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Economic problems will not leave Russia alone in the coming year

It is known that building forecasts is a thankless task. The astrologer Pavel Globa predicted the Russian exchange rate at 100 rubles per US dollar in the pre-New Year past. No matter how hard the Central Bank of the country and the native government tried to fulfill the instructions of a famous astrologer, they did not succeed. Today, the course is clearly not up to this point and is drifting hard around the 70-ruble mark.

Shared pessimism ...

In the pre-Christmas expectations, there is a kind of hoax - the anticipation of a miracle, like turning a pumpkin into a carriage. Very soon, life shows that the miracle did not happen, and the pumpkin rests in the basement, where it was cleaned in the fall. In December, the Levada Center conducts its traditional survey, identifying sentiments in Russian society. Sometimes pre-Christmas expectations have little to do with the surrounding reality.

At the end of the 2013 of the year, for example, when the Maidan was already in full swing in Kiev, two-thirds of Russians polled by the Levada Center thought that the approaching 2014 would be calm for their families. Half of the respondents were convinced that the year would be calm in the economic and political life of Russia. They did not expect any crisis. So, subsequent events were an unpleasant surprise for this part of society. A year later, at the end of 2014, the picture changed dramatically. Even the share of those expecting a quiet life for their families fell by almost 20 points. People felt the growth of the crisis.

The results of the recent traditional pre-New Year poll by the Levada Center also showed an increase in the army of pessimists. Today, 47% of respondents expect a deterioration in the country's economy, 36% - complications of the political situation. No more than 5% of respondents believe that in the coming year the economic crisis will end.

With the approach of 2016, politicians, economists, experts, businessmen revived with forecasts. Today they are also quite realistic and understand that the old economic problems will not leave us in the coming year. For example, billionaire Alisher Usmanov, the founder of USM Holdings, said: “2016 will not be easier than 2015 for a year, but it may be more difficult because the price trend does not give any reason to believe that there will be a sharp increase.” Usmanov made this statement in an interview with the Russia 24 television channel, but refused to assess the behavior of the ruble exchange rate in the coming year.

Marked by the forecast of former Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin. According to him, if in the 2016 year, the price of oil remains low for six months or a year, the Russian economy will continue to fall. Moreover, in November, she again faced a deterioration in performance, and, therefore, the peak of the crisis did not finally pass.

The head of Sberbank German Gref shared his expectations with the media. He admitted that "with such oil prices, the forecasts that were made for economic growth will not come true." At the same time, Gref is not waiting for "an absolutely terrible situation."

The pessimism of domestic analysts is shared by their foreign colleagues. In an interview with Deutsche Welle, the head of the German-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Foreign Trade Group Michael Harms expressed confidence that the stagnation in the Russian economy will continue in the 2016 year. Harms is not a bystander. The business union, which he heads, combines the order of 800 firms. Both German and Russian companies are represented in the chamber, the majority of which are with German capital. The sphere of their interests is the Russian market.

Michael Harms, of course, could not circumvent the sectoral sanctions that complicated bilateral economic relations. In December, the GRVP conducted a survey among German companies on the impact of sanctions on business. In the answers, they were taken only from 10 to 20 percent of the entire spectrum of problems they encountered in Russia. First of all, the Germans are worried about the bad situation on the Russian market, caused by the fall of the economy by 4 percent. Next in importance is the strong depreciation of the ruble, which makes German goods very expensive.

This circumstance could push German companies out of the Russian market, where their number is already close to six thousand. But the Germans intend to continue cooperation. During the survey, a representative of a large firm appreciated these sentiments as follows: “We need to overwinter.”

As acknowledged in the GRVP, companies that have already localized production in Russia are doing better. They have expenses in rubles, and there is no such strong currency pressure. This applies more to businesses in the chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural and food industries. He feels confident enough. “Mostly German companies believe that 2016 will be the same year as 2015,” Harms sums up in an interview with DW. “Recovery will only begin in the 2017 year.”

Michael Harms' view of the Russian economy radiates pessimism. However, there are in it and bright spots. First of all, faith in the Russian market and the mood for further cooperation. The isolation of our economy, which is so fond of talking on Western propaganda channels (and Deutsche Welle is no exception), is not confirmed by the real intentions of Western business partners.

As for the difficulties faced by enterprises and firms, they are also noted by the country's top leaders. For example, at Vladimir Putin’s meeting with representatives of Russia's largest business, which took place in the December 24 Kremlin, the president praised entrepreneurs for their “responsible activities”. So he noted the preservation of the leading companies of labor collectives. In a crisis, they did not cut staff and are counting on the restoration of economic growth. In this regard, according to the president, it is important that "companies have not lost their strategic vision and pay great attention to the development of new technologies."

New growth points will prove themselves

With the conclusion of Vladimir Putin, the results of the Levada Center survey are quite correlated. As we remember, less than half of the respondents fell into complete pessimism there. And what about the majority? Of course, the variability of questions (like “more likely“ yes ”than“ no ”and or rather,“ no ”than“ yes ”) affected it, it smeared the stubborn denial of positive changes. At the same time, a quarter of respondents confidently wait in 2016 for the year to improve their lives. These people are easily blamed for inadequacy. The thing is that Russia is large, and the living conditions in the capitals, cities of Siberia, the Far East or the Black Sea Coast differ just as much as the answers of the respondents from the places listed.

Here is an example: now the economy has fallen by about four percent, and its agrarian sector has grown by three percent. It happened for a reason and not because of the notorious import substitution. The investments of the past years began to work. The Bryansk Meat Company, the largest beef processing complex in Russia, in the Bryansk region, pig farms in the Voronezh, Chelyabinsk, Pskov, Tambov and Belgorod regions, greenhouses in the Kaluga region, in the Stavropol region, in Dagestan, and poultry production in the Rostov and Lipetsk regions.

This is a far from complete list of large objects of the agrarian sector, each of which cost investors more than 10 billion rubles. But the return from them went serious. For example, "Bryansk Meat Company" at once replaced 7 percent of imported beef. New enterprises gave not only products, but revived the labor market and raised the incomes of the local population. Presumably, the pessimists diminished there.

The agricultural sector will continue its development. In the spring of 2016, the launch of the first stage of a specialized hatchery in Teuchezhsky district of Adygea is expected. Investments in this complex will amount to 40 billion rubles. With an output of the designed capacity, the fish factory will annually produce 2 thousand tons of black caviar and 120 thousand tons of fish meat and will provide 2,5 thousand jobs.

Other objects of the economy are approaching the cherished festive ribbon of discovery. During the period of the energetic blockade of the Crimea, the country learned that in spring a second line of the energy bridge from the Krasnodar Territory would stretch to the peninsula. Less is known that in 2016, the heat and electricity of the CHP in Yekaterinburg, Sovetskaya Gavan and Yaroslavl will be provided with heat and electricity, and the construction of the Akademik Lomonosov floating nuclear power plant will be completed. Kuzbass is expected to reach its design capacity (1,5 mln. Tons of coking coal grade “Zh”) of the Karagaylinsky mine beneficiation plant. Norilsk Nickel will launch the second phase of the Talnakh Concentrator, increasing its capacity to 10 mln. Tons. Over 500 tons of uranium expects Rosatom from a new field in the Bauntovsky district of Buryatia. Mining and processing plant will enter the Trans-Baikal Territory. It will develop the Bystrinskoe deposit, whose reserves are 2,7 million tons of copper and 236 tons of gold.

It is difficult to say to what extent the new large-scale production (and here is a far from complete list) is compensated by the losses suffered by the economy, but, of course, they will make their additional contribution to the national product 2016 of the year. And it is not at all obvious that the authors of pessimistic forecasts took it into account.

Perhaps they are right in many ways. Every tendency has inertia over time. So in the new year the miracle will not happen. Meanwhile, the basis for positive change is. It multiplies. We need to keep this in mind, enthusiastically listening to the forecasts of self-confident experts and reputable astrologers. Happy New Year!
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  1. apro
    apro 31 December 2015 06: 40
    And I have no doubt that next year the problems with salaries and prices will only increase, in our sharashka for next year there are no orders, we interrupt with a trifle.
    1. Enot-poloskun
      Enot-poloskun 31 December 2015 08: 04
      My opinion: agriculture will pull Russia out!

      Agriculture development is 6

      - the growth of engineering (tractors, combines, etc.).

      - the growth of the chemical industry (fertilizers, etc.).

      - the growth of the feed industry and biotechnological industries (real import substitution).

      - Strengthening the welfare of the village.

      - the growth of the food industry.
      1. My address
        My address 31 December 2015 08: 37
        Dear mammal! lol
        Better yet, he will pull out one who will be ready to leave behind a pair of boots for his relatives and the Great Power of the country.
        Happy New Year! hi drinks
      2. Sibiryak
        Sibiryak 31 December 2015 10: 27
        You remind me of Khrushchev, he also bent a stick in this direction, but in the end ..... came out, i.e. nothing succeeded! All that you listed can develop completely independently of agriculture. The engine of progress has ALWAYS BEEN DEVELOPING TECHNOLOGIES! Happy New Year to you comrade !!!
        1. Temples
          Temples 31 December 2015 10: 44
          This site is a good thing.
          Stimulates people to learn new things.
          Recognize the past.
          Delve into the details.
          To splash out accumulated emotions, positive and not very)))
          Thanks to everyone who works on this project.

          All the regulars of the site happy new year !!!
          hi drinks

          If possible, add a smiley with a salute.
          Often I want to insert a salute!
      3. Alexey Vladislavovich
        Alexey Vladislavovich 31 December 2015 10: 47
        Take off the pink glasses. Engineering? I work. at an engineering enterprise. we produce tractors. The second year, the company is mostly in downtime. There are no materials, then no orders, then something else. Constantly reducing staff. Equipment upgrade? No, not heard. What are you, your mother? This is the situation at most engineering enterprises in my area. The exception is military products. But we should not live only on military products! What, on BMP and armored personnel carriers will we attach plows and harrows? And on Armata a suspension for laying cables or at least a bucket? Such damn comments annoy me: Save, help, get out. Really did not understand yet - the time of words has passed. Words are nothing, dust. Now you can only believe in real actions. REAL ACTION.
        1. Yuyuka
          Yuyuka 2 January 2016 00: 20
          Engineering? I work. at an engineering enterprise. we produce tractors. The second year, the company is mostly in downtime. There are no materials, then no orders, then something else. Constantly reducing staff. Equipment upgrade? No, not heard

          Our government needs to arrange a history exam - at the expense of which economists and managers the industrialization and growth of the same agriculture took place in the 30s - only thanks to the development of mechanical engineering! thousands of factories were built that produced machine tools to produce the same tractors for agricultural! therefore, putting the cart before the horse is not the case! Now we practically do not have our own machine tool industry, and even worse there is no financial opportunity to take them on a long-term loan at a minimum rate, I’m not talking about state corporations, I’m talking about a small business that is more mobile and less costly and can give rise to any import substitution state policy - strategy and tactics, now there are more tactics, no one thinks about 10 years ahead, and it’s understandable that the unpredictability of being in our Fatherland is ahead of the rest than ever hi
          1. bondarencko
            bondarencko 5 January 2016 03: 36
            Better yet, change the composition of this brothel.
        2. T-73
          T-73 4 January 2016 13: 30
          Yes, to the point of absurdity already brought. I understand, but how not to understand? I work in ... in general, the repair of Rosenergoatom, we got it already, everyone already forgot what insurance stock is. Where are we going? In order to buy pipes, a meter must be played !!! But on all walls there are reminders that corruption will not bring to good)) This is a room worse than a circus!
      4. Boris55
        Boris55 31 December 2015 12: 01
        Quote: Enot-poloskun
        My opinion: agriculture will pull Russia out!

        Success in agriculture is due to state subsidies, which is equivalent to the fact that it actually receives loans at reasonable interest rates. Reduce the interest rate in vital industries to zero or less - and we will be happy.
        All a Happy!
      5. Hon
        Hon 31 December 2015 15: 44
        But there is one trifle. It is necessary somewhere to take a sufficient number of villagers who are able to work, but have not yet been dumped into the city.
      6. Altona
        Altona 31 December 2015 16: 58
        Quote: Enot-poloskun
        My opinion: agriculture will pull Russia out!

        Russia will be pulled out by its own market, in which everything should work - agriculture, mechanical engineering, and construction. And everything that we can do ourselves, we must do ourselves, and sell both within the country and abroad. This is the concern of the whole society, not just hard workers and everyone who works "in the field". I would like the "servants of the people" to start the morning with reports from the fields, and not like Arab sheikhs with a prayer for oil. Happy New Year to all! drinks
      7. Skif83
        Skif83 1 January 2016 10: 09
        Russia will be pulled out by those who will work for Russia, for the sake of Russia, in the name of Russia.
        It doesn’t matter in which industry.
        In the meantime, our Twitter boys are wondering, how so? For so many years there has been a bunch of petrodollars, and here ... on you, run out !?
        It turns out you need to WORK, and not call the work of the government - the distribution of oil profits ...
    2. anfil
      anfil 31 December 2015 14: 19
      Quote: apro
      And I have no doubt that next year the problems with salaries and prices will only increase, in our sharashka for next year there are no orders, we interrupt with a trifle.

      - Doctor, how do I get paid, so I laugh without ceasing! - Well, good! Laughter prolongs life! - That is, I’ll survive until retirement? - Of course! And there will be even funnier! lol
      1. sharp-lad
        sharp-lad 1 January 2016 19: 43
        laughing laughing laughing A very relevant joke for Latvia too! hi
    3. Skif83
      Skif83 1 January 2016 10: 06
      So far, the last of the Gaidar are running the show in the Twitter government, until the Chubais answer in the FSB's torture chambers why they have "... well, just a lot ..." of money, while the dvorkovichi are in charge of the formation of the administrative elite - no progress, except for another hemorrhoid, expect and not worth it.
      Here, different globes are not needed, everything is clear!
      1. Kasym
        Kasym 1 January 2016 21: 23
        To be honest, it was high time for Russia to "shake things up," the sanctions helped. Of course, the Russian Federation is so huge that some successes were not noticed at all by the media and Russians. Because of its size, a saying probably appeared: "Russians harness for a long time, but they go fast."
        Here are some achievements of the Russian Federation for 2015.
        1. The largest elevator in Europe and bred a variety of wheat, which can double the yield.
        2. Vortex machines in Ryazan.
        3. Export of turbines, cores. reactors and records in the field of heavy-duty scientific lasers.
        4. Sale of 2 satellites "Perseus M" USA.
        5. The largest shipbuilding complex in the Russian Federation in Vladivostok.
        6. In Alabuga, a plant for the production of carbon fiber for composite materials. On the first line of three, the capacity is 1,7 tons per year.
        7. Technology of directional drilling and hydraulic fracturing (9 of the 10 longest wells in the world in the Russian Federation; 13,5 km at the O-14 station is the most of them).
        8. Drives for huge drilling platforms on the Uralmash.
        9. They took 5th place in the export of tractors and combines (17% of the world market). The devaluation of the ruble helped in this.
        10. A new breed of cows and rural households. hi
        1. Greenwood
          Greenwood 2 January 2016 14: 56
          Quote: Kasym
          The largest shipbuilding complex in the Russian Federation in Vladivostok.
          Not in Vladivostok, but in Big Stone. Not completed. And built with scandals throughout the country.
  2. My address
    My address 31 December 2015 06: 51
    And an indiscreet question is possible?
    Now, if a certain domineering X said publicly that it would be good here and there, and according to the results of the year it turned out badly, then why would he not publicly (can be figuratively) be given over the ears? I am not so much evil as a scientist that I must answer for everything.
    Happy New Year!
    1. apro
      apro 31 December 2015 06: 56
      Can you imagine what kind of turn it is to give ears? They will trample nafig.
    2. Altona
      Altona 1 January 2016 00: 56
      Quote: My address
      Now, if a certain authoritative X said in public that it would be good here and there, but it turned out badly according to the results of the year, then why should he not publicly (figuratively) give his ears?

      Better to give in the balls, and some for them to hang (you can not figuratively) ...
    3. Al_oriso
      Al_oriso 3 January 2016 01: 43
      There are a lot of these "domineering Xs" who promise something good, and they say very often. Imagine how many X's will be left without ears.
  3. meriem1
    meriem1 31 December 2015 06: 52
    Economic problems will never leave Russia alone) Patient We are softer. Yes, and never all was well ... so. Separate groups and subjects. The main thing is that the elderly and children would not starve and it would be warm. What about the crisis? And to all crises in Russia, immunity is stable ... for everyone except lovers of jamon and oysters. laughing
    1. Hon
      Hon 31 December 2015 15: 50
      I look at Chubais, and I understand, in our country, it is better to be a lover of jamon and oysters
      1. sharp-lad
        sharp-lad 1 January 2016 19: 45
        And you look at him through an optical sight! I guarantee a lasting feeling of relief!
      2. sharp-lad
        sharp-lad 1 January 2016 19: 52
        I understand that this is from the section of unfulfilled fantasies, but something needs to be done! To start at least with oneself, to work honestly or almost honestly, setting an example to others and calling for honest and effective work. To stop the tradition of silence and patronage, starting with a simple indication to the crafty about the inadmissibility of such manifestations! Start small! And then you can get not only to Chubais & CO! hi
      3. Weyland
        Weyland 1 January 2016 20: 00
        Quote: Hon
        better to be a lover of jamon and oysters

        I prefer another jamon - on long and slightly curved objectslaughing which I would very much like to criticize Chubais - the way of o-kes or, better yet, ryo-kuruma am
      4. The comment was deleted.
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 31 December 2015 07: 16
    In my opinion, no one hopes for a sharp improvement in 2016, if only it would not be worse. And this is the main point. And we are patient people, we will wait for the holiday on our street.
    Happy New Year to all, colleagues!
    1. Just BB
      Just BB 31 December 2015 09: 10
      November 2017? good
  5. Platonich
    Platonich 31 December 2015 07: 36
    The main thing is that there is work for everyone who wants it!
    1. AlNikolaich
      AlNikolaich 31 December 2015 07: 55
      Quote: Platonitch
      The main thing is that there is work for everyone who wants it!

      Colleague, work is enough, and so, and at all! The question is salary!
      They do not want to work with us as a janitor for 8tysyach! Although some of them are not capable of another job in terms of development and education, they don’t want to!
  6. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 31 December 2015 09: 06
    Crisis. A word is borrowed, possibly from German. It appeared in Russian in the first half of the XNUMXth century. German krisis - crisis, Greek. krisis - tipping point, turning point, outcome, crisis. Literally, Greek krinein is decided from krino - to divide, sift, sift, sift, determine, judge.
    In this subtext, the crisis is the court and, accordingly, the crisis time is the time to answer.
    A logical reinforcement of this conclusion can serve as a further etymological excursion. Sifting, sifting out means cleaning. Webster's Dictionary refers us to German rein English pure peeled. Indo-European sources of punāti he cleanses, he cleanses, cleanses, atones for guilt. Therefore, it is possible, and in etymological dictionaries such a semantic aspect of the primary meaning of the word crisis is given as new, fresh.
    In this subtext, the crisis is a purification, a rejection of the old and the formation of the new. Does this conclusion mean that the crisis has a beginning that stimulates the economy? In our opinion, - and this has been shown by studies of recent years. Countries with unstable up to crisis trajectories of economic growth, on average, grew faster than crisis-free economies.
  7. Whowhy
    Whowhy 31 December 2015 09: 07
    Up to 100 may not reach, but 80p. for a dollar is not the limit ...
    1. PValery53
      PValery53 2 January 2016 12: 06
      The goal of our unfortunate economists should not be 80 rubles / dollar, but 80 dollars per ruble.
  8. Belousov
    Belousov 31 December 2015 10: 32
    You read how other farmers invest in other farmers, and then remember how in the Samara Oblast this year, investments in the agricultural sector decreased by 25%, and the governor in the beginning of December so happily reported this to the president between promises to transfer everyone to the Lada again Vesta and EP ratings in the region. And after the report I went home for some reason, and not to the bullpen ...

    PS Happy New Year! No matter what we were, we are and we will be! Because we are RUSSIAN !!! drinks soldier
  9. stopkran
    stopkran 31 December 2015 11: 05
    Some kind of dregs in the article. Everything is much simpler.
    Surprisingly, the price of oil in rubles has not changed, and all sorts of experts do not see this point blank!

    The Central Bank of the Russian Federation does not have the right to lend to the Government of Russia under any circumstances and, accordingly, this mechanism for introducing money into the economy is turned off altogether under the current law. How are rubles introduced into circulation? Through the purchase of foreign currency, that is, the same dollars. He will print rubles and put them into circulation how many dollars the Central Bank will put into his piggy bank. All this happens through the currency exchange. As a result, the ruble mass is directly tied to the dollar mass. We can assume that rubles are the same dollars that are “in” the gold reserves of the Central Bank, but repainted in different colors and numbers on them stand with a certain coefficient. This coefficient varies slightly over time, but not much. By law, again, the Central Bank is simply obliged to maintain a constant ruble exchange rate. In relation to the dollar naturally. Thus, our financial system becomes only a kind of regional branch of the Fed's financial system.

    Source: Nationalization of the ruble. The salvation of Russia. N. Starikov
    Import of inflation to the Russian Federation.

    The Central Bank as a tool for organizing a collapse scientifically.
      PHANTOM-AS 1 January 2016 23: 36
      Quote: stopkran

      all your theses indicate only the non-presence in the Russian Federation of a colonial type economy.
      I would like to call a spade a spade.
      1. stopkran
        stopkran 3 January 2016 09: 07
        Something like this: "Let me manage the money of the country
        and I don't care who makes its laws. "
        M. Rothschild
  10. anfil
    anfil 31 December 2015 14: 08
    Quote: anodonta
    Quote: AlNikolaich
    They do not want to work with us as a janitor for 8tysyach! Although some of them are not capable of another job in terms of development and education, they don’t want to!

    Pffff ... Work as a janitor for 8 thousand? When there is a bunch of more decent jobs, where neither education nor a special "level of development" is needed either. I don't know how it is with you in Saratov, but here in Novosibirsk mostly guest workers from Central Asia work as janitors. Normal Russian, even if he is a d **** to a fool for 8 thousand rubles. will not work as a janitor! smile

  11. Lexus
    Lexus 31 December 2015 15: 08
    Let's be honest - GDP has done a lot in foreign policy.
    Inner - the endless failure of the last ten years. The economy is finishing off. The ladies, chubais and other clowns are helping them in this effort. On the other hand, there are only lawyers and economists in the government - they only know how to cut and evade responsibility. I don’t know there a single business executive, industrialist. So what can you expect from them?

    A simple example, if a plant takes a loan (rate of about 20%) for operational activities, with a term of 1 year (quite a normal cycle for production), then the products will automatically rise in price by the same 20%. The bid works like a barrage duty, only for us. Only what is subsidized is developing. A failed economic policy.

    How much we want to get rid of our economic block! To finally put Chubais and others! There may be a cancellation of the death penalty Marathia for the stealing bureaucrats (if it comes to trial, then they still amnesty)

    I support6
    No matter what we were, we are and we will be! Because we are RUSSIAN !!!
    1. Erg
      Erg 3 January 2016 10: 12
      And if everyone takes a loan under 20 ... Where does the extra money come from? Let's print. So much for the source of inflation. If all this is translated into "Russian" language, we all work for the USA.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. The comment was deleted.
  12. L. A. A.
    L. A. A. 31 December 2015 15: 19
    I wish Russia to defeat all enemies in this economic war!
  13. datur
    datur 31 December 2015 19: 28
    Well, the conclusion after reading is only one-- KATS OFFERS TO GIVE UP !!! belay I THINK THAN- WE ARE STILL WOW! And most importantly, the ENEMY WILL NOT WAIT !!!!! WHAT !! wink
  14. aleksandroff
    aleksandroff 31 December 2015 23: 18
    Quote: Belousov
    You read how other farmers invest in other farmers, and then remember how in the Samara Oblast this year, investments in the agricultural sector decreased by 25%, and the governor in the beginning of December so happily reported this to the president between promises to transfer everyone to the Lada again Vesta and EP ratings in the region. And after the report I went home for some reason, and not to the bullpen ...

    PS Happy New Year! No matter what we were, we are and we will be! Because we are RUSSIAN !!! drinks soldier

    say thank you for such a GUBER. at least something does. do not Cry. here we are now in Mordovia crying without him.
  15. kapitan92
    kapitan92 1 January 2016 03: 37
    On December 29, NKREKU announced a five-fold increase in gas transportation tariffs, issued a decree according to which from January 1, 2016, for all entry points into the gas transportation system of Ukraine, the tariff was set at $ 12,47 per 1 thousand cubic meters. m. For exit points, tariffs are set from $ 16 to 33.

    Read more at RBC:
    Fivefold increase in the tariff for transportation. Again the LAWLESS of the Hohland leadership! How long will we endure ????
    1. VS
      VS 1 January 2016 11: 09
      Russia needs to raise the price of gas for geyropa with the same money ...
      In a week, dill will change power ...
    2. evgmiz
      evgmiz 1 January 2016 23: 32
      And we Khokhlov again gave gas discounts!
  16. Teplohod
    Teplohod 1 January 2016 13: 41
    Russian gas does not quite belong to Russia, and it will not be able to raise the price for it :)
    1. NordUral
      NordUral 1 January 2016 16: 54
      not quite
      here it is necessary to swap, alas!
  17. NordUral
    NordUral 1 January 2016 16: 53
    They will not leave us while the liberals are in power, in the yard - the oligarch-capitalism and thieves-officials in the entire vertical.
  18. tchoni
    tchoni 1 January 2016 19: 00
    I really want that the author’s words would not be an empty concussion, but would have real soil underneath. I really, really want to ...
  19. Micross
    Micross 1 January 2016 22: 34
    What does our man need !? In housing.
    Give a very cheap mortgage to people! From here and dance as much as you need in order to build housing: equipment, building materials, jobs, etc. !!!)
  20. Yasondinalt
    Yasondinalt 2 January 2016 21: 39
    Problems, then problems to solve them. Solve! Work. And the government does anything, just does not work.
  21. Alcoholic
    Alcoholic 2 January 2016 22: 06
    Of course they won’t leave.
    Where do we have no economic problems?
    If there are no problems, we will come up with them at once wassat
  22. Infernal man
    Infernal man 3 January 2016 06: 53
    The country's problem is not the absence of industry, but the absence of a course and program. Poo with the Cabinet do not know what tomorrow will be, what kind of planning is there for a five-year plan or a decade ?! The government officially switched to an annual budget in planning, it is called ... That is why we have 3,14 Andos - they clearly bend their line on the destruction of our state, as the only strong rival. But they do it methodically, according to plan, neither departing nor one step away from the planned many-year program. And we are all "friends" with them, we call partners ... Well, well.
    Call me an alarmist, put downsides, but I'm tired of waiting for us to get up from our knees at last. Laughter, laughter, I have already grown old during this time, it's time to think about old age. But once he looked at Pu with hope, thought that now our country will rise ... 20 years have passed. The son has grown. Health decreased. Friends are dying .... and the "cart" is not the same as "now there" - it goes downhill. Slowly and surely.
    We are being crushed. And the government is not learning anything - nothing has been created. There is a huge country, there are enough natural and human resources for five countries, everything is there, we can do everything - but we only trade in oil, polymers, metals for DOLLARS ... They allegedly created the BRICS bank and established it ... in DOLLARS ... Yes, and this institute will fall apart like a house of cards.
    No guys, I don’t see the slightest hint of improvement so far.
    All my generation will meet old age in the garbage. I am waiting with horror for retirement - all these left-wing firms and firms in which half of the country worked 90-2000s with left-hand salaries, two failed reforms of pension accumulation, theft and so on. Nichrome is not a bright prospect.
    1. Erg
      Erg 3 January 2016 10: 30
      The country's problem is that we all work for the Fed (through our "beloved" Central Bank). And the more and better we work, the wider the smiles will be on the faces of bankers and their watchers in Russia ...
  23. Evgeniy30
    Evgeniy30 3 January 2016 12: 49
    And not only in the coming year. And as long as all sorts of Ulyukaevs, Siluanovs, etc. are sitting in the government
  24. Elena2013
    Elena2013 4 January 2016 18: 55
    Quote: NordUral
    They will not leave us while the liberals are in power, in the yard - the oligarch-capitalism and thieves-officials in the entire vertical.

    Video Hello Capitalism!
  25. Coconut
    Coconut 5 January 2016 12: 21
    Quote: apro
    And I have no doubt that next year the problems with salaries and prices will only increase, in our sharashka for next year there are no orders, we interrupt with a trifle.

    The trouble of Russia is not that the poor are starving, but that the rich will not get drunk in any way ((