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EU plans to impose sanctions on Syria, Iran and Belarus

EU plans to impose sanctions on Syria, Iran and Belarus

A meeting of the EU Council will be held today in Brussels, at which preparations for the EU summit scheduled for December 8-9 will be discussed.
According to the representative of the EU Council, the meeting will consider the prospects of recognizing Serbia as a candidate for membership in the European community. The final decision on this will be made at the summit itself.
According to ITAR-TASS, the discussion will be mainly devoted to the distribution of the so-called “packages” of European sanctions, which Damascus, Tehran and Minsk will receive.

It should be noted that the sanctions themselves will contribute to the expansion of the “black list” created for businessmen and officials who are prohibited from staying in the EU, and whose accounts with European banks should be frozen.
Also, the “black list” will be updated by campaigns of those countries with which business in Europe will not be allowed to cooperate, because they are suspected by Brussels of financing the regime. It is known that the mentioned “black list” of the European Union includes 167 people from Syria and 245 from Belarus.
It should be clarified that additional sanctions for Syria will be imposed due to the massive use of force during the suppression of protests. For Belarus - because of the persecution of opposition figures, and for the violation of human rights. For Iran, because of the refusal to cooperate with the international community on the termination of nuclear programs.

There is information that the EU countries, still have not reached an agreement on the proposal of France, on a ban on the supply of hydrocarbon fuel from Iran.

EU foreign ministers are also planning to review the situation in the Balkans (northern Kosovo), in the Congo, and the state of the peace process in the Middle East.

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  1. NovoSibirets
    NovoSibirets 1 December 2011 16: 07
    This is such a fun game ..
    If a European, during a personal crisis, wants to assert himself, he takes sanctions against the weaker ... A complex of moronous overgrowth of a high school student.
    1. Sibiryak
      Sibiryak 1 December 2011 17: 16
      This is not even a game, but their moral position!
      1. Nick
        Nick 1 December 2011 20: 38
        You know Sibiryak, this position of theirs may be in our hands. The further they move these countries away from themselves, the closer they get to us, and here Russia needs to competently resolve the situation. We now really need allies or at least sympathizers. The situation in the world is very unstable.
        1. APASUS
          APASUS 1 December 2011 21: 06
          Quote: Nick
          that their position may be in our hands. The further they move these countries away from themselves, the closer they get to us,

          Friends do not automatically become! The farther the situation comes to a standstill, the louder they criticize us for betraying our own and friendly interests. And knowing not the decisiveness of our government, in foreign affairs. And not being able to solve such situations, this is rather a minus to us than a plus !!!
          Want to bet?
          Ours will not be able to score points when solving the problem of citizenship for the Serbs of Kosovo !!!!
  2. Samsebenaum
    Samsebenaum 1 December 2011 16: 09
    Brothers, they beat ours !!!!!!
    1. rnb1983
      rnb1983 1 December 2011 16: 26
      Bl..di !!! soon they will fall apart, and they still impose sanctions !!! Greece is pulled by the ears .. they cannot be pulled out.
  3. Odessa
    Odessa 1 December 2011 16: 10
    It seems clear with Iran and Syria. But to put Lukashenko on a par with Akhminejan and Assad. Not at all good !!!
    1. Pavel V
      Pavel V 1 December 2011 20: 21
      It is known that the mentioned “black list” of the European Union includes 167 people from Syria and 245 from Belarus

      Judging by the number of people "not entering Europe" Lukashenko outdid Ahmadinejad and Assad combined. I wonder why he had such a reserve "for dessert" that everyone in Europe got so sick at once.

      There is information that the EU countries have not yet reached an agreement on the proposal of France to ban the supply of hydrocarbon fuels from Iran

      Friendship is friendship, commitment is commitment, and in an era of crisis, everyone needs cheap oil. It is on this contradiction that all these "comrades" need to be knocked together. Better yet, face it on the table.

      According to ITAR-TASS, the discussion will mainly be devoted to the distribution of the so-called “packages” of European sanctions that Damascus, Tehran and Minsk will receive.

      Earlier, humanitarian aid was distributed. And now the sanctions are "packages". And I suppose they also wrote on each for Syria "for peace", for Iran "for friendship", for Belarus "for the rescue service".
  4. Surg
    Surg 1 December 2011 16: 12
    Well, let's see what our government will do.
    1. starred
      starred 1 December 2011 17: 38
      "Vlast" - will get drunk !!!
      It will jeopardize our strategic interests not only in the region, but also in the world ... as has already happened more than once.
      However, this has already happened!
  5. timhelmet
    timhelmet 1 December 2011 16: 14
    Who are they to impose sanctions?
    If they continue, we’ll do it faster, we will regret am
    1. Uhalus
      Uhalus 1 December 2011 16: 54
      Who will make it? :( Russia? Russia does not have its own foreign policy.: ((Russia cannot organize or do anything: (((
      1. Nick
        Nick 1 December 2011 20: 41
        Yes, Russia will do it, but the European Union will help it, it already helps, dear Uhalus.
        1. Uhalus
          Uhalus 4 December 2011 21: 13
          But how? It enjoys at least some authority only in the former republics of the USSR. And the European Union ... Why should it help create a competitor? And what will he have from this? It is easier to negotiate with disjointed republics than with a single conglomerate.
    2. Ostwind
      Ostwind 1 December 2011 19: 17
      Indeed, the EU, at its discretion, divides into "good" and "bad", this must be stopped by creating a new political and economic organization.
  6. vadimus
    vadimus 1 December 2011 16: 27
    In Europe, our own sandbox, but we will do our own!
  7. Sergh
    Sergh 1 December 2011 16: 29
    Ha, like, the French do not use Iranian oil, thereby imposing on others to drown, so all together. Funny, what the fuck ... the fuck gets caught on this Kolkin fishing rod? Baby talk!
    But the Old Man brought the bourgeois to the conscience, but besides blowing and blowing bubbles, there is nothing to cover. EAC will help them.
    1. esaul
      esaul 1 December 2011 18: 17
      Serge, shortly and to the point! Stumble!
    2. Dock
      Dock 1 December 2011 19: 04
      So for that and gouging Libya.
  8. mar.tira
    mar.tira 1 December 2011 16: 30
    Somehow lousy the EU, for many years now trying to establish its order on the planet and its laws, through its elder brother with a baton. I already don’t know which countries besides my beloved they did not impose sanctions. There will be no batons soon, let's see to whom crawl.
  9. Sorry
    Sorry 1 December 2011 16: 56
    The EU is the decaying corpse of the former good grandmother of Europe. Ahmadinijadu and others can be unpleasant, but certainly not fatal. There is an impetus for the early creation of a counterweight alliance or alliances.
    1. Snake831
      Snake831 1 December 2011 18: 51
      Well, at the expense of good, it's you in vain! Someone she may have been good, but not for us!
  10. dred
    dred 1 December 2011 17: 03
    I don’t understand where does Belarus come from.
    1. krymskij
      krymskij 1 December 2011 18: 45
      With the fact that Old Man scored on them and does not want to carry out their democratic instructions. And then, so much money has been invested in the "opposition", but there is no result, it became insulting.
  11. patriot464
    patriot464 1 December 2011 17: 06
    The fraternal EU helps Russia in strengthening its allied ties.
    1. Snake831
      Snake831 1 December 2011 18: 55
      Exactly exactly! Come on! Drive the Slavs into a corner! Maybe then all of them will see that there is nowhere to go! Europe is not about us! They have their own dances, we have our own! Belarus, Ukraine, Russia in chorus: "Europe !!! DICK!!!"
  12. 1 December 2011 17: 08
    Well, I think. that Lukashenko was very upset. It is unlikely that he has large accounts in European banks or a large turnover with the EU. So, this is more a political measure than an effective economic one. In general, some garbage.
  13. DEfindER
    DEfindER 1 December 2011 17: 10
    The most surprising thing is that sanctions are imposed by resource-dependent countries, i.e. what they will achieve with these sanctions is unclear whether Europe will not buy Iranian oil, China will buy or Japs .. That’s who can impose sanctions so it’s the producing countries, despite the restrictions on the supply of oil .. the truth in the world is probably not so simple, often all the fields are already bought out by the same west .. and their capital can do whatever they want with any country ..
  14. Samsebenaum
    Samsebenaum 1 December 2011 17: 17
    Or maybe we will qualify for counter sanctions? Like, this is our answer to Chamberlain.
  15. Artemka
    Artemka 1 December 2011 17: 22
    These countries are loyal to Russia rather because of this and applied sanctions to them.
  16. dred
    dred 1 December 2011 17: 30
    Of course loyal that Belarus will do nothing.
  17. storm12
    storm12 1 December 2011 18: 02
    There is still a death penalty in Belarus! That Tolerast from the West and it infuriates!
    1. krymskij
      krymskij 1 December 2011 18: 40
      Pindos in some states also have the death penalty (moreover, in various ways), but this does not bother the European Union.
    2. Sergh
      Sergh 1 December 2011 18: 42
      Yes, Old Man in Belarus, at least all the Western ambassadors, together with the Ameri, will expel, nothing will happen! Only snot from the press will fly out and then no further than Brussels. The gut is thin in this direction of the handle to dissolve!
  18. esaul
    esaul 1 December 2011 18: 15
    In short !!! All do not keep up, but only the EU - keep up! Little! Smyrna-ah!
  19. potterz
    potterz 1 December 2011 18: 18
    , well, when will we shut them up !? How I dream about it !!! We got the self-confident pindosaksolegushatniki .............
  20. Cardamom
    Cardamom 1 December 2011 18: 21
    Including Belarus on the sanctions list, along with Iran and Syria, is thought-provoking ... Although, in general, forbidding people to clap their hands on the streets or just keep quiet, Lukashenko could not help but know how Europe would react to such actions. Now sanctions can finally finish off the economy of Belarus. Russia, however, as far as I know, is going to give Minsk $ 1 billion. But how can this help? time will tell.
  21. Dimka off
    Dimka off 1 December 2011 18: 24
    sanctions have already been imposed on Belarus. Evidently Lukashenko got a lot of his disobedience.
  22. midashko
    midashko 1 December 2011 19: 44
    Ours will soon join the sanctions ... They bargain, bargain and agree.
  23. maksim
    maksim 1 December 2011 20: 59
    for some reason, no one puts forward sanctions against Israel after the seizure of Palestinian territories
  24. Dad
    Dad 1 December 2011 21: 46
    What a sorrow! Alexander G. does not sleep even at night. From laughter.
  25. indrik
    indrik 1 December 2011 22: 47
    they are interested in Gazprom, too, they will impose sanctions, it cooperates with Belarus in full. Or against the military organization?
    1. 2 December 2011 00: 46
      Yeah, Gazprom. Ass in the winter will freeze, then there is no time for sanctions.
  26. Anatoly
    Anatoly 1 December 2011 23: 26
    Belarus they choke .. The Eurasian Union is not just created. And Lukashenko made a strategic, right and timely choice.
  27. Beil88
    Beil88 2 December 2011 09: 33
    "The EU plans to adopt sanctions against Syria, Iran and Belarus" - and the navel will not break in all these European races ???
  28. levanchik8444
    levanchik8444 2 December 2011 20: 00
    Officially, three Cereusheiks in America received America’s highest award for developing in addition to the ideal plan to destroy the Soviet Union, the plan included: luring the Soviet Union into the war against Afghanistan and involving ours in a terrible war. Having developed the stinger and bazookas. Our economy fully deployed to the war in afghanistan, and now estimate: a spinner is flying, which costs the Soviet economy 3 dollars, it is hit by a stinger worth $ 10000000, a plane is worth $ 80000, it is shot down by the same stinger, it’s eating a tank with a value of $ 30000000, it is burned by a bazooka worth $ 10000000-20000 dollars, respectively, for 30000 years we were in the anus. Respectively, it was even more interesting, the coup in Russia, we began to live in Russia ...
    Then we have internal problems with Chechnya, he knows how much bullshit went there, then the second Chechnya goes there, then Ossetia and there, because they pulled their nose during Syria, but if we stick up in Syria, we will be poor) I understand that war is the engine of the Economy, but the Americans will tear us apart, you count on nuclear weapons, you haven’t forgotten about the disarmament program, laughter. secondly, imagine how much money is needed for the maintenance of nuclear weapons, thirdly, the Americans know all our missile points, so they created a front from the north- west to south of Russia with NATO bases, where rockets that will stick from the satellite directly over the rocket mines will stand, in the fourth they launched two satellites that weigh exactly over Russia on each of which twelve nuclear warheads aimed at all strategic regions of Russia, namely to supply the defense industry, they even prepare special detachments, which in the case of everything will break through to Baikal and Amur (we have all the nuclear potential and special missile launchers there to shoot down our missiles at the start. AT THE END OF THOSE CONSIDER NAKHUA PUTIN IN THE SOUTH URALS BUILDING UNDER MOUNTAIN YAMAT AU BUNKER FOR 400000 PEOPLE ,,,,