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Where did Moorr Yarosh go, or “Renounce the old myth”?

Flashed in the network newswhich should have been seen by many. The former leader of the "Right Sector" Dmitry Yarosh leaves the organization. For most readers, the news is not so hot. Especially since we reported this. Already a month since Yarosh ceased to be the leader of the PS. So, turned into an ordinary, unremarkable deputy of the Rada. Because it is not LGBT, it does not fight with other deputies, it does not rush at journalists.

Where did Moorr Yarosh go, or “Renounce the old myth”?

But did this Yarosh stop being the Yarosh that we knew from his deeds?

Definitely early to make a blessed face. Say, if such people come out, then everything ... The right sector has come full out. You can no longer pay attention to all these pravosekov. Sprawled by burrows, wiser. Maybe even calm down.

The hero of the article also pours on such thoughts.

"Now is the time to focus on the development of the state. Our movement has grown, strengthened and moves to a new stage of its development. Now we want to appear not as a narrow-functional, but as a national patriotic movement to unite all the patriots of Ukraine ... Our goal is still building Ukrainian of an independent conciliar state. Our task is twofold: to preserve the existing state as a springboard for obtaining national statehood and to carry out revolutionary changes in it, which will ensure freedom, justice and prosperity for the Ukrainian people. "

There was a radical - and there is no radical. Only not so simple. Behind this man is a fairly large number of people. And not just people, but precisely those who took the most active part in the coup, the subsequent punitive actions in the Donbas, in the blockade of the Crimea. Did these people drastically change their views too? Or buried under the ruins of the Donetsk airport? No, they are next to their leader. And they are still strength.

Statement Yarosh and directed precisely these people. If we discard all the nuances, it turns out very simply. Here, see for yourself:

“I, together with my team, are leaving the Right Sector national liberation movement. We are initiating the creation of a new social and political movement, the founding congress of which is planned for February. We are now working on its development, concept of activity, program principles.”

For those who do not understand, the translation: I and my colleagues create a new patriotic movement, where everyone who supports me is invited. We were, are and will be.

We are sure that former members of the PS are already entering the new organization. Go as a herring to spawn. Shoals.

So why did Yarosh make this trick? What is behind the noble goal of creating a nation state? And why are we so confident in the rapid growth of the new organization?

First of all, the PS has discredited itself. If at the beginning of the events, pravoseki were perceived as the militant vanguard of the “revolution”, as people who are not afraid of death for the Ukrainian people, then participation in the ATO thoroughly undermined this image. The punishers, no matter how much the Ukrainian media glorify them, still understand that they do not deserve respect. Yes, and the current government is tired of having such an organization under the walls of the Rada.

And PS showed its unpredictability long ago. Even when he tried to set fire to Transcarpathia. When the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the Ukrainian NG were forced to conduct a fairly serious operation to neutralize a group of Pravosek.

So, today we have a fairly organized organization that has combat experience and sources of funding, which at any time can not only begin an active struggle with the current government, but also lead this fight. The organization has supporters in all regions of Ukraine. And not passive "voters" who support someone "from the couch." And active, ready to go into battle at the call of their leader radicals.

Plus, do not forget about the fact that now is carefully stored in numerous caches in the Carpathians. Weapon, ammunition, equipment. Written off as a "lost in battle" technique. Not Tanks, thank God, but there is information that the punitive somewhere "lost" after Debaltsev 16 trucks, 2 Humvee and 2 armored personnel carriers. Little? But a lot. And if you organize everything properly, then the numbers can be completely different. In the direction of increase.

In the conditions of constantly worsening internal political situation, the government and the president of Ukraine will do everything to find a way to “wipe” the PS from the political map of Ukraine. The benefit of the forces and means for this today is enough.

Deputies Yarosh went to his advantage. Or he himself, “doper”, or suggested who is among the powers that be this simple thought. Be that as it may, Yarosh made a wonderful move. Sophisticated and beautifully designed

“As before, we don’t give up on the revolutionary path, but categorically deny pseudo-revolutionary activities that threaten the existence of the state of Ukraine and blur the patriots’ reputation. We are in opposition to the current government, but we don’t consider expedient bloody and doomed to defeat riots against it ”

Handsomely? And then ... We do not seem to be for what is happening today in Ukraine, but we will fight by parliamentary methods. Only here is the language ... Everyone since childhood knows the classic "my language is my enemy."

As part of the right sector were not only political organizations. There was still DUK. Who forgot - the Volunteer Ukrainian Corps. Pure military formation with a clear structure and command. DUK submitted to Yarosh personally. And after his resignation, two combatant battalions and a medical battalion declared that the former conductor was personally under command. But behind these warriors in the battles in the Sands, at Saur-Grave, in the Donetsk airport, in Shirokino. So it is not necessary to talk about them in the past tense.

"Therefore, the fifth and eighth battalions of the DUK and the Hospitallers' medical battalion are being reorganized into the Volunteer Ukrainian Army. It will be one of the structures of the new movement we are creating."

Here is the answer to all questions. Why the opposition movement own army? They will fight for power in parliamentary ways.

And the conclusion from all that is happening is one. Yarosh is preparing a new radical organization to replace the Right Sector. An organization that will in every way otbrykivatsya from its roots in the PS. On the contrary, it is quite possible that the new organization will criticize the PS. And even contribute to its ban. And the subsequent destruction.

That is, approximately according to the Turkish scenario of fighting ISIS.

Thus, the radicals, and the government, keep the organization in case of a social explosion. In the current environment, such an organization is necessary as a new one. Not stained with blood in the Donbas and the burning of people in Odessa.

And what about the right sector? It seems that the prakosekam will not succeed in celebrating his second birthday (22 in March). Moor did his job. Now it is not needed. In the form in which it exists, is not needed.

We have long thought about this topic. Where will the Moor go after Mukachevo? Now there is an answer.
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  1. Same lech
    Same lech 29 December 2015 06: 55
    And the conclusion from all that is happening is one. Yarosh is preparing a new radical organization to replace the Right Sector.

    The surname itself YAROSH ... this is the stigma of the executioner who participated in the killings of civilians in DONBAS ... YAROSH will never succeed in washing off their blood.
    1. Petrol
      Petrol 29 December 2015 11: 35
      everything is much simpler ....
      Considering the "God's chosenness" of Yarosh, who, consumed by the thirst for glory of the biblical Joshua, who destroyed all life in Jericho and its environs, went to the Donbass at the same time to improve his financial affairs. take possession of his forest, you can also kill or expel a goy (Ukrainian, Russian Belarusian, etc.) and take possession of his property. The property of a non-Jew is like an abandoned thing, its real owner is a Jew who is the first to seize it. "
      source - (Baba Bathra, folio 54, b; Choschen Michpot, 156, 1)
      doesn’t resemble anything ??
      1. Litsvin
        Litsvin 30 December 2015 20: 27
        Reminds me, dear, how it reminds !!! I have already written about this elsewhere. These lines are from the Talmud - the book on the basis of which the Jewish-Masonic patrons from the United States helped Hitler write "Mein Kampf". Because "Uncle Adik" was an openly crappy writer, as well as an artist ...
    2. gladcu2
      gladcu2 29 December 2015 14: 54
      The same Lech

      Where did Yarosh take charge of the executioner?

      Let's not be biased.

      Yarosh, left the right sector formally, since the PS is de-credited in several respects.

      1. Media. Mass media came up with concrete and non-specific stereotypes.
      2. Crimes committed in combat zones, absolutely all were attributed to the right sector. But, as is known from publications, the right sector is a hodgepodge of strange funding for battalions. Conditionally related. They even have their own names. And it is obvious that Yarosh is formally subordinated while the target interests are met.

      Pay attention to the following.

      The Yarosh Declaration is the development of the state. It looks at the highest degree of interest. This declaration reflects the behavioral nature of Yarosh. It can be seen that this is the fruit of the work of Yarosh himself.

      Let me remind the public of the following.

      Yarosh. Not seen. In violence (not war crimes), not seen in war crimes. Yarosh cannot be declared a lie. Nonsense. Betrayal. Greed. Hypocrisy.

      Now a question for the public. What is the moral root of Yarosh? Can he lead the law in rebuilding the state?

      And further. We all remember the situation of Hitler coming to power. The undoubted growth of the German economy. Of course with external financial assistance.
      We also remember the revolution in Russia. Organized by V.I. Lenin. But financing from the outside.

      I suggest looking at Yarosh from this point of view.
      1. Avantageur
        Avantageur 29 December 2015 20: 51
        Quote: gladcu2
        Yarosh. Not seen. In violence (not war crimes), not seen in war crimes. Yarosh cannot be declared a lie. Nonsense. Betrayal. Greed. Hypocrisy.

        Yarosh, he himself does not deny that he is a criminal ... And from his words, he blames the degree of responsibility for crimes ...

        Quote: Yarosh
        “We go into the village along with the military, take control of it and settle in houses. We all commit a felony. Or the commander of the brigade, battalion gives the order to use artillery, mortars. He has no right to do this. In general, during the ATO all combat missions would have to be performed by special units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Security Service of Ukraine. And the army cover the maximum perimeter. This ATO is such a fake everything. ”

        In general, except for Yarosh, other persons were also noticed in war crimes ...

        Chairman of the Security Service of Ukraine Valentin Nalyvaichenko, Colonel-General, Head of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Yuri Pavlov, Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Avakov Arsen, Governor of the Dnipropetrovsk Region Igor Kolomoisky, Minister of Defense of Ukraine Valery Geletey, Head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Viktor Muzhenko, former commander Dnepr-1 special forces battalion, Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yuriy Bereza, chairman of the nationalist party “Liberty” Oleg Tyagnibok, and his same party member Andrey Tyagnibok, commander of the National Guard of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak, pilot (gunner of the Aidar battalion) Nadezhda Savchenko, commander of the first battalion 72 mechanized brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Ivan Voitenko, former commander of the Donbass battalion Semen Semenchenko, Ukrainian journalist, deputy of the city council, former deputy commander of the Azov battalion Igor Mosiychuk and others ...
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 29 December 2015 21: 52
      He is a dog, and he cannot turn into anything. They simply covered up an outright fascist with a fig leaf and all things. From the same opera as two true Ukrainians quarreled - one Georgian, another Armenian. laughing
    4. Litsvin
      Litsvin 30 December 2015 20: 23
      You are wrong. His real name is Arosh. And he is not a Moor (that is, according to the modern - "Negro"), but a Jew, cleverly disguised as "a rich, garnishing Ukrainian lad." Just as Bandera once "disguised himself" - the same "Ukrainian" as the esteemed Nelson Mandela is Russian.
      This is the Zhidomason junta, which occupied Ukraine, has nothing to do with the real Ukrainian patriots and their ideas. Their puppeteers are in the USA. All these Banderas, Aroshi, Yatsenyuki-Bakai and other scum deftly distorted the true patriotic idea of ​​RUSSIAN UKRAINIAN PATRIOTISM and applied it in practice in anti-human forms. Separate, dear, "the wheat from the chaff."
  2. Alexander 3
    Alexander 3 29 December 2015 06: 57
    No matter how you call the right sector, it will essentially remain them, that is, killers, horses, but never when they are fluffy and kind.
    1. Voha_krim
      Voha_krim 29 December 2015 08: 32
      Mm-yes ... Something went wrong in the main nationalist ukro-gadyushnik called "right sector". Looks like confusion and vacillations, chaotization and other entropy did not escape this Bandera stronghold. But the name “right sector” obviously contains an allusion to the fact that this sector is right not only in the political-coordinate sense, but also that it is “right”, in the sense of “right”, “true”, “true” . Apparently, not so everything is right in him, if the ataman himself decided to leave his gang.
      1. Avantageur
        Avantageur 29 December 2015 21: 06
        Yarosh: "The National Guard is a" VeVeshny rabble "...

    2. gladcu2
      gladcu2 29 December 2015 15: 04
      Alexander 3

      PS is a hodgepodge of a large number of diversified financing organizations that, according to their financiers, performed the tasks. Any commissioned and non-commissioned crimes were automatically attributed by the media to the PS sign.
      Yarosh took control of an organization that was not fully subordinate to him, apparently 50 percent. Yarosh did not give up his duties, which obviously should have happened. Since this work does not lead to enrichment of it personally, but obviously the work was not simple.
  3. venaya
    venaya 29 December 2015 07: 00
    Yarosh is preparing a new radical organization to replace the Right Sector. An organization that will in every possible way kick off its roots in PS

    Apparently a valuable shot, this Yarosh, showed himself as capable of following any instructions from the hohiai, no matter what they were. So to create a new organization for a verified staff, and also in such a way that all his previous obscuring affairs were not his (???), apparently there are not so many similar "specialists" in the whole Ukraine, they value him, "deserved".
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 29 December 2015 15: 22

      You saw on TV Lyashko, Avakov, Yaytsenyukh, Saakashvili. You can judge them by their behavior and statements.

      Now tell me how often Yarosh showed his character? What is undeniable you can bring about him.

      Well, now about the owners. If there are more than one owners, then there will certainly be a conflict of interest.

      If Yarosh voiced the declaration of his movement, then, logically, his master demands this. This declaration is really not bad. Then what are the claims?
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 29 December 2015 07: 05
    Dmitry Yarosh leaves the organization

    He, like a predator, feels the danger that looms over the PS, so he decided to dissociate himself in time. But taking into account what he has already done with his "comrades-in-arms", do not go out, but you still have to answer.
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 29 December 2015 15: 27

      Che are you bullshit mound? What predator that feels danger?

      Yarosh drags overload of responsibility and does not cry. All crimes are not clear whose mass media assigned to the PS, and therefore to Yarosh.

      Any businessman would have spat on the business for a long time and would have taken up the other.
  5. parusnik
    parusnik 29 December 2015 07: 24
    Black male, decided to wash off to white ...
    1. Petrol
      Petrol 29 December 2015 11: 29
      Yes, there is no witchcraft here, everything is much simpler ...
      as the ancestor Yatsenyuk Rabbi Bakai used to say: “In order to better deceive the goyim, a Jew can even visit their sick, bury their dead, do their good to the poor, but all this must be done in order to have peace, and so that the wicked do not do evil to Jews.”
      source - (Traite gittin, folio 61, a)
  6. Dr. Barmaley
    Dr. Barmaley 29 December 2015 07: 29
    "Therefore, the fifth and eighth battalions of the DUK and the medical battalion" Hospitallers "are reorganized into the Volunteer Ukrainian Army

    More correctly - in the "Volunteer Ukrainian Revolutionary Army", abbreviated as DURA.
  7. Good cat
    Good cat 29 December 2015 07: 32
    He will create a new organization, the same eggs only in profile!
    1. Petrol
      Petrol 29 December 2015 11: 59
      only the goal is the same as the ancestor Yatsenyuk Rabbi Bakai was broadcasting:
      - “A Jew is allowed to seize, at will, the property of a goy, for where it says:“ Do no harm to your neighbor ”, it does not say:“ Do no harm to Goy ”.
      source - (Traite Sanhedrin, folio 57, a)
      or even easier)))
      - "Their (goyim in this case Ukrainians) life, oh Jew, in your hands, especially their money."
      source - (Explic. du Pentat., folio 213, 4)
  8. Cap.Morgan
    Cap.Morgan 29 December 2015 08: 38
    The creation of another paramilitary organization, and even more so an "army" - is another step towards the collapse of Ukraine. More armies, new and different! You look and kill each other.
    LEVIAFAN 29 December 2015 08: 46
    leopard change his spots.
    1. Petrol
      Petrol 29 December 2015 13: 06
      He is not pay, not advance,
      It drops out only once.

      It's so easy to miss
      But it is easier to bite the elbow,
      What a new chance to get.
  10. Lelek
    Lelek 29 December 2015 08: 55
    (In the context of a constantly deteriorating internal political situation, the government and the president of Ukraine will do everything to find a way to "erase" the PS from the political map of Ukraine. Fortunately, there are enough forces and funds for this today.)

    I do not think that Pan Pedro & Co will succeed. PS has gained considerable weight due to the atrocities inside the former Ukraine and will not give up so easily. Inside the SS, over a fairly long period of time, "uglyapki" cleaner than Yarosh "grew", ready to pick up the banners of Bandera-fascism (the same Biletsky), which, if necessary, will sweep away Yarosh and Tyagnyboks themselves. So Waltzman-Gunpowder, who is losing power, will soon fade away, but the whirlwinds of the walk-field await.
  11. kill the fascist
    kill the fascist 29 December 2015 09: 16
    there is no genius or innovation in this Yarosh trick. this trick was performed by all more or less clever radicals and bandits. any bandos, having gained capital, immediately tried to legalize himself under the guise of an "honest" businessman or even a deputy (we have more than enough such cases in Russia). but even changing the crimson jacket for a suit from brijuni, they did not cease to be bandos. I hope that the bony one will grab Yarosh by the throat when he is still in his prime, Sashko was waiting for him.
  12. Egoza
    Egoza 29 December 2015 09: 33
    Considering that Yatsenyuk is ALREADY talking about possible new parliamentary elections, such a "new" party will be very useful to him. That's when they will vote at gunpoint.
    1. Petrol
      Petrol 29 December 2015 11: 55
      about who these are like Yatsenyuk, Yarosh, Kalomoysky and others. The Jews never recognized their sins in relation to foreigners, for the Talmud says:
      “Only you, the sons of Israel, are people, and all the other nations of the world are not people (animals), because you come from the impurities of Eve”
      source - (Emelchamelin, 67).
      Therefore, even “holidays are established for Jews, but not for strangers, since all strangers are dogs”
      source- (Tr. Megilla, 7,2) and therefore, when King Nebuchadnezzar offered his daughter (princess) Rabbi Bin Syrah as his wife, he proudly replied: “I am the son of a man, not an animal”
      source - (Lira, t. 8,2).
      on this yaroshu on figs who under the "muzzle" (trunk) to put at least dogs, at least a Ukrainian from Vinnytsia, even from Kharkov!
  13. linen
    linen 29 December 2015 09: 49
    This Yarosh has long to be hung! And this is NOT tanning !!! Good was comrade STALIN all the time he gave regretted thought better of it! And the serpents crawled out! Well, nothing comes to them!
  14. tolyasik0577
    tolyasik0577 29 December 2015 09: 53
    and what do these stupid people go to? some black jacket. that Yarosh that Avakyan. As far as I understand, this underwear is under overalls, military but still special clothes. This is equivalent if, say, Shoigu came not in a tunic but in a vest. Do they have no generally accepted etiquette-go to work, well, at least in a jacket?
  15. DesToeR
    DesToeR 29 December 2015 10: 44
    Quote: Dr. Barmaley
    More correctly - in the "Volunteer Ukrainian Revolutionary Army", abbreviated as DURA.

    More correct in the Volunteer Ukrainian Insurgent Army - abbreviated DUPA. All Ukrainians are almost there.
  16. samoletil18
    samoletil18 29 December 2015 11: 08
    "In and out." One fig, the scaffold was waiting for him.
    1. Petrol
      Petrol 29 December 2015 12: 06
      - Jews never recognized their sins in relation to foreigners, because the Talmud says:
      “Only you, the sons of Israel, are people, and all the other nations of the world are not people (animals), because you come from the impurities of Eve”
      source - (Emelchamelin, 67).

      for this I’m figuring someone to bring at least dogs, even a Ukrainian from Vinnitsa, even from Kharkov, even from Donetsk!
  17. chunga-changa
    chunga-changa 29 December 2015 12: 30
    Because it’s not LGBT

    In my opinion, the author is in a hurry with such statements. The fact that he does not yell about his orientation on every corner does not mean that he is not LGBT. Maybe just a man is modest.
  18. rus-5819
    rus-5819 29 December 2015 13: 11
    Yarosh is preparing a new radical organization to replace the Right Sector. An organization that will in every possible way kick off its roots in the PS. On the contrary, it is quite possible that the new organization will criticize the PS. And even contribute to its ban. And subsequent destruction.

    Yes, the boy just realized that he was "thrown". And now he is preparing for a guerrilla war. With whom? Yes, with everyone, if only the foreign master did not forget.
  19. Cucumbers
    Cucumbers 29 December 2015 14: 19
    The Moor really did part of the matter and now can move on to the second part of the American plan. He has realized the separation of Ukraine from the Russian world. Now we need to stabilize the society on anti-Russian sentiments so that the people accept these ideas as their own. Well, the third stage is the revival of Ukraine, but already anti-Russian project. There is nothing new, everything is old technology. In parallel, the Orthodox Church is being replaced by the Greek Catholic Church, with the removal of temples and other things. Poland 2 in general. What should Russia do, Russians, after all, it’s clear that they’re just robbing us, Werewolves are being raised on our land. Russia looks at all this and thinks that they will get mad and return. But the United States does not include a prosperous Ukraine, it is needed as a brake, and if needed as a battering ram against Russia. What should I do? An information channel is needed, especially for Ukraine. How else to wake people up.
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 29 December 2015 15: 35

      Let's start with the voiced one.

      Have you read the declaration of Yarosh?

      Clearly said, the development of the state.

      Yarosh, a good leader. The number of people voluntarily taking leadership responsibility and knowing what to do is not great. Very little.
      If Yarosh was a businessman by nature, he would have spat on everything and would have taken up the other. And he has the potential.
      But he does what he does. So far, claims to it are formal.

      We will see.
  20. alexmach
    alexmach 29 December 2015 20: 27
    This is called rebranding.

    The move is quite thin.

    He guessed interestingly, or who thought of it?
    1. aba
      aba 29 December 2015 23: 24
      Rather, this is another attempt to withdraw extremely radical forces from the local level to the state. With PS, this attempt failed, hence the need for rebranding.