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To the east of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh sends army units and armored vehicles

Saudi Arabian authorities have ordered the introduction of a special position in the east of the country in the city of Al Qatif. Additional police units and army units have been introduced into the city, there are several dozens in its vicinity (according to the Iranian news agency FARSNews - a few hundred) BTR. This “enhanced security measures,” as reported in Riyadh, is required to “prevent possible mass protests.” In this connection, Riyadh expects mass protests?

The fact is that the day before it was reported that 47 people were executed in Saudi Arabia who were declared guilty of terrorist and extremist activities. Among those executed was the Shiite imam Nimr Buckl en-Nimr, who preached in the east of the country, including in the aforementioned city of Al Qatif.

To the east of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh sends army units and armored vehicles

In the city itself, according to the British The Independent police stations and administrative buildings are closed. Several armored vehicles entered the city, and the military, using loudspeakers, "warned" the population about the inadmissibility of "illegal actions."

The townspeople still staged a march against the arbitrariness of official Riyadh, despite the fact that, according to Saudi law, any protest rallies are equated with a state crime and threaten the rally participants themselves with the death penalty. Radio Liberty reports that hundreds of residents of eastern Saudi Arabia marched with portraits of the preacher Nimr al-Nimr from his hometown of Al-Awamiyah to al-Qatif.

For reference: El Qatif is a city with a population of 100-thousand on the Persian Gulf. The vast majority of city residents are Shiite Muslims.

In a number of countries in the world, the execution of an Islamic preacher in Saudi Arabia has been sharply criticized. In Bahrain, police disperse protesters with tear gas. Ex-Prime Minister of Iraq al-Maliki called the execution of a preacher a crime against Islam. In Lebanon, the Supreme Shia Islamic Council called the execution of an-Nimr destruction of reason and a bloody point in the dialogue of branches of Islam.

The most severe criticism of the authorities of Saudi Arabia comes from the representatives of Iran. Tehran said that the Saudis support terrorism, since Imam al-Nimr has repeatedly spoken in favor of countering terrorist groups hiding behind the banners of Islam. The embassy of Saudi Arabia in Tehran was routed by hundreds of angry Iranians. The building of the Saudi consulate in Iran’s Mashhad was also attacked.

It is necessary to add that, along with a Shiite preacher in Saudi Arabia, his nephew was executed, who, like al-Nimr himself, was accused of complicity with terrorism.
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  1. Ami du peuple
    Ami du peuple 3 January 2016 09: 02 New
    Began. Like in Bahrain, too, unrest. In general, the Saudi raised the Shiites of the Middle East against themselves.
    We are waiting for oil at $ 100.
    1. Tjeck
      Tjeck 3 January 2016 09: 18 New
      I don’t particularly worry when armored personnel carriers are rolled out in front of you. Moreover, their sheikh / king is completely a democrat, not that the last European dictator Lukashenko and not even Mr. Evil Putin, who dared give the police command to put the protesters in buses.

      I think that oil will remain in the region of 30-50 for at least another 5 years. Well, and here the sooner the import substitution is carried out the better, but the main thing is not to run where it is not profitable.
      1. hrych
        hrych 3 January 2016 09: 47 New
        Let you think so further. When APCs are thrown with Molotov cocktails, or worse, RPG grenades, you can also not worry. And the trouble of any monarchy is the monarch himself, his state of health and mind, and also the heir. By and large, the monarchy in the Russian Empire was destroyed by the incurable disease of the only heir (in a straight line), everything else is secondary.
        1. Tjeck
          Tjeck 3 January 2016 16: 19 New
          Well, yes, it’s certainly not difficult to write about how to throw a grenade at an armored personnel carrier, but in reality I would have looked at how you would have thrown a grenade at an armored personnel carrier or even into the military. And do not give an example of Ukraine, the fighting spirit and equipment of their army in the first months was at zero until the mobilization of the Nazis and moraders.

          As for the fall of the Russian Empire, then here you are even wrong in theory. Unfortunately, I once thought of reading an article about hemophilia too, only I would not recommend referring to the thoughts of science fiction historians or alternative historians (as you like best) since they have nothing to do with reality. Do you really think that in 1905 or in 1917 every rebel was worried about the heir’s illness? You would still here about Tartaria or the Russian-Roman Empire began to write ... The reasons are much more significant.
          1.) backward industrialization of the country.
          2.) impunity of the kulaks - in other words, slavery.
          3.) defeat in a “victorious” war with Japan.
          4.) the short-sightedness and mediocrity of Nicholas in the role of the Tsar.
          5.) support from outside - although this is already a consequence of the foregoing points.
          1. hrych
            hrych 4 January 2016 09: 03 New
            If we ourselves are here, for the most part, either active, or in reserve, or retired, the majority of them will consider it a pleasure to strike at enemy soldiers, including your humble servant.
            1 point is controversial, in particular if we take the First World War, the first serial multi-engine bomber Ilya Muromets, and before that it was the first passenger airliner - our brainchild. The development of industry was progressing and practically did not concede to the West. Stalin’s industrialization was required when, due to the Civil War, we missed the industrial leap, without the Civil War, according to the forecasts of the growth rate, we would be the first.
            Point 2 is not clear at all, the kulak is the middle class of a large agrarian population, what is the relation to slavery, it is unclear if hired labor was involved, so now all of them ...
            3 point - read the results of the war, i.e. the peace treaty will become more clear that Japan, having gained Pyrrhic victory, went bankrupt and was on the verge of losing statehood, which for Russia was a local conflict like the Syrian.
            4 point is also controversial. When Alekseev organized a military coup, and Ruzsky actually arrested the Emperor, printed a false teletype abdication in favor of Mikhail, when Kornilov arrested the August Family, everything collapsed. If it weren’t for the heir’s illness, such a conspiracy would not have rolled out, also on the eve of the war the persecution in the press, especially of the Empress because of Rasputin, who was treating the Heir at court. The entire Masonic conspiracy was based on this, from discrediting the people through the press to a military coup ...
            1. Tjeck
              Tjeck 4 January 2016 14: 35 New
              And here the current officers when the situation is the opposite - those: the armed forces rolled out against civilians .. So who is this my humble servant? The word is not a sparrow comrade ...

              Why interfere with a bunch of inventions of our talented engineers and industrial facilities? If you want, I can not be too lazy and find you the statistics of produced and purchased machines in 1913, if memory serves me, then they produced about 6-8% and bought the rest. The vast majority of the fleet consisted of 19th-century specimens, and they were purchased in Italy or made under license. By the number of machine guns and (new models) of artillery, we also lagged behind the main countries participating in the First World War. As for the assessment of Russian-Japanese, I never accept the answers in the style: “if only, if only.” Japan at that time was at best a regional power with a stretch - it’s just ridiculous if we take into account that only 90 years ago, Russia became a world leader. Just the Russian-Japanese and showed all the backwardness of industry, although there were hints even under the Russian-Turkish. For half a century it was possible and necessary to make conclusions, but alas ..

              Indeed, the fist is the middle class in those terms, but do not forget that the lackeys were not considered a class as such.

              I don’t want to argue on the fourth point because it will be ineffective, but in my subjective opinion Nikolai was largely dependent - and a big minus for the autocrat.
              1. hrych
                hrych 4 January 2016 18: 25 New
                No need to look for everything here, everything is clear and understandable:
                1. Uncle VasyaSayapin
                  Uncle VasyaSayapin 4 January 2016 21: 08 New
                  The industry was underdeveloped, large quantities of weapons were purchased abroad. The heir has nothing to do with it, because the king was full of peasant relatives who had the right to the throne, not to mention aunts. The main problem was the land issue, which was not resolved, and the reforms carried out by Stolypin led to a social explosion. A fist is not a strong business executive (such people in the village have always been respected, although perhaps they have not been loved), but a local shred. The war with Japan is generally a good example - to set up a country like that, just to get fucked up.
    2. Alex 1972
      Alex 1972 3 January 2016 09: 19 New
      Oil for 100, it is a sweet dream!
      I shut my eyes with pleasure as I imagine.
      But seriously, it is time in Russia to introduce a ban on not exporting resources for 300 years, under pain of complete confiscation, or even the death penalty.
      20 years after this, we will not recognize the country.
      But according to the Saudis, they will not let the United States burn there, do not dream.
      1. Cheshire
        Cheshire 3 January 2016 09: 50 New
        Oil for 100, it is a sweet dream!
        I shut my eyes with pleasure as I imagine.

        No need to squint, we still won’t get anything except an increase in the ruble exchange rate (+) and an increase in gas prices (-).
        But seriously, it is time in Russia to introduce a ban on not exporting resources for 300 years, under pain of complete confiscation, or even the death penalty.
        20 years after this, we will not recognize the country.

        And I agree with that.
      2. hrych
        hrych 3 January 2016 10: 09 New
        That's the extent to which it was necessary to zombie a person, that they began to think not by gimmicks or even letters, but by numbers and green. Hydrocarbon fuel is the main value of international trade, and not a green piece of paper, which even now is no longer only virtual zeros in the computer. Now the international currency is a barrel of oil, and not the sum of thalers expressing it. And if you get it, then everything will be the other way around. And the fact that the ruble is deliberately omitted by the government is for import substitution, so that it would be inconspicuous and unavailable for people like you to bite imported parmesan and, in captivity, to peel our domestic mumaligu. You can’t force it differently because a consumer society is built. And do not squint or push, it can be reflected on the pants. By the way, writing for the benefit of civilization in the transfer of knowledge led to the degradation of figurative thinking, and although school and science try to balance on the verge of figurative thinking (literature, drawing, singing) there is a clear bias towards alphanumeric zombies. Strange as it may seem, digital technology has led one feature to the visualization of images, like television and all gadgets, including telephones, in a different way. And on whining, they say that the books have stopped reading and the telly is watching, it’s only good, it’s another matter that instead of watching interesting and developing video lessons, ala docfilms of the Air Force and Discovery, the Pharisees are trying to impose testing on students, etc. Studying with the visualization of knowledge is a great blessing , many lagging schoolchildren as a result can become brilliant scientists, etc. And an example from a primer, where there are more pictures and a small number of letters to a textbook of higher mathematics, where there is an absolute alphanumeric expression, with a scanty number of graphs, and who mastered these things (for real, and not for a red diploma) simply turns into a madman, and even spoils his eyesight and physically degrades himself, and such “hermits” are not capable of creating a full-fledged family, and their cerebral hemisphere, which is responsible for imaginative thinking, dries up. Accordingly, there are no great scientists like Mendeleev, who created a table, etc., by figurative thinking, there are no Kurchatov, Heisenberg, and Fuchs with the Openheimers who could represent the atomic structure in volume, but only crazy Perelmans with a theorem that has no practical value.
        1. Finntroll
          Finntroll 3 January 2016 11: 24 New
          So the whole trouble is that the "domestic" manufacturer is in no hurry to lower the prices of its products. Here is a clear example for you: We (specifically, the city of Magnitogorsk) Milk in Auchan costs 37 rubles per liter, our city dairy makes it by order of this brand. The milk of the same city dairy under the brand name "First Taste" (the package is painted a little differently) is in the store and costs 42-45 rubles per liter. So where is the import substitution? I want to support the domestic manufacturer and all things, but I don’t understand what to overpay for. And if you think globally, then you recall the year 2008, when AvtoVAZ’s leadership varied in Uncle Vova’s ear, he promptly raised the prices of import duties for foreign cars, it seems like a wonderful thing + launched a recycling program. Foreign cars have become more expensive, the demand for them has fallen somewhat, which in turn spurred the demand for our cars and everything would be fine, but so what the hell AvtoVAZ began to raise prices for their products next ??? I’ll live without a parmesan, but what the hell is this parmesan, with such a “planned” depreciation of the national currency (TWO TIMES!), It costs a little more than our "domestic" cheese and generally what the hell this "our" cheese is more expensive if made from domestic raw materials ? Want an answer? And it floats on the surface. It is not profitable for us to produce, it is profitable for us to cut wood, and IKEA to go for furniture because processing enterprises and consumers over the hill are credited at 2-3% and ours at 20-30%. Neither the Dollar nor the Euro will jump relative to each other with an interval of 100%.
          1. It is necessary to unlink the cost of oil (and indeed any energy carriers and raw materials) in the domestic market to the cost in the world and domestic oil (energy carriers, raw materials) should come at the lowest possible prices.
          2. The development of the domestic credit system, so that our enterprises would be credited in Russia and not over the hill (Glazyev, Khazin and others have been talking about this for more than a year now), but it is still there.
          3. The most severe state control over the expenditure of funds for important economic projects, with the public execution of embezzlers and other evil spirits.
          1. hrych
            hrych 3 January 2016 13: 50 New
            Everything is absolutely true here, however, when the line of nuclear missile weapons was not completed, one way or another, exit from external control was not possible. At the moment, external management is felt only in the economy and it will not be soon
            Quote: FinnTroll
            In Syria, they have already shown what has been done to develop their own production, the very “Caliber”, even if we discard its high-tech carriers, it’s a flying droid with electronic brains that “talks” with satellites, etc. But submarines and warships are not real whether production or is it a service sector, and aviation, etc. By the way, the extraction, transportation and processing of hydrocarbons in and of themselves require high-tech industrial products (large-diameter pipes, pumping station engines, etc.) In agriculture, it’s clear that we exported not only for grain, but also for poultry products, while dependence on imports has remained for beef and tropical fruits, coffee and cocoa beans. If the automobile industry excites you all, of course, in a consumer society for the middle class, a car is the main symbol of what a middle class representative can afford according to his status. So this is an illusion, on the scale of the universe, a papa-mobile or a big-eared Cossack is a meaningless unit, here the Su-35 or Raptor matter or, as IL-2 recently, with T-34 determined the course of history. Like iPhones, status show-offs, which Chinese co-operators will cope with if necessary. Russian Railways diesel locomotives and wagons, as they did and are doing without import, the Germans became interested in our combines. In general, do not get excited about the assessments of our industry, but how Obama is confident that the sanctions have torn apart us, only we somehow did not feel it.
            1. Finntroll
              Finntroll 3 January 2016 17: 12 New
              The fact that our military-industrial complex is alive and well after the catastrophe of the 90s cannot but rejoice, the fact that our military-industrial complex is capable of producing products with its own capabilities to cool particularly ardent heads for thousands of kilometers is ecstatic. We already had a powerful military-industrial complex, we had the most powerful, indestructible and legendary Army - which, they say, was "To the death of enemies, to the joy of mother" she could break anyone’s backbone, BUT she turned out to be completely defenseless against the internal enemy who destroyed her without a single shots. The people wanted elementary comfort, and not stand in the "lines" for everything in the world. And here are the status show-offs? I want a high-quality product at an affordable / adequate price, I don’t want people who are trying to get all their money out of the hill, and in which case to dump it themselves, under big words about protecting their “own” manufacturer. I want to relax in Russia, we have a lot of great places, but why do I need a Russian citizen in Turkey or Egypt to spend a vacation cheaper and more comfortable? And where is the consumer society? Yes, pipes of large diameter and our subsoil pumping stations over the hill are a BIG BREAK! Bravo, ready to applaud while standing. By the way, it’s very interesting to see what these Su-35s and Caliber do, what kind of equipment, or are they born out of nowhere? Tell me, in Russia, for example, they are building high-precision machines for metalworking products, or some kind of large-scale industrial equipment, and now will it be more difficult to build on YOUR ELEMENT BASE and not on the "brains" of BOSH and Simens ?? Want to tell you a secret? We buy rolling mills in Germany and Italy, machines in the Netherlands, Korea, China. Heat treatment plants in Slovenia, Germany. Although I won’t lie, we have Russian-made stoves at work, they are quite good, but again the filling in them is Simensovskaya. Our “breakthrough” AvtoVAZ uses imported components of 10-20 years old in its “newest” cars. I went into the salon to check out a new fret of Vesta, so the manager ate all the baldness praising me a box of this car, by the way, produced by Renault, oops! And now again WHERE WHERE IS IMPORT SUBSTITUTION ?! PS And yes, sanctions didn’t break us, but they didn’t bring anything good either, our rulers are waiting for oil at $ 100, and while the government is waiting, they are offering people to tighten their belts.
              1. hrych
                hrych 3 January 2016 22: 22 New
                Quote: FinnTroll
                The people wanted basic comfort, and not stand in the "lines" for everything in the world.

                Too simplified theory of the death of the USSR.
                Quote: FinnTroll
                I am a Russian citizen in Turkey or Egypt to spend a vacation cheaper and more comfortable

                Firstly, this is ensured by the cheapness of "lackeys", i.e. hard workers are deprived of social services, cheaper to eat and less energy is required due to the climate. Collusion of air carriers and travel agencies, when at the expense of security cheapened charters. For all this, in the end result, I had to pay with blood, and you were just lucky that others paid.
                Quote: FinnTroll
                And now again WHERE WHERE IS IMPORT SUBSTITUTION

                The most important thing is grub, here the positive dynamics is undeniable, i.e. complete food safety in grain, meat, fish, sugar. Polish apples are replaced by domestic ones and this is good and indisputable. The second is the exclusion of imported components from the technological chains in the strategic industries, for example, electronics based on Elbrus processors, engines for helicopters, and Motorsich production are replaced by St. Petersburg ones and it is already now.
                Moreover import substitution without "WHERE?" it, with the exception of the above strategic points, not right now, but gradually. The process has begun and will discuss this later. I repeat about a barrel of oil - this is now the world equivalent of international trade with respect to which the value of exported goods is determined. Now he is underestimating him deliberately against the leading Russian miner, at the same time bankrupting his own i.e. CA and its TNCs, which also fill the budget of Britain, Holland and the USA. Moreover, the stability of the Russian Federation forced to throw the last reserves on the market, which consumes an order of magnitude more than producing America has thrown its oil into the bazaar and this is a great sign when they can’t stand it. Moreover, Daish’s contraband oil production is over, and the winter promises to be harsh. Also, Arabia and Bl.Vostok are just flaring up and this market is sure to shake. The same RF can carry out its threats, i.e. just abandon pegging oil to the dollar, which will simply destroy the world order. And automatic transmission on personal cars on the eve of the exchange of thermo-nuclear strikes excites me a little. By the way, Ford-type grandees themselves order automatic transmissions in Japan and do not worry in the case of the Russian Federation with liberals for some reason. The division of labor in the world is not terrible, let the Germans and Japanese do good machines, however, what we do on these machines, that those that others cannot replicate, I am talking about aviation, rocket science and the nuclear industry.
      3. AID.S
        AID.S 3 January 2016 11: 14 New
        Quote: Alex 1972
        But seriously, it’s time in Russia to introduce a ban on not exporting resources for 300 years so under pain

        What a simple recipe ... a big leap.
    3. Rarog
      Rarog 3 January 2016 09: 23 New
      Quote: Ami du peuple

      We are waiting for oil at $ 100.

      God forbid. Let it be better for $ 1, maybe then our "elites" will think about how to earn a country using not the sale of its resources, but real production, science, etc. And those who do not hesitate will finally fall out of our country and stop parasitizing on us.
      1. Alex 1972
        Alex 1972 3 January 2016 09: 28 New
        Quote: Rarog
        And those who do not hesitate will finally fall out of my country and stop parasitizing on us.

        Dear Artem, have you seen, or perhaps heard, that the parasites themselves would have left their host without help?
        The question is rhetorical.
        This does not happen in nature, parasites live off the carrier and do not leave it until the carrier dies.
        Either the carrier of the parasites understands what is happening to it and mercilessly infuriates the parasites, or the parasites kill it.
      2. Finntroll
        Finntroll 3 January 2016 11: 52 New
        They are "And" litas are no longer able to think in principle, not for this they were nurtured and planted at such high posts. THEY will surely dump, only the country will be gone. So our nobility (the same parasites) fell down, which is all grieving about "what kind of Russia they lost."
    4. Uran
      Uran 3 January 2016 09: 54 New
      Sunni Shiite war is basically
    5. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 3 January 2016 10: 38 New
      Quote: Ami du peuple
      We are waiting for oil at $ 100.

      Hm, well, wait
      1. Lelek
        Lelek 3 January 2016 11: 39 New
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Hm, well, wait

        Oh, these are forecasters, forecasters, but I’m so small.
        Expectations, bombs, all the same - how many of them and when will end?
        1. The comment was deleted.
        2. The comment was deleted.
        3. nycsson
          nycsson 3 January 2016 16: 49 New
          [quote = Lyolek] all the same - how many of them and when will end?
          And you watch the last of the Mohicans! Wacky! fool
      2. nycsson
        nycsson 3 January 2016 16: 51 New
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Hm, well, wait

        Great Romanov! Happy New year to you! With new happiness! Have you changed my orientation? Really? Or I'm wrong?
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 4 January 2016 04: 43 New
          Quote: nycsson

          Great Romanov! Happy New year to you! With new happiness!

          Hello Nixon! Happy New Year to you too!
          Quote: nycsson
          Have you changed my orientation? Really?

          And do not dream, I still love women.
    6. nycsson
      nycsson 3 January 2016 15: 06 New
      Quote: Ami du peuple
      We are waiting for oil at $ 100.

      Ha! Are you normal US abolishes crude oil export maratorium!
    7. retardu
      retardu 3 January 2016 15: 17 New
      Are you serious whom they raised there? Have you seen the number of Shiites in the country compared to the Sunnis? You won’t make a revolution with so many. Laughter.
      1. nycsson
        nycsson 3 January 2016 16: 53 New
        Quote: retardu
        Have you seen the number of Shiites in the country compared to the Sunnis?

        And outside the country? Have you thought about it?
        1. retardu
          retardu 4 January 2016 09: 04 New
          First of all, who are interested in a number of Shiites outside the country if we are talking about a revolution within the country.
          And yes, I saw an insignificant amount compared to the Sunnis
          1. hrych
            hrych 4 January 2016 09: 18 New
            The insignificant (although 10% is not insignificance) due to the Sunnis of Pakistan, Indonesia and northern Africa, where there is a huge population and this sense. If we take the region, i.e. directly bl. East and Arabia, there will be conditional equality.
  2. mig31
    mig31 3 January 2016 09: 03 New
    That the Saudis, that the Turks are waiting for the same that they sowed-reap their ignominy oblivion ....
  3. venaya
    venaya 3 January 2016 09: 03 New
    The Supreme Shiite Islamic Council called the execution of al-Nimr the destruction of the mind and a bloody point in the dialogue of the branches of Islam - Here, the Saudis seem to cross the line. In the east, religion is still very important, excesses are possible at other points.
  4. Same lech
    Same lech 3 January 2016 09: 04 New
    The Saudis, like the Turks, did a lot of stupidity which would cost them dearly ... they made even more deadly enemies besides the Hussites.
    I wish the Hussites a speedy defeat of the troops of the Saudi regime ... fortunately, they smash their troops well.
  5. dmi.pris
    dmi.pris 3 January 2016 09: 07 New
    Well, the Saudi roasted cock in the ass pecked ..... Coming for all their atrocities and hypocrisy is coming ..
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 3 January 2016 09: 11 New
      Well, the Saudis can shoot 30-50 of thousands of demonstrators and no one in the world will even express concern.

      They were always extremely harshly crushed the speeches of other faiths. Therefore, I won’t be surprised if there will be an assault with tanks, Apaches and bombing in the evening.
  6. serega.fedotov
    serega.fedotov 3 January 2016 09: 07 New
    We are waiting for the start of fun in Sudan, the Saudis will now be more difficult to fight on two fronts, and the Shiites have a place where you can shoot at Sunites in plenty, and for a completely "beautiful" reason.
  7. Stinger
    Stinger 3 January 2016 09: 10 New
    Everything is good. Normal democratic country so beloved by the West. But in my opinion this time they played out. When crazy petrodollars to hell, the thought that you are the smartest begins to wake up in your head. Let us recall in this connection our modern rulers in the recent past. Getting smarter is best done on an empty stomach. But they still do not understand this.
  8. Aksakal_07
    Aksakal_07 3 January 2016 09: 10 New
    Let the authorities of Riyadh feel in their own skin: what is it like, a civil war, on religious grounds in your country ?!
  9. holod19
    holod19 3 January 2016 09: 10 New
    Oh, all this is not good !!! Flames the Middle East - Comes around the world! But I would not want to.
    1. Volodin
      Volodin 3 January 2016 09: 29 New
      Quote: holod19
      Oh, not good for all this !!! The Middle East is on fire - goes around the world!

      What does it mean to burn? And now in the Middle East, as if peace and quiet. But in Saudi Arabia it was not flaming for a long time (according to the statistics of the Middle East) - disorder ...
  10. ovod84
    ovod84 3 January 2016 09: 18 New
    This is very bad when the two branches of Islam are at enmity with each other. As a Sunni, I have a very negative attitude towards Wahhabi Sunnis, especially Saudi politics. Sooner or later, they will come to terms with it.
  11. 33 Watcher
    33 Watcher 3 January 2016 09: 18 New
    Well, radicalism begets radicalism. What else to wait for? Under the Wahhabi regime, unrest, civil war, are inevitable, especially against the backdrop of cheaper oil. Reap the storm ...
  12. Mikhail Krapivin
    Mikhail Krapivin 3 January 2016 09: 23 New
    And these are the best friends of the USA and the main allies in the region. They perfectly understand and share each other's values, because in the United States they act with dissidents in approximately the same way, only not so demonstratively, but quietly, quietly.
  13. Sergey333
    Sergey333 3 January 2016 10: 04 New
    It is time for the Saudis to learn what the color revolution is.
  14. old rats
    old rats 3 January 2016 10: 24 New
    Damn, the Internet is full of reports of the execution of this preacher, but nowhere clearly explains what kind of person he is, this an-Nimra. And what did he preach about that which allowed him to be brought under an article?
    If there is anyone on the site, explain.
    1. samarin1969
      samarin1969 3 January 2016 11: 24 New
      Shiite preacher Sheikh Nimr Bakr al-Nimr. He was arrested in 2012 during the unrest of the Arab Spring ...
      "Just called" to the Saudi "swamp" .... And no bombing of Prince Salman and K. am
      It proves once again that democracy is "bullshit" to promote someone else's business interests.
  15. APASUS
    APASUS 3 January 2016 10: 33 New
    As far as I understand this whole story, now a big attempt is beginning to rock the religious war in the hands of the Saudis. To execute a Shiite preacher looks like revenge, but it will bring the peoples even more divided. Moreover, part of the population, even Qatar and Bahrain's allies, are Shia. only push the countries away
  16. Great-grandfather of Zeus
    Great-grandfather of Zeus 3 January 2016 10: 34 New
    Are we waiting for the slogans, “Saudiaku on a dime”? Now the “democrats” will show their true guise.
    ALEA IACTA EST 3 January 2016 11: 05 New
    1420 km from the Caspian to Riyadh. smile
    What am I talking about? .. winked
    1. evil partisan
      evil partisan 3 January 2016 11: 48 New
      Quote: ALEA IACTA EST
      What am I talking about? ..

  18. shinobi
    shinobi 3 January 2016 14: 06 New
    It’s such a trifle. The main events will begin when the successors to the throne (and the direct ones have already ended) of al-Saud are bickered among themselves, since there is no clear procedure for the succession of the throne due to the lack of direct heirs. Yes, and along the side lines everyone is well past 50. there are swallows. Saudi sheikhs could not agree among themselves, as a result with OPEC, on quotas for oil production. Previously, the royal family ruled this, now they are not up to it.
  19. Alekspel
    Alekspel 3 January 2016 14: 21 New
    The Saudi monarchy, as well as the British nonsense for the 21st century. Both must end their existence. And where are the human rights and liberals of all stripes. Why aren't the bloody Saudi regime going to and stigmatizing on Bolotnaya? And where are these fucking lords, who taught us democracy during the first Chechen campaign, and the State Department can’t hear something condemning the bloody executions. How does this king differ from ISIS in the manner of execution? Here it is a policy of double standards. Vladimir must find a reason, but miss the strategists in Syria towards the Saudis. Light their oil industry, and the price of a barrel will rise. And then carry some nonsense like Perdogan, that they say they didn’t recognize, they made a mistake, we’ll forgive us no more. Pen-dos would have done so.
  20. VSkilled
    VSkilled 3 January 2016 14: 50 New
    With this frankly moronic decision to execute "local Lenin," the Saudis seem to have decided to "self-cut."

    IMHO - they need help in this useful endeavor ...
  21. Olegater
    Olegater 3 January 2016 15: 54 New
    Well, how are you dear forum users another provocation by the hands of the Saudis. Interestingly, the Saudis or their bastards thought how it would come out? The execution of the iman and even a supporter of moderate Islam. This is generally self-destructive and self-destructive. This imam went to jail for preaching in opposition to terrorist groups hiding behind the banners of Islam. Well, this is generally no way. And p.i.s.d.s.i.a. not a word of protest - how? Where are the left-handed people? And where is the "enlightened" e.v.r.o.zh.o.p.a.? All are silent in a rag. How can a it is unacceptable!!!!!!!!! How were the Westerners D.E.R.M.O.M. so they remained. Nothing can be corrected by technology, education, or culture. This is for me personally an empty place stinking of slop.
  22. Varies
    Varies 4 January 2016 12: 43 New
    There will be 100 oil each in the event of the start of a full-blown civil war in Saudi Arabia, with the removal of oil production capacities and other goodies.
  23. Ze Kot
    Ze Kot 7 January 2016 16: 21 New
    Someone competently pushed Muslims among themselves.

    By the way, if Iran gets involved in a conflict with the SA, it will obviously withdraw troops from Syria. Then it will be difficult to carry out offensive operations.