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The center of Kiev through the eyes of a Russian person - photo report


Ukraine is not my country, Maidan is not mine история, so I can show you what you will not see in prosto_vova and other Ukrainian bloggers. In fact, the whole center of Kiev turned into one big cemetery and a farce, one continuous surrealism ...

Believe me, I was not specifically looking for anything, the usual everyday pictures from the center of Kiev, which surprise the Russian people, who have already lost the habit of such a mess in the very same Moscow.

Even if it is a memory of people, it should not take on such ugly forms.

It is a little incomprehensible why the authorities will not put up a single obelisk to the victims of Maidan.

Although two years have passed, and the authorities of Kiev did not bother even to repair the building of the Trade Unions ...

And the snow is badly cleaned.

Repaired only the colonnade installed on the approach to the stadium "Dynamo"

All around some tombstones, crosses and dead with braids along the roads are.

Aydar fighters raise money for military actions

By the way, there are often begging people in camouflage clothing who collect money for various “revolutionary” goals.

Flying flag of the Right Sector

Wall painting speaking for itself

From the number of clumsy inscriptions "Glory to Ukraine" and "Heroes of Glory" dazzled in the eyes of

Let me remind you it all started with a mass multi-month protest in the center of Kiev, which began on November 21, 2013, in response to the government’s suspension of preparations for signing an association agreement between Ukraine and the European Union.

Ukraine has not entered the European Union, but the European Union is now bursting at the seams, so after the change of power in Ukraine, Euromaidan was officially called the “Revolution of Dignity”.

Even a schoolboy understands, there are no “revolutions of virtues” in principle. As world history shows, all the revolutions led to only one thing - to the impoverishment of the masses in the future.

Agree, only small groups that gain access to the distribution of resources benefit.

Someone in the coffin, and someone drives a Porsche Cayenne

Therefore, I do not understand these victims, because in the end “the struggle for democracy and the road to Europe” led only to a change of some corrupt officials to others and the collapse of Ukraine. Look at the faces of Ukrainian politicians, they have written on their faces.

The world once again saw one big country split into pieces due to the rude and selfish behavior of the United States.

13 December 2013, State Department official Victoria Nuland, during a conference of the Ukraine-USA Foundation, said that the United States supported the construction of democracy in Ukraine. In a speech, it was said that 5 billion was spent on building democracy and other goals.

As a result, the money was spent, and according to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine from November 30 2013 to April 14, 106 people died during protests in Kiev and in the regions of Ukraine.

However, on the Maidan talking about other numbers. According to the data of the medical volunteers of Maidan, there were more than 700 victims!

I'm not talking about the armed conflict in the east of Ukraine, in which more than 6000 people died, and millions became refugees.

Ordinary Ukrainians in ordinary conversations admit a mistake. They wanted to live better, but the result was a catastrophic drop in the standard of living.

I do not invent this, according to a nationwide survey conducted by the Institute of Sociology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the Democratic Initiatives Foundation from June 26 to July 18 2015, Euromaidan was named the most negative event in the history of Ukraine (25,0% of respondents), losing only to 1932 Holodomor — XNX years (1933%).

Night Maidan and a thousand comments of aggressive Ukrainian bloggers can be estimated by reference.

It turns out that it is “undemocratic” to call a mess a mess and photograph Maidan. My ardent greetings to the network Ukrainian hamsters-)

I think you can see for yourself how sad everything is, I imagine the shock of foreign tourists. However, after Euromaidan the flow of tourists has decreased by several times ...
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  1. The comment was deleted.
  2. Jozhkin Cat
    Jozhkin Cat 23 January 2016 06: 52 New
    What they wanted is what they got. You have to be a complete idiot to hope that the revolution will bring prosperity wassat
    Poverty leads to revolution, and revolution leads to poverty.
    1. Ami du peuple
      Ami du peuple 23 January 2016 08: 40 New
      Quote: Yozhkin Cat
      Poverty leads to revolution, and revolution leads to poverty

      That is, you call an oligarchic coup a revolution? A revolution is a change in the socio-economic formation, and what new system was established in Ukraine? Dnepropetrovsk oligarchic clan removed from power "Donetsk"? Well, yes, if in the understanding of Ukrainians it is a "revolution nits gidnosti ", then everything is correct. This kind of precisely leads from poverty to poverty.
      1. lysyj bob
        lysyj bob 23 January 2016 09: 40 New
        This is not a revolution, but a gross raider seizure. Only the scale is already different, frightening. Previously, factories, newspapers, and steamboats were captured, now, you can easily squeeze an entire country, and then sell it in parts. And the people disperse to neighboring countries. And who remained - to starve and cold. And who shouts and jumps about dignity - to the front, worthy to die !!!
        1. Cap.Morgan
          Cap.Morgan 23 January 2016 10: 38 New
          Raider capture based on revolution.
          At the beginning there was an extreme irritation of the people by the inaction of the authorities.
          Plus the desire for justice.
          Plus thirst for the West, disrespect for Russia, Bandera's past. There were, as they say, prerequisites.
          1. lysyj bob
            lysyj bob 23 January 2016 11: 19 New
            Quote: Cap.Morgan

            At the beginning there was an extreme irritation of the people by the inaction of the authorities.
            Plus the desire for justice.
            Plus thirst for the West, disrespect for Russia, Bandera's past. There were, as they say, prerequisites.

            Yes, you are right here. The pre-revolutionary situation was like Lenin. But the revolution implies not only a change of power, but also the ideology of society, the creation of a new state system for the purpose of CONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT but in a different way. And to plunder and sell is raiding. (I didn’t set a minus)
            1. 2С5
              2С5 25 January 2016 07: 27 New
              Cap.Morgan - TROLLLLLL !!!!!
              1. 2С5
                2С5 26 January 2016 11: 47 New
                ... you read HIS opuses on Odnoklassniki! Terry fascist and nationalist and h.o.h ... this is exactly him !!! All Russian women deserve only to be fucked up at the regional center of beer, Russia-g ..., Russians-g ... and everything in the same spirit ... but here you need some kind of a theoretical specialist and loyal, etc. etc. and so on .... b "I" double two-handed like all protoukry angry
          2. Darkmor
            Darkmor 23 January 2016 11: 25 New
            I look at all this, and I have a terrible feeling of deja vu.
            Straight our nineties.
            The military who returned from Chechnya, rallies, some kind of agitation with promises "Our party will do everything better", scammers and petty gopot in the doorways, dirt, homeless people in underground passages, private traders with makeshift junk counters, corteges of politicians guarded by the military, and wreaths with portraits of those killed or killed in gang warfare - a feeling of oppressive hopelessness.

            Was it really impossible to learn from our mistake? Surely, step by step, repeating our every mistake 10 years ago?
            What is it? Collective insanity or belief in own exclusivity?
            1. _my opinion
              _my opinion 23 January 2016 17: 29 New
              Quote: Darkmor

              Was it really impossible to learn from our mistake? Surely, step by step, repeating our every mistake 10 years ago?
              What is it? Collective insanity or belief in own exclusivity?

              maybe both, on the basis of programming through ukrosmi.
            2. Alexy
              Alexy 24 January 2016 03: 21 New
              As you aptly described.
            3. nnz226
              nnz226 24 January 2016 12: 02 New
              Yes, these MAYDOWNs even learn nothing from their own mistakes! in 2004 already jumped, so what? They chose a wretched Yushchenko who, after 5 years of sitting on a chair, had just not a minus rating! So even the generation has not changed (25 years), as they again went to ride - one word mayDAUNAS !!! And their state flag just symbolizes!
              1. Orionvit
                Orionvit 24 January 2016 18: 00 New
                All this heavenly hundred, was supposed to hang out on lanterns. This is what I understand the decoration of Kiev. For the edification of posterity. The only heroes in this surrealism are riot policemen who stood to the end and who were betrayed. Everything that happened in Ukraine, in its absurdity, simply does not fit the head of a normal person. I am writing this not from somewhere, but from the most independent one in which I still have to live.
          3. vvv-73
            vvv-73 23 January 2016 15: 43 New
            What a revolution! The revolution implies a change in the political system in the country. Learn the story.
          4. Snail N9
            Snail N9 23 January 2016 19: 32 New
            It's not a matter of "inaction" ... No one would have touched Yanyk if he, together with Azarov, had not come up with the idea of ​​introducing a "differentiated scale of taxation"
            the main thing is that he did not encroach on "benefits" and "length of service" for all sorts of "cops", of whom there were a myriad of divorces in Ukraine at that time ...
        2. captain
          captain 23 January 2016 13: 08 New
          Throughout their history, today's Ukrainians have been slaves; sometimes Lithuanian, then Polish, then Austrian. Russians out of their own kindness. oli stupidity recognized them as equals, now we have problems with "relatives".
          1. tolian
            tolian 23 January 2016 21: 16 New
            For the most part, they are slaves. But with the presence of a relatively small amount of an element close to crime. These are those who are called "Cossacks". Remember Bolotnikov. It was his Cossacks who walked across Russia from the south to Moscow almost. And they plundered, plundered, plundered, until they plundered that the population began to beat them. In Soviet times, this robbery was called the "peasant war". And only now the historical material speaks about these "peasants." In general, this region reminds me of modern ISIS now. And ISIS was created to harm a number of countries, and the walk-field was created and maintained only to harm Russia. By whom? Yes, dad and his western camarilla. And they acted then as now. They slipped false tsars to us through pshek, now pseudo-democrats oligarchs in the form of eggs and thieving pigs - to the outskirts. The rustic, under-educated and pious former slaves eat it well. God willing, maybe they will come to their senses over time. If they do not come to their senses, they will scatter, they will die out. As is happening in the Baltics. Negroes will soon begin to settle.
            1. Albert1988
              Albert1988 24 January 2016 15: 33 New
              Quote: tolian
              Yes, papa and his western camarilla.

              Unless you can throw out "dad" from this list - he hasn't decided anything there for 500-600 years, but all this "camarilla" - yes - oh, how long has been trying to launch its paws to us ...
              1. spy008
                spy008 24 January 2016 18: 37 New
                Sorry, but with all due respect, here you are wrong: Dad, in Masonic circles he is considered politician No. 1. Through John Paul II, an intervention began in western Ukraine, with the seizure of Orthodox churches, the killing of priests and the Moscow Patriarchate supporting the Russian Church. Now these duties are assigned to Filaret. And, if there is a schism in the church, the slaughter will be much more feasible!
                But, as strange as it may seem, I will only be glad of this: the church is the basis of stability in the state and society - their spiritual basis is "leaven", and when it is persecuted it only becomes stronger. All random "parishioners" in it - run away like rats from a sinking ship. Then the revival of the church begins, and with it the whole society, as in the 17th year.
                And that the church is rotting (despite the outward splendor), one can be convinced only by looking at the "faces" of its current hierarchs hi
                1. spy008
                  spy008 24 January 2016 22: 47 New
                  laughing And here is today's "pearl" from Pope Francis in "Vzglyad":

                  Pope Francis called the Internet God's gift, which provides opportunities for human unity.

                  “The Internet is a gift of God. It provides us with truly unlimited possibilities for human unity and solidarity, ”RT reports the pontiff. He made this statement in a letter to the flock on the occasion of the 50th World Social Communications Day.
                  cool - yes ?!
          2. Archon
            Archon 24 January 2016 19: 41 New
            So Ukrainians are Russians. just forget yourself
        3. aiden
          aiden 23 January 2016 21: 04 New
          that’s the whole essence of what is happening in Ukraine in one sentence. It is a pity that many do not understand this.
        4. complete zero
          complete zero 24 January 2016 02: 54 New
          demagogy (that your revolution is what happened in Ukraine) -the essence is one mess and poverty ... revolutionaries of all stripes in the bud must be strangled
        5. CTEPX
          CTEPX 24 January 2016 07: 31 New
          Quote: lysyj bob
          This is not a revolution, but a gross raider seizure.

          That's how it was seen in December 2013)). Quote:
          CTEPX RU December 3, 2013 19:47 p.m. | State collapse in Ukraine: what mistakes should Russia and the Union avoid
          Ukraine, which offered itself to the EU as a "transit pipe" for duty-free delivery of EU goods to Russia, has broken off. The EU, hoping for Russian money to plunder Ukraine to the ground, has broken off. Russia managed to prevent these threats)).
          But the main threat is the inevitable start of the third world war, so much needed by some, a la "peace against Russia."
          Thanks to the cowardice, greed and stupidity of Janek and his predecessors (here everything is correct in the article), the Ukrainian state is bankrupt. But, I'm afraid, we may not be waiting for the fight of "AlEgarhs" for the steering wheel in Ukraine ... Wahhabi structures in Crimea will easily accept tens of thousands of rats from Syria to "stay", the Westerners will gladly host the US contingent from Afgan. All they need for this is the de-legitimization of the central government and the chaos of Ukraine. And, unfortunately, at an early stage, Russia cannot interfere!
          Let us wish the Ukrainians reason, strength and a leader.
        6. ARES623
          ARES623 24 January 2016 18: 11 New
          Quote: lysyj bob
          This is not a revolution, but a gross raider seizure

          This is not a raider seizure, it is such an improved way of colonization without direct military occupation. The final outcome has not yet arrived, but it is already quite obvious. This is that big g ... but that is seen precisely from a distance, from abroad ...
        7. gav6757
          gav6757 25 January 2016 23: 09 New
          There is a good Finnish proverb on this score: "There is a lot of screeching - little wool! The devil said, cutting the cat."
          So in Nenko, they scream a lot, they squeal at the same time, but things are still there !!!
      2. Senior manager
        Senior manager 24 January 2016 13: 25 New
        I put a plus and thought, all the same it looks like a revolution, which has a feudal system as a result, just the names of the princes were replaced by oligarchs, and scientific and technological progress will soon reach the Middle Ages.
    2. oldseaman1957
      oldseaman1957 23 January 2016 14: 19 New
      Quote: Yozhkin Cat
      What they wanted is what they got.
      - They received! And they wanted something completely different. But the filthy hryvnia for their ropes obscured their thoughts about what they were doing! And now the time has come to "collect the stones" ... And the crumbling country is pouring skiom over their wounds, which they earned on the Maidan. And rightly so. From now on you need to think about what you are doing!
    3. Reserve officer
      Reserve officer 23 January 2016 17: 10 New
      I still have the impression that patients of a disbanded psychiatric hospital were released on the streets of Ukraine.
      1. R-140
        R-140 24 January 2016 08: 47 New
        Accurately said. I have the same feeling.
    4. Wajra-3
      Wajra-3 24 January 2016 13: 51 New
      Greed leads to poverty, not revolution.
  3. yuriy55
    yuriy55 23 January 2016 06: 54 New
    I think you yourself see how sad everything is, I imagine what a shock foreign tourists are in.

    After the flow of tourists from North Africa, they (who else thought to visit the "Square") on their own "skin" felt all the delights of foreign tourism ...

    PS Not a single tourist is full of foreign tourists ... winked
  4. BLOND
    BLOND 23 January 2016 06: 58 New
    Thanks for the photo story!
    Painfully! I don’t want to comment at all.
    1. Lelek
      Lelek 23 January 2016 10: 40 New
      Quote: BLOND
      Painfully! I don’t want to comment at all.

      Was in Kiev back in 1960 - the city is handsome: greenery, music, cleanliness, smiling faces, an abundance of frolicking children. And I looked at these pictures and did not understand what I want more in this public cemetery - cry or spit. For one thing, the Kiev "bastards-nero" would chop their hands on the neck. negative
      1. Kolyan 2
        Kolyan 2 23 January 2016 15: 34 New
        I do not agree with the photo of their place at the bucket.
      2. Alexy
        Alexy 24 January 2016 03: 30 New
        And I was in February 2014 and I declare that they wanted it. I spoke personally with the people of Kiev. Then the possibility of war did not frighten anyone. Therefore, as in the song: "I feel sorry for no one, no one ..."
  5. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 23 January 2016 07: 02 New
    worthy surroundings of "European power" .. disgusting to look ...
  6. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S 23 January 2016 07: 12 New
    Quote: BLOND
    Painfully! I don’t want to comment at all.

    What comments are there, I looked at the photos and I got the feeling that you were in a cemetery. From a beautiful, flourishing country, Ukrainians created a solid burial place for the dead.
  7. domokl
    domokl 23 January 2016 07: 22 New
    Hmm ... Caught a story..Minimum of words, but how to beat on the head ... Well done author.
  8. Korsar4
    Korsar4 23 January 2016 07: 26 New
    It’s bad if the course of the country is determined by graffiti.

    True, there was an occasion to recall the guys who returned from Berkut to Sevastopol.
  9. Sergey Sitnikov
    Sergey Sitnikov 23 January 2016 07: 27 New
    Some Ancient Egypt - a cult of death, a clear regression, remember at least the same "Queen of the gas station" there, even black and white Kiev shone and pulsed with vitality and her beauty!
    1. a housewife
      a housewife 23 January 2016 21: 50 New
      And where is black and white Kiev in the "Queen of the Gas Station"? The film is actually colored.
    2. Your friend
      Your friend 25 January 2016 13: 03 New
      Quote: Sergey Sitnikov
      Some Ancient Egypt - a cult of death, a clear regression, remember at least the same "Queen of the gas station" there, even black and white Kiev shone and pulsed with vitality and her beauty!

      This reminds me of Warsaw, though a 1000 times worse option. In Warsaw, too, a huge number of houses hang memorial tablets about Nazi terror, about the victims of the Warsaw uprising about communist terror ... not a city, but a cemetery. Apart from the anthem, Ukrainians march at the psheks all the worst.)
  10. Artem
    Artem 23 January 2016 07: 32 New
    The world once again saw one big country split into pieces due to the rude and selfish behavior of the United States.

    You need to call a spade a spade, otherwise we will never learn anything from mistakes.

    One large country was divided into parts primarily because of the mass betrayal by its own citizens. Because external pressure from the United States has always been and always is, not only in Ukraine.
  11. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 23 January 2016 07: 38 New
    ... through the eyes of a Russian person ...
    What "instrument" is, so is the music.
    1. Kos_kalinki9
      Kos_kalinki9 23 January 2016 13: 32 New
      And how "beautiful" it began.

      Well, quite European
    2. R-140
      R-140 24 January 2016 08: 50 New
      In the sense of play out.
  12. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 23 January 2016 07: 38 New
    depressing photo .......... thanks for the report.
  13. The comment was deleted.
  14. parusnik
    parusnik 23 January 2016 07: 43 New
    And they did it with their own hands ... for cookies ..
    1. pv1005
      pv1005 23 January 2016 10: 14 New
      Quote: parusnik
      And they did it with their own hands ... for cookies ..

      As cookies were distributed, everyone saw. yes But where the jar of jam has come across, the story is silent about this. request It looks like the zrada was drawn again. what
  15. aba
    aba 23 January 2016 07: 51 New
    Comments are valid. And for the idiot prosto_vova in LJ, I immediately signed up as I found out that I had moved from Moscow to Kiev in order to find out how his Ukrainian vacation would end. As you can see from the comments, it works out notably.
    Ugh! Shit, not a man!
  16. IrOqUoIs
    IrOqUoIs 23 January 2016 07: 52 New
    A temple for the Ukrainian sect! Pumping up invented by heroes and ideals ... The triumph of pseudo-life and the mumble of mantras. Take it all away and people will start to think, but did they do it right ...?
  17. Vovancheg
    Vovancheg 23 January 2016 07: 59 New
    For that fought for it and ran"
  18. Riv
    Riv 23 January 2016 08: 05 New
    How is Pikul? "... the Polish people are not to blame for the insane blindness of the gentry ..." History loves to repeat itself and Ukraine will probably repeat the fate of Poland too.
  19. bad
    bad 23 January 2016 08: 22 New
    what a shock foreign tourists are in.
    ..there are more tourists? laughing
    1. Sargord A.
      Sargord A. 23 January 2016 08: 35 New
      Of course have. With Minox cameras and contracts with the CIA and NSA wink
  20. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 23 January 2016 08: 34 New
    But until recently, my daughter went on an excursion to Kiev and said how beautiful and clean he is. Well, as recently, four years already. Ay, how time flies.
    Horror, not a photo. I immediately remembered the 90s, the very beginning when there was a store of bacon in the refrigerator, and on the balcony there was a potato brought from the village.
    Vodka from alcohol "Royal" and ten-year-old "Zhigul" for happiness ... Gone, svidomye?
    1. misterwulf
      misterwulf 23 January 2016 11: 45 New
      see my post below. Basically, you just "walked the straight route" without looking left and right. There all this mold and nest. It was necessary to just turn off the road 20-50 meters and see approximately what the author published. And that was ... long before the 1st Mudan-2004. I personally observed THIS back in 1998.
  21. 1616913
    1616913 23 January 2016 08: 41 New
    They thought that by making a one-time effort one could get into a fairy tale, the more the effort was directed towards destruction, it couldn’t end to others,
    all this was predicted from the very beginning.
  22. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 23 January 2016 08: 45 New
    Quote: Yozhkin Cat
    Poverty leads to revolution, and revolution leads to poverty.

    If, moreover, at the head of this "revolution" are nationalist-minded D.E.B.I.L. Revolution is made by romantics, and scoundrels use its fruits.
  23. Zebus
    Zebus 23 January 2016 08: 57 New
    The garbage revolution!
  24. aszzz888
    aszzz888 23 January 2016 09: 13 New
    And who after that will say that he is not a sick nation?
    ON ALL HEAD !!! Cemetery of the dregs of ukronatsikov! laughing
  25. Kos_kalinki9
    Kos_kalinki9 23 January 2016 09: 23 New
    everything in the world is unchanging. History develops in a spiral.
  26. Klos
    Klos 23 January 2016 09: 59 New
    No comments
  27. misterwulf
    misterwulf 23 January 2016 10: 31 New
    To the author - honor and offset! However, as a former citizen of impassable I can upset a little. This crap started not now and not 2 years ago. I am a professional lawyer, and earlier I was an employee of the authorities from Sevastopol, by the nature of my activity I constantly went to Kiev. First - on business trips, then, as a lawyer - to the Supreme and Higher Economic Courts. He did his business quickly and wandered around the center of Kiev, waiting for the train at 20-00 wink I watched all this crap (on a smaller scale) even before ... 1st Mudan-2004. This crap was based on Institutskaya and on Mudan through Khreshchatyk from the main Mudan. Of course, there was no such trash as you had in the photo then, but it was possible to shoot a very interesting photo shoot before the 1st Mudan.
    We simply did not understand then the level of schizophrenia of Kukuev residents then and looked at it as exotic. Type, folk dances of the peoples of Senegal or Gabon. But in vain ...
    1. Scud
      Scud 23 January 2016 11: 02 New
      I agree with you, but I will supplement it. Immediately, after the collapse of the Union, the people slowly and inevitably began to get poor. They didn’t talk about how spiritual development was, Everyone started somehow to survive and therefore to grow dull. Well, then these maydauny showed all the stupidity of a significant part of us, Ukrainians. The collapse of dill is inevitable.
      1. APASUS
        APASUS 23 January 2016 21: 01 New
        Quote: misterwulf
        folk dances of Senegal or Gabon. But in vain ...

        Complete degradation
        1. Miron64
          Miron64 23 January 2016 21: 54 New
          Well, the complete debelism of the people is square.
        2. Miron64
          Miron64 23 January 2016 21: 56 New
          Not there minusanul. Sorry.
        3. kotvov
          kotvov 24 January 2016 12: 29 New
          Complete degradation ,,
          the genes are stirring, you dug out a kind of ki schmeiser.
        4. Albert1988
          Albert1988 24 January 2016 15: 49 New
          Quote: APASUS
          Complete degradation

          Well, if you look closely at the faces of people at the very beginning of the video, then by their expression, you can still conclude that they don't really like all this obscurantism with cardboard Nazi "carts", although most still prefer not to pay attention to it attention - they say he hid his head in the sand and norms, but this is the worst thing ...
  28. Alex
    Alex 23 January 2016 11: 12 New
    Aydar fighters raise money for military actions
    For vodka ...

    There were always enough fools on the Maidan, especially during the reign of nationalists. So that
    often there are beggars in camouflage clothes collecting money for various "revolutionary" purposes
    quite natural process and result of the "revolution".
  29. sleeping sayan
    sleeping sayan 23 January 2016 11: 13 New
    Well, there was the USSR. And now, he wants to hang on his neck: Georgians, Moldavians, Ukrainians, Uzbeks and others. As they used to laugh, Ukrainians, Georgians who served in Russia. They said that their cowsheds are better than at home, for example, in the Chita region .
  30. lysyj bob
    lysyj bob 23 January 2016 11: 32 New
    Quote: Darkmor
    Was it really impossible to learn from our mistake? Surely, step by step, repeating our every mistake 10 years ago?
    What is it? Collective insanity or belief in own exclusivity?

    Smart learn from the mistakes of others. Fools - on their own ... Not always ...
  31. Bersaglieri
    Bersaglieri 23 January 2016 11: 48 New
    "The devastation in the head is now on the streets" .... Some kind of hell. In Russia, this was not even the case in 1992-1993.
  32. company7777
    company7777 23 January 2016 12: 16 New
    Oh, how good they jumped good let them jump even higher laughing
  33. Mercenary
    Mercenary 23 January 2016 13: 12 New
    All this wretchedness on the verge of insanity must be shown to the idiots going to "protest" on Bolotnaya Square under the signature! And the guys from OMON, CATHEDRAL, ALPHA - So that there is no doubt when a truncheon on a brainless head, there will still be no concussion ... am
    1. 97110
      97110 23 January 2016 22: 39 New
      Quote: Mercenary
      when with a baton on the brainless head, there will still be no concussion ...

      Usually enlightenment comes. They say sparks from the eyes ...
  34. 31rus
    31rus 23 January 2016 13: 13 New
    Dear, I’m looking, and people are spinning in my head, and what’s next?
    1. Stinger
      Stinger 23 January 2016 13: 27 New
      But nothing. They will rob as before. Pahan was replaced and nothing more.
  35. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 23 January 2016 13: 45 New
    From the news. Swedish diplomat Carl Bildt said: "I do not know of any other country that would be reformed as deeply as Ukraine."
    1. Albert1988
      Albert1988 24 January 2016 15: 50 New
      Quote: vladimirvn
      which would be reformed as deeply as Ukraine. "

      meaning so deep in zatsu?
  36. Balagan
    Balagan 23 January 2016 14: 25 New
    Eh ... So to spoil the Russian city. It's time to free him from the ukrov occupation.
    ALEA IACTA EST 23 January 2016 14: 59 New
    The once beautiful city turned into a landfill.
  38. drags33
    drags33 23 January 2016 15: 08 New
    Death blows from the capital of dill ... Yes, it's not for nothing that they sing about death in a hymn about death. Apparently they feel that such a "state" will NOT LIVE !!! Now all the dill was surrounded by a cemetery fence ...
  39. misterwulf
    misterwulf 23 January 2016 15: 22 New
    By the way, the Dutch appointed there .... A referendum on NOT including uSranii in association with the EU. For April. The roots of this must be looked for 10 years ago, when Holland voted against the European Constitution, and they were bypassed in a crooked way by the left "Lisbon Protocol". The Netherlands wants revenge! Premier Ryuite and King His Majesty Willem-2 also signed the public demand. The addresses of the drunkard-Parasha to the USA will not work now. The King and Premier will not withdraw signatures. Then, the Dutch have an unbreakable trump card in the sleeve that they held until the right moment. This is the Malaysian Boeing 777, shot down by kakalami. This topic breaks down the entire construction of anti-Russian hysteria and paranoia along with horseradish quasi-mantles.
    For the sake of what they froze, fought and killed each other?
      ALEA IACTA EST 23 January 2016 17: 12 New
      I think the Americans will just put something on both the king and the prime minister. sad
      Nulland's "f * ck Europe" has not been canceled yet ...
      1. misterwulf
        misterwulf 23 January 2016 17: 33 New
        The topic of the Boeing 777 (almost 200 dead Dutch) also has not been canceled ....
        Well, how can it be? But what about the "lights of democracy"? etc. Arrows today ALL know how to translate.
  40. arnold444
    arnold444 23 January 2016 16: 01 New
    Maybe not in the topic, but about Ukraine. I saw a photo of Nuland with a packet of pies, fists clench spontaneously. There is a video on YouTube (They rode to Europe) You won’t see anything new there, it was all on TV and in the chronicles. But how But I was shandarah after watching! I wanted to put it here, but I can’t. It should be watched by everyone who cares what’s going on there. I watched and swore and my wife’s tears. Please, find and show it here. Thank you.
  41. lukke
    lukke 23 January 2016 16: 17 New
    By the way, there are often begging people in camouflage clothing who collect money for various “revolutionary” goals.
    damn it, and I scratched my turnips - where did all of our metro beggars go ?!) because they went by company in compositions, sometimes with guitars)
    One more question interests: what do they do with dogs, which, according to instincts, relieve themselves under trees on hundreds of heavenly streets ?! and in general - is Klitschko doing anything in this direction? he removed the fire extinguishers from everywhere ...
    1. SevaNikolaev
      SevaNikolaev 25 January 2016 00: 59 New
      In the winter of that "revolution" in Nikolaev, all the homeless people also disappeared, we also did not immediately realize where they had gone .... and then when we began to "rush" with this hundred, and every second unknown, it became clear where they were hanging out.
  42. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 23 January 2016 16: 20 New
    Devastation, as you know, originates in the heads. The process is running. A sharp change in power, whatever you call it, always begins with the destruction of the old order. They’ve been destroying for 2 years now. The duration of the destruction period depends on its intensity. In New Russia, they destroyed quickly. Let's see how much safety margin this state has.
  43. 2argo2
    2argo2 23 January 2016 17: 16 New
    From MAIDAN everyone got what they wanted. RUSSIA closed the period of "fraternal aid" to Ukraine, and saved the Russian-speaking population of Crimea and Donbass from destruction. The EU, Germany, gains control of the gas tap, along with billions in transit fees. Poland and other interested countries will receive billions of dollars of real estate in Ukraine through restitution. The United States gets another unstable country, the more such countries there are in the world, the more profitable it is for them, justifying NATO's presence in Europe. UKRAINE has jumped into a day off for itself - "THE DAY OF A LOCH", DEBTS for grandchildren, great-grandchildren, a bunch of armed idlers, criminals, and a long-term program of internal conflicts. THE COOKIES on MAIDAN were MAGIC.
  44. _my opinion
    _my opinion 23 January 2016 17: 22 New
    Although two years have passed, and the authorities of Kiev did not bother even to repair the building of the Trade Unions ...

    It is a little incomprehensible why the authorities will not put up a single obelisk to the victims of Maidan.

    temporary workers (who are in power in Kiev) have other tasks ...
  45. xomaNN
    xomaNN 23 January 2016 18: 35 New
    With a fresh look from Russia, this "grave" theme on Khreshchatyk is very vividly shown. And the people of Kiev are already so accustomed to this dump in the center under the guise of a yellow-blue idea that they won't even remember that several years ago there was a completely cultural place here. drinks
  46. RomanS
    RomanS 23 January 2016 18: 59 New
    Looking at the reportage, I understand that there will be no mercy for us! Forty million people are thrown back during the feudal period. Poverty, unsanitary conditions and lawlessness. The "civilized" countries have practiced. If we launch the Maidan to ourselves, we will envy the American Indians ... It is sad to part with illusions, but good for life and health.
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. 97110
        97110 23 January 2016 22: 44 New
        Quote: Bucefal
        Maidan make the best of the best.

        In the mental hospital they forgot to lock the doors again ...
      2. sevsor
        sevsor 23 January 2016 23: 11 New
        Bucefal, well, if the Maidan is "the will of the people", or rather its part, and the most nationalist-fascist part of it, then why is the nationwide REFERENDUM in the Crimea undemocratic? Just ask, do not retell cave nonsense ukroSMI about "elections at gunpoint", do not be savage! (((
        1. Bucefal
          Bucefal 23 January 2016 23: 47 New
          And I will not retell.
          Let's say not at gunpoint. OK. Then it may be because Crimea is a territory mainly of people who are no longer young (there are young people, but ..), pensioners prevail, there are many of them. Tell me, for a person of pre-retirement age, retirement age, etc. what period of their life will be the best, when life was beautiful, when everything worked out, when the liver and kidneys did not hurt, when life is already memories or just memories ?!
          Yes, for them youth and Those times are the most. They believed that the Russian Federation was a semblance of the USSR. Well, as if such an idea was taught in the Soviet school and was driven into young brains always in the USSR. I thought so too. And this idea was carried in all the humanities. This is true.
          Therefore, the people (even if as you say and are sure (?)) Voted. But not for the Russian Federation, believe me. If he voted, then for the USSR. But this is utopia.
          I know what I'm talking about. He lived in the Crimea. Worked. With such old people. There were practically no youth in the defense industry. And these old people wanted in the USSR. Yes, they wanted to go there.
          And what they voted for - I have already heard from them "flattering" comments about today's Crimea. Only now they are afraid to openly say it. You think you can say that freely there ?! What do you think? :)
          Therefore, "everyone wanted to be in the RF." How.
  47. The comment was deleted.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. a housewife
      a housewife 23 January 2016 22: 10 New
      ABOUT! The horse is talking! What are you proud of there? The funeral view of Kiev? They killed their own people and admire the results !!! Ah, yes, it’s mine. They arrived, killed, and then self-destructed. Well, no shame or conscience. He also dares to teach us here. Yes, no one is against any flag until meannesses and crimes begin to be committed under this flag. And if the flag was somehow glorious, even black-red, even yellow-blue, then none other than Ukraine itself defiled it. Kiev desecrated. They defiled their churches! Curse on your country. And if God endures it, then because of a certain number of righteous people. They will then be accusers to you, in this world, then in that one. You go against people, against God - it won’t work!
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Bucefal
        Bucefal 24 January 2016 00: 06 New
        Oops. Here is the opportunity to leave YOUR opinion in Russia. My comments were deleted. Although - those who read them would not let me lie - I wrote without insults and bad words. Even G. Lord Pu did not mention. And so, it does not coincide, then it means the necessary opinion !!
        Well, that's not even interesting. Is it really only necessary to leave comments in support?
        Just bullshit. Stupidly filtered.
        In short. Success in earning pluses.
        Interestingly, my comments about the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov also deleted? :))
        Commentators, you are pleased to realize that if you have your own opinion that is different from the generally accepted one, then you will not be allowed to speak out (as here) in the best case or will they be banned? Yet the Russian Federation is a semblance of the USSR. The same methods, the same unity of mind.
        Hi admins. :)
      3. Bucefal
        Bucefal 24 January 2016 01: 46 New
        The tendency to think that other people think the same way we do is caused by the transference effect. For example, often members of radical organizations are convinced that the whole world shares their position. Although this may not be at all.
        A similar effect is associated with this effect - the effect of false consensus - the unfounded belief that others by default agree with us.
    3. sevsor
      sevsor 23 January 2016 22: 56 New
      Mdaaaa ... today I sent a link to this article to Kiev to my, now a former friend ... I received the answer that "none of this is in Kiev, it is not clear when it was filmed, it is not clear why there are no happy people walking," and in general, I am "goat-faced zradnik "and" Horde quilted jacket "(((In principle," Bucefal ", though politely, but answered the same way as my former friend ((I was especially impressed that:" I only know that when something is dear to you - and the photo will come out beautiful "... In my opinion, as a cemetery, do not shoot, a joyful photo will not work. And here, reading this article, we enjoy our" illiteracy, ignorance and wretchedness "((((. Ay yes," Bucefal ", what you are "European civilized" (((
      1. Bucefal
        Bucefal 23 January 2016 23: 26 New
        illiteracy, ignorance and wretchedness
        - This is about the black and red flag.
        With your - no longer - a friend, I agree. It's beautiful on the Maidan. There are many people. There is life. And for some reason you think that it is a cemetery. You weren't yourself. You look at someone's pictures with dubious comments and are simply repeating the stupidity stated by the author, who in the first lines of the article set up all readers that the article would be with a certain ideological bias - "not my country, not my revolution." If not his, then why is the author so killed? Pity the Ukrainians, gloating over the graves of the dead. This is not normal, to put it mildly.
        In general, I think that to those who were among the Russians on the Maidan now, after the events, such writing would seem strange. You need to visit here to understand how everything looks and how our - as you write - cemetery differs from your "life".
      2. Bucefal
        Bucefal 23 January 2016 23: 35 New
        as a cemetery do not take off, a joyful photo will not work

        Nothing fun, of course, in the graves and deaths.
        No matter who.
        And shooting .. When you take a photo with a digital camera and then want to select - you take the best ones. There was a choice in the opposite direction. And the author wanted to show something of his own, a "special" opinion and attitude. Doesn't the information in the photo depend on this?
        Have you ever watched LifeNews ever? I also tried. The picture, of course, is colorful, but nothing with reality, as a rule (regarding the events in Ukraine) had nothing in common. I can talk about it, I live here.
        And if you want real photos from a real Maidan, tomorrow I can do it and post it here. You know, you yourself will judge what and how.
        So take a photo?
        1. Scud
          Scud 24 January 2016 00: 04 New
          Hey countrywoman! Come to my relatives in Ilovaisk, go to school, in the depot and admire the work of the law-abducting liberators. Yes, teach these separs to the mind.
        2. The comment was deleted.
          1. Bucefal
            Bucefal 24 January 2016 00: 17 New
            Hello. You know, when people say that, in my life experience, they are completely not sincere in the concept of "compatriot". So, fellow countrywoman, who is there, the Russian troops with the "humanitarian convoy" liberators? Also tell me that the KAMAZ trucks were packed with food and things ..

            My comments were deleted, they do not fit the generally accepted template of opinions. Even a simple comment on the Ukrainian flag was deleted. What photo did not like? After all, there were simply Cossacks, and the flags were modern and black-red. I do not understand something. Here you only need to praise the nonsense? Adymns?
            1. ochakow703
              ochakow703 24 January 2016 04: 53 New
              The cookies acted very strongly on you, poisoning however. And there is no activated carbon anywhere, Donbass is gouged. Can you at least yourself, on a dark night, locked in a closet, think truthfully? My sister came from Odessa, drove to Kiev on the way. She is an adequate person, doctor of sciences, but her story upon arrival was more like a tantrum, more tears than words. Only three days later she was able to calm down and speak normally. Now, but now the Koklah have a worthy THEM life! Forward! Not the bottom yet!
  48. Vlad5307
    Vlad5307 23 January 2016 22: 35 New
    Quote: Bucefal
    But to bring beauty and make is not a bad thing. All will be. But is it really important right now ?! Maidan is for people, and not just an admin area.

    And what did the people get as a result of the Maidan? Devastation, the coming to power of compradors selling the remnants of the country to Western customers of the Maidan! Yes, it was not the people of Ukraine who made the Maidan, it was consumables in the hands of the oligarchs, supported by the West (primarily the State Department of the SSA) to achieve the goal of completely enslaving the people of Ukraine by means of nationalist gangster frenzy! That they succeeded with brilliance, tk. allegedly the intelligentsia of Ukraine actually convinced the masses of the ideals of supposedly democracy, but in fact, out of their own stupidity, betrayed these very ideals, replacing them with terry nationalism singing the "exploits" of bandits and traitors Bandera and Shukhevych! Yes, they were paid well for this, but now they are not needed by anyone and are trying their best to convince the people of their usefulness and infallibility. But life will still draw its line under their "patriotic activities", it is a pity that the people of Ukraine will pay for this with many thousands of lives! This is the price of betrayal, cowardice and stupidity! sad
    1. Bucefal
      Bucefal 23 January 2016 23: 54 New
      Vlad5307 - replacing them with terry nationalism praising the "exploits" of bandits and traitors Bandera and Shukhevych

      Are you all reading the same leaflets? Churkin also froze at the UN.
      Why is it for you Bandera and Shukhevych became bandits and traitors? Tell me here! Or did you hear something like that, but there are no facts in your head at all, just freeze nonsense, if only it would be so patriotic ..
      What are they for you bandits? What did they betray? Or spaces?
    2. Zhnec
      Zhnec 26 January 2016 06: 44 New
      So these clowns do not understand this. They, many, think it was a revolution of dignity. It is believed that rehworms will pass and they will heal easily and happily as in Paraguay ....
  49. The comment was deleted.
  50. misterwulf
    misterwulf 23 January 2016 22: 49 New
    Such garbage. Watch out, the Netherlands!

    You are such here they are - UkroGil (by analogy with ISIS) am fool
    This is a reaction ....
    1. BARKHAN
      BARKHAN 24 January 2016 01: 42 New
      Well, Bucephalus, quickly comment on your Europeans ... Or first you need to clarify in the office?
      And do not say that these are FSB agents disguised ...
      In general, I don’t understand why go to our website and prove to us that everything in Ukraine is good? If everything is good, then this does not require proof. Well-fed countries never prove anything hungry. It turns out the pictures are lying, and you are telling the truth ? Or maybe not Kiev in the photographs?
      For some reason, my Ukrainian friends have recently proved with foam at the mouth that everything is fine with them.
      Yes, we don’t give a damn about you! We got it already! Go finally to Europe! And soon finish building the wall between us. Be finally patriots, turn off the pipe, and generally turn it into scrap metal, do not feed us with your products ... Leave us alone with our hedgehogs ...
    2. vka
      vka 24 January 2016 13: 24 New
      It’s not Ukrainians anymore; it’s real UKROPITHEKIs with such a thing at the very first mess, I have already seen enough of these heroes full of cool stuff and under the mask of a ubee ..... full !!!
    3. vka
      vka 24 January 2016 13: 24 New
      It’s not Ukrainians anymore; it’s real UKROPITHEKIs with such a thing at the very first mess, I have already seen enough of these heroes full of cool stuff and under the mask of a ubee ..... full !!!