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Day of the engineering troops of the Russian Armed Forces

January 21 in Russia annually celebrates the Day of the engineering troops. And it is on this very day that the engineering troops celebrate their professional holiday in the Republic of Belarus. The troops, which in Soviet times were called “stroybat”, and which often became the object for all sorts of ironic tales in the style of “two soldiers from the stroybat replace the excavator” or “the soldiers of the stroybat are real animals - they even weapon they don’t give into the hands ”, in fact they are a truly indispensable component of the domestic Armed Forces.

Officially, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation represents the engineering troops, which began their formation back in the Petrine era, as follows:

These are special troops designed to perform the most complex engineering tasks for combined-arms operations (combat operations), requiring special training of personnel and the use of engineering weapons, as well as for inflicting casualties on the enemy through the use of engineering ammunition.

As can be seen from this definition, the military personnel of the engineering troops are not only engaged in building pontoon bridges, creating fuel transport hubs and routes, masking objects on the ground, and building military road infrastructure, but also in dealing damage to the enemy. Engineering ammunition placed in the path of the enemy, both during the attack and during the retreat, can cause irreparable damage and sometimes decide the outcome of a particular operation of military units.

Day of the engineering troops of the Russian Armed Forces

The experience of engineering troops suggests that the mine danger can significantly affect the actions of the enemy. In fact, it is not at all necessary that the mines inflict great damage to the enemy troops. Their purpose is, rather, in the tactical direction, as well as in exerting a kind of psychological pressure on the enemy. If several mine armored vehicles of the enemy were blown up at the minefields, this could stop the attack of its large unit, and, as a result, save dozens of lives of fighters who perform the task of countering the offensive.

Effective staging of minefields and other obstacles by the military personnel of the engineering troops can significantly reduce the speed of advance of enemy units and formations. This is due to the need to skip forward sappers, whose work can not be called easy walk.

Do not forget that the setting of minefields - this is only part of the work. Another part of it, which in fact is no less important, is the maintenance of minefields in proper condition. And the content is monitoring the safety of mines at a fixed place, replacing mines that are not capable of performing their main function, working on the fact that the enemy did not demine the ground. In addition, the task is connected with the field fencing with special signs so that it does not become fatal for its own units.

The organizational structure of the engineering troops is as follows:

engineering intelligence units
engineering engineers,
units of barriers and fences,
assault units,
engineering and road,
engineering camouflage.


field water units.

Considering the fact that the crossing of water obstacles is one of the most difficult stages in the advancement of troops, the work of pontoon-bridge units, which is often accompanied by the work of troop-landing platoons, plays a special role in the troops. Despite the fact that at the disposal of the army today there are floating armored vehicles, a river or a lake can become a really serious obstacle, the overcoming of which depends, among other things, on the professional actions of servicemen of the engineering troops. The crossing of a water obstacle is connected with calculations of the maneuverability of personnel and military equipment along induced crossing routes, including pontoon bridges.

Any mistake in this kind of calculations can lead to negative consequences, given the fact that when crossing a water barrier, the enemy can fire heavy fire.

If we talk about the range of tasks performed by the engineer troops, then the list of these tasks is as follows:

engineering reconnaissance of the enemy, terrain and objects;
the erection (arrangement) of fortification structures (trenches, trenches and communications, shelters, dugouts, shelters, etc.) and the organization of field facilities for the deployment of troops (residential, economic, medical);
construction of engineering barriers, including the installation of minefields, blasting operations, equipment for non-explosive barriers (anti-tank ditches, escarpes, counterscores, ridges, etc.);
demining of terrain and objects;
preparation and maintenance of troop movements;
equipment and maintenance of crossings on water barriers, including the construction of bridges;
extraction and treatment of water in the field and others.

The development of engineering troops, their equipping with modern equipment, the use of new technological solutions is proceeding simultaneously with the re-equipment and modernization of other segments of the Armed Forces of the country.

"Military Review" congratulates all military personnel and veterans of the engineering troops on their professional holiday!
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  1. 24rus
    24rus 21 January 2016 06: 10
    Happy Holiday !!!!
    1. Tatyana
      Tatyana 21 January 2016 06: 26
      With a professional holiday for everyone who has served and is serving in the engineering troops of the Russian Federation - he defended, defends and will defend our Motherland! love
      1. vladimirZ
        vladimirZ 21 January 2016 06: 49
        Troops, which in Soviet times were called “building battalion”, and which often became the object of all kinds of ironic tales
        - from article

        You're not right! He himself once began to serve in the engineering forces.
        Stroybat is a construction battalion, construction troops intended for the construction of various military facilities.
        And engineering troops are troops that provide combat operations. These are sappers, pontoons, road builders, bridges, ferry and airborne units and other numerous specialists of the engineering troops.
        The engineering troops in the Army were never called a construction battalion. Engineering units have always been part of the structure of combat troops: a regiment has a sapper company, a division has a separate sapper battalion, an army has separate pontoon regiments, assault-sapper units, etc.
        Happy engineering troops! drinks
        1. dmi.pris
          dmi.pris 21 January 2016 08: 32
          The construction battalions (now "Spetsstroy") celebrate in August, the day of the builder. Quite right, the troops are different.
        2. sso-xnumx
          sso-xnumx 21 January 2016 09: 36
          Quote: vladimirZ
          You're not right! He himself once began to serve in the engineering forces.

          Quite right !!!!! The correct name of the construction battalion is the Military Construction Detachment (VSO). Were subordinate to the Deputy. Minister of Defense of the USSR for the construction and quartering of troops. In the early 90s. Of the twentieth century, died in the "train" and ordered to live long. Ironic self-identification - "Royal troops"! And if you seriously count how many we have built during the entire existence of the WZO, you will get a sickly city with all the necessary infrastructure (houses, boiler houses, sewage treatment plants, airfields, kindergartens, schools, shops, Olympic facilities in Moscow by 1980, medical -prophylactic institutions, spaceports, piers, power plants, and other military equipment to boot.
          Happy professional men !!!
        3. Kostyar
          Kostyar 21 January 2016 09: 54
          Brothers, happy holiday !!!!
          With all my heart and a pure heart !!!!!
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. Aleksander
        Aleksander 21 January 2016 10: 57
        Quote: Tatiana
        With a professional holiday for everyone who has served and is serving in the engineering troops of the Russian Federation - he defended, defends and will defend our Motherland! love

        Thanks a lot! I am that "construction battalion" and am. And these troops-the most necessary good -without them all the rest-as without hands request yes
        All military builders, happy holiday!
        1. sso-xnumx
          sso-xnumx 21 January 2016 12: 38
          Quote: Aleksander
          All military builders, happy holiday!

          The military builders have a professional holiday "Builder's Day". Celebrated on the second Sunday in August.
    2. vodolaz
      vodolaz 21 January 2016 10: 59
      Who said such nonsense that the construction battalion is an engineering force? I myself served in the engineering forces, and I became the diver-sapper there. In general, with a holiday!
  2. Wheel
    Wheel 21 January 2016 06: 16
    Troops, which in Soviet times were called “construction battalion”, and which often became the object of various kinds of ironic tales in the style of “two soldiers from a construction battalion replace an excavator” or “fighters of a construction battalion are real animals - they don’t even give them weapons in their hands”
    I wonder what kind of specialist wrote the article, if he confused the engineering troops with the military building?
    A completely different structure and completely different tasks.

    Minesweeper with a holiday!
    1. BecmepH
      BecmepH 21 January 2016 06: 25
      Troops, which in Soviet times were called "construction battalion"
      What stupidity ... It surprised me too. It was they who hung our emblems for themselves)))) Fellow soldiers, colleagues, colleagues, Veterans, military personnel and engineers of the Engineering Forces congratulate everyone on our professional holiday.
      1. sso-xnumx
        sso-xnumx 21 January 2016 09: 52
        Quote: BecmepH
        What stupidity ... It surprised me too. It was they who hung themselves our emblems))))

        Well, the guys were ashamed to admit that they did not serve in combat units, although if not for them, many of the units would have lived in tents and dugouts. And about the emblems .... In my VZO, plumbers department, the emblems of the pipeline troops were attached to their buttonholes! What led the company commander into wild amazement. To the question "what have they to do with it?" one of the soldiers replied "well, we are working with pipes and valves ..." The reaction of the commander "It turns out that if I ё .... b, then I need two crossed on my buttonholes .... I attach ???" So we had fun! When the objects were handed over, the soldiers went to bed at 4 in the morning and at 6 am again getting up. In the fall, it rains as if from a bucket, and they dig a trench up to their knees in mud, on the street it is frost under 30, they cut the forest, and such cases are quite common. And how happy the service people were when a new house or kindergarten, a school, a new boiler house was rented out in the towns! Yes, sometimes with imperfections and other shortcomings, but everything is better than living with a share or in a prefabricated-slot barrack.
        1. Colonel
          Colonel 21 January 2016 17: 25
          Quote: sso-250659
          sometimes with imperfections and other shortcomings

          well said!
          Once the wooden engineers scoffed at the signalmen, they say they left the pioneer troops. In response, we said that over the course of our history we discovered five laws, and sappers only two:
          1st - scrap dropped vertically sinks faster than scrap scrap horizontally;
          2nd - a bunch of scrap sinking faster than a single scrap.
          Happy holiday, sappers. Always respected workaholic. Although at the sawmill .... oh well lol
        2. The comment was deleted.
    2. moskowit
      moskowit 21 January 2016 19: 50
      I heartily congratulate the glorious engineering army!
      Previously, they were called pioneer troops. I represent the emblems of the pioneer and engineer battalions of the times of Nicholas 1 ...
  3. Vladimyrych
    Vladimyrych 21 January 2016 06: 19
    Happy Holidays and take care of yourself!
  4. parusnik
    parusnik 21 January 2016 06: 23
    A wide range of actions .. Happy Holiday!
  5. shimus
    shimus 21 January 2016 06: 24
    All involved HOLIDAY !!! Including engineering exploration !!!
  6. SAM 5
    SAM 5 21 January 2016 06: 28
    Lord of the engineer! Happy holiday! drinks
  7. Avenich
    Avenich 21 January 2016 06: 31
    Engineering troops are the backbone of our army. What is the use of Armada Armata, if it rests in a river, and much more. It was possible to see how famously erected bridges over ravines and a pontoon crossing is being built. Yes, and you can not retell.
    Sappers with a holiday.
  8. andr327
    andr327 21 January 2016 06: 32
    Thanks for the service, happy holiday!
  9. Aaron Zawi
    Aaron Zawi 21 January 2016 06: 44
    Congratulations to my colleagues! Make no mistake!
  10. tlauicol
    tlauicol 21 January 2016 06: 48
    I remember how in childhood, during the flood, the guys took the car out of the country house. Land on the island, the dam destroyed the water :)) Title pulled out all
  11. Kuzyakin15
    Kuzyakin15 21 January 2016 07: 02

    Although no one denies the necessity and usefulness of the Batov system, how many military and civilian facilities were erected by them.

    Once again with the HOLIDAY, Minesweepers!
    1. cth; fyn
      cth; fyn 21 January 2016 08: 32
      In peacetime, the differences are not significant, but in the war they are very large, during the war, engineering troops are at the forefront of strikes, always ahead, always on the edge of the sword.
  12. cobalt
    cobalt 21 January 2016 07: 12
    In the Soviet army, building troops and engineer forces easily differed in emblems, here is the emblem of the construction battalions
    1. Vovanya
      Vovanya 21 January 2016 10: 44
      The emblem stands for: bosses throw thunder and lightning, subordinates rotate like a circular saw, and the case is anchored so that you can’t move the bulldozer ...
      But everything is mixed in the article, such as -kasha, honey, Mr. and bees. Nevertheless, all involved - a happy holiday!
  13. cobalt
    cobalt 21 January 2016 07: 14
    But the emblem of the engineering troops, as they say, find 5 differences.
  14. denvar555
    denvar555 21 January 2016 07: 27
    He served in the 317th engineering brigade in the village of Nakhabino MO.
    Congratulations to all military engineers on the holiday!
    The army will not do without engineering troops in both wartime and peacetime!
    1. karcov
      karcov 21 January 2016 08: 20
      my uncle served there, 00-02.
  15. The black
    The black 21 January 2016 07: 32
    Everyone involved HOLIDAY !! drinks
  16. guzik007
    guzik007 21 January 2016 08: 20
    I will always remember two years of youth and my pontoon company of a separate engineering battalion with a deployment in the city of Ludwigslust, engineers are the coolest troops in the army: =)). By the way, if anyone did not know. In WWII, in terms of the number of Heroes of the Soviet Union, engineer-sapper engineers were the second after the pilots ...
  17. cth; fyn
    cth; fyn 21 January 2016 08: 29
    Happy holiday to me and everyone who served in the engineering troops)))
  18. Support
    Support 21 January 2016 08: 30
    Happy Holidays! All the best to all of you! When I was on duty, there was a sapper company in our unit (UR). We called them "Beavers". I don't know why - but no offense, but somehow by specialty - they always build something, break it ..., but in Primorye (Barabash) there are a lot of rivers - that's water ...
  19. OlegV
    OlegV 21 January 2016 08: 47
    Happy Holiday !!!
    Health and decent cash allowance !!!
  20. kvs207
    kvs207 21 January 2016 08: 57
    From the Civil Engineering Institute, he was called up to the construction battalion, so everything fits together))). Joke. Our military department trained platoon commanders in the engineering forces.
    Happy holiday.
  21. Crucian
    Crucian 21 January 2016 09: 24
    Engineering troops are the backbone of our army. What is the use of Armada Armata if it rests in a river and much more

    It is foolish to say what is "backbone" and what is not. For example, what is the use of a bridge over a river if there is no Armada "Armada"? If there is no infantry, if there is no artillery support for troops, etc. etc. Each branch is necessary and fulfills its tasks in the implementation of the campaign. It's like arguing that the car is "bone", the engine or the wheels ...
    All representatives of the engineering troops on a holiday !!! And good luck in peaceful and, unfortunately, happening military tasks !!!!
    1. Avenich
      Avenich 21 January 2016 10: 37
      Of course of course. Where is the infantry without art, tanks and aircraft. And name at least one branch of the military that can do without engineers, communications and cooks? And yet, please, look at the meaning of the word "backbone", and after that we will continue the discussion. By the way, if there is no Armata, then the infantry will easily cross the bridge, but the ship will most likely break it. And it's also a shame for those people who worked for days to their waist in cold water and under enemy fire, and then they say about their feat: they "performed their tasks in the implementation of the campaign ..."
  22. Roy
    Roy 21 January 2016 09: 25
    Happy Engineering Day, I congratulate you
    And from the bottom of my heart I want to wish.
    May the service never tire
    It brings you peace and grace.
    May your commander be fair
    And the nervous system is not naughty.
    However, just be always happy.
    Live in harmony and no offense.

    Happy Holidays, dear comrades!
  23. Nikita Gromov
    Nikita Gromov 21 January 2016 09: 29
    You are two in one - both an engineer and a warrior:
    You should always be calm
    To build the whole defense
    To build pontoons in time.
    Minesweepers, builders and engineers,
    Let your work not spoil your nerves.
    May your uniform be pride for you
    And your commander will be fair!
  24. oborzevatel
    oborzevatel 21 January 2016 09: 30
    Happy Holidays to those who linked their service with the engineering troops !!!
    Kaliningrad Higher Engineering Order of Lenin Red Banner College of Engineering Troops, 1990 - 1995, 17th company.
    And engineering troops are not a building battalion ...
  25. avt
    avt 21 January 2016 09: 34
    Happy Holiday! And taking into account the revival of the analogue of SHISBR, engineers go to a new level good hey!
  26. Pvi1206
    Pvi1206 21 January 2016 09: 42
    Together with the Ministry of Emergencies, engineering troops provide assistance to the population in peacetime. Well done! Happy holiday to all of us!
  27. Crucian
    Crucian 21 January 2016 09: 51
    It is not correct to say what is "backbone" and what is not. For example, what is the use of a bridge over a river if there is no Armada "Armada"? If there is no infantry, if there is no artillery support for troops, etc. etc. Each branch is necessary and fulfills its tasks in the implementation of the campaign. It's like arguing that the car is "bone", the engine or the wheels ...
    All representatives of the engineering troops on a holiday !!! And good luck in peaceful and, unfortunately, happening military tasks !!!
  28. AlexTires
    AlexTires 21 January 2016 10: 05
    Happy holiday, men!
  29. Free Cossack
    Free Cossack 21 January 2016 10: 12
    Happy Holidays! He served as an urgent in 1986-1988. in the engineering battalion of support for TVIKU on the Andreevskoye lake, Tyumen region. True, then he served extra-term in aviation, then served as OBKhSS / OBEP of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. But still the day of the engineering troops, this is my holiday. All those who are related to this branch of troops, once again with HOLIDAY!
  30. Romanenko
    Romanenko 21 January 2016 10: 14
    One of my holidays. After graduation, he received asterisks and the rank of commander of the WIS (engineer-sapper platoon) with the solemn presentation of epaulettes at the Kuibyshev VIA training ground in Nikolo-Uryupino (they were our chiefs). Now, unfortunately, this academy is not there, the stool dispersed. But she was the very first in Russia, they say her Tsar Peter organized, of course, the name of Kuybyshev joined much later. Now, in memory of the second alma mater, I still have several books on military roads and column roads. I still use it as reference literature in the design of soil entrances at construction sites.
  31. Oznob
    Oznob 21 January 2016 10: 17
    Dedicated to friends who have served cookies

    Weather of the Murmansk land
    Two years from relatives in the distance
    I was faithful to the Oath and served the Fatherland
    And our combat engineer battalion
    He is bound by male friendship
    And we are all responsible for your lives

    After all, our engineering troops
    Do not jam army longing
    All tasks will be completed by us.
    We glorify mother Russia from Peter
    In the hot heat and in the winter winds
    And in the service of the family we are waiting for affectionate lines

    (c) Baranov A.S.
  32. Leader
    Leader 21 January 2016 10: 25
    Division into "castes" is elementary stupidity; in the army - everyone is important and everyone is needed.
    And the construction battalion is no less important than the sappers and others.

    Soldiers and officers of the engineering troops - happy holiday!
  33. fregina1
    fregina1 21 January 2016 11: 57
    Happy colleagues! Sniff but go!
  34. bionik
    bionik 21 January 2016 12: 16
    Promising examples of engineering equipment will go to the troops in 2016.

    MOSCOW, January 21. / TASS /. In the next two years, the Russian engineering troops will begin to receive various samples of promising equipment, ranging from sapper robots and ending with new knives and blades. This was announced to reporters by the head of the engineering troops of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Lieutenant General Yuri Stavitsky. "Some promising samples have already been planned for procurement within the framework of the state defense order for 2016-18, others - as development and testing are completed. The full implementation of the program for re-equipping the engineering troops with modern samples will provide a significant 2,5-fold increase in the efficiency of performing engineering tasks. provision, "he said.

    More on TASS:
  35. kolmakov79
    kolmakov79 21 January 2016 12: 24
    Happy holiday to everyone who served and is serving in Chekhov-5.
  36. pts-m
    pts-m 21 January 2016 12: 39
    Happy holiday ... our school over a cliff, where PTSy with black smoke melt clouds ... training brigade of engineering troops in the city of Vol .....! as well as those who received the basics of engineering professions in this institution.!
  37. nivander
    nivander 21 January 2016 13: 47
    He served in the 421st engineer combat engineer battalion of Trekhizbenka \ Voroshilovgrad
  38. Igor V
    Igor V 21 January 2016 14: 00
    He served in parts of GO. We had a strong engineering component - BATs, BTMs, MDK and IMRs in the boxes (too expensive to operate), apart from the smaller equipment - cranes and excavators. So Batistov - happy holiday!
  39. Amurets
    Amurets 21 January 2016 14: 35
    Happy holiday soldiers of the engineering troops. All the best to you in your life and service. You are everything in the army: roads and bridges, pipelines and mine work, but there is little work for the engineering troops.
  40. Serg_pionier
    Serg_pionier 21 January 2016 15: 34
    Happy holiday friends. Acting not to be mistaken! The fusion of science and courage are engineering troops. Hooray!!!
  41. Lame pirate
    Lame pirate 21 January 2016 16: 05
  42. CheByrashka
    CheByrashka 21 January 2016 17: 36
    Happy holiday, friends! Hello from the branch of TMM-3M, PP60689E. Many thanks to the fathers-commanders! drinks
    1. Igor V
      Igor V 22 January 2016 13: 44
      In the late 80s, he worked at a factory that produced TMMs and USMs. And I put my hand laughing . Hello to the military bridges!
  43. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 21 January 2016 18: 49
    Engineer is power !!! Happy holiday !!! Good and peaceful Service!
  44. runway
    runway 21 January 2016 19: 34
    With a feeling of deep respect for the soldiers and officers of the engineering troops, I join in the congratulations on their professional holiday!
    These hard workers, with their knowledge and hands, punching the way for troops through minefields and natural obstacles. It’s easy with you both in battle and at rest. Health and good luck in your service. I am very glad that the command of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation has finally had the opportunity to increase the number of your kind of troops.
  45. sichevik
    sichevik 21 January 2016 19: 53
    drinks He himself served in the engineering forces. All who served, serves in the engineer troops - Happy Holiday !!! Minesweepers, pontoons, road builders, bridge workers, water salesmen, positioners, ferrymen for you !!! drinks
  46. RoTTor
    RoTTor 21 January 2016 22: 19
    The construction and engineering forces are two big differences.
    The author is completely off topic!
    So it was not worth it to publish such a resource.
  47. glavnykarapuz
    glavnykarapuz 21 January 2016 22: 37
    God grant that our military profession never comes in handy for real.
    1 time when choosing a profession I was already mistaken. wink
    Congratulations to all involved! drinks
  48. mihai_md2003
    mihai_md2003 22 January 2016 04: 58
    That's how modern specialists can do it?
  49. Lord of the Sith
    Lord of the Sith 22 January 2016 10: 46
    Happy Holidays! drinks
  50. Des10
    Des10 22 January 2016 12: 35
    It’s not too late, it was - for days. Happy holiday, especially ITOShnikov.
    After all, there are technical means of protection, now we, too, are engineers. smile