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Dangerous "puzzle" for the army of Novorossia: in the coming offensive, the Armed Forces of Ukraine made a bet on the newest BM "Oplot-M" and "Tochka-U"


MBT "Oplot-T" on the railway platform

The last meeting of the tripartite contact group in Minsk to resolve the conflict in the Donbas was 22 December 2015. Despite the fact that questions of withdrawing large-caliber artillery and MLRS were discussed again, the general background of consultations, in the light of the continuing aggressive actions of Kiev against the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, showed complete uncertainty even in the near future (the parties agreed on a cease-fire for the New Year holidays). The result of this useless meeting was not long in coming.

Starting from the night of December 22, shelling by junta territories of young republics with artillery was significantly intensified. The density of fire impact on the roadblocks and strong points of the VSN (VS Novorossiya) from the side of the Ukrainian Armed Forces each time increased exponentially, and reached its apogee on December 26 in the evening. Residents and military personnel of the army of Novorossiya in Donetsk and Gorlovka witnessed the strongest artillery attack on the strongholds and residential areas on the northern faces of these strategic cities of the DPR. A “continuous and powerful buzz” was reported: in other words, the enemy used MBT, RPG, 82-x and 120-mm mortars like BM-37 and 2B11 along the entire line of the North-Western Front. For the first time in several months, the VSU issued an incomplete “package” of the BM-21 “Grad” in the Kalininsky district of Donetsk. Given that the area is located in the northeastern part of the city (removed from the contact line, and is considered to be a relatively backcourt zone), it is safe to talk about attempts to loosen and weaken the internal defensive lines of the Donetsk operational direction to attempt to break the junta’s forces into the city infrastructure.

Starting from December 27 and ending on the first days of January 2016, the shelling intensity decreased significantly, but even on New Year's Eve all of Donetsk was “admired” not by fireworks, but by hundreds of tracer shells of the APU anti-aircraft guns working on UAV reconnaissance units of the Supreme National Command, who conduct round the clock reconnaissance in order to control the line of demarcation. Many experts attributed the relative pre-Christmas lull to the coming on New Year's Eve, but this did not happen; and not even because of the telephone conversation between the leaders of the “Norman Four”, but because of the enormous organizational and tactical complexity of these actions, which require long preparation and proper distribution of armored personnel carriers and infantry and assault echelons.

In Kiev, they are well aware of the whole utopian idea of ​​breaking through the LDNR front line, nevertheless, the “hot heads” of nationalist military formations (the Azov, Aydar, Donbass and the remnants of the SS), as well as the illegally elected government gets quite ambiguous from Washington instructions for the continuation of the aggression in the Donbass: the American masters intend to win the “party” in Ukraine by all means. Otherwise, Kiev will lose Washington’s financial and technical support. And the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is now thinking about how to launch an offensive in the eyes of the West more effectively than to provoke it, and later on, how to put yourself in the role of the most injured party that needs support.

At the same time, the material and technical part of the training has already been fully completed, the rest is tactical aspects, which are now expressed in the delay of the new escalation.


By the beginning of 2016, the APU had concentrated more than 300 units of armored military equipment, artillery and several dozen anti-aircraft and artillery complexes, air defense missile systems and short-range MANPADS at the contact line. The number of personnel of the armed forces of Ukraine with foreign PMCs (Turkish, Polish and Georgian) near the front line exceeds 150 - 170 thousand people, which is 3 times the composition of the BCH. A similar correlation of forces in the Novorossia theater was observed even before the previous “offensive” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which ended with the Debaltsevskiy boiler, Donetsk airport and other tactical territorial units, where Kiev was defeated. A similar scenario awaits the next military company of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbas, but not without nuances.

As you know, artillery preparation before an offensive operation is the basis of military strategy. And its effectiveness directly depends on the depth of the enemy’s rear area, as well as the characteristics of the artillery weapons in service with the airborne reconnaissance and counter-battery radar drones. In the ten months of the absence of the active phase of the hostilities in the Donbas, the Ukrainian Armed Forces deployed near the front line most of the “re-preserved” large-caliber receiver and rocket artillery systems. In Artyomovsk, Selidovo, Krasnoarmeysk and Georgievka, entire trains arrived with the ACS Akatsiya, Gvozdika, and Giatsint-S. On the Mariupol direction (from Berdyansk), several operational tactical missile systems 9K79-1 “Tochka-U” were noticed (the range of OTBR 9М79-1 is 120 km), which were already used during previous escalations.

By the New Year, the transfer of equipment had drastically reduced to almost zero, which indicated that the junta's troops were sufficient for long-term battles and sent a signal to prepare the VSN for retaliatory actions. Thus, at the end of the year, the Makeevka artillery brigades of the DPR army moved to the western outskirts of the city to prepare for a retaliatory strike. But back to “Point-U”. Why were they transferred just under Mariupol?

From this point of Donbass, the Tochka-U complex has access to any strategically important point of the Donetsk People's Republic, including Novoazovsk. I will say more, it is from the Azov region that the most favorable and safe trajectory of the 9М79-1 missiles is launched for VSN targets located in the northern part of the Telmanovsky region. Ascending and descending sections of the trajectory pass over the territory controlled by the Ukrainian army, outside the range of the anti-aircraft missile systems of the DPR army. And last year the junta realized that in the peaceful Donetsk “Point” it wouldn’t be possible to beat: about a dozen of BR data were successfully intercepted by the effectively built Donetsk air defense. The redeployment of the complexes to Mariupol indicates only one thing: the Ukrainian Armed Forces will try to make a breakthrough to the south of the Donetsk-Makeevka agglomeration (along the line "Dokuchaevsk-Belaya Kamenka"), i.e. on the southern front of the republic, where the “Telmanovsky Isthmus” has a small depth of the rear zone, the most vulnerable to offensive actions. The attack on the Donetsk-Makeevka agglomeration will be local in nature, the purpose of which will be to divert the DPR army from the main goal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - cutting off the southern group of DPR troops (in Novoazovsk) from the central (in Donetsk), which I mentioned in the last article .

Regarding the breakthrough of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the Red Partizan in order to block the traffic interchange between Donetsk and Gorlovka, as well as the violation of the entire line of the Western Front of the DPR, I’ll tell you more thanks to the information provided by one of the numerous drivers who follow Novorussia in the territories controlled by the Armed Forces.

On December 27, 2015, one of the motorists driving through the town of Selidovo (30 km from Donetsk), captured on a digital camera a convoy of tractors with a completely new modification of MBT developed by the Kharkov Design Bureau of Heavy Engineering “KHKTM named after A.A. Morozova ", which had not previously been seen on the theater of Donbass. According to the profile of the tower of the combat vehicle, it immediately became clear that this was MBT BM Oplot-M for the Thai contract (also known as Oplot-T), which was delivered to Thailand in the amount of two parties of 5 tanks (10 "Oplot-T"). The first batch was delivered to Thailand in February 2014, the second in May 2015. The Oplot-T seen in Selidovo, apparently, belong to the third installment of the unsuccessful Thai contract, which provides for the sale of 49 Oplot.

"Oplot-T" is transported on the heavy truck semi-trailer CHMZAP 5212a by KrAZ truck. Picture taken by the driver of the car in the village. Selidovo (in 30 km from the delimitation line in the Donbas). It is also known that the 10 OBT version of the T-84U Oplot and 10 OBT T-84A are available in the APU. Modifications have reservation parameters similar to Oplot-M. Thus, the number of different modifications of the “Bastion” in the APU can reach 30 units, which forces the BCH to focus on equipping the units with the most advanced versions of anti-tank complexes. Rapid destruction of tanks of this type can be achieved only by firing several anti-tank calculations simultaneously from the front and side (stern) projections of the machine. Even the "veteran" T-72B (in 2,5 times less protected) could withstand up to 25 hits from various anti-tank weapons in frontal projection

At the moment there is no accurate information on the pace of production of tanks Oplot-M at the “Plant them. V.A. Malysheva "in Kharkov. After 6 months after the delivery of the second batch of tanks, the company could, in theory, manufacture from 3 to 7 vehicles, taking into account the pressure and some “infusions” from the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, but can such a number of Oplot-T tanks seriously affect the alignment of forces The western front of Novorossia is a big question.

MBT "Oplot-T", as, in fact, BM "Oplot-M", is the deepest modernization of MBT T-84A "Oplot", which has long been known for the highest indicator of equivalent armor front armor plate from OBPS and KS (frontal armor armor of the tower The stronghold is comparable to the MBT T-90С indicators and is 900 - 1100 mm from BPS, 1250 - 1400 mm from KS), which is 1,5 times higher than that of another Bulat version of the Kharkov T-64 BM, which was easily destroyed anti-tank weapons of the New Russia back in 2014 and 2015.

Unlike Bulat, Oplot-T also has much better power density (23,5 hp / t) and mobility, it is equipped with a more efficient DZ Duplet, and most importantly, the main envelope of frontal armor plates of the tower and hull is made of steel sheets obtained by electroslag remelting (10 - 15% increase in armor resistance). Despite this, the MSA and the armament of the Oplot-M BM, represented by the Buran-Katrin-E gunner's thermal sight (1-IR infrared matrix), and the KBAZ tank gun (analogous to the outdated Russian 246М-1), did not allow the Ukrainian car to exceed the parameters of the Russian T-90C and T-90CM, which was finally confirmed by the Thai side, which at the end of the year, after purchasing 10 BM Oplot-M, became interested in Russian tanks.

Nevertheless, BM "Oplot-M" continues to be a "tough nut" for the army of New Russia. The above indicators of body armor remain within the safe maneuvering angle of the machine (+/- 30 ° from the longitudinal axis of the bore). DZ “Duplet” protects against such ATGMs as Metis-M, as well as most of the feathered BPS, including “Lekalo” and “Lead-1”, and, taking into account the best mobility, with a pair of three shots “Malyutki” and T-64BBV ” kill "Oplot" will not work.

In case of insufficient defense Red Partizan, even 10 -15 "Pillies" junta may well break into the village under the cover of artillery, mortars and Gradov, as well as with the support of anti-tank calculations ATGM FGM-148 "Javelin". As the servicemen of the DPR army say, such a “breakthrough” will end with another tactical “pot” within the Donetsk-Makeevka agglomeration. But imagine how many victims among the civilian population such a "pot" can be different.

The attempt to break the Armed Forces of Ukraine into the Red Partizan can be explained not so much by cutting off Gorlovka from Donetsk as by trying to deepen the radius of fire impact of the junta’s barrel and rocket artillery through the rear supply centers of Novorossia located near Saur-Grave, Snezhnoy and the Russian border, which are now out of reach. In this case, the “automatic” goal of the Ukrainian Armed Forces will be Korsun, located near Enakievo. The attack on the Red Guerrilla and Korsun will instantly end for the junta with a new “boiler”, but it can bring huge losses to both the VSN and the people of Donbass, and therefore requires preemptive actions.

First, the creation of special operational anti-tank brigades in Yasinovataya, Donetsk and Gorlovka to identify and destroy the APU armored units on the western frontier of Donetsk and Gorlovka.

Secondly, similar anti-tank brigades should be concentrated in Starobeshevo and Telmanovo to stop the main offensive "backbone" of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Southern Front. The main offensive forces of the army of Novorossia should be focused on the same direction, since it is known that on the western bank of the Kalmius river, and right up to the Crimean border, the Ukrainian Armed Forces do not have a single decent fortified area to protect their anti-people interests.

Now we continue to observe a period of regular operational silence in the Donbas. Only occasionally, short clashes occur on the Western and Northern fronts of the republics with the use of mortars, AGS and small arms. The meteorological situation in the Donbass also contributes to the conduct of large-scale military operations, strong frosts have sufficiently strengthened the ground for the use of heavy armored vehicles, and the clean atmosphere is suitable for long-term visual observations of the enemy. All the equipment has long been close to the line of demarcation, documented “Minsk-2” is not extended, and the extension is not a guarantor, and therefore a new round of escalation in the Donbass can begin at any time.
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  1. Nik_One
    Nik_One 11 January 2016 06: 57
    Send new ATGMs to Donbass and burn all the "Oplots" and others like them to hell.
    1. papik09
      papik09 11 January 2016 07: 21
      Hush, major, don’t think so loud, pliz ...)))
      1. 72jora72
        72jora72 11 January 2016 10: 37
        Hush, major, don’t think so loud, pliz ...)))
        You read thoughts directly laughing
        1. papik09
          papik09 11 January 2016 15: 32
          Quote: 72jora72
          You read thoughts directly

          And what to do, age and experience affect ... soldier
          bully drinks
          1. the most important
            the most important 11 January 2016 23: 14
            Quote: papik09
            And what to do, age and experience affect ..

            And what will your experience suggest that it may not be necessary to penetrate the armor of the tank ??? Can such an anti-tank thing come in so that the charge would be atomized and stick to the tank, ignite and burn like napalm or phosphorus ??? And then what difference does the tank have in armor or in what projection did the charge get if everything burns with a blue (or red) flame ??? Yes, and do not have to make ten hits ... the bonfire burns from one match.
            1. papik09
              papik09 12 January 2016 03: 56
              Experience suggests that 9M22S shells (such, slightly incendiary) successfully melt the armor of tanks. The combustion temperature of the composition is about 4000 degrees Celsius. The armor simply "flows" onto the ammo rack. hi
              1. sir.jonn
                sir.jonn 14 January 2016 23: 30
                Quote: papik09
                Experience suggests that 9M22S shells (such, slightly incendiary) successfully melt the armor of tanks. The combustion temperature of the composition is about 4000 degrees Celsius. The armor simply "flows" onto the ammo rack. hi

                Ceramics do not melt even with tens of thousands of Celsius, but it’s very difficult to accurately put a sufficient portion of the combustible composition on the armor to melt as it should. As a result, everything converges as before to the old and proven principle - mass and accuracy.
    2. the47th
      the47th 11 January 2016 20: 33
      What for? There is still a Buryat division with "Armats" standing there.
      1. Bad_gr
        Bad_gr 12 January 2016 14: 59
        ... MBT "Oplot-T", as, in fact, and BM "Oplot-M", is the deepest modernization of MBT T-84A "Oplot", which has long been known for the highest rate of equivalent armor resistance of a frontal armor plate of a tower from OBPS and KS (armor protection the frontal projection of the Oplot tower is comparable to the T-90S MBT and is 900 - 1100 mm from the BPS, 1250 - 1400 mm from the CS), ...

        This is so in theory. Unlike the same T-90s, not a single Oplot was shot during the tests. Individual parts of this protection were tested. How all this economy as a whole will show itself in practice (in battle) is anyone's guess.
  2. inkass_98
    inkass_98 11 January 2016 07: 50
    "Voentorg" has not been canceled, and in response to the existing threats, there will certainly be new means of destruction. The same RPG-30 and RPG-32 have not been canceled, and that "Hashim" is also produced in Jordan.
    Here the question is precisely about the likely casualties on the part of the civilian population, that’s what you need to think about first of all.
    1. Alekseev
      Alekseev 11 January 2016 18: 46
      Quote: inkass_98
      in response to existing threats, there will certainly be new weapons. The same RPG-30 and RPG-32 has not been canceled

      Yes, but with the help of RPGs, Bandervoisk cannot be defeated.
      Here it is necessary to apply modern RUK.
      For example, Tornado-S, including with cluster warheads equipped with self-aiming combat elements, Iskander, etc. Yes, and Point-U too early to discount.
      If Ukraine starts (this is unlikely, but the parashenka and egg-laying can receive instructions), then check these systems on banderlogs, as in Syria Caliber and SVP is the thing.
      Yes, and aviation weapons can be used, moreover, without flying into enemy territory.
      Only in this way, and RPG is not enough. No.
      1. Kars
        Kars 13 January 2016 00: 52
        That's how many copies were broken about the wind of the pan-ram sight at Oplot. Is it interesting why they put almost the same on Armata? How many specialists from Kalash will get into it to spit from a kilometer at a time? (I remember many of these in articles about Oplot)
    2. g1v2
      g1v2 12 January 2016 00: 33
      The article is of course strange. To say the least. There were 1 strongholds per year. The missiles with extended shelf life for the points were 50 pieces and, according to my estimates, they ended in 2014. All other missiles operate on the principle - xs will fly or not, and if it does, then where. request What they can solve in the database I can’t even imagine. If there will be a new round of war, then T64 and MTLB will fight, and not wunderwaffles. PSU for hurricanes and tornadoes is also small and there is nowhere to buy. request So hail, artillery and nothing else. And then bk is not endless for them, but you can buy them even in eastern Europe.
  3. ImPerts
    ImPerts 11 January 2016 07: 58
    How correct is the information that Oplot is being assembled from old T-80s?
    I also remember that the Thai gunners were unable to achieve the accuracy indicators demonstrated by their Ukrainian colleagues. And given that in the APU not all aces are accurate shooting, then the accuracy will be appropriate.
    1. 2s1122
      2s1122 11 January 2016 11: 20
      So, depending on what distance, 2000 meters or 800-500 meters. And again, the number of civilian casualties, Natsyk does not care.
  4. Megatron
    Megatron 11 January 2016 08: 16
    Even if this new "stronghold" is flying, the ukry throw their weapons en masse if it breaks a little, gets stuck, or there is a danger (in their brains) of being surrounded, or they simply do not want to go into battle. Technology itself will not fight for them.

    So we are waiting for new trophies! hi
  5. Bolhevik
    Bolhevik 11 January 2016 08: 39
    And for the "Grad" is there a difference "Stronghold" or not a stronghold?
  6. aszzz888
    aszzz888 11 January 2016 08: 42
    The war will again begin to collect its victims. And we cannot do without casualties among the population. This will be "our last and decisive" campaign. Too great inequality in manpower.
  7. Filxnumx
    Filxnumx 11 January 2016 08: 48
    It would be nice, in addition to organizing anti-tank brigades (according to WWII experience), to equip VSN UAVs with "roof-fighting"
  8. Poppy
    Poppy 11 January 2016 09: 30
    and where do they get the rockets for point-y? in theory they should end already
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 11 January 2016 15: 32
      Believe me, there are several hundred, or even thousands, of these missiles in the warehouses from the USSR.
      1. shans2
        shans2 12 January 2016 02: 38
        90 missiles were at the time of the fighting, which hundreds
  9. Gray 43
    Gray 43 11 January 2016 09: 36
    A donkey, loaded with vodka and bacon, is able to multiply by zero any offensive of the punishers, and given the cold, the kirdyk will come to the technique. But in the meantime, they overtook a lot of troops, really for the sake of spectacular suicide? Putin has a CouncilFed decision on the use of the Armed Forces abroad (which, by the way, worried the "cyborgs" a lot), and the attack on the republics is a violation of "Minsk -..." and the reaction may be "Syrian" - remote peace enforcement, since any punitive operation will cause new casualties among the civilian population, which the Ukrainians do not regard as human beings, and they did not even consider them before.
  10. Belousov
    Belousov 11 January 2016 09: 44
    I feel sorry for people. They’ve been surviving there for 2 years ...
    ALEA IACTA EST 11 January 2016 09: 51
    In ukrokommandani sit the real suckers. Give them at least a tank division, they will still be defeated.
  12. SeregaBoss
    SeregaBoss 11 January 2016 10: 09
    Most likely they stuffed weapons according to the tonsils, but it’s not a weapon that is fighting, but a man, but Vsu has very bad training. If a decisive attack begins, civilians will no longer run away, they will stand to death!
  13. Alexey RA
    Alexey RA 11 January 2016 11: 34
    On December 27, 2015, one of the motorists driving through the town of Selidovo (30 km from Donetsk) captured a column of tractors with a completely new modification of the MBT developed by the Kharkiv Design Bureau of Heavy Machine-Building named after Kh. A.A. Morozova ", which had not previously been seen on the theater of Donbass.

    It's strange. Other sources attribute this photo as "The only BM "Oplot-T" tank actually built at the State Enterprise "Plant named after V. Malyshev" (Kharkov) in 2015 for Thailand during its return transportation to the plant after field tests. Kharkiv, 28.12.2015"and is actively used by both sides to prove that" Thailand will not receive tanks / Thailand will receive tanks. "
    According to the information of the plant workers "to date (December 4), the only assembled "Oplot" from the next batch has not yet passed the military acceptance, therefore it cannot be considered produced... So there will be no batch of Oplot in March or early April. "Three weeks later, this was confirmed by a corresponding photograph, which actually captured only one BM" Oplot "during transportation" after testing at the plant for cleaning and inspection. after running-in at the testing ground in Bashkirovka ".
    (c) bmpd
    1. Vohman
      Vohman 11 January 2016 18: 41
      The article is about nothing at all!
      As with the photo, you are right:
      the first posts with this photo dated 13.12.2013/4/6959, there are a lot of them (a search in google images when loading an image for search gives a lot of links). For example, or
      which describes something like the following:
      The first 5 Ukrainian main battle tanks "Oplot T" on railway platforms are sent to the port, where they will be loaded onto a transport ship and sent to Thailand.

      The author described his inappropriate fantasy, pouring tons of water and nothing concrete. Even TTX BM Oplot are described through the prism of his ideological convictions.
      By the way, the performance characteristics of the tank do not deteriorate from this (from the wishes of the author). And in the case of military equipment, it is desirable to be objective, no matter how one wants to dream up.
      It’s still very funny to read such reports from the author:
      The number of personnel of the Armed Forces with foreign PMCs (Turkish, Polish and Georgian) near the front line exceeds 150 - 170 thousand people

      This is not just funny. This is generally some kind of nonsense, both in composition with foreign legions and in numbers.
      Well, the rest of the content is just boring and uninteresting.

      The cheap zaklekalovka in the article was the name itself for the temptation - I would put it perfectly for the name, but the content is complete rubbish, about nothing and with cheap deception.
      Question to the author: what contingent is your article for? Or does the author believe that everyone has forgotten how to think and check? Why are you writing deliberately untruth?
      1. Kars
        Kars 11 January 2016 19: 01
        Quote: Vohman
        this photo from 13.12.2013 year,

        This was taken to a testing ground near Kharkov.
        Quote: Vohman
        Question to the author: what contingent is your article for?

        the contingent is becoming smaller. But this is the lot of the site’s popularity.
        1. Vohman
          Vohman 11 January 2016 19: 40
          This was taken to a testing ground near Kharkov.

          I have provided links with this photo.
          Perhaps this is just at the landfill. But it’s definitely not about what the author fantasized about. And certainly not from 2015/2016.
  14. Tambov Wolf
    Tambov Wolf 11 January 2016 11: 57
    That my God, but what about HPP?
  15. Leader
    Leader 11 January 2016 12: 27
    The war is not over; she is only temporarily suspended. Banderlogs have no prospects without war.
    Are VSNs sufficiently engaged in the preparation of the terrain (future theater) in terms of engineering?
    Underestimating the grown level of the Armed Forces of Ukraine can be costly for Novorossiya. It is better to play it safe than to self-confidently mock about the future "boilers" and "bowlers".
  16. Lanista
    Lanista 11 January 2016 12: 30
    So the target for testing our new ATGMs has formed ...

    By the way, does the shape of the "Oplot" hull evoke memories of the M60A1?
    1. Forest
      Forest 11 January 2016 20: 10
      The stronghold is the development of the T-80, and the geometry of the hull is identical.
  17. 31rus
    31rus 11 January 2016 13: 59
    dear ones, what was easier before? The Ukrainians did not advance with tanks, they did not fire "Tochki", there were no mercenaries from all over Europe, everything was known and the result is known, the question is how long it will last and how many more victims this war will collect
  18. Dam
    Dam 11 January 2016 15: 02
    Big ship, big torpedo. The new Bastion is exchanged for a new Cornet. And whether Points U will fly, let's see. Somehow they fell strangely in the last campaign. Only one thing is clear: it will not end in good. Maybe you still need to start from the head and send the caliber to the Verkhovna Zrada
  19. Clueless
    Clueless 11 January 2016 16: 00
    Gentlemen, until the Ukrainians get advantages from the air, they doubt that they will begin a military operation. So, as soon as helicopters and airplanes, or shock drones as a gift from friends shine there, then it will immediately begin.

    Now they will only provoke, obviously they will not go on the attack.
    1. Dmitriy_BY
      Dmitriy_BY 11 January 2016 18: 21
      There will be no advantage in the air at Khokhlov. During the summer of 2014, Ukrainian troops lost half of their combat-ready aircraft. Of course, their part of the equipment comes after restoration from conservation, but not in such large (and even more so QUALITATIVE) quantities as required. Old equipment is being repaired due to cannibalism (disassembling other equipment). Once upon a time on this site was an article on this topic. I remember the case when the Russian army captured a military airfield in the Crimea at Belbek in 2014, it turned out that out of 50 combat aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force there were only 2 combat-ready (capable of taking off) airplanes !!!
  20. Scud
    Scud 11 January 2016 17: 23
    You should always remember that Bandera scum has a lot of well-trained and motivated punishers, a lot of modern and effective equipment, a lot of stubborn cattle who are ready to burn, kill everything that he hates. They get a good salary, but they don’t get it at home, getting various benefits, a shanah of heroes Having the opportunity to make extra money on the sale of weapons, these creatures are ready to sit in the trenches for a long time
  21. Dmitriy_BY
    Dmitriy_BY 11 January 2016 18: 12
    Stupid article written by an incompetent "specialist". What on ...! tank breakthroughs "Strongholds" deep into enemy territory? What are you talking about? !!! For the entire 2015 at the plant. Malyshev, ONE tank "Oplot" was manufactured. And this is in the MOST needed time for domestic consumption and securing export contracts. The author himself is trying to say that this is almost a "super tank" capable of changing the entire course of the war))) The "Oplot" itself in terms of performance characteristics is approximately comparable to the Russian T-90M (SM). In service with the Ukrainian army, there are no more than 5-8 pieces of them (and then due to the lack of livelihoods of the plant, one of them was sold to the United States to study technologies and work out actions against a potential enemy). The contract for the supply of 49 Oplot tanks to Thailand was disgracedly failed, since no more than 2011 have been delivered since 10 !!! Lost technologies of logistics and production! Finally! If in Russia only T-90 tanks were exported FOR THOUSANDS, then "Oplotov" no more than 10 !!! Go for a breakthrough with several "Strongholds" against 50000 ALREADY regular trained equipped troops ??? It's not even funny !!! The lot of Ukraine is no longer the production of tanks, and not even production, but the cultivation of cucumbers, which are already enough in Europe!
    1. razzhivin
      razzhivin 11 January 2016 20: 05
      Finally I found a comment adequate to the article ... to you +
    2. Vadim237
      Vadim237 11 January 2016 21: 53
      In Ukraine, mainly restore the rusty old T 64 with welded marriage of armor.
  22. Forest
    Forest 11 January 2016 20: 19
    The author started a panic out of the blue. Firstly, 10 tanks will not do weather when 100-ya could not cope, unless, of course, it is Merkava against the VET from 3,7 Pak 36; secondly, Point-U has already been used, and now the effect is unlikely to be stronger; thirdly, the Oplot reservation has not yet been verified, so talking about its superiority in commercials is pointless.
  23. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 11 January 2016 22: 20
    Most of the losses were from artillery fire, and a MLRS shell or 122-152 howitzers weren’t very important. It’s a stronghold or a T-72 or whatever.
  24. Stilet
    Stilet 11 January 2016 23: 09
    In any case, it is impossible to underestimate, it is better to overestimate. Then it will be easier. But it is necessary to prepare for serious things. Then no one will have such a second chance: for dill - to defeat the LPR and the DNI, for New Russia - to destroy the junta completely and irrevocably (with advancement deep into the territory soldier ) The stakes are high both for those and for others, so the kneading will be serious. Russia will not abandon its own!
  25. alex shnajder
    alex shnajder 11 January 2016 23: 15
    FGM-148 “Javelin” --- the author smokes or raves ...... there are none and never will be.
  26. kirpich
    kirpich 11 January 2016 23: 21
    Yes, WHERE are they "Strongholds" ??? Dill has been scaring them for the third year already, but apart from the concept nothing
    not shown. Where is the serial number ?!
  27. Sarych
    Sarych 12 January 2016 23: 04
    Strange ... But what about "ABRAMS"? We are only supplied with them, and the mythical army of missed delivery shoots them in batches
  28. wicked pinnochio
    wicked pinnochio 13 January 2016 17: 48
    why not sit down peacefully and agree why a pancake shoot to kill people it’s a pity life is the most priceless thing that is.
  29. Normal ok
    Normal ok 13 January 2016 18: 45
    Quote: g1v2
    The article is of course strange. To say the least. There were 1 strongholds per year. The missiles with extended shelf life for the points were 50 pieces and, according to my estimates, they ended in 2014. All other missiles operate on the principle - xs will fly or not, and if it does, then where. request What they can solve in the database I can’t even imagine. If there will be a new round of war, then T64 and MTLB will fight, and not wunderwaffles. PSU for hurricanes and tornadoes is also small and there is nowhere to buy. request So hail, artillery and nothing else. And then bk is not endless for them, but you can buy them even in eastern Europe.

    Not just weird. Even fantastic. AFFFtor reveals a terrible Kaklov military secret: "The Armed Forces with foreign PMCs (Turkish, Polish and Georgian) near the front line exceeds 150 - 170 thousand people" !!! 170 thousand - this is generally all the Armed Forces, together with the fleet and aviation (minus the rear). So they kind of concentrated all their armed forces in the Donetsk region, they even drove Sagaidachny along Kalmius laughing
    Particularly touching is the passage about "Turkish, Polish and Georgian PMCs." Which in 2 years of fighting no one was able to take prisoner. They are heroes, however, they do not surrender alive laughing I think that if Russia is now quarreling, for example, with Upper Volta, then mercenaries will also appear in the articles from there too.
    Summary: the topic of the war in Donbas has faded into the background on the agenda of the Russian leadership, and this greatly narrows the financial streams from Russia. Ukro-threat is not sickly loot for those who steer in Donbas. Roman wrote about this in all his latest articles: "Why is it becoming difficult to think about the future of Donbass", "Lieutenant Colonel Kononov is another victim of Ukrainian saboteurs", "Will Odysseus be needed for" Troy ". Every month they kill a field commander known in the DPR / LPR - redistribution is underway. So, so that rivers of money flow from Russia again and remind of themselves with such articles. Wangui: if these horror stories do not help, they will urgently reveal some terrible conspiracy against Putin personally. Or against all life on earth ( as an option, the theme of "dirty bomb" from the Ukrainians).
  30. Pavel_J
    Pavel_J 13 January 2016 19: 16
    Hate and finish off the art and all business =)