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004 "Count" ordered ...

The story was from our near stories

I swear to tell the truth
just the truth
and nothing but the truth ...
It was!
g Tolyatti, 2014 g

He lived and worked in 1979 in the glorious city of Tolyatti as an engineer who graduated from the Togliatti Polytechnic Institute in 1976 and therefore had a military accounting specialty “Fighter-anti-tank artillery platoon commander” and a military rank “Reserve Lieutenant”. He was 26,5 years old, had a wife, son, mother-in-law and two-room Khrushchev, where they all lived together. He worked at the glorious Tolyatti Electrotechnical Plant as the head of the technology bureau, and soon the position of deputy head of the workshop was planned. But fate is always ready to make us sharp turns in life.
So when I got home from work, I received a summons from my wife to the military registration and enlistment office, where I was told that I would be summoning for medical commission for recruitment into the Soviet Army, according to the law on universal conscription. He began to think how to hang out, nothing was found, except that up to the age of 27 years, from which no recruits could be recruited, half a year remained. I received the answer that during this time I will have time to go through the medical and selection committee, arrive at my place of service and celebrate my 27 anniversary there.

The medical examination took place in a military hospital with military doctors. I had no health complaints, no where to take it. Only for a joke to a neurologist, he said that I have severe lower back pain. Received the answer that under the military regulations, military personnel are obliged to remove the wounded from the battlefield and deliver them to the medical unit. So in the army, I with my radiculitis, left to the mercy of fate, I will not. So I met the first manifestations of the army mentality. To pass the commission called on the people with a margin. Of course, citizens with connections unscrew. And to one simple comrade, with cancer sick father and mother on his hands, locking the ground forces on his report imposed a resolution - "To serve." This report was poked into a hare to everyone who stated reasons not to serve. But after six months he was demobilized for these reasons.

So 1 September 1979 of the year in 9 hours of the morning I was with a suitcase at the railway station of the glorious city of Vyborg, Leningrad region. Before sending the major from the department of reserve officers of the military registration and enlistment office to our team, he said: “Guys, you will all put on a ridge after the service. I chose a great place for you - the Leningrad Military District. ” His merit is doubtful, and the brandy would not be sorry, only two years later he was not at the military registration and enlistment office.

From the military commander's office I was sent to the headquarters of the motorized rifle division in accordance with my instructions for arrival. There, before the door of the personnel department, there were already about ten young former reserve officers, and now they are in the status of “Biennial Officers”. We visited one by one and went out with the number of the military unit where to serve. We got acquainted, one was a fellow countryman from Tolyatti - Yura Bobkov. I was told - the 67636 military unit is there somewhere. Arrived there somewhere.

It was the 129 motorized rifle regiment of the cropped force. Just like everywhere: parade ground, barracks, warehouses, headquarters, and so on. The buildings are old Soviet and ancient royal times.

Local junior officers were glad to see us: there would be someone to wear outfits, otherwise we are “every other day for a belt”. From the line of the regiment sent to the soldiers' barracks.

There, in the Lenin room, there were beds close by. It was the resting place of the arriving biennial officers. From them we learned that there is no other housing in the regiment, but you can rent housing in the city. After putting the suitcase, I went to the clothing warehouse to receive uniforms. The regiment's clothing service chief, Lieutenant Alexander Galashin, who graduated from the Volskoe Military School of Logistics this year, cursed the two-year-olds who arrived: what… and mn brought you, the last footcloths in stock, and supplies of ammunition will begin in January next year.

Tram-tararam ... planned economy. He was objected that he had read the policies of the party and the government and that the special department was not asleep. He replied that it was better to go to prison than to the army. Later it turned out: he was studying at the Syzran Helicopter School, but from the first year he was deducted from his health and the military father added him to the rear school. He had a civilian profession, an economist, and he set a goal to resign from the army. But in these times service in the SA was a serfdom - “twenty-five years like a copper pot”. In the future, he did everything that would have contributed to his dismissal, but got rid of him in a disarray in the DRA.

His fate is unknown to me. But there was something in the ware warehouse, and the officers comrades carried away items of military uniforms with them.
The title asked me: "Size." "56, 54-4, 44". "There is nothing except a belt, shoulder strap, buttonholes, caps and cape, take it." "And how should I proceed?"

"In the army, all questions are decided by the authorities, report back." He took what was given and went to the head of the artillery division, Lieutenant Colonel Artyukh. Received an order: every day in the morning to ask the chief of the regiment's clothing service about my clothing allowance.

I did not ask what to do the rest of the time, but in civilian clothes I had no right to do military service. All the arrivals before and after the two-year-olds were smaller than me, and the next day they stood in the morning divorce of the regiment, and their service began with a career. I went my own way by a certain chance. The next day, with a biennial lieutenant from the city of Novocherkassk, Shura Kozmin (between his Shuriy and I Vasily) went to the city to look for an apartment. We were lucky. For 30 rubles a month, they rented a large room in a three-room apartment in an old Finnish house with a grandfather and a woman, who had three adult daughters. The eldest is married. Two unmarried twins: Anna Nikolaevna - an artist, and Maria Nikolaevna - a student at Leningrad State University, in 24, they lived with their parents.

Then I spent the whole of September, except weekends, I came to the 9 watch at the warehousing warehouse and sometimes got something, but this was not enough to get into service. There was a telephone in the apartment, and I started calling every day with one question and received the same answer: there is nothing for you. I was given an identity card of an officer with a note in the column “marital status” - single. I did not begin to demand correction, and only upon my arrival in Tolyatti, when I was registered with the military, I was again married and made my son happy.

In mid-October, received a winter hat. He walked through the territory of the unit, and the officers who saw me, all as one, said that the winter would be early and fierce.

Received a salary both for a rank and for a position of 220 rubles, 120 sent home. And on 100 rubles he lived lived modestly, but without denying himself the basic needs.

Marya Nikolaevna immediately bought into the “single” box, so I did not have to put any effort. On weekends, she came home and her personal life improved. My sidekick Shuria was all dramatic. He fell in love with Anna Nikolaevna, but not mutually. She had a lover older than her on 15 years, which she later still took her out of the family. Shurii suffered from unrequited love. But Anna Nikolaevna, from her own considerations (to me incomprehensible), at the end of the service agreed to marry. They signed on modestly, spent their first wedding night and on the morning of Shuriy received a surprise as the USSR 22 June 1941 of the year - a divorce without division of property. The main thing is that his legs no longer exist in this house. But he endured everything steadily, but the feminine inherited characteristics, epithets, expressions are not measured. There were no curses, so not everything was lost. After the service, we did not communicate.

My military service was just incredibly fantastic. The regimental commander changed in part, part was staffed with soldiers and officers in full staff, it came out very closely in the same areas, but the order of the Defense Ministry was executed. The regiment commander himself was interested in the command when Lieutenant Postavnoy would be put into operation. But no one could help. In almost all the cropped parts of the Leningrad Military District, deployment also took place, and warehouses, even the district ones, were empty. My clothing size was not visible anywhere. By the beginning of December, I didn’t have only an overcoat, tunic, PN kit (field uniform), full uniform and boots. But my relatives, as it should be, received my photos, where I was in the field and in everyday and full dress, in a sword belt with a pistol and at the banner of the piece. What and how the service was a military secret was not supposed to be reported and punished for disclosure.

“But thunder struck, you can't do anything about it” (V. Vysotsky). I recognize 25 in December 1976 of the year (fourth month of service) from Shuriy, that the two-year-olds who served four full months in the current year are entitled to leave where you want to go within the USSR for ten days without a road. All biennial comrades who fall into this category have already written a report and are going on the road. "There is nothing, he otporil port;" (he). Home must be declared at the parade, according to the photos. Took from the head, what were the size of the missing items ammunition. He sat on a regular bus and arrived on the outskirts of the city, where the border part was located. A sergeant came out at the checkpoint, picked up items and, after 20 minutes, brought out clothes of my size, which was without edges. In SA, it is red, the border guards are green. Not only traded boots, they were not at the regiment warehouse in general at the moment. I contacted the official at the apartment and reported on the situation. He yelled, come immediately take off myself. So, almost new chrome officer boots, worn out to me, were also found. Yalovye received later, and the command went through the whole winter in heavy yalovyh, but the task of improving the country's defense capability was completed. Another officer got into operation. But everything is not so simple. One sign came true, which was expressed by comrades officers, when I appeared in the morning divorce in the artillery division. Along the ranks flashed: Deliverable in the ranks, probably something will, be sure to be. And this something (26.12.79 g) has already begun - Afgan. And he touched our part immediately and directly. About this later.

And in five minutes, as I appeared on the parade-ground, a fighter with a red folder of outfits flew up to me: comrade lieutenant, sign off, you are in charge now in charge of the guard.

A vacation is decorated with 28.12.79 g, and tickets are bought for 28.12.79 g, only to stand for the night and hold out for the day. The vacation was as it should be, and I arrived at the part on the appointed date 13.01.80.

At this place we are distracted by the humorous incidents that occurred in our regiment during the period of my virtual service. Army humor is a thing or thing explosive. It cannot be somehow different in an environment where weapon there is an instrument of production. From such humor, someone is bad, but everyone around him can be fun for a long time, and for a long time they will still retell others. Because there is something to tell.

It was at the beginning of May 1979. The commander of the regiment was Lieutenant Colonel Bezmenov, a typical military servant whose army is his whole life. He was approached by a demob, but he performed his duties not relaxed, but as he did all his service. He did not want to part with the army. He had a daily ritual. At six o'clock in the evening, if there were no disturbing events, he took a glass of vodka in his office, smoked a cigarette and went home. The whole regiment knew about it. But alcohol consumption ended there, and he had no problems with that. The regiment served as commander of the company "eternal captain" Belinsky. He, too, was approaching a demob, he exchanged a career for “aerials” and “bends”. In the army, in order to make a career, they “bend”, the opposite - “bend”.

So, at the beginning of May 1979 of Mr. Captain Belinsky stepped on duty on the regiment and tapped into the office of the regimental commander in 18.15: allow me to enter, enter, allow me to contact, contact. "Comrade Lieutenant Colonel, I will never again command a regiment, allow me to command one hour in your absence." Lieutenant Colonel Bezmenov, without hesitation, replied: "You will not allow Belinsky for even five minutes." "And one minute is possible?". Bezmenov knew that there would be a trick, but you need to know which one? "I allow one minute." "Then give the command." Bezmenov picks up the phone “The front part. Major Shpagin, I’m decreasing, for me the captain Belinsky is appointed as the acting commander of the regiment. ” "Comrade Lieutenant Colonel, allow me to call you."

"Allow". “The front part. Major Shpagin, the acting commander of the regiment, Captain Belinsky, speaks to you. Get me a vacation from the day after tomorrow. ” But the fact is that Captain Belinsky for his "exploits" for many years went on vacation in the winter, and spent the summer with the soldiers on the "virgin soil", that is, the harvest. Bezmenov laughed and on the phone: "Major Shpagin, issue leave to Captain Belinsky, according to his report, I signed him." And Belinsky has already put the number in the written report and submits it to Bezmenov for signature. But after the holidays, Belinsky again thundered on the “virgin soil” according to the established tradition.

In September, 1979 r in our regiment was replaced by a commander - Major Mochenyat.

He was married to Tolstikov’s niece of our ambassador to China. And he spoke openly to everyone - I don’t worry about a career, my relatives make it for me.

He loved to arrange offensive spills to any subordinates, especially in divorce. After the greeting, the team “Free” was given and the presentation of one actor began. He was throwing a working folder at the parade-ground, and shouting with his feet: “There were bastards in our regiment!” And then it was depicted who had done what in the regiment over the past 24 hours. Immediately, there were “rewards” and “rewards”. But Mochenyat Leonid Borisovich was not a harmful person.
Never remembered the military past sins. Sometimes he canceled his punishment. The officers never said anything bad about him. It was just very unpleasant to receive spills in the presence of the whole regiment. Especially senior officers. By the way: our 129 motorized rifle regiment unofficially began to be called "129 infantry rifle regiment". I don’t know of another case, which regiment commander won such an honor. He did not possess normal mental abilities, as well as the main officers of the Soviet Army - below average. The military people themselves admitted: the military has only one convolutions in the head - from the cap.

Leonid Borisovich decided how to manage the regiment as Chapaev - with his sword bald. That is, without thinking, without consulting, at once, at the same instant and so on. Therefore, it happened that I got into awkward situations, but did not worry, because to the career he was provided for anyone. True, he did not do much trouble during my service.

About his awkward situations, the military story began like this: “They are wet with a sword baller ....”. And then the essence of the matter.

This is an introduction to the new regiment commander. And then everything about the same captain Belinsky. He returned from the "virgin soil" in mid-October. Approaches to the check point regiment. And there, standing at the entrance are Major Mochenyat, about whom Belinsky knows nothing, and Lieutenant Colonel Belyaev, the commander of the battalion in which Captain Belinsky is the company commander. Major Mochenyat, who knows nothing about captain Belinsky, also addresses Belinsky: “Comrade captain, who are you and where?”

Captain Belinsky takes under the hood: "The officer of the headquarters of the Leningrad Military District, captain Belinsky." Major Mochenyat also takes under the hood: "The commander of the 129 motorized rifle regiment, Major Mochenyat." Immediately intervenes Lieutenant Colonel Belyaev: "Comrade Major, this is my company commander, arrived from the" virgin. " And he himself was holding back with laughter. They urinate not bewildered: "Come through comrade officer of the General Staff."

Distracted by Lieutenant Colonel Belyaev. He was half a year before the demobilization, when in June 1980 G was appointed as the commander of the collections of graduates of institutes with military departments. Future comrades-in-charge officers, in order to screw up Belyaev with alcohol for a time, with charges. He was drunk to death. Already Lt. Col. Mochenyat agreed with the doctors - death from a heart attack and ordered to be buried at the expense of the regiment and with the military band. He said that Belyaev deserved it with all his service. Indeed it was.

Let us return to Belinsky. In the regiments of the Soviet Army was the position of the party organizer, not to be confused with the political officer. This position assumed the type of "party work among the members of the CPSU and among the whole of society." It is easier: it is collecting membership fees from members of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, holding rare party meetings, conducting rare political studies among officers, pleasing the authorities so that they do not ask for such a free position with military salaries and military benefits.
The Partyorg in our unit was Major Starostin. The man is harmless, smiling higher and indifferent to the downstream. As a body he was not a big sprout, round and his head was moving to a torso without a neck.

And now Captain Belinsky (I personally attended and several officers' comrades) at the entrance to the regimental headquarters says Major Starostin peacefully passing by, "Comrade Major, do you know that soon there will be civil war in the Soviet Union, and the Communists will be hanged?" "Belinsky, you try to humor as always, but now you think I'm crazy." “Well, there will be or will not be a civil war, and you have nothing to worry about. Comrade major you have no neck. " The poor major did not find what to answer, blushed and disappeared into the headquarters. All around amicably neighing.

There was another joke Belinsky to Starostin. Belinsky called from a street telephone booth to the assistant attendant in the unit. He called outgoing information from the corps headquarters and dictated a telephone message: “To Major Starostin at five o'clock in the morning at a fork in the road (ten kilometers from Vyborg) in field uniform and with an alarming suitcase. Further instructions will be provided on site. " At eight in the morning cars with a company of captain Belinsky drove past, passing a fork in the shooting range. Belinsky leaned out of the cabin and saluted Major Starostin standing on the side of the road. There were no duels or denunciations. Starostin admitted his complete defeat, and he was a cowardly peaceful man.

Now, in the event of four months of my military service, you can make lyrical delights about the geography of the duty station. The Karelian Isthmus is the natural beauty of world importance. The city of Vyborg with its ancient part in granite halo is incomparable. And I have never met so many mushrooms in the local forests for the rest of my life. And the lake “Troychatka” is three lakes that overlap one another. And if you shout at the third place, you will hear a triple echo.

But all the beauty of this area is described, recorded in many other means and sources. We will not repeat. But only the song is not about that at all, but how it was served me later on ...

And so, I arrived after a vacation in the territory of my 13.01.80 part approximately at 15.00 in mv. I look and see: a powerful Brownian movement of military people is taking place on the territory. Everyone rushes like mad with anxious faces. The chief of staff of my motorized rifle battalion running past me (the regiment artillery commander successfully got rid of me) quickly ordered:

"Take in the drill section a note on the arrest at my castle platoon of Huseynov
(and I was statewide commander of an anti-tank platoon in a motorized rifle battalion) and surrender him to the garrison guardhouse. He wanted to ask the chief of staff what had happened and how, but he immediately sped off and disappeared from sight. Sergeant Huseynov was with NBO - three courses of the Moscow Energy Institute, an Azeri. He came to the drill unit and found out that Sergeant Huseynov, drunk at night, for no reason and no reason attacked the officer on duty with his fists. The strangest thing was that the officer on duty was Senior Lieutenant Erokhovets as high as 200 cm and weighing no less than 140 kg. Having received firmly in the face, he immediately calmed down. He took Huseynov and took him on a city bus to the garrison guardhouse. On the way, asking him why he did it. The answer is I do not know. We arrived, we see: on the market square in front of the guardhouse there is a crowd of military officers and soldiers, but soldiers, for some reason all of Caucasian nationality. Then the warrant officer Ensign Menchik comes out on the porch and announces: “There are no places for three days. Hand over the arrest notes to mark. " Checked in and went to the part. Then I find out that a secret order from Moscow to the headquarters of the Leningrad Military District about sending personnel to “Maneuvers-80” in such a quantity, came to the final point of Mr. Kushka three days ago. All soldiers of the Leningrad Military District learned about this in an hour, and maybe earlier. Therefore, people of Caucasian nationality, neither Asians, nor Ukrainians, nor Balts, nor Mordovians, nor Khanty with mansies, etc., but only they rushed to sit out in the guardhouses. The next day, in the morning, all the guardhouses were released, and those who were punished with unclosed punishments were put into service. And then the train with the final destination of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan.

I arrived at the unit, I hear: all the officers at the meeting at headquarters. The chief of staff of the regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Kim, reads the order of the division commander: “Maneuvers-80” are announced. On the basis of our division, form two echelons of officers and personnel with the final destination of Mr. Kushka. Then he reads the posts and the names of the part officers who are serving on the maneuvers. Then he gives the order to the head of the department to give out the pay for two months in advance, the head to give out ammunition for the year ahead and start to give Kalashnikovs with folding butts without ammunition. From the audience a comment: I have been on all sorts of maneuvers, but they have not given out machine guns to officers. Chief of Staff on: on the completion of personal affairs for three days. 17 January two trains should be on the road.

Decreasing personnel officers engaged in the device of personal and official affairs. Some biennial officers, but only a few people, filed reports that they too would have taken. It was denied. Biennial to Afgan not sent. It was visited only by those who served in the units that were the first to enter with the mission of international assistance. Written reports and soldiers spring demob, was denied.

After three days, part of it was empty. Soldiers remained spring demobels, biennial officers, and officers who were not on the list of departures.
In March, Gruz-200 came - our platoon commander. A young lieutenant after college, a Suvorov orphan. He had a daughter in October. I was driving a GAZ-66 with a Muslim driver. They fired at him, severely wounded him, damaged the car. The driver began to shout in his Muslim language: do not shoot, I am a Muslim. The driver was not touched, the machine gun, cartridges, grenades were taken away. Lieutenant cut off all that is possible and gone. I picked them up another car. A Muslim driver was given a decent time. There were no more dead officers from our regiment, there were wounded. About the dead soldiers were reported at the place of residence.

Our unit soon relocated from the city of Vyborg over forty kilometers to the Bobochinsky garrison of the village of Kamenka, where the Warsaw Pact training center was being built. Our "129 infantry regiment" was renamed the "129 infantry regiment". The personnel arrived from somewhere and the recruits arrived. The staff organization of the unit was an unrolled motorized rifle regiment. And all became excavators, loaders, bricklayers, all that is needed for construction. The qualification of such construction workers was none, and the work was done "the main thing is not to fall, stand for some time." The platoon commanders took the soldiers to the construction site and stood there as guards and pursuers.

We settled bessemeynyh at the moment officers in the officer’s hostel. There was no shower and no hot water, so that officers could quickly adapt to field conditions.

In the quadruple room number 10 on the first floor got to:
1. Your humble servant.

2. Lieutenant from artillery Repin Igor Yulievich. Graduated with honors
Kazan State University with a degree in mechanical engineering (with one "n"). He worked in Balashikha near Moscow in the space research and design institute on space topics. Not married.

3. Lieutenant from artillery Cherentsov Vasily Afanasyevich. He graduated with honors from the Leningrad State University with a degree in mechanical engineering (with one “n”). He worked in Kirovsk, Leningrad region, as a master of a machining workshop with CNC machines. He is married, two children, they need to grow, not to science.

4. Lieutenant from artillery Snarsky Sergey Iosifovich. He graduated with honors from the Leningrad University as a biologist. He worked as a researcher at the department of Leningrad State University, tortured mice, rats and rabbits, developed artificial intelligence. Not married. He was engaged in karate and played the guitar, macho with broad shoulders and kind character.

From an incident of some time, I realized that my neighbors are three to four years younger than me, the laws of social life are understood in pink, as propaganda teaches. They disappeared in the service, how much their commanders ordered and tried themselves. I gathered them together and declared: you guys are schizo, who do not know what they are doing. You do not need posts and stars for epaulets. You need to serve two years honestly, but without harm to health. Therefore, know the measure of official zeal, positions and stars for epaulets will have personnel officers in your labors. And we put the title rang. According to the law, an officer called up from the reserve counts the time for the next rank, just like in military service. Of all the two-year-olds of our division, he thus received another rank upon arrival at the service, only one schizik with a red diploma from Saratov State University. He was engaged in some space defense issues. Type how to shoot down space objects. And his commander of the regimental anti-aircraft battalion strongly Lieutenant Stepanova began to respect him. All the others received the next titles for firing. The difference in salary lieutenant and Starley ten rubles. Not bad for those times. Salary of lieutenant 250 rubles, without income 217,5 rubles. Over time, there is a promotion for the experience and title. But for this you need to serve "as a copper pot".

I will continue about further instructing my roommates. Based on the fact that you will not be able to sort things out on your own, then I declare you the schizo of Chamber No. 10, and I will be your life-giving physician teacher.

Lieutenant Repin - schizo number 1.

Lieutenant Cherentsov - rabbit schizo № 2 (two children in 25 years)
Lieutenant Snarsky - schizo number 3.

Lost souls, you should counsel on business with me and get
treatment clarification.

Schizik number 1 immediately understood everything and then acted logically situation.

Schizik number 2 immediately rejected my installation, said that this behavior demoralizes the army and should serve without sparing his stomach. And paid for it.
He and a platoon were harnessed to build an observation tower on a tank proving ground as soon as possible. There were white nights, and the platoon worked, leaving the 4-5 hours to sleep. We slept on the line, food was brought. Cherentsov, the regimental commander promised seven days off for completing the task. Vasily Afanasyevich so wanted to be with his beloved family. The platoon completed the task, and the battalion commander announced to Lieutenant Cherentsov three days off, including the road. The military life itself gave a good treatment to Cherentsov's schiszyu from the illusions of propaganda. And I added a joking treatment treatment to ward number 10. “Deprive Lieutenant V. Cherantsova for a month of active sex life and send to forced labor in the field with living with your favorite staff. 09.06.81 g. Three months left before the demob. A very hard case of propaganda mental disorder. But schizo number 2 received a shock treatment in 1981, today in 2014, the general director of Neosphere LLC in Kirovsk.

There was another case with him. Summer 1981 Mr. Dembel inevitably soon. Ten o'clock in the morning. Lieutenants Postavnoy, Repin and Cherentsov relax after a regimental divorce on beds in ward number 10. Suddenly, out of nowhere, appeared ... ..

In the hallway of the hostel we hear the loud voice of the regimental commander, Lieutenant Colonel Mochenyat, mostly obscene: “Comrades, officers ... you will serve ... will ...? Otherwise I am you ... !!! ”. Lieutenants Cherentsov and Repin jumped up. Repin looks at me, what will be the action. Lieutenant Cherentsov grasps his belt and disappears without a cap in an open window (first floor). I slowly get up, put on my belt and cap, Repin is the same. I close the room, and we take a decisive step past Mochenyat, salute. He was taken aback, paused, and until he came to his senses, we were already around the corner of the hostel, where Lieutenant Cherantsov was found in the undergrowth, who had not yet recovered from the shock. Yes-ah, and this is a fighting officer with high moral standards.

For their valor during retreat before superior enemy forces, Lieutenant V. Cheretsov he was awarded the Special Biennial Military District with the medal "For Shy Courage". The medal was made of several glued layers of round toilet paper and with the appropriate inscriptions. In the fall, I contacted Vasily Afanasyevich 2013 in the fall, having found him on the Internet. He congratulated me on the Day of Defender of the Fatherland in 2014 g, sent a photo with the only and beloved wife.

Lieutenant Snarsky did not recognize himself as a schizo, refused treatment, he chose all actions himself. And his decisions were worthy. Not "sagged" and "not curved." Although, on the chase "Schizik number 3", responded.

Lieutenant Snarsky taught us, as it was with the officers, to drink champagne with or without cause, but without spending a lot of money. In Leningrad, at the end of Nevsky Prospect, there was a cellar wine shop. And only in it was always Moldovan white dry wine "Sauvignon", a bottle of 0,75 l for 90 kopecks. All of our chamber number 10, who have been in Leningrad, as far as possible, packed up this wine. Under my bed was a box of artillery shells. There were brought "Sauvignons". If necessary, they were delivered, the contents were poured into a saturator (a household apparatus for making soda water), sugar was added, a cartridge of carbon dioxide was inserted, and military field champagne with the name “Officer - biennial” was served on the table.

And if vodka was added, then you know, the holiday was a success to such an extent that I wanted to write a report on long service.
But our society did not abuse consumption. Sick people after all.

Now about our post-army communication. I do not remember the date.

With Repin I.Yu. I met twice in the former Podlipki near Moscow, where he lived. In a communal apartment and in a new recently received. And we met in Kazan, where I was on a business trip. And the last time in Moscow, again, I was on a business trip. Then Igor was not married, and it was obvious that he was very fond of the serpent. Then I lost his address and home phone. I began to search in different ways in 2011 for the thirtieth anniversary of demobilization, but I did not find it.

On a business trip was visiting Seryoga in Peterhof. Not married, had no adventures, except for a complex leg fracture. We went with him to Vasily Afanasyevich to the city of Kirovsk, where we noted the meeting well. He also lost his address and home phone and did not find it.

Further about further service since January 1980. All the artillery officers called up for two years were recruited by the Leningrad Military District for two-month artillery training in the city of Pushkin. They passed through a regiment housed in ancient barracks with two-meter walls, vaulted ceilings from the time of Catherine. There were, of course, modern buildings. But to get, one can say in the past historical times, to feel oneself in them, it was romantic. The sensations of romance led to the fact that every day after class and until midnight, companies gathered with the romantic tricks and went to get acquainted with who, what, where and how. LenVO in geography was from Novgorod to Murmansk. They said that on the Karelian Isthmus there is a town where the Arctic Circle passes through it. And what is there on both sides of the Arctic Circle for one military unit. In the northern military unit double polar salaries. A southern military unit ordinary salaries. And that "arched" officers from the northern military unit were sent to serve in the southern military unit. But it was extremely rare. Since there were all biennial officers at the training camp, I organized an inspection of the education of the comrade officers. He gave a pen and paper and asked to write four words: "engineer", "intellectual", "lieutenant", "gunner". With the Russian language, the problems are always primarily with the Russians themselves. The “foreman” of the charges was the zabibenny captain, I do not remember his last name. He was sober and not every day, before lunch. Always participated in our "romantic" parties. I told a lot of things from army life. And he had a constant saying: "As experience shows." And soon all the meetings started talking: “What are we going to consume today?”. “As experience shows, the same as yesterday. Etc. There was a lieutenant at the training camp, well, a parody of an intellectual - a bespectacled little boy. And he had not crossed cannons on his buttonholes like everyone else, but crossed hammers and an adjustable wrench. Like the railroad workers. And no one at first did not bother to ask him what and why. He was very enthusiastic about romance, and he was absolutely not sociable.

But soon the lieutenant colonel, the head of the camp, did not remember his name either, saw these badges in class and asked: “Comrade Lieutenant, why do you have artillery emblems, what kind of troops are these?”. The lieutenant intellectual answers in alarm: “I have the right”. So he was called “I have the right”. The troops with railway emblems turned out to be topographical and they were directly at the headquarters of the military districts and the General Staff. Well, the saying “I have the right”, with inappropriate answers, but having some kind of logic, also entered the lexicon of fees.

At the end of the collections, these sayings departed around the Leningrad Military District, and then there were officers who used them and were not at these collections.

Once I was on duty in my company of romantics and was walking from a store with eight bottles of wine in a briefcase around four in the evening, the classes were not over yet. On the territory of the part I met the head of the charges. "Comrade Lieutenant, what is in your portfolio?" "Personal things." "Open and show." "You have no right." "The regimental commander has the right, let's go after me." I go and worry - can or not have the right to confiscate? We arrived at headquarters, and the regiment commander had a meeting. It lasted forever, and the lieutenant colonel could not stand it and let me go. I thought the incident was settled, but no. The captain arranged for us to mark the departure from charges on a travel certificate for three days in advance. They lost and all did not go to the service. But intelligence does not sleep, and in general in the army everything and everything in sight. We went out for a divorce, and the regiment commander, slapping the working folder on the parade ground, shouted as usual: “You bastards started up in our regiment!”. He reported that the biennial officers who were at the artillery gathering had lost such a date and entered the service today. And that he knew about it when we were still on the way to the unit. I wonder why we did not catch? And that Lieutenant Postavnoy received a report at the training camp, with which he would not be allowed to go to prison. And that these should be dismissed from the army immediately. My heart has already sank, I'll be home soon. "Major Shpagin, prepare the documents for dismissal!". Major Shpagin, let me remind you, this is the commander of the front part of the regiment. "You can not dismiss, Comrade Lieutenant Colonel, only through a criminal case by a court decision on a conviction for a term." “Then transfer him to Captain Potesnov’s battalion for education!”

Further, the regiment commander announced that firing was going on at the artillery range and that all two-year-olds would immediately go there. It was the month of March. The temperature at night at minus thirty. Gunners and soldiers, and officers housed in winter tents. And only five of us were given a summer tent and a stove. They said: there is nothing more, I should have been in the service before. While the stove is burning, you can sleep. Extinguished, frost and stars, the night is wonderful. They were on duty in turns. Fed in the communal kitchen under a canopy. And all the two-year-olds were cheerful and cheerful, no one got sick, because they gave them to shoot from real cannons and mortars. It was a fun occasion. In the evening, at the dinner next to me was a mortar battery flyer. That's what he told me. Shot from 82 mm mortars. He and another biennial were charging. I mean, mines were placed one by one in the mortar tube. One mine did not want to shoot, that is, it remained in the bore. They informed the commander of the mortar battery, already captain Yekhorovets (height 200 cm, weight 140 kg). He told all the extra people to retire for a hundred meters, and he said to us: “Boys, I turn the pipe over, and you catch a mine. Just don't grab the fuse. ” And then he did everything as he said. We only managed to substitute hands. Mina carried away for the hill. They called sappers on the radio, and they blew it up. It is interesting that the loaders, which turned into dischargers, did not even have time to get frightened or something to think about. And it is interesting that the biennial officers showed better results in calculating pickups of guns than personnel. I turned out to be a good organizer in all matters of shooting, and the regimental artillery commander at the end announced me thanks. There was a joke about him. Lieutenant Colonel Artyukh sits in the car and commands: "Start, fighter, let's go." The driver turned the starter, the car will not start. "Do not start, Comrade Lieutenant Colonel." "Let's go, the fighter is faster, then you start." Comrade Lieutenant Colonel simply was a thoughtless person, he was guided by the situation and made decisions with a delay. Shot and returned to winter apartments. I recall that I was sent to the "education" in the battalion of Captain Potesnov. It was a careerist to the bone. I didn’t sleep, I didn’t eat and I didn’t give my subordinates, he had to get a major ahead of time and leave to study at the Warsaw Pact Academy. He knew German, served in the GDR. With a slight delay, he fulfilled his dream. After a daily dress from Saturday to Sunday, the officer was given a day of rest. Potesnov canceled it. All the officers of the battalion obeyed, except me. And began my "education" to make me a "real officer." It ended with a court officer's honor in the month of July. First, the case of Lieutenant Galashin was considered. He had one crime - non-performance of official duties. He was not engaged in part supply. The personnel went in a torn military uniform and tied up with wire boots. Bed linen has not changed. Did not receive in due time outfit and officers. Galashin dreamed of retiring from the army. But I had a list of crimes like a full-time recidivist. Captain Potesnov strained all imagination and the experience. I recorded all the charges. And when I was given the floor, I denied everything with the evidence. I don’t remember all the charges, but I didn’t have a wife with me because I don’t go to work after Sunday’s attire. What a man should wash at least once a week. For this, I go to Vyborg, because there is no normal sauna in the Kamenka. Only soldier, and all the time crowded. This caused a great sympathy comrades officers. From the back ranks exclamation: not to judge him, it is necessary to reward. What are we losing time here, at home wives are waiting, dinner is getting cold. The court retired and rendered a verdict. To petition the higher command of the dismissal of Lieutenant Galashin from the ranks of the Soviet Army. Lieutenant Postavny render public reprimand.

The next day after the divorce, the political officer of the regiment, Major Mikhailov, approached me. “Lieutenant Postavnoy, the order has arrived in the DRA, Lieutenant Galashin is leaving in three days to his destination. Will you take on the duties of the chief of the regiment's clothing service until your replacement arrives? " "Comrade Major, I think three days is not enough time for the transfer of affairs from the chief." "Well, if you agree, then take action immediately." In short, on the same day, the affairs were accepted by me, since there was nothing to accept. The warehouses were almost empty. Now I was no longer "educated", but was my own boss and my own subordinate. He wrote instructions and orders to himself and carried them out himself. Well, not 100 percent "to myself", but close to that. Of course, I had a chief - a deputy regiment commander for the rear. But, realizing that I was doing everything competently and on time, he stopped controlling me and did not interfere in my affairs. In the morning I took a tilt ZIL-131 with a driver in the autobath, and we went to Leningrad to the district warehouses. There were already invoices for receiving military ammunition. All that remained was to calculate when loading and sign the invoices. On the way back, I took a couple of beers for 22 kopecks at roadside stalls, and life was wonderful. For a month, I changed all the military regiment in everything. Set up a bed linen change once a week. Comrade soldiers saluted me by moving to the front step. It was respect and, probably, gratitude for the fact that I had established what should be according to the charter. I have a lot of free time. Let me remind you that in Vyborg, Shura Kozmin and I rented for 30 rubles a month a large room with a sofa and a bed and two daughters of the owners. The old territory of our unit remained in Vyborg. There were empty warehouses, that is, for me there was an excuse to be in Vyborg. If there was no business in Kamenka, then I lived in an apartment in Vyborg. Shura Kozmin only paid for the apartment, and he could live in it only on rare weekends. The car with the driver was in the old territory of the unit. I decided matters and found out the situation on my home phone. It was not for nothing that I wrote under the title of the story - "It was!". Once again I confirm, yes - it was. And what else will happen! As head of the regiment, I saved the Motherland from shame and saved some officers from trouble. At the beginning of March 1981, an order came: within three days, form such and such units on the basis of the division to be sent to the Polish People's Republic to strengthen our grouping of troops. Give new uniforms to the personnel. And so, it was Saturday about twelve o'clock in the morning. Gentlemen, patients of ward No. 10 and those who joined them relaxed after a week of service, for some reason. Seryoga Snarsky and Yura Bobkov (my compatriot from Togliatti) alternately played everything they could on the guitar. And we still had. The door opens, the chief of the clothing service of the division, the captain… enters. "Postavnoy, do you have at least some tank overalls. It is necessary to change the clothes of the anti-aircraft battalion to be sent to Poland. There is nothing in the warehouses of the division, I checked everything, and the units in the morning, disguised, should be in Leningrad. " The captain looked sad, he no longer hoped for a miracle. And black tank overalls in the ground forces were, so to speak, a thing in themselves. They were quoted much higher than overland jackets. Therefore, they always quickly dispersed from the warehouses of military units, and it was difficult to get them over the limit from the supply bases. And our "tool-building" regiment through the efforts of Lieutenant Galashin did not receive tank overalls for a year and a half. All who are entitled to them, tankers, anti-aircraft gunners, walked in simple green-gray pea jackets and this bothered them. And they were not in the district warehouse for a long time. Didn't sew. And now the deputy for the rear informs me. Go tomorrow for tank suits while they are in the district warehouse. Leave me 52-4. Well, naturally the whole regiment knows this news. I received more tank combos on 50, because I presented an interesting bottle of “White Muscat of Red Stone” to the woman in charge of the warehouse in years. This amazing Crimean wine was worth 9 rubles at the time, and it was worth the effort to get (not buy) it. And so it was. Went in Leningrad to some deli drink aerated. Just went to the counter "Juice-water", ran into a woman, probably the store manager. Behind her loader carries a box with bottles of wine. This woman speaks quietly to the saleswoman: “OBKHSS and people's control are coming to us. Utility room free. And I am the first. I took three bottles for all the money. Two sent home by mail, and left one for himself. So she helped save the country from shame and misfortune. We drank this nutmeg with a warehouse, talked for life. I still remember its taste, nothing was more delicious. In the morning I go to a divorce in a new tank jacket five minutes before the appearance of the regimental commander. The regiment in the ranks, and swept along the ranks: "I brought !!!". I stood in the ranks of the regiment control, the commander arrived. The regiment duty officer began a report, the commander interrupted him: “Lieutenant Postavnaya, I am 50-4. Hello, comrades! ”And a rare case: on that day there was“ No swine in our regiment ”. Well, now quite specifically. Combos 50 pieces could be said for an emergency, and no one knew about it. I say: “Comrade Captain, I will thank the Motherland for a hole under the order or a medal. His eyes widened. “Stay on an extra urgent, I will determine you to the construction battalion in Vyborg, you will get an apartment right away. There, twice a year, the uniform was issued, and only once a month, do not forget to receive a salary. You can stay there until full. ” What beautiful places there! But I can not be a military man, even in a free place. In short, the anti-aircraft battalion entered Poland in new tank overalls and some military careers were not damaged. A replacement came to me, and I was again dismissed as the commander of an anti-tank platoon in the battalion of Captain Potesnov. Only now he waved his hand at me. After all, I had merit in service and demobilization in six months. In general, the fate of the military is often ungrateful. But I did not grumble, but like everything and, as expected, I began to prepare for the demobilization and live the life style of the demobilization.

Here it is necessary to tell more about merry affairs when I was in charge. At the end of August, 1980, after a divorce, was summoned by Lieutenant Colonel Kim, the chief of staff of the regiment. He was a Soviet Korean, but the habits had an Eastern despot. He talked to the downstream man, turning his face to the side, and playing pocket billiards. He had no good soldiers and officers, all rascals. He did not understand humor, he had a difficult Russian language. Once he was in charge of the regimental commander. From the night it was pouring rain. In a divorce, Lieutenant Colonel Kim gathered the officers in a heap and uttered: “Today is heavy rain. Therefore, we will not urinate and personnel. We will hold political studies. The comrades-officers understood correctly, and went not to urinate, but to carry out political exercises.

Lieutenant Colonel Kim was the parent of the most famous phrase in the army: "You would get drunk on vodka and hooligan discipline, and Pushkin will serve for you."
So he asked me: "Comrade Lieutenant, how are you doing on clothing allowance?" "Everything is in order, comrade lieutenant colonel." “Then you will go to the reserve area for a week, change the lieutenant ...” The reserve area is a territory in the forest near the road to Leningrad, in 35 kilometers from the part, fenced with barbed wire and with inscriptions on the boards: “Stop! No entry! Military object ".

On the territory were semi-underground warehouses. According to the stories, only crackers and UZK kits, an army protective kit were stored in them. Military theorists assumed that while the aggressor would strike aviation or rockets at the location of our unit, we will already chew crackers in the spare area. From above radioactive ash will fall on us - the remains of our civilization, but we nevermind, we will be dressed in UZK. Sukharev was designed for three days. It was assumed that during this time, aliens would search for us and take us to safe areas or to other planets to revive civilization by crossing with female humanoids. That was the concept of “Spare District”.

I came and I saw - a well-equipped dugout with three bunks and two well-fed old soldiers. Immediately visible cats snickering. In the morning I did not find them either in the dugout or in the vicinity. Came around at nine in the morning with moonshine fume. Everything is clear without questioning - the village is somewhere near and the women in it. Warned calmly - something will be no further under the charter, I will replace it with my soldiers. But it turns out, kotyary were on a special task of the chief of staff. In the afternoon, they gathered a bucket of mushrooms in the forest, and in the evening, Lieutenant Colonel Kim drove him back to Vyborg. The most good mushrooms were beyond the fenced territory. It was not worth an hour to collect a bucket. Cats, of course, conceived a dirty trick against me. And they succeeded. On the third day, Kim did not arrive in the evening, and there was no connection in the reserve area so that enemy intelligence would not find its location. In the morning, a car arrived to receive products for the team in Vyborg. I thought that the mushrooms could spoil the evening and took them with me.

Drove them to the apartment, gave the hostess. Immediately they were fried with potatoes, and I had a great dinner. He took the products in the old location and arrived at the place of deployment.

Feline immediately report - only I left, arrived Lieutenant Colonel Kim. Asked where I and the mushrooms. Mushrooms went along with Lieutenant Postavny to Vyborg for groceries.

Lt. Col. Kim, through them, ordered me to arrive at the unit immediately. I arrived under his eyes the morning after the divorce. Kim started for peace and finished: “Tomorrow at three o'clock there will be a battalion Komsomol meeting, where you, Comrade Lieutenant, Komsomol members of your battalion will be educated how to serve the Motherland.”

Immediately it became clear that the same bucket of mushrooms. At the Komsomol meeting was attended, of course, the regimental chief of staff, Lieutenant Colonel Kim. He said nothing, only listened. I completely agreed with all the accusations.

In the last word he said: "I am not worthy to wear a Komsomol ticket." In short, the Komsomol contributions were steep in relation to wages. Mine were 3 rubles 62 pennies, exactly a bottle of vodka at that time. True, I stayed exactly a month before parting with the Komsomol, but still profit in my pocket. The decision of the Komsomol meeting of the battalion read as follows: for the behavior unworthy of the rank of Komsomol lieutenant Postavny V.M. exclude from the ranks of the Komsomol. The case, of course, is from psychiatric practice. But so decided the authorities. By the way, I had a conversation with the Skvortsov-Stepanov Hospital. This name was often recalled in vain in the conversations of the military. A recruit who took the oath ran away from the platoon. They sent him to Mr. Kirishi for me, of course. I learned that his father and mother were ordinary alcoholics and he was taught to drink. I took him to the Finland Station. With me was a sergeant from the battalion.

I went to the ticket office to buy tickets, and the sergeant let him go. Then he was detained by the police and he was sent to the regional psychiatric hospital in order to spoil the reporting of the unit, you know the name. I was called to this famous hospital. The chief of the psychiatric service of the Leningrad Military District, Colonel ..., without introducing himself, asked me questions: what did the private ... say in part? “What he wanted in the Soviet Army to get away from the life of alcoholics, learn order and discipline, return from the army a normal person. But I saw a mess and fuckin '. Yes, he said this while still in the unit, and I heard that. But I only then realized that I had betrayed an anti-Soviet. For which he received: "Comrade Lieutenant, you repeat the delirium of a sick serviceman, you are an officer, you should not have said that." Naively replied that they asked. After some time, my soldier after the “course of treatment” was commissioned for health reasons. The soldiers said that he came to the unit and laughed at the "fools who serve." The case is not typical, but indicative of the “mess and blyadstvo.” Well, the last Komsomol contribution I still had to pay. The battalion commander-in-chief of the battalion approached me, Senior Lieutenant Khmelnitsky: "Comrade Lieutenant, give the money to the Komsomol battalion, he paid for your contributions." "And how to exclude?". "In the division, something is pulling with approval." This is the saga about the chief of staff of the regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Kim, and myself and some others.

Now a little about love, as without it. Kamenka village is located on one side of the edge of the long and narrow Lake Krasavitsa. On the other side was a fur farms, raised different furs. The work was mainly female and the men ran around the surrounding cities.

In the summer, after a release, the following picture was observed: from the coastal reeds floated a variety of watercraft, mainly car chambers. On these watercrafts, as when crossing a water barrier in battle, personnel from the division units sailed towards the animal farm. Returned one by one, that would have time to climb. In the evening, a patrol of an officer and two soldiers was sent to the landing site. But the patrol never observed anything, there were no reports from him to the commandant’s office on violations. There was another fur farm for 40 km from Kamenka. There and back to the part of the soldiers as they could, and traveled. But a patrol was also sent there by car. Local girls invited patrolmen to visit for tea, coffee, dance. In the parts, it happened, they caught the fallen women, who took everyone around the clock for food and drink. Soldiers caught tripper. They screamed, “Nachmed, don't send to the hospital until the piss completely ceases.” In the cinema and the club at the same time on Saturday were dancing. In the garrison there were wives of officers who were on long missions, women soldiers, women civilians working in the garrison. Women came to the dance from the vicinity of Kamenka. Single officers do not count. So there was a choice and love was.

Well, now, the saga about demobilizing time. And this is the most important thing in my story-it was written when, according to the results of brain tomography, I have sclerotic signs in the initial stage.

It was Thursday 21 May 1981. There was a demobling pendulum, when you wait for the day to pass and another comes. I joined the outfit in 18.00 for 24 hours as an assistant on duty in the unit. This is sitting in the duty room at the entrance to the headquarters and answer phone calls. After seven in the evening there are few people in the headquarters. And calls are rare. No one distracts, and you think about the daily. And this - I want to quickly go home. And this is not until the end of August. And now the hand itself takes a fountain pen and in the telephone book (the log of the mark of dismissal of personnel, poor army, there was no normal large notebook in a cell or in a ruler), my hand writes

"T No. 573 from 21.05.81 d. 004" Earl "(call commander of the division) ordered: The following officers, designed for two years to dismiss from the CA with 01.06.81 g in stock
1. Senior Lieutenant Bobkov Yu.E.
2. Lieutenant Commissars B.P.
3. Senior Lieutenant O. Lapshin
4. Lieutenant A.I. Minchakov
5. Lieutenant K.V. Zinoveykin
6. Lieutenant Tochilov S.P.
7. Lieutenant Postavnoy V.M.

Reason: Order of the Commander of the Leningrad Military District No. 34 from 17.05. 81

Everything happened involuntarily, probably in a state of uncontrolled semi-consciousness.

Just wrote, the lieutenant-biennialist comes in ... and asks for a book of telephone messages.

I serve, so it should be. He scans and says, "Is this a red bike?"

This is another army joke. Yura Bobkov was guarding his platoon at a construction site. It was before lunch. The men say, comrade lieutenant, the potash is over. It is added to the solution during the winter laying of bricks. Yura turned to Senior Lieutenant Yerokhovets that potash was in stock, but transport was needed. He replies: “You will not find a transport right now, but the other day a new red motorcycle was driven into the autobat. If you are able to ride a motorcycle, then you will take it and bring it. Shake everyone there, or they can ride a bike on their own motorcycle. ” Yura quickly walked three kilometers to the autoboat. The duty officer left for lunch. Two soldiers on duty Asians, in Russian with difficulty. Yura was shaking them for half an hour and demanded a red motorcycle, until the duty officer arrived. Then it came into the lexicon, if someone “pinned” someone, they said: that was the one who drove something on a “red motorcycle”. Or if the information was incorrect, they said: “Not kizdi, red motorcycle”.

I am answering the question of Letheha: “No, Pasha, demobling is not a joke, especially demob itself”.

And he left.

For the whole next Friday day, for some reason, I didn’t have demobels on duty in the duty room.

There was no commander of the regiment that day, no decisions were made on my telephone message. In 18.00, I changed from attire, came to ward number 10. I hear the soldier's bath is free. In Vyborg, I moved out of the apartment of 1 on May, without warning Maria Nikolaevna, who had views of a single lieutenant. Therefore, I needed a free bath. I come, in the washing compartment, two soldiers from the neighboring regiment rub each other’s backs and say: “I heard that on 129 the regiment of biennial officers is dismissed early. Probably Afghan or Mongolia. ” "Yes, easily." I come from the bathhouse, in the hostel’s lobby stands Yura Bobkov: “Pray, red motorcycle”. I repeat: “Yura, they do not joke with the demobilisation, especially the demobilization themselves. Yes, and this is a criminal case to write fake telephone messages. You call the assistant on duty on the part, he will read you a telephone message. ” Yura picks up a standing telephone. There is no officer, a soldier who speaks bad Russian speaks to him that he is trying to read something. He shouts into the phone: "And the last name Bobkov is there!" "EEST". In the dorm ceilings were 2,5 meters. Yura begins to bounce, reaching for the ceiling with his head, shouting: “Hurray, demobilization.” He was a sports friend. Seeing this indescribable joy, my face broke apart, but could not resist. Yura, seeing this, fell into a stupor. And I say to him: “Yura, what kind of joy you have experienced, let her experience other“ demobilization ”.” He immediately agreed to support the legend. The next day was Saturday. In part of the park-economic day before lunch. It did not concern me, and after the divorce, I went to the Lake Beauty to sunbathe. He came to dinner in the officers' canteen and again to the beach. In the evening I returned after dinner at seven. I hear in the room opposite the banquet and about the demob. I entered, in the big room all the “demobels” and those who joined them, mark Dembel soon, except Kostya Zinoveykin, our fellow countryman of Samara, a miser and miser as all Jews of Israel taken together, Kostya was the most terrible miser, anecdotal Jews were far from him. But he immediately called his wife and son at the beginning of the service. He brought them with their suitcases to the headquarters of the regiment and got a place to live. And the majority of married biennial officers lived on a “state security” service. After the third toast, I notice that there is no Sasha Minchakov. He was seconded for a time to the old territory in Vyborg. Alexander was a descendant of Rostov Cossacks and hails from this city. He looked dark-haired, slim, with a Rostov accent and humor. His wife Tamara and daughter Lena adored. But this did not prevent him from performing marital debt on the side. For treason, he did not consider it; these were physiological needs. Of course, all the men adhered to the same, but silently. And Sasha talked about his sexual affairs on occasion. Sex talker is the same find for a spy. In short, I say: “We must call on Munchakov for demobilization”. Society supported, as without him. I went to the lobby, dialed the call signs, take a telephone message: "Lieutenant Mynchakov come to the unit at the Kamenka to be dismissed." As he himself said, he was not there at that moment, and when he appeared after midnight, he was immediately telephoned. He called the assistant on duty on the part, the soldier read him a phone message. He did not sleep all night. And six o'clock in the morning. At this time, the first bus comes from Vyborg. Me sleeping shaking by the shoulder. With difficulty, after yesterday, I open my eyes - Sasha Minschakov is standing excited and nervously smoking. “Postavnaya, is it true, is it not a“ red motorcycle? ”. I collected the package home with scarce items, the box was in the middle of the room ready to be shipped. I say: "Alexander, I am already sending some of my things by mail, so as not to drag me with a suitcase." Sasha saw the mailbox and was delighted: “I will go, call Tamara.” He let the smoke ring and happy went to call his wife through a military connection. Mail did not work.

Monday. Passed a divorce. After him, the officer on duty on the part of the officer submits to the regiment commander a telephone message book. He looks on the go and signs the resolution. On my telephone message he wrote “to Shalkov, to execution”. Captain Shalkov was new, just a week as the appointed commander of the regiment commander, transferred from his post as battalion commander. Further comrades officers began to approach and congratulate me on early demobilization.

But a messenger soldier appears: "Comrade Lieutenant, sign the book of outfits." Outfit the patrol commandant. I entered 18.00, I entered the dormitory in 22.00.

Again in the room opposite the banquet of demobels. I went in, sat down at the place covered by the entrance door.

Sasha Michakov is sitting on the side of me and is holding a filled glass in his hand low above the table.

The door opens. He who enters does not see me behind the door, and he says: “What a“ red motorcycle ”gave Postavnaya! Shalkov, not knowing how to dismiss two-year-olds, calls the line unit of the division. They wonder what telephonogram? No, probably missed.

Call in the case, there is also surprise. Call in the Leningrad Military District. They immediately respond with the use of non-printed vocabulary: "What are you there ... By telephone, the coal at the station is unloaded ... and you are firing officers to the reserve, tram tarar tarar." And they went on command from the corps to the division and from there to the regiment in the same format. Classic dumb scene. Sasha Minchakov turned pale, his hand weakened, his glass knocked on the table and remained standing, and Sashin’s hand remained splayed.

Yura Bobkov uttered: “Gentlemen officers, what a joy in life, a holiday. But there will be a holiday on our street, it will not go anywhere. ”

Then, for some time, the unenlightened officers of the neighboring units, upon seeing the “demobels”, asked: “Comrades officers, why not a civilian?”. All the former "demobels" having agreed, replied: "They wrote a report to serve a full term." The surprise was indescribable.

But for me the events related to the “early demobilization” did not end there.

As I have already reported, I got into the outfit on the commandant's office on a patrol on the shore of the lake “Krasavitsa” not to let healthy men go to the same women. After getting out with soldiers on the shore of the lake on Tuesday, he arrived at the commandant's office to surrender his outfit to 18-00. It turns out that an officer did not arrive from our unit. Commandant under the peak: "Comrade Lieutenant, intercede on the second day." I have already been told that the Chief of Staff Lt. Col. Kim wants to see me. I answer: "There is the second day." And on Wednesday at lunch in the officers' canteen, he saw me. "Comrade Lieutenant, eat and go to my office at headquarters." I go and think what will happen?

Knocked: "Allow me to enter?". "Come in." Has entered. "Sit down." Then I felt uneasy.

Whatever Lieutenant Colonel Kim suggested to sit below his rank and position, this is terrible nonsense. He talked with such people, turning away his face and playing pocket billiards. Flashed: "It can sit down and have ...". But he reacted in a heroic way. I sat down and smiled. Lieutenant Colonel Kim gives me a telephone book on the page with my telephone message: "Comrade Lieutenant, did you write this?" "Yes, Comrade Lieutenant Colonel!"
"What for?". "I want to go home, comrade lieutenant colonel." "Go, Comrade Lieutenant, you will be dealt with by the Special Section." He, this department, reacted in the following way: the familiar major ottudova meets and, seeing me, begins to laugh, but quietly: “Postavnoy, you have alarmed all Western intelligence services. There for some time, too, could not understand anything and tried to figure it out. How many spies slept. But to reward you can not. " He was joking, of course, but the main thing - everything worked out.

And that is not all. The next day, the regiment commander did not yell at the divorce regiment “The bastards started in our regiment” and did not arrange disassembly with throwing the working folder on the parade ground. Immediately after the report of the officer on duty, he commanded: “To the right, in the places of work and study march. Lieutenant Postavnoy, come to me! ”The command was carried out, but officers, as usual, began to run out of the column, who needed to solve problems with the regimental commander. Lieutenant Colonel Mochenyat responded: "Everyone in line, Lieutenant Postavnaya, to me!"

On the parade ground, for the decision of the regimental commander of short questions, there was a trailer booth on automobile wheels. The witnesses later said that she almost turned over.

So comrade lieutenant colonel stamped his feet and screamed in all sorts of ways. Having waited, when the storm of emotions has stopped, I address: "Comrade lieutenant colonel, let me file a report." Silence.

I draw the report and the telegram. A wife comes. According to the unwritten law, I have three days of exemption from service. They get wet in prostration: “Sam was a boor, I saw a boor, but this ... I went to ... out of sight.” He spent three days with his wife and son in Leningrad. Lived at her aunt in the Red Village. Upon arrival, the unit was again in an unfavorable situation. In a part of the arms room of one of the mouths, a Kalashnikov machine gun was stolen. The situation was "alarming" and searched for a machine gun in the vicinity day and night. The story ended like this. He stole a demob - Dagestani was brought to the unit, and he showed where the machine was buried. But personally, I had a “bytovuha” common in army circles. Maria Nikolaevna decided to put pressure on me who left her. Naive primordial. I wrote a letter to the regiment commander and political officer, where she tearfully asked to have an impact on the unscrupulous Lieutenant Postavny, who left her in an interesting position. The latter was a lie for good, everything was under control. They urinate after the divorce called me into the booth and asked: “Fucked?”. "Yes". "Three days to you and that there are no more questions." I came to the dormitory of the Leningrad State University and said to Marya: “Not fate”. She cried and escorted me to the bus station.

Then everything went according to the demob scenario. All the real demobels who wanted a crap-call service, who wanted to, went only for divorces. The laws of society are unshakable in contrast to the laws of the state.

But time is inexorable.

28 August 1981, the real demobling order came to the unit and the two-year-old demob, listed in my telephone message, grabbed the bypass documents and ran to issue them. No one collected banquets on this occasion. Faster flush without delay.

Only Kostya Zinoveykin invited me to be at his home in the evening. I arrived. The table was great, Kostya and his wife were glowing with joy. They waited. We stayed until morning. These are the paradoxes. He himself was surprised for a long time. The transfer and execution of cases takes at least two days.
Having signed by the end of the second day all the bypass list except the regiment commander, I arrive to him.

For Mochenko, who was on leave, was Major General Zubko of the regimental commander, a little bit malicious. He tells me, “Comrade Lieutenant, I declare you three days of arrest. Get a note about the arrest in the front part ”. "For what, Comrade Major." "For all your art, comrade lieutenant." The situation is not fun, but not tragic. The salary goes on any.

The next day, in 9-00, I arrive in the glorious city of Vyborg, where the garrison guardhouse is located. By the way, I have been there twice before. Finally, I walked around the city and somewhere in 11-00 walked along Lenin Street in the direction of the guardhouse to the Market Square. I go, I think about my own, but I notice that three midshipmen are walking in the same direction in front of me. Turned off a step. They approach the guardhouse and go there. The officer’s cell is five-seater;

I walked along the market square and into the guardhouse. I put a stamp “No Place” and went to drink local “Zhigulevskoe” beer for 22 kopeks. The next day, in divorce, the surprised look of the battalion commander, Major Potesnov, shows a note of arrest with the stamp “No place”. I come to Vyborg for about two days. "There are no seats". I come to the stove and go to the medical unit to treat my teeth. I go to the dentist by the name of Potesnova - my wife. She looked at me very surprised, one tooth cured, and for the second she ordered to come tomorrow. Tomorrow, before the divorce, Major Potesnov literally splashing saliva, quietly told me: "If you go to treat your teeth, then you will tear out the whole jaw!". "Comrade Major, but there are no places." “If you don’t sit down today, tomorrow I’ll drive myself.” Well, I'm not guilty, the next day and in the morning there were no places. When I was in the reception ward, Major Potesnov called. The duty officer was a familiar biennial. "Major Potesnov asks if you were put in prison?" "Say, led to the camera." Well enough, it's time to demob, my sidekick is long there. I talked with the head of the guardhouse to reserve me a place for tomorrow. This situation amused him a lot. He arrived in Vyborg without going to the regiment's divorce and finally began serving his sentence. Departure, came to the major Zubko signed. He was amused: “And we, comrade lieutenant, dismissed you a week ago.” Something I did not like, but was not upset. “And this will pass,” King Solomon did not worry. Received the signature of the regimental commander and went to the Chief of Finance for all due.

From the open door of the combatant unit, I hear the voice of the clerk: "I don’t have to enter, comrade major, there is no place at all." Yes, you will know, many military documents are written in dense text, which would retroactively, that is not finished. Well, okay, not for nothing, I sat down and sat in the guardhouse, everything was paid for. But they tell me that the ensign-nachfin is in a drinking bout, look for him at home and persuade him. I called the apartment nachfina. The cheerful cheerful ensign opens completely sober. "You're in the drinking bout?" "Yesterday finished."

He gave me about six hundred rubles along with a dismissal allowance.

And without saying goodbye to anyone a suitcase, train station, Tolyatti. By order of transfer to the reserve they assigned me the rank of senior lieutenant. And in stock, he lived to see the captain.

And Major Potesnov told me that in my description on dismissal it is written: it is inappropriate to use in command positions in the Soviet Army.

I do not claim the laurels of the “Good Soldier Schweik” - to each his own, but I hope my readers will have fun. The main thing that the modern young generation did not think that we were polls fuckers, and now they are completely “peppers”.

As for professional matters. I am an engineer. In French, "engineer" means "inventor." If you are an inventor, then you are an engineer. If not, then you are a specialist of a different level with a diploma. So, I have always been an engineer. For what happened and now I have ignored me of specialists who have not yet climbed from a tree, whose evolution will continue for millions of years. Russia, despite the merits of talents and geniuses, the country of fools, like the whole world. And you will not get anywhere, because we are governed by the cosmic and our earthly masters. He was friends with alcohol, but did not abuse it. I did not have anything serious materially, so I am writing memoirs to diversify my retirement life. And what would have been something to remember the older generation, of course, the military, who lived in our Soviet past. Soon all this will certainly be forgotten. That is life. But what will the next generations remember and remember?

I leave this question of history.

Now a summary of what has been said. My character is cheerful, as can be seen from my actions. It is excluded from the Komsomol, they will not be allowed into prison, it is inappropriate to use them in command posts with the SA, you can add immorality. But I hope that the heavenly court will take everything into account and will justify me somewhere, and will forgive me somewhere and will determine me to be righteous.
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  1. am808s
    am808s 11 January 2016 13: 27
    Thank you Vasily Mikhailovich for the "memoirs" I read with sadness.
  2. va3610
    va3610 11 January 2016 13: 45
    Mentally, at home I keep my officer badge of the USSR Armed Forces ...
  3. erased
    erased 11 January 2016 13: 46
    A vivid example of what the Soviet Peacetime Army turned into during the period of the final sliding down of the country to nowhere. And she began to crawl in 1953. And she fell in 1991. So was the margin of safety.
    The author is a normal man, he served his best.
    Sometimes funny, but not fun at all. Especially against the backdrop of the then started Afghan war.
    1. MrK
      MrK 11 January 2016 19: 44
      Quote: erased
      A vivid example of what the Soviet Peacetime Army turned into during the period of the final sliding down of the country to nowhere.

      I agree. He served 37 years, two dissertations. But now it’s not better. And sometimes even worse. In addition to supplies and salaries. Everywhere and all the money. Up to the destination.

      In recent years, before dismissal, if I didn’t suck a glass of cognac upon arrival home in 22-00, I could not sleep. I went to a Moscow hospital and quit my health. Three years after the dismissal came to his senses. Thank you very much for the article. Full respect.
      1. oldkap22
        oldkap22 12 January 2016 10: 45
        I don’t know what the "Respect is complete" in that the best people from the unit left for Afghanistan (those who with the wormhole, turned away) ... the government called on the Citizen to help ... and the citizen answered -... .and not only himself rotted ... but also set up others ... I agree there were and will be "shoals" in the army. ? I am not an angel myself, but I answer for my shortcomings ... the author is just a fish - it stuck and a bloodsucker ...
  4. Egevich
    Egevich 11 January 2016 14: 08
    Happy New Year and long years of life in your right mind and sober memory, Vasily Mikhailovich ... soldier
    P.S. as officer wisdom says - the captain is the most beautiful rank ..;)
  5. Consul-t
    Consul-t 11 January 2016 14: 36
    Thanks for the article.
    Awesome ..
  6. rus-5819
    rus-5819 11 January 2016 15: 04
    Thanks to the author, made me happy! And then, I am telling how I myself served at the same time, though "urgent", they do not always believe, although there were plenty of curiosities.
    What is the letter of one southern soldier:
    "I was first thrown onto the BSL (large shovel military), and then transferred to RBU (mortar-concrete unit ibid.) "And the response of the family:" We are very proud that you became a missile operator on a combat rocket launcher! "
    "Mom! Will you collect the parcel, send more sweets: especially bacon and garlic" ...
  7. wandlitz
    wandlitz 11 January 2016 19: 47
    True article. Not everything the author told about, but he himself experienced a lot at numerous training camps (partisans).
    Almost like Vasily Terkin (Alexander Twardovsky)
    - How, they say, what? - It happened.
    - Is it difficult yet? “Like when.”
  8. Boulochkin
    Boulochkin 11 January 2016 19: 59
    Sincerely! Health to the author!
  9. 1rl141
    1rl141 11 January 2016 20: 08
    Ah captain, captain ... Do not be your major ..
    As the song sings.
    Such nonsense really can only be compiled in retirement. Because of senility.
    It is even possible that the author is an "engineer" and even an "inventor", I would even say - a science fiction. He would not have memoirs, he would have written fantastic thrillers. But apparently he is actually "nobody" and to call him "no way" .But I really want to leave at least some trace in this life. At least this, from the category "all pido ... and I am D" Artanyan ".
    The author describes how personnel lieutenants want to quit without exception, and with such posts as regiment commander.
    At that time, at the end of the 70s and beyond, it was almost impossible to enter the Volsk home front school. The competition was cooler than at Moscow State University. One boy studied with me, and so he did not enter the Volsk school, despite the fact that he was "pulled" by the acting general Colonel. And the lieutenant, having got to the post of chief of the regiment, was initially in chocolate. Unlike us, "ordinary engineers", he immediately got to the major position. That is, sitting on the priest exactly in the clothing warehouse, he rose to the rank of major with incredible ease. In addition, even the chief executive (not to mention the chief product) has many "goodies" who helped them to increase their own pay. To put it bluntly, to steal and sell a little, almost legally.
    The author ascribes to himself the merit of how, thanks to his ingenious abilities, he adjusted the clothing supply of an entire regiment. As he went to the warehouses in St. Petersburg, he "knocked out" everything, and even with interest, for a bottle of wine. I know these warehouses. ", without a box of cognac, stsuka, and forget to think to come. You will only get what
    So don’t tryndi, captain. The Red Motorcycle won't work here.
    The author as if hints at his natural literacy
    Since all the officers were two-year-old officers at the training camp, I organized a check on the formation of fellow officers. He gave me a pen and paper and asked me to write four words: “engineer”, “intellectual”, “lieutenant”, “artilleryman”. There are always problems with the Russian language in the first place among the Russians themselves.
    and immediately demonstrates his "knowledge" of the Russian language
    In the morning I did not find them not in the dugout, not in the vicinity.
    And such mistakes are not isolated. Yes, and the style at the level of the student of the 5th grade.
    The author claims that he acted as chief of the regiment and wore outfits. I did not see a single "chief", "chief product" or other "early ...." in outfits. They do not wear outfits, although it may depend on the regiment commander. Maybe somewhere and go .. Not in our army.
    The author claims that in March, at the training ground near St. Petersburg (in Kamenka, as I understand it) it was minus 30.
    In March, even on Kola -30 it’s gone, don’t drive, captain!
  10. 1rl141
    1rl141 11 January 2016 20: 09
    The author attributes the primacy of the phrase
    Lieutenant Colonel Kim was the parent of the most famous phrase in the army: "You would get drunk on vodka and hooligan discipline, and Pushkin will serve for you."
    This phrase was born before historical materialism and its author is unknown. Probably the people.
    I heard it in a slightly different version "You only need to drink vodka and break the mess"
    So again, do not drive, captain.
    The author argues that biennial students are entirely red-graduates and clever heads, while cadre idlers and boobies are illiterate. Well, perhaps this is really so in artillery. Although I doubt very much that the "jackets" were fired from mortars better than cadres.
    I've seen such "jackets". Our path - electronics and "jackets", we had graduates of the relevant universities. So the "jacket" of the red-diploma student was not suitable for our good C grade student.
    Paraphrasing the Maestro, Captain Titarenko "They can't solder, they can't read diagrams, but the eagles!"
    As for working with personnel, they are generally woodpeckers. They only aroused laughter among the fighters. Although many, after half a year, got into the service and it was difficult to distinguish them from personnel.
    In general, the author is an ordinary balabol, who has heard a lot of tales from older comrades, passing off these bikes "as his own" trying to drive us a "red motorcycle".
    If you really want to laugh at army everyday life, read Alexander Pokrovsky, a person who served not by hearsay and does not ascribe other people's tales to himself.
  11. 1rl141
    1rl141 11 January 2016 20: 45
    Yes, I forgot to add.
    In those days, the term of service from lieutenant to senior lieutenant was 2 years. The next rank "jackets" was received precisely after being transferred to the reserve. And never before. To receive an extraordinary title, the "jacket" would have to be so twisted that he would be noticed at the level of the Central Committee of the CPSU. Well, like Gagarin, for example. Or take another heroic act. And walking in the pets of the regiment commander and getting an extraordinary title for this - this simply could not be. For the order to confer the titles was signed by the Minister of Defense. So again, don't give us a "red motorcycle", captain.
    And to call the "Combined Arms Protective Kit" - UZK is in no way at all, for an officer who served for 2 years. This is at the level of an Uzbek spirit, which the UZK has not seen, but has already heard about him.
    For such "gentlemen of the officers of jackets" I explain. The spirit in this context is not a dushman, not a mujahid.
    Spirit - a soldier who served up to six months.
    The author, apparently, decided to mow down under Dovlatov, with his dubious toilet bowl humor. In general, he did.
    1. Egevich
      Egevich 13 January 2016 09: 04
      Why are you so attached to a person? I do not like? walk silently ...
      "everything happens in our life, and the ice does not melt under the sun ..." (c)
      1. lukewarm
        lukewarm 18 May 2016 16: 19
        Quote: Egevich
        I do not like? walk silently.

        Oops ... Can we close the forum?
    2. Starshina wmf
      Starshina wmf 4 March 2016 13: 13
      At first, I did not understand what narrow.
    3. Andrey Zh
      Andrey Zh 27 June 2016 09: 36
      I completely agree with you! The comments are correct. I myself served 1,5 years and also in anti-tank artillery, but I don’t know to send zoologists, electronics engineers and other "associates" to our artillery ... The brigade where I served was cropped and There was also a mess, but THIS (!) was not !!! These are fairy tales !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Senior manager
    Senior manager 16 January 2016 00: 10
    Weak person. And not all guys are fit for military service. IMHO.
  13. pts-m
    pts-m 17 January 2016 15: 20
    Humorous and cool article !!! But each reading makes his own conclusion, and the conclusions show what the man himself is and everything falls into place, according to the characteristics of the “service” described in the article.! We look forward to continuing! Good luck!
  14. esaul1950
    esaul1950 30 January 2016 17: 12
    If the "two-gaddy" is an officer, then I am the Pope. In my 28 calendars, I have seen only ONE biennial looking like a professional officer. It was a misfortune of the SA, these "officers", especially in command positions, perfectly corrupted the army. I have the honor.
  15. VALERIK_097
    VALERIK_097 13 February 2016 20: 47
    I just remembered the garrison guardhouse in the market area. DB.
    So in life and passed
  16. reading
    reading 14 February 2016 03: 53
    Thanks for the creativity!
    Read in one go. Even if the story is mixed in places with science fiction. Apparently, the author has a talent, at least literary.
    By the way, the local critics, like most of the Soviet (arr. 80s) - Russian officers, are not able to write this. It is extremely difficult for them to express their, rarely bright, thoughts, especially in writing. The reason is army oaks.
    - To which industry do military universities belong?
    - To the woodworking! Accept oaks - release linden.
    An old, awkward, but always relevant joke.
    Much has been said and written about the fierce, treacherous, unofficial biennial. The state has got rid of them (sort of) and time will tell how correct it is or not. At the same time, the quality of the graduates of military educational institutions is slightly better. Stable horseradish is a quality. Only patients are ill with the service, and it is better not to mention the moral appearance of the officers. Very few people remember what honor is.
    There were and are exceptions, but they are negligible.
    Here, too, some of them pounced on the innocuous author, flashed their limitations and instructed the grateful readers of the "minuses". It's not beautiful.
  17. bad
    bad 27 February 2016 00: 51
    well, I don’t know .. at one time we rarely jacketed but beat us ... according to the body and from the heart .. for shit, cunning, and a raunchy attitude towards a soldier, and for all that, if staff officers from the battalion found out about this, we covered up. . same did not like this contingent .. and then the time was really good ..
  18. Starshina wmf
    Starshina wmf 4 March 2016 13: 19
    In the urgent, we did not have a single officer's jacket. But when he served as a contract soldier, no one really pulled the service. Don't give a damn to everyone. And no one considered them as commanders, except for spirits. As we said: "a sergeant who served military service will give 100 handicap points to any jacket. "
  19. Curious
    Curious 21 March 2016 09: 09
    Article plus. I myself served an urgent service at about the same time as the author, but in the KDVO. And with some "jackets" I talked pretty closely. The author describes many things plausibly. There were very decent officers from the "jackets", and outright "mowers" were beaten. Although, to be honest, only "spirits" were serious about them.
    And we met all sorts of regular officers. We had an "eternal starley" in our unit (the commander of an antiaircraft missile platoon - an anti-aircraft missile platoon), who wanted to quit within 12 years under any pretext other than prison; the company was nicknamed - the commoners. There was ensign Brusokas - the chief of the regiment's food warehouse - who loved very much when he was saluted according to the charter. Dembel and the "old people" took advantage of this. 6-6 times he is honored according to the charter - in 2-3 steps you go to the drill step, etc. and he invites you to the warehouse to reward you with several cans of stewed meat or condensed milk. There was l-t Beloshitsky (nickname-Beloshveikin) - a very refined botanist - who, showing how to shoot from an RPG-5, managed to burn his foot to the bone. And on the regiment's constructions there were grandiose scrapes. Drunkenness and slanderousness were both among the officers and among the soldiers. There was a regiment commander, a soldier, whose wife was saved from loneliness by soldiers.
    I always remember with gratitude the command of our battalion - the battalion commander Mr. Levintas, the NSh battalion - Mr. Slavsky, the political commander of the battalion - Mr. Tikhonchuk.
  20. Colonel
    Colonel 25 March 2016 17: 20
    The author, Pokrovsky will not work out of you, too small.
  21. aba
    aba 30 May 2016 06: 54
    Quote: Interested
    Drunkenness and slander were both among the officers and among the soldiers.

    No luck to you bro!
    I also served in the air defense missile defense system, although I’m a conscript. It was all, but not like yours. The vast majority of officers evoked only respect, at least in our division.
  22. Andrey Zh
    Andrey Zh 27 June 2016 10: 00
    I myself served as a "jacket", but my father is a regular military man. Many classmates were also regular soldiers. So I know the army firsthand! So, in my opinion, there was a systemic crisis in the country at the inflection point of the 70s and 80s, and this crisis also affected the army, alas ... everything is very simple - the army is a mold from society, and since society was unhealthy , then the army - respectively. I personally, having served in a cropped brigade in Voroshilovgrad (now again - Luhansk), saw different people: and villainous regular officers, and normal "jackets", and good soldiers, and very bad soldiers, to whom the place was in prison, and not in the army ... But like this author, I can’t pour out the army. Sorry!
    PS In May 1986, by the will of fate, I ended up in the Chernobyl region and worked there as a shift for several months. I saw everything there - and heroism, and a mess, in general, everything ... I wanted to write about the experience at one time, but in such a cynical-humorous manner it was already too much and I changed my mind. Probably, and correctly, mindful of the thousands of irradiated, sick and dead later.
  23. PVM
    1 July 2016 07: 42
    I swear on the Charter of the Armed Forces:
    All that I described is true
    the truth alone
    and nothing but the truth ...
    It was!

    Oh, make a movie!
  24. esaul1950
    esaul1950 11 July 2016 17: 52
    Dvuhgadyushniki - the trouble of the Soviet army in the 70-80s. The author describes some aspects truthfully, but in general, as the English say, "braid of seve cable".