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Genocide as the foundation of the American economic "miracle"

Since the end of the 80s, thousands of various publications have come out in our country, the main point of which was that история Russia is a kingdom of impenetrable darkness, in which the shadows glimpsed representatives of the “unwashed wild people”, which was repulsive to the princes, the feudal arches, the red terror, the bloody Stalinist gebny, and the Andropovism.

The quintessence of these, if I may say so, works was that the people of Russia experience universal happiness only at the moment when “liberators” come to their land, which is typical foreign ... They, you know, want to rescue us all from oppression, oppression and the yoke, and we, the dirty-unwashed-uncomprehending, are unable to perceive the humanistic mission that these people carry us.

And so that the essence of the processes was finally understood by us - the authors of the “works” suggest continually repenting, dropping to their knees and closing their palms on the chest with an ingratiating and filled with reverence before the “liberators” look. And as the main example of how a truly democratic society should live, the most “exclusive” state in the world is proposed, for example, you know what ... A state with its naturally bright history, with a humanistic attitude towards nations in its retrospective and religions.

And indeed, somehow, one did not have to meet with the publications of American human rights activists who would call, for example, to repent before dozens of states of the world for the monstrous suffering that the “exceptional nation” brought them at different periods of their development. And if such publications appear in the United States, they don’t go further than newspaper notes, let alone become almost entire sections in American history textbooks. Whether we are dealing with a whole generation of young Russians from the first day, not without the help of Soros’s study aids and grants, they were hammered into the fact that the main thing in this life is frantic consumption and tearful apologies “for occupation”.

So, the whole world is “aware” of the fact that the United States is the brightest and most democratic state in the world, that its history is the process of building an unshakable democracy and love for humanity ... However, the world does not know what it has been in recent years the current US President Barack Obama) from American history textbooks, entire chapters began to disappear about how American “democracy” was built 150-200 years ago, and due to which the transatlantic state managed to make an economic breakthrough in the nineteenth century. The jerk made possible by the use of the slave (unpaid) labor of millions of people, cut off from their homeland and thrown into the millstones of suffering and death.

The name of a geographical place, which for many years for the USA and for a number of other countries of the world (primarily African), has almost disappeared from American historical science. This is the island of Horus (Gore / Gori), owned by Senegal (previously - France). But it is from Grief (involuntary pun) including the “legs” of the American economic miracle of the past centuries.

Genocide as the foundation of the American economic "miracle"

From the end of the 19th century, European historians began to publish materials that stated that one of the major slave markets in Africa was located on the island of Horus, where caravans of ships were sent to the shores of North and Central America filled with African slaves. From the beginning of the 18th century to the middle of the 19th century, more than 5 of millions of slaves, acquired, if I may say so, by second-hand dealers, passed through Senegal as a transit zone of the slave trade. The dealers brought African slaves to the islands of the Caribbean, from where they came to American slave owners.

Attention is drawn to the fact that American publicists, including Richard Lobban, even attempted to refute the facts of the more than large-scale export of the African population for slave labor to America. The “philosophy of refutation” was approximately the following: the island of Gore is too small to serve as a major transit point of the slave trade, and water approaches to it would not at all allow large-scale supply and export of living goods, as if some European historian tried to say that slave traffic in the United States was exclusively from Senegalese (French at that time) island ...

The pioneers of the slave trade in the same Senegal were the European "democratizers" from the Portuguese, French and British. The merchant fleet of these countries became the main bridge of human trafficking that connected the African continent with America.

The scheme of "seating" slaves on ships:

Up to several hundred slaves were loaded on a single merchant ship from the African port to the United States, which previously underwent a very specific quarantine at special assembly points (for example, on the same island, Gore). Quarantine was limited to identifying the strongest and healthiest Africans who were required to work on another continent. The main "feature" of quarantine is the almost complete lack of food in the first few days after the slaves were brought to the assembly point. If a person did not lose consciousness, and his health did not have time to shake in damp basements without food and water, then he was given a “special diet”, which, in addition to water, included, for example, dried cattle excrements and fish meal. The first shoots of democracy ...

Strong men and virgins were in the greatest demand. Based on a number of signs (gender, state of health, anthropometric data), a “sorting” of a living commodity was performed. In addition to paying for slaves with “live” money, there was an exchange option. Slaves traded for alcohol and tobacco. They tried to separate children from their parents at once, so as not to spend money on "family" transportation across the ocean - the child had little chance of surviving such transportation.

Historiography tells that every slave owner forked about a quarter more slaves than what he needed. The reason is that the Atlantic on merchant ships was overcome by no means all. On average, one out of every five perished if, on the way, an epidemic did not flare up on board, which took up to 90% of slave lives. Over time, the slave system was born, in which payment was made only for live goods delivered to the site. That is why the selection in the slave markets has tightened - any manifestation of the disease was the reason for the banal deliverance from man. Get rid of without spending patrons. Man was deprived of water - and the deed is done ...

By the most conservative estimate, a total of at least 14 million people were taken from Africa to Africa! How many of these people have disappeared - the question is still open. If we return to the information about the “quarantine” at the so-called assembly points, then we can safely say that the most efficient African population was exported, that for many decades it actually drained colonial Africa, and, as a result, time gained nominal independence. The only characteristic that can be given to this process fits into the term "genocide". It was the genocide of the African population that served as the basis for the formation of that economy, which today in certain circles is called the most developed in the world. Using the results of slave labor allowed planners and owners of manufactories, workshops, shipyards, etc., to make super-profits (and these are hundreds or even thousands of percent of investments). It is worth noting that the North also profited from the exploitation of slave labor in the United States itself, allegedly fought for the liberation of slaves. The war for the emancipation of slaves is an American myth, just like the statements that slaves allegedly did not play an important role in the American economy.

From the 90s of the last century, American presidents began to arrive in Senegal in order to see with their own eyes the starting point of slave traffic. Gore Island was visited by Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barack Obama.

The arrival of each of these people was perceived by the Africans with the hope that the United States would finally repent to African peoples for acts of genocide of the past centuries. However, it happened that after the speeches of the American presidents, the same Senegalese fists clenched even more. What is the reason?

Thus, during his visit to Dakar, the President of the United States (at that time) George W. Bush made such a fiery speech that he even declared “the slave trade as a crime against humanity and one of the main violations of civil rights and freedoms”. However, at the moment Bush spoke, it happened that his speech sounded exclusively for the elect. Dakar was transformed by a US security system into a city with empty streets. People were literally kept in houses, not even allowing them to approach the windows to see the American president’s motorcade. The ferry service to the island of Gore was completely closed, and those who were on the island earlier were kept in a single hotel so that “they would not be disturbed by the President’s excursions”.

In 2013, a terrible place - the former slave trade market in Senegal - was visited by Barack Obama. History repeated. Scandal added chewing gum in the mouth of the American president during a visit to the "house of slaves" and complete cleaning of the island of Gore from the local population.

Intelligence agencies announced that the island must be left for a few days, as some local residents were "noticed during the riots of football fans." Before Obama’s visit, there was an operation “Karaanguee”, which can be translated as a “sweep”.

As one of the Senegalese journalists stated then, “it seemed that they continue to look at us from top to bottom, and that someone from the American retinue will be forgotten and grab a couple of slave women from the island of Grief ...” Exceptional OK, the beacon of democracy and respect for human rights - Who would doubt that...

And today, in order for the US economy to feed on new juices, the States do not abandon the policy of genocide. From Libya to Iraq, from Syria to Ukraine. The methods are new, the essence is virtually unchanged. What is the novelty of the method: from the slavery of a single person, the transition to slavery of entire states and regions of the world has been accomplished. There are their own dealers, ready for the "chocolate" or "tobacco" to change entire nations for their own well-being. The states themselves surrender their interests in order that the “master” does not reach the whip.
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  1. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 11 January 2016 07: 26
    "There are resellers of their own, ready for" chocolate "or" tobacco "to exchange entire nations for their own well-being."

    Tobacco or chocolate is too fat, many natives have enough glass beads. yes
    1. Scraptor
      Scraptor 11 January 2016 08: 35
      According to the most conservative estimates, because of the steppe raids through Turkey and Khiva Russian white slaves were exported more. The largest slave market was in Istanbul.
      male slaves usually went rowers to the galleys. Please write an article about this, too.
      1. venaya
        venaya 11 January 2016 16: 21
        Quote: Scraptor
        Due to the steppe raids through Turkey and Khiva, more Russian white slaves were taken out. The largest slave market was in Istanbul.

        It was in the Middle Ages. The slave-owning culture of the Mediterranean was originally transformed into the Latin-occupied Rome much earlier, in antiquity, then the slave trade center was in Rome itself, by the way, the life time of slaves on average in those days was only 3 - 4 years, in difficult times for Rome (few wars - few and expensive slaves) 7 - 8 years, by the way, then the term "sklaveni" (sklav , servus; famulus; familiaris; mancipium; verna) by which they understood the indigenous inhabitants of present-day Europe, the Russians. I do not even hope that they will write about it.
    2. Oprychnik
      Oprychnik 11 January 2016 15: 14
      Haha And some cookies are enough.
  2. Tatar 174
    Tatar 174 11 January 2016 07: 34
    USA - a country based on violence, lies and crimes!
    1. Proxima
      Proxima 11 January 2016 08: 41
      Quote: Tartar 174
      USA - a country based on violence, lies and crimes!

      This applies to all areas without exception. Let's leave politics, take the vaunted American business. John Rockefeller, in his famous lectures on the philosophy of entrepreneurship, never mentioned how he won the competition, namely, he shot rivals' oil pipelines from cannons.
    2. blizart
      blizart 11 January 2016 09: 03
      Yes, it is clear that the site, in the absence of a healthy opposition, will soon get bogged down in no alternative. Understand that knowing the history of another country well, with special emphasis on its unsightly part, does not mean that you love your own and be useful to it. I do not know where the author got the facts stated in the article, but you will not argue that Hollywood products have much greater coverage. And in it, films where they directly talk about segregation and genocide are enough and they are not some kind of arthouse, but the most that neither is blockbuster. Take, for example, "The Survivor" of 2016, there it is quite transparently shown how the whites with unprecedented cruelty took the lands of the Indians. "The Butler" is a film about segregation, about the situation of blacks, taken from the position of rejection of this phenomenon, etc. In fact, racial tolerance, which has gone too far in the opinion of many on the right, is a reflection of the complex of guilt of white Americans towards colored people. I just do not understand how the hysterical hammering of the long-recognized America can help you in building a mighty, just Russia. Hurry, the film industry would have helped more here, at least sometimes filming at an acceptable level, something interesting and instructive from its history.
      1. nadezhiva
        nadezhiva 11 January 2016 09: 31
        Quote: blizart
        Actually, racial tolerance, which, according to many rightists, has gone too far, is a reflection of that complex of white Americans' guilt towards color.

        The guilt complex of this exceptional nation? You have not tried to explain this to the American police?
        Americans can recognize genocide a thousand times over. But they will never give the land to the Indians, and they will never pay real compensation to the descendants of the slaves. And all the chatter is just a symbol of "democracy". They recognize it. Only they will not return and pay.
        And these articles are very good. useful and should extend to a variety of resources. Russian people have always been thinking. And no one should ever be allowed to fool our people anymore, telling tales about American exceptionalism and American democracy. Listening to fairy tales, one notorious generation ruined the country. The storytellers, in principle, had little to do with the large-scale division of Russia (Rossel was not alone with his republic). Even now, attempts to rock Siberia are not abandoned. Slightly quieted down, but not dramatically. Well .... the Americans want to get these territories, they really want to.
        America is not that big byak .... It is just a cunning and two-faced enemy. And not films about this need to be removed. And write in history textbooks. In black and white.
        1. blizart
          blizart 11 January 2016 10: 09
          You know, the thinking part of the Russian people knows more about the majority of Americans about American history. I return to my question - Will this help in building Russia? As we want to see her. Do you operate with common cliches about the American police, having a living example of the work of your organs, or the fact that not blacks were shot in your supermarket, but white citizens of Russia are changing something? And then to say they have such a protocol for using weapons, and your cop just shot him dead, although they say his roof went down, then the question arises - Who arranged for him to work and did physical examinations and whether they were at all. America is not an enemy, but the strongest state, which naturally has its own interests; it and its government did not take upon themselves the responsibility of keeping the welfare of other countries. Only then will America get shortened when its interests intersect with those of a country that can also stand up for them. And yes, I want it to be Russia! But not like you, convinced that someone has ruined the country, will make up its strength, but sober people who know how to take advantage of their mistakes.
          1. nadezhiva
            nadezhiva 11 January 2016 12: 35
            Quote: blizart
            You know, the thinking part of the Russian people knows more about the majority of Americans about American history. I return to my question - Will this help in building Russia?

            You won’t believe it already helped. Saved from further collapse.
            About our cop-naughty Pts. critical. But let's not compare the numbers of blacks (and there are somehow more than a thousand of them annually), covered by American cops and the data on the "activities" of our individual police officers. We don't have perfect police, but they don't shoot children playing with toy guns. So don't spit poison.
            And there is no need to agitate for a "healthy opposition". The opposition that exists on money from another state is called with only one word: Selling. And the Americans have one glorious tradition: they sponsor almost any opposition that gratefully accepts dollars.
            America is not the enemy ????? Who? Partner? A state that calls itself an exclusive nation, has a smaller territory and much less resources will never, under any circumstances, be either our friend or partner. If the Americans could enter Siberia .... (Do you think they never had such plans?) I think that Russians, with a Russian character, would need them the least. This is so about genocide.
            1. nadezhiva
              nadezhiva 11 January 2016 12: 55
              But these are the plans of our "partners" jackals. The States already at 51 seconds of the video get their "piece", which then expands to disgrace. A rare greed, I must say. In this regard, Europe has a very poor hand in this respect.

            2. blizart
              blizart 11 January 2016 19: 07
              Sophistry. Common places, for the sake of pluses. This morning you were a junior and passed the distance that it took me four years in one. What are the pluses collected on me? My views on the site are known to many. I am a military man and therefore a patriot. I never spit poison, but today I could hardly restrain myself.
              1. nadezhiva
                nadezhiva 11 January 2016 20: 45
                I’m not a military man, because I don’t follow the stars, much less on virtual shoulder straps. I didn’t want to offend, but today you are notably liberal.
                America is not an enemy, but the strongest state, which naturally has its own interests
                Well, well winkedThe strongest ???
      2. Aleksander
        Aleksander 11 January 2016 11: 47
        Quote: blizart
        Yes, it is clear that the site in the absence of a healthy opposition will soon become mired in no alternative. .. I just don’t understand what you can do when building a mighty, just Russia a hysterical driving in of a long-recognized - America is a big byak

        You have presented an alternative point of view (with hysterical, by the way, notes) - that means "it will not get bogged down." It is not clear, however, its message-the author does not speak anywhere about "building a mighty, just Russia." The purpose of the article is indicated in the table of contents: "Genocide as the foundation of the American economic" miracle "- The author also discloses this topic in the article on the basis of generally known facts, by the way. Pretty convincing, albeit a little new.
        Quote: blizart
        Hollywood production has a much wider reach. And in it, films where they directly talk about segregation and genocide

        Goddewood, the entertainment industry and movies "about Indians" or "about aliens" are perceived in the same way - like adventures that have nothing to do with real life. And in real life, officially the United States NEVER RECOGNIZED neither the genocide of the Indians, nor African-Americans (only Armenians) and stubbornly shy away from the assessment, and the author is again right in this .....
        1. blizart
          blizart 11 January 2016 19: 16
          Pretty convincing, albeit a little new.
          Here is the key phrase. If you write illiterate, I wonder how you managed to hear the hysterical notes in my comment. Just enough, I already think delving into someone else's de ... me. It's time to rake.
          1. The comment was deleted.
          2. Aleksander
            Aleksander 11 January 2016 21: 10
            Quote: blizart
            Pretty convincing, albeit a little new.
            Here is the key phrase. If you write illiterate, I wonder how you managed to hear the hysterical notes in my comment. Just enough, I already think delving into someone else's de ... me. It's time to rake.

            A reference to the opponent’s illiteracy is the last refuge of a sad loser. In YOUR my error phrase (from the point of view of RUSSIAN grammar) -NO. You, in addition to hysteria, are also illiterate, alas ..
            Your hysteria is that you invent something that the author did not say, but, nevertheless, you are struggling with this.
            According to the grammar in your daub, after "I'm surprised", you need a comma, "I already think" - should also be in commas.
            Quote: blizart
            It's time to rake

            So rake his shitbut do not drownlol, good luck to you! hi
            1. blizart
              blizart 12 January 2016 05: 35
              Don’t be stupid, Alexander! Are you really not tired of such articles? Nothing new, I wrote it myself. Che knock on the keys so? Take it easy! America will not go anywhere anyway.
      3. voyaka uh
        voyaka uh 11 January 2016 12: 48
        for blizart:
        "the site in the absence of a healthy opposition will soon be mired in no alternative" ///

        To the states it’s a drum. It is a country with 320 million people growing rapidly.
        Each year, more than a million (out of 11 million who apply) come to it only through the Green Card lottery.
        They look to the future, not condemn or glorify their past.

        The past has already passed. Look to the future like Americans.

        There was slavery, and it WAS terrible, but today their president is a Negro.
        And there were already blacks and beg. General Staff, and ministers, and senators.
        1. kaluganew
          kaluganew 11 January 2016 23: 23
          The past cannot be forgotten, it is at least a shame, having such grandfathers as ours.
          But I'm not only about the good, but also about the bad. Since sometimes we do not have enough brains to learn from strangers, we can learn from our mistakes. And this does not stop thinking about the future.
      4. c3r
        c3r 12 January 2016 03: 15
        With racial tolerance there is still tight. To say one thing, but to do. The President of the Negro is an exception. The films show rather not a complex of white guilt, but an attempt to whitewash their actions in the occupied territories. They say local savages and we should be the same. were to become in order to survive. I support the domestic film industry. The promoted films, with rare exceptions, are sad city. I don’t know what they smoke there, what they are filming. And such articles should be given, at least in order to reduce the complex guilt for their "terrible" history and, as a result, reduce the disadvantage in defending their self-identity.
    3. Aleksander
      Aleksander 11 January 2016 11: 03
      These are the Anglo-Saxons! An interesting custom from the same time:

      in England, the husband brought the bored a wife by a leash on her neck, arm or waist at an auction and gave his wife to the one who will offer the highest price for her. belay
      The sale of wives was preserved in one form or another until the beginning of the 20th century. Lawyer and historian James Bryce wrote in 1901 yearthat at this time wives were still sometimes sold.
      1. nadezhiva
        nadezhiva 11 January 2016 12: 44
        "The sale of his wife" (1812-1814). Posted by Thomas Rowlandson. The picture gives the viewer the impression that the wife is being sold with her consent.
        Cynical enough.
    4. The comment was deleted.
    5. venaya
      venaya 11 January 2016 13: 00
      Quote: Tatar 174
      USA - a country based on violence, lies and crimes!

      In addition, even the very term "democracy" is directly related to slave-owning relations, as in ancient Greece they called the caste (stratum of society) of slave-owners, because the prefix "de" means negation (we have "not"), the term "mos" is a person. Nowadays, the terms “mon”, “men”, etc. are used more often, that is, we are talking about “non-humans”, forcing some people to hump at others, which is contrary to the consciousness of people of high culture.
  3. qwert
    qwert 11 January 2016 07: 51
    Duc, Obama is a descendant of those who sold their fellow tribesmen to white slave traders. By the way, there is a very interesting story (not very big) by Prosper Marime "Tomango". It describes a dude like Obama
  4. parusnik
    parusnik 11 January 2016 08: 02
    The states themselves are surrendering their interests so that the "owner" does not get the whip...To the very point ..!
  5. cap
    cap 11 January 2016 08: 07
    "The states themselves are surrendering their interests so that the" master "does not get the whip."

    I would not say "got the whip", but hid a wallet.
  6. Belousov
    Belousov 11 January 2016 09: 35
    Well, that means it is necessary to insert such pages into our history textbooks so that the younger generation does not pollute the brain. But the only question is, in whose interests our Ministry of Education is working, destroying the perfectly functioning Soviet education system. Note that after the collapse of the USSR, many scientists left for the West and there they were grabbed instantly, because they understood what the highest level these specialists are, capable of solving complex issues outside the box for almost a penny. And now someone is leaving somewhere? Units. And not at all because we were able to provide them with similar working conditions, but because these are already products of the new education system, Yeltsin-Soros. And no one needs such "products" there.
    1. Black Colonel
      Black Colonel 11 January 2016 10: 45
      "... in whose interests our Ministry of Education is working, destroying the excellently functioning Soviet education system"
      - What is it? There were people like people, and suddenly they all immediately became nerds! (taxi driver, x / f "Brother-2")
      If the system of our education goes further and they glorify grabbers and crooks from the screen and plant them for a bag of stolen potatoes, and not for a bunch of sawn lard of budget funds, then in 2-3 generations there will be a generation of maidanut already from us, ready for free haircuts ( cookies) to jump and not think about the fact that you can build your own normal living environment on your own land.
  7. 56_br
    56_br 11 January 2016 09: 39
    The USA and Ukraine are brothers states, they have a lot in common, especially in the history of these states. Americans, like Ukrainians, created the human race, lit the sun, hung the moon, dug up two oceans, created paradise on earth, created and destroyed the Roman Empire, and so came up with the Wheel, and there are still a lot of good deeds behind them.
  8. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 11 January 2016 14: 15
    It is worth noting that Senegalese should not clench their fists so tightly. And the rest of the African leaders, too ... should make the faces easier. Because quarantine, with such relish described in the article, it is not from sadism. Sadism, you see, does not bring money in these conditions. And money is everything for the described civilization.
    Why then? But. After all, slave traders did not send (contrary to the stupid mythology) expeditions to catch "unfortunate blacks". It was almost unrealistic, that is, unrealistically expensive, and unrealistically risky. And why, actually? The goods were supplied in abundance by the tribal leaders! The leaders had two sources. First, the prisoners. Which it was incomparably easier to catch for them, and not for the whites unadapted to African realities. Well, the military fate is changeable, so thousands and thousands of those who only yesterday caught their compatriots themselves and had a good share of their sale sailed across the ocean.
    Well, their own tribe was thinned out well: all the "useless", dissenting, superfluous in general, all in a collar. So what has to do with it ... Well, how? You will catch the prisoners for now ... and it is best to catch them away, away from the native Oryasins, in order to avoid them, so to speak. Again, the product must look bravo, strong, express health and willingness to plow and plow for the new owner! Where do you get such a product? There was a way.
    African shamans have long had a considerable notion of various stimulants. And such cocktails were poured into slaves, mother do not grieve! White slave traders could only curse helplessly. Just half an hour or an hour ago, the purchased product was just a godsend! And suddenly part of him simply dies. Mostly those who were driven at maximum speed across half the continent, spurring on doping. But that's not all.
    Herbal drugs, for the most part, are also terrible hallucinogens that destroy the psyche even worse than the body. So, even having brought a Negro to America, the slave trader was not at all sure that he was not asleep, or, again, he would not die. But this is no longer Africa, here for deceiving the same white planter you can easily catch the charge of a fraction in the face. So it’s better to let the black man die in quarantine, it’s safer.
    All in all, the slave trade is a heinous crime. But both white scoundrels and black trash, in the touching unity of abomination, participated and profited on equal terms in it. In my personal opinion, the "black" role in the slave trade is immeasurably more disgusting than the "white" one. But here the taste and color ...
  9. Bashibuzuk
    Bashibuzuk 11 January 2016 14: 51
    Negroes, planters, slave traders ..
    And in December, I remember, there was an article about "white slavery."
    Well, blacks from Africa, of course, wonder-yudas do not speak humanly.
    And what about the Irish, who were simply destroyed.
    And when tired of destroying - sent overseas.
    But what about the English themselves, accused of vagrancy? Part of the hanged, part again sold into slavery.
    What is Captain Blood's Odyssey about it, what other authors have.
    As the saying goes, the sheriff’s blacks don’t care.
    And the problems of whites?
    I can neither blame the Americans nor be terrified.
    Allegedly genocide.
    A life.
    Whoever is destined to be hanged will not drown.
    No alternative.
  10. puppet
    puppet 11 January 2016 16: 47
    Africans perceived the arrival of each of these people with the hope that the United States would finally repent

    what really hoped for?
  11. Koshak
    Koshak 11 January 2016 17: 32
    And in parallel was the genocide of the indigenous population ... am
  12. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 12 January 2016 14: 46
    I liked the article, because it systematizes everything, "draws the line"
    Quote: Black Colonel
    "... in whose interests our Ministry of Education is working, destroying the excellently functioning Soviet education system"

    If the system of our education goes further and they glorify grabbers and crooks from the screen and plant them for a bag of stolen potatoes, and not for a bunch of sawn lard of budget funds, then in 2-3 generations there will be a generation of maidanut already from us, ready for free haircuts ( cookies) to jump and not think about the fact that you can build your own normal living environment on your own land.
    But it happens worse --- honest and decent to call suckers mi, and even worse, and the result ----......
    About the Negro President. Maybe because the Negroes began to tyrannize there so much that the President is far away, you won’t get it?
    I did not catch up with the underdeveloped opposition. It infuriates me even outside the site. But after all, it can be different, and not like in Russia --- for cookies?
  13. Warrior2015
    Warrior2015 15 January 2016 22: 38
    Indeed, how many films were made about poor slaves. And at least ONE film is made of Russian and Ukrainian slaves hijacked by the Crimean Tatars and Turks?!?

    By the way, there is even a variant of the scenario - a certain Bolotnikov, who later raised a peasant war in the Muscovite kingdom, was precisely a "fighting slave" captured by the Turks and then returned to Russia through Venice!