Military Review

The US Armed Forces

The US military is rightly considered the strongest in the world. A country that has no opponents on its continent has been able to build the most powerful maritime and air component of its armed forces. Currently, the number of US military is about 1,4 million troops, as well as more than 680 thousands of civilian personnel. The level of military spending the United States confidently lead the world. In 2014, US military spending amounted to 610 billions of dollars (34,2% of all world military spending), which is 3 times more than China has spent on defense and 7 times more than Russia (data from the Stockholm Peace Research Institute).

Regular US forces were established on 14 on June 1775 of the year, as decided by the Second Continental Congress, to protect the independence, freedom, and territorial integrity of the state. Under the armed forces in the United States understand the totality of independent types of armed forces: the ground forces, air force, naval forces, marine corps (ILC) and the coast guard. The first four types of armed forces are directly subordinate to the Ministry of Defense of the country, and the coast guard in peacetime submits to the Ministry of National Security, also going under the wing of the Ministry of Defense during the war.

The commander-in-chief of the US military, according to the constitution, is the president of the country, who heads the Armed Forces through the civilian secretary of defense, to whom the ministers of the Armed Forces are subordinate. The ministers are responsible for recruiting, equipping, organizing and supplying the armed forces. The top military ranks of the Armed Forces are part of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (OKNSH), whose chairman coordinates the work of all the military authorities of the country.

Operationally, the US military is now consolidated into 9 Joint Command (OK). Five of these commands were created on a geographical basis (North America, South and Central America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, the Pacific). The commander of this OK is subject to all formations of the types of US armed forces, which are located in his area of ​​responsibility. The four remaining OCs, to which the Combined Strategic Command belongs, the OC strategic redeployment, the OK special operations and the OC, do not have their own forces. The Joint Forces Joint Command is responsible for the organization of joint combat training of all types of armed forces, and the strategic Joint Forces are responsible for the strategic nuclear weapon.

Recruitment of the American armed forces occurs on a voluntary basis, it is a completely contract army. For military service are accepted citizens of the United States or citizens permanently residing in the United States (having a residence permit) and possessing at least a secondary education. The minimum age of candidates for military forces is 18 years (with parental consent, you can go to serve in 17 years). The maximum age for admission to military service is different and in different types of armed forces of their own. For example, in the Air Force and the Coast Guard - 27 years, in the ILC - 28 years, in the Navy - 34 years, in the ground forces - 42 years. Contracts are signed for periods ranging from 4-x to 8-years.

The United States is a multinational country with a large representation of African Americans and Latin Americans, which is reflected in the structure of the armed forces. So, according to September 2010, white Americans in the US Armed Forces accounted for 63%, African Americans for 15%, Latin Americans for 10%, Asians for Alaska, as well as representatives of mixed races for 4% . Another 2% accounted for other / undecided. It is worth noting that in this latter group, many are people without American citizenship, but who have the right to permanently reside in the United States. Many of them go to the army, as this simplifies the procedure for obtaining American citizenship. By gender 4% of US military men are men, women account for 86%.

The population of the United States exceeds 325 million people, which allows you to have very large mobilization resources, which are estimated at more than 110 million people. At the same time every year the draft age reaches more than 4 millions of citizens. Also in the country there are about 850 thousands of reservists of all types of armed forces. In addition, the United States has a National Guard, which represents reserve groups organized by the army and the US Air Force. The number of United States National Guard on 2015 is about 350 thousand people.

An interesting feature is that service in the National Guard is combined with work on the main specialty. Every year (average value) up to 60 thousand people enter the National Guard. All of them are required to undergo combat training in organized group and individual classes (48 programs lasting 4 hours on weekends annually). Also, fighters of the National Guard are sent to two-week camps, connected to command-staff and military exercises along with regular units. Heads of companies and organizations that prevent national guardsmen from carrying out the tasks set by the country can be held criminally liable. In addition to patriotism, numerous incentives are additional incentives for service in the National Guard: housing allowances, treatment fees, purchase of goods and products in military stores, refueling at military stations (2 price is lower), pension supplements, etc.

In the near future, the US military leadership intends to concentrate its resources on 5 core areas: 1) fighting terrorism (against military forces of terrorists) and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, 2) intelligence, 3) preparing for an information war (protecting our own information and communications systems and destruction of similar systems of the enemy), 4) struggle for military superiority in the air (emphasis is placed on the development of unmanned systems), 5) development of military space systems. At the same time, the US military doctrine emphasizes that the Armed Forces of the country should, in their main task, prepare for a war with an unconventional adversary.

Ground troops

The ground forces, or the US Army, is a type of armed forces, the main specificity of which is the conduct of ground military operations. The US Army is the most numerous types of armed forces, it serves more than 540 thousand people. Currently undergoing a process of active reform. The motto of the Army - This We'll Defend (This we will defend).

BMP M2 "Bradley"

The ultimate goal of the ongoing reform of the US Army is the creation of combat formations of a qualitatively new type, equipped with advanced weapons systems, reconnaissance, communications and control. Thus, the reform is going on in two main areas: the supply of advanced weapons and military equipment and the reorganization of the operational staff structure (OSW). The US Army is in the process of transitioning from divisions, as the main military unit of the ground forces, to a “field” (modular) OSW, in which the main element will be a more mobile separate unit - a brigade of ground forces. As part of the reform, the ground forces will include 48 brigades. At the same time, the divisional level of control will be preserved, but will be almost completely of a staff character (as a corps / army level at a given time), retaining the ability to control troops in the event of their deployment to full-fledged combat units of the divisional level. At any given time, new brigades can be transferred to any part of the United States or the world under the control of a divisional command post or operational control bodies of the US Army in a theater of military operations.

At present, the following types of brigades of the Ground Forces are being formed:

Armored, heavy (MBT "Abrams", BMP, SAU on caterpillar tracks) - payroll number of 4743 person.

Brigades on Stryker armored vehicles, medium-sized - payroll 4500 people.

Light brigades on Humvee armored vehicles and with towed artillery are a list of 4413 people.

In addition, combat and logistical support teams will also be part of the ground forces; light (helicopter) and heavy (assault) teams are classified as combat support brigades aviation) army aviation brigades; artillery brigades; intelligence, communications and command brigades. Logistic support teams are MTO brigades - material and technical support. The US Army also distinguishes special operations forces: the 1st Special Operations Regiment of the US Army "Delta" (special forces), Special Forces of the US Army (Green Berets), the 75th Special Purpose Rangers reconnaissance regiment "Rangers" and the 160th Aviation (Airborne) Regiment of Special Operations.

Currently, the US Army is armed with more than 5,5 thousand main combat tanks Abrams, of which 1174 are M1A2 and M1A2SEP modifications, about 4,5 wheeled Striker armored personnel carriers, more than 6 M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles of various modifications, and about 500 M3 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles and more than 25 wheeled armored vehicles with enhanced anti-missile defense MRAP different types.

MBT "Abrams"

Artillery weapons are represented by 60-mm, 81-mm and 120-mm mortars. There are more than 1,1 thousands of towed artillery guns: 105-mm M119 - 392, 155-mm M198 - 327, 155-mm M-777 - 403, which replace the M198. Self-propelled artillery is represented 950 SAU M109 Paladin. There is also an 857 227-mm MLRS M-270 that can be used to launch tactical missiles and around 340 M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System - highly mobile operational-tactical missile and artillery systems that are lightweight, mounted on a wheeled chassis.

As part of the Army has more than 750 attack helicopters AH-64 Apache, more 400 transport CH-47 Chinook, more 600 light multi-purpose helicopters, OH-58 Kiowa, more 120 multipurpose helicopters MH-60 Black Hawk, more 1200 UH-60 Black Hawk, which replaced the famous Bell UH-1 multi-purpose helicopter.

Army defense is represented by approximately 1300 samples of various techniques, including 816 self-propelled complexes: 703 FIM-92A Avenger, 95 M6 Linebacker and 18 THAAD. In addition, there are 480 towed complexes MIM-104 Patriot several modifications. Also in service there are several thousand MANPADS FIM-92 Stinger.

M155 777 mm howitzer

Air Force

Air Force is a type of US military. By the number of aircraft and the number of personnel are the largest in the world. More than 308 thousand people serve in them and about 180 thousand people of civilian personnel. In service is more than 5,1 thousands of aircraft and 450 intercontinental ballistic missiles. The motto of the USAF is Above All (above all).

Recently, the Air Force has been reformed, and by 2014, their numbers have been reduced by 30 by thousands of servicemen. The reduction is due to the modernization of existing and adoption of new types of aircraft, the improvement of the combat control system and organizational structure of aviation units and units, changes in the Air Force basing system. Currently, the US Air Force is the only one in the world that is armed with the X-Numx generation F-5 “Raptor”, which is also the most expensive fighter in the world.

F-22 "Raptor"

The administrative structure of the United States Air Force includes the ministry and headquarters of the Air Force, as well as the 11 main command and 27 institutions as commanders, including the 17 directorates, the 7 centers and the 3 central institution. The commanders of the US Air Force are divided into air armies, individual wings and other units. In turn, the wings consist of groups (operational, technical support, logistics and medical), each of which may consist of several squadrons, which in turn consist of several links.

According to some reports, the United States Air Force plans to reduce almost 20% of the number of aircraft wings available. Over the next 5 years, their number may be reduced from 170 to 133. At the same time, it is planned to increase the combat capabilities of the Air Force in the context of reduction by adopting promising aircraft systems, including new low-profile 5 generation fighters, as well as unmanned aerial vehicles of various types, including future hypersonic ones.

The Air Force has more than 136 strategic bombers (B-52¸B-1B and B-2A). The X-NUMX ground attack aircraft A-289 Thunderbolt II and 10 ground support aircraft Lockheed AC-25 Specter (Ganshipa) can be used to support troops on the battlefield. Fighter aviation is represented by the following machines - F-130E Strike Eagle - 15 of them 290 in the National Guard Air Force, F-80 Eagle (F-15C F-15D) - 15 of them 227 in the National Guard Air Force. The most numerous is the multi-purpose fighter F-111 Fighting Falcon - more than 16 aircraft. The F-900 Raptor fighter aircraft gaining 22 (176 in the National Guard Air Force) was built by the Raptor. There is also a X-NUMX F-18A multi-role fighter, which in the future will have to replace all F-27 Fighting Falcon fighter. At 35, the average age of US tactical aircraft was 16 years.


Transport aviation is quite numerous and is represented by the following most numerous vehicles: Lockheed C-130 Hercules military transport aircraft - 203, Boeing C-17 strategic military transport aircraft Globemaster III - 207 and strategic C-5 Galaxy military transport aircraft - around 55 machines . In addition, there are more than 450 aircraft tankers.

The Air Force has 33 Boeing E-3 Sentry AWACS and 14 Boeing 737 AEW & C aircraft, which were created to replace the E-3 Sentry. The main unmanned aerial vehicles of the United States Air Force are the multipurpose MQ-1 Predator and the reconnaissance and strike MQ-9 Reaper. There are 196 and 115 UAVs, respectively.

Naval forces

The US Navy is one of the five main types of the country's armed forces. Like the US Air Force, not a single fleet of the world can compete with it. U.S. Navy Main Command - Pacific Fleet, Force Command fleet USA (formerly Atlantic Fleet), Shipping Command and Naval Forces in Europe. In operational terms, the US Navy is divided into 6 fleets: Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Tenth. The fleet includes more than 280 ships (deployed), more than 430 in total, as well as more than 3,7 different aircraft. The number of personnel is more than 328 thousand people. The US Navy's motto is Non sibi sed patriae (not for themselves, but for the country).

Nimitz type aircraft carrier

The US Navy is the world leader in the number of aircraft carriers deployed - the 10 aircraft carriers of the Nimitz type, another Gerald R. Ford launched in the 2013 year. American aircraft carriers operate exclusively as part of carrier strike groups (AUG), which include numerous escort ships or carrier strike formations (from several aircraft carriers and escort ships). In this case, the strike aircraft carrier is always the core of the group, and its main striking force is carrier-based aviation. The F / A-18 fighter-attack aircraft in various modifications remains the most popular US carrier-based aircraft, with more than 860 of this type of aircraft in service.

The construction of the US Navy is carried out in the framework of aspen programs and documents: “Sea Power 21”, “Thousand Fleet”, “Activity of the Navy” and “Global Presence”. Already by 2020, the US Navy should have 313 deployed warships. As new aircraft are put into service and with the introduction of prospective aircraft carriers into the fleet, it is planned to optimize the composition of the aircraft wings of deck-based aircraft. At the same time, the total number of aircraft of a typical air wing by the year 2020 should grow to 86 units. A ship composition of the surface forces of the fleet with time planned to increase almost 1,5 times by adopting a new class of ships of the coastal sea zone (up to 55 ships).

The backbone of the US surface fleet consists of Ticonderoga URO-type cruisers - the 22 of the ship, as well as Arli Burk’s URO-class destroyers - the 62 of the ship. The ships of the coastal zone are represented by two types of “Freedom” and two types of “Independence” (taken in the fleet from 2008 to 2014 year). The US Navy has 8 universal amphibious assault ships of the “Usosp” type and one of the “America” type, as well as 6 paratrooper-helicopter ships of the “San Antonio” type and one of the “Austin” type, in addition there are 12 paratrooper and transport ships .

The destroyer type "Zamvolt" is sent to sea trials

The submarine fleet is represented by the Ohio 14 SSBNs, the Ohio Type XHUMX SSGNs, the Los Angeles type 4 MPLATRC, the Virginia Type 40 and the Virginia 3 type. Thus, the US submarine fleet consists exclusively of nuclear submarines, there are simply no diesel submarines in it.

A significant event for the US Navy was the launch of a Zamvolt destroyer of the type. These ships with powerful missile weapons are intended primarily for strikes against coastal and ground targets. Destroyers are multipurpose and can effectively deal with enemy aircraft, attack enemy targets on the coast, and provide fire support for troops from the sea. So far, 3 ships of this type have been laid. The first of these, estimated at 4,4 billion dollars by this time, 7 December 2015 of the year went to sea to conduct sea trials.

Marine Corps

The US Marine Corps consists of the most combat-ready units, performing the function of rapid reaction forces. As of March 2014, it consisted of 182 thousands of troops, as well as 40 thousands of reservists and more 1100 aircraft. In terms of its strength, the USMC exceeds all the armed forces of modern Germany. The corps includes 4 divisions of the Marine Corps (numbers from 1-th to 4-th, while the 4-I division is a reserve, its units are scattered throughout the US), the four wings are also four, and The fourth group is also a backup. The motto of the United States Marine Corps is Semper Fidelis (Always True, Latin).

Due to the fact that parts of the marines were historically well organized, trained and equipped for combat and peacekeeping operations outside the United States (expeditionary formations), they have been throughout stories existence is considered as a rapid reaction force. Currently, the marines are the most highly mobile units that are designed to conduct amphibious assault, conduct combat operations in the coastal zone in cooperation with ground forces, air force and navy both in the framework of a general war, and during local conflicts using conventional and nuclear weapons.

Amphibious tracked vehicle amphibious AAV-P7 / A1

As a rapid reaction force, the United States International Police possesses quite impressive combat capabilities and has a large number of military equipment and weapon systems. Currently, it includes about 400 main battle tanks M1A1 Abrams and 69 repair and recovery vehicles M88A2. Also in service is the 778 BMP LAV-25 and special machines built on its base. Specialized types of weapons include amphibious-tracked amphibious vehicle AAV-P7 / A1, more than 1300 of such vehicles are in service. Also in KMP there are about 19 600 cars HMMWV in various versions.

Artillery weapons are represented by 60-mm (company), 81-mm (battalion) and 120-mm (regimental) mortars. Towed X-NUMX lightweight M-155 howitzers, 777-mm M155 "Paladin" self-propelled artillery and HIMARS MLRS, which is airborne, and can be transported by C-109 aircraft.

The USMC has a powerful aviation component. It includes 168 fighter-bomber versions F / A-18A / C / CN and 72 versions F / A-18B / D. Also available is the X-NUMX attack aircraft vertical take-off and landing of the AV-160B Harrier II and 8 training aircraft of this type. The EA-15B Prowler 20 aircraft are used for electronic warfare and reconnaissance. The helicopter fleet is represented by the AH-6 Cobra, the 147 heavy transport helicopters CH-1E Super Stallio and 160 by the tiltrotor MV-53B Osprey. The fleet will be updated by supplying the fifth generation Lockheed Martin F-348 Lightning II, an unobtrusive fifth-generation fighter-bomber. In total, the US KMP should receive the 22 of the aircraft in the F-35B modification (the possibility of a shortened take-off and vertical landing) and the 353 F-35С (the ability to fly from an aircraft carrier). Currently, the aircraft is still undergoing a series of tests.

Coast guard

In the Coast Guard (BOHR) more than 42 thousand people serve. According to the 2010 year, the Coast Guard included more than 250 ships, more 1400 boats and boats, and more 200 aircraft based on 24 bases. The organizational structure of US BOCHR provides for the division of the territory of the continental United States, Alaska and the Hawaiian Islands, as well as the waters washing them into two zones - the Atlantic (headquarters is in Portsmouth, Virginia) and the Pacific (headquarters in Alameda, California). The motto of the US Coast Guard is Semper Paratus (Always Ready, Latin).

Who believes that the BOHR never took part in hostilities, he is mistaken. The Coast Guard participated in all US military conflicts, took part in the Normandy landings and battles on the Pacific Islands during the Second World War, patrolling the waters and shelling the coast during the Vietnam War. She took a broad part in the US military operations in Iraq, ensuring the security of the six ports of this country, which were used by the Americans and their allies.

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  1. lotar
    lotar 27 January 2016 06: 38
    The enemy must be known in person, in the article plus. The truth is that the probability of stocking our armies is rather mischievous, they should beat their chip stealthily, and even weak opponents. In my opinion, the main danger for us comes from the inside, the notorious fifth column and others like them are capable of much for their sake goals. Plus, our officials, sometimes in high positions, do such things that you marvel and they don’t have anything to do with it. Well, who is it, and our officials can bleed our nation much more strongly than all external enemies combined.
    1. gla172
      gla172 27 January 2016 06: 52
      Not that it’s a stretch, but more often with the wrong hands ....
      1. Kars
        Kars 27 January 2016 07: 38
        So simple photo
        1. 25ru
          25ru 27 January 2016 07: 42
          What did you want to say? This unit, emnip AAAV-7B, has been in service for 50 years.
          1. WUA 518
            WUA 518 27 January 2016 08: 59
            Quote: 25ru
            And they wanted to say

            It seems to be from the Task Force Tarawa (TFT), during the battles for Nasseria in March 2003. There is a book devoted to these events, but I did not find it in the Russian version.
          2. Kars
            Kars 27 January 2016 13: 30
            Quote: 25ru
            What did you want to say?

            Yes, I directly wrote that it’s just a photo. Here is one more thing. I think it won’t hurt?
          3. lysyj bob
            lysyj bob 27 January 2016 15: 10
            Judging by the height, this unit has a hold and at least two decks ...)))
            1. voyaka uh
              voyaka uh 27 January 2016 16: 11
              "Judging by the height, this unit has a hold and at least two decks ...)))" ///

              This is an amphibian - it is 1) very good for landing, even
              in stormy weather, but 2) bad for battle.
              Because of paragraph 1, it has not been changed for many years.
              All replacement options could not surpass it.
              "marine" characteristics. But to ride it,
              especially in the guerrilla warfare - you will not envy the marines. crying
        2. APASUS
          APASUS 27 January 2016 17: 06
          Quote: Kars
          So simple photo

          You should at least post a beautiful photo, Americans love advertising of military equipment and know how to do it.
          Joint exercises in Yukore
          1. remy
            remy 28 January 2016 20: 24
            and this is how our Su-24s bombed at the training ground in the summer of 2015
    2. RBLip
      RBLip 27 January 2016 08: 10
      Quote: lotar
      the probability of stocking our armies is rather mischievous

      here I am, reading and thinking. where are we to bury them then we will all ...
      and under the article. and where are the thousands of "axes" and hundreds of trident?
      1. 25ru
        25ru 27 January 2016 08: 29
        Quote: RBLip
        here I am, reading and thinking. where are we to bury them then we will all ...

        Do you mean gay skirts? Besides jokes, I was a planner in the last years of my service. It was absolutely not funny for me to work with the GRU General Staff Report. hi
      2. Forest
        Forest 27 January 2016 11: 28
        Do not underestimate the enemy. In modern combat, the main thing is the quality of technology, not human ability.
        1. ewgen
          ewgen 27 January 2016 22: 44
          And who do you think controls the technology, artificial intelligence? Who is developing the tactics of combat and the application of technology in this battle?
  2. Flinky
    Flinky 27 January 2016 07: 00
    -10 qualifying.
    A country that has no opponents on its continent was able to build the most powerful maritime and air component of its armed forces

    Azazaz, author, what are you doing, stop it! Power is known by comparison. With whom to compare them, with Vietnam, which heaped on them?
    1. 25ru
      25ru 27 January 2016 07: 23
      Power - yes, no market!
      If you are not interested, just stop being idiotic and let them discuss the topic. For example, I'm curious, I pay attention to little things, like somewhat outdated data. For you, it seems, for the non-human level of the RF Armed Forces, Shoigu's flight over Vladivostok is enough. You don't run into Dalzavod or Progress, do you? Or how the "Fast" EM from India got there on a fart pair. Or "Varyag", crawling from the Mediterranean (otherwise it will waste the turbines in the trash), dock? Do not see a masterpiece of combat training - from a drop to a conscript - everyone hunts the snow with coffins (they haven't thought of how else to plant trees). Well, etc.
    2. Klos
      Klos 27 January 2016 21: 31
      And who provided fraternal military-technical assistance to the people of Vietnam?)))
  3. 25ru
    25ru 27 January 2016 07: 03
    To the author "+".
    The only question about the date of the sources? Everything flows, everything changes. A quick shot: deck A-6E Intruder - decommissioned and replaced by EF-18 Growler, Cobras are being upgraded to the AH-1Z "Whiper" version, heavy transport helicopters CH-53E Super Stallion - upgraded to the "D" version ... ... In total, the U.S. KMP should receive 353 aircraft in the F-35B modification (the possibility of shortened take-off and vertical landing) and 67 F-35C (the possibility of flying from an aircraft carrier). The aircraft is still undergoing a series of tests. - wrong, trial operation. Well, etc.
    The enemy must be known in person - I agree, but, preferably, exactly.
    1. Mera joota
      Mera joota 27 January 2016 08: 32
      Quote: 25ru
      The only question about date sources?

      Not later than 2014, because only two LCS ships are indicated, and there are three of them already.
      1. 222222
        222222 27 January 2016 10: 01
        USS Freedom (LCS 1), San Diego, CA
        PCU Sioux City (LCS 11) - under construction
        PCU Wichita (LCS 13) - in pre-production phase
        PCU Billings (LCS 15) - in pre-production phase
        USS Fort Worth (LCS 3), San Diego, CA
        PCU Milwaukee (LCS 5) - under construction
        PCU Detroit (LCS 7) - under construction
        PCU Little Rock (LCS 9) - under construction

        PCU Gabrielle Giffords (LCS 10) - under construction
        PCU Omaha (LCS 12) - under construction
        PCU Manchester (LCS 14) - in pre-production phase
        PCU Tulsa (LCS 16) - in pre-production phase
        USS Independence (LCS 2), San Diego, CA
        USS Coronado (LCS 4), San Diego, CA
        PCU Jackson (LCS 6) - under construction
        PCU Montgomery (LCS 8) - under construction

        Last Update: 13 January 2016
        1. goose
          goose 27 January 2016 14: 10
          Will LCS be part of the Coast Guard or Navy?
          1. clidon
            clidon 27 January 2016 17: 13
            These are the ships of the Navy.
          2. The comment was deleted.
          3. Scraptor
            Scraptor 30 January 2016 03: 03
            And what about the LCS in the Coast Guard? These are ships for raiding reconnaissance and combat operations in the enemy coastal zone, therefore they are small and unpretentious, as well as with small crews, so it would not be so unfortunate to lose them.
            The rest, through different sites with moans about the Mistrals, are called upon to load in a serious war (and Russia did not and does not lead others) to the huge UDC battalion
            They themselves have these large lighter boxes (UDCs) for a completely different purpose - if suddenly the nuclear weapons ports of the NATO and ASEAN countries are unloaded and troops will need to be transferred there. That is, for transport between their coasts and not for military operations to capture the coast.
            On the contrary, the word "combat" is present in LCS.
            1. Scraptor
              Scraptor 30 January 2016 03: 26
              At the same time, transport between their coasts will be in the Atlantic or the Pacific Ocean, which is relatively safe for the Americans, where the coastal tactical aviation of Russia or China or other countries does not get enough.
              When conducting combat operations to capture the coast, on the contrary, it will pose the greatest danger, so from the NK there will only be LCS, the USA has no ekranoplanes.
              1. Scraptor
                Scraptor 30 January 2016 03: 43
                "Litoralnik" differs from the Coast Guard ship mainly in that it must withstand ocean crossings to the enemy coast.
                In turn, it differs from ocean warships in that it crawls under fire from the shore and does not carry serious anti-ship / anti-submarine weapons (it all costs money and will not help in the task they solve). It doesn’t even have its own serious air defense (except for a very short radius, because it is assumed that it is covered by its aircraft carrier aircraft), in fact it’s cheap (the one that is not DDG-1000) a platform for a convertiplane or helicopter (as well as inflatable commando boats) located off the coast the enemy.
                1. clidon
                  clidon 30 January 2016 17: 55
                  "Litoralnik" differs from the Coast Guard ship mainly in that it must withstand ocean crossings to the enemy coast.

                  And what BO ships are not capable of?
                  1. Scraptor
                    Scraptor 30 January 2016 18: 15
                    By the class of seaworthiness and autonomy, as well as by general purpose, they are not at all intended.
                    1. clidon
                      clidon 30 January 2016 21: 46
                      Well, Ihnenny "Cutters" have considerable seaworthiness, and they are not offended by the range. 12 -000 miles versus 14 for the LCS. Thanks to this, they go to the Persian Gulf and bring humanitarian water to Georgia.

                      I would speak about LCS about their modularity and speed.
                      1. Scraptor
                        Scraptor 31 January 2016 19: 29
                        This can only be a last resort, or for crew training, or for such "peaceful shows".
                        LCS crawls under a foreign coast after meeting with a tanker, or from a forward base, displaces excess fuel, this reduces the speed, which in this case is of course important. With modularity, repair is easier, but this is not primary - nobody will risk its evacuation in case of serious damage.
                      2. clidon
                        clidon 31 January 2016 21: 35
                        Well, how can there be an "extreme" case for a ship with a displacement of more than 4 thousand tons and a cruising range of almost fifteen thousand nautical miles? Moreover, BO ships are simply created for patrolling, if necessary, for crossing the base of the fleet and humanitarian missions.
                        The LCS is no different in terms of travel and rescue efforts from a conventional ship. Moreover, its course is unusually high, and the cost is not so small as to be scattered. Modularity was needed for the possibility of changing the tasks of the ship.
                      3. Scraptor
                        Scraptor 31 January 2016 23: 41
                        Extreme as in England in 1982-83. Most BO ships are coastal analogues of the TFR.
                        Quote: clidon
                        LCS is no different in terms of stroke

                        Quote: clidon
                        At the same time, his move is unusually high

                        how is one friend in the head one with the other?

                        The cost is not so small because grandmas are needed + for rollback. The subsonic fiberglass F-117 was also unusually expensive. laughing Changing the modules of the ship does not change the hanging containers on the plane. Then write "change of destination of the ship under construction". Even large aircraft carriers are being built modularly, even in england.
                      4. Scraptor
                        Scraptor 1 February 2016 04: 54
                        If it was about interchangeable weapon modules on account of which "have not yet decided", then it was (like the LCS program itself, ostensibly heavily and heavily promoted but with fanfare) cynical ideological sabotage, because this concept is actually applicable to anyone an ocean-going ship (as in silos, you can now lay various types of missiles) and not just a "coastal" one. laughing
                        Thus, small / medium-sized ocean ships can be built on the contrary cheaply and cheerfully. And their combination will have much greater combat stability than one large ship with the same aggregate displacement and armament.

                        In a foreign coastal zone, none of the Americans on LCS will really chase foreign submarines or NKs, this is all an aviation matter, mine action is also better to be solved from helicopters or combat swimmers (which they are just carrying). And the corresponding "module" has nothing to do with it.

                        According to the general type of formation "LCS" this is the most normal NK, almost everyone in the Navy should be like that. Especially so it should be in the Russian Navy, because the aviation of potential adversaries reaches almost everywhere during the passage by sea, and therefore the "coastal" specificity for the Americans for us and for everyone else is of a global nature.
                        In general, in vain they opened up with it - this could stop the specially planted "variety of projects" of large ships in other countries, especially in Russia.

                        Only 28 large "Cutters" from around 11 knots were spotted, usually in the Polynesian associated territories (where you need to crawl with American comfort), were also seen while guarding the US coast in ... the Persian Gulf. In general, they only have inspection functions of water traffic, which is what they did there.
                      5. clidon
                        clidon 1 February 2016 22: 08
                        That is, the fact that BO ships dissect with missions all over the planet (and enter the World Cup) in peacetime is this also an extreme case?

                        how is one friend in the head one with the other?

                        The first phrase refers to your “if you load it from a tanker,” since any ship, if loaded to the eyeballs, reduces speed.
                        The second is that 50 knots for a modern ship is a “nuance”.

                        So you already decide - either it is expensive, or cheap. Regardless of any saw-away fantasies.
                        It is strange that you do not know that the modules were going to be changed in a matter of days, which was almost the main "chip" of the projects.
                      6. Scraptor
                        Scraptor 4 February 2016 10: 00
                        Do you have shipyards in American polynesia?
                        World Cup - in the framework of the theater of the absurd, to the Persian Gulf - absurd in half with an image (a white boat is not quite military) and extreme need.

                        The high-speed link is low, therefore it reduces the speed a little, but the tanker is required more often than crawling at 28 knots max.

                        Cheap at cost.

                        It is necessary in a matter of hours. The main feature of the project is to persuade the public that this concept is only for littoralists and it, like themselves, is bad, expensive and only the United States is capable of, which means no one else ...
      2. Scraptor
        Scraptor 30 January 2016 04: 04
        In addition, long-range air defense simply does not help near the coast, because the air target will be hiding behind the folds of the relief (the same Turkish F-16 immediately went down after launching the rocket).
  • with
    with 27 January 2016 08: 03
    What is this army used for? To intimidate and suppress "undemocratic regimes". Usually under the first photo there is an inscription - "American scientists are looking for oil." The punitive machine of the police state.
    1. 25ru
      25ru 27 January 2016 08: 15
      Quote: met
      The punitive machine of the police state.

      The police force does not need nuclear weapons. So we are looking at the Armed Forces of a full-fledged state. The "nuclear triad" in full is owned by two states: Russia and the United States. Truncated: France and China. In a rather shabby form: Great Britain, India, Pakistan, North Korea. In a wretched form (subthreshold level): Japan, Argentina, Brazil.
      Riddle State: Israel. Officially: no. In fact, everyone related to the topic says: yes.
  • Hlyneope
    Hlyneope 27 January 2016 08: 05
    A completely objective article without any kind of pronounced subjectivity and, most importantly, without raid patriotism. I am surprised to be honest. The article is good, informative.

    And more:
    US forces are rightfully considered the most powerful in the world. A country that has no enemies on its continent was able to build the most powerful maritime and air component of its armed forces.

    More than agree with this statement, the United States is a strong country, and therefore the war with them will not end at all as some visitors to this site imagine (they say they only fight with all sorts of Papuans, they won’t be able to fight their peers, so they will drop their weapons and they will run as soon as they see our airborne troops). Such a strong enemy should be taken seriously, otherwise it will be like in 1941, or (the worst case) like 1914-18.
    1. Klos
      Klos 27 January 2016 21: 40
      Of course, underestimating a potential adversary is a luxury unacceptable. Although, IMHO, a direct clash is hardly possible if there is a huge arsenal of nuclear weapons in the United States and the Russian Federation. Unless survivors will beat with clubs on the ruins of human civilization ...
  • black
    black 27 January 2016 10: 10
    If in fact, then I, as an infantryman, are surprised by the abundance of mortars of caliber 60 and 80 mm. For me, it's nothing. Itself fell under a cornflower, not impressive. But the caliber from 120, this is serious.
    1. Nehist
      Nehist 27 January 2016 21: 02
      Well, it's you in vain! Mortars in such quantity are terrible precisely light mortars. Density of fire is not frail.
    2. Yak-3P
      Yak-3P 28 January 2016 00: 26
      Did you fall under the basil in the mountains ?? and even then there’s no chance if the apparatus is not well trained but angry infantrymen .. you can put hills and fields in the presence of BC battalions .. we have all gone over the platoon --7-300
  • sohosha
    sohosha 27 January 2016 11: 12
    In terms of price / quality ratio, the worst army in the world is for sure.
    1. aviator1913
      aviator1913 27 January 2016 11: 26
      The price / quality indicator is a controversial indicator, according to the Range-Rover idea, the price / quality indicator is bad, but it's still a cool car, and it’s bought perfectly) (for those who have money of course)

      In terms of price / quality, Israel will probably take the first place, since the most optimized army, with minimal losses in manpower during combat operations. At the same time, corruption is minimal in the military sphere, and strict control.
      1. Razvedka_Boem
        Razvedka_Boem 27 January 2016 20: 32
        The United States helped them seriously; in fact, Israel would not have survived without them. Resource problems forced to survive, build effective military forces. Consider also ideologically strong motivation.
      2. Vadim237
        Vadim237 27 January 2016 22: 50
        Why is the Range Rover bad? The engine is good, the suspension box is excellent, and the comfort is excellent.
  • gorsten79
    gorsten79 27 January 2016 12: 12
    In general, I do not consider the US Army separately. The USA is also NATO and Japan, etc.
  • SeregaBoss
    SeregaBoss 27 January 2016 12: 47
    There is no doubt that the Americans have a powerful army, the armament and equipment are at a level that we should be equal to in something.
    But it will be very interesting to watch the collapse of this pumped-up colossus with the overthrow of the dollar! I hope I will wait for this wonderful moment!
  • Alexey M
    Alexey M 27 January 2016 13: 51
    Amers have a lot to learn.
  • 52
    52 27 January 2016 16: 03
    Good article, albeit slightly outdated. But it amused - "The construction of the American Navy is carried out within the framework of aspen programs and documents:" Sea Power 21 "," Thousandth Fleet "," Navy Activities "and" Global Presence. "- Aspen programs are promising. laughing
  • Razvedka_Boem
    Razvedka_Boem 27 January 2016 18: 13
    The enemy is strong. But truly, they fought for the last time in Vietnam. But ahem ... the policy towards various minorities in the army, the general moral spirit, is far from up to par. People are fighting. The technique breaks down in those conditions when a person can still hold weapons in his hands. In the context of not a local conflict, but a large-scale war, ensuring the proper maintenance and repair of complex weapons systems will become a problem. Also, elementary batteries may not be for sights and tactical tablets .. and morale will come to the fore.
    I'm exaggerating, of course, but .. "-What is the strength of the brother? .."
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 27 January 2016 22: 48
      Strength in thermonuclear weapons and in their quantity in service.
  • bamsik
    bamsik 27 January 2016 20: 00
    The US population exceeds 325 million people, which allows for very large mobilization resources, which are estimated at more than 110 million people.

    isn't it too much?
  • kvs207
    kvs207 27 January 2016 20: 35
    "The United States is a multinational country with a large representation of African Americans and Hispanics, which is reflected in the structure of the armed forces. So, as of September 2010, the share of white Americans in the US Armed Forces accounted for 63%, African Americans - 15%, Hispanics - 10%. Asians 4%, Indians and Alaska locals, and mixed races 2% each. Another 4% were others / undecided. It is worth noting that in this latter group many are people without American citizenship, but who have the right to permanent residence in the United States. Many of them go to the army, as this simplifies the procedure for obtaining American citizenship. "
    I watched the "Generation Kill" mini-series. I understand that this is a feature film, the plot of which is based on the memories of a real person. I was very surprised by Hispanics, who speak English very badly. How these are taken into the marines, I do not understand. I was surprised by another moment - all the main characters of the film themselves served in the ILC, and one of them played himself.
  • The comment was deleted.
  • Lord blacwood
    Lord blacwood 27 January 2016 22: 39
    US Armed Forces excellent combat structure. But the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have recently strengthened, and again compete with the United States.
    1. complete zero
      complete zero 29 January 2016 09: 16
      They got stronger, of course (after the Yeltsin tragedy), but to compete with the United States (objectively) ... it's enough just to compare military budgets, the technical lag is still serious The United States is developing weapons systems based on completely different physical principles (somewhere in projects, and in some places already in prototypes) yet this is not a "Banana Republic" and with their brains and money they are all right. And the mobilization resource of Russia (which 70 years ago was considered our trump card) today is far from the times of the USSR ... so, with all the desire, we are unlikely to compete with them
  • nivander
    nivander 28 January 2016 08: 36
    "... the American army is like a powerful vehicle that has no obstacles, but at least one wheel is always flat" C. de Gaulle
  • complete zero
    complete zero 29 January 2016 09: 03
    Quote: lotar
    The enemy must be known in person, in the article plus. The truth is that the probability of stocking our armies is rather mischievous, they should beat their chip stealthily, and even weak opponents. In my opinion, the main danger for us comes from the inside, the notorious fifth column and others like them are capable of much for their sake goals. Plus, our officials, sometimes in high positions, do such things that you marvel and they don’t have anything to do with it. Well, who is it, and our officials can bleed our nation much more strongly than all external enemies combined.

    The main danger is to measure the enemy in this way ("their trick is to beat on the sly") sounds the same in meaning with "little blood on someone else's territory"
  • k_ply
    k_ply 31 January 2016 20: 02
    Second-rate article! For example, the army and the marine corps, where is the combat structure? nothing but listing the total number of tanks and guns, including those stored. The total staff number of military personnel of typical combined-arms brigades and in the English-language Wiki can be found!

    As part of the reform, 48 brigades will be part of the ground forces.

    48 ?! Is it that with the brigades of military branches (army aviation, artillery, engineering, air defense), or the national guard? which does not converge in both cases.
    Total 30 teams:
    - 9 armored (heavy),
    - 7 motorized Stryker (medium),
    - 14 light (7 infantry, 4 airborne, 3 air assault).
    Of course, for screamers, both about the Amer military threat, and about their fear of the Russians, but, for objectivity, it is worth pointing out a reduction in the military personnel in the period 2014-15. So 4 brigades were disbanded:
    - 3rd Infantry Brigade of the 1st Infantry. (Mech.) Division,
    - 1st Armored Brigade (South Korea) 2nd Infantry Division,
    - 3rd armored brigade of the 3rd infantry. (Mech.) Division,
    - 4th Airborne Brigade of the 25th Infantry Division.
    The 2nd Stryker Brigade of the 25th Division was reorganized into the Infantry.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. k_ply
      k_ply 1 February 2016 15: 28
      Yes, of course! during the period indicated above, 1 of 2 brigades of army aviation (159th) of the 101st air assault division, 1 of 13 brigades of the AA of the regular army, i.e. more than 110 helicopters "overboard!", on the contrary, the appearance of such a formation would be an event of the decade, out of the ordinary.
  • Mikhail Zubkov
    Mikhail Zubkov 13 September 2017 16: 32
    Quote: WUA 518
    Quote: 25ru
    And they wanted to say

    It seems to be from the Task Force Tarawa (TFT), during the battles for Nasseria in March 2003. There is a book devoted to these events, but I did not find it in the Russian version.

    Bullshit. Ride on solid roads with a formidably fighting view - for more they will not. Pros, they only in the fact that cool dibs are sheared in foreign bags.