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Fraught with complications

Intolerance of Saudi Arabia to any religious and ideological dissent, not to mention the complete absence of democracy, may eventually overflow the patience of the United States, who consider themselves to be the guardian of the democratic values ​​of the entire planet. 2 January 2016 executed Shiite preacher Nimr Buckl an-Nimr in the Wahhabi kingdom. In addition to Sheikh Nimr, the Saudis executed 46 death sentences. The deadly intolerance of the Wahhabis to the "enemies of the faith" is a model of behavior fraught with international complications. The Americans, with their shale revolution, are no longer dependent on Saudi oil, their relations with Riyadh are in crisis for the second year, but with Iran, on the contrary, they are gradually improving. Will Washington continue its political and military support of Riyadh, which began in the seventies of the last century?

In eastern Saudi Arabia, dozens of Shiites held a protest against the execution of Shiite preacher Nimr Bakl al-Nimr. Demonstrators chanted slogans against the Sunni royal dynasty of Saud. The execution of an-Nimr caused outrage of all Shiites in the region, the radio notes "Freedom".

In addition to Sheikh Nimr, the Saudi Arabian authorities 2 January executed his nephew Ali Nimr and five more Saudi Shiites. In total, up to forty death sentences, including Sunnis, were carried out. All executed were accused of "terrorism" and "incitement to violence."

Many countries in the region condemned executions.

Yemeni Hussites called Nimr “the sacred warrior,” and his trial was “a farce and outright violation of human rights,” indicates Freedom.

According to Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, execution means the end of the rule of the Saudi dynasty.

In Bahrain, there was a protest against the execution of Nimr, which the police dispersed with tear gas.

React and in Europe. In London, protests took place, noted "Vesti". EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini noted that the execution of An-Nimra can increase tensions between Sunni and Shiites, which has already brought a lot of damage to the Middle East.

But the most serious protests took place in Iran. "The Embassy of Saudi Arabia caught fire in one second," write the same "News." “Dozens of Molotov cocktails, and the diplomatic representation is already burning.”

The police had to use tear gas against demonstrators.

"On the night from 2 on 3 in January, the demonstrators staged a rally, and then attacked the Saudi embassy in Tehran and the kingdom’s consulate in Mashhad," wrote about this event "Russian Planet". - There is still no exact data on what happened in reality. According to media reports, the crowd threw "Molotov cocktails" at the embassy and allegedly crushed the interior. The guards could not restrain the onslaught of the demonstrators, but later the furious Shiites ousted from the territory of the embassy. Iranian police arrested 38 people who staged an attack on the embassy and consulate of the kingdom. ”

Riyadh, the resource indicates, did not report the victims and the extent of the pogrom, but responded to the attack of the diplomatic mission with a complaint to the UN Security Council. In addition, the kingdom announced the severance of diplomatic relations with Iran. Finally, on January 6, the Saudi air force attacked the capital of Yemen. In Tehran, they believe that the embassy of the republic was bombarded: several security guards of the diplomatic mission were injured.

Saudi Arabia, writes "Russian Planet", said it was ready to resume diplomatic relations with Iran, but under the condition: Tehran should not interfere in the affairs of the Arab states. In Iran, this demand was not answered. Instead of a reply, a statement was made by Ali Akbar Velayati, adviser to Ayatollah Khamenei. He stated that the “style of behavior” of Riyadh is reminiscent of the actions of “an angry person who has lost hope of finding a logical solution to his problems.” Then Velayati called the kingdom the main sponsor of global terrorism.

"The aggravation of relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran caused discontent in the United States," writes "Free press". - Only in the influential "The New York Times" a whole series of articles appeared with speaking headlines, such as: "Saudi Arabia is a burden, not a friend for the USA", "Saudi Arabia is no longer a convenient ally", "Alliance of the West with Saudi Arabia is the support of Islamism. ”

Can it happen that Washington will refuse to support its long-term partner - Riyadh?

“Americans will not give up their support for Saudi Arabia,” Sergei Samuylov, head of the US Foreign Policy Mechanisms Center for the Study of Foreign Policy Mechanisms of the United States and Canadian Studies Institute, told Free Press. - The publications in The New York Times are not made to “merge” Saudi Arabia. Most likely, one of the high-ranking officials hinted to some of the parties in Georgetown to correspondents that Washington was not happy with the Saudis. ”

Yes, Wahhabism is the official ideology of Saudi Arabia, there is a theocratic dictatorial regime in the kingdom, and the state supports radicals around the world, the expert recalled. However, American military bases are stationed in Saudi Arabia. “The assumption that the US will withdraw its bases from the country,” the expert noted, “is akin to science fiction. The quarrel between the Saudis and Iran cannot be a reason for such a step. ”

According to Samuilov, publications in The New York Times are a means of indirect pressure on Riyadh. “Obama agreed with Tehran,” the expert explained, “considers this to be his great success. The White House needs Saudi Arabia to somewhat lessen its position. ”

Riyadh will not increase the level of conflict, the expert believes. Saudis supply oil to the United States and the West in general. Washington has economic leverage, the Saudis understand this and will not go to the "holy war" of the Sunnis with the Shiites.

* * *

"Holy War" is fraught with major complications for the Saudis. And not only in a region where a weakly motivated royal army can eventually collide with Iranian fighters. Complications can also come from the Western world, which is very unhappy with the mass executions of Shiites. If Saudi Arabia had lost US support, regional rivals would have instantly taken the kingdom apart. Therefore, against the will of the "hegemon" Riyadh will never go.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. Alexander 3
    Alexander 3 14 January 2016 06: 13
    Well, where are the defenders of all mankind, spreading democracy around the world?
    1. Mikhail Krapivin
      Mikhail Krapivin 14 January 2016 08: 58
      Where? They are promoting democracy around the world!
  2. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 14 January 2016 06: 22
    The Saudis started playing in permissiveness. Like, the elder brother will intercede "anyway", no matter how I behave. They did not calculate the option that what if this hegemon would say - "You are not my brother"! And that's all. The sky fell to the ground.
    1. kumaxa
      kumaxa 14 January 2016 08: 41
      brother said brother. miracles lope will fit those. and we will talk about human rights. and when we whisper. you a couple of thousand amnestied in Syria went to war again, the same for human rights. here the principles of democracy are working.
  3. Great-grandfather of Zeus
    Great-grandfather of Zeus 14 January 2016 06: 33
    Well, they have condemned the executions and that the Saudis will start to think with their heads who to execute and who to have mercy? Until the monarchy is overthrown, they will continue to kill dissenters there. Simply legalized religious fanaticism and nothing more.
  4. strelets
    strelets 14 January 2016 07: 00
    Excessive cruelty. Why execute by crucifixion? Need to kill - kill fast.
  5. Cobra77
    Cobra77 14 January 2016 07: 25
    Good article. States will not give up support for the Saudis, the Saudis will never rock the boat without the approval of Washington. This is a very strong bunch. This couple is worth each other .... Well, of course there will be no war between the Saudis and Iran, there are no prerequisites. There are simply complications, against the background of the shortening of the Iranian supporters by the Saudis. But a real war is not needed so far on either side.
  6. parusnik
    parusnik 14 January 2016 07: 50
    Washington has economic leverage, the Saudis understand this and will not go to the “holy war” of the Sunnis with the Shiites.... therefore, the Saudis declared that there would be no war with Iran .. The Phishington Regional Committee does not need this yet ...
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 14 January 2016 10: 18
      The Saudis are still those warriors - the Husites urinate them every day, and those positions are thrown and run away, leaving weapons and equipment.
  7. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 14 January 2016 07: 53
    CA relies on petrodollars and US support. But money tends to run out, and patience in the West is also not ironic (you need to always have a good face in a bad game). The Saudis are clearly overgrown.
  8. Zheka40
    Zheka40 14 January 2016 09: 44
    Saudis play out, oh play out.
  9. ilyaros
    ilyaros 14 January 2016 09: 47
    One of the great crimes of the United States and Britain in the East is the artificial conservation of feudalism and underdevelopment in countries such as KSA and other monarchies of the Persian Gulf. After all, it was in order to counter the threat of Soviet influence in the region, to hinder the modernization of Arab societies, the West supported the whole road of fanatics and reactionaries.
    1. Cap.Morgan
      Cap.Morgan 14 January 2016 23: 40
      What kind of modernization there can be. These are medieval ideological structures whose inhabitants were given the opportunity to drive on modern cars.
  10. Belousov
    Belousov 14 January 2016 11: 11
    Yes, staff members will not stop supporting the Saudis! Even if they continue to execute dozens of dissidents in dozens. They will simply scream about human rights and that's all. The Saudis, along with Israel, are the main ally in the Middle East, without the support of the KSA states, it will collapse in a couple of months, in exchange the Saudis play oil prices as they should to Fashington, sponsor terrorists who carry out tasks again from Fashington. So this is all nonsense.
  11. jungler
    jungler 14 January 2016 11: 47
    What does "intolerance of dissent" mean ?. In SAR there are Laws and Rules (Sharia, etc.) Europe with its "tolerance" is already groaning (Cologne forgot?) The author uses double standards in assessing events. If "AT THEM" - then it means wrong and bad. But "We have" means everything is in tune. I advise the author to look in the mirror more often and take a closer look under his feet. Let Chuvakin (with all due respect) try to write an analytical article why we have another theft in Roscosmos and the authorities are in prostration ... there is no reaction ...
  12. Cobra77
    Cobra77 14 January 2016 12: 15
    Quote: Vadim237
    The Saudis are still those warriors - the Husites urinate them every day, and those positions are thrown and run away, leaving weapons and equipment.

    They may not really be warriors, but there are Americans. And these, although not a model of valor, they know how to fight, and they are well prepared. Let me remind you that in Sauditostan there are a lot of Amer military bases, what will they sit silently in case of war with Iran?
  13. forest park 86
    forest park 86 14 January 2016 12: 42
    Nothing will overflow. I don't remember who said "Son of a bitch, but yours ..."
  14. Zomanus
    Zomanus 14 January 2016 12: 57
    The Middle East is waiting for a major restructuring.
    So I would not count on the help of the Americans.
    It’s somehow understood that the world has changed very significantly,
    new centers of power have appeared, and we still think in terms of the USSR-USA.
    Some are calling the whole world to dust, others are watching who the States will protect there.
    Yes, the States will now have to fight off two or three opponents at a time,
    if it does. But the Saudis played a role, they can be dug.
  15. tehnokrat
    tehnokrat 15 January 2016 00: 32
    "Saudi Arabia's intolerance of any ... dissent, let alone a complete lack of democracy, may eventually overwhelm the patience of the United States, which considers itself the guardian of democratic values ​​..."
    This very support by the States of the most unbridled monarchy is one of the brightest proofs of Washington’s lies and hypocrisy as the world leader of democracy! How can democrats support monarchism ??
    Bravo, the author asked the main topic from the first lines!

    Riyadh's “style of behavior” resembles the actions of “an angry person who has lost hope of finding a logical solution to his problems”
    Devilishly reminds of Ankara's dirty trick with our downed "Drying"! Then Obama gave Erdogan a ride, and now he threw the Saudis!

    “... the publications in The New York Times were not made to 'drain' Saudi Arabia.
    ... publications in The New York Times are a means of indirect pressure on Riyadh ... "

    I don’t think that CA can be "merged" by publications in NYT! This is still not Krajina, not Moldova, especially since:

    "... there are American military bases in Saudi Arabia."

    IMHO, the Saudis of America will still recall how the SGA dragged them into the failure of oil prices in the hope of knocking us out of the game for the right of the southern supply of oil and gas to Europe. But with Syria, almost finished off, a bummer came out, sir!
    And instead of their pipe - in Syria, we drew ourselves, with the VKS and S-400.
    But Iran would not have turned to the States ...