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Ukraine as a diplomatic masterpiece of the United States


To better understand the idea, first of all you should look at the maps of Eurasia: a map of minerals, a map of population density, a map of the location of the industry, etc. (there are a lot of them, and they are well known to us from school geography lessons). So, there is a rather funny paradox here: the largest in the world, Russia has a rather small population (France + Germany), and a very small part of it lives in the Far East. The population and industry of Russia are located mainly in the European part of the country. But right next to the Kuril Islands is the industrial superpower Japan, and there it is just the opposite: there are many people (127 millions, comparable to the Russian Federation), and there is very little territory and resources. Adam Smith and his invisible hand of the market immediately come to our aid: we must cooperate with Japan. Japan should cooperate with Russia, everything is simple.

Enter the position of the very 127 of millions of Japanese who sit on each other’s heads, but at the same time differ in discipline and diligence. We are just made for each other! In itself, the flow of events leads us to cooperation. The territory of Japan is 377 thousand square kilometers (this is approximately the Amur region of Russia - 809 thousand people), but 127 million people live in Japan. And they all want to eat and make money. And here is near our Far East. Almost half empty and underdeveloped. We really need each other, and we could be friends. But always some sort of "but" creeps in. Americans in 1951 understood it as well as ours. And precisely because of their efforts, the very problem of the 4 islands, or northern territories, arose. Just do not think that it is a matter of harming the samurai or in a random concourse of events. It was a very competent and sensible diplomatic trap. Neatly knotted Gordian knot.

Just appreciate how far ahead the American politicians looked at 1951 from the birth of Christ. How they managed to tighten the diplomatic "loops". And they tightened them so that it is impossible to unravel them absolutely. Remember any meeting of our and Japanese politicians, what are they talking about? That's right, about the islands, you guessed it. I do not set myself the task to retell history all such negotiations, and this is not the subject of my interest in this case. I would rather speak on the results. Russian diplomacy has made monstrous efforts to find a way out of this impasse. Useless. At the same time, our diplomats should not be considered fools and traitors. Normalization of Russian-Japanese relations could change a lot in the Far East. But all is useless: the loops of the South Kuril problem are tightly tightened. It all started in San Francisco, and everything was done very well. The USSR did not officially receive these islands, and Japan had a reason to arrange permanent demarches against us.

Khrushchev and two islands? It was a desperate attempt to escape from the Far Eastern trap. The USSR was not rich, and the tension in the Far East was absolutely useless. Creating a “second front” far from the European part of the country was very expensive. The Japanese politely demanded all of the 4 islands, and the negotiations ended. The funny thing is that the era of Khrushchev, Yeltsin and Putin here is practically no different. As far as different politicians, and the scheme of work with the Japanese was exactly the same. Which, by the way, clearly proves the eternity of the laws of geopolitics without regard to the political regime. It does not matter who is sitting in the Kremlin: Nicholas I, Nicholas II, Stalin, Khrushchev, Yeltsin or Putin. The layout is the same. All the same Sakhalin and Kuriles. Which is quite ironic from the point of view of promoting democracy, but in itself a change of the state leader does not solve foreign policy problems. Mode change, by the way, too.

So Putin, oddly enough, had about the same layouts as Khrushchev. And he struggled with all his might. And also offered 2 island. And it all ended in nothing. A kind of "quadrature circle." A diplomatic task capable of driving a better diplomat to madness. The Japanese need us, and we need them, but any political discussion between us begins and ends with those same islands. I remember the film “The Beginning”: the Americans managed to throw an idea-virus into the Japanese brain, which blocks any attempt to establish relations with them: “Return the islands”. Agree - the work of the master. A kind of programming of the whole nation. The Japanese are missing a historical chance to participate in the development of the Far East, a hedgehog is clear that they will not get any islands, but the “mental blockage” works on time. Return the islands. Moreover, it’s clear why Russia cannot return the 4 islands: the Sea of ​​Okhotsk will no longer be our inland, and this outweighs any Japanese buns. The Sea of ​​Okhotsk is not only valuable bioresources, but also a launching pad for launching missiles of our submarine rocket carriers. Return the islands.

A kind of masterpiece: an absurd and absolutely impracticable requirement becomes the national idea of ​​a big nation. Even Yeltsin in the depths of his shame could not make such concessions. But so it was planned. So it was conceived: an artificial problem was manually formed that did not have a reasonable solution. And any, the most rigid and independent Japanese politician will demand the same: “Return the islands”. Even if the American troops leave the sacred land of Yamato, the problem will remain, and even the Japanese have not mastered Hokkaido, it’s cold there. I will not lie, but I read at Parshev (“Why Russia is not America”) that Japanese warriors receive a double salary in Hokkaido - it’s cold there, the conditions are extreme. Russia offered a lot of options, up to the joint development of these very “territories”. The answer is standard: “Return the islands”. So the development of Russian-Japanese relations is blocked tightly and very reliably, as originally intended.

From the western direction, we have about the same thing: industrial, overcrowded Germany (German territory 357 thousand sq. Km: approximately like Buryatia with a population of thousand people 975), which is in great need of our resources, and we need their equipment, and there were no Kuriles here (Konigsberg was a thing of the past). Nothing hindered cooperation! By the way, quite funny: Königsberg is a legendary German city, East Prussia is an integral part of Germany, but the Germans resigned and continued to live happily ever after, but for the Japanese 4 islet, which are not connected with the history of Japan Harbor) became the "fulcrum". So, the business Russia - Germany grew by leaps and bounds. There were no serious disagreements, collision points too. But this did not suit everyone ...

The Ukrainian crisis has many dimensions, we can talk about it endlessly, but there is such a cut in the problem: to push Russia and Germany together. That, in general, was performed. Moreover, it was performed brilliantly: a very close, but ambitious politician had to be put at the head of Germany. Such as Merkel. And then the Germans (people disciplined), like sheep behind a leader or a rat (after the Hamelin rat-catcher), will run after them. Then this close, but revanchist-minded chancellor has to offer the bait: such as Ukraine ... Do you see how the picture develops? In theory, the Germans themselves did not really need the very Ukraine. Too big, too alien, too poor. There are some natural resources there. In short, the country is distant, cold and corrupt. Never Czechia. And the Germans are extremely calculating people. Therefore, it was necessary to work, long and hard, year after year, building a brick by brick building the “European future of Ukraine”.

Forget all these old nonsense about the "core country", about the fact that the one who owns Ukraine owns Eurasia (and then the entire Galaxy), fairy tales about the fact that without Ukraine Russia cannot be an empire. Advocating it all. Ukraine itself is an insignificant third world country. For Russia, it has rather ethnic and historical significance. Russia could not lose Crimea and Sevastopol, Russia could not give Donetsk to Bandera. But Ukraine as a whole? Are you sure that Russia needs it? In theory, Russia did not give a damn about which of the Ukrainian oligarchs was more important and richer. And nobody was going to encroach on the sovereignty of Ukraine: "Smoke heaven for yourself." Therefore, an armed coup, therefore extremists, murders and threats to the Russians. You see, without very serious efforts, light Ukraine and turn it into a main theme News no one would succeed. Too Ukrainians are non-governmental and non-revolutionary people (Robespiers are not them). Therefore, truly titanic efforts were made to replace the oligarchic Yanukovych with the oligarch Poroshenko. And with shots, blood and arrests. Moreover, these two “son of a bitch” are even outwardly similar. And both are pro-American politicians (i.e. both are not ours!). Why, why?

But if we want to organize a zone of confrontation between Europe and Russia, then everything is clear, then everything is going. Moreover, the most natural way in Ukraine was the territory of cooperation between Russia and Europe. Well, there was nothing for each other to beat their faces. It was more logical to agree, to divide into spheres of influence ... Why are we fighting, Panov? (My favorite question). I stubbornly refuse to consider the Square as the center of the galaxy. That is why the "cynical Bandera" massacre and massacres. This is not an accident, and this is not a bust of performers. So it was intended to provoke Russia (by the Americans, of course). Ukraine could have rotted on the side of the road for decades, and no one would give a damn about it. Who, for example, is interested in Bangladesh? Are you worried about the problems of Honduras? And the people of Honduras have a lot of problems ...

Who was interested in Ukraine in November 2013? Well, Yanukovych did not sign the Euro-Association, and damn him! In a year we will choose Poroshenko, and everyone will be overwhelmed! The Americans again furnished everyone, and especially the Tortoise Tortoise, they not only played with speckled cards, but also juggled! Merkel went all the way up to the absolutely unnecessary Ukraine for her, and therefore got into serious money (Yatsenyuk will voice you a more precise amount - he has all the moves written down), finally tweaked Putin and irrevocably lost the promising Russian market! And why? Gentlemen, Ukraine is not a "super prize" once, rather a suitcase without a handle, and for both Europe and Russia. The Customs Union, which Putin insistently proposed, is a customs union. Everything. We did not need residents of Lviv in the Armed Forces. Thank. Ukraine, no one was going to seize. With the "departure" of the Crimea and the Donbass, Ukraine is all the more unnecessary for anyone in Russia.

“The Fuhrer promised me a summer cottage in the Crimea ...” - for some reason this phrase stubbornly climbs into my head from a speech by a famous comedian. I do not know who promised what to Angela Merkel, but the return of the Crimea as a condition for the lifting of sanctions is pure Kuril-2. Just freshly baked and not yet matured. But the word of the Chancellor is harder than granite. And especially the German Chancellor. The most freezed liberal in Russia today understands that the Crimea is ours, therefore, to demand his return is to drive relations into a dead end. But that is exactly what we are seeing. And Mr. Steinmeier has already said about the 10 years that will be needed for the confrontation with Russia. You see, Germany could not focus on this issue. But what is said, it is said: the annexation of the Crimea. Now all the Germans, until the last Turk, will fight day and night for his return to Ukraine. You can fight for it for a very long time, it’s like building communism. The horizon is far, but quite clearly visible. How do you imagine the normalization of Russian-German relations in such a scenario? Return Crimea to Ukraine, and we are very cooperative! It seems to me a dead end.

It is even worse with the belligerent and burning Donbass: from the very beginning it was an attempt to crush the “dissenters with Bandera” by military methods. Attempt impudent, stubborn, shameless. There is evidence that only the irretrievable loss of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in manpower amounted to about 10 thousand people. Met a number and more, but not the essence. The problem is that the conflict is fundamentally insoluble. This proved Minsk-1 and Minsk-2. There was an attempt by Kiev with the support of the EU and the United States to crush the southeast. The attempt failed. But think for how much resources were spent on this (not only Ukrainians died in the Donbas, but also residents of NATO countries). By the way, an extremely paradoxical situation developed in the Donbas: The West closed its eyes to all the crimes of the Kiev junta - just win! There were many crimes, victory was not achieved. They went all in and lost. But this makes a peaceful settlement of the situation fundamentally impossible: too many corpses and ruins. But before the start of the "ATO" / punitive operation - these were for the most part citizens of Ukraine, loyal and law-abiding. The result was unexpected for the West: without any “Russian invasion”, the Armed Forces of Ukraine were stopped and suffered heavy losses. Nobody was simply laying on this, there were two working options: the first is a full-scale Russian invasion and the return full boycott and blockade, the second is the rout and genocide of Donbass.

Both options were very carefully calculated and planned. But in the industrial south-east of Ukraine, a miracle happened: absurd, bloody, but it happened. And there simultaneously happened a humanitarian catastrophe and the defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And the situation is in full and final deadlock. By the way, this military conflict is extremely bright, convex and clearly demonstrated one thing that is categorically unacceptable for many: Russians and Ukrainians are two very different nations. The Armed Forces of Ukraine and the “volunteer battalions” demonstrated extreme cruelty and complete inability to fight. That was, that was. I do not know, but for example: the Prussians, the Austrians, the Bavarians, the Saxons - and all seem to be different German peoples, but all are fighting well. Nobody complained. But "sbroynye forces" somehow did not please ... Or take the same Spain: the Castilians, the Catalans, the Basques - always fought well. Although the last two nations consider themselves Spaniards to be fundamentally unwilling. Or the inhabitants of sunny Italy just fought poorly, and the inhabitants of Naples differed little from the inhabitants of Livorno. Something like this. Or take the Polish conscripts, for example ... So two different people. Especially if you look at the success of Ukrainians in the construction of their own statehood.

But the bottom line is that this paradoxical result made a dead end in relations across the Russian Federation - the EU complete and final. And the "surrender" of Donbass here already does not solve anything. It will only be the “first step,” from their point of view. You see, these geeks (Europeans and especially Germans) have a very high opinion of themselves. They climbed to the Donbass, "got their teeth" (favorite expression of the President) and now they are in anger and rage. In a rage, anguish and sadness. They crave revenge and "revenge." You will laugh, but even the "surrender" of the Crimea and the Donbass together will not lead to an immediate "lifting of sanctions." In essence, the “war” is at an impasse. Neither side of its continuation is unprofitable: neither Russia nor Europe. But Europeans need only victory. Ideology, damn it. That is, here and now, Russia should capitulate on level ground, that is, merge everything (everything else). Then, maybe, the sanctions will be canceled, but not a fact. It’s just that Merkel and others like her seriously invested in the “Ukrainian project” and cannot just admit their defeat. The aunt very successfully “bought an elephant” and now has to live with him in the same house.

In general, Germany had a bunch of other problems in 2013, and Ukraine was not a priority for it (that's why they did not give a penny). Ukraine had to get to the Germans for free (like from a bush!). Therefore, in general, they climbed into this adventure: “here we shall throw off the“ Janissary ”and Ukraine will sign everything”. But the Ukrainian problem began to unwind and swell. This, by the way, testifies to the complete incompetence of German politicians - they even could not roughly figure out the consequences of their actions. Thus, for 2, the situation with the EU-Russia and especially Germany-Russia has changed dramatically: instead of mutually beneficial cooperation - an overt conflict. And designed and created quite artificially. There was no such potential in Ukraine for such a quarrel. Due to the ambitiousness, arrogance and incompetence of the ruling elite of Germany, she was drawn into absolutely unnecessary opposition in the east. And at the moment she can no longer get out of it without a serious loss of reputation.

As everyone understands very well, neither Crimea, nor Donbass Russia is going to donate. What makes the prospects for Russian-German relations completely vague. There was no concern - a woman bought a pig ... Merkel, in fact, pulled Germany into a long conflict with Russia. And Germany (as the main country of the EU) pulled in all of Europe. Here such turns out. American diplomats eat their bread for good reason. The knots of the “Ukrainian problem” are tightly tightened: Russia cannot hand over the Donbass and the Crimea to the right-wing axes and continue financing Ukraine, but these are the conditions for “normalizing relations”. And then most likely not all. The Germans now have on their hands the classic task of a leader: how to make up the word "VICTORY" from two "inappropriate" syllables. The APU lost, the Ukrainian economy died, the state of Ukraine is slowly but irreversibly falling apart, the Russian market is lost, and the Germans still have to pay Ukraine’s bills and payments are rising. But no one likes to admit their mistakes. Therefore, the official German version: Putin is to blame for all the troubles of Ukraine. Therefore sanctions. Sanctions to change Russia's policy towards Ukraine.

The funny thing is that Russia already has very little policy towards Ukraine. Relationships, in fact, ended. Whether the Rabbit will finish its Magic Wall or not is no longer so important: the flight connection is interrupted, trade tends to a minimum, the visa-free regime has been canceled. Cultural exchange with the country professing Bandera ideology? Not even funny. Russia has "fixed" the situation and is already building a railway "bypassing" Ukraine. What position can Russia change in Ukraine? There are accusations that, say, every fifth article on the topic "what's there, among the Ukrainians," but the reason is that Ukraine creates endless problems, and not in the friendly interest in the neighboring country. Ukraine may disrupt the gas supply of Europe or the power supply of the Crimea. Or do some more dirty trick, that's all interest. Ukraine is a classic “neighbor with a perforator”. And in the morning 3 his nationality is absolutely not important, the puncher is important.

But on the whole, Russia is not particularly worried about Ukraine’s future. “The fewer the relations, the better,” but now the same Germans will constantly impose negotiations on Ukraine on us. And what is there to "talk"? “- Hello, Alla bothers you! “Alla doesn't bother me anymore ...”. It is from here that the legs of Donetsk shelling and explosions of power line pylons “grow”: if you completely ignore your neighbor, he may scratch your car to tie up the conversation. For Russians, the word “Ukraine” has become the name of an indecent disease. This country in a paradoxical way combines hatred of Russia and absolute dependence. Therefore, it can only offer us problems. It is in this vein that Americans actively use it (but do not feed). By and large, Russia doesn’t care how the Germans will solve the problems of the Kiev regime (they are unsolvable), but the Germans will necessarily negotiate with us “en masse” with Ukraine, that is, in general ... And these negotiations will be endless.

In the minds of German politicians there will be an idealized picture: Ukraine within the borders of 2013, Ukraine at the same time in the free trade zone with the EU and Russia. And it is clear that in a “magical” way, German firms are regaining the Russian market. That's what they will fight for. So with Germany everything will be approximately as with Japan: one hundred years of negotiations. In general, a year and a half has passed since the introduction of the sanctions and they have been renewed once again. The process has begun. Exactly the same trap as in the Far East. Any negotiations will be limited by the question of the "territorial integrity of Ukraine." The Germans at the very beginning made a very gross mistake, having gone to support the coup in Kiev, everything further - already the consequences. And at the same time, it is necessary to take into account the “obstinacy” and obstinacy of the Germans: all arguments that bilateral relations are seriously affected, that any cooperation becomes impossible, that this decision on sanctions has a deadly significance for mutual relations, they will respond that sanctions will be lifted when ...

In short, "return the island." Therefore, German business in Russia is doomed to extinction. It's simple: both Russia and Germany are historically the countries of state capitalism, a truly big business is impossible here without the consent of the current government. What's in Germany, what's in Russia. Frost relations seem like a long time, but a holy place is never empty. German business in Russia, by the way, was welcome in many respects for political reasons: it had to fulfill the role of a “lobby”, a stabilizer. As practice has shown, he is not able to perform a similar role in bilateral relations, and he does not even want to do that. Then why is it needed (on special, preferential terms)? To the Germans earned "kids on milk"? Excuse me. So in general, in the “Ukrainian crisis” the most important thing is not Ukraine at all. The most important thing is that this conflict brought down relations between Germany and Russia, and how to restore them (on what basis) is absolutely incomprehensible. In politics, we have huge differences with the Germans, and big business, as it turned out, cannot serve as a basis for relations.

Ukraine as a diplomatic masterpiece of the United States

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  1. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN 11 January 2016 08: 16 New
    Ukraine as a diplomatic masterpiece of the United States
    What kind of diplomacy we are talking about, if even Biden arrives so that their muzzles in their own village will get wet for not fulfilling the requirements!
    1. Ami du peuple
      Ami du peuple 11 January 2016 08: 25 New
      Quote: VNP1958PVN
      What kind of diplomacy are we talking about, if even Biden comes to get their faces in their mouth for not fulfilling the requirements

      The article is not about the fulfillment or non-fulfillment of the State Department’s instructions by Ukrainian politicians, but about American strategic planning. The jambs of individual sixes are particular.
      Quite controversial, but very interesting material. To the author plus.
      1. andre
        andre 11 January 2016 09: 01 New
        The article is interesting, but ... I read it as "detective Dontsova". And where did the author get the abolished visa regime ?! Article plus, the author wrote a lot of letters, worked !!!
        1. dauria
          dauria 11 January 2016 09: 28 New
          The article is interesting, but ..

          "But in general, Russia is not particularly concerned with the future of Ukraine." The fewer relations, the better ""
          Look how! Doesn't care, and that’s it ... laughing Yes, this is a piece of the very Russia that they took and shamelessly chopped off. Or give? Or does the author know a way how to avoid NATO-based aircraft in Chernihiv in the long run?
          1. mihasik
            mihasik 11 January 2016 10: 17 New
            Quote: dauria
            Yes, this is a piece of the very Russia that they took and shamelessly chopped off. Or give?

            So it was given for a long time! Or was it not clear until 2013? Americans in Ukraine from the first seconds of "independence".
            And as a reward for the "Kemsk volost" we built the "Yeltsin Center"! Well, so as not to forget the "benefactor". In vain they puffed up, this bastard will be remembered for several generations without a "center"!
          2. EvgNik
            EvgNik 11 January 2016 10: 51 New
            Quote: dauria
            Or does the author know a way how to avoid NATO-based aircraft in Chernihiv in the long run?

            Do you know a way to make Ukrainians fall in love with Russia? Or re-educate Bandera? Only time can put everything in its place. And military capture here will not help. We will be the invaders for them, period. In addition, everything destroyed will have to be restored at their own expense. And, in your opinion, will we wait for gratitude for this?
            1. Boos
              Boos 11 January 2016 13: 30 New
              Do you think we are stupider than the Americans? We have little people in Russia who are quite satisfied with the current branch of the outskirts, they say, "In Ukraine" ...
        2. Proxima
          Proxima 11 January 2016 10: 06 New
          Quote: andre

          The article is really interesting, but in my opinion, the author was too overwhelmed with analogies, for example, about the 4 islands that Japan claims. My opinion is that the most important guarantee of the country's territorial integrity is a strong state, not a successfully signed treaty. If the state is not stable politically, economically, militarily, then some pieces of paper will not save it - not only four will be grabbed, but 24 more islands will be taken, without any contracts there. Moreover, what's the problem? These 4 islands are assigned to Russia by the relevant UN resolution, and if someone does not agree, then this is his business. And even if there is no resolution? (If we draw an analogy with Crimea) History shows that the states have been getting along well with the occupied territories for many decades. There are many examples, for example, East Timor, which is occupied by Indonesia, contrary to the UN resolution. So we do not need to veiledly instill a guilt complex for the Kuriles, Konigsberg, Crimea and so on, otherwise all kinds of "Akhedzhakovs" will be tortured to apologize.
        3. anfil
          anfil 11 January 2016 11: 16 New
          Quote: andre
          The article is interesting, but ... I read it as "detective Dontsova". And where did the author get the abolished visa regime ?! Article plus, the author wrote a lot of letters, worked !!!

          Only the author is not known.
          The article was posted on January 11 at 7:20 am on the Pravdorub website with reference to the source


          Where is this opus, I did not find something.

          One minus mine, I do not agree with all points of this article.
      2. Cubano405
        Cubano405 11 January 2016 10: 43 New
        BRAVO! I read it with great interest, the author is a huge plus, sooo not "blurry" and not propagandistic view of the problem.
    2. vlad66
      vlad66 11 January 2016 08: 42 New
      Interesting article. And the answer.
      1. WUA 518
        WUA 518 11 January 2016 08: 55 New
        Quote: vlad66
        Interesting article. And the answer.

        Actually the original photo of “We Can Do It!” (“We Can Do It!”) Is an American propaganda poster from World War II, created in 1943 by J. Howard Miller. A different image, sergeant Sarah, was created based on this poster.
    3. hydrox
      hydrox 11 January 2016 09: 19 New
      Quote: VNP1958PVN
      for failure to comply with the requirements!

      What are the faces, what are the requirements? Biden didn’t come for this at all, and then, in order to reanimate his interest in the Bukrainian issue: they somehow completely forgot about the hut country against the background of the Syrian successes of the VKS (another makaka miscalculation!).
      As for Merkel, everything is clear: a woman will fly off the cart at the earliest opportunity, the trend of rejection of migrants will grow stronger and angry, and with that attitude towards them, they will start to queue for their own deportation by the summer, choosing a country where there is no war (here all the bureaucracy will have to work around the clock, forgetting about all other issues), because, having not solved the problem of migrants, Brussels becomes simply an unnecessary and costly add-on on the budget necks of the founding countries of the EU. Moreover, all of Eastern Europe turned its faces toward Russia, evaluating Russia's chances of overcoming the crisis. And if Putin will now establish the right domestic policy and reorganize the economy with finances according to the Glazyev-Khazin-Delyagin option, then it is quite obvious that with the growth of Russia's rating, the attractiveness of Europe for the Young Europeans will be proportionally reduced. For everyone already understands that the transatlantic community is already slowly dying in the American womb ...
    4. 72jora72
      72jora72 11 January 2016 10: 17 New
      What kind of diplomacy we are talking about, if even Biden arrives so that their muzzles in their own village will get wet for not fulfilling the requirements!
      And what can he do if the patient can’t even get to the toilet and constantly shrink under himself, and in addition he spreads feces on the walls .....
    5. marlin1203
      marlin1203 11 January 2016 17: 02 New
      Everything would be fine, but it is painfully close from the eastern regions of Ukraine to Moscow ...
  2. Al ssz
    Al ssz 11 January 2016 08: 25 New
    vaf ,, Hello !! I am always and everywhere .. And always in touch .. Skype has not been canceled .. sazhka333
    1. Al ssz
      Al ssz 11 January 2016 08: 44 New
      why minus? However .. What did not like?
      1. Andrey Yuryevich
        Andrey Yuryevich 11 January 2016 09: 10 New
        Quote: Al Ssz
        why minus? However .. What did not like?

        to see VAF called the wrong one ... stuck on the "donkey"? wassat
        1. WUA 518
          WUA 518 11 January 2016 09: 20 New
          Quote: Andrey Yurievich
          vidvt VAFom called the wrong ... stuck on the "donkey"?

          Hi Andrew, it's not me. See the comment time. laughing He himself was still surprised who was taken for the VAF here.
  3. Foresterer
    Foresterer 11 January 2016 08: 27 New
    In Ukraine, I somehow agree with the author somehow, but with regard to Japan ... Using the author’s terminology, the Kuril problem for me, and I think, for all the inhabitants of Russia, has never been a problem. And what the Japanese think about it, let the Japanese god know.
    1. ferdiperdozzz
      ferdiperdozzz 11 January 2016 09: 58 New
      The article is not about that.
    2. Ursidae
      Ursidae 11 January 2016 17: 34 New
      Quote: Foresterer
      In Ukraine, I somehow agree with the author

      There is a solution to this problem. Very cynical and a little "not Russian", but there is.
      For the problem of "occupied Crimea" to go away forever, Ukraine must cease to exist as a single state. Those. break up into several parts, and the more the better. Then there will be simply no one to lay claim to Crimea.
      And whoever tells me that the collapse of Ukraine will cause even more problems, I won’t believe it. It is always easier to deal with a bunch of hostile mutts than with one hostile bear.
      I apologize for vile thoughts ... hi
  4. Neophyte
    Neophyte 11 January 2016 08: 31 New
    Russia without Ukraine is not an empire? It's nonsense, of course, but the Kremlin loves to replicate this thesis. It is clear that Ukraine must solve its own problems. Enough to support it with discounts and other humanitarian actions. It is time to understand that the population of this outskirts of human civilization is alien to the Russian world and restore this state to Russia death!
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. oblako
      oblako 11 January 2016 09: 06 New
      the population of this outskirts of human civilization is alien to the Russian world and to restore this state for Russia is doom!

      It is time to understand that Ukraine is the USSR or the Russian Empire, as you please outside the puddle ... Statehood there needs to be restored ... the question is - what ...
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 11 January 2016 08: 34 New
    So with Germany everything will be something like with Japan: a hundred years of negotiations.

    I disagree with the author. The Germans are too punctual and disciplined. Merkel will leave, and by this time the economic losses of Germany without the Russian market will become even more tangible, the most reasonable politician will come. It seems to me that the Germans will finally understand where and what they have been drawn into and will gradually begin to “forget” about Crimea and try to build relations with Russia. And the rest of Europe will follow Germany, with the exception of the Baltic states and Poland.
    1. Olezhek
      11 January 2016 08: 56 New
      Germans are too punctual and disciplined. Merkel will leave,

      Willy II left and Hitler left too ...
      But how problems remain ...
      Tendency however request

      When will normal people finally come to power in Germany?
      1. Bashibuzuk
        Bashibuzuk 11 January 2016 09: 53 New
        Normal people do not come to power.
        Power is not for normal people.
        Therefore, the dispositions of normal people, in relation to the authorities, have no ground under them.
        Up there, everything is through .... well, of course, I hope.
        All New Year's holidays spent with matchmakers from Germany.
        Natural Germans.
        So, they are constantly driven around their ears there, as they say in Russia it is not good. Maybe a little better than in North Korea.
        Say, Russia spends money only on weapons and drinking.
        It was a pleasant surprise for my matchmakers that Russia didn’t march in rows, that armored personnel carriers and tanks didn’t drive around the streets, that we didn’t sing Putin’s anthem every three minutes — on the contrary, the shops were full of groceries, prices were funny and furry compared to Germany they were generally shocked (assortment and price).
        Everyone tried to find out how SANCTIONS affect us.
        Well, I say, prices rose simply, but the salary remained the same.
        Another shock for them, so they say, before everything was even cheaper ???? belay
        So it goes.
        So, normal, abnormal .... the task of the Naglosaks to prevent the alliance of Germany with Russia.
        And for the sake of it. arrogant Saxons will do anything.
        Including the complete fooling of the Germans.
        1. Olezhek
          11 January 2016 10: 11 New
          the task of the Nuglo Saxons to prevent the union of Germany and Russia

          Colleague - do not spread this shaggy myth

          The Germans are not very fond of Russia. And if the Anglo-Saxons in the course of two MW went into a tactical alliance with Russia
          That the Germans are not capable of it in principle.

          So it's not about the "intrigues" of the Anglo-Saxons, but about the hatred of Russia on the part of German politicians.
          1. 72jora72
            72jora72 11 January 2016 10: 24 New
            The Germans do not much like Russia.
            But this is you in vain, the Germans are pretty good at both Russia and the Russians. But who strongly dislikes are Swedes and Poles.
            1. Olezhek
              11 January 2016 10: 41 New
              But you are in vain, the Germans treat both Russia and Russians quite well.

              Colleague - I sincerely recommend starting the morning with a cup of coffee and a Zeit page ... (newspaper like this)
              You will be shocked ...
    2. Erg
      Erg 11 January 2016 09: 33 New
      You, sir, do not notice the main thing. After World War II, all of Europe, and Germany especially, is in debts from the FRS, which with a "flick of the hand" can bring down the entire economy of any country. Germany is no exception. A case in point is energy prices (no economy, only financial pressure).
      1. Bashibuzuk
        Bashibuzuk 11 January 2016 10: 26 New
        And I did not say that the Germans love Russia.
        The Germans, by their nature, will adhere to the line that the Führer-Leader-Chancellor will indicate to them.
        By the way, Ossi, East Germans were quite friendly towards Russia. And still relate.
        Your words - "So it's not about the" machinations "of the Anglo-Saxons, but about hatred of Russia by German politicians."
        We agree that politicians and just people are two big differences, eh?
        Recall, at the same time, that all Russian Tsar emperors, after Peter the Great, are Germans, in fact.
        From Nicholas 2, if the Russian blood remained, then where is the thread 1/64, if not 128 at all. I did not consider it in detail.
        1. Olezhek
          11 January 2016 10: 39 New
          Your words - "So the point is not in the" intrigues "of the Anglo-Saxons, but in the hatred of Russia on the part of German politicians."
          We agree that politicians and just people are two big differences, eh?

          Decisions on wars and sanctions are made by politicians, and then the scheme of "collective responsibility"

          The scheme - politicians do not like reptiles, Rasese, and the common people want to be friends with us - frankly speaking, I'm sick of me. am
          1. Bashibuzuk
            Bashibuzuk 11 January 2016 11: 10 New
            "And here nobody plays the synthesizer" ...
            Something is going around.
            Nobody likes rassyu.
            Even we ourselves do not love.
            Or in places only.
            1. Olezhek
              11 January 2016 12: 36 New
              "And here nobody plays the synthesizer" ...
              Something is going around.
              Nobody likes rassyu.

              Sorry - I was talking about intergovernmental relations.
              In this context, the Germans' dislike for Russia is taking place: WWI, WWII, Sanctions ..

              Tell something positive ...
              But not about how you drank beer with the Germans
    3. wasjasibirjac
      wasjasibirjac 11 January 2016 14: 21 New
      Quote: rotmistr60
      It seems to me that the Germans will finally understand where and what they have been drawn into and will gradually begin to “forget” about Crimea and try to build relations with Russia. And the rest of Europe will follow Germany, with the exception of the Baltic states and Poland.
      I am afraid that if they begin to forget, they will be reminded. Given the current requirements for lifting sanctions - to give Crimea to Hohland, it is unacceptable for Russia. sanctions will be forever !!!! am
      1. Bashibuzuk
        Bashibuzuk 11 January 2016 14: 26 New
        I did not drink beer with the Germans.
        As well as wine, vodka, etc.
        I had to roll them, where already here.
        And from the positive it can be noted that Russia made a very favorable impression on them.
        At first (there, in Munich) they feared Russia.
        now - ... I don’t know, honestly. In my opinion, Russia should be constantlyware. To everyone.
        Who does not love her. Or at least does not show respect.
        And this is already good.
        And to us, here, to live here.
        1. Olezhek
          11 January 2016 16: 17 New
          I did not drink beer with the Germans.
          As well as wine, vodka, etc.

          I just used it - hence the question.

          I don’t see anything positive in Russian-German relations.
          He is not visible.
          Sadly everything.
  6. sl22277
    sl22277 11 January 2016 08: 35 New
    Perhaps most importantly, Ukraine has become a means to destabilize relations between Russia and the West. The current power of Ukropia is a “liquidation team” from the point of view of the economy, social sphere and even “the state as a holistic entity,” because there are no prerequisites for a bright future in any field ...
  7. Xmyp
    Xmyp 11 January 2016 08: 37 New
    Quote: Neophyte
    Russia without Ukraine is not an empire? It's nonsense, of course, but the Kremlin loves to replicate this thesis. It is clear that Ukraine must solve its own problems. Enough to support it with discounts and other humanitarian actions. It is time to understand that the population of this outskirts of human civilization is alien to the Russian world and restore this state to Russia death!

    Alien to the Russian world? Negroes probably live there.
    And in our country there are many people with roots from Ukraine, probably also blacks.
  8. meriem1
    meriem1 11 January 2016 08: 41 New
    Famously wrapped !!! And all in the top ten. I especially liked -
    But on the whole, Russia is not particularly worried about Ukraine’s future. “The fewer the relations, the better,” but now the same Germans will constantly impose negotiations on Ukraine on us. And what is there to "talk"? “- Hello, Alla bothers you! “Alla doesn't bother me anymore ...”. It is from here that the legs of Donetsk shelling and explosions of power line pylons “grow”: if you completely ignore your neighbor, he may scratch your car to tie up the conversation. For Russians, the word “Ukraine” has become the name of an indecent disease. This country in a paradoxical way combines hatred of Russia and absolute dependence. Therefore, it can only offer us problems. It is in this vein that Americans actively use it (but do not feed). By and large, Russia doesn’t care how the Germans will solve the problems of the Kiev regime (they are unsolvable), but the Germans will necessarily negotiate with us “en masse” with Ukraine, that is, in general ... And these negotiations will be endless.
  9. Riv
    Riv 11 January 2016 08: 42 New
    After all, it can end with a joke about the same neighbor with a perforator.

    - So you say that your neighbor burst into your apartment and stuffed your own perforator into your ass. Were there any witnesses to the incident?
    - No. What are the witnesses at four in the morning?
  10. Johnny51
    Johnny51 11 January 2016 08: 50 New
    A similar mentality is needed for friendship, but this is precisely where Russia has nothing in common with the West. We have different values ​​with them. Aren't you sick of modern media, TV ?! All of them are "kids of the 90s" ... All these "democratic values" look more like a cancerous tumor. And the very concept of "democracy" is akin to communism: it seems to be possible, but in practice - alas ... The only real example in history is Hellas ... And what ?! And how did it end ?! Only a really strong centralized power is capable of creation! So - we do not have common values ​​with the West, we will never be able to understand each other. But a dialogue with the East is possible, for such concepts as respect, honor, dignity are not an empty phrase for them. Something like this...
    1. Olezhek
      11 January 2016 16: 15 New
      Friendship requires a similar mentality, but here is just nothing in common. Russia and the West do not have

      Not a question - I worked a lot with the Germans - we just need to find a common language.
      The problem is different - they do not perceive Russia as a serious power.
      And they are not going to negotiate.
      With America, yes, with China, yes. With Russia, no. Hence the problems.
  11. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 11 January 2016 08: 52 New
    And what? Great point of view on this issue. Well, and d.u. the same chancellor. True, she resisted for a long time until the Malaysian Boeing was shot down. This is what broke her. Bloody sacrifices for the benefit of streak-eared diplomacy can be listed for a long time. But this ... They are still investigating. And another hundred years will be investigated. Since the result is not satisfied. This result does not fit into the puzzle. Doesn't add up.
  12. EvgNik
    EvgNik 11 January 2016 09: 06 New
    Excellent Egorov. Very clear and demonstrative (and revealing). I don’t even want to look for some minor inaccuracies.
  13. altman
    altman 11 January 2016 09: 07 New
    I completely agree with the author. And Ukraine, as a state, is fed up with the hell, and we don’t really need it. Let this Honduras be boiled in its own juice!
  14. vic58
    vic58 11 January 2016 09: 08 New
    You know, Ukraine and Russia, Slavs! After all, only in what country - children are put to bed "Piggy and Stepasha"! And not, nibbling McHamburger, show "Pokemon" or a program about: "who are you - a boy or a girl?" ... hi
  15. nimboris
    nimboris 11 January 2016 09: 11 New
    There was no trouble at the grandmother, Grandma Angela bought piglet Poroshenko.
  16. O. Bender
    O. Bender 11 January 2016 09: 17 New
    The departure of the decrepit mackerel and the advent of a new bold and independent from the USA politician leader should give a chance to restore normal relations between Russia and Germany. If before that bearded migrants do not build their EURISH in the eurozone (by analogy with daish). Lovers of donkeys will still shake old Europe and still hind legs and for all other euro values. And with Ukraine .... she died so she died. I will close the topic until I digest it myself.
  17. mikh-korsakov
    mikh-korsakov 11 January 2016 09: 17 New
    A very original and wise article (in my opinion), I have not yet met an analysis from such an angle. Only the role of Merkel's personality in history is exaggerated, and it is not true that the Americans put Merkel in charge (I worked in Germany during the elections and, in my opinion, she was chosen simply because the Social Democrats had accumulated a "critical mass" of small mistakes, and the Germans wanted someone new. The Americans simply took advantage of the fact that a stubborn and, in addition, cunning, but stupid woman came to power especially in German (proof - falling into a trap with Ukraine and with migrants). But the question is that we everyone has to do with it, from the author's point of view, everything is hopeless, pure fatalism.I wonder if our "Kremlin sages" have a plan of action and whether the Germans-Japanese have a figure capable of unraveling and opposing the Americans' plan.
    1. Olezhek
      11 January 2016 10: 27 New
      But the question is, what do we all do about it, from the standpoint of the author is all hopeless, pure fatalism.

      Well, why - there is a test option - "give the islands" to Bandera ...

      2 Why, after all, the Germans' internal political problems - should we be bothered? Their foreign policy is their foreign policy.
  18. Lelek
    Lelek 11 January 2016 09: 18 New
    (In politics, the Germans and I have huge differences, and large business, as it turned out, cannot serve as the basis for relations.)

    Businesses love silence and stability (with the exception of the arms trade). Therefore, while the Germans will rush between their own interests and the interests of overseas Karabas, no serious business alliances with Russia are visible (to put it mildly). As for the former Ukraine, it’s just a bargaining chip, necessary for the USA and NATO, as a bridgehead for military structures to come closer to our borders and nothing more.
  19. Stauffenberg
    Stauffenberg 11 January 2016 09: 20 New
    Ukraine may be tired, but it has a thousand km border with us, gas pipelines pass through it. It can easily accommodate NATO bases. Because of this misunderstanding, we got Maidan. Contempt and hatred moods. As ambassadors, downed pilots were sent to an important area without any diplomatic experience. And here is the result. Nearby we have a hostile state
  20. ML-334
    ML-334 11 January 2016 09: 22 New
    According to Slepakov, no one loves us, but everyone wants us.
  21. LeftPers
    LeftPers 11 January 2016 09: 31 New
    An excellent article, but the phrase: ".. Aunt very successfully" bought an elephant "and now has to live with him in the same house", added to favorites)). Very accurately expresses the current situation - mackerel + banderlogy.
  22. Lawrence
    Lawrence 11 January 2016 09: 32 New
    Sanctions from Russia will never be lifted. I support the author’s point of view.
    1. TVM - 75
      TVM - 75 11 January 2016 10: 32 New
      And this even has a big plus. Our officials in the struggle for business trips for contracting killed many domestic industries.
  23. Stinger
    Stinger 11 January 2016 09: 36 New
    Isn’t it time for us to take a closer look at Hokkaido as to the southern territory of Russian smokers? And also start pedaling this question. Like Nanai Island and the point. To talk about something like a female surgeon in a veterinary clinic: When you castrate cats all the time, you begin to look at your husband too.
  24. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 11 January 2016 10: 18 New
    Quote: WUA 518
    Hi Andrew, it's not me

    Hi! hi it's not me too ... and then who are we? what laughing
  25. Ros 56
    Ros 56 11 January 2016 10: 29 New
    Somehow everything is hopeless and gloomy. But this is a classic.
    Actually, in the history of mankind, when such tangles of contradictions arose, which were insoluble from the classical point of view, other principles came into play.
    Remember the expression "cut the Gordian knot"; the problem is solved radically, or radically, as you like. This requires the coming to power of younger and more pragmatic politicians, for example, such as Sarah Wagenknecht, about the Japanese I cannot say, I just do not know anything about Japan. But in principle, the situation is the same. We just need fresh young blood in political life, which would shake up the swamp of politics both in Germany and in Japan, and here in Russia, otherwise old people are sitting in the Duma for 10-30 years, la-la-la, what's the point?
  26. tolyasik0577
    tolyasik0577 11 January 2016 10: 30 New
    Russia without Germany may well be comfortable. Mutually beneficial cooperation is certainly good, but without the participation of a third-party state overseers. But the gold of the Germans where it is and they won’t do anything. Therefore, one way out is to develop Russia’s own technologies. We were the first to fly into space, not without the help of the Germans, but we flew. Without the help of the Germans, they would have done it, well, a little later. In general, the very Ukrainian community will have to be unleashed, I think, by the Germans themselves.
  27. Valga
    Valga 11 January 2016 10: 33 New
    The Japanese are closer to us in spirit than these dill animals. Together with Japan, we would achieve a lot, and there would be no problems with the territory of the Japanese and we would not have problems with the development of the Far Eastern territories due to lack of human resources. If Japan becomes part of the Russian Federation. We must already abandon all these feudal concepts of parochialism, and unite as many rational people as possible and move forward. The identity of peoples will not go anywhere and the fragmentation of peoples on our planet only hinders progress. And of course we don’t need the Nazis of the Fourth Reich with its capital in Washington.
  28. anfil
    anfil 11 January 2016 10: 34 New
    The funny thing is that the era of Khrushchev, Yeltsin and Putin is practically no different here.

    How's that?
    It is more correct to say that during their reign, the approach to the issue of the Kuril Islands does not differ in anything and it will not be true.
    How Yeltsin was prevented from giving the Kuril Islands: http: //
    And there are also rumors on the Internet that Gorbi wanted to sell them for 200 lards.
    So Putin, oddly enough, had roughly the same layouts as Khrushchev did. And he struggled hard. And also offered 2 islands.

    Putin besieged a Japanese journalist

    2 September this year. , on the day of the 70 anniversary of the signing by representatives of the government of militarist Japan of the Act of unconditional surrender and the end of the Second World War, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated a clear position on the so-called Kuril issue arising from historical facts and international agreements. In an interview with the Interfax news agency, the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, Igor Morgulov, ruled out the possibility of negotiations with Japan over the Kuril Islands. The following was stated literally: “We are not conducting any dialogue with Tokyo on the“ Kuril problem ”. This issue was resolved 70 years ago: The Southern Kurils came to our country legally, following the results of the Second World War. Russia's sovereignty and jurisdiction over them subject to ".

    The Americans again furnished everything, and especially to the “Turtle Tortilla,” they not only play with speckled cards, but they also distort! Merkel got into her head completely into Ukraine, which she didn’t need right now, in connection with this she got a lot of money (Yatsenyuk will tell you a more accurate amount - he has all the moves recorded), finally got into a mess with Putin and irretrievably lost the promising Russian market!

    Why did they get it, that without return, as soon as the sanctions are lifted so quickly and if it doesn’t recover to the extent, but nobody is going to abandon the technology, Germany is not an agrarian country like the rest of the Skakunland 404.

    And there is no need to magnify the endnostan; here, too, cabbage soup does not slurp over.
  29. Karabin
    Karabin 11 January 2016 11: 07 New
    But in general, Russia does not particularly care about the future of Ukraine.
    For such a position in the late 19th, early 20th century, the author would have received a standing ovation from marginal Ukrainian groups. and at least censure from the authorities of RI. Now, everything is fine, got into the stream. And right after all. Indeed, the Russian authorities do not care what has been done in Ukraine over the past quarter century, only loot was of interest. So we got the result that the Russian city of Kiev became Bandera, Little Russia and almost all of New Russia under the patronage of overseas uncles, Russian Ukrainians are rapidly Ukrainizing, and the Russians of Great Russia are accepting this Ukrainization. The success of American diplomats and technologists is evident. Russian diplomacy in particular, and Russia, as a country as a whole, have not experienced such a miserable failure for a long time. So far, thanks to Krymnash, the Syrian air show, pumped up to indecency through the media of pop patriotism, this failure has not reached the majority. But it will happen anyway. The West got what it had wanted for a long time, what it had been working on for a century and a half, that is, it had torn Ukraine away from Russia. And that is a fact.
  30. Bakht
    Bakht 11 January 2016 11: 39 New
    The article is good in that some points are indicated correctly.

    Russia and Ukraine are not brothers. And not even sisters. The Ukrainian project was created by Austria-Hungary Germany, by anyone, but only as hostile to Russia. Even the flag is some kind of Austrian.
    Creating tension with trading partners is also not a fantasy. You can add Turkey to the heap. No matter how frostbitten Erdogan may be, in my life I will not believe that he himself decided on a gamble. Apparently he promised good cookies.
    Well, the question is about the Kuril Islands. There is a solid game with marked cards. The official document on which the Russian Federation received the Kuril Islands was signed by the US President. Well, and other presidents. This was a condition for the USSR to enter the war against Japan in 1945.

    The leaders of the Three Great Powers - the Soviet Union, the United States of America and Great Britain - agreed that two to three months after the surrender of Germany and the end of the war in Europe, the Soviet Union would enter the war against Japan on the side of the Allies, subject to:

    1. Preservation of the status quo of Outer Mongolia (Mongolian People's Republic);

    2. The restoration of the rights belonging to Russia, violated by the treacherous attack of Japan in 1904, namely:

    a) return to the Soviet Union the southern part of Sakhalin Island and all the islands adjacent to it;

    b) internationalization of the trading port of Dairen, ensuring the interests of the Soviet Union in this port and restoring leases to Port Arthur as the USSR naval base;

    c) the joint operation of the China-East Railway and the South Manchurian Railway, which gives access to Dairen, on the basis of the organization of a mixed Soviet-Chinese Society with the primary interests of the Soviet Union, while keeping in mind that China retains full sovereignty in Manchuria;

    3. Transfers to the Soviet Union of the Kuril Islands.

    It is anticipated that an agreement on Outer Mongolia and the aforementioned ports and railways will require the consent of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek. On the advice of Marshal I.V. Stalin, the President will take measures to ensure that such consent is obtained.

    The Heads of Government of the Three Great Powers agreed that these claims of the Soviet Union should be certainly satisfied after defeating Japan.

    1. We, the President of the United States, the President of the National Government of the Republic of China and the Prime Minister of Great Britain, representing hundreds of millions of our compatriots, have consulted and agreed that Japan should be given the opportunity to end this war.
    8. The terms of the Cairo Declaration will be met and Japanese sovereignty will be limited to the islands of Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, Shikoku and those smaller islands that we indicate.

    WE must indicate, that is, the winning countries. The USSR did not indicate these islands. So take two islands or nothing.
  31. mikh-korsakov
    mikh-korsakov 11 January 2016 12: 08 New
    I quote: Germany ... really needs our resources, and we need their equipment. This is the key phrase of all the logical constructions of the author. It’s good that this is so, but it’s a simplification. Russia in terms of resources is not unique, any resource can be obtained from Africa, even if it is not as reliable as Russian resources. On the other hand, I would not overestimate the reliability and uniqueness of many types of German technology. In addition, because of their stubbornness and thirst for profit, the Germans may well slide into forgery (the story is in Volkswagen, I also encountered this while working with them).
  32. alicante11
    alicante11 11 January 2016 12: 40 New
    Here I have a bunch of questions for the article, just some questions.
    First. What for us Japan? What, the USSR could not industrialize without the Japanese? Or did the Japanese help us defeat Napoleon, Hitler, etc.? Or are the Japanese so kind that they will build a beautiful life for us in the Far East for "living well"? No, of course, but why does Japan need Russia? Japan needs our resources, perhaps part of our territories, Sakhalin, Kuriles, Kamchatka. But Russia is not needed, from the word AT ALL. Well, it was not for nothing that they were going to "walk" to Lake Baikal, with weapons in their hands. So it turns out that neither Russia, Japan, nor Japan, Russia simply does not need at all. Those. the author is wrong. Why Khrushchev and VVP were scattered around the islands? Well, geopolitics, a tactical move. Not the fact that they would have given it at all. The Kuril Islands are not the Big Ussuriysk or Damansky, and the samurai who are hammered under the bench by the Amermi do not resemble the ambitious modern China. They will say tomorrow in the Fashington regional committee to conclude peace, and the "proud sons of the goddess Amaterasu" will run to sign without any northern territories.
    Second. Well, the Germans do not understand and do not want to understand that if they are friends in Russia, they will rearrange everyone on the planet with cancer. When did Germany appear? When Russia was friendly towards Prussia during the Franco-Prussian war. And when Germany was first "lowered" in Versailles, and then generally dismembered into two parts following the results of the second "big kitchen makhalovka"? When Russia was "on the other side". But they don't understand. Even the brilliant German leaders did not understand that Bismarck spoiled relations with Russia at the Berlin Congress, that Hitler succumbed to pro-Western politicians and generals hungry for revenge and curtailed the creation of the indestructible axis Tokyo-Moscow-Rome-Berlin. So how much better for Merkel to overcome the long-standing German Russophobia? But for us the existence of Germany, by and large, is all the same. Yes, well, there is someone to trade with, no, even better, there are fewer problems on the western border. Who is to blame that Russia is such a country that will always be, no matter how bad things are, and Germany is a phantom like the United States, and even younger. And there is always a buyer for resources. On the contrary, many small German, Polish and Baltic "principalities" will pay more for resources, and besides, they will squabble with each other for the right to dump more money. Only now, are you not tired of devouring the inheritance of your ancestors?
    Third. Germany needed our dill so much that even poor Yanukovych regretted bribes, with all their hands and feet kicked back from this "association", writing out deadly conditions.
    1. alicante11
      alicante11 11 January 2016 12: 49 New
      Well, the fourth. Ukraine is not a Western project. The western project is Dill and Banderstan. And Our Ukraine is our brothers, with whom we have lived side by side for centuries. Brothers younger. And it was not only THEY who separated. But WE also abandoned them. Thrown as a little brother "in the area" in the ring of gopniks. And now we are surprised and indignant, why is this "little brother" swearing and poking his fist in the nose? WHAT can ordinary Ukrainians do against the paid Bandera-oligarchic kubla? And we did a lot in 91st against the same, but our own, homegrown? So we need Ukraine. Because it is an indissoluble whole, a part of Russia that was simply and stupidly cut off alive.
    2. Olezhek
      11 January 2016 16: 12 New
      Or are the Japanese so kind that they will build a beautiful life for us in the Far East for "living well"? No, of course, but why does Japan need Russia?

      Economic cooperation, close cooperation.
      Business in one word.

      Theoretically, we really need each other - in practice - a boycott ...
      So it goes.
  33. 4ekist
    4ekist 11 January 2016 13: 16 New
    With the "departure" of Crimea and Donbass, Ukraine is no longer needed by anyone in Russia. Correctly said. Remained the territory and 75% of the maydanut population, which will continue to "gallop", lustrate, seize enterprises and eliminate unwanted and just shit.
  34. gergi
    gergi 11 January 2016 15: 00 New
    the author probably forgot such a trifle that both Germany and Japan are occupied countries. He also forgot who the occupier is. Hence the problems. Ostrovanashi! Krymnash! Fuck them bald!
  35. gergi
    gergi 11 January 2016 15: 03 New
    the author probably forgot such a trifle that both Germany and Japan are occupied countries. He also forgot who the occupier is. Hence the problems. Ostrovanashi! Krymnash! Fuck them bald!
  36. Gomel
    Gomel 11 January 2016 15: 21 New
    Interesting article! I liked a lot, a lot of controversy.
    The article is just for further comment.
    1. Olezhek
      11 January 2016 16: 09 New
      The article is just for further comment.

      And the flag in hand! wink
  37. Leader
    Leader 11 January 2016 15: 30 New
    We must take care of our population!
    I don’t care about the problems of the Japanese! Our islands following the results of the Second World War. That is how ALL states in the world are formed - through victories in wars.
    I am more irritated by the Russian government. The fact that we have a small population and it is unevenly distributed is their "merit".
    What is the government doing to normalize the situation? - Builds free housing, gives interest-free state loans, provides benefits to immigrants and small producers?
    No! The State Duma believes that Russia needs 40 MILLION guest workers ...
    1. Olezhek
      11 January 2016 16: 10 New
      We must take care of our population!
      I do not care about the problems of the Japanese!

      From geopolitics, we have nowhere to go - alas.
  38. Sea Wolf
    Sea Wolf 11 January 2016 20: 44 New
    I don't think the author is so much right about everything. Words: "But Ukraine as a whole? Are you sure that Russia needs it?" I'm sure that Russia needs all of Ukraine. Yes, we missed it, just ask, roughly speaking. But it's never too late to return it. We don’t need these neo-Trotskyist things in the form of Ivan Vasilyevich changing his profession, but take it. Kemsk parish, I, I-aa. I think this guy digs shallow. This is a primordially Russian Russian land and it is simply a crime to throw them. It takes time and thoughtful action. What Putin is doing. Most likely, in years to come, all of Ukraine will be ours, as is our Crimea today.
    1. Bakht
      Bakht 11 January 2016 21: 26 New
      Quote: Sea Wolf
      I’m sure that Russia needs all of Ukraine. Yes, we missed it, whether, roughly speaking. But it's never too late to get her back.

      That's right. ALL Ukraine is needed. What this territory will be called: Ukraine, Outskirts, New Russia or Kievan Rus does not matter. But the whole territory is needed. It is just geography and geopolitics. The New Russia project involves NATO troops on the Dnieper. For the Russian Federation, this is unacceptable. Maybe that’s why the Novorossiya project may look attractive to the ears of a patriot, but it’s unacceptable for statesmen like V.V. Putin.

      PS It's good that Zhirinovsky is not the president fool
    2. Olezhek
      11 January 2016 21: 30 New
      Are you familiar with the Ukrainian press and comments to it?
      1. Bakht
        Bakht 12 January 2016 00: 06 New
        Quote: Olezhek
        Are you familiar with the Ukrainian press and comments to it?

        If this is a question for me, then a little familiar. I had the pleasure of chopping on a couple of sites. Starting from the presidency of Yushchenko. Then they were cut because of the gas conflict. Well, along the way, all topics were raised. The split of Ukraine was understandable even then. And, starting from the Maidan, it was already chopped off purely by politics. So with stubborn dill I know almost personally. And I know who they are and they know me very well. Fortunately, there are adequate users from Ukraine. Ukrainian television channels watched at the beginning. Then he abandoned it. It's still hard to understand mov. But I look through Ukrainian periodicals. This is due to a simple reason. Dill does not recognize Russian sites for truth. So they have to give links from the Ukrainian media.

        If I understand you correctly, then you mean the moment that at least half of Ukraine is vehemently anti-Russian. This is not a reason to allow NATO bases to Russian borders. The population of Chechnya was much more anti-Russian. This is all fixable. Moreover, in the case of the Slavs, it is still easier to agree than with the Chechens.
  39. Nicolas
    Nicolas 12 January 2016 03: 44 New
    Another State Department order - give the islands back to the Japanese - we are so in need of friendship with the Japanese that even territories are not a pity. Well, Crimea for one thing, then the Germans will be friends with us. States from such Russian meanness should simply dissolve themselves.

    The logic is excellent - there are many Japanese, but few Russians in the Far East, which means "We are just made for each other!"

    Can the author be advised to give the apartment to the Japanese, and give the Germans if he loves them so disinterestedly, or all the same for money?

    Custom texts about treacherous Russians and poor Japanese, who need to give the islands, regularly pop up in RuNet, Judas are financed on a schedule.

    The islands belong to Russia as a result of the victory, let the American litter rejoice that Hokkaido was not taken for Russian blood shed by them.
  40. vabvab
    vabvab 12 January 2016 10: 18 New
    The situation with the islands and the Crimea is actually easy to solve. Especially in the current political situation. To the "elephant" it is necessary to throw a "goat" as well, and when the happy owner gets a fool, the "goat" will be taken away in exchange for a peace treaty. For example, with regard to Japan, it may be a blind eye to the pressure on its China. As for Europe, it is itself evil - it is now that the United States has made it the next target for torn apart. And the beneficiary in all this, as numerous Western analysts wrote in 2014, will be Russia.