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Like the old days?

The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs made an interesting statement. From there it was reported that Ankara is making every effort to restore relations with Moscow. The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Mevlüt ушavuşoлуlu, treats the international issue with amazing ease: he assures the public that he doesn’t have to worry about tense relations with Russia, because soon everything will be like the good old days. Moreover, according to the politician, Turkey “never took any negative steps towards Russia”. On the contrary, “negative steps were made in Russia”.

Recall that relations between Ankara and Moscow became “tense” after the Turkish Air Force shot down the Russian Su-24 bomber near the Syrian-Turkish border. Ankara claimed that the plane invaded Turkish airspace. In turn, Vladimir Putin called the actions of the Turks "a stab in the back."

According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, Mevlüt авavusoglu, there is no need to worry because of the tense relations with Russia, because they will be like in the “good old days”. Reports about it RIA News" with reference to the Turkish edition of the Daily Sabbah.

Last Sunday, Mr. Chavushoglu visited the Russian Society of Culture and Arts of Antalya, where he said that Turkey is making every effort to normalize relations with Moscow.

Commenting on the consequences of the incident with Su-24, Cavusoglu said that Ankara is trying to "complete the process" of tension between the states.

“Turkey has never taken any negative steps towards Russia,” the agency quotes him. - But no one should think that we are silent because they are guilty. Russia is an important partner for us, so we will act patiently. No one can break the ties between the two nations - neither politicians, nor anyone else. We will be patient for a while, and everything will be fine. "

“Our president and prime minister have repeatedly and on different platforms declared that they are deeply saddened by the incident with the Russian plane,” the newspaper quotes Chavushoglu "Sight".

According to the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, "it is impossible for the peoples of the two countries to suffer from the crisis." “Unfortunately, negative steps have been taken in Russia towards some of our citizens,” he said. - And we personally conveyed our concern to our Russian counterpart (Foreign Minister of Russia) Sergey Lavrov. I hope that our Russian friends will review the actions taken. ”

So, the position of the Turks is very clear: Russia is an “important partner”, and therefore it is necessary to do so that the “good old days” return. For this Ankara will "act patiently."

Who is to blame for the good times gone? Apparently, Moscow: “Unfortunately, negative steps have been taken in Russia towards some of our citizens.” But Turkey "has never taken any negative steps towards Russia."

And the conclusion follows: "We will be patient for a while, and everything will work out."

This conclusion is also a hint to Moscow: "for some time." Turkish patience is not infinite, the Kremlin should understand this. This is clearly the position of the strong, who is ready to dictate or already dictates to the weak.

Yes, but it is unlikely that the Kremlin "understood" the will of the Turkish sultan.

Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich spoke in an interview with the Russia 24 channel about the future expansion of the sanctions imposed against Turkey.

“There will be follow-up actions, which will be announced, the chairman of the government has already announced them at the meetings,” the vice-premier quotes. RBC. According to Dvorkovich, the Russian authorities intend to "consistently move in this way."

True, the official further stressed that the cabinet of ministers "do not have the task to refuse to cooperate with Turkey completely." “We believe that we need an adequate response to unfriendly actions,” the agency quotes him.

The Kremlin is already demonstrating its willingness to establish contacts with political circles that are opposition to Turkish President Erdogan. Last week, recalls, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov received Selahattin Demirtas, head of the Turkish Pro-Kurdish Party of the People.

It is also known that the visit of this politician to Russia was condemned by Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu.

Alexander Khramchikhin, head of the department of the Institute for Political and Military Analysis, is convinced that the statements of the head of the Turkish Foreign Ministry are not a reason for Moscow to rush into Ankara’s arms.

“The principle of forgive and forget between Russia and Turkey is impossible. The two countries have completely different interests, not to say diametrically opposed. Attempting to build a trusting relationship with Turkey was initially a blunder. And it’s good that after the incident with the plane everything fell into place, ”Khramchikhin said in an interview Reedus.

The expert believes that the wisdom of Omar Khayyam is applicable in international relations: you better be alone than with anyone. Principles are more important than economic benefits, the analyst is sure. The marriage of convenience, which from the very beginning was the relationship between Russia and Turkey, would sooner or later begin to go to pieces. Why should Russia adapt itself to Turkey: after all, even the NATO allies are trying to distance themselves from it! Let the Turks themselves crawl on their knees to Russia, which had risen from its knees, Khramchikhin declared.

However, crawl it? The expert acknowledges that, as long as Erdogan rules Turkey, there is nothing to talk about with Ankara in Moscow. “That's when and if Turkey has a different geopolitical concept, then we will talk,” said Khramchikhin. Let Ankara stop "building a new Ottoman Empire" and return "to the heritage of Ataturk." “And then we'll see,” concluded the expert.

As it seems to us, Mr. Khramchikhin takes too cool. Including when he speaks of Russia rising from its knees. The current Russia, alas, in its export is capable of thinking only with pipes, now with oil, now with gas. Now we have the "South Stream", then some kind of "Power of Siberia." That "Nord Stream - 2" for heat-loving Germans. And for Ankara, the Turkish Stream was invented.

Therefore, the current relations between Turkey and Russia cannot be characterized without an economy. Only here, buying consumer goods from Turkey, fruits and filling the pockets of Turks with tourist currency, the Russians give in exchange the most valuable thing - raw materials. Goods turnover is unequal. And in this sense, Russia is oh so far from getting up from its knees. Alas, our country continues to fulfill the role of a raw materials appendage, both in the West and in the East.

The relations of Ankara and Moscow in the political sense accurately characterize the Russian proverb: found a scythe on a stone. It is unambiguously clear: not one side will give way in the near future. However, the Turks are stronger in this dispute: NATO is behind them, and they, of course, understand Russia's dependence on export markets (you cannot get away from the economy, no matter what Khramchikhin says), and with complacency on their faces openly formulate their strategy: “We will patient for a while, and everything will work out. "

Judge for yourself: 2013 billion cubic meters were supplied to Turkey by Russian Gazprom in 26,7. m of gas, and in 2014 g. - 27,3 billion cubic meters. m of gas. Turkey is the second largest consumer of Russian gas after Germany, reminiscent of "Vesti.Ekonomika". Today Turkey receives about half of all gas supplies from Russia. Gazprom receives from exports to this country 10 billion dollars (data from Bloomberg).

Let us recall, in addition, that a dollar now costs not thirty rubles, or even forty. And therefore, there will be no Kremlin “punishment” here, nor can there be.

Actually, the government itself speaks of this.

How 28 passed December TASS, Russia is ready to increase gas supplies to Turkey. This was stated by the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak.

“Russia has gas, Russia gas is cheap enough. We have the appropriate infrastructure, and we are guaranteed to be ready to supply and expand the volume of gas supplies (to Turkey), he said, giving an interview to Russia 24 TV channel.

In his opinion, "economic and commercial cooperation should continue, and will be effective for both parties." Moreover, Novak believes that the Turkish Stream project also has prospects.

Conclusion: a country dependent on the export of raw materials hardly dares to wait when it is “crawled on its knees”. Nobody crawls, that's the thing.

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  1. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 31 December 2015 07: 06
    Happy New Year to all. All the best to you in the new year.

    no one should think that we are silent because we are guilty

    You are certainly not to blame, it is Russia that brings down your plane, gives the "green light" to ISIS and supports them. And you white and fluffy just want to bend in front of the United States and try to build a new Ottoman empire on the sly. It is not for nothing that the definition of a stupid and stubborn person was common in Russi - well, you and "Turks".
    1. kodxnumx
      kodxnumx 31 December 2015 08: 30
      Let's look at the root! In the military sense, we can beat the Turks for exactly as much as the missile will fly first, this time well, and secondly, all of Europe plus the Turks are aware that there is a war with Russia, this is the surrender of their capitals! more corrupt politicians in Russia were not allowed to power!
  2. The black
    The black 31 December 2015 07: 06
    When the sale of resources becomes a secondary source of income, and not the main one. When we fill our market with our own goods and food, then we will become a truly great power. Will this happen in the new year? Of course not, but we must strive for this!
    1. go21zd45few
      go21zd45few 31 December 2015 07: 25
      Yes, it’s time to return the relations between Turkey and Russia to the good old days of the 17-19th centuries when Turkey received lyuley from Russia in full and sat quietly. These are the times to revive.

      I congratulate all Russians on the new 2016 year!
      We have one and indivisible health, happiness, prosperity and great and bright love for our homeland of RUSSIA. The clouds will leave and the sun will shine again over Russia.
      1. -Traveller-
        -Traveller- 31 December 2015 09: 17
        Do you want a serious war with Turkey as in the 17-19 centuries?
        in the last such war, Russia, with a 3-fold numerical advantage and full support of the Balkan allies, won the victory at the cost of huge losses that exceeded the Turkish ones. but then you could afford it - the population was more than 12 times Turkish.
        and now, when we have a demographic crisis, and they have a population growth of one million a year.
        Do we need war?
        all the more for the sake of Assad and his wonderful sect.
        1. V.ic
          V.ic 31 December 2015 09: 46
          Quote: -Traveller-
          in the last such war, Russia, with a 3-fold numerical advantage and full support of the Balkan allies, won the victory at the cost of huge losses that exceeded the Turkish ones.

          Tryndi, don't talk. In the First World War, the Russian army "had" the Ottomans in all possible ways. Read, yeskenem, about the commander Nikolai Nikolaevich Yudenich, whose troops took the fortress Erzurum on February 1916 in 16. Do not forget to congratulate your friends = Turks on this significant date.
        2. Vadim237
          Vadim237 3 January 2016 12: 15
          And Russia has a population growth of one million a year, we don’t need a war, and don’t whistle on Assad’s account — we need Syria and him.
      2. The comment was deleted.
  3. aszzz888
    aszzz888 31 December 2015 07: 38
    It is definitely clear: no side will concede in the near future.

    Give in to them once, they will trample all of Russia.
    You can look for ways to build relationships only after the non-existence of Erdogan and his Co.
  4. evgeny1979
    evgeny1979 31 December 2015 07: 45
    We don’t need the old days, although Turkey always raked when it climbed, but it all the same climbed on us. Here you need to come up with something new, so that these vile Turks shut up for centuries, and maybe even disappear as a nation.
  5. parusnik
    parusnik 31 December 2015 07: 54
    Ankara is making every effort to restore relations with Moscow...To restore relations ... firstly, it is necessary to pull a corkscrew from the back of Russia, and secondly, this wound must be healed for nothing .. And thirdly, do not keep a fig in your pocket .. It is unlikely that Turkey will do this ...
  6. Termit1309
    Termit1309 31 December 2015 08: 19
    A lot of words. In the end, the author’s resentment against the Russian government. Say why Russia imposed sanctions only where they will lightly hit its economy. For the author, this is called a pragmatic approach. That is, without buying consumer goods from Turkey, fruits - Russia will sell them gas.
    And no one will crawl their economy so that the Turks crawled somewhere there. No country has crawled yet. Neither Iran nor sowing. Korea, nor Russia. Sanctions are imposed to annoy the enemy, causing minimal damage to their country.
  7. Belousov
    Belousov 31 December 2015 08: 26
    Alas, while at the helm of today's authorities and the economy is killing, no one will run to us. The Turks shot down the plane, but they understand that they will survive the outflow of tourists, they will still supply gas, they will build nuclear power plants, etc. So what have we decided to threaten with?
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 3 January 2016 12: 18
      And how is our economy being killed? - it is possible in more detail.
  8. lukke
    lukke 31 December 2015 10: 06
    The principle of forgive and forget between Russia and Turkey is impossible
    I don’t know this?! ...
    I know - Understand and forgive!),
    but this does not apply to the Turks - the borzometer has recently gone wild with them and partly we ourselves are to blame.
  9. Butchcassidy
    Butchcassidy 31 December 2015 10: 49
    I do not agree with the general leitmotif of the article.

    "Do not rush to bury" - according to this principle, one must perceive what is happening.
    Of course, there are many problems now, but when were they not?
    Stolypin said: give me 20 calm years and you will not recognize Russia. The idea is good, correct, but Russia will never have 20 calm years. There were once quiet years, but for some reason they prefer to call them "the era of stagnation." Apparently, they do not want calm years in Russia.

    The country is moving in the right direction, I’m sure that the Russian authorities will deal with many problems and challenges, including those that the country now faces: the liberal bloc of government, sanctions, Ukraine, Islamic terror, Syria, Turkey, etc. . Sanctions and the military-industrial complex will help with the economy, diplomats will deal with Ukraine, and diplomats with Syria and Turkey together with the Russian Armed Forces.

    Russia is not just a country, it is a civilization, therefore it is normal to survive crises. Princely strife, the invasion of the Mongol-Tatars, the Time of Troubles, Napoleon, the revolutions of 1905 and 1917, Hitler, the dashing 90s - we all survived, we will survive the current problems. God is with us!

    Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!
  10. Zomanus
    Zomanus 31 December 2015 16: 36
    Happy New Year everyone.)))
    Now on the topic of the article.
    It seems to me personally that Turkey was chosen by us as an example of
    what can we do with a hostile country
    without entering into a war with her, the one with missile tanks.
    We are now clearly, without going beyond the global "rules of the game",
    roll out the country of Turkey.
    And I think that other countries are very closely following this and drawing their conclusions.
  11. Bakht
    Bakht 31 December 2015 17: 15
    I cease to understand such articles. Who writes this whole nonsense?

    The laws of politics are unchanged. The economy is important, but it does not determine politics. Also, like politics does not determine economic interests.

    You need to know history. From an economic point of view, Hitler should never have attacked the USSR. But he attacked the same. In modern times, the States must proudly turn their backs on Russian engines. But they do not turn away.

    So what if Russia loses 10 or 20 billion dollars? Is that a reason to kneel down and repent? Sorry, were we wrong? Then they will wipe their feet on Russia. Economic losses are unpleasant, but they will not change the situation in any way. From an economic point of view, the USSR in 1941 was supposed to kneel and surrender.

    It would be nice for "political scientists" and "journalists" to teach history and materiel. The war is on. If someone thinks that by accepting Erdogan's terms you will receive respect and forgiveness, he is either mistaken or lying. As Churchill said, "between shame and war, you chose shame. As a result, you will get both shame and war."

    There was such a motto of the most intelligent politician of all times and peoples "The enemy will be defeated. Victory will be ours." It's strange what an Azerbaijani writes. :-) But I thought and still believe that without Russia, they will wipe their feet on Azerbaijan too.

    PS in this regard, I was unpleasantly surprised today by the flabbiness of will of Vladimir Putin. What does a poll in Crimea mean? Crimea is not yours anymore?
  12. zav
    zav 31 December 2015 23: 27
    I do not understand these games with sovereignty. Putin seems to have started the New Year too early to celebrate. What does it mean: Crimeans, do you agree with the loss of a part of sovereignty or not? Is it possible to ask about this? Incidentally, we have adopted a law against the escalation of separatism, that is, the separation of part of the territory. And the entry of Crimea and Sevastopol into the Russian Federation made them full members of the federation with all the rights and obligations attached to this. After all, we do not ask the Tula or Novgorod residents whether they want to separate or not, but for some reason we are interested in the Crimeans. Then they will question the residents of the Kuril Islands, how they will react to the fact that, along with the Russian authorities, the Japanese will steer there a little. And the inhabitants of the Kaliningrad region about their sympathies with Frau Merkel and about the introduction of some German, Polish and Lithuanian laws on its territory. And all for the cookies.
  13. RomanS
    RomanS 1 January 2016 01: 38
    Regarding the survey in Crimea: “The first question is whether or not you support the conclusion of a commercial contract with Ukraine for the supply of part of the electricity to the Crimea and Sevastopol if it states that Crimea and Sevastopol are part of Ukraine,” he said, recalling what this is the wording that Ukraine wants to register in the contract, and Russia does not agree with it.
    The survey is conducted in a telephone format for two days. And this is an action to maintain the civil position of the inhabitants of Crimea. Imagine yourself at a New Year's table by candlelight without TV and the Internet. But in many settlements, with the electricity turned off, the heating is also turned off. Therefore, the survey and its announcement is logical, if you endure the inconvenience, then it is clear why. For they promise to completely restore the supply of energy by May 1. Until then, the light is on schedule.
  14. aba
    aba 1 January 2016 21: 20
    Quote: Bakht
    So what if Russia loses 10 or 20 billion dollars?

    Apparently, for Russia it may be a trifle, but probably not for Gazprom, since Novak makes such statements.
    Of course, reading the article is not very pleasant, but it’s like with medicines - for the most part they are bitter.
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 3 January 2016 12: 32
      Political actions are political, and economic actions are more expensive, and on both sides, and therefore gas supplies to Turkey will continue. And then, who knows, he can return to the construction of the South Stream and a gas pipeline to India - only for the money of those who need gas.
  15. Serggii
    Serggii 1 January 2016 23: 43
    Of course you need to feed the enemies and the point. Or maybe rip dip relationship for 50 years
  16. Varies
    Varies 4 January 2016 13: 04
    That's what happens when people don’t look at export statistics - a raw materials appendage of the brain! laughing