deutschland. Bankers who "will soon become crazy with these Russians" (I personally heard from Herr from Lampe-Bank, Hamburg). Managers who correctly pronounce "boobs" in Russian. All who will burn in a future war for the glory of the United States, without realizing that they really wanted it.
          1. Azitral
            Azitral 27 January 2016 12: 24
            Let's be friends...
            1. Mikhail3
              Mikhail3 27 January 2016 21: 47
              Quote: Azitral
              Let's be friends...

              Have you read the article then? You can be friends. But to start a friendship, unfortunately, they will have to put the Germans on their knees, shoot some, the others should be robbed of nothing. Then throw them a little money, but take the power for yourself, putting out of the Germans only a completely controlled administration.
              Under these conditions, the Germans will call us friends, as Americans are now recognized as friends. We should have at least shot every tenth! Then we would have many times more friendships with them now ... well, of that strange state that they understand as friendship.
              We didn’t do this ... therefore, the Germans are completely incomprehensible. For the negotiations to succeed, Putin had not to let the dog into the office, but beat Merkel with the butt properly. Apparently, nothing happens ...
              1. Akuzenka
                Akuzenka 27 January 2016 23: 07
                Yeah, so that later he would be accused of rape? Yes, the whole country will not laugh, laugh at them. And the Germans (they are far from Germans) ALWAYS obediently carry out orders from Fashington. In addition, do not forget, Germany is an occupied country.
          2. sergo42
            sergo42 28 January 2016 10: 58
            This description is not only of Germans, but of all of Europe as a whole
          3. mahor
            mahor 28 January 2016 19: 01
            Germans. These terrible fat aunts, skinny boys with earrings, beautiful Jews, courageous Turkish taxi drivers, Hindus selling pizza - ALL the inhabitants of Deutschland. Bankers who "will soon become crazy with these Russians" (I personally heard from Herr from Lampe-Bank, Hamburg). Managers who correctly pronounce "boobs" in Russian. All who will burn in a future war for the glory of the United States, without realizing that they really wanted it

            Somehow they are driving two Germans in a UAZ. On the way, the generator belt breaks and the fan impeller flies apart. German driver: "We need to call the service! He wait ..." I got out, found a piece of the camera, cut off a strip, pulled it on a pulley, and cut the impeller out of the can. He got into the car and drove off. One German to another: "that's why we lost the war to them!" drinks
        3. Akuzenka
          Akuzenka 27 January 2016 23: 00
          Come on. Ukrainians, just 25 years old, brainwashed, washed. And for the Germans, they have been washed for 70 years. Think not washed ?! Yes there is purity (emptiness) bottomless, which is not interested in anything but food and silence. Women have tra ... poor refugees, that's fine, but when they tra ... homosexual, there will be a howl !!!!
        4. maxgod84
          maxgod84 28 January 2016 13: 30
          retired merkel
      2. Ami du peuple
        Ami du peuple 26 January 2016 13: 02
        Quote: cniza
        They are an occupied country and act only at the direction of the United States, even if Merkel doesn’t change anything.

        Absolutely right. Remember what is written in the Chancellor Act, which is signed by each head of the German government, assuming office (he is supposedly secret, but we know bully)? Take at least these points:
        - ownership of allies (those. USA) German newspapers, radio and television until 2099.
        - ownership of allies (again USA) gold reserves of the Federal Republic.
        In addition, the Germans annually pay $ 30 billion to maintain American military bases on their territory.
        The post-war US policy towards Germany, known as the "three D" ("demilitarization, denazification, democratization"), gave its results - the German nation became politically impotent.
        1. Aazmandus
          Aazmandus 26 January 2016 15: 40
          The question about the act always revolves - but what? What exactly will the American ambassador do to the chancellor? Put him in jail? American or German? Who will plant, Americans or Germans? What are the legal consequences of sending Americans, even if such an act exists?
          1. your1970
            your1970 26 January 2016 18: 49
            And then ..
            Settle a black man (American military bases) at home, pay him for living with you, hand over your hunting rifle (castrated bundeswehr), deposit all your gold for storage - and in a week or two you will find out who the owner is in the house. ......
          2. Azitral
            Azitral 27 January 2016 12: 36
            What can I tell you? In the "Volkswagens" will find another thread defect. Deutsche Bank will find a violation of the sanctions regime with the DPRK and will be fined 200 billions. But you never know what? You can fight all this, but only for this you need to have testis (they are cheats), but they were just cut off. It's a shame, by the way. We ought to get those who are bolder. And we would be useful, and they would, over time, like it.
        2. Azitral
          Azitral 27 January 2016 12: 29
          The fact that the country is occupied is a misfortune, albeit three times deserved, that they allowed themselves to be occupied is a shame. There, the Japanese, they say, hate and despise Americans, although they are forced to remain silent. I do not exclude the truth that about the Japanese - a fake.
          1. kos2cool4u
            kos2cool4u 27 January 2016 14: 35
            It's true, in Okinawa, mattresses are still raping Japanese women: ((((
      3. Felix
        Felix 27 January 2016 18: 32
        Are the brains of the Germans also occupied? I 100% support the author of the article, because in dealing with the Germans this is: "What about us?" I catch it without difficulty ... They, ska, are also surprised, but how is that? How can we go to some kind of aggravation with them? Ah sanctions? But we ourselves deserve them! From the point of view of ordinary Germans, we must, with our heads down, go guilty for daring to have our own view of the situation in Ukraine and in the world!
        However, Germany can still turn to the world and its other side, the world has already seen this side - from 1933 to 1945. And then...
        1. andrew42
          andrew42 27 January 2016 19: 45
          Will not turn. The Deutsches have already been so "diluted" that no Fuehrer will help. Paradox: The Germans were the most united super-ethnos in Western Europe. This did not even break the centuries-old fragmentation into principalities and kingdoms, how quickly they "lined up in columns" under Bismarck! What do we have now? It is THIS that has become a hotbed of degenerating multiculturalism, a center for the settlement of militant migrants, an apparatus for the emasculation of national cultural traditions and historical roots. On the "home stretch" the Germans successfully overtook even the French. This is the diagnosis: occupied country, hostage syndrome. Gallus by the name of Brenn a couple of thousand years ago already put it briefly and clearly: Woe to the vanquished! It is sad that the brain of a burgher cannot comprehend the difference between the concepts “Russia defeated us (and left)” and “The American kaganate occupied us, is occupying and will occupy”. The irony of fate: while the GDR was, the American patron treated his German "under-colleagues" much more respectfully.
      4. CHILD
        CHILD 28 January 2016 00: 28
        As far as I heard, the Chancellors sign a secret memorandum ... everything is described there))) .... and so on with the Second World War))) ... where to the burghers to go, but obviously blame us)))
      5. sergo42
        sergo42 28 January 2016 10: 21
        It is clear that the USA rules Europe, but with the previous Chancellor of Russia it was easier. This manka is still that Russophobia
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. 222222
      222222 26 January 2016 12: 41
      Black RU Today, 12:31 New
      The Germans have only ONE problem - with Merkel .. "
      The problem of Germany is not independent. It is under the occupation of American troops after 1945 ..
      .. Merkel swallowed wiretapping by the special services of the United States ...
      ..the role assigned to her in the EU and NATO is ridiculous .. laughing
      .. "South Stream-2" .. refugees washed away the illusion of the 4th Reich ..
      1. Lelek
        Lelek 26 January 2016 12: 55
        Quote: 222222
        The Germans have only ONE problem - with Merkel .. "

        I will correct. Europe has three problems: - German Chancellor Merkel, the Islamic "campaign", and goat-bearded Uncle Sam with his long nose and sweaty little hands. bully
      2. Major Yurik
        Major Yurik 26 January 2016 13: 20
        Let the Hans think what they want about us, it's their business to sit in the Yankees' ass and also talk about freedom of speech. The main thing is that there is no amnesia about an exceptional nation with the correct skulls, we will have enough "exceptional" black pigs. am
        1. Alexander_
          Alexander_ 27 January 2016 19: 24
          Interestingly, Obama has the correct skull, or not very, with a defect of which type .. For exceptional skulls they must be exceptionally correct. Where to look at the standard of the right skull.
          1. Firstvanguard
            Firstvanguard 28 January 2016 13: 48
            Quote: Alexander_
            Interestingly, Obama has the correct skull, or not very, with a defect of which type .. For exceptional skulls they must be exceptionally correct. Where to look at the standard of the right skull.

            Here only an autopsy will help wassat
    4. Zoldat_A
      Zoldat_A 26 January 2016 12: 42
      Quote: Black
      The Germans have only ONE problem - with Merkel ...

      Germans three problems with Russia

      The Germans with Russia are not three, but one problem - SAMA RUSSIA. And they can never do anything with this problem. This IS problem is stronger than Germany and, as history shows us, neither the Germans nor anyone else can solve it ...
      1. Cube123
        Cube123 26 January 2016 13: 23
        Everything is simpler as it seems. The Germans lost to Russia in the war. And they cannot forgive (forget) it.
        1. Amurets
          Amurets 26 January 2016 15: 26
          Quote: Cube123
          Everything is simpler as it seems. The Germans lost to Russia in the war. And they cannot forgive (forget) it.

          But they can’t forget this? And the fact that in their blood a significant proportion of West Slavic blood and that at the time of Elizabeth and Catherine the Slavs caught sturgeons in Spee. I don’t give links, google, there are many links. The main people are Luzhichans.
          1. nimboris
            nimboris 27 January 2016 03: 51
            Yet they are the descendants of the Goths, the Slavs were still led in their early Middle Ages. Prussia, Brandenburg previously belonged to the Slavic tribes.
          2. 72jora72
            72jora72 27 January 2016 16: 49
            Everything is simpler as it seems. The Germans lost to Russia in the war. And they cannot forgive (forget) it.
            And why only the Germans? All of Europe was infected by Nazi ideas, the soldiers of almost all European countries fought against us (except for the British, Serbs and Greeks). Do you think they forgot everything, forgot their defeat?
      2. crumb
        crumb 27 January 2016 15: 56
        Russia has no friends. They are afraid of our vastness. - Alexander III
    5. Vend
      Vend 26 January 2016 12: 47
      Quote: Black
      The Germans have only ONE problem - with Merkel ... laughing..... Gelka namanyachit years on 50 forward.

      The Germans have one problem and this is not Merkel. Their problem is themselves.
    6. oldseaman1957
      oldseaman1957 26 January 2016 12: 53
      "And what is it for us?"
      - The common misfortune of the West and Ukraine: bad memory, arrogance and naivety. How can Russia not want to put these "babies" in a stall at the cost of huge sacrifices on both sides?
      1. Zoldat_A
        Zoldat_A 26 January 2016 13: 39
        Quote: oldseaman1957
        The common misfortune of the West and Ukraine: poor memory, arrogance and naivety.

        The West has a bad memory and mercenary self-confidence has failed and will fail more than once. And Ukraine is not a player at all. Doesn't it stick around the sharks? Soup is often made only from shark fins. [/ B] I tried it, by the way. In different countries located far from each other. Trash everywhere. Why are they trying to get ridiculous money in restaurants for this dubious "delicacy"? I liked dumplings from some African ram ...

        And America is not a shark at all - a shark, they say, knows no fear and has no opponents. And America pokes at the first opportunity. Begins to count "acceptable losses" - more than 12% or not ...

        [b] And it’s high time for the Germans to understand that they have such karma — to conquer all of Europe (the European Union), bail into Russia and then die. [/ b]
        1. Azitral
          Azitral 27 January 2016 12: 42
          Why do you need to die? Whites, and so nothing remains. That would be to lure, co-opt, offering a different lifestyle.
          1. Felix
            Felix 27 January 2016 19: 54
            Quote: Azitral
            Why do you need to die? Whites, and so nothing remains. That would be to lure, co-opt, offering a different lifestyle.

            Did the collapse of the USSR teach you nothing? These "brothers" were with us while the Union was strong. As soon as the trough became scarce, everyone (well, or almost everything!) Rushed to the new owner. This freebie will end too - they will find a new feeder. And so - until they are assimilated to complete dissolution.
    7. SANAY
      SANAY 26 January 2016 13: 14
      Clear article. All that I thought about is specifically formulated here. Bravo!
    8. solkhat
      solkhat 26 January 2016 15: 02
      The problem is that the Germans are not interested in history. But in vain. The author is right.
    9. aleksey980
      aleksey980 26 January 2016 15: 22
      Quote: Black
      The Germans have only ONE problem - with Merkel ... laughing..... Gelka namanyachit years on 50 forward.

      Germany, as well as the rest of Europe, and Asia and Africa all have ONE GENERAL problem - the USA represented by the military-industrial complex and the Fed.
    10. 97110
      97110 27 January 2016 10: 42
      Quote: Black
      The Germans have only ONE problem - with Merkel ...
      Willie 1914 in 2, Hitler in 1939, Merkel in 2013? Are you seriously? A product of the Bologna System? Or were they skipping lessons in the Soviet school? These three figures are the fruits of German society, the identifiers are arbitrary. You, of course, have not heard about the general admiration of the public in the countries entering World War 1? About the joyful vote for war credits of the parliaments of the belligerent countries? Lenin's words about the social-traitors about the Social-Democrats who also voted for these loans, for you, like all Leninsky, stupidity?
    11. CHILD
      CHILD 28 January 2016 00: 25
      well it’s written .... the Germans have three problems ... and all with a head))))
    12. Red_Hamer
      Red_Hamer 28 January 2016 07: 33
      That you are so, Frau, for the sake of her country, can be said to plow like the heroine of Kuprin's "Pit", and meanwhile: Germany in 2015 took out 210 tons of gold reserves from storage facilities in New York. The Germans and the United States have thought out everything, you give us our gold that you have kept, and we just give it to you. Hence all the farce that is happening in Europe today.
      Chains of certain events in the information flow are always interconnected.

      Here's another example: The Dutch verdict. "We do not know who shot down the Boeing and where from, but Russia is to blame for everything."
      -The Dutch government has decided to export from the United States 120 tons of gold previously stored in storerooms ... "
      And mind you, all is quiet.
  2. AdekvatNICK
    AdekvatNICK 26 January 2016 12: 32
    We really are in many ways inferior to Germany, but not militarily.
    1. kil 31
      kil 31 26 January 2016 12: 39
      Russia did not want to recognize the results of the armed coup in Kiev and to respect those who seized power with weapons in their hands, served as an occasion for sanctions.
      A lot of right things, but this is not true. We have recognized and are helping the new democracy with everything we can such as gas. The sanctions were introduced due to the fact that it is not necessary to engage in geopolitics at the expense of the powers of the world.
  3. Same lech
    Same lech 26 January 2016 12: 33
    The Germans have three problems with Russia

    The Germans have one problem ... an inadequate government led by MERKEL ...
    GERMANY needs Russia only as a source of raw materials and in the long term as a territory for settling Germans ... preferably without Russians or with Russians as slaves. (This plan worked with UKRAINE)
    The invasion of blacks and Arabs in GERMANY somewhat broke these plans of the German government ... the emphasis is temporarily shifted in this direction.

    I am absolutely convinced that with the German government, now and in the future it is necessary to talk from the position of a strong man ... you must not let go of their attempts to hit us ... you must immediately be put in the face and sentenced to remind their genes of Hitler Caput.
    1. Air Force captain
      Air Force captain 26 January 2016 13: 29
      I want to see Merkel raped by migrants .... although no ... it will not be a punishment for her ...
      1. Mikado
        Mikado 27 January 2016 19: 00
        Quote: Captain Air Force
        I want to see Merkel raped by migrants .... although no ... it will not be a punishment for her ...

        They won’t drink so much .. Even we won’t drink so much ..
    2. sharp-lad
      sharp-lad 26 January 2016 15: 10
      The Germans have only one problem with memory! Forgot how they came because of the Urals, they forgot who they were!
  4. Dimachrus
    Dimachrus 26 January 2016 12: 35
    The Germans have three problems with Russia:
    1st Merkel
    2nd Gay Union
    3rd mattress
    All three are tightly bound in a closed system, and the Germans are law-abiding people - where they point there and go / look
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 26 January 2016 12: 37
    For fifteen years he speaks German with German politicians about the problems of mutual relations between Russia and Germany.
    So maybe Germany’s problem is that one needs to speak Russian with it with all the ensuing consequences. And then the Germans will not be convinced
    the Germans, for some strange coincidence, are convinced that the confrontation with Russia is quickly easy and pleasant
  6. Arktidianets
    Arktidianets 26 January 2016 12: 37
    The Germans have three problems of their own: tolerance, same-sex marriage, and Merkel herself.
    1. Evgeniy-111
      Evgeniy-111 26 January 2016 12: 55
      The third problem is still not Merkel, but the inability to learn. German shepherds in this regard are more intelligent creatures ...
  7. milann
    milann 26 January 2016 12: 39
    Europe, like those hours when it’s locked, stick to Russia, let it go - they shit on it.
  8. Woodman
    Woodman 26 January 2016 12: 39
    The Germans have three problems with Russia

    Mdyayaya ... In Russia, two troubles - fools and roads. There is only one trouble in America, but they have good roads ... So here, Germany’s problem is not in Russia, but that Germany is dancing to the American tune.

    Russia is the largest country in the world, and these very lands did not at all come to her as a gift from "higher powers". This is called successful state building. Trains run through this endless territory, factories smoke there, laws are observed. On this territory live one and a half hundreds of different nations. Plus space, nuclear shield, science. It’s quite such a Eurasian power.

    We would have a larger population ...
    1. max702
      max702 26 January 2016 13: 22
      Quote: Lesovik
      We would have a larger population ...

      So do not allow to do it! That war is a coup, war again, and then on the list ..
  9. Egevich
    Egevich 26 January 2016 12: 40
    Germans have many problems, the main one is that the country has been occupied from 1945 to the present. everything else is derivative. Germany for me is a farm that makes a profit for its owners. Does the opinion of pigs on the farm about their living conditions excite anyone? .. However, is it really Germany? ...
    1. made13
      made13 26 January 2016 15: 08
      Right! NATO has turned from an instrument of confrontation of the USSR into an instrument of colonization. America is the modern conquistadors, ready for the sake of profit to destroy more than one civilization, including their own.
    2. Azitral
      Azitral 27 January 2016 12: 53
      There were different slaves among the Romans. Some - to dig the earth in stocks, others - to keep accounts. The United States has slaves to make cars, that's all. And there is to pump oil. And you don't need to feed! A green paper-permission is given, and in it the meaning: "You can feed, so be it!" Thank you, benefactor! So that we can do without you!
      1. andrew42
        andrew42 27 January 2016 19: 49
        beautiful allegory. exactly.
  10. Boos
    Boos 26 January 2016 12: 46
    The world is ruled by violence, and the author is trying to delve into the "emotional experiences of the Germans." They don't give a fuck until life is abundant and bombs fall on their heads.
  11. pts-m
    pts-m 26 January 2016 12: 50
    I agree with the author 100%. As the people say .. there will still be ... arrogance has not brought anyone to good, it looks like a man walking with his head arrogantly raised along the road leading to the precipice into the abyss, which collapsed from the stream “Refugees.
  12. Aleksander
    Aleksander 26 January 2016 12: 56
    For the most part, the Germans are indifferent to ALL countries. They are interested in their work with salaries, taxes, and entertainment. And the fact that it all interferes, yes, they care.
  13. smart Fox
    smart Fox 26 January 2016 12: 57
    The problem, as they say, is three in one: what is good for the Russian is death for the German. That's the whole problem.
  14. KBR109
    KBR109 26 January 2016 12: 58
    YERMOLOV - ALEXANDER: - Sovereign! Bring me to the GERMANS!
  15. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S 26 January 2016 13: 04
    Quote: Boos
    Yes, they’ll fuck them until life is abundant and bombs do not fall on their heads.

    But now they don’t care a damn, do you think Europe will digest migrants or will migrants put Europe in the pose of a drinking deer?
    1. Boos
      Boos 26 January 2016 13: 50
      Have you been in Moscow for a long time? In Europe, Asians are not allowed to cash in on the indigenous population and their policemen do not take bribes from them. But the problem is like this all over Europe, by the way, we are also Europeans, and unfortunately our authorities are not able to defend the interests of the state-forming Russian people. My respect to the residents of Kandopoga!
  16. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 26 January 2016 13: 06
    It is not clear to whom the necessary visit of two biased and stupid idiots demonstrated that a significant part of the German population (not all) know nothing about Russia and, most importantly, they do not want to know.

    "Lower"And"incomprehensible"Russia was very even higher and comprehensible in 45. But - they don't want to remember and know about it.

    The third problem is the pan-European problem of sybaritism; state of drug intoxication from a high standard of living; very low pain threshold (exaggerating - the lack of toilet paper or poodle haircuts); dullness; lack of critical thinking and, due to this, a high susceptibility to stupid propaganda (it is not necessary to reach heights, write any nonsense - they will believe); painfully abnormal tolerance; strict over-regulation of all spheres of life (lack of freedom); the destruction of national characteristics, customs and preferences; herd instinct; the destruction of faith and spirituality in general. This is a common set of democratic values ​​and achievements of democracy, as it is understood in Europe now.
  17. McLuha-MacLeod
    McLuha-MacLeod 26 January 2016 13: 06
    Putin had long had to say that the dependent countries have nothing to agree on politically. Only trade.
  18. Wolka
    Wolka 26 January 2016 13: 09
    if people, including Germans, speak and discuss life in Russia, it means it is more interesting and richer than their own life anywhere in the world and in Germany in particular, well, they don’t want to recognize Russia as a world leader, well, don’t , we ourselves know what we can and why not, is it worth it then to rip a heart and spit saliva and prove something to these blind, deaf and stupid little people ...
  19. askort154
    askort154 26 January 2016 13: 09
    I do not agree with the author. Of the whole of Europe, perhaps only the Germans adequately relate to Russia.
    In the background: Italy, France, Austria (Serbia, Greece do not count, not that potential).
    Simply, the United States and Britain have always done and are doing everything to prevent a strong Russia-Germany alliance.
    They are well aware that the merger of German and Russian technologies with Russian resources will take over all Anglo-Saxon dominance, both in economics and politics. They missed Schroeder,
    They realized that they weren’t allowed for a second term. Now, starting with Merkel, they will tightly monitor
    "training" of chancellors in Germany. It is easier for them to destroy Germany than to allow its rapprochement with Russia. By the way, the sanctions against Russia, first of all, are just for this, and Crimea and Ukraine
    only an excuse. There are many Russophobes in Europe, but the Germans are not, although we took off the war.
    Japan and Germany are still occupied. Japan does not twitch at all, but Germany is still trying.
    1. EvgNik
      EvgNik 26 January 2016 14: 10
      I agree with what has been said, although little remains of Germany after Merkel. And this is a pity. There are no fewer relatives there than in Ukraine.
    2. Olezhek
      26 January 2016 14: 39
      From all of Europe, perhaps, only the Germans adequately relate to Russia.

      I have a wealth of experience with them communication and reading their press. Alas and ah. Inadequate never.

      Simply, the United States and Britain have always done and are doing everything to prevent a strong Russia-Germany alliance.
      They are well aware that the merger of German and Russian technologies with Russian resources will preserve all Anglo-Saxon domination, both in the economy and in politics.

      The main historical myth is that the Germans are not interested.
      It's better for them to lose than to win with the Russians.
  20. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 26 January 2016 13: 15
    Their states are bending as they want. They are humbled and generally happy because they are allowed to tilt everyone else in Europe. And Russia does not allow to treat itself like that. Only equal partnership. How7 Why? This is not by the rules! You do not recognize the rules! Yes, we do not recognize these rules! Therefore, we are even bigger criminals for them than migrants.
  21. ILIA
    ILIA 26 January 2016 13: 20
    So the Germans are worse .....
  22. Stalnov I.P.
    Stalnov I.P. 26 January 2016 13: 31
    To begin with, WE have been in Berlin 3 (THREE) times, and let all these burghers who overeat sausages and drunk beer remember this well and our media should move away from tolerance and more often show, talk, write about how WE have been three times in Berlin, moreover, not only in Russian but also in German (required), English and all other languages, WE should fill up all their bookstores with our propaganda, clog all TV screens and radio and even show all this in the form of parodies that made this nemchur resent, I think it would be right and right. Our government should more often remind about these HIKES "German sausages" and other European paddling pools and other inhabitants of the Baltic and northern Europe. We are NOBODY for them, we also need to treat this rotten, rotten West, we are pragmatic to you, you and us, and I wish all this fucking Europe, let a few million more migrants come to you and settle all your best territories. I just want to say YES in the GROBE WE saw you.
    1. Mig-31
      Mig-31 26 January 2016 18: 55
      Great respect for you brother, said strongly, with four limbs behind!
  23. Pacifist
    Pacifist 26 January 2016 13: 31
    Thanks to the author! hi and +.
    Wonderful analysis in terms of simple logic and a very intelligible presentation of thoughts. good
  24. Orionvit
    Orionvit 26 January 2016 13: 32
    Quote: AdekvatNICK
    We really are in many ways inferior to Germany, but not militarily.

    We are not inferior to the Germans in anything, except for the social sphere and the development of homo "democracy". And if I don’t want to discuss the second question, I’ll express myself on the first one. Germany is a very compact country with a rather mild climate. I would have seen how they managed to develop vast territories with permafrost, impassable taiga and swamps, in addition to everything else, and constantly brush aside in many wars from various sworn neighbors who constantly tried to snatch a fatter piece from Russia. The richest country in Europe did not even try to create its own, albeit small, but space program, not to mention the fleet. Instead, they are thrown off by all of Europe and create ESA, because the vaunted Germany itself does not pull. Do you know how much it costs to create one launch vehicle? I think if it were pure gold, it would be cheaper. It is easier for Amers, they print bucks, and Russia earns and extracts all the resources itself. And about the social sphere. Tricky question. How many subsidized regions are there in Russia? In Russia, the most wicked people are still the Russians. All national subsidized regions live very well, maybe not like in Germany, but still. They themselves do not produce anything, and they also whine about Russian "chauvinism". In Europe, the problem with migrants has just begun, and in Russia, since tsarist times, there has been a tradition of feeding all kinds of parasites, such as national outskirts.
  25. koshmarik
    koshmarik 26 January 2016 13: 34
    The grotesque of Yegorov, by and large, correctly reflects the current level of relations that have developed between Russia and Germany. Another thing surprises me. The USA keeps Germany on a short leash. This is understandable, but it is not entirely clear why the German people and Merkel allow this to be done. Where does such semi-slavish submission come from? Why, in spite of everything, does the majority of the population support their chancellor? In a word, there is not much to explain.
    1. Olezhek
      26 January 2016 13: 42
      The United States keeps Germany on a short leash, this is understandable, but it is not entirely clear why the German people and Merkel are allowed to do this?

      Exaggeration - Germany is quite able to pursue its policy and for a long time already - simply this policy is anti-Russian.

      It was not Baba who ordered them, by no means, it is they themselves.
    2. Pete mitchell
      Pete mitchell 27 January 2016 02: 50
      Yes, just everything, the burghers' brains and bones were so swollen with fat from a well-fed life that they themselves smoothly rented themselves to the Americans. Convenient, no need to think, kinder, kitchen, kirhen, the classic is shorter. By and large, even a huge amount of German porn is the result of brain obesity - the government wanted to raise the birth rate, it did not grow together - we need working hands. Here is Uncle Sam and "hurry" - get it.
      The Germans should more carefully read the legacy of the collector of German lands - Bismarck, a far-sighted man. Probably now he is turning over in his coffin, seeing how his creation is "bent" without resistance
  26. Yura
    Yura 26 January 2016 13: 38
    Good article. There is one interesting mention in it:
    in the 90s, one and a half million Russian Germans returned to Germany, who, speaking bilingual
    Who are more Germans than the current Germans of Germany themselves, because they also speak that German language that is practically forgotten in Germany, and they have completely retained their identity and culture, but I'm talking about something else, I'm about the fact that in Russia they never have anyone did not try to assimilate (and they are not an indigenous people), which speaks of the attitude of the Russian State towards the peoples and nationalities inhabiting it. Moreover, they (they are in Germany, and they call themselves "Rusaks") are still the only ones who went with clubs to protect their women. Let Germany thank Russia for these Germans, who seem to be the only hope of German sovereignty and identity.
  27. The black
    The black 26 January 2016 13: 39
    Quote: Orionvit
    We are not inferior to the Germans in anything, except for the social sphere and the development of homo "democracy".

    Is this serious? ... or are you kidding? smile
    1. SklochPensioner
      SklochPensioner 26 January 2016 14: 22
      So he also continues:
      Quote: Orionvit
      I don’t want to discuss the second question
      All is serious! + smile
  28. gelezo47
    gelezo47 26 January 2016 13: 43
    Ms. Merkel, the mattress covers are held tight for one place. Apparently some kind of compromising evidence exists.
    My opinion is that German correspondents ask children's questions only because they were given such a task. They need to show the president and the Russian state as required by the current German government and the overseas regional committee. It is not for nothing that many experts say that Americans are afraid of the union of Russia and Germany ...
    1. Olezhek
      26 January 2016 14: 36
      Mrs. Merkel mattress tightly hold in one place

      That is, if the Anglo-Saxons disappear from the planet - the Germans and the Russian sharply make friends ??

      Something I doubt.
  29. Mikhail Krapivin
    Mikhail Krapivin 26 January 2016 13: 46
    I like Austria in this sense. The same Germans, but without all these German troubles.
  30. X Y Z
    X Y Z 26 January 2016 13: 50
    You understand that the funniest part is that when they planned, started and lost two world wars, these people did not learn anything. Nothing at all ... The extension of the sanctions on June 22, 2015 is just from the same series. The German leadership did not learn from the two world wars, it categorically refuses to learn them.

    I completely agree with the author! Earlier, there was an article in which it was argued that the Germans could not stand the lesson of history, did not justify the trust placed in them. Indeed, despite their current pacifism, external tolerance, attitude towards the army and military service, non-participation in NATO military sorties, etc., they did not learn the main lesson - under no sauce one should not approach the borders of Russia, invade its zone. interests and try it for strength. This alone negates all their achievements in the matter of repentance and denazification. As it turned out in practice, the German elites, having revived their economic power, calmly returned to the ideas of "Drang nach Osten", albeit in a different form and with other instruments, but with the same ultimate goals.
    1. Olezhek
      26 January 2016 15: 26
      Fully agree with the author! Earlier, there was an article stating that the Germans did not stand the lesson of history, did not justify the confidence placed in them.
      As it turned out in practice, the German elites, having revived their economic power, calmly returned to the ideas of "Drang nach Osten

      Well, something like that ... They have a strange understanding of friendship with Russia. In the same place, the same rake ....
  31. Margadon
    Margadon 26 January 2016 13: 53
    Quote: bort4145

    Not allowed Kosovo to UNESCO

    Was that what he said or the strangeness of translation? Maybe at the UN?
  32. EvgNik
    EvgNik 26 January 2016 14: 03
    figuratively speaking, an analogue of the USA, that is, Europe outside of Europe, geographically and mentally

    I will never agree with this. Even figuratively. When joining the lands, Russia did not use the methods of Britons, Franks, and other conquerors of North America. About the conquest of South America, we are not talking. States have more in common with Australia. Both there and there - runaway, exiles. And not in such distant historical times. But Russia-was, is and will be. And it does not depend on the West. And the article is excellent. Definitely +. There are rarely such balanced articles.
    1. Olezhek
      26 January 2016 14: 24
      Russia did not use when joining lands

      Well, I never wrote that Russia = United States, and even did not put a sign of approximate equality between them.
      But there is an analogy. The USA is an expansion of Europe to America with a serious change.
      Russia - Russia is not really Europe, we are rather relatives and nevertheless - a lot in common .. Compare from the point of view of a German: Vladik, Harbin and Tokyo ...
      Where is more exotic for him? wink
  33. Cobra77
    Cobra77 26 January 2016 14: 17
    You know what I'm afraid of is that the sanctions will be lifted and the oil will be back at 120. Paradoxically ... Because now our "elitists" need to move, do something, remember that we have our own production, the military-industrial complex. That is not a single oil. And at 120 per barrel, one principle worked for them - why do something, we will buy everything, then the dough heaps.
  34. epsilon571
    epsilon571 26 January 2016 14: 31
    Rulers have no friends; they are doomed to loneliness. And sometimes they can express their innermost thoughts only in the form of aphorisms or hints of varying degrees of transparency. Here is the creator of Germany, Otto von Bismarck, who went down in world history as the "iron chancellor", did not have the opportunity to be frank. The most important covenants of Otto Eduard Leopold Bismarck von Schonhausen, and according to our Otto Eduardovich, expressed in the form of winged phrases and aphorisms. It is time for Germany to recall the golden words of its iron chancellor, they are worth repeating.

    One of the greatest politicians in Germany (and the whole world) literally conjured the German people and their leaders:

    • “Never mess with Russians!”

    • “Do not hope that once you take advantage of the weakness of Russia, you will receive dividends forever. Russians always come for their money. And when they come, don’t rely on the Jesuit agreements you have signed that supposedly justify you. They are not worth the paper on which they are written. Therefore, it’s worth playing with the Russians either honestly or not at all. ”

    • “Never plot anything against Russia, because it will respond to each of your tricks with its unpredictable stupidity.”

    • “Russia is dangerous by the meagerness of its needs” ...

    .. The aphorisms of the great German today amaze with perspicacious accuracy. It is hoped that his words will be heard - only in cooperation with Russia, Germany will achieve greatness and prosperity! And finally, another little-known aphorism: “You yourself cannot create anything; you can only wait until you hear the steps of the Almighty, and then jump and grab the edge of his clothes - that’s the whole point ”
    1. Olezhek
      26 January 2016 14: 52
      Ischo a couple of characteristic phrases:
      "Relations between Germany and Russia can be either very good or very bad .."
      "Preventive war with Russia - it's suicide for fear of death..."

      But Bismarck was an atypical German - a "werewolf in uniform" - thinking too outside the box for a Prussian ...

      There they no longer do. request
      1. faterdom
        faterdom 28 January 2016 00: 43
        And ischo from Bismarck - especially for the VO: "Russia's tendency to remain calm depends not only on moods, but even more on technical issues of armament at sea and on land."
  35. SklochPensioner
    SklochPensioner 26 January 2016 14: 32
    Oh, I feel that Germany’s problems are just beginning! By the way, one of them is international journalism, bravo, Egorov! smile

    We have problems - above the roof, and everything needs to be decided. But these are OTHER problems.
  36. Papapg
    Papapg 26 January 2016 14: 44
    But Russia has one problem - a rake. We step on a rake stepping, retreating - we again step on a rake! If Russia, in response to the intervention of a country, eventually defeating it, be it Germany, France, Sweden, then who knows, having come to its territory the male population will knock to zero, take away the territory, introduce polygamy in the country. Now there would be neither Merkelsha nor Holland nor the English foul.
  37. nikoma2015
    nikoma2015 26 January 2016 14: 47
    Yes, Germany does not have its own international policy, everything and everyone is cut by the "black" from overseas, and they will always correct it where necessary and not necessary. This is an occupied country for 70 years
    Yankees, they say that it is their homeland and home. You can ask any gringo in Germany,
    and he will answer that way. And this LOCUST is also a gift from Amis in honor of the 70th anniversary. HURA!
    1. Olezhek
      26 January 2016 14: 54
      Yes, Germany does not have its own international policy

  38. Zomanus
    Zomanus 26 January 2016 15: 15
    Germany is an occupied country.
    This alone demonstrates the state of armament in their army quite clearly.
    So expecting from them adequate steps towards independence in cooperation with us is simply stupid.
    Well, or say so, in response to such steps, punishment will immediately follow, in the form of a terrorist attack or a stream of migrants.
    In addition, its influence in the EU is severely limited by the European bureaucracy, when all decisions must be dictated by everyone, including American mongrels, such as the Baltic states or Poland.
    So we get an amorphous state structure, incapable of quick and tough decisions.
    The collapse of the EU is inevitable, if only in order to preserve at least some centers for future growth.
  39. mikh-korsakov
    mikh-korsakov 26 January 2016 15: 54
    For two and a half years I worked in Germany in a medium-sized company that produces instruments for use in nuclear research. This allowed me to appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of the German approach to work. Of course, the minimum number of staff is a strength. There is no bookkeeping and supply department. Accounting was transferred to a specialized company that provides accounting services. Regarding the supply, each employee has the right to order the necessary components. which are delivered to the company in one to two days. Delayed delivery is subject to litigation. The number of working class in the company is two people who are part-time packers of finished products. BUT. In terms of creating new products, one can see obstinacy in upholding our own design solutions, the desire to make a BEAUTIFUL, not a reliable product. Anyone who dealt with German railways in childhood will understand me. Moreover, in upholding their model, they sometimes do not stop at the forgery. It is very typical to hold a large number of various meetings and discussions with a large number of statements with a huge number of relative clauses. As for the attitude of my German colleagues towards Russia and Russians, according to my observations it depended on the interpretation of a particular person. Most engineers simply had no time to talk about the Russian soul and other nonsense, they were very benevolent. Their conversations with me during lunch were mainly about the success of the local football team or their current job. But the higher the position, the greater the interest in politics. When I was leaving, a chef came out to the car and asked me to say something as I understood Putin’s impartiality (of course, Putin was just waiting for me to arrive) that I understood the concrete from the car.
  40. Appraiser
    Appraiser 26 January 2016 15: 57
    Austrian politician - Europe must free itself from the American yoke! But who will let them do it! If they behave badly, then all Arabs from the Middle East will move to Europe! soldier
  41. martin-159
    martin-159 26 January 2016 16: 12
    The number of refugees is constantly growing and one day the number will turn into quality, then it will reach them, but it will be too late!
  42. vl-miv
    vl-miv 26 January 2016 16: 22
    The author wrote a wonderful article; reading is simply interesting! But in one thing he is wrong, even if Assad is overthrown in Syria, political changes begin, and the people will arrive in Europe, Russia will still be to blame. Even if we surrender Crimea and bomb the Donbass on our own, anyway, after several years of unsuccessful reforms, Russia will be to blame. Even if they just want to eat, Russia is to blame. Alas, our country does not exist in their plans ... They do not need us, they need small, meaningless principalities. And talking about friendship or at least mutual understanding is ridiculous. It's time to accept a simple fact, no one needs us, neither Ukrainians, nor Germans, nor Georgians, no one ... I talked to the people of Donbass who fell from there at the first volleys, in Russia they don’t see themselves. That's all...
  43. Ros 56
    Ros 56 26 January 2016 17: 15
    Dunce, read Bismarck, he was smart uncle, and the politician was powerful, not a match for your current missions. And for the German women (sorry, Frau), he would have long introduced his own soldiers, showed the migrants which side of their homeland.
  44. vovashturman
    vovashturman 26 January 2016 17: 43
    Excellent article, absolutely agree with the author. But the main thing is not what the Germans think of us, but what we think of ourselves. Hence our capabilities.
  45. hartlend
    hartlend 26 January 2016 18: 35
    An article is nothing more than a personal opinion of the author. Germany is actually under the occupation of the United States, the US proteges are in power (indirectly, of course). Therefore, the opinion of the Germans and the problems of the Germans do not care about the sheriff.
    1. Olezhek
      26 January 2016 19: 29
      Germany is actually under the occupation of the United States,

      Merkel 10 years in power. Merkel - hates Russia.
      Did it somehow affect her rating?
      You do not.

      When Willy II started war with the Russian Empire - was Germany also occupied?
      By whom?
      And in 1941 ??

      The Germans just dream of being friends with Russia - but everything is getting in the way: either the Kaiser, the Führer, or the former Gdrovskaya Komsomol member ...

      But the Germans mean - sleep and see the friendship with Russia ...
  46. dmb91
    dmb91 26 January 2016 18: 38
    At first the chronicles were falsified, then Peter I was tempted to adopt the Gregorian calendar, they covered 1 years of the history of Russia. Very cunning guys, but it seems they did not want to learn history.
  47. Stranger
    Stranger 26 January 2016 18: 47
    Yesterday I was beaten by 1 attempt to oppose (the Rusaks) and refugees. So this is not even the beginning. Also, I wait for RTR or Channel 1 in German and the Ivert will be tightened by many Aboriginal people. Ksti Solovyov defamed
  48. PValery53
    PValery53 26 January 2016 20: 48
    The political establishment of Germany, led by Merkel, incited by America, again imagines itself to be the "arbiter of destinies." And, having gathered the Caudle of the "great" powers of Europe, they decided to talk with Russia "from a position of strength", starting to "educate" us with the help of sanctions. Already, such a hooligan approach in politics is sprouting. Turning away from Russia, they understand that they cannot solve global, pressing issues of life throughout Europe without Russia. This is what the lack of independence of thinking and following the lead of America lead to. The political cretinism of the leading European countries is evident.
  49. Arkan
    Arkan 26 January 2016 21: 35
    Nemaki did not change one iota, and only the loss of beer and sausages excite the German burgher. These businesswomen suffered abuses against their women, and some neighbors donned women's clothes as a sign of solidarity.
  50. magician
    magician 27 January 2016 03: 20
    The Germans have no problem; they have degradation based on imposed values. It is time for them to study the works of O. Bismarck, there is something to learn.