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Results of the week. "Guys let's be friends!"

Who will take a pack of bonds, he will receive ...

A new report by the Ministry of Finance says that at the end of the year, investments in American candy wrappers increased again. The increase was approximately 7%. By December 2015, the infusion of US securities reached 88 billions of dollars.

Russia is being stifled with sanctions packages, and Russia itself is financing the use by the same States of new “packages” for the next series of strangulation — are the “packages” stronger and less transparent? At the same time, the average Russian investment in US bonds should be understood as steps to maintain the balance of payments of the Russian Federation, because, they say, what could be the balance without just buying colored cut paper billions in 5-6 dollars ... It's all the same as if a neighboring cat shat at you before entering the apartment, and you would timidly knock your neighbor on the door and offer a new bag of food for the striped mischievous, trying to remove the “gifts” made by this “striped” ...

Comments from our readers:

Here is the Russian publicist Nikolai Starikov explains in detail the relationship of economic processes in the world:

“Today's financially-oriented global economy is built on a fundamental principle that proclaims a steady increase in the money supply. World bankers, having gained access to printing money from nowhere, all the time, this money is printed, they need to create demand. The problem is that this money has been created so much that there are so many resources in the world, therefore it is necessary to create so-called bubbles where money is being pumped.

But more and more money, they need to be linked, and the role of such a “link” was played by oil prices. Now the geopolitical situation has changed, the Americans see that with high oil prices, Russia has enough funds, for example, to rearm the army. Therefore, Americans are dropping oil prices so that Russia does not have money.

At this point, the stock market also begins to collapse, because the decline in the price of oil leads to an automatic appreciation of the dollar against other currencies. Judging by the collapse of the indices on the stock exchange, the United States prepared a global crisis. What should investors and speculators, who decided to save their money in dollars, do? The Fed raises the bet and shows them what to do.

Invest in US bonds. Yes, they are expensive, but reliable. The markets are falling, but there are no US bonds. You do not lose money, at least, and still get some interest. That is, Americans, collapsing markets, in addition to strangling Russia, create more demand for their debt obligations, and thereby support the colossal debt pyramid that they have.

But from this scenario begin the sad consequences. All investors in the world go to dollars and stop any activity, because, firstly, it is not clear, secondly, it is terrible, and thirdly, there are American bonds. As a result, the whole economy rises in the world. Dropping the price of oil, creating a huge mass of unsecured money, trying to bind it through its debt obligations, the United States stops the economy on a global scale, that is, choking itself. But this can not last long. "
Something like this.

33 Watcher
Games - games, and you can finish the game. If you have something to invest, why is it not invested domestically? Why paper? Why not an industry that, albeit not immediately, but for a long time, is capable of generating profit for an investor? Another rhetorical question.

I would like to believe that this is true. Such a paradox also confuses us - they are crushing us with sanctions, while extending them and increasing them, and we invest in their "valuable" papers. So who does our government want to help, its economy or the US economy?

The house that built SWIFT

The Bank of Russia (also known as the Central Bank) announces that during the year 2015 the Russian analogue of SWIFT, called the Financial Reporting Service (SPFS), has gained momentum. About this system, which should reach all the BRICS countries, were connected to about 40% of Russian banks.

The transition to our own financial messaging service with possible access to the financial spaces of BRICS is, of course, a significant matter. But hardly ever (in the near future, for sure), SWIFT functionaries would decide to really disconnect Russian financial and credit organizations from this (international) service. The fact is that disconnection from SWIFT will strike not only the transparent business of the Russian Federation, but also those representatives of the financial community who use the magic word “offshore” in their activities, withdrawing money with electronic “bags”. But can the "partners" from SWIFT allow themselves to prevent anyone from plundering Russia? ..

Comments from our readers:

Andrey Yuryevich
It is necessary to understand that each bank using SWIFT, pays for it about 1,5 million times. And how much does each of us pay America? VISA cards for everyone! And, it means that each of us supports America financially. How do you? ..

Ami du people
And now I have neither a Visa, nor a Master Card, nor a Maestro. There is our Pro100 from Sberbank. And in half of the payment terminals, it does not pass. Import substitution - it is so ... Severe.

Without a systemic ousting of offshore "investors" from national wealth, without political steps to strengthen the sovereignty of the statement of rejection of SWIFT, is nothing more than a populist "pugalka". Disable SWIFT (really!) - 90% bohemian and businessmen of Russia will "turn off", as in the movie "The Matrix" ...

Do not relax!

January 18 Ukraine created a half battalion, consisting of 250 loafers who want to get a cookie. The “battalion” (namely, the formation received this status), as reported by professional Crimean Tatars in the person of Islyamov, Dzhemilev and Chubarov, will be based in the Kherson region and will set “return of Crimea to Ukraine” as its final goal.

250 is, undoubtedly, a power ... Power ... With such indicators in terms of personnel - at least a sea one, even an underground one, even a space blockade can be declared, and with obvious advance peremoga.

But seriously, these Maidan ghouls were not collected at all for joke. If the West continues to provide funding through the same Dzhemilev (in the form of grants for “freedom and democracy”), then 250 “dug” is quite an impressive terrorist group, which, if there is a sufficient level of training, spoils in case of oversight.

Moreover, where today 250 dug on wages, there tomorrow and 500, the day after tomorrow and the whole thousand - as an example - North Caucasian terrorist cells, which today are not as active as 15 years ago, thanks to the work, again you know who, but who they are still doing their dirty business.

So one conclusion - do not relax!

Comments from our readers:

USSR 1971
In fact, I would not underestimate the possibilities of creating provocations involving the Crimean Tatars, just remember the rally in Simferopol in March 2014 on the eve of the referendum. I do not want to say that they are all bad, but they were ideologically prepared. 250 people, of course, will not take the peninsula, but they can make shit in the form of acts of terrorism from around the corner. Given the frostbitteness Islyamov, a great friend of the Turkish leadership, by the way. So there is enough work for the special services.

Yes, there will not only be Tatars, but also Turks.
And all this Caudla is on our borders, a kind of "Ichkeria on a local scale."
Which will constantly arrange us probivochki near the Crimean borders.
In fact, nothing fun, and this shoblu needs to be eliminated at the slightest opportunity.

At this rate, they will soon reach the space blockade.

Terry Separ spoke

On the 112 Ukraine TV channel, the first president of Ukraine, Leonid Kravchuk, stated that “the Ukrainian people are ready for disobedience and an explosion.” According to Kravchuk, the discontent of the people is connected not only with a sharp decline in living standards, but also with the loss of part of their territories by the state, with the ongoing war.

After what Mr. Kravchuk himself did at the time, his statements regarding the desire to “preserve the integrity of the country” are being pulled into overt hypocrisy. Or belovezhsky collapse Kravchuk considers "great peremogy", aiming Ukraine to install his lifetime bronze busts to him? .. That's really a true separatist! Terry ...

Comments from our readers:

Mr. Kravchuk did a lot for the collapse of the USSR, promised a beautiful life a lot, and now suddenly he offered the authorities to talk to the people? And why didn’t he himself talk to the people in 1991? Apparently then he was in power and the conversation was not needed by him personally.

Jan Krumins
They are all "smart" - when not in power ...


And, perhaps, to gather the people of Ukraine at Dynamo Stadium in Kiev and hold a confession before the people, about how you (Kravchuk) and all subsequent presidents of Ukraine, plundered it, destroying the army, industry, carrying out genocide against their own people. In everything that has happened and is happening in Ukraine, you personally, Kravchuk, Kuchma, Yushchenko and the current drunkard Poroshenko, are guilty. It is you and your oligarchic thieves who brought Ukraine and its people to impoverishment. Do not look for the culprits, because you are one of them.

Or still trampolines?

Voronezh Association KBHA (Design Bureau of Chemical Automation) conducted successful firing tests of an ion electric rocket engine, developed in conjunction with the Moscow aviation Institute. This unit is not designed for operation in the atmosphere. This is not an accelerating engine, but a marching one. And in its design it is very different from the rocket engines familiar to us.

Results of the week. "Guys let's be friends!"

Despite the fact that a number of media outlets have appeared in the style of "the latest development", you cannot call it truly new. The fact is that work on this kind of power rocket was carried out during the time of the USSR. And the main thing here is not “spear-breaking” in the “newest / not-newest” style, but the fact that the project is still able to be implemented.

By the way, the notes drew attention to themselves, which boiled down to the thought: “Why do we need any kind of ion engine for spacecraft, why space exploration? Would it be better for Earth to restore order? ”

The idea, of course, is powerful ... As if it were precisely the cosmic development of this order on Earth to direct and interfere.

If such thoughts were dominant in the middle of the last century, then today, if they flew into space, then with the help of “Rogozin” trampolines ...

Comments from our readers:

And for me it is better to add this engine to the States and others like them and send them away without navigation devices so that they could not return. And we have enough of the Earth.

It's just gorgeous news. As a boy, I read about ion engines and understood that I would hardly see it in my life. And in Russia there is such a scientific breakthrough. With such engines you can really master the entire Solar System. Sounds, of course, trite but the words RUSSIA FORWARD! acquire a completely different meaning !!!

That would be for our economy, a marching engine invented, and then some kind of it has been slowing down for many years now.

Yes, we need to re-accelerate for the economy to invent, and only then think about the march.

About helicopters and ezhatinu

The press service of the holding company "Helicopters of Russia" has spread the message that the first flight of a Russian high-speed helicopter took place. The flight was conducted on the basis of the flight test complex of the Moscow ML Helicopter Plant.

When Russian companies publish reports on the successful testing of new or upgraded equipment, whether civilian or, even more so, military, somewhere in the camp of “democratic partners” and “great independent restraints” reread the program of anti-Russian sanctions and try to catch where in this the program is flawed. It seems that the ruble fell almost to 85 for a dollar, and it seems that the barrel of oil sank to $ 27, and these Russians, you know, build rocket engines and upgrade helicopters. But what about the secret point of the sanctions program that, a year and a half after the introduction of the SSanctions, all hedgehogs will be caught and marinated in three-liter banks in the Moscow region forests? ..

Comments from our readers:

You lie to the FSU, it’s a board-building model and it cannot fly, because gravity and gravity are on the good side and are not subject to northern Mordor! Yes, and yours, how can a gas station to create something new, because oil on 29, there is nothing to eat and sanctions!

The flight was made by a helicopter demonstrator. This is the usual Mi-24 on which new blades and a new cabin are installed.

Quality advertising Russian weapons abroad and in business

The Russian-made BMP-3, which are used by the armed forces of the United Arab Emirates and used in hostilities in Yemen, have once again confirmed their exceptional characteristics.

According to reports, during the hostilities (opposition to the Huthits (supporters of the former president) by the "government army" with the support of the so-called Saudi coalition) only one BMP-3 was lost. At the same time Russian armored vehicles are involved in the Yemeni conflict very actively. Such information is water to the mill of Russian arms exports, which in recent years has reached record levels. The capabilities of Russian weapons are becoming more and more interesting even for those countries (for the purpose of subsequent acquisition) that have not traditionally been in the circle of importers of Russian weapons. In general, BMP-3, thanks for the quality advertising!

Comments from our readers:

The events also showed the complete unsuitability of Western light armored vehicles.

Just exp
But, considering WHERE the events occur, I would not be upset if the BMP-3 failed ...

Now we are free
The arms market does not accept the concepts of TA or NOT THAT side. You paid the money - you put the weapon. If you don’t put the weapon, it will be put to someone else. This is an axiom.
The UAE, by the way, uses the “Treshka”, oddly enough, not in the form of an infantry fighting vehicle, but in the form of a light tank - maneuverable, passable, trouble-free (increasing the ammunition load). On tests, the BMP-3 bypassed the British “Warrior” and the American “Bradley” precisely because of maneuverability and reliability + OAEshnikov was impressed by the “Shaft of Fire” BMP-3 in the frontal projection 100mm + 30mm + 7,62mm * 3 ...
"Leclerc" by the way (which the Arabs so loved to poke our specialists in the face) very often stalled, even before reaching the shooting range ...
The BMP-3 in Yemen has very well shown that it, like no other, is adapted to the conduct of a new kind of network-centric / hybrid war. Where informational importance of information technology on the battlefield, maneuverability, means of observation, low visibility, firepower, the presence of diverse weapons, RELIABILITY plays an important role.

I think the demand for the BMP-3 will increase, because let it play on the side of the “Mutny Guys” now, BUT HOW PLAYS! .. The analogue with Su-34 is being promoted in the neighboring country, but already by our guys!

Kadyrov about fuck with mattresses

Ramzan Kadyrov spoke about the activities of the so-called “Russian democratic opposition” during the week:

Who gave the right to a handful of vile liberals to call themselves the Russian intelligentsia? They claim to be the conscience of the nation, and at the same time they gather around themselves haters of everything Russian, reflecting on the West. According to the liberals, their ideas are incontestable and there can be no other convictions, and if they hear criticism, then they attack with threats and insults.

The country is not cast a shadow over those who protect and preserve its identity, its history, its sovereignty, and those who protect the rights of a very narrow circle of people. Part of the Russian human rights society forgets that their functions include the protection of the rights of ordinary Russians, and not a handful of traitors, they themselves raised to the privileged class.

Morally fallen people who have sold their souls to the Western devils, they freely behave not only in the West, but also in the country they despise, where they feel themselves unpunished and untouchable. And when any attempt to call up to respond to the law - begin to cry about oppression.

And this should happen, “a bunch of vile liberals” were offended ... She rushed to scribble complaints: they say, the official insults - where, they say, the Supreme Court is watching, where ombudsman (shit) of shifts, where, finally, from end to end , the end of the ends, the Hague or Guantanamo? ..

But Kadyrov expressed the opinion that 9 from 10 Russians adhere to. Or, in this case, he is not right, and those who are used to intercourse with mattresses (in the literal and figurative sense) are the “salt of the nation”, which is not only not worthy of criticism, but also has to stand on a pedestal and accept endless offerings from "A grateful penitent people"? ..

Comments from our readers:

Tatar 174
Where Europe has brought tolerance, we all see! Those who call themselves men protest in women's miniskirts. Ugh on them thrice and contempt !!! For what our former fellow citizens in Germany did what they should have done, so they are men. Kadyrov done, spoke like a real patriot of Russia and a man!

Just look at who his opponents are ... A US citizen, a bloodthirsty old dandelion of God Alekseeva ... a trader in the homeland of Lev Ponomarev ... Petrushka Gozman ... The exalted rusofobka Ulitskaya. This panopticon!
If Kadyrov is against them, then I am for Kadyrov!

The liberal government has admitted to the complete failure of the liberal economic policy on the Gaidar forum and continues to rule. Liberal ideas in Russia support 5% of the population, while representatives of these 5% have weight in the media, sit in government, head various funds and impose their (or someone else's) opinion on the rest of 95%. Of course, they should be proportionally limited, in the USA they are very skillfully engaged in this restriction, and this experience should be applied in Russia. But Kadyrov warned of a possible change in the economic course, so they all began to move.

Consequences of "Cologne festivities"

Law-abiding burghers will not forgive Angela Merkel of the “Cologne festivities” of refugees who humiliated German women. They no longer forgive: according to opinion polls, 56% of Germans express dissatisfaction with the Chancellor and demand to change the migration policy.

The policy of "open borders" can lead Europe, primarily Germany, into one large "area of ​​spring" Tahrir (there is one in the center of Cairo). This “Arab Spring” does not start in Cairo or Damascus. Arabs will celebrate the beginning of a genuinely liberal “spring” in Germany - a country that is considered a paradise for migrants and that gives them real freedoms. True, indigenous citizens with freedoms will have to say goodbye. German women learn some Sharia norms, and Germans will have to live the life of bachelors or think about same-sex partners.

Comments from our readers:

hedgehog in the fog
I have a friend in the suburb of Cologne who lives; he says that at night the Fritzes organize patrols with the Turks and hurl the bogeys in a hard way. It responds very negatively, he says, it is impossible to go to the women and their children in the cinema or in the water park. A herd of savages, even 11-12 girls stick to the streets for years. Parents are afraid to send children to school alone.

Together with the Turks? And aren't they all there at the same time?

No, the Turks are not at the same time, because they had “come in” to Germany before, even before unification. So in Germany, according to available information, after the war, they tried to solve two problems: cheap workers to restore the economy destroyed during the war (industry, agriculture, housing, commune, etc.), and also the demographic problem (but , of course, was not advertised). In addition to the Turks, Greeks, Albanians, Yugoslavs (the latter fled from the civil war) and many others, both Muslims and Christians of various denominations, also “came to Germany”.
The current Turks, who have long lived in Germany, associate themselves with the Germans rather than with the "brothers" from the Arab and African countries. In general, in Germany today is a real crowd of nations: in 90's I had a chance to visit Hamburg and some other cities in the north of Germany, so there are areas where you can hear any kind of speech, but not in German. True, the local police do not recommend entering these areas once again, for it is fraught.
From my acquaintances “Germans” (I am writing in quotation marks, because some of them have quite Asian appearance and do not know, and don’t want to know, in principle, German language) I heard that the first “Islamic” patrols on the streets of German Cities began to create just the same "refugees", which are already becoming a problem number 1 for the indigenous Germans and "Germans."
I have the honor.

For cheap oil

Xi Jinping’s visit to Islamic states began this week. The chairman of the People's Republic of China began his trip with Saudi Arabia. Then he will arrive in Egypt and Iran. Experts believe that Xi Jinping has chosen these states for a reason. Director of the China-Arab Cooperation Forum, Xue Qinggo, believes that Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran are the most influential countries in the Middle East region today. In addition, they maintain close relations with China. Some Russian experts say that a rapprochement between China and Iran could be a disaster for the Russian oil trade.

Chinese economic expansion into the region will inevitably push Russia aside, trying to reclaim the once strong Soviet position in the Middle East. The visits of Comrade X show that the Celestial Empire intends to expand cooperation with the countries of the region, including Iran with a rich resource. Intense competition between oil suppliers will undoubtedly lead to a further decline in oil prices and a weakening of the Russian economy, which is highly dependent on foreign economic conditions. Of course, Beijing uses the situation with profit for itself: the tougher the competition among commodity traders, the cheaper it is to buy the raw material of the Celestial.

Comments from our readers:

The fact that these meetings of the “Chinese comrades” will not pass without a trace for us is already an indisputable fact. It remains only to guess in which direction these options are for better or worse. I think that the second option is not even excluded.

It would be strange if China did not play the Middle East card. And really, whether Russia will suffer from it or not, China cares least of all.

Buy cheaper - the desire of any country. The Chinese use the situation to their advantage, so why condemn them? Russia also needs to put its own interests first, and not play the “good uncle” in the hope that the opposing party will finally understand how good we are.

Democratic and independent

The most important event of this Saturday was the presidential and parliamentary elections in Taiwan. Their results did not come as a surprise: the victory of the supporters of the independence of the island state, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), was predicted by analysts a long time ago over the pro-KGBind. In fact, we are talking about a complete change of foreign policy priorities. If the current president, Ma Ying-jeou, pursued a line of close integration with mainland China, the newly elected president, Cai Invan (assuming office in May 20) is a staunch supporter of rapprochement with the United States, as well as a substantial increase in military spending.

However, some obstacles impede the rapprochement of the island with the “democratic world”. For independent Taiwan, the critical factor is the time that plays against it, says VO observer Igor Kabardin. For two or three years, even with the active assistance of the United States, Taiwan will hardly be able to seriously re-equip, let alone resume and bring its own atomic program to the logical final. In turn, mainland China in the same three years is able to achieve impressive results at the expense of incomparably large resources.

Comments from our readers:

All developed countries have reached a ceiling, because they are developed, and the growth rate of the economy is lower than the developing ones. What resources end in taiwan? Oil, gas, wood, metal? Taiwan’s main export is electronics, and they have no problems with that.
Imagine a country that is small in size, but with a population of 23 million. The unemployment rate is 3%, moreover, attract foreign labor. Rich country: GDP - more than 40 thousand. $ Per capita. Poverty is absent. The level of corruption is one of the lowest in the world. The country is free and democratic. A country where wealth is fairly distributed among all, and not shared among oligarchs. A country where officials call for respect, not a desire to give in the face. They have achieved in themselves what we only dream of.
That's what the hell is China?

Magic archer
I understand that the States will provide direct support to the Chinese opposition. Although not sure that the retired "Harriers" and the new air defense system somehow greatly help Taiwan, if China still dares to restore order with the use of force. The situation for the Chinese is very ticklish. They believe that Taiwan is obliged to be part of the PRC, and any interference and talk about secession are unacceptable and can only be regarded as manifestations of separatism. There are concerns that another hot spot may arise ...

Mera joota
It will not be this. China does not have the strength and resources for a successful landing operation. The population of Taiwan is 23 million, i.e. at least 2,3 million potential fighters, and taking into account the mobilization - much more. And this is the total area 36 thousand square meters. km The fact that the Kyrgyz Republic is only waiting for an attack during its entire existence, building a system of defensive structures, I think it’s not worth recalling.

Double "Peremoga"

The Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine published a report on the next Peremogh, and double Pemogh immediately. The first is related to the expectations “already in February” of another batch of coal from the Republic of South Africa.

UNIAN cites the statement of the head of the Ministry of Energy and Industry “Square” Vladimir Demchishin: “We are waiting for the February 4-5 ship”.

This ship should be a ship that from the OTHER hemisphere will deliver 85 thousand tons of coal to Ukraine. The price of South African coal for Kiev, if you believe the same Demchishin, is 57 dollars per ton.

The second Peremoga: the price of reverse gas from Europe. According to Demchishin, this price will be about 190 dollars per thousand cubic meters. As the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy proudly reports, “this is 20 dollars cheaper than offers from Gazprom.”

Out of old habit, the Ukrainian energy department is silent about the dubious “peremog”. No matter how cheap it may seem, it will become expensive for Ukraine anyway. Consider this a paradox of the Ukrainian economy.

There is no money to buy gas from Ukraine, as usual. Therefore, she begged them from Europe. And she gives them the credit line of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. But here there is no longer peremoga, but the cod that the Ukrainians themselves have created.

As you know, Ukraine refused to repay the debt to Russia. Her credit rating has gone down. As a result, the EBRD raised the interest rate on funds allocated to 18,5%. Picking up a calculator, you can figure something out. By purchasing gas in Europe at a price of 190 dollars, Kiev will be forced to return the EBRD to 35 with more than one dollar more for each thousand cubic meters purchased. The real price of "reverse" gas for Ukraine will be 225 dollars for 1 thousand cubic meters. m

Comments from our readers:

Mountain shooter
The percentage of something annual, not a one-time deal. Simply, if Kiev is delayed with payments, the noose will be tightened very strongly. What is there about this territory 404 generally remember! They got into a mess.

For me, really a mystery: why does the reverse still exist? Gas is a commodity like computers or technology, and certainly matters no less than military equipment. The Yankees, and not only them (global practice), easily block the re-export of their equipment, or even their own, but using American components. Re-export of gas from Europe is unprofitable for Russia just because of the payment for transit. In addition, Europe thus intervenes in pricing, which is not called free trade, but dumping. It is clear that the crisis, but also in Europe is not the Renaissance, and all their dances about Qatari or American LNG to replace Gazprom are a bluff. In my opinion, it is better to once put everything in its place, by imposing sanctions (there are more reasons than necessary) against re-exporters, or to stop the flow through Ukraine altogether (at least on the basis that it is fighting with Russia) than to constantly incur losses. I am sure that Europe will very quickly resolve the issue with the “South” and the “North” streams, when the threat to remain without gas will be real.

“We are expecting February 4-5”. In the madhouse "ship" is always under the bed ... Why wait for something ?!

Year of New Crisis

Financial analysts are predicting the largest stock market crash around the world. "Bearish Roar" is already racing from Wall Street, it is heard in London and Paris. Last Wednesday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by the next 300 points. The US stock market is sinking, oil is falling in price, showing the worst performance ever, the situation in the Chinese economy is also not the best. Experts talk about the impending financial crisis that will be caused by the Samo-Yed economy, which exists for the sake of the absurd desire for "growth."

An elementary capitalist overproduction and overstocking, along with the desire of market players, primarily China, will lead to a new crisis to preserve market share at any price. GDP growth with this approach becomes an absurd concept, which the state prays for. Infinite growth is impossible just as a perpetual motion machine is impossible. And the state is here hostage to its own policy: when the demand for goods falls, production will fall, unemployment will start to rise, the standard of living of the population will fall. And in this situation, the Chinese government will have a particularly hard time: in its export-oriented country, domestic demand is also extremely low due to the total poverty of the population.

Comments from our readers:

In short, it will not be better ... Especially for those who carry goods from abroad. Or those who work on foreign equipment and / or with foreign materials / components. And this includes spare parts for foreign cars, komplektuha for PC, packaging, and more.

Well, if, of course, import substitution does not occur.

It is terrible to read such articles.

For development, real development is needed, not a permanent redistribution of markets!
1) It is necessary to build roads, high-speed rail.
2) Cars do flying ... No matter how ridiculous!
This is a step forward, not a marking. This development is real.
3) Education and model of the USSR is still much more adequate with a planned economy than just to shower the market. Yes, it is necessary to throw ... But the quality, not ... and consumer goods!

Please change the course

Speaking at the American University (Washington), US State Department Coordinator for Sanctions Daniel Fried set forth a number of rules when introducing international sanctions.

1. Sanctions should not be imposed individually. The ideal option involves the support of the UN Security Council. True, other permanent members of the Security Council (like Russia and China) may block the resolution. In this case, the United States should resort to the support of geopolitical allies. That is exactly what brought Russia to the negotiating table, Fried is sure. “When developing sanctions against Russia,” he says, “from the very beginning we decided to cooperate with the G-7 countries and the European Union ... Before that, on such a scale, we didn’t do anything of the kind. These sanctions were not something invented in America and imposed on Europe. On the contrary, they were developed jointly with Europe. ”

2. You can not rush things. The effect of sanctions may manifest itself over time.

3. The meaning of sanctions is not to punish someone, but to change the line of conduct. This is what happened with Iran: sanctions against it will soon be lifted in exchange for an agreement to abandon the development of nuclear weapons. The diplomat counts on a similar outcome in the case of Russia. This country, Fried is convinced, is beginning to take the situation more seriously.

As we see it, Fried’s statements are not at all aimed at lifting the sanctions, but represent an additional way to put pressure on Russia and force it to make so-called compromises over Ukraine. The most suitable time for pressure was chosen: oil is getting cheaper, the ruble is subject to inflation, Russians are getting poorer every day, and China has recently doubted Russia’s exit from the crisis while the Kremlin retains the current economic policy.

In addition, at the end of December 2015, the US Treasury Department expanded the list of “sanctioned” legal entities and individuals in the Russian Federation.

All this means that no refusal of sanctions is expected in the near future. At least, one should not expect such a move from the Obama administration, which political opponents in the United States already criticize for being too soft.

Comments from our readers:

Western sanctions against Russia have been imposed for a long time; everyone understands this, except for government liberals.

Our whole business in Russia is built on the principle of “to recoup everything in one year, and better tomorrow.” From this all the problems in all areas of our business.
Well, and another obstacle - it does not want to make money on trade. The question is why? Or there is not enough capacity for the production of fuel, or it will come down, they won’t go anywhere, as they say, People shavayet.
PS Personally, I have reduced the cost of fuel, horse price tags, well, where have you seen it - we have a solar 37 p. 80 to. Legs, legs became more, where you can walk.
So I can not understand, whether we buy oil from someone, or they from us.

On the example of Iran, everyone has already seen that the meaning of the sanctions lies in them: they lifted the sanctions for nuclear production, but they introduced it for developing missiles. So, absolutely on the drum, what exactly Russia will perform at the command of the western "partners". Be sure to find reasons for the new restrictions.
"We do not need the smart, the faithful need."

Goodbye unwashed Europe

The affairs of a united Europe are sad. The endless entry into the EU countries of migrants seems to have been an insoluble problem for the liberal democrats. Neither Germany, nor Britain, much less Poland will not be tested by refugees. The Minister of Transport of Germany said that the time had come to lock the borders of Germany on the castle. The Minister of Internal Affairs of Germany also spoke out. He believes that the flow of refugees should be limited. In Britain, meanwhile, passed a survey of public opinion. As a result, it turned out that more and more British support the country's withdrawal from the European Union. Poland said that it took almost a million immigrants only from Ukraine. The point in the "migrant case" put the head of the European Council, Donald Tusk. With a sigh, he explained that in a couple of months the Schengen zone could collapse.

As long as the German ministers complain about the erroneous political course of Angela Merkel, who welcomed migrants, and urged to somehow reduce the number of arrivals, or even close the borders of the country, launching "Plan B", the Poles with sighs tell about the millions of Ukrainians they have announced, and the British "Vote" in polls for "Brexit".

Donald Tusk, who chairs the European Council, only takes two months to solve the problem of the EU migration crisis.

Well, what will happen if the problem is not solved?

There will be nothing. Neither Schengen nor the EU.

Comments from our readers:

Rather, Tusk will not. And the rest everything will be as before. And do not mess with your grandmother. If they press, they will cut out these migrants and no one will even squeak. Not the first time such affairs tolerate Europe to create. Or is it in what other part of the world were born fascism and Nazism ???

The Europeans will not launch any “plan B” or “Cyclone B”. First of all, it needs the will, the consciousness that the national interests are above all European interests. Secondly, it is necessary to send far away all this tolerance and liberalism, with all the so-called European values. Then, perhaps, the Europeans will be able to survive, and with them, Europe. But they will not agree to this, to go for it means to show that for so many years they, to put it mildly, were mistaken. They do not want to look like fools to the whole world. Also, they will not go for it, because liberalism and propaganda of European values ​​has done its job: Europeans have fewer children, the number of old people exceeds the number of young people. And, I think, it's too late to change something.

Anatoly B
Not a jihad one. “The womb of an Arab woman is my strongest weapon” (Yasser Arafat).

That's right, dear) In another part of the world. Namely, in America. This obscene phenomenon was called the very melodious word "eugenics." And the basic principles of fascism were formulated within the framework of this trend as early as the beginning of the 20-s of the last century. At that time, Nietzsche's works in Europe were read only at philosophical faculties, but in the USA “scientific” schools were already working to form clear signs of “correct” genetic material, there were attempts at total sterilization of mentally ill people, and there is no reason to talk about the situation of blacks. The fact that fascism did not originate in Europe, but was introduced from the outside, is an open secret for a long time)

Very interesting! And where will Ukraine strive when the EU collapses?

* “Guys, let's live together!” - a phrase from the cartoon “The Adventures of Leopold the Cat”
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  1. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 24 January 2016 07: 26
    Thank! capacious and with humor - I always read with pleasure!
    1. shalim
      shalim 24 January 2016 08: 45
      hi everybody. here that dug the other day ...
      From KVN 2006: What will happen in the world if a barrel of oil costs.
      40 dollars:
      Germany catches up with Moscow in the number of Mercedes
      For the first time in the last 5 years, there is no extra money in the budget of Russia, although they counted on it very much and have already spent it
      Ksenia Sobchak appears at the presentation in the same dress as the week of
      35 dollars per barrel:
      Guus Hidding understands that he will not be paid and begins to work like all previous trainers
      30 dollars per barrel:
      Oilman Day is postponed to February 29
      The future locksmith is born for the first time in the family of a State Duma deputy
      The stars of show business for the first time in many years celebrate the New Year with their families
      Nikos Safronov goes to the Arbat
      Anita Tsoi gets a waitress in sushi ba
      20 dollars per barrel:
      A pager is back in use
      The oligarchs go to Nokia 3310
      For the first time, a teacher from Yaroslavl falls into the hundred of the richest Russians
      18 dollars per barrel:
      Owners of houses on Rublevka, demolish guest houses to expand the garden
      Boris Yeltsin becomes president, because only he has experience managing the country, at such oil prices
      15 dollars per barrel:
      Verka Serduchka to feed Andrei Danilko goes to the panel
      Philip Kirkorov to meet his new producer in a trolley bus
      Ksenia Sobchak begins to look for her work book
      Alsou clips are filmed on surveillance cameras
      12 dollars per barrel:
      Gazprom shares distributed in the subway like flyers

      In Oksana Robski’s novels, for the first time, such words as turn, have a smoke and Lada Kalina

      Prices for apartments in Moscow are growing in spite of everyone
      9 dollars per barrel:
      Russia can finally unite with Belarus on equal terms
      8 dollars per barrel:
      A new attraction appears in Gorky Park - for 11 rubles you can burn a gas tank
      5 dollars per barrel:
      Igor Krutoy celebrates his anniversary at McDonalds and runs away without paying
      3 dollars per barrel:
      Russia begins to trade hemp
      2 dollars per barrel:
      Gasoline costs practically nothing, the first positive effect is that for the first time Russia has the opportunity to refuel the fleet and tanks and is becoming the most powerful country in the world
      In Moscow, traffic jams only on the outskirts of the city
      All billboards disappear and Moscow again looks like the capital of Russia, and not the Cosmopolitan magazine
      1 dollar per barrel:
      Ordinary Muscovites, but no longer others, do not go anywhere. The situation in the country is the same - the demographic problem has been solved!
      Ecology is getting better and for the first time in twenty years a perch has been caught in the Moscow River, as it should be
      Senior fisherman Konstantin Ernst, who caught this perch, claims that he hasn’t eaten anything tastier for two years
      -------------------------------------------------- ---
      sorry many letters)
      1. Mikhail Krapivin
        Mikhail Krapivin 24 January 2016 09: 58
        Thank you, laughed heartily! :) Especially good about oil at 15 :)
        1. shalim
          shalim 24 January 2016 11: 27
          but to me this:
          Fisherman with experience Konstantin Ernst ... fellow
          1. Nikoha.2010
            Nikoha.2010 24 January 2016 14: 39
            Quote: shalim
            but to me this:
            Fisherman with experience Konstantin Ernst ... fellow

            Thank you Igor, from the bottom of my heart! good
      2. region58
        region58 24 January 2016 13: 20
        Quote: shalim
        8 dollars per barrel:
        A new attraction appears in Gorky Park - for 11 rubles you can burn a gas tank

        Quote: shalim
        2 dollars per barrel:
        Gasoline costs practically nothing, the first positive effect is that for the first time Russia has the opportunity to refuel the fleet and tanks and is becoming the most powerful country in the world

        Judging by today's prices, our production of gas is not from oil ... wink
        1. proletarian
          proletarian 24 January 2016 14: 46
          Why oil when there are "coke-chemicals".
      3. Starik72
        Starik72 24 January 2016 14: 16
        Igor! Thanks for the excellent humor, laughed heartily !!! Now, if this really happened, it would be great.
      4. Lord of Wrath
        Lord of Wrath 24 January 2016 17: 32
        Quote: shalim
        From KVN 2006: What will happen in the world if a barrel of oil ...

        But you can’t EVERYTHING be measured only for oil. Russia crouched on an oil needle not so long ago in the late 70's. It was time to get down from her and look for something else. Russia is a huge country and with a bunch of minerals.
    2. iliitchitch
      iliitchitch 24 January 2016 08: 54
      Quote: Volga Cossack
      Thank! capacious and with humor - I always read with pleasure!

      These American "partners" ... well, it is clear where, Lavrov + for restraint, the country is preparing for war, and why stand on ceremony? Otppeppelatsim those passengers. The news from Moldova is especially touching ... Very relevant. I don't stick straight from the TV set, I eat news from Chisinau. And where are they on the map? How many sq. Mm? I assume that somewhere between america and europe. In general, grow tomatoes. Big Tomatoes - A Mighty Country. Only that ... read history books, not Wikipedia.
      1. SRC P-15
        SRC P-15 24 January 2016 10: 28
        Alexey and Oleg, thanks for the review! There are so many news that you do not have time to "chew" everything. Even sleep has to be sacrificed from their abundance.
        Sometimes it turns out like this: laughing
  2. izya top
    izya top 24 January 2016 07: 31
    56% of Germans complain about the chancellor
    "The German media write about the pogrom organized in the city of Bruchsal by" Russian settlers. "About 400" Russian Germans "took part in it. According to the police, about 120 cars with 3-4 men in each arrived at the haim (hostel). - Arabs and Moroccans - tried to resist and shoot. But they were beaten with baseball bats and stools found in Jaime. "Rusaks" (as Russian migrants in Germany call themselves) walked all the floors, "says a source from among Russian migrants living in Germany . "
    stools, karl what
    1. Kos_kalinki9
      Kos_kalinki9 24 January 2016 08: 19
      everything new is well forgotten old, even in another country.
    2. GRAY
      GRAY 24 January 2016 08: 35
      Quote: izya top
      stools, karl

      The stool foot is a thing.
      1. Thunderbolt
        Thunderbolt 24 January 2016 09: 22
        Quote: izya top
        But they were beaten with baseball bats and found in high stools.
        For those of our former compatriots who served in the Soviet or Russian army --- and so, in their skillful hands, a stool is a formidable weapon (it is equated to an MPL "sapper shovel"). So the Arabs were very lucky that they were simply beaten bully
        1. Victor Demchenko
          Victor Demchenko 24 January 2016 19: 16
          our boys would go there, from the 106th, guards, who served in the 70s ... nostalgia ... repeat
          then they would have looked at what strength is, well, tell me an American, what is strength? (Danila, from the movie Brother)
  3. yuriy55
    yuriy55 24 January 2016 07: 35
    Oh, come on !!!

    The Russian proverb was confirmed: "An old friend is better than two new ... refugees" and a Chinese proverb: "A good friend is a real treasure."

    It remains only to remember:"If you buy a horse, look at his teeth; if you make a friend, look in his heart."
  4. Kibalchish
    Kibalchish 24 January 2016 07: 37
    The results are good. All week at a glance.
  5. avvg
    avvg 24 January 2016 07: 44
    Kravchuk, working as the first secretary of the Communist Party of Ukraine, has always been an underground nationalist and Bandera. Today it is a chameleon and a hypocrite openly declaring this and supporting nationalists in Ukraine.
    1. izya top
      izya top 24 January 2016 07: 49
      Quote: avvg
      Kravchuk, working as the first secretary of the Communist Party of Ukraine, has always been an underground nationalist and Bandera. Today it is a chameleon and a hypocrite openly declaring this and supporting nationalists in Ukraine.

      Kiev has worked out a plan for the sweeping cleansing of Donbass - it remains to force Russia to withdraw its military. This was stated in an interview with the newspaper “Mirror of the Week” by the head of the Anti-Terrorism Center at the SBU Vitaly Malikov.

      “Of course, there will be enough strength. Now we are stronger than ever. If we close the border, the rest is not a problem. The military, border guards, SBU and the National Guard have already worked out everything. We will do everything, it is only important that the Russians come out from there and not interfere, ”he said.

      According to Malikov, there are about 8,5 thousand Russian military personnel in the Donbas who are engaged in the formation of regular LDNR armies, instruct militias, etc.
      1. Thunderbolt
        Thunderbolt 24 January 2016 09: 45
        Quote: izya top
        If we close the border, the rest is not a problem.Military, border guards, SBU and the National Guard have already worked out everything. We will do everything, it is only important that the Russians come out and not interfere. ”
        When there were battles on the border at the very beginning of the war, the Ukrainian army fleeing shelling and small arms fire with whole detachments violated the border and crossed into our territory. They were treated, grubbed, and then they returned to the ATO zone. It looked very noble from our side, like a gesture of goodwill. I would even say --- too noble. If this happens again, then all violators must be disarmed, filtered (soldiers to the right, the right-hand side to the left) and place them in temporary camps under guard as detainees "pending clarification." The border is not a front yard, and they were not invited at all. And then, "not a problem." sad
    2. alone
      alone 24 January 2016 10: 04
      Quote: avvg
      Kravchuk, working as the first secretary of the Communist Party of Ukraine, has always been an underground nationalist and Bandera. Today it is a chameleon and a hypocrite openly declaring this and supporting nationalists in Ukraine.

      A small reference. Kravchuk was never the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine. Nevertheless, you could check this before writing.
  6. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 24 January 2016 07: 53
    In Germany, a strong movement against migrants rises. And it can be headed not by the frightened Deutsch, but by the first wave of immigrants - Russian-speaking, Turks, Yugoslavs ... There are many of them there, really, and many of them have not forgotten which side of the bat the handle is on.
    1. SlavaP
      SlavaP 24 January 2016 21: 48
      The same thing in Britain. The emigrants of the first wave have not forgotten how they had to plow, relying only on themselves (without access to any benefits during 4-5 years), raise and educate children, in general, to break through. And now rushing impudent, lazy and aggressive that requires everything at once. It will not work!
  7. 33 Watcher
    33 Watcher 24 January 2016 07: 55
    The results of the week with me do not add up either. With each week of events more and more, and understanding less. Calmly Oleg Gennadievich (it's me), calmly ... Just wait, wait and not be nervous, they are not iron nerves, and they will come in handy even. Time will put everything in its place. yes The main calm ..!
    I’m going to smoke. Although ... I threw it like ..? Ah, okay, one is for Sunday's sake. repeat
    1. Vitaly Anisimov
      Vitaly Anisimov 24 January 2016 09: 59
      Quote: Observer 33
      The results of the week with me do not add up either. With each week of events more and more, and understanding less. Calmly Oleg Gennadievich (it's me), calmly ... Just wait, wait and not be nervous, they are not iron nerves, and they will come in handy even. Time will put everything in its place. yes The main calm ..!
      I’m going to smoke. Although ... I threw it like ..? Ah, okay, one is for Sunday's sake. repeat

      Yes, everything will be fine! Where ours did not disappear ... Russia is a special country! We never lose heart))))
  8. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 24 January 2016 08: 04
    "Where will Ukraine strive when the EU collapses?"
    To Europe.
  9. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 24 January 2016 08: 07
    So one conclusion - do not relax!
    A worthy slogan for later life.
    1. izya top
      izya top 24 January 2016 08: 11
      Quote: s.melioxin
      So one conclusion - do not relax!
      A worthy slogan for later life.
  10. Tusv
    Tusv 24 January 2016 08: 20
    By the way, the notes drew attention to themselves, which boiled down to the thought: “Why do we need any kind of ion engine for spacecraft, why space exploration? Would it be better for Earth to restore order? ”

    The ion engine does exist and plow open spaces of the Earth's orbit. Well, not light speeds, but there are
  11. Lelek
    Lelek 24 January 2016 08: 49
    (Very interesting! And where will Ukraine strive when the EU breaks up?)

    How is it where? A straight road to ISIS - the statute and goals are the same. Yes, and descended from one ancestor - "homo-idiotus".
  12. heal
    heal 24 January 2016 08: 51
    Here is the Russian publicist Nikolai Starikov explains in detail the relationship of economic processes in the world:
    Judging by the collapse of the indices on the stock exchange, the US has prepared a global crisis. What do investors and speculators who decide to save their money in dollars do? The Fed raises the bet and shows them what to do.

    Invest in US bonds. Yes, they are expensive, but reliable. The markets are falling, but there are no American bonds. You will not lose money, at least, but also get some percentage.

    All these "geniuses" will never reach that it is necessary to invest not in American papers, but in the industry and agriculture of Russia, then the money will not be lost and the "percentage" from them will be. However, what can we say about such "geniuses" if Putin didn’t come up with it for 16 years either. By the way, why none of these "geniuses" has a simple question in their "genius" turtles: why are American bonds reliable? Is it because the US has a highly developed industry and the US is the most powerful country?
  13. aszzz888
    aszzz888 24 January 2016 10: 08
    Such information is water to the mill of Russian arms exports, which in recent years has reached record levels.

    Good "run" of our authors in a week. We covered many events. Briefly, but at the same time succinctly and intelligibly. For each plus.

    With regards to the participation of our weapons in combat conditions - the best advertisement for those wishing to acquire this weapon. And for those to whom everything is numb - the best lesson. Who cares, I think it’s also clear to everyone.
  14. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 24 January 2016 10: 33
    “The womb of an Arab woman is my strongest weapon”

    It is said strongly, but here the meaning of what has been said will reach the Europeans - a big question. Today in France, migrant advocates took to the streets, completely unaware that they were shortening their lives in their well-fed Europe with their speeches.
    1. Kos_kalinki9
      Kos_kalinki9 24 January 2016 18: 32
      tolerant, go to the root.
      1. Victor Demchenko
        Victor Demchenko 24 January 2016 19: 22
        "Tolerance is when the ass is red with anger ..."
        you know, but whether anger, sorry for the expression, ass red, maybe because there was no Vaseline? what
  15. atamankko
    atamankko 24 January 2016 10: 54
    The article is good and useful, as always.
  16. vostok sibiri
    vostok sibiri 24 January 2016 11: 01
    Thanks! I try to read all the Results because, as the analytics (conclusions) are witty, I like the satirical illustrations of "production" topwar.
  17. Zomanus
    Zomanus 24 January 2016 11: 14
    Now talking about regulating the movement of migrants in the EU is useless.
    For you have already let strangers into your house.
    And inside the house it’s more difficult to limit their movement.
    And it’s too late to give migrants some EU countries.
    There is an option to change the laws and the constitution,
    so that it would be possible not to pay migrants benefits and evict from the EU.
    But this is decided by all EU members, and the Amer-mongrel will not do this.
    So, as I said more than once, America will kill the EU before it dies.
  18. Egoza
    Egoza 24 January 2016 11: 24
    Hello everyone! I would like to thank the authors for the excellent review! Well, my "5 kopecks"
    Salaries were raised in the Armed Forces of Ukraine (seemingly), but at the same time they imposed substantial fines (more than 50% of money allowance) for drinking alcohol. In this regard, the question arises: On the Commander-in-Chief, who is known. our president, is this order distributed? wassat
    We have fun!
    The criminal investigation in Kiev is paralyzed after his employees were expelled into the street. The Department of Homeland Security, driven by one of the former associates of Mikheil Saakashvili, is driving the detectives out of the building. Experts are not surprised at turning operatives into homeless, believing that the fight against crime is not at all part of the tasks of the current police reform in Ukraine.

    The operatives were left without access to databases and documents. Work is completely paralyzed. And all this is happening against the backdrop of reform and an unprecedented increase in crime in the capital, ”the source said.
    According to him, compared to the same period last year, crime in Kiev has tripled. “Today in the capital, on average, about 15 car thefts, five robberies, 30 apartment robberies, more than 40 robberies occur on average per day. This is not taking into account serious crimes and murders, ”he added.
  19. Aleksander
    Aleksander 24 January 2016 11: 26
    PS Personally, I have reduced the cost of fuel, horse-drawn price tags, well, where it is seen - we have a solar 37 R. Xnumx to

    Oh, people do not know their happiness, we have diesel fuel 70 Ross rub / liter, and still traffic jams ....
  20. The comment was deleted.
  21. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 24 January 2016 11: 42
    To leave the Western financial and economic system now is to be completely isolated from what we do not yet have (technology). Purchasing US debt is a membership fee for a member of this organization. First you need to create some analogue of such a system, and then go out. Russia has been doing this for the past 20 years with varying success.
    The main negative point of the Western model is the usurious banking system due to which the USA is parasitic at the expense of other countries. Dollars enslaved the whole world. The US Federal Reserve rules the ball in the global banking system. Its owners are known who. This tribe wants to rule the whole world and systematically strive for its goal.
  22. Egoza
    Egoza 24 January 2016 11: 42
    Europe and its minions disgraced us! Well, all of them are wrong! And you see eggs with salmonella, and in honey, it turns out they found antibiotics, and our hens are not like that ... a conspiracy! as there is a conspiracy against Ukraine! But what was the name, the invitation ... but why didn’t anyone talk about quotas? Did you speak And we did not hear! Well, nothing, now we will fill up Europe with our scraps!
    “After the Maidan Ukraine has increased the export of“ food industry waste ”by 8%. It's not a joke. This is the official data of the customs service. All other types of goods from Ukraine fell, but the export of food waste increased. The most interesting thing is that most of the waste from the food industry in Ukraine is bought by the EU countries, namely Poland, France and Austria. " Oleksandr Okhrimenko, President of the Ukrainian Analytical Center.

    According to the classifier, residues and wastes of the food industry are, for example, bran, seeds, months and other wastes of sifting, grinding or other methods of processing grain of cereals or legumes, not granulated or granulated; granules from meat or meat offal; parts of fish, crustaceans, mollusks and other aquatic invertebrates, unsuitable for consumption, cracklings (!); beet meal, sugarcane meal; brewing and distillation waste, etc.

    Why does prosperous Europe need this rubbish, a friend of mine who handles export-import cargo explained to me. “This is all the raw material from which animal feed is made in Europe. Sanitary and other requirements for them are moderately high, that is, much lower than for food for people. Crucial is price. In Ukraine, waste is cheap, however, we do not know how to collect and pack it correctly.
  23. Egoza
    Egoza 24 January 2016 11: 49
    Lviv will enter the EU without Ukraine
    Such an opinion in the publication on the pages of the magazine "Kraina" is expressed by the Lviv historian, professor of the Ukrainian Catholic University Yaroslav Gritsak.

    “Economists say that in recent years in Ukraine, capital has been slowly moving from East to West, not Donetsk, but Lviv has become a symbol of the future of Ukraine. Lviv residents were able to move from an industry built on smoke from factory chimneys to a post-industrial service economy, the symbol of which is steam from a cup of coffee. They believe that Ukraine as they want, but Lviv will be in Europe in the next 20 years. And for hundreds of thousands of tourists from the East of Ukraine, he is already Europe. Only without Schengen: closer and more accessible, both geographically and in terms of wallet size. ”

    So who are the separatists after that? Oh, this "intelligence". Somehow they forgot that they studied for free and went out to the people precisely because of the "smoke from the factory chimneys." Well, nothing, there will be time and only the smell of coffee from Polish cafes will be sniffed, because there will be no "pennies" on coffee
    1. Scud
      Scud 24 January 2016 12: 42
      Whether Lion will be part of Evropa7ento is unlikely. Psheks have already collected more than two million applications for the return of real estate and land from zapadentsev. Poland will grow in the western regions, Hungary-Transcarpathia, Little Russia will become part of Russia and God forbid soon.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  24. Egoza
    Egoza 24 January 2016 11: 56
    Wonders of the mail!
    The SBU together with the police and the prosecutor’s office seized a large consignment of cold steel and firearms brought from Europe from a resident of Kiev.
    This was reported by the press service of the department.

    “During searches of the place of residence and the work of the attacker, law enforcement officers seized five Scorpion pistols, four Makarov pistols, four TT pistols, three Beretta pistols, 15 Glock-19 pistols, eight Glock-17 pistols, three Glock-19 khaki pistols, one Walter R-99 pistol, one Walter R-38 pistol, an ultrasound submachine gun, spare parts for rifled firearms and a large number of knives, ” message.
    According to intelligence agencies, the entire arsenal of weapons was brought to Ukraine through international mail services from European countries.
    The arms dealer found buyers at weapons and military forums on the Web. Those who wished to acquire weapons transferred money to his bank card, after which he sent the unassembled weapons through one of the express delivery services.

  25. Egoza
    Egoza 24 January 2016 12: 01
    Due to the debts of Yuzhmash, residents of dozens of houses in Dnepropetrovsk sit without light
    Power engineers disconnected the rocket factory from electricity. And along with the plant - and dozens of houses in the district.

    Are you still surprised at us? Do not be surprised! For...
    Dill (Russian) = Кріп (Ukrainian) = CRIP -! crip [krip] n .; Amer .; unleash 1) neglected crippled, crippled,
  26. Stas 86
    Stas 86 24 January 2016 12: 45
    Or still trampolines?
    The ion engine runs on ionizing gas, which means another barrel of fuel and a burner.
    That is a trampoline.
  27. bandabas
    bandabas 24 January 2016 14: 06
    "- Just now there was my boat at this place! - shouted the one-eyed,
    looking around. “And now she is gone.”
    - No, that means it wasn’t! Ostap said rudely.
    “How was it not?” I clearly remember!
    “Of course not.”
    “Where did she go?” Did you win her?
    - Won.
    - When? Which move?
    “Why are you fooling me with your boat?” If you give up, then so
    say it!
    - Excuse me, comrade, I have all the moves recorded.
    - The office writes! - said Ostap. "- Classics are immortal both for individuals and for states. De facto.
  28. Starik72
    Starik72 24 January 2016 14: 35
    I missed without a weekly review, last week it was not there, or maybe I just missed it. Therefore, I carefully read the review and comments on it. Thanks to the authors for the clearly formulated and shelved weekly news !!! Kadyrov liked it, well done, he correctly said that the liberal intuition was thoroughly guzzled, already he didn’t consider something for meat, and it was time to put it on a rigid diet, or maybe it’s better to go somewhere else.
  29. Alexl
    Alexl 24 January 2016 14: 37
    If possible, in a nutshell .... How can all this idle talk be read?
  30. epsilon571
    epsilon571 24 January 2016 14: 51
    ".. The new report of the Ministry of Finance says that at the end of the year, investments in American candy wrappers increased again. The growth was about 7%. By December 2015, injections into US securities reached the level of 88 billion dollars .."

    There is more good news - cancer under the mountain whistled and the Finance Ministry finally peered into the dark future of the economy, apparently a drop in oil prices made. Finance Minister Anton Siluanov talked about the need to revive structural reforms, and even mentioned a new economic strategy for 2017-2019. His deputies immediately announced their intention to hedge oil risks, reformat state programs and conduct an audit of all expenses in order to revive economic growth. The question of why all the proposals were not implemented before remained without discussion. We will not find fault with trifles, everything is just beginning - And who is easy now?

    Thank you all for the review of events, for the umpteenth time I am convinced - in Russia there are no boring topics!
  31. PValery53
    PValery53 24 January 2016 16: 55
    VITALY Xi Jin Pingu "grew" a pretty hip for his Middle Eastern "friends"!
  32. SlavaP
    SlavaP 24 January 2016 21: 51
    But Ramzan, in my opinion, got a little bored in Grozny. In my opinion, it is time for him to enter the all-Russian arena. Let's say, create a Vice-President for him ..... as Karlsson used to say, "this is where we'll have fun!"
  33. faterdom
    faterdom 24 January 2016 23: 15
    Quote: SlavaP
    But Ramzan, in my opinion, got a little bored in Grozny. In my opinion, it is time for him to enter the all-Russian arena. Let's say, create a Vice-President for him ..... as Karlsson used to say, "this is where we'll have fun!"

    To supervise the Middle East - in the rank of the RF PPP in the BVFO (with vice-presidential powers) - this is what should be the level of Ramzan Akhmatovich.
    Moreover, the Wahhabis on a cannon shot should not be allowed to go to Mecca and Medina, so that Islam would not be defamed ... Although, you can on a cannon shot. Not for long. Just for a cannon shot, both in distance and in the duration of the projectile’s flight.
    1. SlavaP
      SlavaP 25 January 2016 21: 34
      An interesting option, I agree.