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This year, military prosecutors returned more than 9 billion rubles to the treasury. If we add to them the value of land and a huge array of real estate returned to their rightful owner - the state, the amount will increase with many zeros. What types of crimes most often had to be dealt with by army law enforcement officers, what high-profile criminal cases were initiated and investigated on the materials of their inspections, whose legal rights and interests could be defended? These and other questions in an exclusive interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta were answered by the Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation - the Chief Military Prosecutor Sergei Fridinsky.

Sergey Nikolaevich, what happens in the army with crime? Is it rising or falling?

Sergey Fridinsky: Despite some increase in the total number of reported crimes, today the situation with the observance of legality in the Armed Forces and other structures under our supervision is stable and generally manageable. Thanks to the joint efforts of the command, the military prosecutors, other law enforcement agencies in the vast majority of army units not a single offense has been registered. The reduction of grave and especially grave crimes, encroachments on the order of military service and a number of other categories of crimes has become steady.

It is gratifying that from year to year the number of servicemen who suffered from crimes steadily decreases. Of course, this does not mean that all problems are solved. There are also issues with violent crimes, corruption, embezzlement, which require a solution.

At the board of the military department, the president paid special attention to the need to fully implement the tasks of the state defense order and other programs in the field of military construction. How effectively does the military prosecutor's office manage to ensure the rule of law in this matter?

Sergey Fridinsky: A very voluminous and dynamic sphere, but there are some progress. This year, military prosecutors revealed over eight thousand violations of the law. According to the results of our work, more than a thousand officials are brought to various types of responsibility. According to the materials of inspections, 134 criminal cases are being investigated, 545 million rubles have been returned to the state. As a result of the overall effort, not quickly, but receivables, contract terms, reduced quality of manufactured products are reduced.

With the advent of the new leadership of the Ministry of Defense, the situation has radically changed

Among those brought to justice are not only military leaders, but also heads of enterprises, commercial organizations, and subcontractors. The work on controlling the legal spending of funds allocated for state defense orders does not stop.

For example, the management of one of the enterprises for the production of artillery systems "forgotten", which changed components to more modern and cheaper ones, and after our inspection we were forced to return 148 million rubles to the treasury. But we are not always so loyal.

According to the results of inspections by the Chief Military Prosecutor’s Office and the investigation of the criminal case, the former leaders of the Voentelecom Joint-Stock Company, including its former General Director Tamodin, were sentenced to long terms of imprisonment. There, due to the unjustified overestimation of the cost of work under contracts through affiliated companies, they managed to steal a total of about a billion rubles.

In order to enforce the sentence arrested on the assets of convicts.

In cooperation with the ministries and departments, our territorial colleagues in the subjects of the country revealed and prevented the facts of inappropriate and ineffective use of defense order funds, violations of the rules for conducting competitive procedures.

In some cases, military prosecutors prevented outright abuses in the calculation of the costs of performers at the stage of production of military products, their acceptance and payment. Thus, the joint-stock company "Zaslon", having received a one hundred percent advance on the development of equipment, spent a large part in the amount of almost 450 million for its own needs, hiding behind fictitious acts. The military prosecutors, together with other law enforcement officers, suppressed the attempts of these merchants to withdraw funds to offshore companies through affiliated structures on alleged transactions.

Why, in your opinion, in Russia are so many officials-grabber?

Sergey Fridinsky: If the answer to this question was transparent, it would be easier to cope with them.

There are many reasons for theft: economic, social, objective and subjective. In general - big money has always attracted unclean people. They do not give them peace. Especially when there is an opportunity to grab. Along with certain shortcomings in the control system, when placing orders and selecting performers, there are also facts of overt betrayal (it is difficult to name state interests) by individual officials.

Most recently, according to the results of inspections, the heads of military missions were brought to criminal responsibility. One for a bribe of a million rubles "closed" his eyes on the contractor's omissions. Another took the "left" work in the amount of 47 million rubles.

Time runs. Life is changing. Besperelschiki apply increasingly sophisticated schemes of theft. For example, military prosecutors uncovered the facts of use by unscrupulous counterparties when repairing military equipment of counterfeit or used spare parts.

In one of the cases, the ship’s aggregate of the early eighties, which, crossing the borders of several states, changing middlemen, “looked younger” by more than thirty years, tried to give for a new one. But the lives of hundreds of people depend on his work at sea.

There certainly has not been without corruption ...

Sergey Fridinsky: This year, on the instructions of the President of Russia, a number of legislative norms were adopted to control the movement of funds for defense, to tighten the requirements for contract performers, and to improve the acceptance of their results. By the way, many of them are formed taking into account the practice of work and military prosecutors.

These measures undoubtedly contributed to the maintenance of order. However, it is not necessary to relax yet.

The military component of the state is one of the parts of our society. And she is sick, unfortunately, with the same diseases. Corruption is no exception.

As before, the main objects of encroachment remain budget funds, funds allocated for construction, the issues of material supply and livelihoods of the troops.

That is, they make money on even the most necessary?

Sergey Fridinsky: Unfortunately, in recent years, the previously developed outsourcing system has not become more reliable. This year alone, more than 11 thousands of violations have been detected here. In the activities of the entrepreneurs participating in it, we often encounter substandard services, overstating their size and cost, including due to numerous intermediaries. It is also of concern that military officials are increasingly involved in criminal schemes.

In the Central Military District, for example, with significant debts to suppliers, officials of the local branches of Oboronenergosbyt and REU were not ashamed to appropriate over a hundred million rubles under fictitious contracts. Guilty detained, stolen returns.

In Irkutsk and Kaliningrad, merchants earned tens of millions, one might say, from a famous literary story - on the food of "dead souls". A number of chiefs of food services were dragged in here. In this regard, we suggested that the leadership of the Ministry of Defense should reform the entire system of the joint-stock company Garrison and its subholdings. This work has already begun.

There are questions to individual officials on the observance of prohibitions and restrictions related to the public service, the reliability of income and expenses. For such violations, at the request of prosecutors, this year alone, disciplinary officers over 700 were brought to justice, 14 were dismissed ahead of schedule.

Work on combating corruption will continue. You should not expect that military prosecutors here will become more tolerant.

The trial is over. And although the problem of the return of illegally sold military property is not completely closed, did you manage to fix something?

Sergey Fridinsky: I would like to begin by saying that military prosecutors continue to check the legality of the sale of real estate objects of the Ministry of Defense. One goal: to return sold for pennies and not to plunder further. The real estate and assets of the Ministry of Defense shareholders are a tidbit, and they are not a little willing.

Since then, the efforts of our employees have returned to the state real estate and property worth more than five billion rubles.

And how many more cases are pending?

Sergey Fridinsky: This year we sent 30 such suits to the courts. 16 reviewed, most satisfied.

I think that they are not the last, although the work is not easy.

The Defense Ministry has been engaged in the transfer of military camps that have been released for years. In terms of legality, is everything okay?

Sergey Fridinsky: With the advent of the new leadership of the Ministry of Defense, the situation has radically changed. Work to determine the future purpose of military property and its release has become more active, taking into account the tasks set by the Russian president for the future construction of the Armed Forces, as well as the interests of regional development.

I want to say about the increased overall level of interaction between the central military administration bodies and the leadership of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

However, not all issues have been resolved. A number of heads of administrations wrongfully refuse to accept the liberated facilities of military camps. The reasons are the lack of legal documents and acts of state registration, the lack of funding for their operation and maintenance.

Military prosecutors here can help something?

Sergey Fridinsky: We inform the prosecutor of the relevant subject of the Russian Federation about such facts so that he will react to them. If explanatory work does not help, go to court.

In 2013-2014, military prosecutors sent over 20 lawsuits forcing administrations to accept military camp sites. For the most part, they are satisfied.

Of course, it is necessary to protect the legitimate interests of the department. But after all, behind each such structure there are people - with their own problems and concerns. Don't you forget about them?

Sergey Fridinsky: Unfortunately, defenders of the Fatherland often need to be defended too. For us, the protection by means of prosecutorial oversight of the rights and guarantees of military personnel, members of their families and other citizens was and remains a task of paramount importance. The number of requests from year to year increases. This is primarily an indicator of the confidence of our citizens in the prosecutors.

This year alone, the military prosecutor’s office conducted more than 45 thousands of inspections, as a result of which more than 17 thousands of officials and other persons were prosecuted for violating the rights of citizens. Prosecutors in defense of their interests in the courts filed nearly nine thousand lawsuits, restored the rights of hundreds of thousands of people.

More than once I read with satisfaction letters of thanks and requests to encourage certain employees of the military prosecutor's office.

But it happened that they also dealt with complaints about the actions or inaction of prosecutors.

The most important joint achievement with the leadership of the Ministry of Defense is achievement in another - people in uniform have ceased to be "green men" and their attitude to society has changed radically.

What problems did the people most often come to you in the past year?

Sergey Fridinsky: Our employees dealt with a wide variety of issues - from paying salaries and wages, various allowances to illegal dismissal and housing. They helped to restore the labor rights of citizens, sought to provide benefits and material support to those to whom they are entitled by law. Solved many other problems.

Generally speaking, incoming appeals are usually associated with dismissal from military and public service, its passage, provision of housing, provision of medical services, payment of insurance sums to combat veterans, investigation of criminal cases, rental of premises of military camps.

It happens, we protect the legal rights of war veterans and their relatives.

Does anyone have the conscience enough to offend the front-line soldier?

Sergey Fridinsky: Unfortunately, it happens. For example, in Rostov-on-Don, officials decided to suspend the payment of a pension to a veteran of the Great Patriotic War. The reason - he, he says, temporarily went to visit relatives in Georgia. After our intervention, the money was paid to the veteran.

Another example. The widow of a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, who from the 1942 year to Victory was a member of the 79 Guards Rifle Division, was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War of the II degree, was denied compensation for the manufacture and establishment of a gravestone monument to her husband. And for obvious formal reasons - she was unable to present his veteran ID.

To quickly help a woman, we went to court. He made a decision: a veteran to recognize the participant in the war. The widow received due compensation.

You mentioned unpaid wages. A very painful question, especially in a crisis. Why, in your opinion, the severity of this problem does not subside?

Sergey Fridinsky: Often administrative arbitrariness entails infringement of the rights of hundreds of people, and the welfare of their families is made dependent on the whims or selfish aspirations of the leader.

For example, in St. Petersburg, the leadership of the local branch of the Slavyanka joint-stock company did not pay almost four hundred employees a remuneration for the sanitary maintenance of the barracks and housing stock of military camps. The amount of debt exceeded 11 million rubles.

Moreover, it should be noted that all the necessary contracts were concluded with these workers. By means of prosecutorial response, the debt was repaid, the perpetrators were brought to justice.

It is one thing when the company is on the verge of bankruptcy. And it’s quite another when its leaders deliberately go into conflict with workers, frankly infringe their rights ...

Sergey Fridinsky: It's not only about deliberately infringing on rights, but also about the lack of necessary knowledge. There are employees of business entities who do not know the law or do not fully realize their responsibilities. I mean the management team. But subordinates often do not want or are afraid to assert their rights. Of course, there is the so-called legal nihilism of citizens. But there are leaders-tyrants. With all sorts of have to meet.

The role of the prosecutor here is, first of all, to identify such cases in a timely manner, using the powers granted, to point out to the employer the inadmissibility of violations of the law.

It is important that such work be carried out in an extremely transparent manner. People should know that the prosecutor’s office in the event of a violation of rights without any bureaucratic delays will take prompt and effective measures to protect them.

I understand that it is too early to talk about the general results of the work of military prosecutors in 2015.

Sergey Fridinsky: Well, yes. We will sum up the final results of this year at the beginning of the next. But already now I can note with some satisfaction certain positive results of our efforts to ensure legality in the military organization of the state.

First of all, it concerns the strengthening of state discipline in matters of defense order. Joint efforts with other law enforcement agencies and officials this year managed to prevent budget losses of more than a billion rubles.

Much has been done to ensure legality in the course of combat training of troops, the solution of housing and other everyday problems of servicemen, persons dismissed from military service, and members of their families. In eleven months, at the request of our prosecutors, more than 11 of thousands of illegal legal acts were canceled, the rights of over 730 of thousands of citizens were restored.
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    MIKHALYCH1 30 December 2015 20: 39
    PROSECUTOR OF RUSSIA! I am for ... Woman is fighting!
    1. seti
      seti 30 December 2015 20: 43
      The most beautiful uniquely good our nyasha
      1. Proxima
        Proxima 30 December 2015 20: 59
        The state of affairs in our army is an excellent indicator of the state of affairs in our society. And what is the worst thing with us, and in the Russian army? Right, theft! Examples of Serdyukov, Vasilyeva and the Vostochny Cosmodrome are widely heard. Just think, stolen billions right under Putin’s nose! It is not surprising that the hanged quartermaster is an eternal attribute of our army.
        1. ver_
          ver_ 31 December 2015 06: 10
          ... no need to "write" with boiling water - let them build it, return the stolen by the court, the guilty ones for kichu according to the ranking ...
      2. Dembel77
        Dembel77 30 December 2015 21: 08
        Since then, the efforts of our employees have returned to the state real estate and property worth more than five billion rubles.
        Well, of course - like a lot of money ... but I think this is a drop in the bucket compared to what has been plundered and continues to be plundered by individual officials of all ranks. Obviously, in the fight against corruption, which has become comparable to the threat to national security, radically different — systemic changes in various structures of power are needed. And delaying these reforms of death is similar - because even from our point of view, corruption and embezzlement in the country are shocking with their impudence, impunity and scale! We urgently need to deal with this.
        1. Shveps
          Shveps 30 December 2015 23: 26
          Fridinsky was dismissed from military service when he transferred to work as a counselor of justice to the prosecutor general. So it is laid down by law: The chief military prosecutor in Russia is a civilian.
          He wears a uniform on approximately the same grounds on which in the USSR he wore a retired soldier who taught elementary military training at school. Journalists do not notice such a masquerade, but the military are aware of the real situation.
          The income statement of Sergei Fridinsky is very remarkable. A significant share of his income is made up of special allowances:
          - for work with nuclear weapons (coefficient from 1.4 to 2.2 to the salary), increases its income by 60 — 80 thousand rubles per month.
          - “combat”, which are laid to veterans of military operations. It should be noted that all his participation in the wars comes down to several visits to Khankala, where the well-guarded headquarters of the group of federal troops was located. The "hero" Fridinsky met there with the leadership.
          - + The pension that Fridinsky receives as a military pensioner. There is a decision of the Constitutional Court, which prohibits the payment of state pensions to persons who continue to work in the public service.
          - + awards for special achievements in the service. The size of these bonuses is very substantial.
          Only here is a piquant detail - he is not a military man, which means that these prizes are not, in principle, due to him.

          Back in the 1997 year, as the military prosecutor of the North Caucasus Military District, he, using his official position, received office apartments in Rostov-on-Don 2 on Theater Descent with a total area of ​​160 sq. M. Not bad for a family of 3 people!
          The Rostov newspapers then made a fuss, but the then patron of Fridinsky - the commander of the North Caucasus Military District, later - Presidential Envoy Anatoly Kazantsev helped him avoid responsibility. As a result, Fridinsky privatized these apartments, and when, after switching to work in the Prosecutor General, for the State. account they bought an elite apartment in Moscow - sold them.

          So much for the double standards of the newly-minted "elite". And we are surprised - Vasilyeva, Serdyukov, Makarov, Chirkin. Heroes of Russia!
      3. trantor
        trantor 31 December 2015 09: 48
        Quote: seti
        our nyasha

        Doesn’t it warp you yourself from such familiarity with a woman?
    2. Igor39
      Igor39 30 December 2015 21: 14
      She is a colonel already
      1. thinker
        thinker 30 December 2015 22: 09
        You have outdated information.
        Russian President Vladimir Putin has assigned the Crimean Prosecutor Natalia Poklonskaya the rank of State Counselor of Justice of the 3rd class. This rank of prosecutor corresponds to the rank major general. Prior to this, Poklonskaya was a senior adviser to justice, which corresponds to the rank of colonel. June 11, 2015
    3. neri73-r
      neri73-r 30 December 2015 23: 01
      Her uniform is in this photo. stop
    4. The comment was deleted.
    5. viktor561
      viktor561 30 December 2015 23: 35
      She is already Major General. Russian President Vladimir Putin has appropriated to the Crimean Prosecutor Natalya Poklonskaya the rank of State Counselor of Justice of the 3rd class. The document is published on the official portal of legal information.
      This rank of prosecutor’s employee corresponds to the rank of major general. Prior to this, Poklonskaya was a senior adviser to justice (corresponds to the rank of colonel). Poklonskaya was appointed prosecutor of Crimea in March 2014.
    6. Dimon19661
      Dimon19661 31 December 2015 01: 14
      Pretty of course, that's just the concept-Oath is not familiar to her.
  2. starchina pv
    starchina pv 30 December 2015 20: 48
    PROSECUTOR OF RUSSIA! I am for ... Woman is fighting!

    it’s unlikely that Moscow sharks will eat it!
      MIKHALYCH1 30 December 2015 21: 20
      Quote: starchina pv
      PROSECUTOR OF RUSSIA! I am for ... Woman is fighting!

      it’s unlikely that Moscow sharks will eat it!

      In principle, yes, but if Putin gives card blanche and protection .. She is a corrosive woman and (she tried a couple of attempts on herself) Although it is possible she is protected for the Court over the Kiev junta ..?
      1. Karabin
        Karabin 30 December 2015 21: 40
        Quote: MIKHALYCHXNNX
        but if Putin gives a blank check.

        Blessed is he who believes.
  3. dmi.pris
    dmi.pris 30 December 2015 20: 48
    What can I say about all this ... You can’t call it a thousand-headed hydra - and you can kill it with one shot in the heart, without chopping off your head and instead grow a hundred. Our state itself has built a system of impunity for those responsible. A drunkard who climbed into the store and caused damage a three thousand rubles private person is imprisoned for four years, and an official who has stolen from impunity has stolen millions from the state conditionally. This is all over the country, but what is going on in the Krasnodar Territory is generally indescribable .. AU Garant? Where are your formidable eyes, on whom Do they look? At a rogue millionaire or a hard worker. The fish rots from the head ....
    1. Wheel
      Wheel 30 December 2015 21: 34
      Quote: dmi.pris
      ..AU Garant? Well, where are your formidable eyes, who are they looking at?
      Voice in the wilderness...
    2. EvgNik
      EvgNik 31 December 2015 06: 18
      Quote: dmi.pris
      AU Garant? Well, where are your formidable eyes, who are they looking at? At a rogue millionaire or a hard worker

      It seems that the guarantee is over ... But he looked at hard workers only during trips and saw a gray mass merging into one. So the eyes at the top are arranged.
  4. Great-grandfather of Zeus
    Great-grandfather of Zeus 30 December 2015 20: 49
    The question is, what will happen sooner, corruption will prevail, or will the world end?
    1. 79807420129
      79807420129 30 December 2015 20: 59
      Quote: Great-grandfather of Zeus
      The question is, what will happen sooner, corruption will prevail, or will the world end?

      I can immediately answer, of course ....
      1. BMP-2
        BMP-2 30 December 2015 21: 10
        And here it is: corruption will prevail first! But this will be the end of the world !!! am laughing

        Actually, what is corruption? This is the use of power for personal interests. So, in order to defeat corruption, you need either a lack of power (but then it is anarchy and a quick armageddite), or to put things in order in the education system (so that raising a person does not allow him to put personal interests above public ones. But then this is a socialist development model and the end of the world for capitalism ! laughing ).

        Well, since putting things in order in the education system, as practice shows, is even more difficult than fighting corruption ... request the conclusion suggests itself: there will be no end of the world! laughing
  5. Barakuda
    Barakuda 30 December 2015 20: 54
    I read the first paragraph, and wondered - Where are the stolen grandmothers from the Vostochny cosmodrome, Or will it replace the heels of 30-year terms in White Swan, for example? Why corpses. Where's the money? Zin ..
    1. dmi.pris
      dmi.pris 30 December 2015 21: 07
      Well, the question is really Hamlet’s ..... The main thing is that the PROSECUTOR REPORTED ... Where the grandmother is not our business .. Until Joseph Vissarionovich reincarnates, there will be no less thieves from the army and economy, despite loud assurances .. THE SYSTEM will not allow ..
      Quote: Barracuda
      I read the first paragraph, and wondered - Where are the stolen grandmothers from the Vostochny cosmodrome, Or will it replace the heels of 30-year terms in White Swan, for example? Why corpses. Where's the money? Zin ..
      1. science fiction writer
        science fiction writer 30 December 2015 21: 34
        Quote: dmi.pris
        Until Joseph Vissarionovich reincarnates, the thieves from the army and the economy will not become smaller, despite the loud assurances .. THE SYSTEM will not allow it.

        Under I.V. Stalin, theft and bribery were also not measured, nor a blow to the forehead nor the back of the head nor anything helped. And in impudence, they did not concede anything to modern corrupt officials.
        1. your1970
          your1970 30 December 2015 23: 23
          I support !!! Read the classics, for example, the meeting of the Nakrkomsvyaz and the 1935 prosecutor's office of the year .. There it was, the current ones would die of envy !!!!
          And Stalin’s Criminal Code, at the same time, gave him a bribe up to 2 years (no more !!), and only to leaders from 2 years to VMN
        2. Wheel
          Wheel 31 December 2015 01: 28
          Quote: fiction
          Under I.V. Stalin, theft and bribery were also not measured, nor a blow to the forehead nor the back of the head nor anything helped.

          science fiction writer, and you justify your nickname!
          1. science fiction writer
            science fiction writer 31 December 2015 05: 27
            read the history minus. Moreover, articles on the corruption of the Stalin era and on "VO" were published.
        3. EvgNik
          EvgNik 31 December 2015 06: 27
          Quote: fiction
          Under I.V. Stalin, thefts and bribes were also not measured, neither a whack in the forehead nor the back of the head helped anything

          No need to tell tales. It helped, and very much. Now bribes are generally legalized. Up to 3000 - not a bribe, a gift. And what is 3000 for a worker or a pensioner? I've never given a single one in my life, and I'm not going to. And under Stalin, they sat and were afraid. Here at the corn-mill they felt a weakness in power.
          1. your1970
            your1970 31 December 2015 12: 34
            read 79-fz
            Article 17. Civil Service Bans

            6) receive, in connection with the performance of their duties, remuneration from individuals and legal entities (gifts, cash rewards, loans, services, payments for entertainment, recreation, travel expenses and other rewards) Gifts received by a civil servant in connection with protocol events, business trips, and other official events are recognized as federal property and property of the subject of the Russian Federation and transferred to civil servants by act to the state body in which he replaces the civil service position, with the exception of cases established by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. A civil servant who has handed over a gift received by him in connection with a protocol event, business trip or other official event may redeem it in the manner established by regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation

            Therefore, stories about gifts received for work to 3000 rub is an excuse for expert-level what , and stupid ..

            In extracurricular activities (birthday, etc.) - you can accept gifts, but here they are just a limitation in 3thousands
            Regarding Stalin, read the documents of that time, not the current investigations, namely archival documents .. There it happened !!!!
            The famous Sharapovskoe in the gang - "Dad stole in wagons" - an absolutely real criminal case of the late 30s.
            Yes, and in the war in the army there were several scandalous cases of theft of food at the front levels (by cars !!!)
  6. sds87
    sds87 30 December 2015 20: 58
    A friend works for the FSB. Says there is compromising evidence on EVERYONE. There is no front command ... All corruption cases are supervised from above. It is forbidden to act without orders and simply carry out their duties. Chain dogs, however!
    1. your1970
      your1970 30 December 2015 23: 27

      What a good job, however - "It is forbidden to act without an order and just fulfill your duties" - sit yourself and drink tea - you cannot work !!!

      Balabol he is your friend !!!
      Well, or a corrupt official behind the slogan, they don’t tell him from above !!!
      Or not the FSB Schnick at all .... lol request

      By the way, what does the title of the article mean ???
    2. Mikhail Krapivin
      Mikhail Krapivin 31 December 2015 09: 23
      Quote: sds87
      A friend works for the FSB. Says there is compromising evidence on EVERYONE. There is no front command ... All corruption cases are supervised from above. It is forbidden to act without orders and simply carry out their duties. Chain dogs, however!

      There is also incriminating evidence against a friend from the FSB, I assure you. And given that the FSB takes an active part in cutting ALL cash flows, those who snout harder, it is still not known - those who are being watched by the FSB, or the FSB itself.
  7. forester
    forester 30 December 2015 21: 26
    And we also have a Ministry of Internal Affairs where the scale of embezzlement is no less. The Ministry of Economy of Development is also the same desk, etc.
  8. fa2998
    fa2998 30 December 2015 21: 31
    Of course, I wanted to say "thank you" to the prosecutor's office for the work, but what was returned to the treasury is hardly a tenth of what was stolen. And the court verdicts are not disputed, there are people everywhere. For example, the last case with Chirkin for a bribe of 450 thousand-90 Thousands of fines, and free. And there was a decision for a proven bribe to take a 10-fold sum. The fact that workers are not paid wages, Rogozin and Putin understand, and what the prosecutor's office does is unknown. Here are our "sovereign eyes." yes hi
  9. NDR-791
    NDR-791 30 December 2015 21: 48
    С with the advent of the new leadership of the Ministry of Defense, the situation has radically changed
    Omsk. City center. 16th town. Fuck you. Omsk. Amur. 17th town. You will go around ... The city is located along the river, and all the roads go exactly along !!! Like not driving, but at least an extra six kilometers around this entire economy you will stand in traffic jams. During the period that "Zhenya Serdyukova" received, it was not necessary to release roads, but simply directions, at least by compaction into "new locations", as we are told from TV. At the same time, the squares are practically empty (it was still taken out in 2008 to Ossetia), but the fences remained. New broom sweeps in a new way ??? I understand that all this is being prepared for sale for construction, but we are people too and pay the state for gasoline !!! Or not to the state, but who then decides ??? And why is the FSB surprised that the bulldozer driver ... Well, we are law-abiding. WE ARE ALL LESS AND LESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. sabakina
    sabakina 30 December 2015 21: 53
    Prosecutor's Office .... Prosecutor .... Since 1993 I have been changing the third, it becomes only ... "Baranka" only for some reason remains round and the number of broadcasts increased from four to five ...
    In the USSR, the prosecutor was a prosecutor ... And right now ...
  11. afrikanez
    afrikanez 30 December 2015 22: 22
    It’s interesting, did anyone get a specific term or, as always, a house arrest or a fine? Although there is nothing to be surprised, impunity is only increasing!
  12. KBR109
    KBR109 30 December 2015 22: 46
    tongue Exactly 255 years ago - on August 27, 1760 - Empress Elizabeth issued a decree prohibiting bribery of government officials. Nobody knows when the law will come into force? negative
  13. Anchonsha
    Anchonsha 30 December 2015 22: 47
    It is very difficult to reverse the situation that existed in the USSR and which partially remained with the old cadres in the army, blat, communications continue to operate. They continue to persist in other bodies, in the prosecutor's office. Well, who voluntarily renounce benefits and concessions. Young people are needed, but many study in schools and universities through the stump of a deck, and therefore there are very few classroom specialists, including those in the medical community. Because we have a certain stagnation
  14. viktor561
    viktor561 30 December 2015 23: 19
    Yeah - everyone forgot about Serdyukov and Vasilyeva - shame on the system and the prosecutor’s office - this is a carte blanche - steal further and they will forgive you
  15. LÄRZ
    LÄRZ 30 December 2015 23: 56
    Yes, of course, Fridinsky's "office" is more than serious and they work well. BUT! All their work is the struggle against the effect, not the cause. If you really pull out, then with the "root system", and not knock off the tops, so that new shoots do not go nearby. angry
  16. 31rus
    31rus 31 December 2015 01: 56
    dear, the money is well known, but what about the crimes, how are things going with a soldier slaughtering an Armenian family, how is the investigation going on where a soldier killed a taxi driver, which is silent or spoils the image?
  17. craynev
    craynev 31 December 2015 02: 46
    Your normal attitude towards you, as in everything else and to all the power in my country, has been undermined, and thieves, bourgeoisie, scum and not God will wash you off and God Almighty will say everything as in the past, you will have to pay for everything.
  18. gregor6549
    gregor6549 31 December 2015 03: 46
    Quote: Proxima
    Just think, stolen billions right under Putin’s nose!

    If the owner of this nose had the political will and desire to put an end to all this all the thieves both in the army and outside it, it was long ago possible to build a formation and send them to work off their acquired "back-breaking labor." And since this will as well as desire is not observed, then the question arises about the purity of this very nose. Moreover, this question arose among the deputies of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg when he was the owner of the nose as the head of the external economic department of the mayor's office of St. Petersburg, but these deputies did not wait for an answer to their question. Obviously, there will be no answer as long as this leader remains in power. Thanks in advance for cons
  19. viktor561
    viktor561 31 December 2015 04: 50
    Yes! It looks like Putin's slogan - "We do not abandon our own" - applies only to his officials - whom he brought to power from St. Petersburg - Medvedev, Serdyukov, Sobchak, Mutko, Gref, Kudrin, Matvienko, etc. ... you can list up to a hundred and that's all untouchable - steal !!!
  20. Wolka
    Wolka 31 December 2015 06: 27
    this is not a feat, this is daily work for the result, and it would be strange if, with all that is happening now in the "defense" and in the army as a whole, there were no "landings", but damn it, there is little, very little and the process is slow, still civilians from above would not interfere ...
  21. Mikhail Krapivin
    Mikhail Krapivin 31 December 2015 09: 35
    Yes, everything is as my colleagues have described above. And Fridinsky ..... he's still a type. And his leadership and ours too .... still those types. But what are the alternatives? Maidan? Change the awl for soap? So Lyazhko recently shouted Poroshenko - "You are worse than Yanukovych." Why replace THESE with those who will be even worse than THESE? Only "THESE" have, at the very least, already stolen, satisfied the first hunger, and for a couple of years, I will only deal with what to steal and derban, saw and master. Nobody believes in the idea of ​​a kind American uncle who will come and give a gift, thanks to Obamka and his predecessors, they showed the world their predatory mug. These will steal and derban ten times stronger, and even genocide the local population, overt or covert. So what are the options? King? Stalin? Lukashenko? Or according to the classics - what to do?
    1. gregor6549
      gregor6549 31 December 2015 14: 29
      What to do? The question, of course, is interesting.
      How is it there? "Grandmothers and grandfathers, do not expect mercy from nature and children from grandchildren. Do everything yourself." So it is here. We all expect favors from those sitting upstairs. But they have already showered you with favors at the very least. Why is he sharing with us?
      Therefore, it may be time to take everything into their own hands and a puppy, and repair the farm that was neglected until it was completely plundered. And everything goes to that. Even in the field of defense, where the establishment of order would seem to be taking leaps and bounds, too, not everything is clean and smooth. And with ammunition the tension is even for such a frail warrior as the one that goes in Syria, and with equipping the troops with really new equipment and not slightly darned (sorry, modernized) old. But it has no analogues. Of course not, since most analogues have long been withdrawn from service or live out their lives.
      And what's going on in the defense industry. A huge amount of production space remained only on paper, but in fact it has long been leased or sold to merchants. You can continue in the same vein, but why? Only the blind do not see this, but the deaf does not hear.
      And the rest, beautiful marquise, all is well, all is well
  22. user3970
    user3970 1 January 2016 10: 46
    I will not repeat what all of Peter knows that VVP is a thief. It was on the sale of illiquid assets, including oil and derivatives of its processing, that the petty clerk of the Kirish oil refinery Timchenko, a friend of VVP, "rose". And if we take into account that such cool scams could not but come without protection of the night owner of Peter - Kumarin (the head of the Tambov groups), then think for yourself. Then Chubais's invitation, work in his garbage dump with a gang of foreign intelligence agents. Well. and then you know. And what miracle do you expect from this president? By the way, VVP met with the GREAT President of Singapore, who completely ruined corruption in his state in 4 years. How many people live in Singapore? Is there oil, diamonds, gold, timber and other shnyaga? How do they live there? Is our president a ram?