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Battle Profile-13: IZVOR

Continuing the study of Russian styles of unarmed combat, we could not write about Izvor style. Its creator was told to us by its creator Mikhail Viktorovich Grudev, chairman of the Council of the Federation of Russian hand-to-hand combat Mstinsko-Tveretskoy tradition Izvor

1. Characteristic style (school, direction) in one sentence
- Using the principles of Russian style in everyday life: at work, at home, in battle.

2. Style motto (schools, directions)
- The master is always comfortable.

3. The origins (beginning) of the direction (when and who founded)
- In 1992, the acquaintance with the principles of the Russian style, further study and development ... Founder - Alexander Lebedev, the city of Torzhok. Alexander Lebedev had many students from almost all cities of the Tver region, as well as Moscow. I myself am from Vyshny Volochek. We also had our own group of students.

4. The ultimate goal of the class (the ideal to which the student is going), the physical and mental qualities that he must acquire
- There is no ultimate goal, because there is no limit to perfection. Our tasks are spiritual development: friendship, patience, introspection, humility, justice. On the physical level: the ability to protect your neighbor, to help him in difficulties, to be prepared for unforeseen situations.

5. Teaching methods
- The training method is based only on the combat principles of the Russian style, such as: from simple to complex, slow gives rise to fast, ergonomics, development of all possible degrees of freedom of movement. The study of the basic concepts of anatomy, biomechanics, medicine, psychology, breathing practices.

6. Used equipment (shock, wrestling, zalomnaya, etc.)
- In our work, we use all the techniques known to us that we consider the most acceptable and effective. We are guided by the principle of "maximum variability (diversity)." Therefore, in shock technology, if necessary, use any shock part of the body that is only possible. This is promoted by the principles: “strikes in all directions and planes”, “a blow from nowhere”, “the entire body is the shock part of the body”, “any blow from any position” ...
In the fight, too, there are no restrictions, because we study everything for survival in extreme situations. The principles of unbalancing, all possible painful, suffocating, stinging, effects on the joints, throwing technique, fighting in the ground without rules, and always strikes during the fight are used.

7. Direction tactics
- As said above, our “Izvor” direction is based on the principles of the Russian style. But we are not confined only to this! We are actively studying and using, all of us known martial arts, in particular: jiu-jitsu, muay thai, boxing, wing chun, sambo ...

8. The presence of training battles (sparring). In what form, according to what rules are held?
- At each of our training and held sparring or wrestling. Therefore, without gloves, we have nothing to do ... We do not often compete in competitions, due to the fact that not athletes train here, but ordinary people, and of completely different ages. And yet, trained people compete mainly in mixed martial arts or hand-to-hand combat.

9. Physical training (general and special) - including work with weights, free weights, your weight
- Any martial art - including ours - implies physical training. To do this, if necessary, use a variety of simulators, weights, plaits, etc. If you train only in the gym during classes, the result will be small. Physical training, as well as stretching, warming up, etc. ... is on the conscience of every person. You should come to the gym ready for the exercises. For this, there is morning exercise, OFP, and homework. In a street fight, they won’t ask whether you are going to knead or not. Be always ready!

10. Work against the group
- One of the main tasks of our classes is full-fledged livelihoods. And that means vitality. Therefore, we cannot but consider such an aspect as conducting a battle against a group of opponents. We understand the strategy of behavior and tactics of combat, the use of improvised items as weapons or protection, the use of percussion strike techniques against the group, and much more ...

11. Situational training
- Training with us should be held not only in the gym. Because our goal is not a one-on-one duel. You must be able to fight in any terrain and setting. Therefore, situations can be completely different, they can be taken by surprise everywhere ... We have a lot of developmental exercises using trees in the forest, working out in water, on construction sites, in cramped rooms ...

12. Work against weapons / with weapons
- Handy objects and household items can be used in combat as auxiliary or as a weapon. And knives and sticks are used in training without fail. I note that we conduct classes with both sharp knives and imitations, depending on what qualities must be developed.

13. Work on the ground (in the stalls)
- Our motto: "The master is always comfortable." This suggests that the practitioner must strive to be free in any situation and in any position. And he must fight in any conditions, including in the stalls. To do this, we use not only the methods of struggle, but also the lower acrobatics of the Russian style.

14. Work in non-standard conditions, from non-standard opponents (in water, in darkness, confined space, from a dog, etc.)
- Our main task is to survive in a non-standard situation. Therefore, we not only learn martial arts techniques, but also develop the necessary reflexes, allowing us to be more tenacious, adaptable, dexterous, etc. Whenever possible, we consider any instances of danger in any locality and setting. For this we prepare the body so that it is not enslaved, free in movement with sufficient tactile control.

15. Psychological training
- Without psychological preparation, we are nowhere ... Because the spiritual is primary, and the material is secondary. Everything we do must be conscious! And then, without a certain mood, it is impossible to free oneself from unnecessary tensions, to cope with fears and other negative emotions. Autogenic exercises, work with images, game exercises, role-playing exercises - all this is also psychological preparation. Regular sparring and bouts also correctly form the human psyche. A very important aspect is breathing! With the help of our breathing practices, a person is able to be not only resilient, but also able to control himself - emotionally and physically. The ability to be sociable, not conflict, not to succumb to stress, to control external and internal aggression - this is not a complete list of our tasks.

16. Other effects from occupations (improving, developing and etc.)
- The main effect of our activities is confidence in yourself and your abilities! A person feels the joy of being free from emotional stress. He is easy in communication, in affairs, he is able to adequately stand up for himself and his loved ones.

17. Unique features of the direction (style, school)
- I believe that the main unique feature of our direction - as a martial art - is accessibility for everyone. Since we are developing the necessary reflexes for life, and not just tricks and feints.

18. Application in life (a case of self-defense, when the student was able to protect himself in this direction).
- The one who is engaged in Russian martial arts, does not need any proof of effectiveness! Because he always uses principles and skills throughout his life. All this applies not only in battle, but also in everyday life, at work, anywhere. I will not speak for others, I will say only for myself. I think I had tremendous experience in sports fights, fights, sparring and fights. Who knows, he will confirm ... I feel good with both boxers and wrestlers. And all this thanks to the principles of Russian hand-to-hand combat!
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  1. Aleksander
    Aleksander 25 January 2016 09: 05
    It is interesting that in some languages ​​"Izvor" is "SOURCE-water, source of life".
    The article is interesting in that it shows that the development of the Russian school of hand-to-hand combat continues.
  2. Tambov Wolf
    Tambov Wolf 25 January 2016 11: 34
    Very good style. Moreover, both shock and wrestling components are developed, which is important in a clash. Interesting are strokes with an open hand and various parts of the hand (many are original). Kicks no higher than the knees, which immediately speaks of combat use, and not Hollywood racing above your head. Honor and glory to the author of this technique.
  3. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 25 January 2016 11: 36
    Russia is unpredictable and invincible! Russian means right, strong and very kind! Glory to Russia! Glory to the Russian people !!! Our kindness is a guarantee of our invincibility!
  4. gameover_65
    gameover_65 25 January 2016 11: 43
    videos to shoot is nonsense. enter the ring with fighters or at least with boxers and show effectiveness. and then all kinds of contactless people and aikidists shot this, but in the ring sambo and jujutsu steers.
    1. Corsair0304
      Corsair0304 25 January 2016 13: 11
      Quote: gameover_65
      sambo and jujitsu in the ring.

      In the ring, yes. On the street, in everyday life - not always.
      1. gameover_65
        gameover_65 25 January 2016 14: 12
        Quote: Corsair0304
        Quote: gameover_65
        sambo and jujitsu in the ring.

        In the ring, yes. On the street, in everyday life - not always.

        how many athletes have been convicted over the past two years for fighting on the street and in bars where they killed and mutilated with one two blows.
        this is not an indicator that a person wielding hand-to-hand combat in the ring, on the street to become just a weapon? Yes, you can shoot and kill, but it will only make a killer to order. but if, in addition, a state-owned company comes up to Emelianenko and threatens to demand something with a knife or a gun, I think about 90 percent that a few people will lose their lives and the gun will stick out of the hole below the back.
        when they specifically go to kill you, they will kill you, no matter what you own.
        but if we talk on the street and in everyday life, we’re betting that anyone who is really engaged in martial arts, where there are real fights with the enemy, will throw any group of hooligans, so much so that they don’t have time to understand what happened! repeatedly convinced of this!
  5. Vladycat
    Vladycat 25 January 2016 13: 12
    It is not necessary to compare the round with the soft. For the most part, martial arts are patterns and are limited by rules. And most often a street fight (with a bumper from KAMAZ :)) is played for athletes. One of the reasons why few of the "Russian" hand-to-hand fighters do not go to the competition. The task is different. There is a difference between surviving and winning. This is not always the same. Ps Somehow one hand-to-hand combat instructor in one of the SpetsNazov said. A fighter will need hand-to-hand combat skills in one case.
    If he lost: a pistol, an assault rifle, a knife, a sapper blade, a helmet, a knife, there was not a stick, nor a stone, or anything at all nearby. And he met a woodpecker on the way with the same conditions.
  6. SIT
    SIT 25 January 2016 17: 55
    Quote: Vladycat
    Hand-to-hand combat skills will be needed in one case.
    If he lost: a pistol, an assault rifle, a knife, a sapper blade, a helmet, a knife, there was not a stick, nor a stone, or anything at all nearby. And he met a woodpecker on the way with the same conditions.

    In fact, these skills will be needed when there is no time to recharge yourself, and the enemy is nearby and there is a chance to survive only by entering close combat. Naturally, it is impossible to release weapons from the hands, because The first thing to do after you finish off the enemy in hand-to-hand combat is to reload. Naturally, the faster the better. Sports skills acquired in boxing, wrestling are unlikely to be useful here. We need a single system that allows you to work regardless of whether you have something in your hands or not. IMHO izvo is supposed to be one of such systems, but the proposed work against weapons, in particular a pistol and a knife, is somehow very frivolous. Especially the gun. For demonstration, only those methods of holding and manufacturing weapons that the pros will never use are chosen. The knife is also a police technique. No need to select a knife in hand-to-hand combat, as it is usually carried out for destruction, which means that when gaining control of an armed hand, it is necessary to stick a knife at the 1st opportunity into the enemy and preferably immediately into the slaughter place.
  7. Old shoe
    Old shoe 25 January 2016 19: 16
    Well, in the video, the work against the pistol is complete crap. Why does an attacker poke a pistol at an opponent ??? Is he not loaded? In general, in terms of the technique of not blocking, but redirecting the attack energy with unbalance, I see here a complete analogue of the Japanese aiki jutsu. Although, as the same Japanese say: "There are many paths on the slopes of Fujiyama, but they all lead to the same peak." smile
  8. Corporal Valera
    Corporal Valera 25 January 2016 23: 23
    5) Starov will be more interesting bully