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About the benefits of reading manuals or "Toilet anxiety"

In the fall of 1944, Karl Adolf Schlitt received orders to take under his command the U-1206 submarine, form a crew and transfer to Norway, to Bergen, where the 11th flotilla. In the spring of 1945, the training process ended, and U-1206 with her captain gathered for a war in the North Sea. A happy lieutenant commander led the ship to the shores of Scotland, dreaming of how a medieval knight to lay down the heads of his enemies at the feet of the lady of the heart.

About the benefits of reading manuals or "Toilet anxiety"

13 April U-1206 took a position on the approaches to the port of Peterhead in Scotland, meeting a convoy, which by all accounts was supposed to appear soon. By evening, the diesel suddenly went berserk, the commander had to go to the 60 meter depth and give the repair team the opportunity to quietly do their job. Unused in the submariners could have a little rest.

Here it is necessary to recall such a vital moment on the submarine as the “latrine”. The previous design allowed the use of a latrine at depths no greater than periscope, that is, at the surface. But the improved model on the U-1206 allowed to do everything that is needed at all depths available to the submarine ship. True, the mechanism did not differ in simplicity. Under the toilet was placed a large collection, which was flushed all the excess by rotating the wheel. The collection was under slight pressure, so that the "aromatic" gases would not break through when using the inside of the boat, where it was difficult to breathe. After the collection was overfilled, compressed air was pumped in there, pumping all its contents overboard at any depth, through a special pipeline closed with a special valve. Among other things, this system did not allow the ascent of waste to the surface, and earlier such cases had happened, which violated the secrecy of the submarine’s position. True, the sample was notable for its increased complexity of functioning, and one of the boat mechanics even completed special “toilet courses”.

Taking advantage of the free minute, Karl Adolf Schlitt decided to visit a small booth in order to personally test the progress made. For a long time in a secluded corner, the lieutenant commander probably thought that he had not yet glorified U-1206 with combat exploits. When the process was successfully completed, Karl Adolf, without looking, spun the wheel, but the expected murmur of the water was not heard. The commander is not lost in any situation: so Schlitt - looked at the official German instructions for using the latrine, hanging on the door and bravely turned another wheel - the latrine kept the stone calm and did not make a single sound.

In the end, after realizing that his underwater experience in this matter was not too great, Schlitt summoned a certified toilet specialist. He was busy repairing diesel, and to the captain sent a sailor-minder. He, eager to help his own commander and show himself from the best side, without reading any instructions, began to turn the steering wheel for pumping the collection overboard. In the excitement, both did not notice that the toilet bowl valve was not shut. The effect exceeded all expectations. The liquid and solid contents of the collection, pushed by compressed air and sea water, flew upwards with a whistle and a yellow “fragrant” fountain fell on both stunned submariners, to top it all from the toilet began to beat a column of fresh water under pressure several atmospheres thick as a human foot.

Hearing the sound of water rushing inside the ship, the mechanical engineer rushed to the latrine, but the water column beat with such force that it was impossible to approach the mechanisms of closing the valves.

The first watch officer, being in the central post, felt that the boat was heavily heavy, did not wait for the commander, who had been thinking about the eternal for too long in the latrine, and commanded the ascent to the periscope depth. The pressure in the pipe has fallen, the recovered motor mechanic jumped to the controls and closed all the valves. Everything seemed to be behind, but the situation turned out to be much more serious - the water that fell inside the robust case managed to reach the compartment where the battery was located. Salt water hit the battery plates and an inevitable reaction occurred. After a few minutes, heavy, caustic white gas swam across the boat - chlorine was arriving very intensively. At that moment the inside of the boat was very much like an underwater gas chamber.

Oriented, finally, Schlitt ordered to emerge altogether. The boat flew out of the cork to the surface, and the commander, whose state in those moments is difficult to imagine, reached the log-hatch and opened it with difficulty, greedily breathing in the salty breeze. Fans briskly began to push gas overboard, letting in the life-giving sea air.

It was at this moment that two British planes flew nearby from the guard of the convoy, which was waiting for the Schlitt submarine. The pilots were probably very surprised to see a boat coming up, from which white smoke was being poured, and immediately went on the attack. While ill-thinking sailors fled to the deck gun, the British bombs were already falling down. A direct hit was avoided, but very close blasts caused the boat such damage that it could no longer go under water. The very first collision with the enemy turned out to be the last for the ship, Schlitt was forced to submit the last command “Leave the ship”. Soon the approaching destroyer lifted the Germans out of the water ... As a result of the heroic march to the toilet of Lieutenant Commander Schlitt, the submarine died. AT history She entered under the nickname - "Flush the toilet."
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  1. Rurikovich
    Rurikovich 16 January 2016 07: 02
    Everyone happens laughing
    Fate sometimes smiles so much that, on the first voyage, it can provide the ship, depending on its size, either with its own iceberg, or with an outhouse that has not been rolled out in real "combat" conditions, and suffers from childhood diseases with an unfinished mechanism ... winked repeat
  2. Koshak
    Koshak 16 January 2016 07: 02
    It’s hard to invent such a thing;
    1. sub307
      sub307 16 January 2016 09: 55
      "It's hard to invent something like that, you have to believe it."
      Our domestic submarine latrines have a similar design ..., "we know they swam ...". Well Duc ... there were enough such cases (throwing "shit into a mug") ... it was especially "fun" to watch the political officer in the "chocolate glaze" emerging from the galley. And the smell, well ... you quickly get used to it .... We really (personally on my submarine) did not lead such "incidents" to serious flooding ... what should be quickly pumped out, "what should not" was scrubbed and washed ... After a week of autonomous "everything and everything" already knew how ...
    2. The comment was deleted.
  3. PlotnikoffDD
    PlotnikoffDD 16 January 2016 07: 26
    It is amazing how persistent even in the spring of the 45th German submariners went on missions, in fact, certain death, because the superiority of the Allies was overwhelming. Even more striking is the ability of German industry to rivet boats continuously and in huge quantities.
    1. andrewkor
      andrewkor 16 January 2016 19: 39
      more than 1000 pcs., including, however, ultra-small!
  4. parusnik
    parusnik 16 January 2016 08: 40
    Once a year, a stick shoots ... and then ... it will be more serious ...
  5. Alex
    Alex 16 January 2016 09: 33
    Some kind of strange allusion to the poet Barkov, who drowned in the outhouse on a booze. He even wrote to himself shortly before this epitaph:
    "I lived in sin
    And died funny "
  6. corporal
    corporal 16 January 2016 10: 27
    ... the commander swore us,
    lit up with chagrin
    I threw the butt into the mine,
    here the arsenal and fucked up ...
    It seems to me that in all the armies of the world there are examples of casual cases laughing leading to accidents and disasters.
  7. AlNikolaich
    AlNikolaich 16 January 2016 10: 49
    And so a chain of unfortunate accidents ensues, leading to sad consequences ... The commander did not know how to use the latrine ... The specialist was busy, and in difficult times sent a character-half-breeder, who does not know how, but grabs everything ... This the shot did what it did, and everything would have been fine if it weren’t for the chlorine ... I had to float and ventilate, which’s normal ... And so if there weren’t two English planes ... In short, don’t go to the toilet!
    And so, all is well, beautiful marquise! - (c)!
  8. Vadim Zhivov
    Vadim Zhivov 16 January 2016 11: 43
    Thanks for the article !!! And it’s interesting and fun. It’s a pity the few comments of experts ... To the author +++++ hi
    1. ava09
      ava09 19 January 2016 04: 43
      A case typical of lathes of this design, who is pleased to recall? )
  9. Petrix
    Petrix 16 January 2016 12: 22
    One more proof that there are no trifles. From small causes there are big consequences.
  10. VohaAhov
    VohaAhov 16 January 2016 12: 27
    One German submarine was sunk by a steam locomotive. The steam locomotive was transported on deck. The submarine in the surface position torpedoed the ship. The blast wave threw the engine into the air and it crashed directly onto the submarine and drowned it.
    1. Alf
      Alf 16 January 2016 22: 57
      Quote: VohaAhov
      One German submarine was sunk by a steam locomotive. The steam locomotive was transported on deck. The submarine in the surface position torpedoed the ship. The blast wave threw the engine into the air and it crashed directly onto the submarine and drowned it.

      They say that a shell doesn’t fall into the same funnel twice, but ..
      The German submarine fleet is the only submarine fleet in the world in which the same incident is repeated.
      You describe a case from World War II, the German U-28 submarine was drowned in a similar way on September 2, 1917, but then the trucks carried trucks.
  11. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 16 January 2016 15: 02
    smiling)))) but everyone happens)))) thanks - I knew but without details .......
  12. NIKNN
    NIKNN 16 January 2016 15: 16
    laughing laughing laughinghowever author +++ laughing laughing laughing drinks
  13. Robert Nevsky
    Robert Nevsky 16 January 2016 17: 31
    Yes, I can only say: "Yako!" yes
  14. Captain45
    Captain45 16 January 2016 18: 39
    Alexander Pokrovsky has a story about a similar situation, only there they waited for the Navy Commander and a daily lathe blew up so that all the contents climbed into the boat. Lucky compared to the Germans, they remained alive, but overlaid the commander and crew with everything they could.
    1. tolancop
      tolancop 16 January 2016 19: 18
      There is a story ("The Black Fox"). And the similarity of the situation is only in the fact that both are associated with latrine and inept.
  15. andrewkor
    andrewkor 16 January 2016 19: 44
    The newest Japanese supercarrier "Shinano", converted from a battleship of the "Yamato" class, ran into 4 torpedoes from amers on the first voyage across the inland sea from the factory to the base.
    1. Assistant
      Assistant 16 January 2016 20: 55
      in the very first inland flight from the plant to the base, I ran into 4 torpedoes from amers

      He was in such a situation that he simply could not run into the Yankees. Several submarines were on duty along its route. At VO several times dismantled.
  16. Assistant
    Assistant 16 January 2016 21: 09
    It is clear that the bike is perky, funny, torn from Picabu, well, at least they honestly indicated it.
    But it always seemed to me that the "Military Review" format was different from the "Pikabu" format and similar entertainment portals. Therefore, the question is: what evidence confirming that it was the latrine, and not some other malfunction, that caused the water to enter U-1206?
    For example, on the site and even in the discussion on the same Picab, a report of Karl-Adolf Schlitt himself is given:
    Wir setzten uns vom Geleit ab, legten uns in 80 Meter Tiefe auf den Nordseegrund und versuchten dort nun in Ruhe, der Störungsursache im Diesel auf den Grund zu gehen. Am späten Nachmittag des 13 April 1945 - ich beobachtete gerade im Achterschiff die Arbeiten am Diesel - kam es zu einem schweren Wassereinbruch im Vorschiff, dessen genau Ursache nicht mehr aufgeklärt werden konnte. Der in diesem Augenblick in der Zentrale befindliche LI erteilte sofort alle Anordnungen, die geeignet sein konnten, das Boot trotz der Wasserbelastung vom Boden der Nordsee an die Wasseroberfläche zu bringen. Nach bangen Sekunden kam Aufwärtsbewegung in das Boot und nach etwa zwei Minuten waren wir an der Wasseroberfläche. Aber U-1206 war in einem total kampf- und fahrunfähigen Zustand. Es hielt sich gerade noch treibend über Wasser. Im Boot breiteten sich giftige Gase aus. Da wir in diesem Zustand jederzeit von englischen Einheiten entdeckt und angegriffen werden konnten, entschloss ich mich, U-1206 zu versenken und zu versuchen, in unseren Schlauchbooten die etwa 20 Seemeilen entfernte schottis.

    Translated by Igor Borisenko:
    We broke away from the convoy, lay at a depth of 80 m to the bottom of the North Sea and tried to find the reason for the diesel engine malfunction there in silence. Late in the evening on April 13, 1945 - I watched the work on a diesel engine in the stern - a strong flow of water began in the bow, the exact cause of which could not be determined. At that moment, the lieutenant engineer, who was in the central compartment, immediately gave all orders that could bring the boat from the bottom of the North Sea to the surface of the water, contrary to ballast water. After several alarming minutes, the boat began to rise and after about two minutes we were on the surface. However, the U-1206 was in a completely unprepared and motionless condition. Now she was just drifting on the water. The boat was filled with toxic gases. Since we could be detected and attacked by the British at any time in this state, I decided to flood the U-1206 and try to reach the Scottish coast, which was about 20 miles from us, by inflatable boats

    So the deadly latrine is, of course, a good bike, as well as the fact that the commander of the Soviet nuclear submarine torpedoed the Nimitz with feces, like many other stories, but for tales without proofs there is a special section on the VO forum.
  17. Yarik
    Yarik 16 January 2016 21: 46
    Hmmm ... the materiel must be taught. But seriously, here it is, the case, the cause of many "cases". what
  18. Pomeranian
    Pomeranian 17 January 2016 12: 57
    It is rightly said that the instructions are mostly written in blood. It was necessary to study the materiel thoroughly, and the submariner "toilette-captain" Schlitt would not become a laughing stock.
  19. pts-m
    pts-m 17 January 2016 15: 35
    Presumptuousness in “delicate” affairs turns into a catastrophe. This applies to any department of life.
  20. Exsubmariner
    Exsubmariner 17 January 2016 15: 38
    If the pedal is not pressed, do not press it harder.
  21. wandlitz
    wandlitz 17 January 2016 15: 58
    There are a couple of proverbs to this topic in the Russian people:
    "He lived funny and died a sin."
    "Both laughter and sin".
  22. Yarik
    Yarik 10 October 2016 18: 36
    Navy stories. (I don’t remember the author, unfortunately) About valves

    Aren't you tired of reading shit yet? Well, if you’re not tired, now is the time to talk about valves: about valves on the discharge pipeline overboard the contents of a latrine balloon. I promise that it will be interesting: the topic itself is interesting. Of course, interesting, especially if you blow the latrine, that is - I wanted to say: with compressed air you blow the cylinder of the latrine, and I forgot to open the valve, I mean the overboard valves. Very interesting situation. And there will be how many experiences in this connection ... But in order. First, note: the valve is a crucial moment. And they are opened by responsible people - hold. And where is the birthplace of all the responsible holds?

    The birthplace of all the holds is Central Asia and the Caucasus. It is there that new holds are born every year. And if there is one latrine in the compartment, then they can cope with it, but if there are two latches in the compartment, then each broom needs one hold.

    In the fifth compartment, we have two latches: the shut-off latrine on the upper deck and the doctor's latrine of the insulator latrine - on the middle.

    Both of them are sitting on the same outboard pipe and blowing them in turn. It happens like this: at the top is Aliyev Mamed, who served two years, his homeland is Transcaucasia; below, on outboard valves, Khodzhimuratov Khodzhi, who served for one year, sits - homeland - Central Asia. Hoji must open the overboard valves and cut off the doctor's latrine. For this, he was put in the hold. Mamed shouts at him from above:

    - Hoji! Hoji! Hoji! Hoji can't hear him.

    - Hoji !!!

    - Ha-ha ... - Hoji heard.

    - Come on! Chock non-Russian! Did you open the valve?

    - Yes! - shouts to Hodge. - Opened!

    “Have you closed the doktur?”

    - Yeah ...

    - Sma-atri - ha-ha ...

    All this happens at 7 o’clock in the morning when they ascend to a communication session and determine the location. They scream so that they cannot help but wake the doctor. They wake him up. The doctor sits down on his bed and half asleep speaks only one word. He says:

    - Su-ki ...

    At this time, the upper latrine is blowing, and since the Khodja compartment of the doctor's latrine is not at all where it is cut off, and the outboard valves were also opened the wrong ones, then the entire contents of the upper latrine cylinder is squeezed not overboard, but. taking with it the contents of the latrine of the isolator, it begins to flow into the isolator: first, a brown fog appears, and then flows. The doctor - after a while - begins to show interest in what is happening: he sniffs the air like a spaniel, and then he takes his legs off the bed and slides in something disgusting and shouting: "Oh, you ... (probably life my fellow) ", - drops out and plunges. And then the doctor, in this form, comes to the central one and demands that the bilge blood be pumped to him - a whole bucket ...