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Who is the crap for the Americans?

This year, the security situation in Afghanistan will worsen. This is due to the poor fighting ability of the local army. This information is contained in the secret report of NATO, which fell into the hands of journalists of the German publication "Spiegel". The document explicitly states that the army of Afghanistan does not fulfill its functions. Some Russian experts believe that the publication of the report indicates the desire of the West to completely stop supporting the Afghan government.

Who is the crap for the Americans?

Look in the German magazine "Spiegel". A short submission from 9 in January 2016 describes the secret NATO report, according to which the North Atlantic Alliance expects a serious deterioration in the security situation in Afghanistan.

The secret document contains warnings to the military that, despite the international multi-billion dollar spending on the creation and support of the Afghan army (ANA), it can hardly be used. This is not even about the effective use, but in general about the performance of its functions by the local army. The text provides some examples.

Only 1 from the 101 infantry unit of Afghanistan is fully combat-capable, while 38 is characterized by “multiple problems”. Ten battalions, each comprising about 600 military personnel, are identified as “incapable”.

Particularly "dramatic" is the report of the American General John Campbell, the commander of the NATO mission. According to him, the situation with combat readiness is especially bad in the south of the country: there the Taliban control all large territories.

Of the seventeen battalions of the 205 Corps of the Afghan Army, which is stationed in Kandahar and Zabul, only a dozen are suitable for participation in battles, and the general reduces their participation to “limited”.

In the same areas, the Afghan army suffers heavy losses. According to statistics, 22 soldier dies every day. The total number of losses killed in 2015 a year exceeded 8 thousand people (an increase in losses by 42% compared to last year).

The death of a soldier is not the only problem. For the Afghan army is characterized by a large number of deserters. The latter either flee the army, experiencing "disappointment," or even go to the Taliban. In this way, the army loses up to a third of its fighters every year!

The past year brought the Taliban victory. After the withdrawal of the international contingent in accordance with the mandate of the ISAF, a significant part of the Afghan territories again came under the control of the Taliban. They were able to oust government forces from the southern provinces of Helmand and Kandahar. In addition, the Taliban seized territories in the northern provinces of Kunduz and Badakhshan. As Spiegel points out, in some large territories, Islamist militants can move almost freely.

The publication reminds that last September, the Taliban captured the capital of Kunduz province, where the German Bundeswehr military camp was located in 2006-2013. And only two weeks later, the Afghan government forces were able to win back the area in which 300.000 urban residents live.

So, let us add, in the large Western press, a “secret” report has come up that contains the sad conclusions of the American and NATO military about the mission to NATO. The Afghan army, quite simply, is not combat-ready. It can not perform its functions, and if it can, then only in a "limited" form (John Campbell will not lie). In addition, this army is characterized by massive desertion, with many fled warriors then joining the Taliban, which controls the occupied territories.

In essence, NATO brought the dismal results of many years of ISAF activity. The operation in Afghanistan, part of which was the creation and support of a full-fledged Afghan army, effectively opposing the Taliban, the NATO forces at the head of the United States failed shamefully.

But why bring shame on people? Probably, the "draining" of the secret document makes Russia understand: the West, which has embarked on a withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, completely refuses to continue the operation. And this means that it will be necessary to protect ourselves from the Taliban, as well as from the militants of “IG”, who also operate in Afghanistan, Russia and some CIS republics. In fact, NATO is bringing Russia to the “2.0 Afghanistan”: Moscow is participating in the war in Syria, and now it will have to confront the Taliban and the IG in the Afghan direction.

“In my opinion, the report appeared as a rationale for the West’s termination of support for the Afghan government,” said "Free Press" Specialist in Central Asia and Afghanistan, Dmitry Verkhoturov. - Arguments are being developed why NATO and the Americans should flee from Afghanistan. Of course, the West has invested a lot of money and spent a lot of time, in theory, an army in Afghanistan could already be built. So, the main problem is not that the Afghan army is inefficient, but in the initial absence of desire from NATO. Creating a good army was not a priority. Afghans themselves said that they were not given heavy weapons and in every way prevented the strengthening of the combat capability of the troops. NATO countries themselves held back the development of the Afghan army, and now they say it’s to blame for everything. ”

The expert believes that over the past fifteen years, Americans could solve the problem with the radicals. If it has not been solved yet, then this was not their main task, he said.

Andrei Grozin, head of the Central Asia Department of the CIS Countries Institute, believes that Russia will have to face the consequences of the lack of a clear strategy in Afghanistan for the West.

“Americans, by and large, think how to escape from the country,” the expert believes. - The US is talking about maintaining presence. But it may happen that they will have to urgently evacuate, as in their time from South Vietnam. And it is clear that not all puppets who sit in the government quarter of Kabul will be able to drop into the last helicopter. ”

“From this, the desire of Americans to find co-sponsors of a political settlement is understandable,” Grozin added. - From Beijing to Delhi. Perhaps, as a partner will attract Moscow. Offer and countries of Central Asia. In fact, no one abandoned the idea of ​​“greater Central Asia” when the countries of Central Asia should shoulder the burden of restoring Afghanistan. ”

So, Russian experts believe that the Americans are trying to find a "substitute" for themselves in Afghanistan, that is, to transfer the arrows of the endless war to the border states and finally to Russia. Like, you are interested in stability, and you fight with the Taliban.

As for the “secret” report, it does not say a word about what huge amounts of money were spent on NATO and why the Afghan army turned out to be so ineffective against the Taliban. Obviously, the Americans, like their ISAF colleagues, did not want to create a strong army in Afghanistan. The goal was, most likely, not to “democratize” Afghanistan and not to make it a full-fledged state, but to cash in on war and drug trafficking. When the financial crisis came, and then the scandals connected with large embezzlement of funds by participants of the US contingent began to be covered in the press, as well as the “disappearance” of millions and millions of dollars that went to Afghanistan under Pentagon contracts, the decision was made to gradually roll back. This folding is also conveniently incorporated into the “peacekeeping” activity of the Nobel Prize winner Obama.

And now Moscow clearly indicates: you need security at the borders - you are the crap behind us and rake.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 15 January 2016 06: 01
    Who to rake for the Americans?
    a rhetorical question ... the Americans don't clean up after themselves, they come "on a visit", they will devour everything, break it down, shit a bunch and leave ..
    1. Finches
      Finches 15 January 2016 06: 27
      The Americans thought they were in a fairy tale ?! Thought on the ball to defeat the warring people for centuries? Despite the fact that no one particularly supported the Taliban, as once the Mujahideen in which our overseas friends poured millions of dollars, armed and trained ... But our country, in addition to fighting with the spirits, built schools, hospitals, roads and a chance for a peaceful life Afghanistan had, only it was unnecessary USA! In the end - they are reaping the benefits of their own policies of the early 80s! Let the mothers of the killed ji-ai go to the grave of Reagan and spit on her, for his blind stupidity with respect to the USSR and Afghanistan! Now the White House wants to come down, but no longer knows how and looks again inquiringly in the direction of the Kremlin! I hope that there are no fools in the Kremlin ...
      1. Temples
        Temples 15 January 2016 07: 42
        -23 qualifying.
        The scribblers are completely stupefied?
        Do you even understand what you write in the title of the article?
        Are you in the toilet?
        Russian is not enough for you? Not enough words to express your thoughts without shit?
        What is in the head is in the language.
        Have a nice day!
        And ventilate the room after such allegories.
        1. NIKNN
          NIKNN 15 January 2016 08: 20
          Only 1 out of 101 infantry units of Afghanistan is fully operational,

          In general, it’s sad, but there never was a combat-ready army there, and they don’t need it ... There was always a war between clans and if the Americans did not create their Alkaids, the wars would be sluggish there ... And America would go away I’m not going to go, the first is the control of drug trafficking and the second is the presence in the region and the escalation of tension (this is their policy, they did not come up with a new one) request
        2. Mikhail3
          Mikhail3 15 January 2016 09: 49
          Quote: Temples
          And ventilate the room after such allegories.

          Dear Elf! I can’t express how sad it makes me that the author of the article upset you, gentle and sensitive. Well, well, I used the word in the letter D! It remains only to cry ...
          You were still lured to death in the USSR. With menacingly pouting cheeks pursued everything that seemed to you insufficiently elf-like. Gradually, it was possible to expel the whole truth from official communication, it turned out to kill the communication of power with the people at almost all levels, it turned out ... your abnormally sensitive noses worked until the people became convinced that it was not people who ruled us. Because these strange creatures do not speak Russian. It seemed that a distilled language, in which there was not a single living word, was instilled in them on alien bases. As I recall the Soviet newspapers, I will startle ... but you liked it, right? The only thing is that the people did not defend these aliens when it rained down.

          "I listened, clapping my ears
          And when I’m completely tired
          I said loudly - ASS!
          Then he fainted ... "
          1. Victor Demchenko
            Victor Demchenko 15 January 2016 14: 12
            Quote: Mikhail3
            "I listened, clapping my ears
            And when I’m completely tired
            I said loudly - ASS!
            Then he fainted ... "

            Timur Shaov, a conversation with a critic if that.
            and you booo big fellow plus a colleague, we were very pleased, I removed the truth from the language! good
            1. The comment was deleted.
            2. Temples
              Temples 15 January 2016 16: 29
              What did he take from your tongue?
              What Americans offer you to remove?

              You are like small children who for the first time said the word ASS out loud.
              Rejoice and dance with happiness!
              How little is needed for happiness.
              To each his own.
        3. gladcu2
          gladcu2 15 January 2016 17: 09
          There are oddities in the title not significant.

          Americans must assemble an alternative army with shovels for food. And send them to build roads.

          There is no state, they demand and there will be no army
        4. NordUral
          NordUral 15 January 2016 23: 19
          Who to rake for the Americans?

          My friend, what didn’t you like? One could write tolerantly:
          Who should rake the merde for the Americans?
          . Only from this, the filthy role of the Americans will not get better. As they began to crap in Afghanistan during the Soviet era, when our country tried to help the Afghan people, everything continues.
        5. The point
          The point 16 January 2016 10: 47
          A lot, sorry, a lot of emotions. And what about the content of the article?
        6. Weyland
          Weyland 16 January 2016 20: 52
          Quote: Temples
          Not enough words to express your thoughts without shit?

          Recall the response of the Old Guard at Waterloo to the proposal to surrender? laughing
          Gilliard, educator of the grand duchesses, having asked them for translation an excerpt from Les Miserables by Hugo, inadvertently did not notice that just this passage contains the famous "Cambronne's answer." Great princesses, essno, no one taught such words smile , and one of them, having difficulty in translating, turned to her father for advice. Nicholas II replied: "This word is very strong, but in this situation it was the most appropriate word in the French language! "
          I hope you have no doubt that St. Nikolai 2nd was a man of very high culture? Even his worst enemies did not try to deny this!
        7. The comment was deleted.
  2. Dezinto
    Dezinto 15 January 2016 06: 15
    And it’s convenient for them, jumping across the ocean, and watching their consequences with interest.

  3. venaya
    venaya 15 January 2016 06: 19
    you need security at the borders - you are behind us and rake

    All this is the traditional position of the Americans - it is difficult to recall cases when they acted differently in the international arena, their own interests naturally always prevailed over the interests of those countries where they entered, although this is not at all surprising. Surprising is the position of those who still trust them.
  4. Vladimyrych
    Vladimyrych 15 January 2016 06: 23
    Adopt a united resolution on a united front at the UN with a text something like this: shovel rake cho rake or rake from all at once. wassat
    1. Kos_kalinki9
      Kos_kalinki9 15 January 2016 07: 01
      Quote: Vladimir
      Adopt a united resolution on a united front at the UN with a text something like this: shovel rake cho rake or rake from all at once. wassat

      Well, unlike their protégé, the outskirts, which since this year have been received by the UN Security Council without the right of any vote, SGA have a veto in the Soviet Security. So there is no hope for UNO.
      1. Vladimyrych
        Vladimyrych 15 January 2016 07: 20
        And by smile, sarcasm is not visible at all, is it? wink
  5. sl22277
    sl22277 15 January 2016 06: 24
    Americans, Rake your shit, and then teach others to live. You are responsible for those who were bombed and where they brought "peace" and "democracy" with their values. Finally, we must forget about all the ideas to introduce democracy in Afghanistan, North Africa or the Middle East. There has never been and never will be democracy, it is simply not feasible.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Aleksandr72
      Aleksandr72 15 January 2016 08: 04
      You want too much from the Americans. They did not even take into account the experience of the 40th army in Afghanistan, when our military also faced the fact that the majority of Afghan sarboses were also not eager to fight (with the exception of a few elite units). But even such an army was able to be prepared so that the Najibullah’s regime, even after the Limited contingent left and economic support ceased from the USSR (which ceased to exist), was able to resist the Alliance for several years, which had no problems with the supply and nourishment of personnel.
      The Americans probably did not read Saint-Exupery and the meaning of the phrase "We are responsible for those we have tamed" (in this case, where they brought "democracy" by bombing, etc.) is completely unfamiliar to them. Americans always and everywhere pursue only their own interests, and then - "after us, even the Flood." I would really not like that Russia and its allies had to rake the Augean stables in Afghanistan after the Americans, if only with the aim of establishing elementary order there. Afghanistan is not a country where a foreigner can come with a weapon with impunity and not get shot as a result of problems.
      I have the honor.
      1. Extraneous
        Extraneous 15 January 2016 10: 18
        But Russia does not need to rake anything. It is enough to recognize the Taliban as an organization fighting for freedom and democracy and leave it alone. After a couple of months, there will be no trace left of the American puppets and the Taliban will focus on ISIS, which launched tentacles in Afghanistan. The Taliban will quickly restore the order they need and the whole situation will go over into Afghanistan’s standard regime of permanent shooting at each other. They won’t climb anywhere. And the poppy fields of the Americans will be destroyed. The main thing is that the Americans withdraw their troops.
        1. sgazeev
          sgazeev 15 January 2016 10: 35
          Quote: Stranger
          But Russia does not need to rake anything. It is enough to recognize the Taliban as an organization fighting for freedom and democracy and leave it alone. After a couple of months, there will be no trace left of the American puppets and the Taliban will focus on ISIS, which launched tentacles in Afghanistan. The Taliban will quickly restore the order they need and the whole situation will go over into Afghanistan’s standard regime of permanent shooting at each other. They won’t climb anywhere. And the poppy fields of the Americans will be destroyed. The main thing is that the Americans withdraw their troops.

          It is enough to recognize the Taliban as an organization fighting for freedom, for its traditional values, without dermocracy. good
  6. Darkboy2012
    Darkboy2012 15 January 2016 06: 29
    how to stick them into your own - while this is a whole problem, and the world ..
  7. Wolka
    Wolka 15 January 2016 06: 31
    to catch the Taliban sheikhs, "reformat" them by zombifying them and set them free to their lost herds of "sheep" ....
  8. LÄRZ
    LÄRZ 15 January 2016 06: 32
    No, guys, that won't work. "Unfinished is worse than undone." Finish in Afghanistan what you undertook, and only then dump.
  9. Egor123
    Egor123 15 January 2016 06: 45
    Well, the Americans will leave, we will probably help, as it was before.
    1. 72jora72
      72jora72 15 January 2016 08: 51
      Well, the Americans will leave, we will probably help, as it was before.
      It is not sad, but yes, if we don’t want Isil from Central Asia, we will help Afghanistan.

      P.S. How would we not have to unite with the Taliban.
      1. Extraneous
        Extraneous 15 January 2016 10: 20
        Have to. And the Taliban announced in the summer that Russia was not an enemy for them.
    2. gladcu2
      gladcu2 15 January 2016 17: 14

      No one will help. The Americans will leave, the Afghans themselves will resort to the resort of a coalition of gangs.
  10. iliitchitch
    iliitchitch 15 January 2016 06: 48
    How many grams of heroin does a person kill? If there is a rush of tons, then there is a bolt to stand on ceremony - there are satellites, the coordinates of the plantations can be copied without problems, the iskanders need to save the life of our young animals. Now, while I am writing this, how much has already expanded this rubbish? Or do we feel sorry for the farmers who work on plantations without a piece of bread left? Is it time to tighten the nuts in an adult way?
    1. Extraneous
      Extraneous 15 January 2016 10: 21
      Give power to the Taliban - destroy all fields. They are already destroying them.
  11. gla172
    gla172 15 January 2016 07: 02
    1. B.T.V.
      B.T.V. 15 January 2016 07: 15
      America is not "like a gopnik", but a gopnik is, given who it was inhabited from the very beginning. They have the genes of a gopstop.
  12. Valery 1966
    Valery 1966 15 January 2016 07: 24
    -12 qualifying.
    If the USA collapses, there will be a big world ass, and for many years a different world order will not be built yet. Economic decline will be widespread, but this is nothing compared to the many wars around the globe that arise in regions where the United States played a deterrent role. It doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not, fair or unfair, lawful or not, but the United States plays a global role in ensuring a balance of power in the world, both political and military, and financial. If the USA falls, then all this huge megastructure will crumble, and a long struggle will begin on its ruins to redistribute spheres of influence. If after the collapse of the USSR it took 20 years to live, it became less or less acceptable, then after the collapse of the USA the mess can last 50 and 100 years, ordinary people will suffer as always.
    1. gergi
      gergi 15 January 2016 07: 37
      Let them fall, survive. We’ll also help. There are no ordinary people, there are people, and there are people.
    2. Weyland
      Weyland 16 January 2016 21: 15
      Quote: Valery 1966
      If the USA falls, then all this huge megastructure will crumble, and a long struggle will begin on its ruins to redistribute spheres of influence.

      Since the EU is an economic giant and a political dwarf, it will not be so difficult to show them a place near the bucket. And since we have the most nuclear weapons, we will take our own (and if we agree on the concepts with China, then we can grab someone else’s laughing )
    3. The comment was deleted.
  13. parusnik
    parusnik 15 January 2016 07: 24
    And now Moscow is being unequivocally pointed out: you need security at the borders - you are behind us and raking..... What to rake, this Д In Afghanistan, Russia, we need faithful allies, in the person of the Central Asian republics ... But for now, these are partners who look with love, squint at the United States .. This is understood in the Russian Foreign Ministry .. and this Дdo not climb ....
  14. Valery 1966
    Valery 1966 15 January 2016 07: 25
    It will become easier for people to breathe. Europe will come out from under the Americans. And then after all, she sat on her and stared and stared. And their blood will be poured out for the whole Americans spilled both for Yugoslavia, and for DONBASS, and for Vietnam, and for the entire Middle East, and for Africa. You just think, where only these urrrodyyy did not kill people ????? The floor of the globe is covered in blood. The time will come to give everything and blood too.
  15. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 15 January 2016 07: 26
    you need security at the borders - you are behind us and rake.

    But you have to rake it and you can’t get anywhere. Its nat security is more expensive. And these Snord Mords will continue to crap around the world by shifting the problems they created onto others. It would be advisable for them to create problems on which they felt the beauty of their politics. But how?
  16. Great-grandfather of Zeus
    Great-grandfather of Zeus 15 January 2016 07: 28
    The American army, like all of America itself, is a bunch of big shit-stink from them all over the world. So, it’s necessary for all of humanity to start getting rid of American military bases, from the dollar ...
  17. Reeds
    Reeds 15 January 2016 07: 50
    Initially, it was clear that the United States did not need Afghanistan, the Americans tried to establish order there, where even we, the Russians, did not succeed, although we had much more success "across the river" than the American military.
    The Americans got into Afghanistan very firmly, and for the past several years they have not been able to get out of there.
    The problem is essentially the same, the American military do not understand why so many years, they shed blood, in addition to this, and the local population is not happy with their presence, what have the Americans done for so many years for ordinary people ??
    The war was supposed to end long ago, but it is not clear when America will understand this, this document shows the situation, but it is foolish to think that Washington did not know about it before.
    And as for whom it is natural to rake it, Russia, as usual, will pay with our sons for other people's shoals.
    1. castle
      castle 15 January 2016 13: 30
      My sons!
      It didn’t start with amers. In Afghanistan there was a world, theirs, peculiar. They beat each other in a neighborly manner, and sold their daughters to neighboring villages for their husbands. They lived their own way. And Britov was beaten and again lived in a neighborly way. And then the shuravi came. And it started! And there is nothing to blame for the amers; the stigmas themselves are not always pink and fluffy. Americans push their own, Russians their own. There are no clean ones here! Then I read that Russia will be paying for other people's shoals. If you consider the USSR a foreign country, then, YES.
  18. Viktor fm
    Viktor fm 15 January 2016 08: 29
    Trash nations than Americans I have never met
    1. Kyrgyz
      Kyrgyz 15 January 2016 16: 41
      Quote: Viktor fm
      Trash nations than Americans I have never met

      Anyone who has come to impunity in a separate segment of history, the Germans 39-42gg, Rome, England 18-19v, USA 1998-present.
  19. Al_oriso
    Al_oriso 15 January 2016 08: 39
    The main goal of the United States has been and remains the creation of chaos in the largest possible points around the world. In Afghanistan, they did very well. Now they have switched to other countries. Behind the screen of restoring order, America is engaged in destruction.
  20. Bolhevik
    Bolhevik 15 January 2016 08: 53
    Yes, they will leave, poppy with anasha genetically modified will be planted and then
    "correct not correct opposition"
    will force them to drop all their super modern weapons and run home to the states.
    By the way, they completed their true mission in Afghanistan in full.
  21. Yuri V
    Yuri V 15 January 2016 08: 55
    Yes, you never dreamed of what kind of cash flow goes through Afghanistan, there the Americans simply stupidly make loot, our scammers can never reach them. and of course to rake Russia as always ................
  22. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 15 January 2016 12: 02
    But as animals educate, accustom to cleanliness? poked in the face into your own feces! am
  23. tanit
    tanit 15 January 2016 14: 46
    South Park Season 3 Episode 14 "The Scarlet Sign of Fun" - How the Southerners Nearly Won laughing [media = http: // http: // id = 314]
    RUSIVAN 15 January 2016 14: 46
    Who to rake for the Americans? ...
    If you literally understand)), then the Baltic states have a good experience in removing G ... O after the democratic marines of the USA ...
  25. Mikhail Krapivin
    Mikhail Krapivin 15 January 2016 15: 53
    We could be glad for the Taliban, for their successes in the fight against the United States, if we were not across the border from them ...
  26. Kyrgyz
    Kyrgyz 15 January 2016 16: 40
    The Taliban does not even position themselves as Islamists as Pashtun nationalists, and Pashtuns are Afghanistan’s largest nationality, and who is Karzai? A protege of foreigners? The army of Afghanistan has no motivation, with their minds, they understand that only Afghans need a strong Afghanistan, and they don’t obey the Afghans, because they chew on their sleeves after the sleeves, they see that they are doing something wrong and not being told otherwise by those who sign the money. Such a country needs a monarch recognized by most tribes who at the first stage simply has to tear down the heads of those who disagree and then begin to carry out at least some kind of internal restoration, securing the non-interference of neighbors, with a whip and a stick for there is no money and gingerbread. China and Pakistan let them decide for Pakistan is more hemorrhoids.
  27. aud13
    aud13 15 January 2016 18: 26
    Who to rake for the Americans?

    It’s as if to come up with a way to send this back to America, so that they ate their own ...
  28. Kibl
    Kibl 15 January 2016 18: 28
    That's right, the mattress acts as in the saying “Don't shit where you live!” Here they spread their heaps all over the globe, ill-bred cattle!
  29. Razvedka_Boem
    Razvedka_Boem 15 January 2016 18: 44
    The problem of the West is that it automatically transfers its ideas to people of a different culture, of a different upbringing, of a different civilization .. And then .. it is childishly surprised .. -we wanted the best .. we are carrying "the light of crap .. When we were in Afghanistan, we built schools, hospitals, bridges, etc. When the Americans and their henchmen dug in there .. the production of heroin grew by orders of magnitude.
  30. Pate
    Pate 15 January 2016 19: 21
    If Ahmad Shah Masoud was alive, then Afghanistan was now a calm state, even with an authoritarian regime, and the Taliban were defeated.
  31. Stilet
    Stilet 15 January 2016 21: 01
    America should get back everything that it has so zealously planted all over the world, I’m sure that this will happen sooner or later.
  32. olimpiada15
    olimpiada15 15 January 2016 23: 04
    Those who are engaged in cleaning know that there is cleanliness - it is necessary to remove those who are dirty.
    Americans need to be weaned around the world, without their participation in the world it will be cleaner and calmer.
    It is not for nothing that for many people, "American democracy" sounds like a demeanor. And this corresponds to the truth, because the United States does not bring anything else into this world.
  33. MKP
    MKP 16 January 2016 00: 59
    They will send Americans there.
  34. Allax
    Allax 16 January 2016 13: 47
    For the preparation of the army of Afghanistan, the Americans spent billions of dollars for many years and now recognized it as unfit.
    The Americans spent many years and billions of dollars preparing the Iraqi army and it showed almost complete disruption in the battles with Daesh / ISIS.
    The Americans spent millions of dollars on the preparation of the Free Syrian Army, as a result the militants they prepared surrendered to Anusra, partly transferred to Daesh / ISIS.
    The trend however.