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Unsent letters from the fronts of the Great Patriotic War are documents of enormous political, moral, moral, educational force for the next generation of our country’s inhabitants. Why is that? This can be explained by the fact that letters sent home to family, relatives and close relatives were sent by fighters and commanders of the Red Army, written during the lull between battles or from hospitals, contained only words of love, anxiety for the lives of their relatives in the rear and requests to take care of themselves.

The fighters and commanders were warned that their letters should not contain information about upcoming battles, incoming weapons and the movement of military units. Another thing is the letters that the soldiers and commanders could write and keep as diaries. In them, people often expressed their thoughts about events, plans for the future, recommendations on the implementation of the tasks set, and much more. For the affairs of the State Department of my Ministry at the end of 70, I had to arrive at the instrument company in the city of Kalinin, this is the current city of Tver.

Director Aseev Vladimir Nikolaevich prepared everything for consideration with the Customer on the possibility of supplying products. Having completed the work, they began to say goodbye, but Vladimir Nikolaevich suggested that I linger for one day and go to Vyazma. He wanted to show me the place where the Soviet BT-7 tank from the Great Patriotic War was recently discovered in a dense forest. “Vladimir Nikolaevich, there are a lot of such finds. You can imagine how many millions of soldiers and commanders heroically died defending our country, and there are still a lot of military equipment in the ground, under water and in the mountains, ”I said quietly. “I think this is a special case. Find in tank very unusual, ”continued Vladimir Nikolaevich. In the end, I agreed, called the Minister and warned that I would stay in Kalinin for another day. The Minister did not specify the reason and “gave the go-ahead”. It seems that three hours later we were on the spot in that birch grove, which Vladimir Nikolaevich spoke about. He led me to a hole overgrown with grass and small bushes, and began his story. Here, seven years ago, the Soviet BT-7 tank with tail number 12 was discovered, which, after being inspected by officers from the Military Commissariat, was sent for disposal. A feature of the found tank was that the commander’s tablet saved a map, photographs and an unsent letter to his beloved girl.

Yury Grigorievich, I wanted to tell you about this letter. The contents of his recently told me commissioner Gorovenkomata. Vladimir Nikolayevich retold the contents of the letter of Junior Lieutenant Ivan Kolosov. Silence ensued; such letters, while dying, could only be written by a person who, above all, appreciated his beloved, his children and his Homeland. Back we returned silently. Mentally, I returned to the personality of Junior Lieutenant Ivan Kolosov, to the death of tens of thousands of soldiers of the Red Army units near Vyazma. It was they who, being even surrounded, detained units of the Army “Center” of the Wehrmacht and ensured the organization of the defense of our capital. In those days, on the way to Moscow, there were no units of the Red Army. Therefore, on an urgent basis, Red Army units redeployed from the Far East and other fronts to defend Moscow.

Already in Kalinin, after transferring to my company car, and sitting in the backseat, I remembered my father's letters. We found them on the table in 1944, when we returned with our mother from the evacuation after the blockade was lifted to Leningrad to our apartment. Father, taking us to the evacuation, 25 August 1941, fought on the Leningrad front. He created heavy rail artillery. Then, in a short time, the naval guns MU-2 and B-38 managed to be installed on railway platforms. It was created about 30 two-gun and 152 mm artillery batteries, which with their aimed fire destroyed manpower and tanks of the Nazis at a distance of more than 20 km.

Shatrakov GA, 1941, Leningrad Front

In the Pulkovo direction, the adjustment of their fire was carried out by naval navigators and artillery direction finders. Adjustment points were located at the meat-packing plant and the House of Soviets. The firing error of suppressing our artillery was no more than 20 meters, and the quick change of positions of the railway batteries ensured their safety. At the plant “Bolshevik” (at present, the former name “Obukhovsky” was returned to it, and it is part of the Concern EKR Almaz-Antey JSC), these artillery batteries were created.

On the table in our apartment, we found three letters from his father, his golden pocket watch, an inkwell and a pen. The last letter was dated 20 December 1941 of the year. In the letters, the father told his mother about his friends whom his mother did not know. These were the commanders of 41 and 73 artillery regiments, Maj. N.P. Witte and S.G. Gindin. He wrote that it was possible for 8 in December 1941 to release Tikhvin, to establish food supplies to the city, which he himself often falls under the shelling of fascist batteries. And in the last letter he wrote that he felt that with such a service he could die every second. “Nyura, take care of the children and yourself. Yura, be a family stronghold when you grow up if I die. We defended the city, although it was unbearably difficult. This is the merit of the inhabitants, fighters, commanders, and, as I think, G.K. Zhukov.

Unsent Mail
Y. Shatrakov 1944

Then my father wrote a lot of good things about G.F. Odintsov, and extremely unflattering spoke about GI. Kulik. Apparently my father had to meet with them. And December 27 1941, the father died, as he felt. The co-workers buried their father in the Theological Cemetery, one of his assistants showed his mother the grave as soon as we returned to Leningrad. In the 1979 year after the 15 years of work in the research institutes (during this time I defended my doctoral thesis and, as Chief Designer, created a number of systems adopted), they transferred me to the USSR Ministry of Radio Industry as the head of the new State University.

In private conversations with the heads of enterprises subordinate to our State Institution, which were located in Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, we touched on the letters and personal diaries of participants of the war that were not sent from the fronts of the Great Patriotic War. The opinion was the same, that our people were patriots of their country. Director of the Novgorod Sadko television plant Pavel Mikhailovich Iudin showed me an unsent letter from the Nazi officer of the 291 division of the Army Group Center to Herman Weyvild, who was killed on the Volkhov front. In it, the fascist wrote: “Winter and artillery are murderous. No one will believe that we are experiencing here, I filled my pants three times, it's impossible to get out of the dugout, my toes are frostbitten, my body is covered with scabies. ” He wrote about himself, but we did not see a single letter from the fascists to curse themselves and Hitler for attacking our country. They killed our children and women, burned villages and villages, and none of them had any feelings of guilt for these atrocities. This is the strength of the fascist ideology that the leaders of the Wehrmacht in a short time instilled in their people, and especially the youth.

In conclusion, I would like to wish the leaders of our country to decide on the moral and patriotic education of the Russian population and begin to implement it in all directions. After all, we must be worthy of our fathers and grandfathers, who defended the country's independence in a terrible battle with fascism. I would like to give the readers of VO such an example that happened to me back in 1956, when I was still a cadet. I had to go through the next practice at the Ural Baltic mine layer fleet. At the same time, two cadets from the GDR were practicing on this ship. One day, one of them showed me a photograph taken by his father in the North Sea. In the photo, from the bridge of the fascist submarine, a small transport was recorded, which this boat torpedoed, and a fire in the transport.

Our emperor Alexander III was right regarding the choice of allies for Russia. Currently, the implementation of moral and patriotic education in the country is due to the fact that Russia is already leading an undeclared war on several fronts. The absence of their own doctrine in this matter allows liberals and sectarians to quickly fill this niche at the expense of the enemies of our country. The people's memory of the Great Patriotic War haunts many residents of the country. Monuments to mothers who saved an entire generation of children during and after the war have been erected in many cities in Russia. Older people often come to these monuments with their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Fresh flowers are always at the foot of these monuments. In St. Petersburg, there is no such monument, although residents of the city repeatedly raised the issue of its installation.

In the magazine "Military Review" from September 27 2013 was published my article "Memoirs and inspirations." This article cited a poem by the poetess E.P. Naryshkina “I don’t want the memory to be overgrown with a byle”, in which there are patriotic lines:

“... bowing my head before the courage of all women.
I want this feat to be immortalized.
I do not want the memory overgrown bylem.
We need a monument.
Family that honors and grandmothers, and mothers,
In the days of family anniversaries would be hastened to it soon,
With children and grandchildren honor their mournful way.
Shock labor in the war.
I don't think so alone,
I understand.
We need a monument to all mothers.
Give them a debt, and I will give.
And I will never understand
Great feat - and no trace. "
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  1. parusnik
    parusnik 23 January 2016 08: 10
    The people's memory of the Great Patriotic War haunts many residents of the country... Yeah .. it doesn’t .. what are they trying to erase ...
  2. Ivan Tartugai
    Ivan Tartugai 23 January 2016 16: 46
    Currently, the implementation of moral and patriotic education in the country is due to the fact that Russia is already waging an undeclared war on several fronts. The absence of their own doctrine in this matter allows liberals and sectarians to quickly fill this niche at the expense of the enemies of our country.

    Not only at the expense of enemies, but also at the expense of the budget of our country, works of art are created, books, textbooks for schools are written, films are made, television shows are held that distort and distort the history of our country, the history of World War II.
    Moreover, huge resources of our country are spent on anti-moral and anti-patriotic education. Telecasts alone with Svanidze, with Pozner, with Gordon, with Savik Shuster and many others cost and cost millions to billions of our country's budget. Huge groups of people on TV, in the film industry, in publishing houses, intellectual resources, a huge number of units of expensive equipment, huge production areas, energy resources are involved for this. So, the enemies of our country are actively and successfully using our money, means against us.
  3. Ivan Tartugai
    Ivan Tartugai 23 January 2016 18: 01
    Letters from the soldiers and commanders of the Red Army, i.e. those people who directly participated in the hostilities, and who provided them with military operations, valuable historical material. It would be nice if the author of the article posted photocopies of letters, letters or parts of the letter. This photocopy could be used in a conversation with young people and in disputes with falsifiers of the history of the Second World War throughout the country.
  4. midivan
    midivan 24 January 2016 04: 38
    In conclusion, I would like to wish the leaders of our country to decide on the moral and patriotic education of the Russian population and begin to implement it in all areas
    I add that not only the authorities should deal with this, but everyone should not shift to someone - hope for God, but he .......- and not only with young people! I have heard more than once from the elders - if the fascists had won, then we rode on the geldings and lived well, here's how you can without a mat? if each one explains to his children that the authorities will not do anything and such as Svanidze and Gordon (it seems that one letter is not correct) will go wild
  5. midivan
    midivan 24 January 2016 04: 50
    “Hello, my Varia! No, we will not meet with you. Yesterday, at noon, we smashed yet another Nazi convoy ... A fascist shell pierced the side armor and exploded inside. While I was taking the car to the forest, Vasily died. My wound is cruel.

    I buried Vasily Orlov in a birch grove. It was light. Vasily died, without having managed to say a single word to me, did not convey anything to his beautiful Zoya and white-haired Masha, who looked like a dandelion in the fluff.

    So one of the three tankers was left. In the dark I rode into the forest. The night passed in agony, a lot of blood was lost. Now, for some reason, the pain that burns through the entire chest has subsided and is quiet in the soul.

    It's a shame that we did not do everything. But we did everything we could. Our comrades will chase the enemy, who should not walk through our fields and forests. I would never live life like this if it weren’t for you, Varya. You always helped me: on Khalkhin Gol and here.

    Probably, after all, who loves is kinder to people. Thank you, dear! A person is aging, and the sky is always young, like your eyes, which you can only look at and admire. They will never age, do not fade.

    It will take time, people will heal wounds, people will build new cities, grow new gardens. Another life will come, other songs will be sung. But never forget the song about us, about the three tankers.

    You will grow beautiful children, you will still love.
    And I am happy to leave you with great love for you.

    Yours Ivan Kolosov. "
  6. senior engineer
    senior engineer 24 January 2016 22: 18
    ... unsent letters. For me personally - an unknown phenomenon, until the moment of reading this essay. Maybe because I didn’t find any of my great-grandfathers and other relatives who fought (someone died in the battles, while others died before my conscious age).
    Yes, indeed, a powerful layer of culture and history of our country. I never cease to be surprised how many people had to go through different periods. Nevertheless, our people worthily accepted all hardships and tribulations, laying a solid spiritual foundation in us.
    It is interesting to compare the author of the primary sources of personal correspondence on this and "other" side of the trenches. To be honest, I am afraid to imagine what is happening in the souls and heads of the descendants of those who smashed our troops during the war. Being on their land, you think about it, looking at the faces, but, although the official point of view is undeniably confirmed by everyone, the truth is still unknown.
    And with the statement of our monarch about allies, I agree to all 100. Everything around will be "allies" only as long as there is benefit in it.
    As for the quick filling of the moral niche in people's heads - unfortunately this is indeed so. When we left Kiev in '91, the processing of the population, apparently, was just beginning. Now it is painful to understand that the modern generation has been processed to a completely unrecognizable state in a couple of decades. I would like to believe that not all.
    Yes, the history of your country, the history of your family must be loved and respected.
    The author, thanks for the article, say hello to our poetess. A.V.
  7. midshipman
    midshipman 27 January 2016 19: 45
    Today, on the day of the lifting of the siege of Leningrad on January 27, 1944, we bow to all those who defended the city from the Nazis. Eternal memory to you from us now living and a low bow. Let the earth rest in peace. I have the honor.