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January 25 - Naval Navigator's Day

January 25 marks the day of navigator navigator fleet Russian Federation. In 2016, the service of military navigators, which arose by decree of Peter I, marks the 315th anniversary. It was Peter I who laid the foundation for the navigational school, which was developing practically simultaneously with the fleet itself, which played in stories Russia and continuing to play a truly invaluable role today. From Peter's decree with the traditional for the beginning of the XVIII century grace of the language: "To be mathematical and navigational, that is, nautical art, learning the art of cunning".

The official appearance of the navigator school in Russia belongs to the 1701 year, but a few years before, the first ranks in Russia corresponding to this naval profession were introduced in the fleet undergoing development. They sounded like “stuntman” and “understuirman”.

The Naval Navigator Day in modern Russia was established on the basis of the order number 253 of the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy from July 15 of 1996.

A modern naval navigator is a military specialist whose task is to ensure accurate and safe passage of ships along the laid route. The choice of the route should be made on the basis of both economic and tactical expediency, which makes it possible to ensure both savings in the operation of a ship and its effectiveness in conducting training maneuvers or participating in combat operations. Navigator's responsibility is to carry out an unmistakable route along the designated route with timely arrival in a given area. In addition, the naval navigator is a specialist who is responsible for the absolute accuracy of obtaining navigation data that is necessary for the effective use of weapons of a warship (both surface and underwater).

The younger generation may be interested in the question related to what educational institution today is engaged in the training of navigators for the Russian Navy. This educational institution is the Naval Academy. Admiral of the Navy of the USSR NG Kuznetsov (the modern name is VUNT Navy "Naval Academy named after NG Kuznetsov"), located in St. Petersburg. The Academy of the Navy was founded in the distant 1827 year and is considered to be one of the oldest military universities in Russia with its richest traditions.

January 25 - Naval Navigator's Day

From the document defining the requirements for candidates for enrollment by cadets in the institutions of the VUNTs of the Naval Forces VMA of the Russian Federation:

Age from 16 to 22 years for non-military persons, 19-24 of the year, for persons on call-up service. The reception of citizens of the Russian Federation, passing military service under the contract, if their age has not reached 27 years, is carried out. In addition, there are training programs in which the age of candidates is determined up to 30 years. These are programs of secondary military special training.

Can not be considered as candidates for admission to the institutes VUNC Navy: citizens who already have a higher education of the appropriate level; Citizens specified in the fourth and fifth paragraphs of paragraph 5 of Article 34 of the Federal Law of March 28 1998 No. 53-ФЗ “On Military Duty and Military Service”, and also do not meet the requirements defined in paragraph 1 of the said Law: in respect of which the decision of the commission of the military commissariat or the attestation commission of the military unit was made about the candidate’s non-compliance with the requirements for entering military service under the contract; in respect of which the conviction and imposition of punishment; in respect of which an inquiry is being conducted or a preliminary investigation or a criminal case in respect of which they are referred to a court; having not removed or not canceled conviction for committing a crime; served sentences of imprisonment; deprived for a certain period of time a court decision that has entered into force, the right to occupy military posts.

Considering that readers who are interested in acquiring the profession of navigator of the Russian Navy (and other naval specialties) can familiarize themselves with the material, the Military Review publishes the email address of VUNC of the Russian Navy: [email protected], as well as telephones Secretariat of the head of the university: 8 (812) 431-92-44, 430-66-24. These data will provide detailed information on the rules of admission to a military university from its staff responsible for such issues.

A modern navigator is a specialist who has the skills to operate high-tech navigation systems. The annual competitions for the title of the best navigator of the Russian Navy show that skills of using navigational equipment are being improved. At the Baltic Fleet, a competition was held for the best calculation: “the main command post is a combat information post — navigator” (GKP-BIP-navigator). The competition consisted in the implementation of effective navigation and navigation safety. Crews used the Alaska-H navigation information system.

A system capable of ensuring the safety of passing 1,2 and 3 ships, naval and offshore support ships of the Navy along the route, was created by specialists of Maritime Navigation Systems, commissioned by the Russian Navy. The ENIS Alaska-CH module provides executive routing of the ship with real-time display of data received from navigation systems and instruments. The decision is made on the electronic map of the main navigation tasks. The system includes a navigator calculator that allows you to solve direct and inverse geodetic tasks, translate the coordinates of one of them into another. The “Alaska-H” ENIS is a system that provides the calculation of the illumination along the entire route of the ship, the gyrocompass corrections, the determination of the observable location by the astronomical luminaries.

For practicing the practical actions of the officers of the navigator warhead to ensure navigation safety of navigation, the Regel simulator is used. This is a powerful computer system that allows you to create models of routes of military ships in any climatic conditions, as well as taking into account the presence of widths of passages, visits to ports and exits of them. "Regel" allows you to conduct a complex of classes simultaneously with the calculations of several ships.

Service navigator of the Russian Navy - an honorable and responsible work. On this day, "Military Review" congratulates all the naval navigators and service veterans on their professional holiday.
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  1. parusnik
    parusnik 25 January 2016 06: 34 New
    Honorable and responsible work ... Happy Holiday! Good luck!
    1. Tatyana
      Tatyana 25 January 2016 07: 26 New
      Happy professional holiday for all navigators of the Navy and service veterans!
      Good luck, bon voyage, wide straits and a happy return to your home harbor after completing combat missions!
      1. NIKNN
        NIKNN 25 January 2016 21: 10 New
        CONGRATULATIONS! All health, happiness and all that you wish for yourself! good drinks
  2. avvg
    avvg 25 January 2016 06: 37 New
    Congratulations to all navigators of the Navy of the Russian Federation on the occasion! We wish all navigators of the navy of the Russian Federation and Veterans health and well-being services!
  3. Great-grandfather of Zeus
    Great-grandfather of Zeus 25 January 2016 06: 40 New
    With all my heart, sincerely, with Prvzdnik !!!!!!!
  4. Kuzyakin15
    Kuzyakin15 25 January 2016 07: 03 New
    Happy navigator!
    May all courses always be perfect for everyone!
    1. gjv
      gjv 25 January 2016 08: 40 New
      Quote: Kuzyakin15
      May all courses always be perfect for everyone!

      There is a funny story about the necessity and importance of navigational service in the fleet, the plot is a course collision and the radio talks of the American AUG with the Spanish lighthouse bully .

      You are the main one! You are reliability itself:
      The whole fleet will get lost without you!
      Yes, navigator is a key position,
      Everyone knows this; and so
      On your professional holiday
      I, having sorted out so many ideas,
      I wish you good, different
      And only the right ways!

      Holiday today in the midst of the brotherhood of the sea!
      Navigator's day! Let me congratulate you!
      Your merits for any ship
      It’s just impossible to turn it down!
      I sincerely wish you this day
      Honor new miles!
      Boldly move, cutting the wave,
      To a bright dream! And ... Seven feet under the keel!
    RONIN-HS 25 January 2016 07: 44 New
    "... And navigators are people, although they are of dastardly origin, and they are very eager for vodka and women, but they are understandable in the sciences of navigation. Therefore, let them go in the wardroom and give them ranks ...!" - from the Decree of Peter 1.

    So they wrote in the cadet wall newspaper, the time of my youth ... laughing
  6. Taygerus
    Taygerus 25 January 2016 08: 12 New
    With a professional holiday of all navigators, happiness, good health and GOD! hi
  7. Andrey NM
    Andrey NM 25 January 2016 09: 02 New
    He lied, - he briefly told Guzhevoy. - Now everything depends on you: if you have a place - I’m going to Damn Plesha, there’s no place — I want to drown.
    “Drown,” Guzheva answered grimly, “I have no place.” After half an hour it will be necessary to come closer to the lighthouse.
    - Half an hour! Cried Piichik. - What am I going to lie to him for half an hour?
    - What do you want, then lie. You are the commander - yours and the will.
    - And you are a navigator! Give me a place, I can’t go to the bank without an exact place! Maneuvers by maneuvers, but pebbles are not conditional!
    “What am I, giving birth to a place for you?” - boiled Guzheva, and who knows what would have happened in the cabin if the door had not opened and the mediator had not entered, pursuing Piichik as a killer conscience.
    “I don’t see the destroyers, and they should not be there,” he said, looking at the map. “Well, show me where is your place?”
    Guzheva, having taken a preoccupied look, stepped out of the wheelhouse. The little drunkard watched him with anger and despair, and put the la don on the map:
    - Here.
    - Well, or rather?
    The little drunkard slowly removed his fingers one after another, leaving the index finger on the course, which covered a good two miles on the map scale. The sahar was indeed somewhere in the area.

    I could not help but quote an excerpt from the wonderful story "The Flying Dutchman" by Leonid Sobolev.
    БЧ-1 - happy holiday!
  8. Arktidianets
    Arktidianets 25 January 2016 09: 05 New
    Pure fairways and free trains, happy men!
  9. ASUR
    ASUR 25 January 2016 09: 06 New
    Happy holiday!
    Good vision and stable voltage!
  10. tsvetkov1274
    tsvetkov1274 25 January 2016 09: 31 New
    Happy navigator. Less narrow
  11. KBR109
    KBR109 25 January 2016 10: 26 New
    laughing It is worth mentioning today one of the leading luminaries of the navigational business - Ivan Susanin! laughing Happy holiday navigators! drinks You are always seven feet under the keel and five thousand under the fuselage!
  12. Bashibuzuk
    Bashibuzuk 25 January 2016 10: 35 New
    I did not know that Tatyana’s day was also navigator’s day.
    But I myself was him, the head of the RTS service, he is also the commander of the BS-4, 1.
    So, my Tatiana will have a surprise in the evening.
    And yet, all these Alaskan Ch and the rest of the gadgets are good, of course.
    But the whole navigational romance lies precisely in sextans, direction finders, parallel rulers, speed measurements along NODES on the line. Watching chronometers like the apple of your eye. Accounting for annual deviation.
    Then only Lorany-A and -C, Decca-Navigators.
    And the rest is electronics.
    Keep it up!
  13. Arktidianets
    Arktidianets 25 January 2016 11: 06 New
    It was a long time ago, in the early 80s, flew from Khabarovsk to Yakutsk, to refuel, and the final point of flight - the village of Saskylakh.
    It was a military plane, it brought medicines and other necessary cargo to Saskyla, the pilots were not local.
    While the plane was refueling, a military navigator enters the squadron with navigational charts and asks "how to fly from here to Saskylah?" It so happened that at that moment in the first squadron there were no navigators, well, everyone rushed to be clever and remember how to fly there on the maps with the help of a compass and a trigonometric ruler - they did not remember. We decided to call an experienced flyer of the north - the navigator is excellent. They call him:
    -Zdarova Petrovich! Then the warriors ask for the road to Saskylakh, explain by phone!
    Ignorant Zdarova! Write down, take off in the direction of the hangars, then climb to a height of 4200 meters, when you’ve climbed a mountain a little to the left by 5-7 degrees, fly to this mountain, after an hour of summer, go down to 1500 meters, and fly right into the mountain, as it will become - 90 degrees to the left, and there you can see the strip.

    This instruction still hangs in the first squadron.
  14. OlegV
    OlegV 25 January 2016 12: 15 New
    Happy Holiday !!!

    It’s not easy to navigate a ship,
    Wave after wave ...
    The stars above the mast hang high
    Navigator at night watch.
    A compass and maps will help him,
    On this glorious day, we congratulate him,
    Let the flight be full of luck!
    We know he can achieve everything
    And there are no impossible tasks!
    Navigator wipes the sweat tiredly
    He defeated the elements in the fight ...
    May there be no ninth shaft!
    Only calm we wish you!
    On this holiday, men are the best,
    We wish you, our hero:
    Be on land and at sea the coolest!
    Navigator, know: we are proud of you!
  15. morprepud
    morprepud 25 January 2016 15: 11 New
    ... by decree of Peter I, ...
    and on my behalf, let me CONGRATULATE ALL navigators, both former and future, and with all my heart, and with great thanks for the nautical miles traveled with them, and thanks to their calm, confidence, and 1000 courses with them without restrictions ...
    AND ANECDOT, for them:
    Navigator! Course?
    "78"! Comrade Captain.
    What is "78"?
    And what course are you talking about, Comrade Captain?

    ........ and so that they always know how to answer "scrupulous" questions!
  16. izya top
    izya top 25 January 2016 18: 41 New
    hmm, white bone ... happy holiday, bastards drinks
  17. parafoiler
    parafoiler 25 January 2016 19: 41 New
    Hooray Hooray to you, Navigator !!! Where are we without you. With great respect!