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Iranian Navy received three new submarines

Iranian Navy received three new submarines

Three new Qadir-type submarines adopted the Iranian Navy. According to Iranian television channel Press TV said this Rear Admiral Gholam Reza Khadem-Bigham, deputy commander of the naval forces of Iran. In the composition of the Iranian Navy today, taking into account new submarines, the number of Gadir submarines is 14 units. The Iranian military said that the submarines will conduct operations near the coast and in shallow water mainly in the Persian Gulf.

The Gadir submarines are being supplied to the Iranian Navy with 2007 by Iran. These ships are made on the basis of a North Korean submarine of the Yeno type. The displacement of the submarine "Qadir" is 120 tons. The characteristics of the submarine are not disclosed. If the main parameters of the North Korean "Yeno" were saved in the Iranian "Gadir", then their maximum speed is 11 nodes, and two torpedo tubes, 533 mm, are in service. According to the reports of the Iranian Navy, in the design of the "Qadir" technologies of stealth have been applied.

Currently, the Iranian submarine fleet, in addition to the Qadir submarines, has three Soviet submarines "Halibut" (877 project), which were acquired at the beginning of 1990-s and Iranian Nahang, which entered service in 2006 in Iran in 2008. began the construction of the submarine "Kayem", which is capable of performing combat missions in the open sea. Information about this submarine is also missing.
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  1. ronin
    ronin 29 November 2011 11: 28 New
    Неплохо! Но сколько они смогут под водой пробыть без подзарядки? Им бы "Шквал" на вооружение.....
    1. Satanail
      Satanail 29 November 2011 11: 38 New
      This is already very good, the US fleet will be afraid of them, which means that they will have to pull more troops there, and this will increase the load on military mobility, where it will increase, somewhere it will decrease (they will still have to pull the military from somewhere ..)
      1. Mujahiddin777
        Mujahiddin777 29 November 2011 12: 12 New
        At least let the aircraft carrier sink, already half the battle fellow smile
        By the way. I once watched a military parade in Iran, so they have mini-submarines controlled by suicide bombers, this is generally PPC FULL !!!
    2. Vadivak
      Vadivak 29 November 2011 13: 15 New
      Quote: ronin
      Not bad! But how long can they stay under water without recharging?

      Жаль что на фото не подлодки типа "Гадир".

      Последняя относится к классу мини-субмарин . Именно ее на фото посещает Ахмадинежад. Но у Ирана есть Три наших "Варшавянки" или по американской терминологии "черная дыра"

    3. starded
      starded 29 November 2011 18: 54 New
      Шквал, да ещё "москит" и прочее... не помешали бы иранцам!
      1. Pacifist
        Pacifist 29 November 2011 19: 09 New
        Somewhere a year ago, information was held on Iran’s testing of an analogue of our barrage. Unfortunately, this is a very specific weapon and its use is limited by certain conditions. Yes, the speed is incredible, but it makes noise like a volcano and there is no control on the trajectory, at least on those specimens that were developed in the USSR. After that, I did not see information about modernization, etc. Maybe there is, but apparently under the bar.
        Mosquitoes are yes. this is a serious thing.
  2. urzul
    urzul 29 November 2011 11: 40 New
    Информация о данной субмарине также не отсутствует"

    you won’t understand without a bottle wink
    1. Mujahiddin777
      Mujahiddin777 29 November 2011 13: 28 New
      Cool noticed! And this is at least fellow wink
  3. zavesa01
    zavesa01 29 November 2011 11: 54 New
    They are unlikely to be a real threat, but yes, to make ships and escort boats sweat. Plus approaches to the coast are in question before the clearance of boats. Without a 200% guarantee, the Yankees will not turn up. The disadvantage of this project is the range and autonomy plus stealth, which is the main thing for boats.
    1. Ostwind
      Ostwind 29 November 2011 16: 38 New
      Such mini-submarines are just good for coastal defense, operating at shallow depths.
  4. Cardamom
    Cardamom 29 November 2011 12: 33 New
    The US Navy, in particular its anti-submarine component, is imprisoned for the fight against the best examples of Russian nuclear submarines, so I think it’s not enough to scare these Pindos miracle submarines.
  5. MIKK1972
    MIKK1972 29 November 2011 12: 47 New
    They can fight tankers, which means a threat. Have to be reckoned. But three boats at once do not happen in such a way that tests and commissioning at the same time.
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 29 November 2011 13: 40 New
      Quote: MIKK1972
      three boats do not happen right away

      It also says displacement of 120 tons, here it is at the pier

      1. Dock
        Dock 29 November 2011 16: 40 New
        Это не из этой ли лодки доктор Сальватор из к/ф "Человек-амфибия" стрелял по паруснику из гарпунной пушки? wink
  6. dred
    dred 29 November 2011 14: 11 New
    Arms all the same friends.
    1. Artemka
      Artemka 29 November 2011 14: 40 New
      So it's time! And we also arm ourselves.
  7. bubla5
    bubla5 29 November 2011 14: 16 New
    It is precisely with the Yankees that the component is focused on the search and fight against modern nuclear submarines, and this component may miss the old diesel boat
  8. zavesa01
    zavesa01 29 November 2011 14: 29 New
    НЕМОГУТ ГАС современных кораблей (я не говорю про ГАС ПЛ ) проморгать лодку времен ВОВ. "Варшава" вне сравнений она проектировалась как лодка прикрытия рейдов и районов развертывания. Но и у нее те же проблемы автономности и дальность. Их предназначение позиционное блокирование районов.

    As for the mini boats. it’s a means of delivering saboteurs and possessing an even shorter range of action, they even theoretically will not be able to approach the AUG because underwater transport is needed for their delivery. They can be used ONLY against support vessels located on roads and in ports. But as you know, if the landing went to the port, then it’s too late to drink Borjomi. Although for a couple of good acts of terrorism is quite possible.
    1. bubla5
      bubla5 29 November 2011 19: 29 New
      But after all, on a healthy head, there is a hole, a flight through the whole country and landing on Red Square
  9. Dimka off
    Dimka off 29 November 2011 15: 31 New
    strengthen their defense) offset to the Iranians. They do not sit back and do not panic, but are preparing to receive guests.
    1. starded
      starded 29 November 2011 18: 58 New
      Dimka off,
      They do this in isolation. A small country is not afraid of democrats !!!
  10. patriot464
    patriot464 29 November 2011 19: 46 New
    Quote: zavesa01
    "Варшава" вне сравнений она проектировалась как лодка прикрытия рейдов и районов развертывания. Но и у нее те же проблемы автономности и дальность. Их предназначение позиционное блокирование районов.

    Minesweeper yet.
  11. MURANO
    MURANO 29 November 2011 20: 00 New
    Quote: patriot464
    Minesweeper yet.

    Mines take us all submarines.
  12. Nick
    Nick 29 November 2011 21: 46 New
    To destroy an aircraft carrier you need several powerful torpedoes. The 533 th caliber of torpedoes on a submarine with a displacement of 120 tons is unlikely to place much. They weigh from 1,5 tons. Here, something else.
  13. maksim
    maksim 1 December 2011 19: 48 New
    the Americans will be frightened of them, but Israel may well