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Results of the week. "Go on a horse, a century of will not be seen!"

Parliament empty seats

Watching the meetings in the State Duma of the Russian Federation, you often catch yourself thinking that the deputies of the lower house of the Russian parliament, unfortunately, are not the people who can be an example of our schoolchildren and students in terms of attendance at “classes”. To say to careless students: you look, idiot, at the hall of the Duma meetings and at your audience - take an example from people's representatives, because they are all alone in their seats! .. But in reality there are vacant seats not warmed by fifth points of parliamentarians, more often in times more than places occupied. Sometimes, even with a quick glance, it becomes clear that: a) the hall is empty rather than full, b) some parliamentarians “sit out” for themselves and for that guy, and in addition also vote for their faction colleagues, unceremoniously walking along the rows.

Deputies from the LDPR faction suggested adopting amendments to existing legislation, on the basis of which parliamentarians could be held accountable, without a valid reason missing at plenary sessions, not meeting with voters in the regions and avoiding any deputy duties in general, while not forgetting their deputy rights. However, the government commission hacked the initiative of the legislators, and many representatives of the legislative body itself, as it turned out, did not get excited by the idea of ​​punishing "themselves" (up to depriving the deputy "crust") to support. As a result, a half-empty meeting room in the State Duma will continue to be the norm, and all those who are absent will once again be recognized as lingering at the buffet or sitting up on the toilet ... These are the people's choices! Therefore - hands off! .. And then you think of what you want - to deprive of the mandate ... They say, take a bite! ..

Comments from our readers:

And we laugh at the ukopopitek Veche ... Shame ... But does the hand itself rise on itself? ..

Unfortunately, the labor code is not distributed to the servants of the people. And then it's time for half of the State Duma for absenteeism to dismiss.

Do you have a tap? Did the iron burn out? The computer does not work? “A deputy for an hour” - he will not fix anything, he will prove that everything is all right with you and will leave you without money.

- The salary of the staff of the State Duma will be doubled, and pensions will be indexed only by four percent!
- Tell me, what's more than two or four?
- Of course, four more than two, twice!
- It turns out that pensioners will receive twice as much!

And the speaker said to the People’s Deputies:
- Who among you is without sin - let him be the first to vote for the abolition of immunity!

The salaries of Duma deputies increased again. This is the third such case in the past year and a half. Lawmakers cannot yet explain the nature of this mystery.

Parmesan Burping Economic Forum

From 13 to 15 in January, the so-called “Gaidar Forum” was held in Russia, which is considered an intellectual platform for discussing the most important aspects of the Russian economy in a system of economies of global scale. The name of the forum-2016 loud: "Russia and the world: a look into the future."

And where else can you find a herd of experts who are wisely telling how an ordinary citizen of Russia should live? Persons fattened by foie gras and jamon, drunk with expensive wine from distant western slopes, decided to get together to tell how Vasya-mechanic or Marivanna-driver of a trolleybus should “strategically” think and understand that total optimization is the least angry for Russia ... And better, as other "experts" used to say, to optimize the population of the country itself - millions to 30-40, so that there are fewer mouths and the economy (due to a decrease in the number of mouths) began to grow at an astronomical pace. Economic sorcerers with parmesan belching ...

Comments from our readers:

That's why it (the playground) and intellectual. As long as intellectuals compete in eloquence, people grind!
It is hard to forget how the "great economist" Gaidar himself told us about the future sweet life, sitting in a country house over a cup of tea with honey cakes and chocolate candies, and this is at a time when the people, at best, were paid salads, pans, and in the worst in general, he spent months without work and without salary.

Reduction and cost optimization we saw in the 90-ies. In our country. Shock therapy. Now we see the next series in Ukraine. Sense from these foreign and domestic experts - zero! In order for the economy to develop, costs must be raised! Especially - budget expenditures. Because our business has closed access to credit financing from Europe and the USA.

Liberals scratched their tongues?

"Everything is wrong, everything is bad, crisis, simple people, people, crisis, pensions, war, everything is bad, reforms are urgent, hell knows what, reforms are all! ... Thank you all, I have to go home to Nice, there the housekeeper didn’t work paid. "

"Brothers": gas would ...

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, announcing that the South Stream project is already история, spoke in favor of negotiations with Russia on the implementation of another gas transmission project bypassing Ukraine. According to Borisov, the Balkan gas center is being built in Bulgaria, to which gas could come not only from Russia, but also from Azerbaijan, and also in liquefied form from Greece and Romania, and then distributed to countries in the south of the EU.

Boiky Boyko looked at the thermometer outside the window, and realized that it was necessary to do something with gas, otherwise a much more lively Angel with minus thirteen Celsius could finally bury the Bulgarian hopes of receiving gas from Russia without such “reliable” intermediaries as Ukraine. So that there are no questions from Brussels about “what about the sanctions,” the Bulgarian Prime Minister prodigy planned the knight's move: they say, no South Stream, no monopoly of Russia. We will buy gas from Azerbaijan and let them down, you understand, with tankers from Greece - like, we will create competition in the European market.

In this regard, it becomes obvious that the degree of “gas” creativity among Europeans (and Bulgaria - Europe… tse) dramatically increases with decreasing air temperature ... It is rumored that if Europe’s good grandfather Frost gave “minus 25” to Europe, then lords of sanctions would go on foot, with his pipe on his shoulders ...

Comments from our readers:

Russian politicians have long needed to conduct protectionist economic policies in global communication with countries, primarily defending the interests of their state.
Protectionism (French. Protectionnisme, from the Latin. Ptotectio - protection, patronage) - is the economic policy of the state, aimed at supporting the national economy.
It is necessary to forget about the interests and benefits of the Bulgarians, Germans, "fraternal" Ukrainians, Serbs, Chinese and other nations and countries.
Bulgarians are freezing, "fraternal" Ukrainians and ... well, let it be their choice "European".
When politicians think first of all about their state, about their people, we will live better than "fraternal" and "friendly" neighbors, setting an example of a good satisfying, organized life for all Russians, the rest of us will be better treated by trying with us collaborate for mutual benefits.

Leave necessary Bulgaria alone. Since her Germany and the States dance, let them provide it. Or, alternatively, the Bulgarians themselves are building a pipeline to the land territory of Russia for their own money, this will be insurance so that they will not once again buck.

After the construction of the gas pipeline (suppose) Bulgaria will turn into Ukraine-2, also nagging about discounts, also external control of the country. Uncle McCain will arrive in Sofia, will say: do not swing, and the “brothers” will instantly fulfill the will of the upper management. No, no, she died that way ...

Pensioners will pay everything

To put it mildly, it is very regrettable that instead of real achievements in the country's space industry, once again we have to talk about large-scale embezzlement. An audit of the economic activities of the Federal Space Agency (Roskosmos) revealed an astronomical amount of theft in the amount of at least 1,5 billion rubles. But this is not at all the “astronomy” that I would like to talk about in relation to the activities of the “space” bureaucratic apparatus ...

Millions, billions ... Amounts are not even surprised. It is surprising how long the gimp proceeds with the investigation, and how easily criminal cases of this nature fall apart. One gets the impression that the higher the amount of theft from projects involving state capital, the slower the cogwheels of the investigative apparatus rotate. They stole a billion - it doesn't matter - we will freeze working pensions to make ends meet, pensioners. They stole ten billion - we “optimize” the number of personnel of medical institutions, the number of beds, the number of rural schools. But then, after all, pensioners have become “something” for an unacceptably long life - they eat, you know ...

Comments from our readers:

For theft in all state-owned enterprises must introduce an article for sabotage and treason! With the full confiscation of property and public shame!

And we have a "corrupt" - is a public office.
You can talk a lot, but they are not even arrested, kept under house arrest, and then simply released.
Latest news:

"... The criminal case against the main owner and chairman of the board of directors of Sistema, Vladimir Yevtushenkov, has been discontinued. The company’s website reports. The case was initiated upon the acquisition of shares of enterprises belonging to the Bashkirian fuel and energy complex. It was discontinued due to absence of corpus delicti, informs "System".

Is it really difficult to trace all the money transfer chains? Simply, the investigation has no desire, or a green whistle.

Educational content

The school year passed through the equator, and, by tradition, in the educational environment - new hopes, aspirations, plans. The main hope is connected with the fact that, finally, the era of reforming the educational system will end, and both teachers and students breathe deeply, freeing themselves from a series of various experiments and “innovations” that, excuse me, zatyukali (in the framework of the standards of decency pick up more or less literary word) officials from education.

The strategy, apparently, is one - an endless reform, at each stage of which the number of intelligent grains in the formation will decrease. Instead of sowing these very seeds of a rational, kind, eternal modern teacher is obliged to give birth daily to paperwork about how he, in fact, “sowed”. There is simply no time left to directly “sow”. As a result, a whole generation managed to appear, for many of whose representatives the teacher is a “heavy, stupid object” in the classroom, making it difficult to like and download shitty content in a smartphone ...

Comments from our readers:

USSR 1971
Our Ukrainian "partners" also started everything from textbooks (guess who wrote them), a whole generation has brains on the ground.

I have been working for 12 for years in the field of higher and secondary special education ... It’s impossible to talk about what our Ministry of Education is doing without a mat.

1 - Every year, graduates are getting weaker and weaker, and this is despite the fact that teachers' salaries significantly exceeded the salaries of candidates for the PhD! (There is no such thing anywhere in the world! So that a person who has graduated from an institute somehow gets more than a PhD (8 years of study and serious financial and moral expenses)!

But there are no results from this ... As there were exactions in the school, they remained, and the quality of teaching only worsened.
That is, the devastation in the minds begins at school and further determines the quality of training at all levels of education!

The teachers became indifferent to the students, for the most part without a spark in their eyes. Everything is displayed on the shoulders of parents who either have no time or money for tutors. The teacher is not trying to bring to mind the student, even a first-grader! For example, we had to hire two tutors for our child (3 class) and spend up to 4 hours per day on our own.

Textbooks - Sometimes we ourselves cannot understand the task that textbooks require from our children, often the tasks are formulated in such a way that they can be understood in two ways. Most textbooks are written in such a way that, having missed something in class, it is no longer possible to independently study the material.

Programs are overloaded. The Ministry of Education and Science is trying to cram into the heads of the children nevpihivaemuyu, and all fit to one standard without taking into account the individual characteristics.

Many reforms in universities are aimed at making money. I did not have time to redo all the documentation in one year. In the next the requirements change again, as a result, the work of teachers is reduced to the constant rewriting of pieces of paper, the introduction of new teaching methods and the science of time remains less ...

For example, I had to redo a lot of documents and websites due to the fact that the MINOBR decided to replace the word - the applicant with the applicant, etc.

The officials of the Ministry of Education themselves carry out the reforms in the same way as teachers of children in schools teach — that is, they give instructions, and how they will do it will not give a damn. For example, an order is issued to install systems to protect against inappropriate content.

But the list of prohibited sites is not given, there is no indication of free programs that exist. Due to the fact that one official is not able to scratch his ass and spend a couple of hours to specify a link to the software and attach a list of prohibited sites, tens of thousands of people across the country are forced to spend their time and money ...

The activities of the Ministry of Education can be described in the following words: indifference, incompetence and complete separation from reality
It seems that the Ministry of Education and education itself live in completely different worlds.

Let me introduce myself - Boris Gryzlov

During the week in the Belarusian capital, the first meeting of the contact group on the settlement of the conflict in Donbass was held this year. One of the topics for discussion is the regime of silence, which was to be observed during the New Year and Christmas holidays. The Ukrainian side said that no silence regime was respected, accustomed to accusing LDNR forces of violations of agreements and shelling. At the same time, it is reported that the special representative of the Russian Federation in the contact group (Boris Gryzlov) proposed to extend the effect of the agreements on a full cease-fire and to monitor their (agreements) implementation.

Zrada, zrada, zrada, zrada ... zrada !!! The plane with the symbolism of the “aggressor” state landed at the Kiev airport, and Boris Gryzlov descended the ramp into the most insignificant holy Ukrainian land. Ukrainian kunstkamera in the form of all kinds of "lyashkov" and "gerashchenok" choked with crumbs left from the Maidan cookies. I choked, poking my fingers in the direction of Poroshenko: they say, you are such a shooter, why are you robbing, who do you take?! .. But Peter was amorphous, because Pete, as everyone is well aware, has only one role: to travel with learned in different languages around the world with the phrase “give a penny”, give Biden a place in time and cover his face with his hands when Avakov and Saakashvili argue about who among them is the bigger Ukrainian.

As a result, Gryzlov talked with his "colleagues", sort of agreed on the next (stopped) truce, and on the same day the Ukrainian Nazi banderlog again opened fire with mortars and anti-tank missile systems at Donetsk airport, Comintern and other objects and settlements of the DPR. Bast on a cola, start over ...

Comments from our readers:

I would not rush to conclusions about the arrival of Gryzlov. For questions about Ukraine to hell, and they can only be answered hypothetically.

For there is a question regarding 3 billions of debt. And heaps of other debts in the amount of about 18 billion to Russian banks.
The question of the punishment and extradition of the Nazi ghouls, against whom criminal proceedings were instituted in Russia, as well as the Islamists who belong to the Azov and Crimea terbats, and who participated in military actions in Chechnya.
The issue of issuing Saakashvili Georgia.
The question of the release of all activists, journalists detained by the SBU in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa and throughout Ukraine.
The question of amnesty for participants in the fighting in the Donbas.
The question of the investigation of the tragedy in Odessa, the investigation of the events on the Maidan, and another question of the public investigation of the tragedy of "Boeing" MH 17.
The question of the introduction of criminal articles for the promotion of fascism and Nazism.
The question of the investigation of political assassinations, such as the case of Oles Buzin.
The question of the federalization of Ukraine, the question of the election of heads of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, the question of the restoration of the Donbass.
Without solving these issues, it is not even worth talking to Poroshenko’s government.

And it seems to me that time is won in order for the population of Ukraine to move from horse racing on the Maidan and think about their life-being. And this “seems” is confirmed if you carefully read and listen to the content and tonality of all kinds of events with the participation of Ukrainian leaders. Fig whether we have something to do with Ukraine (in Ukraine), if public opinion, consciousness, is still clearly not on our side and thinks Bandera categories. Something like that.
So everything is moving in the right direction.

The next Minsk bla-bla show.

Again saboteurs ...

According to information from Donetsk, the deputy commander of 100 MSBR of the Republican Guard, Lieutenant Colonel Yevgeny Yurievich Kononov, the call sign "Kot", was killed by a saboteur's bullet. Eugene fought for the "elimination of boilers" on the border with the Russian Federation, participated in the defense of Miners and Saur-Graves, in the attack on the southern sector, in the battles for the airport, was wounded.

Results of the week. "Go on a horse, a century of will not be seen!"

Oh, these “elusive Ukrainian saboteurs” ... They, it turns out, will be worse than the Mossad ... Literally weekly reports that the bullet of another Ukrainian saboteur pleased the commander of the DPR or LPR unit in the heart, as if they had to prove that the saboteurs are everywhere ... And even there are thoughts about whether the elusive Ukrainian DRGs are hiding somewhere behind the curtains of the offices of representatives of republican authorities ...

Comments from our readers:

More and more dirt with news from LDNR, and, as always, "the elusive enemy DRG".

Peace be upon him. The cat gave manure to borscht dill on Saur-Grave ... It is a pity that the struggle for power leads to such death ...

How ugly in the soul of everything that happens there. And the people? Ordinary ordinary people, and they? Having lost the house, all acquired, often health, wander like homeless. What are they for? Actual words of Bismarck, about the fact that the revolution conceive romance, fanatics carry out, and the fruits of the villains.

Announcement: EU seeks experienced surgeon to restore sovereignty

Perhaps, the EU wants to discuss with Russia the lifting of sanctions, “only who will allow him from across the ocean,” said Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, commenting on the words of the EU Permanent Representative in Moscow Vygaudas Ushackas. “After the renunciation of sovereignty (the EU), there is nothing to blame for the decision-making on the international agenda,” the official representative of the country's main foreign policy office added.

The term “European sovereignty” has long become a real oxymoron - well, it’s like “young old man” or “honest oligarch”. Therefore, when Europe, and even more so, some European political Lilliputians of the format of Uschackas mumble about “considering the issue of the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions,” it becomes altogether ridiculous. Who will lift the sanctions? Maybe Usackas? Or some tusk? The one that mines on a short leash in the pack of the same mossek ... Three times "ha." And then a replica of Maria Zakharova is an apple. And without professional surgical intervention to restore European sovereignty certainly will not work ...

Comments from our readers:

Or maybe just our authorities officially call Western Europe OCCUPIED EUROPEAN COMMUNITY. So, maybe something will reach them?

And whether they had - the EU, that is to say - this very sovereignty. It seems to me that already from the very moment of the creation of this little-honored organization, all of Europe had already danced to transatlantic tune, and not only in foreign policy (which is quite expected), but also in the internal affairs of their countries (or did they have colonies?) .
And Zakharova clever. But only in the same Europe nobody will hear it. For simply will not listen. I have the honor.

ROS 56
In my opinion, European countries were relatively independent exactly as long as, oddly and cynically, it could declare war on each other, that is, before the 45 year. After 45, when the troops of the USSR and the USA were deployed, all independence ended. And it doesn’t matter that the USSR, if not out of good will, withdrew its troops. Europe is under the occupation of the United States, no matter what slogans and diplomatic clatter it did not hide behind. And in fact, NATO is a form of occupation. We see how people are driven there under the most plausible pretexts of those who were at one time in the CMEA, in the Warsaw Pact, who were in a torn Yugoslavia, who were outside the blocks, like Albania and so on. Therefore, everything that is being done in Europe is being done under US control, and of course sanctions are natural, and as long as the owner doesn’t allow it because of the puddle, nothing will change. As H. Clinton said - sanctions in exchange for the Crimea. From the Crimea, as a gift to them, "Ears from a dead elephant or a donkey are not important," therefore, there is no cancellation. Or something should happen in geopolitics. Something like this. So Maria is right on 200%.

"In the name of all holy"

Emmanuel Ibe Kachikva, the current chairman of OPEC, is thinking about holding an extraordinary cartel meeting. The rapid fall in prices in recent days has caused panic in the ranks of its members. It became known that representatives of several countries participating in the organization addressed Mr. Kachikva. Probably, a meeting dedicated to the reduction of oil production by OPEC members will be held in early March.

It seems that the member countries of the cartel, as well as Kachikwu himself and OPEC Secretary General Abdullah Salem al-Badri, are experiencing a real panic. This is evidenced by the emotional statement of Kachikva, which Interfax reports: “I just hope that the price of oil will not fall below $ 30 per barrel, in the name of all that is holy. I think it is worth waiting for the situation to deteriorate before it improves. ”

Recall that only from 4 January to 12 in January 2016 of the year, in one week, the price of Brent crude oil (this market is oriented at pricing when pricing Russian oil) fell from 37,35 to 31,25 dollar. January 15 for Brent was given less than 30 dollars.

Comments from our readers:

Well, this is not the end. Hope to break through. It is just a shame that as soon as you start earning something more or less, another crisis shies about you.

tobacco grower
Why look at the dollar, it's time to look around and understand who the thief is, and not blame the cost of oil. They invented import substitution, rejoiced at last, but what about the rest after one and a half years? Ahhh, OIL! It's time to understand that we can spit on everyone and live without an oil needle.

As long as the authorities are in power, nothing will change. They are not capable of anything, except for the sale of raw materials abroad and raising taxes and prices for their people.

Panic! For the sake of interest on Yandex, I looked at the cost of oil in 2000. It turned out that it cost around 25-30 $, and then nobody panicked at all something ... And somehow they lived ... Yes, they did not pay pensions, salaries, but at the same time, they paid debts on IMF loans taken under the EBN. “Why pump up?”

It was very curious to look yesterday at the mooing of our glorious economic bloc on Gaydarovskiy Skhodnyachka ... "Unstable bottom" is a quote from one of the geeks. Those. there is a bottom, only it is unstable for them. Rather, it is a swamp.

In general, in terms of inventing terms, they are ahead of the rest. Yesterday, Ulyukayev said that in 15 years, the country would be the most advanced in the world with zero dependence on oil. And where were they previous 15?

Probably, by that time the oil will end, hence the dependence is zero.

Sex on the streets of Cologne

The Christmas event in Cologne shook Europe. Here the meeting was overshadowed by the “hunt for women”, which a large group (police counted a thousand people) arranged on the square in front of the cathedral of young men of “North African appearance”. They robbed and harassed the women gathered in the square. There are several known cases of rape. Allegations of robbery and humiliation were reported to the local police at night around 90 victims. Later their number increased almost six times - up to 516. At the same time 40 percent of the allegations received by the police were about the sexual harassment of migrants.

What measures did the authorities take - not only the cities of Cologne, but in general the countries of Europe? Predictable. They explained to the peoples of Europe that they had raped themselves.

In the German town of Peking in Lower Bavaria, parents of girls enrolled in local schools received letters requesting to prohibit schoolgirls miniskirts and short shorts: after all, “such outfits provoke offensive feelings of migrant boys and girls professing Islam who can receive unnecessary attention or even violent attacks from them. ” A gentleman by the name of Murad al Muradi demanded the abolition of national German entertainment - the Oktoberfest beer festival, and at the same time Christmas trees.

Belgian co-religionists of this innovator, shouting “Allah Akbar”, burned a Christmas tree in one of the squares of Brussels. Incident video posted online.

In the Danish town of Kokkedal in the municipality, the majority already belong to naturalized migrants. These Muslims by a majority vote banned Christmas celebrations. But earlier in the town, Kurban-bayram was celebrated at government expense, and the Muslim celebration was nine times more expensive than the Christmas estimate.

In the UK, instead of wishing a happy Christmas or New Year, the most intimidated began to congratulate each other on a kind of "seasonal holiday."

- Friend, congratulations!

- With what?

- Yes, how is it ...

- In short, let's drink!

Comments from our readers:

Three years ago (at least) the forum users pointed out that one of the most popular names in Europe (by assigning them to babies) is Muhammad. Personally, even then, and now I believe that Europe will flare up with a wave of violence, where migrants with their own rules rule the ball, all sorts of radical parties and groups will begin to raise their heads, and a skirmish is inevitable. It works almost everywhere, either the spring is compressed until it stops, or it breaks ... In the same France, there are places where local French women away from sin began to wear hijabs, fearing migrants.

tobacco grower
Every nation deserves its own rulers. So they deserve it.

Yes-ah. The Germans have gone wrong. Weaklings. Migrants will make them. Honestly, before the Germans had a better opinion, because served there. And to work, and walk could from the heart, but with a new scourge something can not cope yet. Most likely, without traitors in the German government has not done here. After all, as you know, the fish from the head is rotting. I wish the Germans success in the unequal struggle against migrant crime and against the enemies of the people in the Bundestag. Fair.

And this one fell out of the nest

Chairman of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, said that the Polish government is building a policy along Russian lines, which could lead to the “Putinisation” of Europe. Poland’s policy contradicts European values, Schultz believes. Volker Cowder, head of the parliamentary faction of the Christian Democratic Union in Germany, spoke in the same vein, noting that in case of violations of European principles by Poland, EU members should “go for sanctions”. Thus, Warsaw will make it clear: the basic values ​​of Europe “cannot be violated”.

Why did the big German politicians take up arms against Poland?

In October last year, the Law and Justice party won the parliamentary majority in the Polish elections. The new government did not postpone urgent cases for long.

The other day, January 7, Polish President Andrzej Duda signed the media law, which Parliament approved at the end of last year. This document is not at odds with democratic values, as it allows the government to appoint and dismiss the heads of Polish public television and Polish radio at its discretion. The new law abolished competitions for these positions.

Earlier, in late December, the president signed a law restricting the powers of the Polish Constitutional Court. From now on, decisions of the Constitutional Court are made by a two-thirds majority of the judges, and not by a simple majority. Cases are considered in the order of receipt, the criterion of importance is not taken into account. European observers in one voice say that innovations paralyze the work of the Constitutional Court: decisions will be delayed for years.

European Commissioner Günther Oettinger called for the use of the EU legal mechanism, providing for a dialogue with the EU member state suspected of violating legal norms. The European Union issued recommendations to Warsaw: do not sign the laws. However, Duda did not heed the advice of Brussels, and now the EU has started talking about sanctions. The relevant plenary session of the European Parliament, at which the debate on the issue will take place, will be held on January 19.

I wonder what Poland will do with its apples, if not only Russian retaliatory sanctions, but also EU sanctions will act against it?

Comments from our readers:

The Poles are beginning to resemble their eastern neighbors. Officials are already talking about the defensive line, the threat from the east and the special mission entrusted to the eastern outpost of Europe. Soon we will hear about the hordes of Finno-Ugric armored players threatening civilization.

Article nonsense. Someone somewhere said, thought. All were upset, but after reconciled. Yes, Germany has always looked in the direction of Poland, like a hungry man at a street girl. The moment will come, its not miss.

And yet, probably not nonsense.
The European Union is now experiencing serious internal contradictions, both because of the refugees and because of the anti-Russian sanctions, from the adoption of which he suffers huge losses. And in fact, and in another issue, Russia cannot do without participation, and some EU members are thinking about a resumption of relations with Russia. To even theoretically could not come unanimity, in Europe it is necessary to create a line of tension. If you look at the map, then using the Baltic countries + Poland + Ukraine, this goal can be achieved. Russia will be cut off from "conscious" Europe tightly.
If with the Balts and the Ukrainians, the USA has all the type-top (they even go about writing as a team), then in Poland the mattresses have no 100% confidence yet. If you drive a serious wedge in the form of sanctions from the EU, Poland will definitely and definitely fall under the US, closing the belt of Europe’s isolation from Russia.
Something like this…

New terrorist attack in Turkey

New loud terrorist attack shook Turkey. On Sultanahmet Square, which is in the center of Istanbul, a powerful explosion occurred. It became known that the Turkish authorities have banned the country's media to disseminate more complete information about the terrorist act that occurred than the one voiced by the official authorities of the country. However, the first details of what happened are more or less clarified. The explosion killed 10 people, 15 people were injured of varying degrees of severity. Among the dead most (nine people) are tourists from Germany, who decided to visit Istanbul these days. The tenth dead - a citizen of Syria. Presumably, it was he who activated the explosive device. Among the victims - tourists from Norway, Peru and South Korea. Later it became known that the citizen of Peru also died, that is, ten foreign tourists and one Syrian (alleged suicide bomber) became victims of the terrorist attack.

According to VO columnist Ilya Polonsky, the attack can be beneficial both to opponents and supporters of President Erdogan. For the former, he is just one more reason to accuse the Turkish president of the inability to ensure the national security of the state and to work out the correct foreign policy line. For others, a terrorist attack is a way of consolidating society around the president and receiving public support for the possible intensification of hostilities in Syria, as well as tightening repression against Turkish political parties of pro-Kurdish and left-wing orientation.

Comments from our readers:

Nikolay K
Following the logic of "look for someone profitable," I would not hang this attack on the Turkish security services. The Turkish government is losing more than others. Firstly, the terrorist attack is really in the heart of the tourist part of the country, where there are always a lot of tourists. Foreigners died, and even the Germans. Against the background of Russian tourist sanctions, this is a big blow to Turkish tourism, especially since in winter Istanbul becomes the center of tourism. Against the background of falling revenues of the travel industry, this will cause even greater dissatisfaction with Erdogan’s policies. Finally, the attack is another confirmation of the inability of the Turkish authorities to ensure the safety of citizens in their country.

Yes, Erdogan wanted to spit on these tourists. If he snapped 3-4 million Russian tourists and almost 50 billionth turnover, then he does not even consider such trifles. As for the inability of the government, how long have the attacks ended? I just remember how everyone wanted to run away and overthrow the president, everyone had a panic and a state of “when it was all over”. And the more Erdogash already used, and more than once, in this way, and everything turned out.

Mikhail Krapivin
I completely agree. Against the background of tens of billions of dollars, which the Saudis promised with their Sunni support group to Erdogan, tourism gradually fades away and becomes not so interesting at all.

Hitting tourism

7 January militants attacked a tourist bus in Cairo. True, instead of explosives, they used pyrotechnic means. No injuries. However, the next day, people allegedly arriving by sea attacked the hotel in Hurghada. As a result of the attack, several vacationers from different countries suffered (there are no Russians among them). One attacker was shot by the police (he was a 21-year-old student from Cairo, Mohammed Hassan Mahfua), another was wounded and arrested. The head of the Ministry of Tourism of Egypt, Hisham Zaazu, said that the state intends to take additional measures to ensure the safety of tourists. In his opinion, the militants have set a goal to harm the tourism industry of Egypt.

The goals of the new terrorist attacks, we add, are obvious: through attacks on the tourism industry in Egypt, replenish the ranks of the IG with new “warriors of Allah” who are dissatisfied with the economic downturn and rising poverty. The collapse in the tourism sector and the further impoverishment of the Egyptians, who cannot be called rich today, will undoubtedly lead to an increase in the number of those who will join the ranks of Islamist militants in search of a way out of the situation.

In addition, we must understand that radical Islamism in Egypt has not gone away with the departure from the political arena of M. Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood. Many of these "brothers" share the ideology of the "Islamic state".

Obviously, in the future, economically weak Egypt will become even weaker, and there will be more supporters of the “caliphate” in the country.

As for tourists, especially western ones, this country will represent a source of terrorist danger for them. And if the Russians understood this last fall, then the Europeans are becoming aware of the threat just now.

Comments from our readers:

I would like to thank those who made a very unpopular decision to ban flights. Yes, during the shelling of tourists this week there are dead and wounded (according to data with reference to the Ministry of Health of Egypt). But, most likely, it was just training. In practice, it will in one day turn into a truck loaded with explosives, which will be driven to some hotel. And thank God that ours will not be there anymore.

The North African beach seems to be closing for a long time: Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Algeria ...

Tatar 174
Who does not need a strong Egypt and its strong president? Where do the legs of these attacks grow? Who doesn't need stability in this whole region? Who destroyed Libya and wreaked havoc there? Who, in the end, created and still grows ISIS? For what? Even it is not necessary to answer these questions, because everything is clear.

The Japanese wanted peace

Since the beginning of the year, Japanese politicians have attended to the conclusion of a peace treaty between Japan and Russia. 4 January this was announced by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. He described the abnormal situation when, at the end of the Second World War, because of disputes over the islands of the Kuril Ridge, a peace agreement was not signed between our countries. Abe insists on negotiations with Vladimir Putin to resolve controversial issues.

So, the Japanese were in a hurry. Experts attribute this activity to the success of Russia in rearmament, which the world has felt in 2015 year. Russia's position in the world will only strengthen. That is why the Japanese are in a hurry with proposals for concluding a peace treaty between the countries.

However, will such a “world” accept the Russian government? Hardly. Japan itself does not need the world either. What are the formalities, when Japan and Russia are clearly not striving for war? Another thing is that Tokyo wants to get the "northern territories", and this is the question that is served under the sauce of negotiations on "concluding a peace treaty."

Comments from our readers:

There is an offer to take the island of Hokkaido from Japan. Rationale: the genocide of the Ainu people, to whom the island belonged. The Ainu did not conclude a peace treaty with Japan)))

“Four rocks in the ocean” is just the beginning. And then there will be the rest of the islands, and then Sakhalin will be remembered! As they say, give a finger, tear off your hand. And it will be a precedent that will turn all post-war agreements into a piece of paper.

"Four rocks in the ocean." This is too understated. Even the group of the Habomai islands is worthy of a higher mark. In general, the South Kuril Islands are valuable enough for Russia:
- here are the only non-freezing straits (the straits between the northern Kuriles freeze), which provide access to the Pacific Ocean through the Russian territorial waters;
- in the case of the transition of the South Kuril Islands to Japan, Russia will lose the ability to control the entry of foreign ships and submarines into the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, which is the combat service area of ​​strategic missile submarines of the Pacific fleet;
- hydrocarbon reserves on the continental shelf are estimated at 1,6 billion tons of fuel equivalent. Gold resources on the islands are estimated at 1867 tons, silver - at 9284 tons, titanium - at 39,7 million tons, iron - at 273 million tons. There are steam hydrotherms, deposits of polymetallic ores, 117 million tons of sulfur. On Iturup, the annual removal of rare metal rhenium, which is more expensive than gold, with gases, is 36 t, which corresponds to its annual world consumption;
- The total area of ​​the islands 5 thousand square meters. km (it is five times smaller than the Crimea, but still a lot);
- in the area of ​​these islands annual catch of 800 thousand tons of seafood is possible.

Toy for the leader

On the morning of January 6, North Korea announced the successful testing of a hydrogen bomb. About such a bomb, adopted by the armed forces of the DPRK, in December last year, Kim Jong-un himself reported.

Some people celebrate birthdays with a cake and candles, others - with a bomb and an explosion. Fortunately, the latter are in the minority. Unfortunately, these latter are politicians, confident that they are threatened by the whole world, and therefore it is necessary to stockpile thermonuclear bombs and blow them up, demonstrating their “power”.

However, experts do not believe the North Korean "leader" who allegedly tested the hydrogen bomb. Some analysts from neighboring South Korea believe that it was an explosion of a conventional nuclear bomb, arranged for the birthday of Kim Jong-un (January 8).

In the 21st century, when world politicians, one after another, demonstrate a reluctance to live in peace and a denial of international understanding, and terrorism is expanding and freely sweeping across the planet, the coming global catastrophe is becoming more and more obvious. The fire of the Third World War can ignite any spark - for example, the unsuccessful test of another powerful bomb in the DPRK with the consequences of radioactive contamination. "Reliable system of the world", which, by the way, hopes the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, on the Korean Peninsula will not be as long as the Pyongyang child is playing with bombs.

Comments from our readers:

And they are rightly doing the north, with a bomb somehow calmer than without her, my dear. The collapse of the social bloc, the complete disregard of someone else’s sovereignty by the Amers somehow make us look at world opinion on universal human values ​​and other liberal nonsense. They did it - well done, now let the Americans think.

I can not understand one thing: why do they need a hydrogen bomb? It is larger than nuclear, requires more complex technologies, its power is often excessive.
To make the US afraid of North Korea, they need to improve the means of delivery weaponsand not to frighten the whole world with the hydrogen bomb that lies on (c) the earth.
This is at least stupid, for it provokes a preemptive strike. And we, the Russian Federation, will not be able to defend North Korea in such a context.
In general, something the North Korean leader began to play and lost touch with reality ...

"It is larger than nuclear, it requires more complex technologies, its power is often excessive."
This is a massive misconception.
1. I would say, not a hydrogen bomb, but a three-stage device. Because lithium and helium isotopes can be used.
2. The dimensions of modern three-stage devices are limited by the size of the second “nuclear” degree, and their dimensions are almost the same as conventional nuclear bombs, while the required power is easier to obtain.
3. I have big doubts about the possibilities of industrial production of the required number of isotopes of light elements of North Korea and the possibility of maintaining these munitions in a suitable condition for more than 3's.

Off-road vehicles - the best protection against Russians

The Pentagon decided that Tanks "Abrams" are not that military equipment which can show the efficiency "on open spaces" of Latvia. The main US military department came to the conclusion that it is more expedient to replace heavy tanks with less massive armored vehicles. The information portal “Delfi” informed that the rotation of the American military contingent in Latvia has begun and at the same time the tanks “Abrams” are being withdrawn from there.

Instead of the 8 "Abrams" and 9 BTR "Bradley" on the military base in Adazi arrived armored vehicles "Stryker" in the company of several SUVs "Humwee". According to the American command, these vehicles "will be more efficient in Latvian conditions and require less operating and maintenance costs."

In the Latvian segment of social networks, the withdrawal of American tanks was called the “end of a powerful advertising campaign”, which was called “Save Latvia from Russian aggression!”

It seems to us, the Americans finally got acquainted with geography. Or rather, with topographic maps of Latvia. The terrain of the area shows that the Abrams, if they had traveled around Latvian soil, would have simply drowned in the swamps.

Comments from our readers:

Just as it turned out, not all bridges withstand them.

lysyj bob
During the fighting bridges may not be at all, and in those regions there is a water barrier every half a kilometer. The PMP is not available to them under the Abrams. From autumn to spring, dampness, mud and mudslides. It remains only to bury it in the ground and use it as a fixed firing point, and this is a little expensive.

Even before their transfer there was a no-brainer, it was an empty idea. Americans, as always, make funny maneuvers. Probably a lot of money ...

At one time, the placement of armored vehicles was a political action. The action was a success, the elections to the European Parliament were held, the oligophrenics remained in power in Latvia. Further, nothing personal, just business ...

Poor Balts! They bare them from all sides, behind them the free Geyrop enjoys them, and in front of the Americans they have exposed an aggressive bear to reproach. Only one thing remains - at sea, to sprats ...

* “Go on a horse, you can't see a century of will!” - a phrase from the movie “Gentlemen of Fortune”
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  1. dubak78
    dubak78 17 January 2016 06: 06 New
    what can I say ... we stock the stew and the cartridges.
    1. Veteran of the Red Army
      Veteran of the Red Army 17 January 2016 06: 24 New
      January 13 to January 5 in Russia the so-called "Gaidarovsky forum",...

      Needless to say ... the countdown has already gone!
      And doesn't this remind you of "swamp area" ?!
      1. Sid.74
        Sid.74 17 January 2016 07: 52 New
        The question regarding Ukraine and its life is more and more interesting and interesting.

        Assistant to the Russian president Vladislav Surkov, who oversees the Donbass, today at a meeting with US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland in Kaliningrad, offered the guest a treat - Russian pies.

        This is evidenced by information from the environment of one of the members of the delegation. “The American guest did not offer cookies for tea, but our pies,” the diplomat said with a smile.

        Yeah, now Nuland doesn’t get out .. winked
        According to him, Surkov listed Nuland in detail the sequence of paragraphs of the Minsk agreements, which are not implemented through the fault of the Ukrainian side.

        I hope Vikusya did not choke on pies ... laughing

        In short, it will be so ... if in Kiev the idea of ​​federalization does not penetrate.

        For then the operation will begin to force Poroshenko to federalize.
        1. SRC P-15
          SRC P-15 17 January 2016 10: 13 New
          The New Year incident in Cologne stirred up Europe.

          Now such a fashion for clothes will be promoted in Europe:
        2. rJIiOK
          rJIiOK 17 January 2016 11: 34 New
          WILL NOT BE IMPLEMENTED ("What won't they do?")
        3. Lelek
          Lelek 17 January 2016 12: 55 New
          Quote: Sid.74
          The question regarding Ukraine and its life is more and more interesting and interesting.

          Here the reaction of Kiev would-be leaders to the negotiations between Surkov and Nuland is interesting, although I do not exclude that the visit of this political lady is nothing more than a smokescreen for another pod from the overseas "partner": (I apologize for not being clickable)
      2. The comment was deleted.
  2. Same lech
    Same lech 17 January 2016 06: 06 New
    The work of the deputy was hard ...
    Before lunch, you fight hunger ... after lunch with sleep.

    Well, at least at the workplace, and thanks for that.
    1. dmi.pris
      dmi.pris 17 January 2016 06: 34 New
      One disciplined man was found ... Or maybe he has an Italian strike over another demand to raise his salary ??
      Quote: The same Lech
      The work of the deputy was hard ...
      Before lunch, you fight hunger ... after lunch with sleep.

      Well, at least at the workplace, and thanks for that.
      1. Thunderbolt
        Thunderbolt 17 January 2016 07: 07 New
        The deputy is sleeping, and the service is on. And it is possible that way (military trick is called bully ):
    2. svd-xnumx
      svd-xnumx 17 January 2016 15: 21 New
      The work of the deputy was hard ...
      Before lunch, you fight hunger ... after lunch with sleep.

      Well, at least at the workplace, and thanks for that
      Ponomarev has been hanging around the ocean for almost two years now and has not been deprived of his deputies. angry
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. avvg
    avvg 17 January 2016 06: 31 New
    "Gaidar Forum" from the Mayor of Kiev Klitschko did not go far, they urge us to "prepare for the ground."
    1. 4 wheels
      4 wheels 17 January 2016 19: 36 New
      Quote: avvg
      "Gaidar Forum"

      As soon as I hear such names or miracle names like Chubais, Kasyanov, Khakamada and the like, I take a hunting rifle out of the safe and start cleaning it.
      Patamushta becomes more fun to live, Panimash ...
  6. dmi.pris
    dmi.pris 17 January 2016 06: 36 New
    Why do the Bulgarians need gas? The industry was stolen, the population travels all over the world .. Remaining dung, drown .. like during the Ottomans.
  7. Federal
    Federal 17 January 2016 06: 37 New
    Alexey and Oleg, thanks for the first of this year and a great weekly review.
    They robbed and harassed women gathered in the square. Several cases of rape are known. About 90 victims made statements about robberies and humiliations to the local police at night. Later, their number increased almost six times - to 516.

    The worst thing is that the very first Germany can break out, it is not all tolerant yet, and where the creation of Aloisovich "Mein Kampf" comes back into fashion, nationalism will be inevitable. All other consequences of German Nazism from school history textbooks of grade 11.
    1. igordok
      igordok 17 January 2016 08: 33 New
      More from Maslovsky.
  8. cap
    cap 17 January 2016 06: 47 New
    Everything is as always young, fervently, with garlic and pepper. Thanks again A.V. and O.CH!
  9. novobranets
    novobranets 17 January 2016 06: 50 New
    individual parliamentarians also “sit out” for themselves and for that guy, and in addition they also vote for colleagues in the faction, unceremoniously striding through the ranks.
    Dead Souls. Don't give, don't take. Who, then, adopts these laws, after reading which, I would like to advise the people's representatives (are there such ones? ... well, at least one) to turn to a psychiatrist. A bunch of crooks who climbed into the chairs through the back door in order to improve their financial affairs. Recently I read a strange phrase "... funds in the amount of ..." have been allocated for the fight against corruption, what a pancake in fig, it is necessary to allocate cartridges, not funds.
    1. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa 17 January 2016 09: 48 New
      Quote: novobranets
      The crowd of crooks, which crawled through the back door into chairs in order to improve their financial affairs.

      Well, what else can you say?
  10. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 17 January 2016 06: 51 New

    As long as the authorities are in power, nothing will change. They are not capable of anything, except for the sale of raw materials abroad and raising taxes and prices for their people.
    I agree. The current ones do not have that vein of the business executive that "the red directors" had. Therefore, they have only one method, which is trial and error. It turned out, so it worked, nothing terrible happened, let's try something else. Without thinking about the fact that this is nothing terrible, ordinary people pay the price. We are with you. It's a shame and annoyance from this. Although I must admit that there are attempts all the same. And yet, well, very slowly "harness". And on the street "winter". It's time to wake up.
    1. iliitchitch
      iliitchitch 17 January 2016 06: 59 New
      Quote: s.melioxin
      this is trial and error

      I remember that one red director-prime minister has already received the most expensive economic education in the world, I shudder, as I recall. And again, run through the rake, but what is it, huh?
    2. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 17 January 2016 07: 27 New
      -16 qualifying.
      Quote: s.melioxin
      The present do not have that vein of the business executive that was "the red directors"

      Excuse me, what did you and your family personally have during the red directors?
      1. s.melioxin
        s.melioxin 17 January 2016 08: 06 New
        Excuse me, what did you and your family personally have during the red directors?
        Respected. No big deal, no need to apologize. If interested, please. A three-room apartment, a VAZ 21011 car, every year an almost free trip to the South, was in Bulgaria, presented at the wedding. He began as a locksmith M.S.R., then as a gear milling machine operator, then as a turner-borer. I have a higher education. But the main thing is how they related to my work. Respected. Respect now, but respect is not that, not from the heart. Only money, or anything personal. But money can’t measure everything.
        1. teascher
          teascher 17 January 2016 15: 16 New
          -14 qualifying.
          Strange, you have a university degree, but write with errors.
        2. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 18 January 2016 07: 02 New
          Quote: s.melioxin
          Three bedroom apartment,

          My mother stayed in line for an apartment for about 20 years. Many of their homes have not yet received auls and barracks.
          Quote: s.melioxin
          VAZ car

          We didn’t have a car. As for the others, it was necessary to save 10 years for the car, and then stand in the queue for another 5 years to get it. I am silent about the quality of the cars.
          Quote: s.melioxin
          almost a free trip to the South every year

          We did not have free tickets, although they may have been for thieves like you.
          Quote: s.melioxin
          were in Bulgaria,

          Komsomolsk was a closed city (like North Korea now), from here it was not like Bulgaria .....
          Quote: s.melioxin
          He began as a locksmith M.S.R., then as a gear milling machine operator, then as a turner-borer. I have a higher education.

          And from that moment on, I stopped believing in you.
      2. Fayth
        Fayth 17 January 2016 14: 53 New
        The question is not for me, but still ... My father was a military man, my mother was an engineer in the defense industry, my grandfathers / grandmothers were hard workers, there was everything, there were apartments, cars (including washing machines), there was meat and a penny vacation in rest houses and on resorts. One grandfather had 2 !! cars and 2 motorcycles, several videos and cameras ... suede jackets, 3 !.
        In a word, who worked - did not complain about life + colossal social sphere and confidence in the future (not to be confused with the bottom). These are all "red directors".
      3. The comment was deleted.
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 18 January 2016 06: 56 New
          Quote: major
          You Alexander Romanov do not remember who gave you education (free)

          Please, this is the only thing I got for free.
          Quote: major

          Quote: major

          They bought the apartment themselves, now I’m selling it.
          Quote: major
          free treatment

          That then, that now they carried and bear to doctors, the prices changed.
          Quote: major
          confidence in tomorrow

          And what was it like?
          Quote: major
          You are a little wimp

          Quote: major
          You bastard

          That’s why I can’t stand you communists, boor in boor and boor chases. And more about morality, that they carry something.
    3. WINovikov
      WINovikov 17 January 2016 09: 10 New
      Everyone pretends to be listening. One "iPhone" before the lamp - sleeps peacefully.
    4. behemot
      behemot 17 January 2016 14: 28 New
      sleeping again?
  11. Koronik
    Koronik 17 January 2016 06: 52 New
    Yes, well, what are we going to draw conclusions on the work of deputies and not only them, elections are not far off. Although, I think so, now they will try to show the whole country what "hard workers" they are. But the time is not easy, go ahead - the chosen ones!
    1. killganoff
      killganoff 17 January 2016 13: 48 New
      Yes, well, what are we going to draw conclusions on the work of deputies and not only them, elections are not far off. Although, I think so, now they will try to show the whole country what "hard workers" they are. But the time is not easy, go ahead - the chosen ones!

      Elections, elections! Candidates - @@@@@@@!
      Alternatives still will not appear. Any germ capable of changing the situation and capable of enticing the electorate will be doomed - they will not allow it or eliminate it before the election.
  12. Federal
    Federal 17 January 2016 06: 54 New
    The Ukrainian Kunstkamera in the form of all kinds of "Lyashki" and "Gerashenka" choked on crumbs left over from the Maidan cookies. She choked, poking her fingers towards Poroshenko: they say that you’re a sort of hawker, you’re shy, who are you taking ?! around the world with the phrase “give pennies,” giving way to Biden in time and covering his face with his hands when Avakov and Saakashvili argue about which of them is the largest Ukrainian.

    He was never my idol and I treated him like a "royal jester with pompoms", but after his words about his native Ukraine, he caused a feeling of pride and respect for Andrey Danilko.
    1. Federal
      Federal 17 January 2016 06: 55 New
      And there’s nothing to add to his words.
      1. Federal
        Federal 17 January 2016 06: 57 New
        Imagine how Svidomity rage.
        1. Federal
          Federal 17 January 2016 07: 00 New
          Sometimes you are mistaken in the appearance of a person.
          1. afdjhbn67
            afdjhbn67 17 January 2016 07: 12 New
            Quote: Federal
            Sometimes you are mistaken

            Maybe enough flood, transvestite - and the hero is still blind .. wassat
            1. Federal
              Federal 17 January 2016 07: 24 New
              Quote: afdjhbn67
              Maybe enough flood, transvestite - and the hero is still blind.

              Refute conclusively, if it is a flood, and if so, then I will be punished by the site administration and apologize for the unverified information. but before posting, it seems to have checked on other resources.
              1. afdjhbn67
                afdjhbn67 17 January 2016 07: 37 New
                Quote: Federal
                Refute evidence

                Since I do not have a relationship with the site administration, you can consider it purely my personal opinion hi
              2. afdjhbn67
                afdjhbn67 17 January 2016 08: 01 New
                Quote: Federal
                if it's a flood,

                Flood (from incorrectly spoken [1] English. Flood - stream) - non-thematic messages in online forums and chats, often taking up large volumes. A technical flood is a hacker attack with a large number of requests, leading to a denial of service. In some game situations, flood is considered several messages in a row, from one game person.
                The person who distributes the flood on the Internet slang is the flood, the same as the dec. empty land [2].
                Flood spreads as a result of excess free time, and with the aim of trolling - for example, out of a desire to annoy someone. Netiquette condemns flood
            2. Alexander Romanov
              Alexander Romanov 17 January 2016 07: 30 New
              Quote: afdjhbn67
              Maybe enough flood

              Hi, Kolya! This art director Verka advertises his protege.
              1. afdjhbn67
                afdjhbn67 17 January 2016 07: 34 New
                Quote: Alexander Romanov
                Quote: afdjhbn67
                Maybe enough flood

                Hi, Kolya! This art director Verka advertises his protege.

                Hi Sasha, I understood this message about that
                Verka Serduchka as a fighter wassat .. The main audience and money in Russia, and the lesson Rush Tumbai did not pass in vain from here and heroism, pah
                1. Alexander Romanov
                  Alexander Romanov 17 January 2016 07: 37 New
                  Quote: afdjhbn67
                  Rush tumbai

                  Tumbai, he was trying to convince everyone that Tumbai, and not good bui. What did he sing during the Maidan period.
    2. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 17 January 2016 07: 29 New
      Quote: Federal
      , but after his words about his native Ukraine, aroused a sense of pride and respect for Andrei Danilko

      Yeah, I remember him rush good bye, after which he lost all his earnings in Russia.
      1. Gunsmith
        Gunsmith 17 January 2016 14: 30 New
        Yes, we all remember. So it is, heartfelt, and pokes around Europe.
  13. Leprekon
    Leprekon 17 January 2016 06: 59 New
    Unfortunately, the labor code does not apply to servants of the people.
    Why is that? Why does the Constitution (without specifics, for many it is similar) says one thing - "The bearer of sovereignty and the only source of power in ... is its multinational people", but in practice it turns out something else? Maybe a misprint has crept in and the article sounds like a mockery - "The bearer of sovereignty and the only source of power in ... is her long-suffering people "? Why does the legitimate, substantive indignation and demand of that very" people "not reach its" servants "? Why does it practically not work to raise the issue of a referendum that will put an end to such perversion? Who has power more than provided for by the Constitution itself?
    And the question of extending the Labor Code to the "servants of the people" is the same thorn in the hands of those who feed them - the long-suffering people!
    1. WINovikov
      WINovikov 17 January 2016 09: 21 New
      The law and the Labor Code should be the same for everyone. There should be no untouchable, non-judicial and other "not". And the demand from the deputies should be even stricter. It is necessary to consider being a deputy as an aggravating circumstance in the initiation of criminal cases and appropriate punishment measures (confiscation of funds, property both in Russia and abroad). And not like with Vasilyeva - her favorite paintings have already been returned.
      1. killganoff
        killganoff 17 January 2016 13: 50 New
        About Sir Serdyukov generally forgotten.
      2. Starik72
        Starik72 17 January 2016 14: 26 New
        Vladimir If the parliamentary immunity is canceled, then almost all the deputies should be imprisoned, well, a couple or three honest deputies will remain in the Duma, and who then will work in the Duma and pass laws. But how can people live without laws?
  14. LÄRZ
    LÄRZ 17 January 2016 07: 08 New
    Quote: Federal
    They robbed and harassed women gathered in the square. Several cases of rape are known. About 90 victims made statements about robberies and humiliations to the local police at night. Later, their number increased almost six times - to 516.

    And all because men in Germany began to write while sitting.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 17 January 2016 07: 31 New
      Quote: LÄRZ

      And all because men in Germany began to write while sitting.

      This is because in Germany there are no more men left.
      1. LÄRZ
        LÄRZ 17 January 2016 08: 01 New
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        This is because in Germany there are no more men left.

        Hard. There are men there, there are. They puffed them up with "tolerance", "common European values" and other similar bilibirdas. There is a lack of freedom-loving, rebellious spirit.
        1. Boa kaa
          Boa kaa 17 January 2016 09: 44 New
          Quote: LÄRZ
          Hard. There are men there, there are.

          Of course there is ... But these are not Germans, but emigrants from the former Union!
          Yesterday, the box showed the plot (pah, you Lord!) About the tragedy of the raped Russian-speaking 12-year-old girl ...
          So there, at a spontaneous gathering, the former compatriots clearly said that they would not leave it like that! And surely they won’t leave!
          The German law enforcement officers, who, against conscience and honor, cover this emigrant bastard, cause squeamishness!
          And one more question: why is the Bundestag silent? Is there really no national pride left for deutschers? and everything flooded tolerance from overseas?
          1. LÄRZ
            LÄRZ 17 January 2016 12: 06 New
            Quote: Boa constrictor KAA
            The German law enforcement officers, who, against conscience and honor, cover this emigrant bastard, cause squeamishness!

            Something goes wrong in old Europe. What happens to people, with their life principles? Why did they all so calmly surrender their souls to the power of a demon, Satan, shaitan, Beelzebub ...
      2. WINovikov
        WINovikov 17 January 2016 09: 24 New
        Guys that may be, but ... tolerance. It turns out that at first the muzzle is filled with police, and only after that it is possible to beat the faces of migrants. Otherwise, they’ll put him in prison.
        1. Starik72
          Starik72 17 January 2016 14: 31 New
          Volodya, or maybe immediately the police and the migrants face beat? What do you think ?
      3. GRAY
        GRAY 17 January 2016 09: 50 New
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        This is because in Germany there are no more men left.

        Though in Sweden, men, there are still.
        On New Year's Eve, a labor migrant from Uzbekistan, Azamjon Shakirov, who works in a local car mechanic and does not drink alcohol, carried his housework colleagues and saw a group of young people of Arab appearance pick up a girl near the cafe and began to paw a girl who although she drank very heavily, she clearly did not want a close acquaintance with these men. Seven or eight merry refugees did not hide their intentions, which the German police now bashfully call a “rape game”, and it is unlikely that the girl would have at least one chance to break free, but Shakirov intervened, literally grabbing it and pushing it into his car. The Arabs tried to take him into their voices, but the Uzbek answered them no less loudly in pure Uzbek (maybe with a splash of Russian), gave them the gas and was like that. For an hour he drove her around a small town, until she sobered up and could not show her house, in which he handed over the young Swede from her arms to her mother.

        Now, an Uzbek who arrived in Sweden five years ago with his family became a hero of local media, not only local, but also the country's main newspapers Aftonbladet and Expressen wrote about him, and the SVT television channel dedicated the story to him.

        As it turned out, cases of sexual violence by refugees of local women and for Sweden are no longer rare. But local heroes were not found among the descendants of the Vikings. Except one Uzbek. Arrived from the former Soviet Union.
      4. Sorokin
        Sorokin 18 January 2016 07: 06 New
        But this is true. There, peasants remained only from immigrants. Yes, and they went back to Russia come and spit on Yegropa.
    2. Phantom Revolution
      Phantom Revolution 17 January 2016 08: 20 New
      It seems that here the Germans are, a funny video on the topic of emigrants.
      1. LÄRZ
        LÄRZ 17 January 2016 08: 42 New
        How an Arab rapes a manikin.
        1. behemot
          behemot 17 January 2016 14: 30 New
          I'm just amazed. Rob the east, and then let them in. Morons b *** b.
          Well, get it, idiots.
        2. BARKHAN
          BARKHAN 18 January 2016 16: 18 New
          If only these jokers with a bag would have joked like that in Israel, they would have made a colander right away ...
          And maybe when you saw it in these clothes and with a bag ...
          I won’t lie. In such a situation, I would jerk along the intersection, most likely more quickly ...
      2. Mikhail Krapivin
        Mikhail Krapivin 17 January 2016 09: 46 New
        For a long time I didn’t laugh :) Ran!
      3. figwam
        figwam 17 January 2016 11: 55 New
        Quote: Phantom Revolution
        It seems that here the Germans are, a funny video on the topic of emigrants.

        Why did you post it, I almost fell off my chair with laughter, you +. Well, RUN, it's impossible to watch !!!)))
      4. novobranets
        novobranets 17 January 2016 13: 37 New
        Rzhachno. But at the present time it is not safe. Recently I watched a similar video, Chinese. There, two guys feigned assault and murder, then laughed at the shocked passers-by. But those two were out of luck. They ran into a policeman in civilian clothes, and he took and shot one, the "attacker". And not for fun. And laughter and sin, two in one bottle.
    3. The comment was deleted.
  15. 2s5giacints
    2s5giacints 17 January 2016 08: 05 New
    in the news they say the sanctions were lifted from Iran ... which means Iran’s gas and oil will be sold again. We still have enough reserves for this year, but for the next? Maidan and we’ll jump in? Or how?
    1. Phantom Revolution
      Phantom Revolution 17 January 2016 08: 23 New
      Quote: 2s5giacints
      in the news they say the sanctions were lifted from Iran ... which means Iran’s gas and oil will be sold again. We still have enough reserves for this year, but for the next? Maidan and we’ll jump in? Or how?

      You can immediately emigrate to a prosperous Ukraine.
      1. Penzyak's Neighbor
        Penzyak's Neighbor 17 January 2016 16: 31 New
        Man, just asked a question. And where is prosperous Ukraine?
    2. askort154
      askort154 17 January 2016 08: 59 New
      2s5giacints ..... in the news they say the sanctions were lifted from Iran ... which means Iran’s gas and oil will be sold again. We still have enough reserves for this year, but for the next? Maidan and we’ll jump in? Or how?

      Iran will be able to influence the market in 3-5 years, when will restore infrastructure
      production and transportation in full. As a percentage, the share of Iran in total production is not so significant.
  16. The comment was deleted.
  17. aud13
    aud13 17 January 2016 08: 25 New
    Quote: The same Lech
    The work of the deputy was hard ...
    Before lunch, you fight hunger ... after lunch with sleep.

    Well, at least at the workplace, and thanks for that.

    The outrage is complete of course.
    Apparently, the president himself will not raise this issue - none of the deputies will want to fire himself.
    It may be at least the first step, namely. A deputy skips a working day for a good reason (illness, business trip, etc.) - mark his place with some sign (for example, lay something on a countertop or cover a chair with a cloak). Well, if he should be at the workplace, then prepare his workplace for his arrival. Let everyone see that he should be at the workplace, but he is not!
    Well, of course, to prohibit voting for another deputy with his card. What a mess? At work, to get a salary for a neighbor or relative, you need to receive a power of attorney, but here people pass laws that affect the whole country and it is not clear who actually voted for what. Either personal presence, or a power of attorney and so that the will of the deputy can be seen from this power of attorney.
    1. e-egod
      e-egod 17 January 2016 13: 42 New
      You are a naive person!
    2. kotvov
      kotvov 18 January 2016 13: 17 New
      .d.) - mark its place with some sign (for example, lay something on a countertop or cover a chair with a cloak,
      ,, not, put a photo in a frame, well, or you can bust.
  18. Egoza
    Egoza 17 January 2016 08: 31 New
    thanks to the authors! Well, my 5 cents ...
    Stripping started very active. And this is good!

    The Ukrainian authorities are conducting a tough sweep among the "patriots" and "heroes of the ATO." This was written on Facebook by an employee of the punitive battalion "Kiev-2" Dmitry Tsvetkov.
    We cite his text in full, while maintaining spelling and punctuation.
    “There is a ruthless, cruel sweep!” Someone in boilers, someone with a bullet in the back of the head, someone in handcuffs and fists to death, someone in prison is rotting. Who has time - leaves. Many did not have time.
    Ukrainians, by their naivety or, most likely, by their stupidity, continue to amuse themselves that this is an interim government, that this is a transitional period, that full reform takes time ...
    Do not be stupid! This is no Rabbit, no Chocolate King. Power in the country was captured by traitors and sadists. For the sake of this power they will drown Ukraine in blood. Open your eyes! Look at the actions of ministers, prosecutors, judges, Avakov garbage. This is the NKVD of the 36 year. Ahead we have 37 ...
    If you freely write online under your name, this does not mean that you live in a democratic country, it means that while you are still in development. A special department to combat you has already been created at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Soon your turn will come ...
    Separately, I want to appeal to volunteers who believe that they are defending Ukraine, being at the forefront, from an external enemy.
    All of you, too, are already in development. And the most active of you are caught in the rear and destroyed. Kostakov, Andrew, Forester and hundreds, thousands of other guys. You guys are in a war that isn't there! There is an anti-terrorist operation, which should be carried out by personnel security forces. But they are busy with your destruction ...
    Nobody will help you when they knock at our door at dawn! They will catch one by one. Because there are 20 times more (Ukrainian Interior Ministry, SBU, prosecutor's office) than Ukrainian soldiers in the Donbass.
    If you do not rebel now, then we will bury every third patriot. The remaining two-thirds will rot in prisons. ”
    1. Mikhail Krapivin
      Mikhail Krapivin 17 January 2016 09: 50 New
      People don't learn anything. "The revolution is devouring its children," Danton said, almost three hundred years ago. Did they think that it was not their business, that they would become the exception? So they are excluded.
  19. Egoza
    Egoza 17 January 2016 08: 36 New
    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko made a sensational statement. The head of state assures that he is the reincarnation of Stepan Bandera and Hetman Mazepa.
    According to Poroshenko, he has strange dreams: one night he sees himself in the image of Ivan Mazepa, the other - Stepan Bandera. Ukrainian scientists conducted the necessary research. According to experts, this is about reincarnation, because the president dreams not only of well-known historical events, but also of ordinary, quite everyday scenes with the participation of Mazepa and Bandera.
    Yeah! One whispers to him that it is time to roll off. and second. that in a German prison you can sit out well. and no reptile will tell you how they ended! laughing
    1. ML-334
      ML-334 17 January 2016 09: 49 New
      Squirrel came, drank up Petya.
      1. Mikhail Krapivin
        Mikhail Krapivin 17 January 2016 09: 52 New
        And for me it's so normal schizophrenia, with a split mind :)
    2. Tersky
      Tersky 17 January 2016 10: 00 New
      Quote: Egoza
      According to Poroshenko, he has strange dreams: one night he sees himself in the image of Ivan Mazepa, the other - Stepan Bander

      They told Poros that it was time to tie up with a booze. In the near future, the stakes will rise, become at least Napoleon, only in a white shirt with long sleeves ...
      1. FIREMAN
        FIREMAN 17 January 2016 12: 19 New
        Petro Poroshenko made a sensational statement. The head of state assures that he is the reincarnation of Stepan Bandera and Hetman Mazepa

        Probably, in this case, and should finish like them.
  20. Cobra77
    Cobra77 17 January 2016 08: 36 New
    Quote: dubak78
    what can I say ... we stock the stew and the cartridges.

    It's always in price, comrade. There are also partisan affairs. Times are not calm now ....
  21. Egoza
    Egoza 17 January 2016 08: 43 New
    The head of the Transcarpathian regional city administration told reporters about the investigation of the circumstances of the mass brawl with the use of firearms in the popular Ukrainian resort Dragobrat.
    “160 of thousands of Russian rubles were discovered in the attackers, the origin of which is unknown. The question arises - how did the money of the aggressor country get to the right-wing organization, is it possible that “Right Sector” receives a salary in Russian rubles? ”, Asked
    Well, that’s it! Now announce. that PS is a special unit of GDP
  22. Egoza
    Egoza 17 January 2016 08: 48 New
    a lot on our forum they argue about "brothers are not brothers" "where did they come from" "education", why they always ask, etc. let's take a look at the historical folk art. Since olden times, children have gone on holidays, and young people have been "caroling" and compare Russian and Ukrainian carols ...
    Sowing, blowing, sowing,
    Happy New Year! Congratulations!
    Though the “old” New Year -
    Anyway, good bears!
    We wish the old fashioned way
    Fertility - cattle,
    Warm booths - little dog,
    Saucer of milk - a kitten,
    A handful of wheat - a cockerel,
    The red girl is a friend
    Small children - dad with mom,
    Grandmother - the granddaughter of small!
    Sowing, blowing, sowing,
    Happy New Year! Congratulations!
    Open the chest
    Get a piglet!
    Carols, carols, carols.
    Good with honey palyanitsa.
    And without honey it’s not like that
    Give, uncle, p'yataka.
    Yak will not give p'yataka,
    Vіzmu Bika for the horns.
    Do not give a penny,
    Bo tear the intestines
    Be, people, honors!
    Give a penny.
    1. Starik72
      Starik72 17 January 2016 14: 47 New
      In Yegoza, that's for sure. A beggar comes and asks for Christ’s sake, you take out half a loaf of bread and a piece of bacon, and he, in return, give money.
    2. BARKHAN
      BARKHAN 18 January 2016 17: 12 New
      Thank you Elena, but this must be read under nuts with beer ...
      If there wasn’t a country like Ukraine, it would be necessary to invent it. It dwarfs everything. No propaganda is needed, only transmit news from Ukraine ... and that’s it!
      Deaky Toby Oh dear, I can --- eh!
      (I apologize to connoisseurs of Mova, if I did not write the grammar correctly)
  23. TVM - 75
    TVM - 75 17 January 2016 08: 50 New
    Our deputies really "ignite". As long as there is such a collapse in the State Duma, impunity and wild freedom, there can be no talk of any fight against corruption in the country. As they pulled, they will pull, because everything is possible at the top. This means that they are not prohibited from below.
    1. Mikhail Krapivin
      Mikhail Krapivin 17 January 2016 09: 54 New
      I’m wondering, and who are these children ... deputies choose over and over again?
  24. Egoza
    Egoza 17 January 2016 10: 10 New
    In the meantime, in Ukraine, as luck would have it, another Zrada
  25. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 17 January 2016 10: 17 New
    good practical review! thank!
  26. Egoza
    Egoza 17 January 2016 10: 28 New
    Stolen from the network ....
    These "Ukrainian nationalists" are ridiculous. They talk there something about building a national state, about sovereignty (after creeping over Biden it is especially ridiculous), about freedom (despite the fact that they are building a real concentration camp). Although the funniest, of course, is about the national state.
    So, the so-called "president" is Walzman. Prime Minister Yatsenyuk, but they give out faces and habits.
    The nationalist leaders are Frothman and Farion. In Vinnitsa, by the way, the main “Svobodovets” Furman. The main pravoseki - Yarosh and Birch, wise world.
    The main sponsor of the Natsiks is Benya Kolomoisky. His right hand is Korban. The governor in Kharkov is Kernes.
    Public activists supporting the Nazi regime - Fishbein, Royzbud, Ikhelzon, Mikhelson, Shtekel, Volokh.
    No, it's not about the Jews at all. Although the "leader of the" Ukrainian offensive "Borukh Feldman" - this is still trash.
    The Minister of "Health" Kvitashvili and the governor in Odessa Saakashvili, a bunch of other fugitive Georgian criminals. Armenian Avakov. Baltic Abromavicius. American swindler Yaresko. A bunch of Poles in small service staff, such as Tuki or Yanevsky. Even the Russian degenerate and the indefinitely Klimkin, and that was pushed by a diplomatic monkey.
    Where are the Ukrainians ?!
    Not if socialism or communism with their internationalism were the dominant ideology, I would understand. Then, in fact, there would be no civil war.
    But these same maydauns ravely rave about the national state, nation, USD (Ukrainian Cathedral Power), blood and soil, the highest race, "sovereigns" and other crap.
    And such a gap between ideals and reality in everything ... it would be generally funny if they did not kill people at the same time ...
    One of Germany’s largest brewing companies, Warsteiner no longer needs the services of Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko, whose cooperation lasted four years, its head Katarina Kramer told Die Welt.
    The company has already signed a four-year contract with a new face of Warsteiner, now it will be the head coach of the English football club Liverpool Jurgen Klopp.
    “The services of the Klitschko brothers are no longer relevant for us,” the head of the company said, without specifying the reasons for the termination of cooperation.
    It’s painful often Vitalik went to ask for money, but he didn’t promote beer in Kiev! request
  27. trantor
    trantor 17 January 2016 10: 43 New
    In the German town of Poking in Lower Bavaria, parents of girls studying in local schools received letters asking them to forbid schoolgirls with miniskirts and short shorts ... A gentleman named Murad al Muradi demanded to cancel the German national entertainment - the Oktoberfest beer festival, and at the same time Christmas Christmas trees ... Belgian co-religionists of this innovator shouting “Allahu akbar” burned a Christmas tree in one of the squares of Brussels ... In the Danish town of Kokkedal in the municipality ... with a majority of votes, Christmas celebrations were banned. But earlier in the town at a public expense they celebrated Eid al-Fitr ... In the UK, instead of wishing Merry Christmas ...

    Next only the Notre Dame Mosque, Europe, as a region of Islamic law and Sharia law ... little remains.
  28. Gardamir
    Gardamir 17 January 2016 11: 05 New
    Here is a good article about the Gaidar forum "they came to eat"
  29. fa2998
    fa2998 17 January 2016 11: 09 New
    Quote: afdjhbn67
    Maybe enough flood, transvestite - and the hero is still blind ..

    Of course, at first he "drove" to Russia, and got a kick. Then it turned out that it was not necessary in Ukraine in Europe! The fees were small. The Russian audience, the Russian market was needed. Now he would turn into an "oppositionist" and find shelter in Russia! negative hi
  30. Egoza
    Egoza 17 January 2016 11: 10 New
    News of New Russia report ....
    Almost two years after the Crimean referendum, as a result of which the Crimean peninsula reunited with Russia, American journalists from Radio Liberty decided to conduct a survey of residents of Ukraine. I was interested in their answer to one question: what price are they personally willing to pay for the return of Crimea?

    It can be assumed that the answers of Ukrainians plunged reporters into shock. No matter how much Ukrainian propaganda tries to process the population, no matter how hard it tries to “raise the degree of the issue,” the almost absolute majority of the country's inhabitants reject the very idea of ​​a war for the return of Crimea.

    Many of them are sure that the inhabitants of the peninsula really wanted to live in Russia, and therefore this decision should be made and put up with it
    1. vartutr
      vartutr 17 January 2016 11: 40 New
      -13 qualifying.
      News Zhmerynka report ...
      Almost two years after the so-called of the Crimean referendum, as a result of which the Crimea peninsula was occupied by Russia, American journalists from Radio Liberty decided to conduct a survey of residents of Ukraine. I was interested in their answer to one question: what price are they personally willing to pay for the return of Crimea?

      It can be assumed that the answers of Ukrainians plunged reporters into shock. No matter how hard the Ukrainian propaganda tries to process the population, that the Crimean issue can be resolved exclusively through diplomatic means, however, the almost absolute majority of the country's inhabitants are ready to liberate Crimea from the invaders with arms.

      Many of them are sure that the inhabitants of the peninsula did not participate in the so-called referendum, and therefore the military operation corresponds to the aspirations and hopes of the vast majority of Crimeans.
  31. Mowgli
    Mowgli 17 January 2016 11: 19 New
    it becomes clear that: a) the hall is rather empty than full

    The optimist will say that the hall is almost half full.
    The pessimist will say that the room is almost half empty.
    The realist will say that in fact half of the deputies are by no means Viscount de Brazelona *

    * from here: "you are Mr. and you are Mr., and I am the Viscount de Bragelon".
  32. Egoza
    Egoza 17 January 2016 11: 28 New
    It’s hard to live in Ukraine, and living in Afghanistan is even harder. For this simple reason, the People’s representative of the Petro Poroshenko bloc, Mustafa Nayyem, taking advantage of his official position, moved nearly a hundred of his relatives from Afghanistan to Ukraine.
    And, as Ukrainian media assure, the people's representative is not going to stop there, i.e. Pashtun Mustafa plans to continue, taking advantage of his position, to export his relatives from Afghanistan. But to bring relatives to the country is half the trouble, it is necessary to make relatives full citizens of the Ukrainian state. According to the media, Nayem is busy with this, like a bee.
    For example, Nyyem sent his own brother for one and a half weeks to the anti-terrorist operation zone. As a result, now Mustafa’s brother has received the status of a participant in hostilities.
    Unfortunately, nothing is known about the other relatives. But a resource respected in ukropatriotic circles called the “Informant” assures us that Nayyom packs out the status of “political refugees” to his relatives. Moreover, nothing is known about the past of Niyem’s relatives, therefore it is possible that in the past they were involved in some illegal activity or even had contact with the Taliban terrorists ...
    In general, if ukroSMI is to be believed, then the Taliban right now, in these seconds, with the help of the people's deputy Mustafa Nayyem is changing his place of residence. Although, I allow myself to assume that the people's deputy Nayem just also wants a small volunteer detachment. Apparently, the standard dill patriots do not want to join him in the squad, but Mustafa is trying to somehow get out of the situation ...
    And without a small detachment, it’s hard to live in Ukraine now - no one respects you, no one gives you parachute plants for “just like that”. And in general, under-Tatars Dzhemilev, Chubarov and Islyamov can carry fighters from Turkey, and the Afghan Pashtuns, then, can not? Oh, it's not European ... Zolotoy,

  33. MIKHAN
    MIKHAN 17 January 2016 12: 05 New
    When it becomes difficult in life, etc .... I always remember that! We are all involved in this world-wide event, no matter how they spread rot and humiliate us! I was born in the USSR! We must remember this and tell our children (grandchildren)! These are the things in the missile forces ...
  34. Starik72
    Starik72 17 January 2016 15: 03 New
    I read the weekly review and comments. As always, the authors accurately and succinctly described the events of the week, and commentators commented briefly and with humor. I will add my opinion about the organizers of the Valdai Economic Forum. I recalled one rhyme: I go out onto the porch (that is, on the podium) with a smart face on my face, expresses that face with what I sit on the porch (that is, on the podium).
  35. epsilon571
    epsilon571 17 January 2016 16: 43 New
    This week's news cannot be called good, especially economic. Oil prices are falling, the ruble is depreciating and taxes are rising. Perhaps the upcoming elections will change the situation in the country (I would like to believe it), but for now you clearly understand that our leaders have once again proved their failure and simply threw their people. Ordinary people today are becoming hostages of ridiculous economic reforms, where it is no longer the state, but pensioners themselves pay him out of their meager savings. Hospitals and social institutions are closing down, schools are turning into a hotbed of liberal infection, and corrupt officials continue to steal with impunity ...

    ... Opening the "Gaidar Economic Forum" in Moscow, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said: "The country needs to prepare for the worst-case scenario, the outlook is bleak and everyone should tighten their belts." His words are not in doubt, but the question arises - and to whom all, we have long dragged on their own, but then what?

    I thank the editors for the review of current events and the comments. All forum participants have a nice weekend!
  36. AK64
    AK64 17 January 2016 18: 59 New
    Quote: GDP

    I have been working for 12 for years in the field of higher and secondary special education ... It’s impossible to talk about what our Ministry of Education is doing without a mat.

    1 - Every year, graduates are getting weaker and weaker, and this is despite the fact that teachers' salaries significantly exceeded the salaries of candidates for the PhD! (There is no such thing anywhere in the world! So that a person who has graduated from an institute somehow gets more than a PhD (8 years of study and serious financial and moral expenses)!

    The GDP is wrong: what more people get than regular ones is a lot where there is in the world. And IMHO this is normal, provided that with the teachers and require, respectively.
    Well, when a "mathematics teacher" with honors (!!!) cannot find a derivative of a work (fact!) --- well, this speaks of who and how prepares them ...
  37. 4ekist
    4ekist 17 January 2016 23: 54 New
    Quote: 4 wheels
    Quote: avvg
    "Gaidar Forum"

    As soon as I hear such names or miracle names like Chubais, Kasyanov, Khakamada and the like, I take a hunting rifle out of the safe and start cleaning it.
    Patamushta becomes more fun to live, Panimash ...

    And I’m always ready to use.
    1. Sorokin
      Sorokin 18 January 2016 07: 37 New
      So keep it always ready. I think I’ll need it soon. Zadolbali already local rulers.
  38. Yuri V
    Yuri V 18 January 2016 08: 52 New
    Quote: igordok
    More from Maslovsky.

    Maslovsky’s Duma ..... well done
  39. zelenii75
    zelenii75 18 January 2016 09: 35 New
    It’s time to start! ... A terrible end is better than horror without end! And, after all, everyone knows whose goat’s quench stirs up water! request
  40. Belousov
    Belousov 18 January 2016 09: 47 New
    In politics, in general, everything is the same, but in the economy, everything is getting worse and worse. And while liberals like the iPhone, Nabiullina, Gref and other Ulyukayevs are in power, we will not have anything good in the economy. But Putin is satisfied with the "activities" of the government, so think whether he is interested in the prosperity of Russia or not ...
  41. nekromonger
    nekromonger 18 January 2016 13: 36 New
    Even before their transfer there was a no-brainer, it was an empty idea. Americans, as always, make funny maneuvers. Probably a lot of money ...

    of course a lot - they print them.
  42. Santor
    Santor 19 January 2016 17: 18 New
    Quote: WINovikov
    Everyone pretends to be listening. One "iPhone" before the lamp - sleeps peacefully.

    When I at one time worked even smaller than iPhone, then pathologically fell asleep at all meetings ..... The speaker's monotony instantly drove me to sleep .... I slept on reading orders, slept on fine-tuning decisions .... There is nothing to be done , physiology .... And zhurnihlyulya posting these photos can not know, but ... OTHER hozYaeva set tasks for them.
  43. Santor
    Santor 19 January 2016 17: 43 New
    And even thoughts arise about whether the elusive Ukrainian DRGs are hiding somewhere behind the curtains of cabinets of representatives of the republican authorities ...

    I do not advise you to think in this direction ... This is something that is constantly being driven from all the media - both Ukrainian and pseudo-Russian .... For there are two of the same Russian channels - Culture and Star, the rest indirectly belong primarily to Anglo-Saxon capital.

    A good friend of mine is currently in the republics with the mission of assisting in the establishment of power. As he told me yesterday, at least another 2-3 years they will be brought to a normal battle. And many "heroes of Novorossiya" in fact, without the Internet and YouTube PR, turn out to be simple bandits.

    As an example, I will cite the sensational case with the "Troya" special forces company, led by the Hero of Novorossiya with the call sign "Bely". PR was 10 tons, noise, and so on ... A normal couch layman can safely consider these people heroes of the New Republic, the blood of defended its independence, and so on ...
    And here on the Internet, the harsh militia known to everyone by reporting, Yevgeny Shabaev literally burst out screaming for help - help, the heroes are going to be killed, they were besieged from enakievo, instructed tanks and stuff .. All to save the heroes ... On the Internet, especially a Facebook wave of hatred for Zakharchenko, for some reason went to Plotnitsky, and raced ....

    And what really ... As such, the company, dressed in blue berets and vests, and bearing the proud name "Troy", is a group of people from the local organized criminal group, to which were added the same soldiers who were dismissed from the 3rd motorized rifle brigade for service inconsistency -heroes. A total of about 20 souls.
    They occupied the village of Ozerianovka, where they set up their headquarters and ... we remember the unforgettable film "Wedding in Malinovka". The company lump had already been detained in Yenakiyevo by the commandant's office patrol for the state of drug intoxication. "White" goes under "Alabay" - this name is known for Donetsk people. By the way, it is not clear how he ended up in Kobzon's retinue, all of himself hung with weapons, but oh well ...

    Part one because comments are limited and there is no time to write completely on this topic
  44. Santor
    Santor 19 January 2016 17: 44 New
    and part two

    This formation has actually been blocked in Ozyeryanovka already since mid-December, although Shabaev has just made a fuss ... And it began with the fact that the elite soldiers, being in a dumbfounded state, shot at point-blank car with the soldiers of the 3 motorized rifle brigade - there are both dead and wounded . Having understood what they did, they’ve barricaded themselves and are sitting there ... Due to the presence of grenade launchers and other burdens, the BCH command does not want to storm them - and so will surrender. But she wants to conduct an investigation on all episodes - there are more than 200 statements from robberies about robberies and violence ... Their defense can be easily suppressed with three or five shots at point blank range from a tank, but the authorities are eager for investigation and trial .... Therefore, there are screams - heroes get hurt .....

    A war, let alone a civil war, raises dirt from the bottom, whose existence in peacetime is difficult, and sometimes impossible to imagine.

    On a specific occasion, the DRGs work, and for some reason, many couch experts have such confidence that everyone in the Donbass really wants to live in New Russia ... Unfortunately, this is not so. And enough of everything. And shots in the back at night, and sabotage such as cropped wires and other things.

    Many names of the real commanders and fighters of New Russia are literally unknown to the general public, for they are not PR and they themselves are not modestly PR. But it was on their shoulders that the whole brunt of the war for the independence of the republics was borne.

    And yet - without help from the outside, they will flounder for another 10 years in this state .... This is what our people had to face in the Crimea - I mean (let the Ukrainians who read it not be offended) - a real "hohlizm". Now the main task is to eradicate the freedom, SUPPLY discipline and force and teach new authorities to work.

    It is extremely difficult ....

    I mean, not to force, but to cure from hohlizm ...