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Donbass Chronicles 4. The night before Christmas in Donetsk


Together with our Donetsk colleagues, I invite you, dear readers, to a small photo tour of Donetsk at night. It was the night before Christmas.

I don’t know how the main majority, but those who saw and remembers what Donetsk was like before, will be informative.

Let's forget for a moment about the fact that mines and shells are still torn on the outskirts. We'll forget about a lot of negative things we are writing about Donbass reality. Because they wrote, and we will write, because as I repeat, we care. And in the near future we will write again. This is the reality.

But today we really wanted to show a little Christmas tale. The tale of Donetsk on this night. Yes, the people on the streets are not that small, but let's say, empty. The city is sleeping. But look, he is alive. Alive on Christmas night, and will live on. And I would like it to live, not survive. No matter what.

Yes, the city, in comparison with the pre-war years, is decorated very modestly. I can’t hear the usual fireworks and firecrackers in the streets. Can not see the festively dressed crowds of citizens. Do not invite cafes and restaurants to light. Everything is very modest and reserved.

This is what evening Donetsk looks like today.

Artyom street

Shevchenko boulevard

Pushkin Boulevard

Famous Donetsk Fountain

Main Tree of the Republic

Lenin Square

Best wishes to everyone from the disobedient Donbass! Happy New Year and Merry Christmas, Russia! Happy New Year and Merry Christmas, Donbass!
Photos used:
group "KSK", Donetsk, DNR.
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  1. Same lech
    Same lech 7 January 2016 07: 47
    You can’t hear the usual fireworks and firecrackers in the streets. Crowds of city dwellers are not visible. Cafes and restaurants do not call for the light. Everything is very modest and restrained.

    The war ... be it wrong ... but life will take its course anyway ...
    On Christmas, I congratulate all the inhabitants of the DPR and LPR ... you are fighting evil for the right to celebrate these holidays ... and for your traditions passed down by your ancestors ...
    Happiness and Peace to you. hi
    1. vovanpain
      vovanpain 7 January 2016 08: 24
      I congratulate all Orthodox Christians and residents of Donbass on CHRISTMAS! Peace and happiness to you, Donetsk and Lugansk. Russia is forever with you. hi
    2. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 7 January 2016 18: 37
      let's note, after 12 hours, the rating of the article ... everyone is tired of the uncertainty with "Novorossiya", people are not dolls, they understand that again some "tricks" are taking place, they thought there-ah! -a new country, some kind of torn out and suffered war, and blood New Truth ... but no ... everything is familiar ...
      g. article rating of 27+ in 12 hours ... this is serious. There is reason to think.
  2. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 7 January 2016 07: 55
    Merry Christmas to all courageous residents of Donbass. We always remember you.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 7 January 2016 08: 17
      Quote: Mountain Shooter
      Merry Christmas to all courageous residents of Donbass

      All of Russia and all Orthodox with the Great Holiday Christmas good
    2. torp
      torp 7 January 2016 12: 15
      Thank you very much!
  3. Serg koma
    Serg koma 7 January 2016 08: 00
    Peaceful sky and prosperity!
  4. aszzz888
    aszzz888 7 January 2016 08: 16
    Donbass will stand, no doubt!
    And will meet more than one hundred such Holidays as the Nativity of Christ!
    Happy Holiday, New Russia!
  5. venaya
    venaya 7 January 2016 08: 17
    "Everything is very modest and restrained"
    The most important thing is that people in Donetsk feel caring for them.
    Merry Christmas to Donetsk!
  6. Kubik
    Kubik 7 January 2016 09: 00
    Lord save Donbass! Merry Christmas!!!
  7. sania275
    sania275 7 January 2016 09: 38
    In Russia, a referendum is needed on the voluntary entry of New Russia (within natural borders) into the Russian State. Merry Christmas !
    1. Galan
      Galan 7 January 2016 19: 30
      I agree. The western border of the Don Army passed along the Kalmius River, on which Donetsk and Mariupol stand. The rest is to the west of Ekaterinoslav province (see maps until 1917). A referendum must be held within these borders.
  8. parafoiler
    parafoiler 7 January 2016 09: 49
    Merry Christmas, New Russia !!!
  9. TVM - 75
    TVM - 75 7 January 2016 10: 10
    To enter or not to be part of Russia - this will be decided after the establishment of peace in the Donbass and the cessation of hostilities. In the meantime, all Merry Christmas and the resilience of New Russia!
    MIKHALYCH1 7 January 2016 10: 42
    Great photo story (it’s easier on my soul)! Thank you Roman ... Hang on to Donetsk! Happy Orthodox! drinks
  11. bambula
    bambula 7 January 2016 12: 07
    only there are no people, not a single
  12. Korsar4
    Korsar4 7 January 2016 13: 02
    And again - Merry Christmas! Life goes on.
  13. Worohilow
    Worohilow 7 January 2016 15: 18
    -13 qualifying.
    And at whose expense is the banquet ?? Parasites defeated Russia ...
    1. samuil60
      samuil60 9 January 2016 11: 00
      Parasites, gentlemen, it is you - thinking only about the convenience of your own ass with a bottle of beer or vodka in your hands near the refrigerator filled with sausages. Everything else - honor, conscience, the concept of "insulting for the state" - you do not know. And therefore you are the ballast pulling humanity to hell. Draw your own conclusions, if, of course, you are capable of it.
      1. Worohilow
        Worohilow 9 January 2016 15: 55
        The most cruel betrayal is when you try to be extremely honest with yourself, and you are treacherously deceived.
        1. skifd
          skifd 9 January 2016 18: 24
          Quote: Worohilow
          The cruelest betrayal is when you try to be extremely honest with yourself, and you are treacherously deceived.

          Lord, why are you torturing yourself like that !!!! wassat
  14. tank64rus
    tank64rus 7 January 2016 16: 48
    Merry Christmas Donbass! Good luck and victory! and Peace to you!
  15. Oleg Lavrov
    Oleg Lavrov 7 January 2016 19: 27
    Happy New Year!! Donbass !!
  16. EvgNik
    EvgNik 8 January 2016 06: 24
    Merry Christmas Donbass! I have not seen Lord Siddha in the network for a long time. And I would like to know from him how things are at the front. His detailed and specific comments are lacking.
    1. Worohilow
      Worohilow 8 January 2016 17: 18
      Where is the war?
      1. Awaz
        Awaz 9 January 2016 21: 10
        unfortunately the war is taking its course.
        there was information about the murder of Evgeny Konnonov (who's CAT) The same unpleasant story goes with "Troy" ...
  17. Gor-1974
    Gor-1974 9 January 2016 23: 49
    Congratulations to the residents of Donbass on Holidays! Thank you for standing up for Russia! Only thanks to people like you, the Russian world has survived and lives!