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The victims of the operation of the Turkish security forces in the south-east of the country on the eve of two children

Turkish News Agency DHA reports on ongoing clashes between Turkish security officials and Kurds in the south-east of the country. The most fierce confrontation is noted in the village of Jizre (Sirnak province). In this and other (located in the area of ​​the military operation) settlements there is a curfew, and the Turkish authorities say that the military operation is aimed at "PKK militants" (Kurdistan Workers Party, which Ankara considers a terrorist organization).

The victims of the operation of the Turkish security forces in the south-east of the country on the eve of two children

The victims of the ongoing clashes of the Turkish army and police with the local population on the eve of two children. According to Turkish media reports, one of the dead is a five-year-old boy who played in the courtyard of his house. A bullet hit him in the neck. The doctors failed to save the boy. The other victim is a three-month baby, who was fatally injured while he was in his mother's arms. The woman herself was not physically injured.

Clashes continue in the area of ​​the city of Diyarbakir, in which the NATO aviation base. At least fifty civilians became victims of Turkish security forces in the area.

Against this background, the leader of the pro-Kurdish Democracy of Peoples Party, Selahatin Demirtas, stated that Ankara must stop its military operation against the Kurdish population and sit down with the Kurdish leaders at the negotiating table in search of a political solution. It turned out that such statements by official Ankara were perceived in fact as criminal. Now the statements of the Turkish MP are checked by the Prosecutor General of Turkey.
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  1. USSR 1971
    USSR 1971 29 December 2015 06: 57
    Cattle will wait, they will be the second Donbass.
    1. Mahmut
      Mahmut 29 December 2015 07: 54
      Turkey self-destruction program launched.
      1. Tatyana
        Tatyana 29 December 2015 07: 59
        You can already "congratulate" the political bankrupt Erdogan on the upcoming economic destruction of Turkey according to the Ukrainian scenario.
      2. Lelek
        Lelek 29 December 2015 08: 31
        Quote: Mahmut
        Turkey self-destruction program launched.

        I do not think so. Among the Kurds themselves, in addition to the differences between the Turkish, Iraqi and Syrian, there are contradictions within the diasporas. Now, if all the Kurds come to a common denominator, choose a unifying body, they will force them to reckon with themselves, and individually they will be broken and the only thing they will be able to do is guerrilla warfare, which is perceived by the Turks and the West as terrorism and radicalism. yes
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    4. Uran
      Uran 29 December 2015 09: 02
      Erdogan is at war with teenagers already. very similar to hitler
    5. ayyildiz
      ayyildiz 29 December 2015 11: 56
      Look at the currency in Russia, how much it has become, and in Turkey it was and is worth it!
  2. Alexander 3
    Alexander 3 29 December 2015 07: 01
    Similarly, events are developing in the same way as in the Donbass.
    1. -Traveller-
      -Traveller- 29 December 2015 08: 23
      only Turkey is not Ukraine, and no “vacationers” and “humanitarian” convoys are expected.
      1. ayyildiz
        ayyildiz 29 December 2015 11: 59
        I heard that the Turks have very strong agents in the Caucasus and Crimea.
  3. avvg
    avvg 29 December 2015 07: 02
    In Turkey, thanks to Erdogan, everything is already going to a civil war.
  4. sergeyzzz
    sergeyzzz 29 December 2015 07: 05
    To arrange the second Donbass for the Turks, one must be the same scumbags as the USA, ours cannot do this :(
    1. udincev
      udincev 29 December 2015 07: 42
      Quote: sergeyzzz
      you have to be the same scumbags like the USA, ours cannot do this :(

      But the states can.
      Well, let Erdogan agree with his opposition, and not paint peaceful and dissatisfied with terrorists.
      And then they ran into Assad. Not there is a fiend of hell and a hotbed of all "bad" in the region.
  5. venaya
    venaya 29 December 2015 07: 06
    Erdogan is trying to spill blood into the stubborn conflict. Will he be able to do this? While he is in power, Turkey does not shine anything good, problems will only grow.
  6. Nik6617017
    Nik6617017 29 December 2015 07: 59
    The Kurds need to be actively helped when the great rulers of al Erdogan have a lot of problems inside the country, he is not up to the neighbors. You need to behave like a SASHA, say one thing, do another, think a third ....
    1. -Traveller-
      -Traveller- 29 December 2015 08: 25
      how to help - with money?
  7. Al_oriso
    Al_oriso 29 December 2015 08: 34
    What could be the negotiations after the killing of young children.
    The Turkish army is not people, it’s an asshole, which is not anywhere in the world.
    1. ayyildiz
      ayyildiz 29 December 2015 11: 42
      Quote: Al_oriso
      The Turkish army is not people, it’s an asshole, which is not anywhere in the world.

      How do you know that the Turkish army killed them? Have you been there?
  8. The comment was deleted.
  9. Horn
    Horn 29 December 2015 12: 02
    Well, in the reports of the Turks will be added 2 more terrorists killed with zero army losses. It’s good to fight unarmed!