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A brief summary of last year on the submarine fleet of our country

So another year has passed, it's time to take stock of it. In general, he undoubtedly stood out for our underwater fleet very positive and productive.

This year especially pleased OJSC CA Zvezdochka, this company passed after repair the diesel-electric submarines of the 877 project, B-459 Vladikavkaz, as well as the MTV project 20180TV Akademik Kovalev, intended for the transportation and loading of the Bulava submarine-launched submarines. Also, finally, it was withdrawn from the BS-64 Moscow Region workshop after re-equipment as an SSN. destination.

Also, the K-114 Tula, which came in last year for the next medium repair, was introduced into the filling pool. The following boats are currently being repaired in this enterprise: K-328 Leopard, K-461 Wolf, K-391 Bratsk and K-295 Samara. The 1 PLA of the 949А project, K-266 “Orel”, which this year saw a fire, is also being repaired, fortunately, did not cause significant damage.

Here it is worthwhile to add at least the 1 AGS of the 1910 "Sperm Whale" project, the 1 PLA of the 667BDRM project, and the 1 PLA of the spec. destination (BS-64 "Moscow region"). This year it was introduced into the K-461 “Wolf” workshop, and work on its repair and modernization will finally unfold as it should be.

This year 3 held important events at Sevmash: laying a submariner of the PLN project 885M K-571 “Arkhangelsk” on the day and laying down the 18 of December 4 of the new 955 project “Emperor Alexander 3”.

In addition, this year's ASN 885 PLN, Severodvinsk K-560, this year, was carried out in the White Sea extended acoustic tests. Of course, nothing will be known about the results for a long time, but it is more than obvious that at the moment K-560 has the highest secrecy among our nuclear submarines.

Currently, the construction of the 4 series of nuclear submarines continues at once: 6 of the 885 project, 5 of the 955 project, 1 of the 09852 project and 1 2 of 09851 project, 4 885, 4, 955 1 project, 09852 851 project, 10 project, 4 project, 2 project, XNUMX project, XNUMX project. In total, at the company’s stocks, at least XNUMX XNUMX PLA of different projects are located; there was no such load on the NSR after the collapse of the USSR. But next year XNUMX will be added here.

3 important events are connected with the new series of strategic rocket carriers of the 955 "Borey" project, commissioned in 2012-2014 of the year. The lead ship of the K-535 series "Yuri Dolgoruky" made the first combat duty, from which he returned on October 15. One of the most important events this year was the transfer of the K-550 "Alexander Nevsky" to the Pacific Fleet, this ship was the first of the new ships for our Pacific Fleet, which, alas, he had not seen for a very long time.

Also from the board of the K-551 "Vladimir Monomakh" a Bulava salvo launch was made, but, alas, partially unsuccessful, apparently, 1 or several warheads of one of the missiles did not hit the target. This year the Nerpa shipyard completed the repairs of the K-331 Gepard and the P-shk B-336, which significantly increased the combat capability of the submarine forces of the Northern Fleet.

Undoubtedly, this year turned out to be very saturated for diesel-electric submarines of the 636.3 project, the first 2 boats of this project, the B-261 Novorossiysk and the B-237 Rostov-on-Don, have already made the transition after the final tests at the SF to the permanently-based base in Novorossiysk on the Black Sea Fleet , finally, the replenishment of the underwater forces of the Black Sea Fleet began, which until then had only been submitted to 1 diesel-electric submarines of the 877 project.

"Rostov-on-Don" on the way to the Black Sea Fleet even applied weapon on the real enemy: December 8 was hit by the KR Caliber against ISIS positions in Syria.

Flags were raised on another 2 PL of this project: on B-262 "Stary Oskol" on July 3, and on B-265 "Krasnodar" on 5 in November, "Stary Oskol" arrived at the Federation Council to complete the tests. The construction of 2's subsequent submarines of this project continues: the B-268 "Veliky Novgorod" and the B-271 "Kolpino". There is information about the possibility of ordering another 1 series of boats of this project for our fleet.

The repair of B-871 “Alrosa” on the Black Sea Fleet, B-187 “Komsomolsk-on-Amur” is also continuing, the repair of the latter is an incredible epic that lasts for more than 10 years, and one of the diesel-electric submarines of the 877 project in Vladivostok is being renovated. Also considered the possibility of repair on the "Star" B-808 "Yaroslavl". And these are only the most significant and illuminated events, not counting routine DB, routine training, training of new crews and much more.

Plans for the next year are very ambitious. The asterisk next year will deliver the K-266 Eagle and BS-64 Moscow Region. It will be taken out of the K-328 “Leopard” workshop, the first PLN of the 971 “Pike-B” project, which underwent medium repair and modernization. Apparently, the 3 ship of the 20180 “Akademik Alexandrov” series will be launched.

Next year, the Nerpa shipyard is to complete the repair of another K-157 Vepr, project 971. 2 PLA will be laid on Sevmash in the new year: on the Navy day, the 5-I PLA of the 885М project, and for the birthday of the 5-I PLA of the 955 project.

And, perhaps, for me personally, the event number 1 of the next year, which, however, may decrease in the 2017 year, and which I have been waiting for from 2010, is a withdrawal from Kazan’s K-561 “Kazan”, the head PLN of the 885M project. After withdrawal from the Kazan workshop, Sevmash will steadily begin to withdraw the remaining orders, and after handing it over, the rest will also start steadily, such pauses as after the withdrawal and delivery of Vladimir Monomakh with the “new wave” of replenishment, obviously, will be.

Must make the transition to the PF K-551 "Vladimir Monomakh." Also next year, apparently, more Bulava launches should take place, God forbid everything will be in order. The repair of another 2 diesel-electric submarine of the 877- “Alrosa” project on the Black Sea Fleet and “Komsomolsk-on-Amur” on the Pacific Fleet should be completed.

Regarding the "Admiralty Shipyards." Obviously, another 2 submarine of the 636.3 project will make the transition to the Black Sea Fleet, these are “Stary Oskol” and “Krasnodar”, and another 2 submarine of this type will be lowered: “Veliky Novgorod” and “Kolpino”. It is possible that they will be handed over in the terms specified in the contract 12.2016. If this is the case, then this will be an extremely, alas, atypical case when contracts are executed as scheduled. But the transition to the Black Sea Fleet they will take place all the same only in 2017 year. And according to the latest reports in December next year, the second boat of the 677 project Lada-B-586 “Kronstadt” will be taken out of the workshop. Also next year, according to the latest official reports, an epoch-making event for us should take place - the beginning of tests of the VNEU in the experimental compartment.

Separately, it should be said that it is in full swing, and in 2016, the creation of infrastructure will continue - from housing, to berths and modernization of enterprises. I really want to believe that the new year will be even more productive for our submarine than the last!

A brief summary of last year on the submarine fleet of our country
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  1. svp67
    svp67 5 January 2016 09: 05
    A brief summary of last year on the submarine fleet of our country
    such, we finally understood the meaning of Napoleon’s statement that if the people didn’t want to feed their army, then they would feed someone else’s
    1. sub307
      sub307 5 January 2016 10: 27
      The comprehension of Bonaparte's cited statement actually happened (happened and will happen ...), as they say - "yesterday". The problem is that the fact of understanding - "we finally understood", unfortunately, is not always relentlessly and consistently transformed into making practical decisions with their subsequent implementation in specific periods of time. Now our leadership has returned to "comprehension with implementation", I hope this process will not (again, remember the 90s) completely inexplicably harassed.
      Good luck to shipbuilders and ship repairmen and, to our Navy, in the coming year!
      1. kodxnumx
        kodxnumx 6 January 2016 08: 32
        This is just great news, it’s nice to see how the potential of the Russian Navy is growing!
      2. The comment was deleted.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  2. kvs207
    kvs207 5 January 2016 10: 26
    The article pleased. To the author, honor and respect, and to the Russian fleet - Viva.
    1. Tektor
      Tektor 5 January 2016 13: 52
      -12 qualifying.
      The article is clearly unfinished. The tonnage of newly built submarines, the tonnage of repaired submarines and the tonnage accepted for repair, and debit, respectively, for the year are not indicated. Of course, I can climb the sites myself, arm myself with a calculator and calculate, but this is a clear flaw in the author. We must know the increase / decrease of our fleet in tons. This is the most important characteristic of progress / regression of the Navy.
      1. Anton Gavrilov
        5 January 2016 18: 02
        Sir, something has incurred you .......

        The fleet tonnage is not even close to the most important characteristic of the Navy. Let's build the 100 submarine of the 671RTM project, how many tonnage will be, but that doesn’t mean that the fleet will be strong right?
        1. Tektor
          Tektor 5 January 2016 18: 54
          I just want to see the figure arrived / gone in pieces and tons. That's all. Aren't you interested? We also need data on how much has sunk into the reserve (categories 1 and 2).
          1. 73bor
            73bor 6 January 2016 01: 05
            For submarines and surface ships, such indicators are only considered in combat units, and displacement data in the Navy are not so important!
        2. mashine
          mashine 6 January 2016 13: 16
          Thank you Anton for the review!
  3. Butt
    Butt 5 January 2016 11: 24
    "Should make the transition to Pacific Fleet K-551 Vladimir Monomakh. Also next year, apparently, more launches of Bulava should take place, God forbid, everything will be in order. Repair of 2 more diesel-electric submarines of project 877-" Alrosa "at the Black Sea Fleet and" Komsomolsk-on-Amur "at the Pacific Fleet."
    The navy is growing, it pleases especially that they almost convinced the authorities at the top about the repair and construction of new submarines at the Pacific Fleet.
    It is gratifying that the city of Komsomolsk n / A took patronage on the repair and modernization of the submarine of the same name at its shipyards. So it will be ready on time and with high quality.
    Keep it up!.
    1. g1v2
      g1v2 5 January 2016 21: 01
      We talked about and planned about the construction of new daples at the Pacific Fleet several years ago. Only it was about frets, and now with the project there is a clear hitch and doubts about the expediency of building this project. So it seems that they decided to order a Warsaw woman instead of them for the Pacific Fleet. And something seems to me that there will also be 6 of them.
    2. Bongo
      Bongo 6 January 2016 02: 56
      Quote: Butt
      It is gratifying that the city of Komsomolsk n / A took patronage on the repair and modernization of the submarine of the same name at its shipyards. So it will be ready on time and with high quality.
      Keep it up!.

      Repair of this boat lasted at the NEA over 10 years! belay Approximately the same construction was carried out. one corvette, which is still not surrendered to the fleet. During this time, several directors were replaced at the plant due to financial abuses, the damage from theft is tens of millions of rubles, but none of the former directors have still sat down! am
      Diesel B-187 received the name "Komsomolsk-on-Amur" only last year, shortly before withdrawal from the plant. According to the decision made by our government, boats will not be built in Komsomolsk anymore, in the best case, only repairs (diesel).
  4. remy
    remy 5 January 2016 11: 30
    IMHO: it is still advisable to continue a series of at least six diesel-electric submarines of project 636.6 for Pacific Fleet
  5. kote119
    kote119 5 January 2016 11: 37
    Thanks Anton for the article.
  6. Olem
    Olem 5 January 2016 11: 45
    Shipboard composition and construction of naval strategic nuclear forces of the Russian Navy on 01.01.2016/XNUMX/XNUMX
  7. Anton Gavrilov
    5 January 2016 11: 58
    Well, finally, I added it on the 29 of the last month of last year ... I understand the holidays and stuff, but something really painfully long.
  8. VohaAhov
    VohaAhov 5 January 2016 12: 04
    Hello Anton !!! I read the article with great pleasure. It turned out to be meaningful and informative. But here somewhere "Kuzbass" is lost, which has undergone repairs and is preparing for tests. And there were also reports where high-ranking chiefs "beat themselves in the chest" promising to withdraw from the shop and launch "Prince Vladimir".
    1. Anton Gavrilov
      5 January 2016 12: 23
      Thank you!

      Repair at Kuzbass alas is not finished ...

      This December, Kazan’s withdrawal cannot be promised at 100% ..... So what can I say about KV, 100% will be displayed in 17, not earlier ....
  9. In search
    In search 5 January 2016 12: 53
    I would live to see these glorious days (s). In general, this "EVERYTHING" was needed "yesterday".
    1. Anton Gavrilov
      5 January 2016 13: 06
      If we talk about new nuclear powered ships, then nit, not yesterday, this is exactly what is needed, and they will fully meet the requirements of today.

      But Warsaw, yes, is far from the last word in technology. Yes, and multi-purpose boats had to be maintained in a combat-ready state earlier.
      1. jjj
        jjj 5 January 2016 20: 38
        But at least they fired in combat missiles. Now the West will have to take into account 636 pr. In a new quality. And at the same time, the mother 877, just in case, but taking into account export options. You never know ... NATO's workloads will increase
  10. cahekmosa
    cahekmosa 5 January 2016 15: 34
    We’ll have time for everything to fall in the 2016th, the year is one day longer :). Good luck and all the best to our submariners, and to the entire Navy and the Armed Forces as a whole.
  11. Evgeniy667b
    Evgeniy667b 5 January 2016 16: 12
    Thanks Anton for the good article. And what is known about the resumption of the construction of submarines on Krasnoye Sormovo and in Komsomolsk-on-Amur? Sevmash will soon be like in the good old days ...
    1. Anton Gavrilov
      5 January 2016 18: 00
      Oh, and there and there it is unlikely that it will resume, in the near future, definitely not.

      The only place where the construction of the submarine will resume again is the 42nd workshop of the SMP, there will be for "kids" like the AGS project 1910 Kashalot, Kalitki, etc. to build a replacement, there is now the modernization of production is underway.
      1. jjj
        jjj 5 January 2016 20: 43
        And there, in the second half of December, before the frosts, there was no overflow into the bulk pool? I had a case, walked along the ski track along the Yuros river, it is a city bypassing such a river beyond Arkhangelsk. So the water at a large tide and with a surge wave from under the ice came out of the coast and flooded the pillow cases for a while. I also thought: Sevmash did not accidentally flood the pool?
  12. Sailor
    Sailor 5 January 2016 16: 41
    I read how they poured balm on my heart, given that our fleet is in a deplorable state, then speedy boat repair and new construction is the most necessary thing now.
  13. VohaAhov
    VohaAhov 5 January 2016 20: 57
    I heard that Kolpino was also repaired this year. Or are they lying?
  14. SPLV
    SPLV 5 January 2016 21: 42
    Dear Anton! The article is interesting, on the whole it is beautifully written, but put a minus. Just out of principle. For inappropriate use of the word "extreme"
    Construction continues on 2 extreme submarines of this project: B-268 Veliky Novgorod and B-271 Kolpino

    You could use the word "subsequent" or "remaining" in this case (if these are the final ships of the series). It's a shame to meet such absurdity in a well-written article. The article shows that your vocabulary is quite large, and I can perceive this discrepancy either as populism or as superstition, but neither one nor the other is inappropriate here.
    I could write all this in a personal message, but I hope someone else will read and conclude for themselves that patriotism is not only slogans (which is popular on the site) or beliefs, but also a respectful attitude towards "great and mighty "as a means of communication and information transfer.
  15. Andrei from Chelyabinsk
    Andrei from Chelyabinsk 6 January 2016 14: 11
    Honestly, I didn’t understand much.
    This year, especially, pleased TsS Zvyozdochka OJSC

    There are no questions, everything is clear. Indeed, the good news.
    The following boats are currently being repaired at this enterprise: K-328 Leopard, K-461 Wolf, K-391 Bratsk and K-295 Samara. Repair is also underway for 1 submarine of Project 949A, K-266 Orel .. ... At least 1 AGS of Project 1910 Sperm Whale, 1 Submarine of Project 667BDRM, and 1 Special Submarine should be added here. destination (BS-64 "Moscow region"). This year, the Volk was introduced into the K-461 workshop, and work on its repair and modernization will finally unfold as expected.

    Very streamlined wording - "are under renovation." How can I understand? Standing on the sidelines and waiting for their turn? From the words of the author, it is clear that at least "Oryol" and "Moscow Region" are really undergoing intensive repair / re-equipment, and that "Wolf" will finally begin to be repaired as expected. It's fine. And what about the rest?
    This year 3 held important events at Sevmash: laying a submariner of the PLN project 885M K-571 “Arkhangelsk” on the day and laying down the 18 of December 4 of the new 955 project “Emperor Alexander 3”.

    Three times vivat, except for jokes
    At the moment, there continues to be built immediately 4 series of nuclear boats: 6 projects 885M, 5 projects 955A

    The author seems to have confused the ordered boats and the laid down boats. At the moment, Kazan, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk are being built under the 885M project, and now Arkhangelsk has been laid down, that is, 4 submarines, not six. 2 more are planned for laying in 2016.
    Project 995 is also under construction now, 4, the fifth should be laid in 2016.
    However, I must say that 8 nuclear submarines simultaneously in construction are just a balm for the soul, tormented by the dashing 90s and worthless 2000s.
    Also, Bulava was launched from K-551 Vladimir Monomakh, but, alas, it was partially unsuccessful, apparently, 1 or several warheads of one of the missiles didn’t hit the target

    Donnervetter, when will it end? How many more files do you need to break off a Mace so that serial products fly normally?
    The rest, it seems, does not raise questions, I’m sincerely glad that our diesels and those who go to them :)
    1. Anton Gavrilov
      7 January 2016 11: 35
      Streamlined, because the TOF 971-es until quite recently simply stood stupidly, and only with the commissioning of the Wolf did it come to them. Samara generally until recently stood on the territory of the White Sea base, and not an asterisk ...

      For reference, the construction of the ship begins LONG BEFORE BOOKMARK.This is so for the future. The same Prince Vladimir began to sculpt at the end of 2009, and Novosibirsk at the end of 2011, while they were laid in the summer by 2012-2013, respectively.

      At the expense of P-30, it is for you sir that I should not contact me, but to MIT.
  16. Garris199
    Garris199 6 January 2016 17: 17
    We can and know how to build nuclear submarines. Although enterprises have difficulties in entering the "regime", now their construction is a top priority not only for the Navy, but for all the country's Armed Forces. There is probably no more effective and formidable weapon in our army.
  17. xomaNN
    xomaNN 6 January 2016 19: 32
    In comparison with recent recent years, the success of the shipbuilding industry is evident! Thanks to all the fellow shipbuilders!

    Repair of B-871 Alrosa at the Black Sea Fleet is also ongoing
    And since she was needed in the ranks all the previous few years at the Black Sea Fleet angry
  18. Rokossovsky
    Rokossovsky 7 January 2016 15: 01
    Drove to his father, a former submariner, showed him this article. It’s hard to put into words his reaction! How a sixty-year-old man's eyes lit up with happiness! A very positive and encouraging article! Thanks! drinks
    All Orthodox on the occasion of the Nativity of Christ!
    MASTER CASTER 7 January 2016 18: 35
    Russians are so offended by the Americans because the United States Russia in the anus per or what?
    1. cedar
      cedar 8 January 2016 12: 41
      Russia is capitalized! And not the Americans, but the Americans ..., a pederast of parades and sadomites of all stripes did not overwhelm Russia, but the USA, which had not been united in fact for a long time, but the Sadomic states of America and have these creatures in its entirety ...
      But our fleet and its people are, were and will be reliable protection of humanity from freaks, no matter how they wear clothes and disguise themselves!
      Thanks to the author of the article for the positive!
        MASTER CASTER 9 January 2016 21: 29
        Well, you are Russian offenders, but Americans will smear you on the wall if you behave badly ,,,
  20. Matsuda Kabushiki
    Matsuda Kabushiki 8 January 2016 11: 45
    And four more titanium submarines are being modernized, one seems to have been handed over to the fleet in December.
  21. Kudrevkn
    Kudrevkn 9 January 2016 22: 42
    How's the Sharks doing? It is necessary to decide something on these monsters! Such rocket carriers go to waste - you can combine BR and CD! Or you can just fit it directly with dummy rockets to the Norfolk Marine Exhibition and put it - all Americans are liquid about ...! Such power - I saw how the KRAZ 100 rocket spun around the wheelhouse, it took me 3 nights not to sleep. all of America will be shocked too! Happy Holidays everyone! And glory to RUSSIA !!!
    1. KakoVedi
      KakoVedi 12 January 2016 00: 19
      But no way! On the needles let slowly ...