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The answer of the Armenians of the city of Kharkov "countryman" Arsen Avakov

In our time, Twitter and Facebook are often the scene of serious political battles. And, as practice has shown, Mr. Avakov is not an exception.

After the sensational scandal after the published video, where two Ukrainians, Avakov and Saakashvili, poured water on each other and with epithets and insults, Avakov appeared in the FB. “Zero tolerance” - this is how he entitled his work.

Well, better so than in any other way. At least civilized. Some kind of appeal to a number of persons, starting with Poroshenko. Pretty fiery.

But the essence is not in it. With "Zero Tolerance" everyone can get acquainted here.

Arsen Avakov. Post zero tolerance.

But after a while the answer was. Let not as shocking as Avakov, but the answer. From the Armenians of the city of Kharkov. The city that Avakov considers his family.

Why do I have no doubts about the authenticity of this record? The person in the photo is really an Armenian, who used to appear quite often in various cases in Russia along with one of the representatives of the anti-Maidan, who is now still under arrest in Kharkov. We met once in Belgorod, he introduced himself as Felix. I don’t know if the real name or not, but the fact that both visitors had an awl in one place and the complete rejection of the existing order in Ukraine is a fact. What was confirmed by the subsequent arrest of his companion, despite the disability.

So I personally have no doubts about the sincerity of those who wrote down this message, as well as its authenticity. Therefore, I suggest that everyone either read or listen to what the Kharkiv Armenians said to their “countryman” Arsen in response to his fiery speech in the FB.

Under this message there are a lot of Armenian names and surnames ending in Yang, -ens, -Yans and even -uni. When Kharkov will be released, you will be able to see the original of this appeal. In the meantime, read.

After the clash between Avakov and Saakashvili, especially after Avakov's post on Facebook called “zero tolerance”, this message is written.

To begin with, let's say that Avakov did what Saakashvili had reproached, adhering to verbal scandal, promised to fill everyone with his face, chopped off the uterine truth, even secured himself with the phrase zero tolerance. Maybe Saakashvili secretly visited a master class at Kernes, and he managed to multiply by zero if not Arsen himself, then at least his tolerance. Well, okay, it is not so important. Then, in an address to his president Poroshenko, Avakov hinted how modestly, if not to say poorly, his family lives after the revolution, including his son, his son. He even offered to follow him.

So, we have been following Avakov’s son for a long time and can tell in detail at which tables, in which restaurants in Kharkov the modest major spends long summer and winter evenings, demonstrate to his father the bills he paid and give the entire daily routine of the heir to zero tolerance. And finally, Arsen Avakov said that it is very important that the Armenian people are noble and grateful and can appreciate friendship, because they have been living in Ukraine for 600 for years now and are ready to make life for it in gratitude.

Well, we will not argue about the nobility of the Armenian people. We do not know any people in the world who can be called ignoble or ungrateful, and there are hardly any people who can’t appreciate friendship, but of course there are separate individuals ignoble, ungrateful and betraying friendship. Let's start with you, Avakov.

First, 600 years ago there was no Ukraine, and the Armenians who lived in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Lvov, 600 years ago, were residents of the Russian Empire, perhaps Poland, Hungary. You lie to please the Ukrainians. To lie in this way, everyone knows is ignoble.

Secondly, the Russians saved the Armenian people from total annihilation, every Armenian on this land knows this. Today you, who call yourself an Armenian, and many of your henchmen in Ukraine, pay the Russian people with black ingratitude, inciting Ukrainians against Russians, insulting the Russian people who saved, alas, obviously, your grandfathers and great-grandfathers. Therefore, you, Avakov, are an ungrateful individual, killing mother and father, and a shame of the Armenian people. This we are telling you, the Armenians of Kharkov.

And, thirdly, you touched everyone with the text that due to the clash of ambitions, we understand that your and Saakashvili, only ruins can remain from Ukraine. We cried, the text is good, especially from a person who, because of his personal ambitions, has already destroyed a good part of Ukraine, shot and imprisoned many of its inhabitants, because you didn’t like that they didn’t agree with you.

Ukrainians, real Ukrainians, we recommend to ask you one question. How many times did you come to Ukraine to thank her for the fact that Armenians lived here 600 years ago: when you came from Baku at the age of three years or when you returned to 49 from Italy, from exile for theft in your own, Kharkov ? (You're lying too, because your hometown is Baku.) When exactly did you understand how much you want to thank Ukraine for everything?

And yet, this is personal, from me, but one thing in detail can become public. I remember, I was with Nikolayevna, who believed that you would save her son, Aksarbek Yuloev, and get him out of prison, where he was also through your fault. She came to you at the reception two months after you became the governor of Kharkov, but you didn’t even accept the old woman, just ordered not to let her even in the waiting room. Soon, she died alone, did not wait for her son.

You brought, Arsen! But we are there, we will help you to improve! You are a criminal, you will be arrested and convicted for the murder of civilians in Ukraine! We can put to you Saakashvili. With a glass. We appeal to all Armenians of Ukraine, do not support the criminal regime, even if you are invited to do so by a person who calls himself an Armenian! Criminal mode does not turn white from this!

Armenians, Avakov and his subordinates are doing the same thing in Ukraine that the Young Turks were doing at the beginning of the last century. He destroys dissidents, destroys those who do not agree to recognize Russia as an enemy, who are simply faithful to their true friends. This is exactly what happened in the Ottoman Empire a hundred years ago.

The Armenians of Kharkov for the liberation of Ukraine from the criminal power of Poroshenko, Turchinov and Yatsenyuk, Groysman, Kolomoisky, Avakov. For friendship, fraternal friendship with Russia.


We talked a lot and will continue to talk about the situation in Ukraine. On the ongoing information war between the real warring parties. Many readers complain about the total brainwashing of Ukrainian society and, as a result, the unreality of yet another way of developing the situation.

Who knows how effectively the Security Service of Ukraine works in Kharkiv will appreciate this message. There are no more comments needed. It is enough only to understand that not everyone surrendered, not everyone folded their hands and obeyed the situation. Therefore, respect to every Armenian who is not afraid to subscribe to this document.

People who are more aware of this message than me reported that the appeal was signed by more 500 people. And continue to sign. Lot? Few? I'm not to judge. The main thing is that they are.
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  1. Great-grandfather of Zeus
    Great-grandfather of Zeus 22 January 2016 06: 36
    Armenians-you Avakov was tedious to send a "message" of 9mm caliber - and exactly between the eyes! That would be a good idea! Such as Avakyan are not worthy to be spoken to in a human way.
    1. Haettenschweiler
      Haettenschweiler 23 January 2016 18: 31
      Quote: Great-grandfather of Zeus
      Armenians-you Avakov was tedious to send a "message" of 9mm caliber - and exactly between the eyes! That would be a good idea! Such as Avakyan are not worthy to be spoken to in a human way.

      - And now imagine for a second that instead of Avakov, a really competent, experienced "silovik" will come to the post of Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Of course, a Russophobe, with a cold head and a warm heart. How much trouble can he cause by acting not like Avakov, but competently and intelligently? So it's better to let Avakov be there. I mean, it will be better for us Russians. And Ukraine alone will not save the Minister of the Interior.
      1. Rostov
        Rostov 23 January 2016 20: 26
        And here I am that I noticed. More and more in the comments, at least in VO, guys appear under the Ukrainian flags. And in their comments they fully support Russia. So people are starting to look for the truth? And then some of our members of the forum often write that there is no one to save in Ukraine. After the collapse of the USSR, we also came to a long time. Something like this.
        1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Seal
        Seal 23 January 2016 20: 26
        Hmm, unexpectedly, but essentially absolutely true !!
    2. Ded_Mazay
      Ded_Mazay 24 January 2016 09: 01
      Don’t worry, the indignant Armenian man is such a one, bring a match - he will bomb a bit better than dynamite. So when Arsenushka is absolutely ready, she won’t easily get off.
      1. Seal
        Seal 24 January 2016 18: 12
        Yeah. Once bombed. Moscow metro in 1977.
    3. meriem1
      meriem1 26 January 2016 22: 47
      Quote: Great-grandfather of Zeus
      Armenians-you Avakov was tedious to send a "message" of 9mm caliber - and exactly between the eyes! That would be a good idea! Such as Avakyan are not worthy to be spoken to in a human way.

      Do not mind it. He will receive his. Time is running so fast. There are many of them ... who abandoned their blood. Avakov-Avakyan. Kirkorov-Kirkorian. Who hid from the Turks))) Funny people with aplomb.
  2. Russian jacket
    Russian jacket 22 January 2016 06: 38
    Strongly said .... Respect to the speaker ... hi
    1. Oleg Lavrov
      Oleg Lavrov 22 January 2016 18: 03
      I agree! And the truth, said from the heart ... always sounds strong!
  3. aszzz888
    aszzz888 22 January 2016 07: 02
    The fact that Avakov is dead and not only political is a fact. And the more often they will be reminded of an Avakov-Tsrushnik, the better. The invaders must burn the ground under their feet, there was such a slogan of the Second World War. It is relevant now.
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 22 January 2016 07: 12
    The message is certainly excellent. But naturally it will not be accepted by Avakov, moreover, it will entail certain consequences for the writers sincerely and from the heart. Which is not surprising under the current regime in Ukraine.
    You are a criminal, you will be arrested and convicted for the murder of civilians in Ukraine!

    A great warning for a war criminal. To remember every minute that punishment is inevitable.
    1. asadov
      asadov 22 January 2016 11: 03
      I agree. And he is not just a war criminal but also an outcast.
      1. igortyson
        igortyson 22 January 2016 22: 56
        Quote: asadov
        I agree. And he is not just a war criminal but also an outcast.

        He obviously does not rank himself among the goyim, rather the opposite.
  5. parusnik
    parusnik 22 January 2016 07: 31
    appeal signed by more than 500 people... Almost a battalion ... Already not bad ... And the message is excellent .. I especially liked: We cried, the text is good
  6. magician
    magician 22 January 2016 08: 12
    left a message to the rest of the gang to write to the Ukrainian government. And the Armenians are great, brave guys! Respect!
    1. Seal
      Seal 23 January 2016 20: 12
      Write a letter and hide it "until the liberation of Kharkov" - what is bold in that?
      1. Seal
        Seal 24 January 2016 20: 30
        In-oh, there were 3 (three) the same "daredevil".
        They otminusovali - and did not introduce themselves, who and why :))
        As well as those Kharkov "bold signers" who signed, but on the condition that this letter will not be shown to anyone, especially Avakav, "until the liberation of Kharkov" :)))
        And, gentlemen, daredevil minus signers, maybe at least someone of you knows, the Kharkov signatories, as it should be in such cases, signed their full names and surnames with an address, or simply put obscure squiggles to anyone? Or did they put crosses instead of murals?
  7. Riv
    Riv 22 January 2016 08: 15
    Put Avakov in the zone, and appoint Saakashvili as the head of the zone? I liked the thought ...
    1. Karlos
      Karlos 22 January 2016 10: 42
      Or vice versa))
    2. lysyj bob
      lysyj bob 22 January 2016 10: 47
      And then swap ...)))
      1. maximus235
        maximus235 22 January 2016 11: 26
        And it’s better to just put them two in the same hut (camera). And you can start the online broadcast, I think it will be popular. You can also raise money on advertising. ))))
        1. Riv
          Riv 22 January 2016 14: 00
          Yes, you, my friend, a nonsense ...
          1. Zefr
            Zefr 23 January 2016 21: 55
            Yes, he is a genius!
    3. forester
      forester 22 January 2016 20: 53
      Quote: Riv
      Put Avakov in the zone, and appoint Saakashvili as the head of the zone? I liked the thought ...

      Place for both individuals in the cockerel and the rest of the juntas too
    4. Suhow
      Suhow 23 January 2016 12: 22
      no, Saakashvili cannot be appointed the head of the zone, but perhaps the senior in the detachment.
    5. kosta2014
      kosta2014 23 January 2016 14: 12
      not both in one camera and Avakov’s mistress Lyashko to them
  8. Belousov
    Belousov 22 January 2016 08: 36
    Well done Armenians, there are no options. The problem is different - it is constantly said that the reckoning awaits, but in fact whom did she eventually wait for? Is someone eliminated? Alas, there are no heirs of Sudoplatov in our bodies, only the roofers of the national groups remained ...
    1. Karlos
      Karlos 22 January 2016 10: 48
      I think Avakov knows very well about Operation Nemesis, by the way, long before Sudoplatov.
  9. meriem1
    meriem1 22 January 2016 09: 27
    Great Armenians, Ancient People. The Avakov black sheep will never spoil the impression of these Hardworking and Proud People! The article is magnificent both in essence and in content !!!
    1. meriem1
      meriem1 26 January 2016 22: 44
      I put a minus extremely rarely. But someone is so unapproachable. And when you talk about nothing minus glues? Write in a PM dissenting. To Admins. There was a cheer in the rules. I do not see the answer !!! And in other matters, and pofing. Let the disease not choke saliva))) We will pigeon the unfortunate)))
  10. misterwulf
    misterwulf 22 January 2016 09: 45
    Avakov is not an Armenian, but a pedophile pederast. With Saak, he’ll have the very place in his cell. And do not give them glasses there, but condoms and petroleum jelly.
    1. valokordin
      valokordin 22 January 2016 12: 24
      Quote: misterwulf
      Avakov is not an Armenian, but a pedophile pederast. With Saak, he’ll have the very place in his cell. And do not give them glasses there, but condoms and petroleum jelly.

      It is possible without a and basel.
      1. Beaver
        Beaver 22 January 2016 12: 48
        Quote: valokordin
        It is possible without a and basel.

        Wah, genatsvale! Why do you offend Vaseline! Let him sit with the guys in the cell, give them pleasure. They will be like their own mother, with only one "tit". laughing
      2. kosta2014
        kosta2014 23 January 2016 14: 16
        Well, you, and the sadyuga, Comrade General. Good Russian people, you must give Vaseline.
    2. Siberian38
      Siberian38 22 January 2016 13: 15
      Will cost one petroleum jelly)))
    3. midivan
      midivan 23 January 2016 20: 07
      Quote: misterwulf
      Avakov is not an Armenian, but a pedophile pederast. With Saak, he’ll have the very place in his cell. And do not give them glasses there, but condoms and petroleum jelly.

      laughing why do they need condoms then? that there someone can fly in? give them a bucket of talcum powder and let them swagger yes
  11. Mantykora
    Mantykora 22 January 2016 09: 45
    Not a "post of zero tolerance", but a "post of a zero man" - because there is little human in Avakov, as well as in the whole "power of Ukraine." The Armenians, of course, are good fellows, but only the cries of an imminent reckoning have bothered. Meanwhile, the ghouls are doing their job: Kharkov is becoming less and less Kharkov, which I have known since childhood. Metro "Sovetskaya" is already "Maidan of the Constitution" (it would have been called correctly in essence "Prostitution Square" and what a disgusting word "Maidan" is); Lenin Avenue is already a Science Avenue (which one ?!); Rosa Luxemburg square - Pavlovskaya square (impersonal and banal) and so on and so forth ... monuments still destroyed and desecrated by the "state", which are not even removed. This is even worse than the painted monument in Bulgaria, where the state officially has nothing to do with it and will eliminate "hooliganism".

    For comparison, check out the cynicism, remembering Lenin's quote "Religion is opium for the people":
    1. wax
      wax 22 January 2016 12: 14
      In general, the quote does not sound "religion is the opium FOR the people", but "religion is the opium of the people" - the difference is in essence. In addition, it is in this expression that the quote belongs to Marx, and not to Lenin, and goes back to the German writer Novalis.
      "Religion is the sigh of an oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, just as it is the spirit of a soulless order. Religion is the opium of the people." (K. Marx and F. Engels. Works, vol. 1, p. 415).
    2. Beaver
      Beaver 22 January 2016 12: 26
      Replaced one religion with another. So what?
      For the information of those who consider the word "religion" offensive: EVERY person is an adherent of any religion, there is no person without religion. And there are different religions: polytheistic, monotheistic, atheistic, egotheistic - for every taste. hi
      PS It happens that a person professes one religion, but preaches another. sad
      1. Seal
        Seal 23 January 2016 20: 11
        Actually, if you look at it, the expression "Religion" - or RE-LEAGUE, where RE is repeated, LEAGUE is the law. THOSE. repeated law.
        However, besides the concept of "re-petition" (re-petition), the particle "re" also expresses something accelerated. See: E-volition is a gradual development. and Re-volition is an instant transition.
        Therefore, it must be admitted that the expression "Re Ligia" can be interpreted not only as second law, but also as the overthrow of the law, that is, lawlessness.
      2. aksakal
        aksakal 24 January 2016 00: 36
        Quote: Castor
        EVERY person is committed to any religion, a person without religion does not exist. And there are different religions: polytheistic, monotheistic, atheistic, egotheistic - for every taste.

        - "You can do and lack of action! You can believe in the absence of Faith! (And religion too)))" Ilya Kormiltsev.
        You are right to some extent, people cannot exist without faith.
        Quote: Castor
        It happens that a person professes one religion, and preaches another.
        - a play on words? How does “profess” differ from “preach”?
  12. Johnny51
    Johnny51 22 January 2016 09: 51
    Avakov is a geek, and he does not care whom to betray and sell. Inhumans from this breed will never have a homeland.
  13. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 22 January 2016 10: 06
    "After the sensational scandal after the published video, where two Ukrainians, Avakov and Saakashvili, poured water on each other with epithets and insults, ...

    ..Not so different among themselves.

    First, the mutual difference ..

    …Eugene Onegin
    Author: A. S. Pushkin
  14. Free Cossack
    Free Cossack 22 January 2016 10: 44
    Good, proper handling. Well, only Avakov is unlikely to hear him, and if he does, he is unlikely to understand. But it doesn’t matter if Avakov understands this appeal, the most important thing is that ordinary citizens of Ukraine understand!
    AVESSALOM 22 January 2016 10: 51
    Well, he is an Armenian less than half. Waiting for the worst damage. Not one Kharkov citizen will say a good word.
    1. Beaver
      Beaver 22 January 2016 12: 57
      Looking forward to a similar message from the Jews of Kharkov? hi
  16. Yar Ga
    Yar Ga 22 January 2016 11: 02
    Each nation has its own Jews)))) traitors and sellers. And there are Heroes, Thinkers, Teachers. The issue of elite selection. So that the best ones rise to the top, and not just now ..
    1. Mantykora
      Mantykora 22 January 2016 11: 09
      And who will select? A computer? So people are at the computer too. Who, in turn, will select them? A vicious circle, and more than one millennium, it exists and not only with us.
      1. Beaver
        Beaver 22 January 2016 12: 40
        Quote: Mantykora
        And who will select?

        A system in which power is a difficult job for the good of the people, and not a freebie feeder for the insolent (excuse me, it doesn’t work less pathetically). request With such a system, there will be very few people who want to "take the helm", and those willing will be more altruists than egoists.
  17. Igluxnumx
    Igluxnumx 22 January 2016 11: 15
    Power is in the truth!
  18. Cananecat
    Cananecat 22 January 2016 11: 34
    Good answer, the answer will not keep you waiting. This is essentially a challenge. and he will either not be noticed or turned around by the propaganda of the Kremlin. And we will see ...
    1. Suhow
      Suhow 23 January 2016 12: 37
      and here, (Ukraine) the free press did not publish the answer of Armenians to Avyakyan, democracy probably ...
  19. triglav
    triglav 22 January 2016 11: 55
    Unlike the Bulgarians, the Armenians remember who freed them from the Turks.
    1. Seal
      Seal 23 January 2016 20: 00
      Maybe still from the Persians? After all, the entire territory of present-day Armenia and Erivan (Yerevan) including, back in 1604, was taken away by the Persians (Abbas the Great) from the Ottoman Turks. And we took this territory from the Persians, not from the Turks.
      Or do you mean that the Armenians remember that the Persians "liberated" the Armenians from the Turks in 1604?
  20. Scud
    Scud 22 January 2016 12: 40
    In my opinion, such a substance as Valtsman, Yaytsenuk, Avakov, Turchinov-Immediately after the coup, they received guarantees from the Americans about personal security. And a lot of blood will be shed in Dill through these scum.
  21. alexej123
    alexej123 22 January 2016 14: 29
    The Armenians of Kharkov are honored and respected. I have a question, why are the Armenians of Rostov silent? After all, there is a large and long-lived Armenian community. Rostov near Ukraine. Armenian communities in other Russian cities? Where are you guys? After all, this, in fact, declared war on your homeland. After all, you are really strong with your sense of fellowship, your community. Somewhere in the 2000s, an officer who served with me died of cirrhosis of the liver. Armenian by nationality. He lived, communicated only with colleagues, was not even average income. At a funeral, I have never seen such a cortege (200 cars) and have not seen so many premium cars. I mean, you only have whistles - everyone is going. So "hang down", declare Avakov in the media a geek or whoever else. Do not be silent.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. alexej123
      alexej123 23 January 2016 01: 08
      I'm just wondering who put the minus and its rationale. Cute Avakov?
      1. Seal
        Seal 23 January 2016 20: 23
        I don’t know, not me. But I would put a minus for your first
        Quote: alexej123
        Armenians of Kharkov - honor and respect.

        for which honor and respect, if we do not even know if there is actually a letter or not. And even if there is, what kind of respect can there be for those who wrote the letter, but did not send it to the addressee, but hid it "until the liberation of Kharkov"?
        And here I would put a plus for your second half, for this reminder:
        Quote: alexej123
        At the funeral, I have such a motorcade (200 cars) and so many premium cars have not seen yet.

        Yes, this is how this diaspora lives on in our people. But many of those who are in the "premium class" came running to Russia, as they themselves say, "beggar refugees", some after the earthquake, some after the showdown with the Azerbaijanis.

        And the officer was apparently like Koreiko :)))

        Total minus and plus = 0. I do not put anything.
        1. alexej123
          alexej123 24 January 2016 00: 27
          You are just like a Prophet - no matter what the phrase, then a statement that does not require proof is an axiom. Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
        2. The comment was deleted.
        3. alexej123
          alexej123 24 January 2016 00: 42
          So bet, I won't get poor. No need for such a mentoring tone, I expressed my opinion about the article. If you don't like it, thank you. You should not switch to nationalities - there are Russians who were fattening at a time when their people were simply dying out. So what? Now we will put brands on everyone? Then announce the criteria for "brands". And for Koreiko - if you don't know the person, don't show your stupidity. Or do you want to show yourself so cool and smart? My advice is just be that way.
          1. Seal
            Seal 25 January 2016 00: 49
            I am disgusted by those who still do not apologize for the explosion of the Moscow metro (1977), or for the vile shooting of our five paratroopers, led by Lieutenant Shapovalov (1992, Gyumri). And at the same time, arrogantly demands to recognize himself as our ally.
            This is the first criterion.
            I like the fact that declaring themselves almost Orthodox (and often Orthodox), our territory is being paved with their Gregorian churches. In fact, sister Orthodox churches do not conduct ecumenical activities on each other's territory. The Serbian or Georgian Patriarchate will never build their churches on the land of the Moscow Patriarchate. And, accordingly, the Moscow Patriarchate will never build its churches in Serbia or Georgia. If where something is, it was built during the time of the Russian Empire or the Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate abroad, which fed emigration of 1917-1922. But the Gregorian church is likened to all Mormons, Protestants, Catholics and other Jehovah's who brazenly erect their temples on the territory of the Moscow Patriarchate. Gregorians in this matter are even ahead of Mormons. This is the second criterion.

            And further. Our bad people are our bad people. They were born here, on the land of their ancestors, and we can’t get anywhere from them.
            There are also bad people whose lands we once conquered. We also can't get away from them, since they always have an excuse: "You yourself conquered and annexed the lands of our ancestors to Russia."
            But there are unique, bad people, and not ours, and probably the only ones we have not won. These are the descendants of those whose ancestors once ran to us in search of salvation. And they promised for themselves and their descendants to be the most faithful, most law-abiding subjects of our Sovereign. So what ? Have they fulfilled their vows? Is this a criterion or not?

            The Armenians (Gregorian heretics who deny the Holy Trinity) were able to take our emperors for a long time with their supposedly “Orthodoxy” starting with Paul the First, to whom the Armenians brazenly announced that they were saying “Orthodox”.
            They drove both Alexander the First, and Nikolai the First and Alexander the Second by the nose. As a result, our kings quite late figured out what their subjects of Armenian nationality are. But still figured it out. So only when the true Russian Tsar Alexander III ascended the throne - the first thing he did was to expel the Armenian Minister of Internal Affairs Loris-Melikov.
            Then Alexander III instructed the new Minister of Internal Affairs Tolstoy to take measures against other Armenians and Armenian nationalism as a whole.
            By the end of the 1880s, almost all Armenians were fired from government posts in the Russian Empire.
            In 1885, Armenian schools were closed in the Russian Empire; in 1889, the history and geography of Armenia was excluded from schooling.
            But especially our Armenians, Tsar Nicholas II took up. Initially, in 1897-1899, laws were passed on the transfer of parish schools of Armenia to the Ministry of Education of the Russian Empire. And on June 12, 1903, the Regulation “On the Concentration of Property Management of the Armenian-Gregorian Church in Russia in the possession of government institutions” was adopted. According to it, all real estate (including profitable land) and capital belonging to the Armenian church and religious institutions passed into the jurisdiction of the state. True, this cannot be called a complete confiscation, since the share of their owner, the Armenian religious institutions, was allocated from the proceeds from the sale of confiscated property and cash. And only the First Russian Revolution of 1905, when we were no longer up to the Armenians, forced Nicholas II to turn off this right path.
            The Armenians did not forgive us.
  22. Clueless
    Clueless 22 January 2016 15: 18
    Gentlemen, for all my dislike of the politicians of Ukraine, for me Avakov, more or less of them, is friends even with his head. True, like everyone else, almost, complete, and he laid on the Ukrainians.
    1. misterwulf
      misterwulf 22 January 2016 23: 35
      He is not friendly with a sexual orientation and, without serving a minute without serving in the police or other bodies, uses his body differently. And m. and 2 organs .... I didn’t stand with a candle
  23. gorgo
    gorgo 22 January 2016 16: 17
    With all due respect to these people, still 600 years ago there was no Russian Empire ... There were different Russian principalities. Including the Grand Duchy of Moscow.
  24. 2argo2
    2argo2 22 January 2016 19: 20
    I think Avakov-AVAKYAN, now we need to call the position the Minister of Internal Be-Be-Be-Be-Security, and SAAKASHVILI - Odessa GuBe-Be-Be-Be-rnator.
  25. alone
    alone 22 January 2016 19: 34
    ))) By God, any of you could do it. Put a camera, read a text and you can write at least 1000 Armenian surnames. Where is the fact that these people agree with the speaker? It's so simple. Have you already believed.
    1. Lekxnumx
      Lekxnumx 24 January 2016 07: 37
      A purely Armenian gambit! Sacrifice Avakov's pawn for the sake of a common goal and a common goal to remain in the public eye of Russia. When Armenians are needed, these are US patriots, dozens of Armenians in the political life of the United States. Life is an example of this. Maidan. When the Armenians need to remember that they were saved by the Russians from death. When dividends are needed, the Armenians will remember how the Turks slaughtered them, but do not remember how they did the same at the same time against other peoples. No, not against the Turks and Az-Turks, though it could be justified that they say they massacred us and we took them in revenge. I'm talking about a bloody gorge where, in addition to the Az-ts, entire villages of Lezghins were slaughtered in the Southern Lezgin territories, who did nothing to them, and besides. in Guba, where mass graves are still found. A fact from history when the Armenians perpetrated a massacre in the north of Az-na against the Lezghins. Alibek Ziziksky was an eyewitness how the Armenians say to the Jews "you Jews do not understand that Muslims will cut you out and only we will save you "And 16 Jews left Guba, but the Lezgins and Tats (Persians) and Az-ts never touched the Jews, they still live in Krasnaya Sloboda. That is why they probably say" WHERE ARMENIANS ARE NOT JEWISH A PLACE"
  26. misterwulf
    misterwulf 22 January 2016 23: 49
    But the most disgusting scandal erupted a year ago. Local human rights activist Alexander Karjak accused Avakov and his associate deputy Alexander Kirsch of molesting a young Kharkov boy Maxim, who himself admitted this to the television camera.
    He met Avakov on the Internet. According to the young man, the politician used someone else's photo - a middle-aged sports man. In the section “Who I want to find”, he indicated: “a guy or a girl”, although later it turned out that guys attract a voluptuary much more strongly. Avakov offered Maxim money for sexual services. He experienced financial difficulties, so he agreed. According to the teenager, Avakov first demanded that Maxim send a photo of the body, then - the genitals and buttocks, and only then - the face.
    The young man said that he wanted to break out of the arms of the “benefactor” and return to normal life, start a family. That is why he made the hideous story public. However, the case against Kirsch and Avakov was closed on the basis that the victim of the molestation ... "was not inflicted light bodily harm." How much it cost the millionaire Avakov, will now remain a mystery forever

    Honestly, I don’t know if a criminal case has been opened against him (in Crimea). On Lyder’s fag-pedophile, yes, as well as on his (ashamed) colleagues from our parliament .. It’s on this article. More precisely, on 2 articles at once. Well, you understand how.

    ZYZH Moderator. How do I change the flag? I had Soviet and changed it to Russian, but I see ... uSrainsky ....
  27. tomcat117
    tomcat117 23 January 2016 11: 07
    The Armenians of Kharkov are great, no words, boundless respect!
  28. alexvac2016
    alexvac2016 23 January 2016 12: 24
    Avakov is still that pig.
  29. Lumumba
    Lumumba 23 January 2016 12: 30
    Quote: Castor
    For the information of those who consider the word "religion" offensive: EVERY person is an adherent of any religion, there is no person without religion.

    It is rather faith, not religion. Each of us believes in something, somewhere deep inside us. Even an atheist has faith in something. And faith is not a religion. The difference between faith and religion is exactly the same as between the homeland and the state.
  30. Denis Skiff
    Denis Skiff 23 January 2016 12: 49
    these bastards have always been. more often they need to be destroyed.
  31. Ima tsoh
    Ima tsoh 23 January 2016 13: 34
    In China, Armenians have been known for about 5000 years. Traces and achievements of this people are available in different parts of the world. It is unfortunate that some of them leave the five main tenets of the Armenians. And with this statement, the Armenians prove that they remain Armenians. And this is the rarest value today.
    1. Seal
      Seal 23 January 2016 19: 55
      In China, Armenians have been known for about 5000 years.
      Does this statement of yours have any documentary evidence?
  32. Bator
    Bator 23 January 2016 15: 53
    to all to all to all!
  33. Seal
    Seal 23 January 2016 19: 52
    Well said. It is not clear only whether the original (or copy) of the letter with all the signatures to Avakov is gone. Judging by the text of the author on the video - no, he didn’t leave. Neither the original nor the copy. Where the original signature letter is a big, big secret. According to the author, the original letter can be seen only after the liberation of Kharkov. In the meantime ... for now, only this is a speech posted on Yu-Tube.
    I also hope that Kharkiv will someday be liberated from the Bandera plague. And then all the signatories will come out and begin to demand honors and awards for themselves, as "members of the Resistance."
    And if (alas, this must also be allowed), Kharkov will not be released (or will be released very soon), and Avakov, meanwhile, will gobble up Saakashvili and strengthen his position - it seems that there was no letter. You never know that someone read on U-Tube.
  34. Ros 56
    Ros 56 23 January 2016 20: 32
    Well, it inspires hope, because some of Ukraine completely went awry.
  35. cast iron
    cast iron 23 January 2016 20: 56
    And here it was not without Armenians)) Are there too many Armenians in the Russian-speaking space. I’ve noticed in the last 5 years - more and more. Especially on television. No, I'm not a nationalist. But really, there are too many Armenians. Much more than Armenia.
  36. AlGaRitm
    AlGaRitm 24 January 2016 08: 19
    Where did he come from - This Avakov? Can’t you put it back?
  37. bratchanin3
    bratchanin3 24 January 2016 08: 47
    How well and warmly an Armenian from Kharkov said in his address about Russia, this is worth a lot.
  38. Cfif2303
    Cfif2303 24 January 2016 11: 16
    I'm afraid - With all due respect to the Armenian people - I do not consider Avakov an Armenian .... Thanks for the letter !!!!!
  39. AdekvatNICK
    AdekvatNICK 24 January 2016 11: 59
    if all those whom we had freed in history remember this. Now there would not be this outrage.
  40. Alfer
    Alfer 24 January 2016 14: 11
    I don’t know what the Armenians of Kharkiv think, but the rest of Kharkiv think differently. Hatred of Russia, hatred of the Donbass rolls over there.
  41. koralvit
    koralvit 24 January 2016 17: 28
    And what bad did Russia do to Ukrainians? Nothing at all, only helped. These young people washed their brains, and they began to jump. And now the races are over, you need to do something, then eat the hunt. It is good that there are people who independently think and are able to draw adequate conclusions from what is happening in Ukraine.
  42. Alfer
    Alfer 24 January 2016 17: 54
    If only the youths were brainwashed. Listen to people from thirty to seventy. Where do they get so much hatred from? The same Kharkiv people, for example. Or from Odessa.