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Terrorists: who are they? In continuation of the article by Oleg Nikiforov

I read a very good article by Oleg Nikiforov on "IN": "Who and why chooses the path of terror". An article that for some reason did not arouse much interest from readers. Although the topic is the most urgent - terrorism. Moreover, the author tried to concretize where the murderers and suicide bombers come from in our society. "Who and why chooses the path of terror" - an attempt to understand the problem.

Terrorists: who are they? In continuation of the article by Oleg Nikiforov

Many readers ask: why are Russian boys and girls going to kill? Why are they more interested in fighting than living a normal life? Create a family, have children, build your own home?

In this article I will try to present some thoughts about the origins of the emergence of such sentiments among young people. And not the youth either. I have some experience with people who were ready to embark on the path of terror. True, not so big. Therefore, thoughts will be without pretensions to final and irrevocable truths. Just thoughts.

Yes, and they are addressed more to the young than to the already held people. To those who are beginning to understand the world order and their role in this process. Those who have youthful idealism are beginning to be replaced by the realities of modern life. Those who are adults on the passport, but not quite mature in their perception of life.

The first mistake of most authors of articles about terrorists is in relation to the terrorists themselves. The classic "they are children." Why is the soldier of the Russian army, 18-20-year-old boy-peacemaker, perceived by adults? A terrorist of the same age as a child? After all, both of them are on a real war. Where not only do you kill, but also kill you. Therefore, there are no children among the terrorists. There are people who want to kill. Regardless of age. Even children who have undergone special training in terrorist camps are terrorists. They already killed.

A seditious thought? May be. But this thought did not theoretically arise. This thought came to mind after watching a lot of commercials where children are killed.

The next mistake is the perception of terrorists by the monolith. The terrorist, that's all. Far from it. There are those who have come to terror from a lack of intelligence, and there are those who do it consciously. Those who are headed.

With the first category everything is more or less clear. The man from the outback, with incomplete secondary education. The fate of this man at home is not very different from the fate of his parents. And it is determined by a very specific college (understand vocational school), a specific enterprise. Perspectives to see any Maldives - zero. Do you want to ...

And there is a lot of information about these Maldives on the Internet. So the young man seeks out a way to make money fast. Quickly and much. On this and most often "catch" these.

Only the life of these terrorists is short. Not even because they throw them into the thick of the war. There, too, can get lucky. Bullets happen to fly around for some reason. Because the accounts to which money is transferred are controlled by the leaders of the gangs. And there are people who, after a certain amount accumulates there, help the terrorists to go to the Gurias to paradise.

There are exceptions. It is from this category that the most inveterate executioners appear. As, for example, our former compatriot Anatoly Zemlyanka. Oleg Nikiforov in his article perfectly described his previous life. True, they may object to me that he was a student at a Tyumen university. So what? Today you can become a student without really straining. Just pay a course. And in Noyabrsk with this not bad. Only here I did not answer one question - why. I will answer, but below.

Executioners even among terrorists are special people. These are those who have nowhere to go. They outlaw everywhere. In any country of the world. They are afraid and even hate their own. But there is no one loyal to these scumbags. They are richer than others. They are even sometimes protected from battles. But they are cornered. Death from all sides. Not even a prison - death. A prison and life sentence would often be a blessing.

The only hope in the end will be interesting for any special service that can get out of the meat grinder. Such cases have been and are. Today, for example, Iranian secret services know for sure that some commanders and executioners are being taken out by representatives of some countries of the anti-Igil coalition.

I would also refer to this category women who go to terrorists in the hope of marrying a real man. These women are meant for one purpose - suicide bombers. They will not fight in the detachments of terrorists. But as a living shell is quite suitable.

Only here the path of such a woman in the "shell box" is different. Those who are not of interest to terrorists as women are immediately sent to death camps. What happens there, everyone knows. In a short time, with the help of medicine and professional psychological treatment, they turn into bio-robots.

Many wonder how this can go to death without fear. It can not be! No, maybe. It all depends on the professionalism of the commanders. If a person is put in certain conditions, it is quite possible to convince him that death is good. And death for some idea is a direct path to paradise.

Young women before the death camp have yet to be a “wife” of a terrorist. And no one asked her wishes. A woman in the East has no right to vote. And she will "marry" for the one who "deserved". And most often, who paid. And such "married" is quite a lot. Until a woman turns into an uninteresting product for men. Then - to the death camp.

But the next category is more interesting. Most often these are people with a higher or incomplete higher education. Perfectly oriented in the modern world. Owning modern information and other technologies. In short, those who could well become someone significant in the ordinary world. Again, I refer to the article by Oleg Nikiforov. Our famous student and medalist Barbara.

What was missing her? After all, the first reviews from the majority of Russians were not angry. Rather, we were sorry for this girl. Sorry, and wondered: how could this happen. It later became clear that she was a serious enough enemy. It is the enemy. And behind the face of a child lies the face of the beast.

So why do people like her go to the terrorists? The answer is not in education. Not even in recruiters. Although some of this work really pushes students into terrorists. The answer is about what I wrote at the beginning of the article.

The young man is growing up. And he begins to understand that most roads are closed for him. Not because he is not talented or an expert. Just because there is a major category. Let the dumb. Let instead of knowledge putting a diploma on the table. But they have a dad (mom)! And this major will have a position and a corresponding salary. And the prospects will be. As in the old, still Soviet joke - the marshal has his son ...

Nobody wanted to remember that Varvara Karaulov didn’t just go to war. In Syria, it was not a simple girl wading. An active recruiter was making his way to Syria. And she did not intend to fight with a machine gun there. Yes, and married, in my opinion, not really. She was going to continue to work. Only at a higher level. She wanted "professional" growth. I wanted recognition of talent and merit.

Cannon Meat is cheap. But the "experts", and even those that have already shown themselves, are much more expensive. Of course, if you are an officer of some kind of army, then you are assured of becoming a terrorist commander. And the growth is exactly as a commander, too. But the rest are used by education. Read the texts of the Islamists. Who can say that an uneducated person wrote? On the contrary, he wrote a man, a humanitarian educated. Most likely, a talented journalist.

The same can be said about the videos. Far from home video. Very professionally done. Even executions, no matter how blasphemous it sounds, look. The video is organized very high quality.

What should we do to prevent the appearance of Russian terrorists? Oleg correctly speaks about the joint work of the state and society. And about patriotic education right. Only here zakavyka here. The terrorist, no matter how much he was, would answer the affirmative question to the question “Will you go to defend your Motherland if an enemy attacks it?” Moreover, in the forefront will promise to go. Just because war and blood is the norm for him.

It seems to me that today the main emphasis needs to be placed on prospects. It is the prospects for the young. For a boy or girl to understand that fighting and being killed is unprofitable. Dead money for the light do not take. Neither to heaven, nor to hell. And any death is worse than life.

And in the end about whether to re-educate terrorists. We always re-educate. All and all. Recidivist killers, child abusers and other scum. We pretend that we do not understand the stupidity of the very idea of ​​re-education of a scoundrel.

A person who has been in a terrorist organization for a long time ceases to be a human being. The one who comes to organizations like DAISH still believes that he will fight enemies. The rest of the people are good. But the one who has fought for a certain period already considers all those who are not with him to be enemies. And refers to all of humanity as enemies.

Are there options for re-education? I will leave the answer on the conscience of readers.

I would very much like the article to be read by young people. Those who are starting to live today. Not with dad and mom, but on your own. Yes, in our life a lot of injustice. Many things that I would like to fix. But, true talent will always be noticed. Always make his way among many mediocrities. Only for this you need to plow. Plow so that steam from the back goes. So that from the fatigue of the hand it would convulse. Talent in any business.

Does it make sense to end life under the ruins of the next house? Think about it.
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  1. Great-grandfather of Zeus
    Great-grandfather of Zeus 30 December 2015 06: 48
    To the author of the journal, for the article, if only formal lessons were conducted at the state level, they weren’t overly politically unintelligible with obscure words, but on the most thick-skinned students who could understand the phenomenon of terrorism as such and how to get into the network of recruiters, you can see the results Bylm would obviously be different from those that are now. But, on the official level, we simply either ignore this topic or ignore it, and then we are horrified by new terrorist attacks ....
    1. Private IITR
      Private IITR 30 December 2015 08: 25
      The author forgot to point out that it is not mainly "guys from vocational schools from the provinces" who go there, but criminals, drug addicts and other rabble, for whom a normal life is not possible
      1. Sirocco
        Sirocco 30 December 2015 10: 25
        Quote: Private OITR
        The author forgot to indicate

        I believe that not only is the problem about which the author writes.
        The main problem in the absence ideologies which was present before starting from school. Oktyabryata, Pioneer, Komsomol, remember how we strove to be them, it was not comfortable when I was accepted into the pioneers not in the first run. Well, nature does not tolerate emptiness, and this capacity is filled with another, and negative.
        About the lack of jobs, this is a parable in the languages. Here is a neighbor who served in the ranks of the Armed Forces, but where should he go to work? Especially in our subsidized republic of Buryatia. Given the cuts, in many enterprises, NOT WHERE.
        In general, our education system is not bad, and there is no desire to play this topic (education), this is how to deal with mills. I talked about this more than once.
    2. Mahmut
      Mahmut 30 December 2015 08: 28
      ... And any death is worse than life. (quote from the author)

      "Better to die standing than live on your knees" (Che ...)

      The author’s assertion that talent will still make its way ... You just need to plow, plow, and plow again.
      Of course, real talent will always be noticed. And they will give him the opportunity to plow and plow while health is enough. And then they will throw it in the trash like squeezed lemon.
      1. Sirocco
        Sirocco 30 December 2015 10: 33
        Quote: Mahmut
        And they will give him the opportunity to plow and plow while health is enough. And then they will throw it in the trash like squeezed lemon.

        Now knowledge and skills, in the background.
        The main thing is to be able to bend, lick where necessary, and ties with the blat, as never remained in the trend.
        Well, about plowing, I will say this.
        More and more than anyone else, a horse worked on a collective farm. But she never became chairman
        1. Awega
          Awega 2 January 2016 13: 54
          Precisely noticed. This is about the same as with our oligarchs. Not the geniuses of production, marketing, etc. Abramovich is like him. Remember Yeltsin and the seven-bankers.
  2. nimboris
    nimboris 30 December 2015 06: 54
    It seems to me that those who are "experts" among terrorists are, first of all, the snickering "majors" who wanted to play the war. They have no prospect of living a normal life from the very beginning, they are doomed to live among sycophants and sycophants, where there is shine and beauty, they quickly get tired of it. They are complex because of their "major", they want to be "normal" or "like everyone else." Drive, extreme, desire to become famous along the way, no matter how. They are complete egoists, so the life of others does not mean anything to them. They did not scramble in teams, did not suffer from the lack of what they wanted, everything was available to them. Therefore, it seems to them that life is easy. They value nothing, because they got everything for free. This does not negate their natural intelligence and abilities. They grew up in such conditions. In addition, by and large, the parents were not involved in their upbringing, they paid for all the Wishlist, and they themselves apparently hammered the loot.
    But dumb terrorists are not accustomed to work, they want everything at once, they cannot control their desires. But they listen to the tales of former majors and envy them. May be aware of the danger, but not to the end. Hunting is more than captivity. Usually those and others from densely populated places such as cities. Where there are many people, where unemployment and poverty are combined with splendor and luxury. These complement each other and quickly find.
    Real guys, as a rule, grow up in the yards of small towns or villages where there is a lack of something, struggle with difficulties, labor, military service, staff, friends. Let them not grab stars from the sky, but live a normal life with a chronic lack of funds. Of those who are normal and from big cities, they had to be busy with something in order not to fall under the influence of a big street. Sport, art, study. Too comfortable life, as a rule, corrupts anyone.
  3. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 30 December 2015 07: 00
    Thank you for the article. Propaganda, propaganda should not be a break for her. there must be recruiters for the Russian Federation. I recalled yesterday a documentary film about a little hostage boy in ISIS. So that mother would not run away. As they nursed him, Adult bearded men taught the language, prayers, assemble, disassemble a machine gun, shoot, explained that it was necessary to kill infidels. When he returned home, he was angry, wanted to go back. Such attention was paid to him. Parents want to poison all this. It seems to me this is a time bomb. Somehow the militants will remember about it.
  4. sa-ag
    sa-ag 30 December 2015 07: 16
    "... Just because there is a category of majors."

    Maybe, after all, it's not about the majors, it's just a consequence, but the reason that something is wrong in the "conservatory"?
  5. parusnik
    parusnik 30 December 2015 07: 42
    What is interesting .. the executors .. the terrorists, for the most part are ignorant, poorly educated people .. And the organizers .. are far from fools and educated .. For example .. Evno Azef, Boris Savinkov .. prepared the attacks, but they were not the executors ... There were and are exceptions, but they are few ..
  6. Stauffenberg
    Stauffenberg 30 December 2015 07: 52
    Few specifics. We must rely on the facts. To make out who is traveling, from which regions, what is the social level. Karaulova and Dugout exception. But hundreds of people from the republics of the North Caucasus are the rule. And participation in their recruitment of Muslim extremist clergy. But we don’t like to deal with this.
    1. rotmistr60
      rotmistr60 30 December 2015 08: 05
      To make out who is traveling, from which regions, what is the social level.

      Do you think that such statistics are not kept in the antiterrorist committee? To know how and with whom to fight, you just need to know these things.
      1. Stauffenberg
        Stauffenberg 30 December 2015 10: 08
        After an army, a friend of his son wanted to go to the FSB Academy. He served in the marine corps. The doctor immediately at the commission explained to him how much money must be given to get him through. Since they are simple people, the guy had to go to other bodies.

        So I don’t know ....
    2. Igor39
      Igor39 30 December 2015 08: 11
      I completely agree, a few Russians immediately begin to give out, look like, look! But most of the recruitment takes place among Muslims, in the Caucasus and in the Volga republics, or where mosques are present in cities and there are napkin cells, they first recruit Islam, and then everything else, the war with kafirs, etc. And many parishioners in mosques know about these cells, as the muftis know, but either sympathize or are silent. That's the case.
      1. Stauffenberg
        Stauffenberg 30 December 2015 10: 14
        In fact of the matter. This work is subtle. Indeed, in addition to the igilas in similar cells, they preach about separation from Russia, the introduction of the Sharia law, and the denial of the secular state in principle. There is a lot of fuel from the Saudis and other dishonesty, including Turkey.

        But the Russian Orthodox Church is being hidden in us, its problems stick out, and who will fight for the souls of our children? Malakhov or gum club?
        1. Igor39
          Igor39 30 December 2015 11: 02
          Malakhov or gum club?
          They have already won ....
  7. Same lech
    Same lech 30 December 2015 08: 05
    And in the end about whether to re-educate terrorists. We always re-educate. All and all. Recidivist killers, child abusers and other scum. We pretend that we do not understand the stupidity of the very idea of ​​re-education of a scoundrel.

    No not worth it sad ... from the height of my life I can definitely say the evil spirits sitting inside a person can corrode his soul like sulfuric acid ... and a person turns into a half-corpse.
    Outwardly, he is like everyone else, but as soon as the opportunity arises with impunity
    commit a crime he does it right away and the more rot in his soul
    the more serious crime he commits .... sometimes he also finds an excuse for this under the guise of some sort of personal problems.

    The abolition of the death penalty for villains did not reduce serious crimes ... rather, it gave hope to the criminal that he would still be released someday if caught.
    The internet is full of videos where recidivists mock at old women, children and defenseless people ... this is such a feature of bastards to attack those who can not resist.
    As for the young people ... I watched a video where a couple of our young scumbags are being carved in the bath of some unfortunate man from the southern regions ... the complete absence of any morality and soul like that of terrorists.
  8. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 30 December 2015 08: 41
    But, true talent will always be noticed. Always pave the way among many mediocrity. Only for this it is necessary to plow. Plow so that the steam from the back goes. To make my hands cramp from fatigue. Talent in any business.
    Well, this author is right on target! And if a person has no talents, or he does not even know about them, because Russian school does not unleash the potential of children? Do we have Singapore here?
    And as for "plowing" - we already have a good half of the population plowing like slaves in galleys. You explain to a peasant or a vocational school - why the same realtor gets many times more out of thin air, out of nothing! And who sits on the loan interest? Or does it offer bank guarantees? And such intermediaries are every second. Half of the country doesn’t work, he doesn’t do anything, only puffs out his cheeks.
    And explain to the graduate of the university - why he almost finished school with a medal, the institute without triples, and he barely found a job at LLC "Horns and Hooves" as a system administrator. Well, career growth in such an office of 20 people. oh what a promising one! And there are no large enterprises, and not large ones either ... And his classmate-poor student, already in the city administration, the deputy head of some department was attached by his parents, and a classmate who studied for the parents' money and has the intelligence of a log is already a commercial director in sharage. Both already have apartments and foreign cars.
    And he understands that the choice is not great - either to die, or work hard until you turn blue, and then also die in poverty, or try to catch a bird of luck, because unlike his comrades, he has neither cronyism nor money. "The general has his own son." And examples of a rapid leap in wealth before our eyes. What's going on in a young head? Well, if you happen to take a closer look at our judicial system, and, God forbid, come across when one rotted for the same five years, and the other was only transferred to another position ...
    And most importantly, everything is permeated with blatant and outright lies and "double standards." We are the Anglo-Saxons - we vilify the crooks for this, but for ourselves it is at the level of the state norm!
    Of course they will be torn into all sorts of ISIS, etc., at least in order to at least be realized. And there will be more and more. Libersieux and their subperioms can be happy.
    I will repeat once again - "barbarians" and "bits" are flesh and blood a product of internal state policy, a direct result!
    1. Silhouette
      Silhouette 30 December 2015 09: 16
      Everything is correct. The daughter graduated from school with a gold medal, for two years in a row she took first place in the All-Russian Olympiads, on "Hurray!" entered the law faculty of St. Petersburg University, graduated with honors, but did not go to the magistracy. There were 6 medalists for 7 free places. None of them entered. Gone from low-income families, disabled people and still it is not clear who. As a result - a secondary legal education, or a technical school instead of a university. For study costs 200 thousand rubles, and there is no such money in the family. Here's a "natural selection.
      1. Stauffenberg
        Stauffenberg 30 December 2015 10: 04
        But she will not go to igil. So the point is not that she did not realize herself. The point is Islam and its preachers.
        1. Silhouette
          Silhouette 30 December 2015 10: 33
          It's not about Islam and its preachers. The point is the justice structure of human life. Does it make sense in life by unfair rules, if you understand that life is structured so that your children and grandchildren will be forced to live according to them as you do? .... There are GMO products, drink obscene water, live in Khrushchev and choke on public transport, be treated with drugs that kill, listen to vulgar songs of voiceless singers, see smug idiots on TV, read invented news in newspapers. Injustice leads to protest, protest to action. Islam based on IS is an action against the injustice of the world order. Religion is not necessarily the basis of such an action.
  9. Begemot
    Begemot 30 December 2015 08: 45
    I put the article a plus, although not everything is logical and consistent in it.
    Yes, there is a lot of injustice in our life. A lot of things that I would like to fix. But, true talent will always be noticed. Always pave the way among many mediocrity.

    and then what to do to mediocrity, especially with high self-esteem?
    Terrorism is a consequence of the deep humanitarian crisis of all mankind, the permissiveness of the West, the "exclusiveness" of the United States and, in general, the unscrupulousness of politicians. Terrorism has always existed, but there was not such a high demand for it, and therefore outcasts were engaged in it, now it has become a business and those who run it do not care how many idiots die and how many innocent people they kill, and most importantly, they do not care under what sauce this will happen: Islam, communism, the struggle for freedom from the colonialists. The main thing is the availability of customers and money. In the Middle East, it is enough to eliminate 2-3 dozen sheikhs - sponsors from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, for the wave of terrorism to subside. If there is no money, there will be no parties. There will be only ideological and scumbags who have no way back. These, in the absence of supplies, financing and competent management (specialists will not be substituted without money), are quickly overclocked.
  10. Belousov
    Belousov 30 December 2015 09: 22
    No re-education of terrorists! Only complete and total destruction! A dead tree cannot start blooming again. Moreover, the destruction of terrorists must be public. Somehow they gave examples of burials in pig skins. This is exactly what should be done. Mosques and other institutions where Islam is preached must be taken under strict control. And no need to hang on the ears that "Islam is a peaceful religion", in no other religion there is approval of the killing of infidels, no one ever blows up airplanes shouting Christ is Risen or Hare Krishna. Only strict total control over the corresponding regions. And here it is the other way around, recently the oil company was given over to Chechnya (read Kadyrov's personal property). It turns out that on the one hand we are fighting the terrorists, and on the other hand we support. It turns out that we also have a division into good and bad terrorists? And Kadyrov, who boasted that at the age of 16 he killed the first Russian, I can never perceive otherwise. And now let me be minus kremlebots and other fans of this "hero" of Russia.
  11. V.ic
    V.ic 30 December 2015 11: 43
    Reread Fyodor Dostoevsky's "Demons".
  12. Goldmitro
    Goldmitro 30 December 2015 14: 25
    Quote: Stauffenberg
    And participation in their recruitment of Muslim extremist clergy.

    We still have not banned Wahhabism, which is followed by many committing Islamic fundamentalists, apparently out of fear of damaging relations with Saudi Arabia (SA)! But the SA itself does not give a damn about politeses and it is actively spreading its Wahhabism in Russia through its preachers, through training students coming from Russia, distributing literature, propaganda materials and, of course, providing all this with financial support! For a long time, they played politeses with Turkey, which was also actively preparing preachers of "the only correct Islam" for Russia and supporting the activities of bandits and religious extremists in Russia, until Turkey, impudent with impunity, meanly shot down our plane and shot our servicemen! Until we stop with these polities and put things in order with the spread of our traditional Islam in Russia, the organization of training in it in our Islamic centers and the termination of the import of Islamic radical ideology alien to us, all this jihadist scum will continue to creep into us hoping to shatter and bring down the interfaith peace in Russia with all the ensuing tragic consequences!
  13. Free wind
    Free wind 30 December 2015 15: 14
    Terrorists: who are they? Yes, they are terrorists, who else are they. Where do they come from? Well, not from the temple, that's for sure, and not even from the synagogue they climb out.
  14. kill the fascist
    kill the fascist 30 December 2015 17: 07
    The article is similar to a propaganda film about the Second World War filmed in the USSR during the Second World War. with the clichés adopted at that time - the enemy is a narrow-minded, stupid and comedic fascist. it seems to me that everything is not so simple and much more complicated. maybe the conclusions are somewhat correct in relation to the fighters who came to fight from outside the region, but we must not forget that the bulk of the ISIS fighters are local recruits. these are the regions that have been interfered with by the "NATO coalition", where forces from outside have violated the foundations of state education, etc. to approach the problem - they are all narrow-minded gopniks / vocational schools, this means not trying to figure out the root causes of what is happening.
    1. domokl
      domokl 30 December 2015 17: 48
      laughing so give an answer to the question who are they?
  15. 31rus
    31rus 30 December 2015 18: 37
    Dear, what are you doing? The youth are not satisfied with the current structure of the World, do not confuse experience and knowledge, so the young have more knowledge than the adult population and there is no experience, an example is Russia, and the West, which seems to be missing , yes, all the same. According to the latest data from 80 countries, they are fighting in ISIS, which are different in culture, economic development, location. So everything that is written in the article unites them, but the main thing is that these people see and want to make this world different, without values who do not answer, as it seems to the modern world order, and this concerns a very broad concept from the family (with methods of education), to relations between states (why the US and NATO can destroy countries, peoples, only at will), and the new state there’s no one who is right in this World, only the one who acts (cruelly, destroying shrines, they are nothing like pagan idols for us), destroying the morality and the very essence of modern society, which, in my opinion, are important components, and then everything the rest is all on a background of absolute no action by authorities in all countries
  16. Denis Skiff
    Denis Skiff 30 December 2015 18: 57
    , where did the executioners-thugs and suicide bombers come from in our society?
    empty vessel, fill whatever you want. at the time of recruitment, they were empty. there is nothing in such people. It is necessary to fill the souls and heads.
  17. Love
    Love 30 December 2015 23: 59
    Quote: domokl
    laughing so give an answer to the question who are they?

    It's like in that joke: "... anti-Semites are such Semites ..."))))))
  18. Lord of Wrath
    Lord of Wrath 31 December 2015 06: 13
    With Islamic suicide bombers, everything is more clear ...
    But in the modern realities, anyone, absolutely anyone can be accused of extremism, well, under certain circumstances and terrorism (retraining from incitement or aiding)
    in Belarus, for example, there is such an anecdote:
    -That is, instead of criticizing the government, they would have tried and tried to do better themselves! ...
    -well ... give a try! ...
    -And these are already calls for a violent change of power! ... terrorists ... all in jail ....
  19. Pre-cat
    Pre-cat 1 January 2016 05: 48
    The young man is growing up. And he begins to understand that most roads are closed for him. Not because he is not talented or an expert. Just because there is a major category. Let the dumb. Let instead of knowledge putting a diploma on the table. But they have a dad (mom)! And this major will have a position and a corresponding salary. And the prospects will be. As in the old, still Soviet joke - the marshal has his son ...
    That's right. Currently, the country does not work social elevators. And the grandson of the special settler (Yeltsin), the combine (Gorbachev), etc., etc. the authorities cannot rise to the heights. Even in the middle class, it is almost impossible for children to get out of the province. And on TV, on the Internet, everything is so beautiful and enticing. And I really want to. So they are looking for workarounds. Or, by virtue of youthful maximalism, they want to show Kuzkin’s mother to these snickering bastards who did not appreciate them.
    And about the re-education ... I doubt it. Their psyche is badly broken. It is necessary to treat and not re-educate.