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Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. About our brothers ... elders

Greetings to you, dear readers. What you read today is almost unrelated to Ukraine. Not because I moved somewhere. For family reasons, so to speak. So at the beginning of the foreword. Lyrical.

I came home this morning, and there my cockroach. Well, everything seems to be as usual. But ... In the air it smells like a thunderstorm. Already the belly began to tremble. Maybe the mother-in-law came unexpectedly? It seems not time now. Yes, and the snow on the street ... Even a cockroach so unkind as my mom can't get over. So what happened?

And the Cockroach is so sincerely (already goose bumps on chitin): “When did you call me in marriage, what did you call me?”

So I remember ... I turned on the well-known ... Well, such as a tararusik or a tararashechka ... It didn’t work ... It turns out that I called her then a lamb-laughter ... That's all right. Although, men will understand me. Themselves also the stars from the sky promised ... Instinct ...

In short, she read my notes here. Well, and she remembered that she was a Ukrainian. Yes, laughter. And then - for the people she felt hurt. What are you doing the perfect idiots of us? What am I, idiot? And ultimatum. Or do you write what we, Ukrainians, smart and good, or instead of borsch will eat Chinese noodles. And straight from the bag. She hit the saint. That's what it means to give the enemy true information about their weaknesses.

But the worst thing is that she, the enemy of labor cockroach, demonstratively closed the lid with borscht. Type of sanction. Until I solve the problem. Here it is. In short, I thought, I thought and decided, if it really came to a food blockade, I will write. But harm does not rest. Anyway, I'm in the main house! Because I will not write as requested Tarakanushka, but vice versa. Not about the greatness of the Ukrainians, but about the Russians. And then you, dear readers, about the logs in the eye began to forget ... This is me about your saying ...

To start, I climbed into the "Browser". Not the one that is ours, native, but yours. The one that ru. Successfully so climbed. Guys, and after what you read on this Observer, do you really think that the Russians are all smart? Once upon a time, in his youth, he ate "Crocodile" in the library. So, what I have fallen into, many orders of magnitude steeper.

We have, in Ukraine, such a great know-it-all journalist Vitaly Portnikov. So, after our SBU caught a female body called Nastya, I wrote about this in the last "Notes ...", wrote the answer to the Muscovites. Not to you, but to those on whose site I am now grazing. It must be said worthy of such an answer. Type nothing to wriggle to our victory. You and your Swamp are in ... well, there, on which people most often sit, and we are almost in Europe. In short, your maydaunas believed that our maydaunas just squealed with happiness from support. But it turned out that traitors, even traitors in the camp of enemies, are not loved anywhere.

Vitaliy Portnikov wrote the informative text “To the Moskal Friends”, summing up the discussion that flared up between Ukrainian patriots and Russian enemies of the people and traitors about the measure of collective and personal responsibility of each Russian for the attack on Ukraine, 300 years of the imperial yoke, famine, great-chauvinism and so on and so forth, which is in our common stories there was an excess.

This I quoted the beginning of the article by your maydaun Mikhail Anshakov. Type from your table to ours. And then even funnier.

"... choosing a side, you need to fight the enemy for the sake of those ideals that you uphold. So did the Russian national traitors who supported Ukraine in the ongoing war. It did not end, they did not surrender. You can not fight on the side of Ukraine and repent for your crimes to the Ukrainian people on their knees. These are absolutely different conditions that require different psychological attitudes, and repentance is inappropriate until the mission is completed, and evil has not been defeated. "

Consider dear readers, this yours, Russian maydauny write, not Ukrainian. Anyway. Further funnier. In the sense of reading. Do you even know what is happening in Russia? I thought that in the course. It turned out - no.

“We are appealing to FIFA with the initiative to move the World Cup 2018 from Russia to another country ready to host it. And if it is technically impossible, we urge all participating teams from all countries to boycott this event on the model of a boycott of the Olympic Games in Moscow in 1980.

The grounds for our initiative were, first of all, the seizure of the Crimea by Russia and the war inspired by it with its direct armed participation in the south-eastern Ukraine. This “hybrid war” claimed the lives of more than 9 thousands of people, and more than 1,4 million made refugees and internally displaced persons. The actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin also led to getting into the “hybrid war” zone of the Buk missile system of the RF Armed Forces used to fire a passenger airbus of flight MH-17, killing all 283 passengers and 15 crew members.

In addition to the above, Putin and his regime imprison innocent people just for their position in relation to his regime and the war in Ukraine. Among the most well-known political prisoners and hostages of the regime are Ukrainian military pilot Nadezhda Savchenko (kidnapped and taken to the Russian Federation), Ukrainian film director Oleg Sentsov (sentenced to 20 years of camps) and Russian public figure Ildar Dadin (3 of the year camps). In the Crimea and the regions of Eastern Ukraine occupied by Russia, human rights violations are permanent and widespread. The leader of the Crimean Tatars, Mustafa Dzhemilev, who was deported as a child with his family to Stalin and later served as a prisoner for his convictions in the Soviet GULAG, the Russian authorities denied entry to his home in Crimea. "

This is also a letter from the Russians. True, instead of the names of "world-renowned figures of science and culture" so far pshik. But I think someone will sign it soon. After all, Kasparov and Makarevich, not to mention Nevzorov, and Sobchak on the spot. So, dear readers, make your own conclusions.

And how many heroes in Russia. Just put the paw nowhere. Suddenly, the hero accidentally crush. You, probably, remember the recent statement of one deputy from some Siberian city? One who does not respect Kadyrov. Only then he apologized for some reason. It seems not to be was. So here's another one. Valery Retired.

“Your appeals, as an official, to the persecution of the so-called non-systemic opposition, that is, us, are repulsive and disgusting at Stalinism. I thought who the first official of your level would dare to say is well forgotten -“ the enemy of the people "Everybody walked around and so on." State Department cookies, "" non-systemic opposition, "" foreign agents. "The first was the head of Chechnya, 40% of the people who were exterminated as" enemies of the people "by Comrade Stalin, whose words you With ecstasy quote. Let your people give you an assessment. If not today, then cut 5,10, 15 years. And he will give it. Absolutely. God does not will not give.

My home address is at your so-called. "Chechen diaspora", for sure, there is. I'm not afraid to die. But I will not tolerate the humiliation of myself and my friends! "

Imagine now how Ramzan sits and scratches his head. How much exactly will the Chechen people give an assessment of its activities. And why today it is impossible. I do not know how people do, and cockroaches in such cases, paws tear. One on one. If the opponent is equal. And if like here, just kick kicked out. In order not to stink.

But the most delicious for you on the "Observer" I left last. Is there such a colorful madame ... Katya Maldon. Maybe I don’t understand something in your human names, but Katya should be a little girl. Then he grows into a big Catherine. And here, judging by the photo, big-very big, but still Kate.

In the photo: a civic activist, a member of ROD "Maidan without Borders" Katya Maldon

In short, remember New Year's Eve in Cologne? Well, then, when a few hundreds of Germans Arabs crushed a little? Do you think you know everything? As if not so. You know nothing.

In general, the Germans indicated "culprit" before the election. To call her Frau Merkel (for particularly blunt voiced in plain text and propagated around the world countless times).

"I would be in the place of the police, I paid the closest attention to this prepared provocateur, he just had a snout in the fluff !!! Who benefits from it? Guess three times, the first letter X ..."

That's what this Katya is. He knows everything.

I quote one of the Russian-language articles:

"Meanwhile, the people of Cologne ABSOLUTELY EXACTLY IDENTIFIED THE ORIGIN OF TRAGEDIA: the other day there were mass protests in the city, during which the demonstrators" thanked "the German Chancellor for such a" gift "for the New Year -“ Frau Merkel, where are you? What do you say? ” afraid, ”“ Thank you, Frau Merkel. Poor Cologne ", was written on banners. The situation begins to take a serious turn for Merkel. Her party’s victory in the upcoming Bundestag elections in 2017 and the re-election of the Chancellor becomes a fantastic scenario It seems that her only chance to remain in power would be to grant the right to vote to all refugees and migrants whom Merkel so kindly donated to her country. But this option is also a series of fiction. "

For those who do not understand, I chew. Refugees are stupid. For six months, even one phrase can not be learned in German. Katya knows. She studies with them there in Germany. Merkel is a real tolerant German. It stands for the equality of all and everywhere. But for some reason, Merkel was tired of Putin. So he taught this Syrian something, that famous phrase: "I am a Syrian, and Frau Merkel invited me." Putin knows German perfectly.

And all so that in future elections Merkel would not be elected Chancellor. Fu ... much the most disgusting to write what you are reading now. But I did not write this. I indicated the authors, and the source too.

I don’t know if I’ll get borsch today, but using the example of just one site, I showed that Russians and Ukrainians are twin brothers. Russia also has its maydauny. There are patriots, their pravoseki. Only called a little differently. But all goals are the same. To destroy what is and, maybe, to build something else later. Moreover, as the experience of Ukraine has shown, the builders of the destroyers are none. So we live in ruin for two years. Maybe this bowl will pass you by. I really do not want those about which I wrote to take over you. Read, do not be silent, fight. It is better to fight, even with fists, somewhere in the Swamp, than Artai under Russian cities.

Many sites, which just yesterday were quite patriotic, today are beginning to slip towards radicalism or criticism. Well, you can understand everything. Fight for the reader. The fight for the rating and what else happens there, I do not know. The main thing is that in the heads (of any) the ability not only to perceive information, but also to think, would not be lost. Simply put, think, analyze and draw conclusions.

And our next meeting, as always, at the beginning of the week. There I will write for the soul. And not for borscht. On this bye.
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  1. avva2012
    avva2012 21 January 2016 06: 30
    Your calls, as an official, for the persecution of the so-called unsystematic opposition, i.e. us, reprisals against us are vile and give up to Stalinism. I thought who the first of the officials of your level dared to pronounce this well-forgotten “enemy of the people”.

    Enemy of the People, why in quotation marks? It is true that they are enemies of the state, that is, those people who live in it. They want to pour blood on their country, for small crumbs from the master’s table.
    I agree that they should be called that, Enemy of the People. Moreover, they themselves ask.
    The reasons for our initiative were, first of all, Russia's capture of Crimea and the war in the south-east of Ukraine, inspired by her with her direct armed participation. This "hybrid war" claimed the lives of more than 9 thousand people, and more than 1,4 million made refugees and internally displaced persons. The actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin also led to the entry into the zone of the "hybrid war" of the Buk missile system, used to fire on the passenger airbus of flight MH-17, killing all 283 passengers and 15 crew members.

    If I understand at least something, then in this statement there are at least several articles of the Criminal Code. What does the Investigative Committee do? If our authorities have not grown to the term "enemy of the people", then, as usual violators of the law, after all, you can attract them?
    1. Darkmor
      Darkmor 21 January 2016 10: 19
      Come on. Fundamentally, our maydaunas are not different from Ukrainian ones.
      It’s just that they are down here, but in Ukraine they have made their way to the top.

      The problem with our Russian opposition is that Putin is too closely associated with the state. As a result, they replace the concept of Putin with Putin's Russia, and they are not fighting with Putin, but with Putin's Russia, i.e. with the country. And this line separates the opposition from the traitors. And people, even if they don’t understand it with their minds, they still feel it.
      In general, our opposition is bad - stupid.
      We need a good, smart one that would criticize the government, but would think about the good of the country, and not about wrecking. But where can I get it?

      And about collective responsibility - of course, it is. Our president is elected - and since we elected him, then any of his actions (including drunken dances ...) are the result of our choice.
      And it doesn’t matter that someone specific did not vote for him - if you do not agree with the choice of the majority of your fellow citizens and are not ready to support this choice as your own - put your passport on the table of the Russian Embassy in any other country - give up your responsibility. For some reason our oppositionists forget about this too ...

      But speaking of collective responsibility, we should remind our Ukrainian friends that they bear exactly the same responsibility for their power. And it doesn’t matter if they voted for Poroshenko or not. It doesn’t matter if he won honestly or not. If the people did not say anything, then he agreed with this choice, and with this coup d'etat, and silently assumed collective responsibility for his state and its future debts, moral and material.
      Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk can live in private mansions in the Canaries in a year, and foreign ministers will return to their numerous "homelands." And responsibility for their actions will remain ... not with the Cabinet, which will change - not with the security forces that will change their leaders:
      And on idiotic students who rode on the Maidan, on pensioners, who put pots on their heads, on volunteers and volunteers, on conscripts in the Donbass, on prostitutes and homeless people - and on millions of those who were silent - out of fear, out of laziness - no matter. And even on children who inherit the responsibility of their stupid parents.
      1. avva2012
        avva2012 21 January 2016 10: 30
        The problem with our Russian opposition is that Putin is too closely associated with the state
        The problem is that we have no opposition.
        There are traitors. They should be called that. Public Enemies.
        But speaking of collective responsibility, we should remind our Ukrainian friends that they bear exactly the same responsibility for their power.
        They shared responsibility a little earlier. This is when their fathers and grandfathers, they fastened barbed wire infants to the trees and the women cut the living two-handed saw.
        So, they still live very well. Until.
    2. tolian
      tolian 21 January 2016 13: 42
      Putin correctly hinted about anonymous. I think they’ll tighten the tails. I agree with you, these are enemies of the people. Without quotes.
  2. SSR
    SSR 21 January 2016 06: 31
    When I went to the echo of Moscow, there was a burning desire for most commentators to paddle along the ridge, to see a similar resource.
    I have friends from Kharkov who have been living in the Russian Federation for almost 20 years, people educated in physics and mathematics at an international institute - but they are such pearls about the Maydaun that happened! That I'm falling into a stupor. I say, Dryun, can you go home, work there, live there? In response, what have I lost there? And cheez five minutes begins to carry a blizzard about the Crimea ..... Looks like it's infectious and similar sit on the resources of "hobby groups". ))))
    1. Scoun
      Scoun 21 January 2016 10: 05
      Quote: SSR
      issuing such pearls about what happened maydaun!

      My friend Dmitry is like that))) we have river beaches around the city and he turns pale when he sees mountains of garbage that are left behind by our citizens "patriots" and Putin is to blame for this))) when I ask about the Maidan, then he has - Putin is to blame when I ask who made them jump with the slogans "Uruina Tse Europe" and "Mos.ko.lyaku to Gilyaku"? begins to murmur indistinctly that everything is confused there))

      In today's situation, it is really a pity for people who took mortgages in foreign currency, IMHA part of the burden should be borne by the Government of the Russian Federation.
      1. just exp
        just exp 21 January 2016 18: 53
        They took 1 mortgage in foreign currency because the percentage is less, and substantially less, they decided not to go like everyone else, but to be more cunning and take a mortgage in foreign currency, which is a risk, they risked and lost.
        Now, if the buck fell, you wouldn’t see the rallies of these people who would yell that the buck would collapse and they would demand that they increase the percentage or somehow increase payments. don't consider yourself smarter than the whole society and the chance to fly is significantly reduced.
        2 the government just helps them, for them the dollar rate is old, the state pays the difference. there was a topic a year ago with rallies and other things.
      2. Nick
        Nick 21 January 2016 20: 32
        Quote: Scoun
        In today's situation, it is really a pity for people who took mortgages in foreign currency, IMHA part of the burden should be borne by the Government of the Russian Federation.

        IMHA I had to think with my head ... In general, the state should have prohibited lending in foreign currencies. In Russia, the ruble should be the only currency, there would be much less offended among the "especially gifted" lol
  3. ImPerts
    ImPerts 21 January 2016 06: 33
    Again they recall Stalin. They lack Stalinism. God forbid that these non-systemic seize upon power, Thermidor and Vendée will seem childish games.
    Under Stalin, they would benefit, learn something.
    And these homegrown maydaunas all the more.
    1. avva2012
      avva2012 21 January 2016 07: 14
      God forbid, these non-systemic seize power
      So, but it was already when the intelligentsia had power.
      KOMUCH in Samara, the Provisional Siberian Government, although they were not in power for long, they managed to drink blood.
      1. kotvov
        kotvov 21 January 2016 12: 25
        KOMUCH in Samara, Provisional Siberian Government, ,,
        you forgot to add the 90s. Yes, and the current Chubais are not the same?
        1. avva2012
          avva2012 21 January 2016 15: 34
          Those of course. Yes, most likely, more blood was shed than the predecessors. Just tired of talking about these features. Yes, and there is hope that these will answer during life.
  4. Alekseev-Orsk
    Alekseev-Orsk 21 January 2016 06: 35
    The cockroach, as always handsome, writes on the topic of the day.
  5. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 21 January 2016 06: 37
    Yes, a mustachioed one, hunger is not an aunt, then I agree, BUT ... where did the Maidan happen? Who yells about occupation? Who screams about his exclusivity, antiquity, and independence? Who blames anyone in their troubles, but not themselves? And finally, we will never be brothers, who yells? And so, hunger is not an aunt, then I agree ..
    1. domokl
      domokl 21 January 2016 06: 52
      Quote: Shiva83483
      BUT ... where did the Maidan happen?

      belay So he kind of writes about the fact that in Russia there are also maydanut ... Or I didn’t read it that way ...
      1. KOH
        KOH 21 January 2016 07: 12
        We have our own maydaunas-marshes ...))))
  6. Voha_krim
    Voha_krim 21 January 2016 07: 20
    The leader of the Crimean Tatars, Mustafa Dzhemilev, who was deported as a child with his family by Stalin and later served in the Soviet Gulag for his beliefs, the Russian authorities banned from entering his home in Crimea. "

    A criminal case has been opened against Mustafa Dzhemilev under three articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, and the court in absentia chose a preventive measure in the form of detention, the lawyer of the former leader of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatars said.

    RIA Novosti
    1. Lekov L
      Lekov L 21 January 2016 13: 24
      So this is not a ban - this is an invitation ..
      Come Mr. Dzhemilev. Shkonka highlighted.
  7. Nikolay71
    Nikolay71 21 January 2016 07: 42
    Thanks to the Cockroach for the article! I hope Tarakanushka fed borsch?
  8. Riv
    Riv 21 January 2016 07: 45
    In Russia, stubborn bogs are considered ... well, not so completely sick, but blessed. That's right, sic! Mournfully on my head, there is no hope of returning to normal, but you can listen to it - maybe something interesting will tell. A man listens to this on the street, scratches his head, smiles and goes with an improved mood to repair a cart, or build a new gate.

    So there is some benefit from the blessed ones, and therefore it is not customary to beat them in Russia.
    1. tolian
      tolian 21 January 2016 14: 13
      Correctly noted! You listen to Vova Ryzhkov and the mood gets better. You see - a speculator, like Nadezhdin. They speculate on everything and everyone. On poverty in Russia, on pensioners, on a needle in the oil industry, on a crumbling industry, on dying health and education, etc., etc. Although they themselves are the main destroyers. Until now, they cannot agree that the right government position in Russia is not perceived by the wise Russian people, who have the historical experience and experience of the current decades, when these disguised government positioners appeared in power. What can not be said about the inhabitants of the Gulyai-field - Outskirts. Crowds led by the "national team". A bunch of Natsiks led by a Yankee. Is not it? Listen to the same Karasev, the same Oksana or an aunt with a braid. These are really looped downs. It is interesting that in 10 years they will sing because of the hillock. About the next cold and famine, arranged by Russia?
  9. parusnik
    parusnik 21 January 2016 07: 56
    Many sites, which were quite patriotic just yesterday, are now starting to slide toward radicalism or criticism...Yes, of course, it's nice to be a well-fed "patriot" when there is parmesan and jamon, they take it away, all "patriotism" disappears ..
    1. oborzevatel
      oborzevatel 21 January 2016 10: 15
      Quote: parusnik
      Many sites, which were quite patriotic just yesterday, are now starting to slide toward radicalism or criticism...Yes, of course, it's nice to be a well-fed "patriot" when there is parmesan and jamon, they take it away, all "patriotism" disappears ..

      And where does the satiety fromparmesan and jamonwhen prices in stores and incomes of most of the state increase in different proportions?
      And when the salaries of some "servants of the people" are doubled, while others - by only 4%?
      1. Vladimir73
        Vladimir73 21 January 2016 13: 21
        Quote: oborzevatel
        And when the salaries of some "servants of the people" are doubled, while others - by only 4%?

        So four more than two ....
        And so it reminds a joke:
        - Hi Petro! How are you doing?
        - Business.
        - How?! You had a solid deuce in math school !! have you always got 2X2 five ?!
        - So simple. I'm going to Germany and buying a barrel of beer for 100 bucks. I’m taking to Moscow and selling for 200 bucks. I live on these two percent ... smile

        And about pormesan ... just such pseudo patriots write what is more profitable for them at the moment or how fashionable, and they do not think about the consequences of their words ("bazaar") ... request
  10. avva2012
    avva2012 21 January 2016 07: 58
    But for some reason, Merkel is tired of Putin. So he taught this Syrian or something, that famous phrase: "I am a Syrian, and I was invited by Frau Merkel." Putin knows German perfectly.

    Vladimir Vladimirovich, also that comedian. This is not the first time he has joked with Merkel.
    "Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with Bild that he did not know that German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel was afraid of dogs. This is how the head of state responded to a request from journalists to comment on the incident in 2007, when during a meeting between the leaders of the Russian Federation and Germany at the Bocharov residence The Labrador Koni approached Angela Merkel in a stream. "No, of course. I did not know anything about it. On the contrary, I wanted to please her when I showed her my dog. I later explained to her and apologized for that," Vladimir said Putin. "
    1. Riv
      Riv 21 January 2016 10: 06
      And then: "Slightly slower, Koni ..."
  11. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 21 January 2016 08: 12
    The author was not surprised by the Russian maydanut. Although what they are Russian, so-without clan, without a tribe. Would a citizen pour water on his country with dirt, admire the abominations taking place in a neighboring country and urge to follow the example of this neighboring country.
  12. asp373
    asp373 21 January 2016 08: 29
    Well, yes, we were one country and one people, and now our paths have diverged, and quite strongly. Anyone who has fallen off the jewelry here has to learn to be a Russian. Almost like when immigrating to the United States, only the language does not need to be learned. We have become different.
  13. vmo
    vmo 21 January 2016 08: 37
    Maydon ghouls.
  14. Belousov
    Belousov 21 January 2016 09: 01
    Well, Kadyrov is also quite a definite enemy of the people. To boast that at the age of 16 he slaughtered Russian soldiers, and is now a hero of Russia ... And a bunch of his fakes with the same "heroic" stars ... Shame on the state and Putin personally.
    1. Belousov
      Belousov 21 January 2016 15: 55
      Well, at least one minuser explained the reasons lol
      1. Cherdak
        Cherdak 21 January 2016 20: 05
        Quote: Belousov
        Well, at least one minuser explained the reasons

        Pasha, you don’t have to make a fool of yourself.
        To me, too, "Mumu" Turgenev wrote, but why put a monument to Pushkin?

        Juggling is: cheating, perversion, juggling, juggling, juggling, shifting, distortion, overexposure, distortion, moving, cheating, muhlezh, rumble, volt, twitching
    2. Belousov
      Belousov 21 January 2016 15: 55
      Well, at least one minuser explained the reasons lol
      1. just exp
        just exp 21 January 2016 18: 57
        it would be possible not to get involved with Kadyrov at all, but still fight, as I understand it, you would like to kill ten more Russian guys if only Ramzan would not get the chair of the leader of Chechnya.
        1. Belousov
          Belousov 22 January 2016 11: 08
          It’s not a matter of ramzan specifically, the fact is that the chair went to the murderer of Russian soldiers, and what’s his name, from which teip and other tinsel is absolutely not interesting to anyone.
        2. Belousov
          Belousov 22 January 2016 11: 08
          It’s not a matter of ramzan specifically, the fact is that the chair went to the murderer of Russian soldiers, and what’s his name, from which teip and other tinsel is absolutely not interesting to anyone.
  15. Zomanus
    Zomanus 21 January 2016 09: 02
    Well, yes, they pressed our non-systemicists.
    More precisely, they said about them what they are.
    There will be squeals now that they were threatened with stabbing.
    In general, all this begins a quiet work to clear the country's information field.
    They want to write bad about us, even if they write from abroad.
  16. Anita
    Anita 21 January 2016 09: 12
    Yeah ... you have thinkers, we have maydanuty, you can’t argue with that.

    “I thought who would be the first of your level officials to dare to pronounce this well-forgotten“ enemy of the people. ”They walked around and around.“ State Department cookies ”,“ non-systemic opposition ”,“ foreign agents ”"
    Yes, finally, a high-level official dared to tell the truth aloud.
  17. Scud
    Scud 21 January 2016 09: 15
    I’m even lost that it’s more dangerous-the flu, the plague or AIDS, or the head-breaking substance that has emerged unfortunately in Russia. Chaos, sickness and hunger await a sick Dill. And the majority of the population does not even scratch their turnips, they will get that they jumped.
  18. Egoza
    Egoza 21 January 2016 09: 21
    Actually, an interesting combination - in Russia "swamp", and in Ukraine - "maydanutye". But the "Maidans" in our country take place in a place that in the old days was called the Goat Swamp. Maybe it's time to drain the swamps? And then the swamp fumes are very poisonous, they have a bad effect on the brain.
    1. avva2012
      avva2012 21 January 2016 09: 42
      But our "Maidans" are taking place in the place that in the old days was called the Goat Swamp.
      Oh, I thought it was wrong. And, it is, like, "Goat bog", ie goat place. Now a lot is becoming clear why not who are drawn there. Some kind of mysticism! belay
      1. lex locis
        lex locis 21 January 2016 10: 31
        Oh, I thought it was wrong. And, it is, in like, "Goat bog", ie goat place. Now a lot is becoming clear why not who are drawn there.
        Those. the term "marsh" is wrong !!!
        They must be called to o zl !!!
        1. avva2012
          avva2012 21 January 2016 10: 41
          Add, more, shameful.
  19. podgornovea
    podgornovea 21 January 2016 09: 40
    The trouble is that we have such maydaunas and the government seems to have it!
    Only masked for now!
    True there are piercers!

    And here is what Minister of Education (former) Fursenko said:
    “The drawback of the Soviet education system was an attempt to form a Human Creator, and now our task is to grow a qualified consumer”

    This is the way they are preparing for Russia, such is the innovative development!
    And who will say after that that he is not an enemy of the people?
    Dumb truth, so get burned!
  20. The comment was deleted.
  21. Boris Sirob
    Boris Sirob 21 January 2016 10: 40
    Local Maidan crap in Russia because they are not going to live here!
    1. avva2012
      avva2012 21 January 2016 10: 47
      Why are they going. They think they will be Gauleiter’s assistants, schutzmanscapists, simply, “Faithful, Brave, Obedient.” am
  22. cth; fyn
    cth; fyn 21 January 2016 11: 22
    Why did the author go to bed with notes like that? It is necessary to chip in the textbook of a young saboteur)))
  23. Skalpel
    Skalpel 21 January 2016 13: 10
    Take another big PLUS for the article, dear Tarakan Batkovich! Of course he is not a plate of borsch, but still .... :)))
    Regarding what was said - well, well ... there is a wonderful Russian proverb: "in the family - not without its black sheep!". And if there is a big family in Mother Russia, then there are all sorts of freaks.
    I just always wondered - WHERE do they come from? Either moms-dads do not educate them correctly, or do they eat something with food, that their brains are completely "whipped" from something else ..? Maybe they mix something in Coca-Cola and hamburgers? For, in the "outback", where there are "McDonald's" and other similar crap, there is no percentage of such "defective patriots" there ...
  24. iouris
    iouris 21 January 2016 13: 29
    Now is the time when the "borscht index" is the main criterion. After taking borscht, you can think about the soul. We have no opposition. There are Bolshevik radicals who seek to create "controlled chaos" in order to "privatize" the fattest pieces, and then sell them on the cheap. So that people don't have enough borscht.
  25. pts-m
    pts-m 21 January 2016 13: 33
    what to take offense at the wretched from the urine-ruins. they all live with past memories of the case and the idle hohlodomor, arranged by their own secretary for klikuha ... maize, ... above the dunghill. and Russia goes further and does not jump due to the ruins of lamentation ... apply for gas, etc ....
    1. iouris
      iouris 21 January 2016 13: 36
      We are one people and one country. But two states were built: one raw, the second transit.
  26. poma
    poma 21 January 2016 13: 36
    Our homegrown traitors should thank PU that he does not give them offense.

    Correctly by the way. Those past Soviet "dissidents" were romanticized because they thought they were baked for the good of the people. And each put his own meaning into their struggle, which hurt a person: roads, medicine, even freedom of speech, and more often the abstract "for a happy life."
    Now the authorities give them a tribune so that we, ordinary people, see that these "truth-tellers" are not concerned about our good, nor bad roads and expensive dentists, but stupidly our personal Venedsktovo-dog's well-being and ambitions. Molodchaga PU and his team (in this case).

    I have questions for the authorities, but they are here - about us and their goal is to make OUR LIFE HERE better organized - RUSSIA IS MY MOTHERLAND.
  27. Igor V
    Igor V 21 January 2016 13: 40
    Destroy what is and maybe then build something else
    Nobody said anything about building. It was just Stalin who built it, but it’s worthless for them to dirty their hands.
  28. evgen7419
    evgen7419 21 January 2016 17: 32
    interesting, but they gave him borsch or did he have to bite a bag of Chinese noodles?)))
  29. A_Alex
    A_Alex 22 January 2016 14: 59
    I don’t understand why Stalin is being harassed all the time. If you really understand, he did a lot of useful and good things for the country. And everyone remembers only the bad or try to expose from the bad side even the actions that are essentially correct. Then in another way it was impossible either he or him.