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20 Aviation Repair Plant

Information Agency "Weapon Of Russia "presents to its readers a photo report on the 20 aircraft repair plant, which mastered the repair of all types of special purpose aircraft created on the basis of the IL-18. This is one of the oldest Russian repair and modernization enterprises aviation technology in 2016 will celebrate its centenary. Almost century история the plant is the path of progress in the organization, development and overhaul of aviation equipment, starting with its first models — the P-5 aircraft, the F-1-24 flying boats, and the Il-18 aircraft of all modifications, as well as front-line bomber Su- 24, Su-27 fighters and Su-33 fighters.

On August 20, 1916, the “Regulation on the Construction and Equipment of Aircraft Workshops and Testing Station”, the draft of which was submitted to the Council of Ministers, received the “highest” approval and on August 24, 1916 by secret order the fleet No. 176 was put into effect. The workshop was located on the eastern dam of the inlet channel of the Galernaya harbor of the Rowing port of Vasilyevsky Island in St. Petersburg. The first cars that underwent repairs were Gakkel-3, Gakkel-7, UN-30, Dornier Val, flying boats M-5, M-9, M-11 designed by D.P. Grigorovich, S-6A, S-10 I.I. Sikorsky. In the pre-war period, workshops carried out the repair of MBR-2, U-2, TB-3, SB aircraft.

During the Great Patriotic War, 2117 aircraft, 1429 aircraft engines, 1582 propellers were repaired. Orders and medals were awarded to 267 workshop workers. Virtually the entire range of aircraft in service was mastered by workers and engineers of the enterprise. These are the IL-2, DB-3F, Yak-1, Yak-7B, Yak-9, MiG-3, LaGG-3, Pe-2, I-2, and-16, La-5 aircraft.

The repairmen of the plant took part in the preparation of the bombers of Colonel Preobrazhensky’s group for the bombardment of Berlin in August 1941. After the end of the war, in peacetime conditions, it was necessary to carry out large and laborious work to restore production areas and equip workshops of the repair base, to train young personnel. At the same time - to continue the repair and rework of aircraft, engines, weapons and other aircraft for parts of the Air Force and Naval Aviation of the Navy.

In 1955, there were big changes in the production and technical activities of the enterprise. 1 August 1955, the aircraft repair base was renamed Plant No. 20 Navy. The development of new, modern jet technology began. Complicated repair. Special technical equipment was required. There is a need for restructuring of production, repair has become differentiated. The number of engineering and technical workers has increased. With 1959, the plant began mastering the repair of the Be-6 seaplane, which for many years was the main aircraft repair.

With the onset of the century supersonic jet aircraft changed beyond recognition and the appearance of the plant. Since 1964, in the new territory in Pushkin, the development of the overhaul of the Tu-16 aircraft began, as well as the re-equipment of the IL-14, Il-18, and Tu-124 aircraft. It was during these years that the plant team solved such a complicated task as the repair and re-equipment of the Tu-16K-10 bomber plane into the Tu-16K-10-26 bomber.

During its existence, 20 ARZ returned to operation thousands of airplanes and helicopters. Mastering the repair of more and more complex equipment, the personnel of the enterprise accumulated invaluable experience and created a unique repair equipment and modernization base. Today, 20 Aviation Repair Plant is a modern, state-of-the-art enterprise that manufactures aircraft repair, primarily for the needs of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

To carry out repairs and modernization of aviation technology, the plant has everything you need: warm hangars, production and storage buildings and facilities, modern technological equipment, highly qualified specialists with many years of experience. The company is equipped with stands for non-destructive testing of aircraft power elements, testing hydraulic, fuel and other systems. The company has a workshop for the repair of aviation and electronic equipment. The personnel of these workshops are capable of solving the whole range of tasks related to the restoration of the working capacity and resource of the blocks, systems, units and complexes that make up the aircraft. In the shops of the plant gave a new life to the aircraft and helicopters of the Indian Navy, the Air Force of Algeria and several other countries. High reputation, as well as a convenient geographical location in the immediate vicinity of air, sea and railway nodes contributes to the constant expansion of the circle of clients.

Over the almost century-long history of its existence, the 20 ARZ mastered the repair of 38 types of aircraft and 5 types of aircraft engines, retooled 22 types of aircraft, and performed many other work on airplanes, helicopters and rockets.

20 Aviation Repair Plant

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  1. Good cat
    Good cat 25 January 2016 06: 47 New
    Thanks for the informative article!
    1. Tatyana
      Tatyana 25 January 2016 08: 13 New
      From the text of the article
      Today, 20 Aviation Repair Plant is a modern, advanced enterprise that repairs aircraft, primarily for the needs of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

      Not planes - but handsome! from the golden hands of production masters are transferred to the golden hands of pilots and maintenance personnel. It's expensive to watch them!
      To prolong life in the ranks, improve and increase the reliability of the aircraft - this is like a combat mission.
      With the 100 anniversary in the 2016 year of all workers of the 20 ARZ!
      Success in production, always only an excellent reputation in the industry and every prosperity to the plant and all its employees!
  2. bionik
    bionik 25 January 2016 07: 51 New
    On many photos of the IL-38 is a Soviet anti-submarine aircraft developed at the Ilyushin Design Bureau in the 60s based on the passenger IL-18V. In the foreseeable future, the replacement of the IL-38 is not expected.
  3. V.ic
    V.ic 25 January 2016 08: 52 New
    God forbid that after the repair, the number of cotter pins with open ends corresponds to the number of bolts with transverse holes!
  4. silver169
    silver169 25 January 2016 09: 00 New
    Very interesting! Replacing the IL-38, of course, is needed in the future, but for 10-15 years he is still quite capable of performing combat missions. And there is a replacement.
  5. avt
    avt 25 January 2016 10: 06 New
    Cool photo story! good But, oo-o-olgo, the site was in a hurry to upload it laughing On ,, Made by us "with a similar one from Ulyanovsk with ,, Aviastar" has long been hanging.