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Militants tried to seize the Pakistani consulate in Jalalabad (Afghanistan). There are dead and wounded

The first deputy head of the Afghan Interior Ministry said that militants who attacked the consulate of Pakistan were eliminated in Jalalabad. The militants attempted to seize the consulate. It all started with the activation of an explosive device, which was attached to the belt of a suicide bomber. The terrorist got in line, which was composed of Afghans who want to get a Pakistani visa. For some reason, the terrorist failed to get inside one of the buildings of the diplomatic mission, and he brought an explosive device into action on the street.

Taking advantage of the panic, two other militants were able to penetrate into the building in order to fire from there at the people who were at that moment in the blocks adjacent to the Pakistani consulate. The official authorities of Afghanistan do not report what the death toll is as a result of this terrorist act. However, they report that the Afghan security forces conducted a successful operation and militants who barricaded themselves at the Pakistan consulate in Jalalabad, eliminated.

Militants tried to seize the Pakistani consulate in Jalalabad (Afghanistan). There are dead and wounded

Some time after the completion of the special operation by the Afghan security forces, the information agency published the information on the number of the dead Rider. The Reuters report says that the victims of the militants were 6 people. More 11 were injured. Four dead - employees of the Afghan police.

It should be noted that the consulates of India and Iran, as well as a school and clinic are located near the Pakistani diplomatic mission.
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  1. AdekvatNICK
    AdekvatNICK 13 January 2016 13: 42
    -Allah, I’ll go to the bar through the embassy in Pakistan.
    -go go, will you go today in a belt with flowers?
    - I’ve got a favorite, with Mickey Mouse.

    oh the terrorist put one minus to me. Directly from the bar it minus.
    1. Pereira
      Pereira 13 January 2016 13: 44
      They were not poured in the embassy bar. They were offended.
      1. bort4145
        bort4145 13 January 2016 14: 01
        Afghanistan is one of the countries to which the United States "brought" but did not bring peace.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. V.ic
      V.ic 13 January 2016 13: 45
      Quote: AdekvatNICK
      Alla, I'm at the bar

      Well it is necessary to shout, but not to whisper!
  2. Mikhail Krapivin
    Mikhail Krapivin 13 January 2016 13: 45
    It was bad for them under the Soviet Union, now let them enjoy the USA.
  3. A-Sim
    A-Sim 13 January 2016 13: 45
    So here ... The deserters patriot scared, and the terrorists wrote him down ...
    Again, the journalists all beguiled ...

    1. sisa29
      sisa29 13 January 2016 13: 50
      Correctly noticed.
  4. Beaver
    Beaver 13 January 2016 13: 46
    two other militants were able to get inside the building to fire from there on people who were at that moment in the neighborhoods adjacent to the Pakistani consulate

    This is a provocation? The goal is to incite Afghans against Pakistanis? I’ll try to guess right away who the organizer is.
  5. The comment was deleted.
  6. The comment was deleted.
  7. lysyj bob
    lysyj bob 13 January 2016 14: 01
    Wild philosophy is to be born by the will of Allah to die in the name of Allah while killing several people, again by the will and in the name of Allah, and to go to heaven for this. Why do they believe that? If all the faithful go to heaven like that, then who will remain on earth? ...
    1. Sakhalin.
      Sakhalin. 13 January 2016 14: 27
      I believe no philosophy, stupid compliance and just wild hatred for everything that does not feed them.
  8. k174oun7
    k174oun7 13 January 2016 14: 50
    This is a big dushman "thank you" to Pakistan for their concern.
    1. Pereira
      Pereira 13 January 2016 15: 02
      God willing, let’s reckon.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  9. sharp-lad
    sharp-lad 13 January 2016 18: 31
    Isn't the internet and cellular in the mountains helping fight terrorism? In other matters, it did not help in Iraq either.