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Permanent Representative of Syria to the UN spoke about the role of Turkey in the Syrian conflict

Syrian permanent representative to the UN, Bashar Jaafari, sent a letter to the Organization’s Secretary General, urging the international community to “put an end to the violations and crimes” committed by the Turkish leadership, reports RIA News.

Permanent Representative of Syria to the UN spoke about the role of Turkey in the Syrian conflict

According to Jaafari, “armed groups that have waged an unprecedented terrorist war against Syria since 2011 are supported by the states of the region and beyond, in particular by the Erdogan regime.”

“During the crisis, Turkish intervention in the internal affairs of Syria took many different forms, including the direct involvement of the Turkish armed forces in the offensive military operations to support terrorists by the Erdogan regime,” the Permanent Representative writes.

"Turkey contributed to the penetration of terrorists into Syria, provided fire cover for the movement of terrorists on the territory of Syria or along the Syrian-Turkish border," the message says.

“As for the Russian fighter shot down by the Turkish armed forces, who was in Syrian airspace and bombed the positions of ISIL, no further explanation is required in this regard, since the fact of this crime speaks for itself,” the letter says.

The diplomat also stressed that “Ankara is committing crimes against Syrian refugees in Turkey, fleeing from terror and tyranny of such terrorist organizations as ISIS,“ Front al-Nusra ”,“ Army of Conquest ”and“ Islamic Front ”, (representatives) of which The Turkish government harbors Turkish territory. "

“Trafficking in human beings by terrorist gangs is carried out with the knowledge and with the direct participation of institutions and organizations controlled by the Erdogan regime,” says Jaafari.

He noted that several years ago “Erdogan raised the issue of the protection of people of Turkish origin, despite the fact that they are citizens of sovereign states”. This, according to the Permanent Representative, says that the Turkish President "dreams of reviving the colonial legacy of the Ottoman Empire."

In conclusion, Jaafari, on behalf of Syria, called on the community to "take a determined stand in order to put an end to these violations and the crimes of Ankara."
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  1. avvg
    avvg 30 December 2015 15: 43
    There is no doubt that Turkey has long laid eyes on the pieces (northern part) of Syria and therefore supports terrorists in Syria to overthrow Assad.
    1. Scoun
      Scoun 30 December 2015 15: 51
      Quote: avvg
      Turkey eye laid on the northern part of Syria.

      If today's information turns out to be correct .... then it may well turn out that they "laid eyes" on Turkey.
      В The European Union Times They write today that the People’s Republic of China received permission from the Syrian Arab Republic to begin deploying up to 5.000 elite military personnel in the Levant’s military zone.

      Among them, first of all, the fearsome Siberian Tigers from the Xinjiang Military District, and Night Tigers from the Lanzhou Military District.

      Special operation: China sends 5000 special forces ...
      3 hours ago ›novosti-mira / 35190 ... kitay ... 5000 ... v ...
      Latest News »Latest News Today» Special Operation: China sends 5000 Special Forces soldiers to Syria.

      and as people say, it means that peace will soon come in Syria ... the Arab monarchies will not want to quarrel with the Chinese and lose their contracts, and Erdogan Don will be left with nothing. China will defend its investment ....
      Russian Aerospace Forces guided by opposition ATS bombed gathering place of IS leaders
      On a tip from the Syrian opposition, a Russian Su-34 bombed a meeting point for militant commanders near the capital of the Islamic State (IG, the group is prohibited in the Russian Federation) Racci, the building is completely destroyed, said on Wednesday an official representative of the Russian Defense Ministry, Major General Igor Konashenkov
      1. jjj
        jjj 30 December 2015 15: 55
        Some kind of dumb sources. China needs to hide behind in Afghanistan
        1. Riv
          Riv 30 December 2015 16: 01
          The Chinese are nonsense! If only the Buryat armored police ...
      2. APASUS
        APASUS 30 December 2015 16: 32
        Quote: Scoun
        The European Union Times writes today that the People’s Republic of China has received permission from the Syrian Arab Republic to begin deploying up to 5.000 elite military personnel in the Levant’s military zone.

        If such information is confirmed at the official level, then the alignment of forces will change dramatically in Syria. Many countries, including the United States, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, will shut up. Nevertheless, one should not forget that the ultimate goal for the USA is a global conflict in the region.
        I kept pondering the words of Vanga for a long time, about how 200000 soldiers from China would reach Yerusalim and could not understand how this could come true, although now everything could be ............
        1. Hyppopotut
          Hyppopotut 30 December 2015 18: 18
          Unfortunately, Fashington and his ilk are well aware of everything, as well as the oil trade, and the casualties among the civilian population of New Russia ...
          These are their allies ... How can anything be done against a NATO member!
    2. 79807420129
      79807420129 30 December 2015 15: 58
      Actually, everyone at the UN and the OSCE and the animal rights league know everything perfectly, but Europe is terrorized by refugees and controlled from across the ocean, it’s beneficial to have such a dog as Erdogan in the Middle East, that’s Syria’s voice, glaring in desert.
    3. Denis Obukhov
      Denis Obukhov 30 December 2015 15: 58
      Open secret. Somewhere around the beginning of the year, almost officially in the West, a plan began to be started, according to which part of Syria’s territory, the West was ready to recognize the Islamic State, supposedly to stop the bloodshed and the military’s inability to resolve the situation, so that the Islamic State was already recognized as a lesser evil . Assad’s military overthrow would give the West an information veil that would cover up IS recognition. The Western public would perceive the overthrow of Assad as a major victory and would not pay attention to IG on this background. In essence, the start of the deployment of the Russian group foiled the NATO military operation already ready to begin to overthrow Assad. The country should be divided into two parts divided between ISIS and moderate opposition. After the legislative approval of the existence of two separate states, the IS could have been abolished for any formal reason to declare war and seized the territory to divide it between Turkey, Israel and Syria. The puppet authorities in Syria would undoubtedly agree to such a division and legitimize the division of Syria. There is reason to believe that the same procedure could be carried out with respect to Iraq. Apparently something similar could have happened in Egypt, if the military did not interfere in the political process.
    4. Simon
      Simon 30 December 2015 16: 15
      Not only Syria, but also Iraq, where it has already climbed.
      1. alexng
        alexng 30 December 2015 16: 34
        It’s time for Erdogan to insert the wick with the packet in one place and release it into the desert, let him run in search of a way to let this wick out before the explosion.
    5. Uran
      Uran 30 December 2015 17: 01
      how much can you talk. but things are not visible. Turkey as Ukraine. the us and the west use it for their own purposes. and terror takes root. apparently few Paris events ...
  2. meriem1
    meriem1 30 December 2015 15: 44
    Will the UN exacerbate ??? Everyone sees everything. But much is turned a blind eye. The conjuncture however.
    1. Alexey Boukin
      Alexey Boukin 30 December 2015 15: 48
      Everyone sees, including international organizations, but blindly obeys the American dollar.
      1. Sid.74
        Sid.74 30 December 2015 16: 08
        Quote: Alexey Bukin
        Everyone see

        Those who do not interfere with lumber in their eyes ... they see.
  3. venaya
    venaya 30 December 2015 15: 48
    Turkish President "dreams of reviving the colonial heritage of the Ottoman Empire"

    Hence all the other actions of Erdogan. The small Ottoman tribe once had a huge empire, involving many other nations in their interests.
  4. Great-grandfather of Zeus
    Great-grandfather of Zeus 30 December 2015 16: 00
    Soon, the phrase "turned to the UN" will sound like sarcasm. defended their territorial integrity and independence.
  5. Denis Obukhov
    Denis Obukhov 30 December 2015 16: 01
    The Ottoman Empire, Russia has beaten more than once already, I have no doubt that it will not be difficult to repeat. Only it is necessary to fix the result specifically so that Turkey does not have desires to spoil.
  6. raid14
    raid14 30 December 2015 16: 05
    While the Turks are under the wing of the United States, all Syrian statements at the UN are unfortunately: "The voice of one crying in the desert."
  7. sl22277
    sl22277 30 December 2015 16: 05
    One gets the impression that Erdogan deliberately puts his troops under attack in order to foment a war. Hence, all sorts of provocations are evident .... The invasion of the territory of an allied state in the Middle East. PS (I am simply amazed: what idiots must be in order not to see the US plans to destroy both the Middle East and the EU at the hands of each other?).
  8. valent45
    valent45 30 December 2015 16: 14
    The UN in today's world has simply become a stating organization.
    It has no influence on military and political situations in the world.
    Amerikosy generally put on her ...
    So you need to ask for help from friends and allies who can support
    both political and military means.
  9. staryivoin
    staryivoin 30 December 2015 16: 16
    Quote: meriem1
    Will the UN exacerbate ??? Everyone sees everything. But much is turned a blind eye. The conjuncture however.

    Known not to hear. This organization dances to the tune of FSA spellcasters, and they had a script like Iraq ready for Syria and Assad. But here again Ivan Rus came and messed them up and ruined everything. They only know poorly in Fashington, we don’t leave our people in trouble !!!
  10. sharp-lad
    sharp-lad 30 December 2015 23: 36
    It's funny Talk about the support of terrorists by one country supporting terrorism like an international organization!