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Last Tango November

Last Tango November

“18 July 1981, an aircraft of unidentified affiliation from Iran entered the airspace of the Soviet Union near the city of Yerevan.

The crew of the aircraft did not respond to all the requests of the Soviet ground-based means of monitoring the flights of the aircraft and the attempts to assist it, continued flying over the Soviet territory, making dangerous maneuvers.

After some time, this plane collided with a Soviet plane, collapsed and burned down. ” (TASS message from 23 July 1981 of the year).

Today, many already know that the official information implied the second in the world ram on a jet plane, which was performed by Soviet pilot captain Valentin Alekseyevich Kulyapin, deputy commander of the advanced squadron for the political part of the 166 Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment of the 34 Air Force. And it was necessary to see how proud we were, the soldiers of the neighboring garrison, that we were serving alongside such an ace. They were proud and wondering why, unlike the author of the first ram - captain Gennady Yeliseyev, who perished in 1973, he was not awarded a Gold Star on the proposal of the Military Council of the Transcaucasian Military District from July 31 of the year. A month later, the publication of the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on awarding it with the Order of the Red Banner only strengthened condemnation to this effect.

The last circumstance was remembered in 1991 year, when a group of students of the Military-Political Academy named after A. Gorkiy turned to a number of higher instances. Lenin.

They demanded to restore justice and assign the title of Hero of the Russian Federation to their mentor, the head of the pedagogical faculty course, Colonel Valentin Kulyapin, for the events of ten years ago. Just in those years, if you remember, with the light hand of Mikhail Gorbachev, and then Boris Yeltsin, in order to revive the patriotic principles in educating young people, the campaign to confer this rank after many years, even to the Afghans, was unleashed.

So for the second time I met the idol of my officer youth, deciding to assist his subordinates. True, the recognition of activists was alarmed by the fact that the initiative of going to the offices comes from the hero candidate himself. But, on the other hand, because no one has deprived the former pilot of the right to demand a proper assessment of his military work, agree.

About why Valentine did not raise this issue without delay, somehow did not think at first. As it turned out soon, in vain. After all, he remembered the iron rule of front-line correspondents: to investigate, even before the final conclusions, even a feat!

The chairman and members of the state commission who were instructed to investigate the causes of the emergency, still believe that for many years Kulyapin himself and other participants in those events were not silent.

Hurriedly assembled on that memorable Sunday at the military airfield of Chkalovsky, the air force generals and the captain of the special department of the KGB were initially warned that this was a rather delicate situation, where it might be necessary to sacrifice truth to save the prestige of the state. That is why all subsequent days after the flight, the flagship board to the crash site was occupied by them preparing not only the secret report to the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee, but also acceptable variants of the TASS report.

Professionals who are not used to verbiage, who, unlike some of the current leaders, have passed all career growth stages in their field and had the moral right to express personal opinions regarding the flight incident, have not managed to satisfy the political elite with their press release projects. Only on the fifth day after repeated requests from the Argentine and Turkish sides about the missing plane in the USSR, did mankind know about the birth of the new “hero” who interrupted the flight of South American vultures.

The first results of the journalistic investigation showed how good reasons forced the country's leadership to put a taboo on all the talk about the death of the crew of the airliner with the call sign "TN", which sentimental dispatchers, in order to avoid phonetic errors in the air, decoded nothing other than Tango November (November Tango).

For some reason, almost 10 years later, the deputy commander-in-chief of the country's air force for combat training, Colonel General, answered my first inquiries to the department of administrative bodies of the Central Committee of the CPSU, the General Staff and the archive of the USSR Ministry of Defense aviation Borsuk. Anatoly Fedorovich categorically rejected the need to excite public opinion and analyze the actions of aviators "in the interests of combat training of flight personnel of fighter regiments." Later, at a personal meeting, Borsuk will explain the streamlining of phrases by the fact that in 1981 he still flew as the deputy commander of the Minsk Air Army, and therefore did not know all the circumstances of the case, complained about the costs of the collapse of the Soviet Union, but in the end he acknowledged the nonsense and imposed obscenities on the pilot, and command post calculations. But it will be three years later. Then, in the early 90s, the author had to look for like-minded people among independent experts in the person of foreign colleagues and military attaches of interested states, former military leaders who investigated the catastrophe in the sky of Armenia. And the calculation of simple human participation fully paid off.


In order to fully appreciate the seriousness of the issue under study, it is necessary, apparently, to recall some aspects of the international life of the beginning of 80's. Then the US embargo on supplies weapons Ayatollah Khomeini's regime forced the latter through third countries to conclude a number of backroom deals in order to compensate for the weapon shortage. Sometimes even individuals acted as intermediaries.

The reporters from London's Sunday Times had two days to go to Stuart McCafferty. The 38-year-old Scotsman was hired to deliver American-made weapons from Tel Aviv to Tehran, not knowing that he was thus doomed to become one of the victims of the scam of the powerful. Yes, it was he who shared the sorrowful fate of the crew in the sky of Transcaucasia. His connections were soon brought to his fellow countryman, who wished to remain anonymous to readers. Already knowing about the mournful fate of Stewart, he nevertheless fully justified the nickname Cowboy given to him in certain circles, answering the questions of the correspondent in the twenties of July: “We fully realized the risk we were taking. And I am waiting for my people from Tel Aviv to decide how we will proceed, because no one intends to change their plans. ”

Contrary to the obvious, the Israeli Foreign Ministry then rejected involvement in the affairs of its officially sworn enemy - Iran. He, in turn, also denied everything, explaining the hype as an attempt to discredit the "great revolution." Nevertheless, the information received through the military attaché of one of the countries involved in the incident confirms that yes, indeed, the specified transaction took place and assumed the transfer of arms to £ 15 million through 12 flights from Tel Aviv to Tehran with an intermediate landing in Larnaca (Cyprus). And three consignments openly named as spare parts for tankswere at the time of the tragedy in the sky of Armenia delivered to their destination.

Whether it was a question of component parts and aggregates for Soviet-made tanks — this question of the author to the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the USSR Armed Forces hung in the air and allowed him to first put forward a version about Kulyapin’s involvement in an unintentional disruption of the most advantageous contract for the USSR. However, a former colleague who, while serving in Afghanistan, traveled to Iran to rescue the An-26 crew who made an emergency landing at the Iranian airfield Zabol instead of the Afghan Zaranj, convinced me that it would be irrational to further investigate this issue. He was personally convinced that the share of not only Soviet armored vehicles, but also small arms in the arsenal of the Iranian army is insanely small. The same was testified by our officers, who settled the conflict associated with the erroneous missile-bombing attack that our helicopters delivered from the DRA territory on the Iraqi frontier post.

In search of a suitable delivery vehicle at the end of June 1981, McCafferty found himself in Buenos Aires at the Ezeiss airfield, in the office of the small aircraft hire company Transporte Aereo Rioplatense, which was known far beyond Argentina as "not asking a lot of questions." He chartered a battered CL-44 (similar to our IL-18), ostensibly for the transport of pharmaceutical goods. The client was paying the price, as the company administrator remembered, in cash, than immediately took possession of the crew.

Interestingly, the commander of the aircraft - a former maritime pilot with the rank of captain 1 rank Hector Cordero Hauregiberri - was personally known to Comodoro (General) Armando Elios Buira, until recently the Air Force and Naval Attaché of the Embassy of Argentina in Russia. By fateful coincidence, it was he who served as the operational duty officer at the headquarters of the Argentine Air Force on the night from 18 to 19 in July 1981. When the news of the death of a friend came, after a short-term wealthy owner of an extensive ranch who flew to the reserve and flew solely for the sake of thrills, the future diplomat could not recover. Having learned about the version of Kulyapin, Mr. Buira was categorical: no, his compatriots could not ignore the interceptor pilot’s landing request. And Ector's army habit strictly follow the orders of the guarantor, and his national pedantry ...

But let's not get ahead. Alas, the prehistory of the air ram in Transcaucasia, although not without interest, did not shed any light on the causes that predetermined the tragedy. Only one thing became clear: the Soviet side had shot down a transport plane that had by no means accidentally found itself in the airspace of the USSR. Why "not by chance"? Yes, because the air traffic controllers in Ankara, when already familiar with the board with the call sign "TN" was returning again from Tehran and flew over northern Turkey, suddenly saw with amazement how the mark they controlled on the radar screen abruptly changed course and in full radio silence mode went to the border of the Soviet Union.

Such a maneuver can not be explained by an error in piloting or navigational calculations. Similarly, experienced pilots make an emergency landing at the nearest airfield. Not otherwise. And then, I think, it’s time to listen to Kulyapin himself, since he is in good health, he lives in the capital and, if not often, happens in the Central Museum of the Armed Forces, where one of the stands is occupied by his portrait with the Decree of the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Council on awarding.

Here is his story, addressed to students of the military academy after 10 years passed, that is, more than 20 years ago. It should be noted that the monologue given below largely duplicates the pilot's initial report to the state commission that investigated the circumstances of the incident.

"Su-15TM fighter I am sorry so far! .."

- 18 July 1981, I was on combat duty as part of a pair of amplification. Departure for the alarm commander of the link and his slave at first perceived as a training introductory. However, soon after negotiations on the air I realized that in the air my colleagues were intercepting a real goal. Therefore, when my turn came, I was very worried.

At first, after taking off from the airfield near the Georgian village of Marneuli, I was sure that in any case I would be insured by other fighters or by calculations of anti-aircraft missile systems. But with the climb, I realized that the proximity of the state border and the apparent indecision of the officers of the battle command did not give me the right to make a mistake.

The reason for the unrest was serious. The first pair of fighters, after an afterburner having exhausted the fuel flight time limit, disrupted the execution of the mission and returned with nothing. That is why, immediately after the start, I, contrary to the rules, decided without my command to turn on the electronic sight and bring the engines to economy mode. My prudence, as it turned out soon, was not in vain.

Airliner CL-44 Argentine company Transporte Aereo Rioplatense. Photo by Edward Marmet

I found the transport plane visually at the very last moment, when it was almost at the bottom and behind. At a speed close to the stall speed (the minimum acceptable for my car), I took a position in the rear hemisphere of the intruder. And again he was forced to violate the instructions, fulfilling the order of the land to force the landing. So, at my own peril and risk, I ignored the recommendations of the command post about the evolution of the wings of mandatory signals in such cases about the possible dangerous consequences of their illegal actions and insubordination in the airspace of the Soviet Union. After all, for this it was necessary to take the train ahead of the enemy and become an accessible target himself.

It's a shame, but in the heat of battle I could not determine, at the request of the command post, the nationality of the intruder, although the symbols on the tail unit were bright and clear.

However, there was no time left even for reflections. My reports about the intruder’s attempt to break through to the border forced the KP to decide on an order to destroy the target. Only by ramming could I accomplish the combat mission, as there was no time left to increase the distance to the distance of the safe launch of the R-98M long-range missiles (air-to-air class). That's when the calculations were useful, theoretical lessons on parsing the first air ram on a jet plane, which ended, I recall, with the death of the performer.

The first blow - fuselage on the wing - broke. But again, I was moving closer together confidently. Blow your fuselage on the offender stabilizer from the bottom could not interrupt the criminal flight. At the same moment, as planned, I catapulted. Now I regret: the fighter, probably, could have been saved.

Yes, one more thing. When a parachute opened due to a dynamic strike, I lost my left boot - I forgot to lace up before takeoff. And landed - barefoot on one leg! Just extinguished the silk dome, automatically looked at the clock: 15.20, Moscow time.


Kulyapin had not yet laid out the things in the ward of the district hospital, where he was taken for mandatory in-depth medical examinations, when investigators from the military prosecutor’s office and officers of the special department of the USSR KGB addressed him for an explanation of some of the circumstances of the flight. According to preliminary conclusions of counterintelligence officers, it’s time to serve Valentin’s term on the plank bed, not on the hospital bed. And that's why.

The operational duty officer of the Tbilisi KP, which monitored the airspace of the whole of Transcaucasia during the day when the events described here were unfolding, was Lieutenant Colonel Baghdasaryan.

“It was enough for me to make sure that the goal is headed for my native Yerevan, where my mother lives, like all doubts were thrown back,” the gray-haired officer will say to the correspondent at the meeting.

But it will be much later, when the criminal case against him will be terminated for the sake of the prestige of the Fatherland. In the first minutes after the ramming, he behaved differently. Fearing responsibility for his order to destroy the violating plane, Baghdasaryan cowardly erased the tape recording of his negotiations with the pilot at the command post. Moreover, he managed to persuade Kulyapin to confirm his testimony. It was all over now that Kulyapin arbitrarily “flunked” the target, failing to correctly apply the assigned weapons and losing its carrier - the most modern aviation complex.

Fortunately for the latter, the radio exchange was then fixed by means of objective control at the Nakhchivan air defense point, and this saved the pilot from the military tribunal. The tape recorder impartially recorded Baghdasaryan’s order to the point of guidance for the destruction of the target. His heart-rending screams with demands to cut off the intruder from the border were superimposed on the radio communications of the combat control officer with the pilot, making it difficult to concentrate. Such a “diarchy” when organizing interception is in itself unacceptable in the air defense system, but if only this were our blunders! ..

Obvious errors in the organization of air defense were noted in more than one report of inspectors. It is a pity that even those who drew conclusions on the fateful results of the interaction of ground services specialists and the pilot were confined to stating facts. The reform of the country's air defense system, carried out in those years, turned out to be so mediocre, that even amateurs could understand the need to rebuild former structures.

Time after time bloopers of international scale beat the prestige of the state. As it turned out, the author of the first ram in the Transcaucasian sky, Gennady Eliseyev, in 1979, the head of the command post forced the ram of a light-engine sport airplane, too, in error. After the pilot reported a missile miss, he was taken aback and lost sight of the fact that there was an onboard interceptor ... a quick-fire 23 caliber aircraft gun! And the moment before the collision, the leader of the pair, Eliseev, was almost completely shot down by the rockets of his slave, who decided to correct the miss of the commander.

Over the years, the members of the state commission on Kulyapin could not fail to conclude that, perhaps, then the officials could figure it out according to their conscience, did not give their aspirations to personal peace for taking care of the imaginary honor of the flag, and there would not be stories with argentinian crew. And the passengers of the South Korean "Boeing" would have survived, and the miracle Yudo Rust did not land on Red Square ...

If I start again ...

We must pay tribute to the specialists of the State Commission, headed by the First Deputy Chief of the Air Force General Staff, Lieutenant-General Aviation Abramov and the Chief Air Navigator, Major General Shabunin Aviation, known among his colleagues not only by high professionalism, but also by civil courage. Having the order to report on the results of the investigation directly to the Central Committee of the CPSU, bypassing the Ministry of Defense, for the first time they received the right not only to protect departmental interests, but also to give a truthful answer to the question: was it possible to avoid an extreme measure in suppressing the violator's flight?

Indeed, it turned out frivolous: in the space age, with the most advanced types of weapons and military equipment, having highly qualified personnel, we only beat the world again and again with rams, not even trying to find effective measures that would force the visitors to submit and land at the behest of the owners on its territory.

The first calculations showed that with a rational distribution of the forces and means of air defense available in the Transcaucasian Military District, it would not be necessary to risk either the life of the pilot or the expensive aviation complex even in a more complicated situation.

Judge for yourself. No matter what Kulyapin said, his fighter's flight time reserve was almost two hours and did not require any rush or economical regimes. From the moment of discovery until the commission of the ram, Kulyapin accompanied the target for about 13 minutes, while being in the zone of effective launches of the air defense system. Moreover, at the crucial moment, fighters from the airfield of the Kurdamir (Azerbaijan) garrison, led by flight commander Asfar Chukho, reached the line of attack. It was only in the interests of security that they were given a “retirement”, although, make Valentine, for example, an energetic coup, he could in a matter of seconds release the zone for the combat use of the buildup forces.

The next discovery just stunned and the capital generals, and local authorities. It turned out that on the way to Tehran in the evening of July 17, skirting the flank of the Iran-Iraqi front and the top of the Great Ararat mountain from the north, the Argentinean CL-44 had already violated the USSR border as a result of free navigation. However, Colonel Grechko, Deputy Commander of the Air Force of the Transcaucasian Military District, responsible for the leadership of the Air Army from 17 to 18 in July, did not take any measures, but also recommended that the operational duty officer not to record the invasion at all. And then it becomes clear the behavior of Ashot Baghdasaryan, who flared up due to the indecisiveness of the senior commander, when for the second time, for such a duty so unceremoniously alien, the plane entered not only his area of ​​responsibility, but the sky of his native Armenia. Grechko, who was at the moment of giving the order to destroy the target on the command post, simply became afraid and quickly left the room with the words: "I was not here, I don’t know anything."

So, Baghdasaryan raises the fighter pair on duty. Kulyapin was not quite accurate, to put it mildly, telling about allegedly idle departures of his fellow servicemen. They managed to competently oust the intruder from the airspace of the USSR. The same goes contrary to any logic: it builds an ideal approach maneuver over the border (the so-called box) and again sets course for the Yerevan airfield.

How, in this case, to perceive the false reports of Kulyapin on the desire of the Argentine crew to flee abroad, if they are refuted by both data of objective control of air defense, and air traffic controllers of neighboring states, and local residents who observed the battle from the ground, and, finally, common sense? The question is far from idle, if we consider that it was on the basis of these reports of the asa political instructor that the operational duty officer made the decision to destroy the target.

I would really like to take the side of Kulyapin, if not for one “but”. This is today about his violations of flight laws and rules, he speaks with bravado. But on combat duty, any of them, including the failure to prevent the violator about the possible application of extreme measures to him, is a military crime, not otherwise. And then, if the intruder were really a combat aircraft, such a clear disregard for the norms of international law and instructions would lead to defeat in a real battle.

In July, the same year, 1981, Valentin protested the black box for a week, objectively fixing not only the maneuvers, but even the hand trembling of the pilot. And he confessed to the conscious violation of flight laws and KP disinformation in order to gain the right to ram only when Vladimir Abramov promised indulgence. Shabunin right there, putting his fatherly hand on Kulyapin’s shoulder, asked directly: did he want to become a hero? “Aha,” Valentine just nodded in reply and wept bitterly. Those tears are also reflected in the report of the state commission.


The truth turned out to be such that it made our leaders, in order to preserve the image in the international arena, to hastily formulate the myth of the heroism of the unfortunate political officer. Along the way, unambiguous recommendations were given to irrevocably excommunicate from flight work, together with the failed hero, of all his immediate superiors because of complete incompetence. Against this background, the persistent unwillingness of Russia's top leadership to reconsider Kulyapin's award list becomes reasonable even after many years, when the shortage of exploits is particularly noticeable and national heroes sometimes become simply due to a set of good deeds performed by duty or in favor of politics.

... Experts who visited the crash site, along with the ambassador of Argentina and the staff of the USSR Foreign Ministry, were convinced that there were no weapons or reconnaissance equipment on board the CL-44. The police officers Arshakov and Yesayan, who not only interviewed local residents on the eve, but also observed the developments in the sky, told about the final unequal fight: the fighter doomed by the pilot entered the marsh at the foot of the mountain, and the transport plane crashed on the slope of the ridge after an indiscriminate fall .

An interesting point: when falling, the foreign machine did not explode, which would be typical for such cases. Unfortunately, the request for its refueling in Tehran remained unanswered. It was not possible to obtain data on whether fragments of the transport plane had bullet or fragmentation holes.

The media of Iraq in those days repeatedly mentioned the shelling of several aircraft, including passenger ones, over areas of military operations with Iran. Did 18 July 1981 get into the cover and crew of the gray-haired Ector? However, even without that, given the outdated design of the CL-44, the limited capabilities of the impoverished company, the constant malfunctions in communication and navigation systems, the absence of a navigator crew, it is easy to understand the illogic actions of the intruders who were clearly looking for a suitable airfield for an emergency landing.

Then, in 1981, third world countries still lived with illusions about the Soviet Union as a happy country of good and justice. And I myself, having twice burned in a padded helicopter, first in the Afghan, then in the Chechen war, imagine what the crew experienced in the last minutes of life. In the most monstrous way, he was deprived of his last hope, if not for Russian hospitality, then at least for elementary human participation.


... and the last. During the work on this material all these years, many advised me to change the names of the heroes of the essay. Arguments were given different. They say that after the prescription of years, specific names are still not interesting to anyone, and the men have families and children. And that the content of my music libraries, official answers to editorial requests, no one is already trying to question. In the end, the retired Chekist reminded me, one should take into account the fact that the great Russia is the successor of the Soviet Union.

To admit, there was a temptation to agree with those well-wishers. Then it would be justified to sign these notes with a pseudonym. Fighting for the truth to our brother journalist is increasingly more expensive.

But I was in the service. And he remembered that my first editor Valery Gusev, who did not have time to sign this material, commissioned me to investigate the history of the unsuccessful feat - trips to hot spots, directing operations in rebellious Ganja, when only two grenades with torn checks in the hands of the paratrooper officer told allowed to take out the seemingly doomed Armenians from the crazed crowd of Azerbaijanis. How can one sacrifice his civic duty, the fighting traditions of the officer fraternity, instructing his classmates to continue the good deeds obtained at the opening of a memorial plaque in his native orphanage near Kharkov!?.

Then, in 2002, I suddenly found out that the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation again considered the petition for conferring the title of hero to Valentin Kulyapin at his own request. To a number of media sources, the former pseudo-pilot gave bravura interviews, slyly accusing the dictatorial regime of the USSR in their failures of bureaucrats in uniform. Something with a person's memory has become?

Yes, everything goes. But not everything is forgotten, right? It is not forgotten, even if decades have passed, entire states have sunk into history, and we ourselves have devoted to serving the Fatherland not even the best years, but almost the whole life. It remains a little bit ...

And then there came a letter from the son of one of the members of the deceased crew. Maybe it was not worth it to remember him about it on the background of large-scale geopolitical collisions of recent years ... I’ll tell you if I’ve started.

In the news from overseas did not ask about the circumstances of the flight, the place of death of a loved one. The question was much stricter and more humane: the son wanted to know if his father had disgraced the honor of the family in the last flight, would he, a successor of the family, be ashamed to bear the name of a man who died under very strange circumstances in a foreign land?

And with a light heart, I responded to a guy from the outskirts of Abelianad Street, a far from rich town in the Argentine province of Florida, which, no, did not disgrace. Co-pilot Ermet Mateo Santiago Boasso until the end struggled with the evil rock, trying to bring the car out of the corkscrew. In the last minutes of his life, he did not leave his commander and passenger alone with misfortune; he neglected parachutes in the name of flying and just human fraternity. Yes, he died. But he left his children a good name. Somewhere in our archives, an expert photo turns yellow: the body of a black athlete sprawled on basalt among the twisted wrecks of an airplane, even after dying the steering wheel ...

If in far-off Argentina, which is associated with us, perhaps, with lambada and Maradona, young people so faithfully honor traditions and strive from generation to generation to follow principles that are close and understandable to each of us, then it turns out that we need to talk about human values completing this conversation. Self-purification begins with the recognition of errors, not otherwise.

Difficult time going through the Fatherland. And for most of us, a good name is the last thing that we can leave to our descendants.
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  1. kil 31
    kil 31 26 December 2015 17: 06
    I also always had a thought. Why the Order of the "Red Banner", and not the Hero of the USSR
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 26 December 2015 19: 06
      13 th
      the pilot honorably fulfilled his duty, the rest - blah blah blah, you can not read ...
      1. NIKNN
        NIKNN 26 December 2015 19: 57
        Here I am about the same!
        but in the end he recognizes the nonsense and obscures both the pilot and the calculations of command posts.

        We don’t need to encircle the pilot, he fulfilled the order and is only worthy of respect and gratitude, our guy.
        I discovered a transport plane visually at the very last moment, when it almost ended up below and behind.
        Once again confirms the OBU error.
        possible dangerous consequences of their illegal actions and disobedience in the airspace of the Soviet Union. Indeed, for this it was necessary to occupy the echelon ahead of the enemy and to become an affordable target.
        Well, here the hero saved the world where to go.
        It's a shame, but in the heat of battle I could not determine, at the request of the command post, the nationality of the intruder, although the symbols on the tail unit were bright and clear.

        Some signs, no words (I did not even visually identify the affiliation (well, you have to scold the reoshniks, since the sight did not see the sight and the identification of "friend or foe" did not work. And indeed the BATTLE with the transport worker) (I knew one military political officer, a pilot from God, here you can see another)
        Only by ramming I could fulfill the assigned combat mission, since there was no time left to increase the distance to the distance of the safe launch of R-98M long-range missiles (air-to-air class). That's when the calculations, theoretical lessons on the analysis of the first air ram on a jet plane, which ended, I recall, the death of the performer, came in handy.

        I pay attention to the second approach (and the first one too):
        The performance characteristics of the R-98 (R-98M):
        Developer - NPO Molniya;
        Year of adoption - 1965 (1975);
        Aerodynamic configuration - "duck" with ailerons;
        Weight - 292 (301) kg;
        Warhead mass - 40 (39) kg;
        Type BS - high-explosive fragmentation;
        Case diameter - 0,275 m;
        Length - 4,17 (4,22) m;
        The range of plumage is 1,22 m;
        Energy ratio - 66 kg.s / kg;
        Type of fuel - ballistic RNDSI-5K (RAM-10K);
        Target designation head:
        - RGS - φ tsu = ± 60;
        - TGS - φ tsu = ± 30;
        Type of guidance system - homing with capture PARGS on the suspension, IHS with nitrogen cooling;
        Guidance method - proportional guidance;
        The maximum speed of the target is 2500 km / h;
        The range of heights for hitting the target is 0,5-23 (0,5-24) km;
        Maximum launch range, PPS / ZPS - 18/14 (24/14) km;
        The minimum launch range, ZPS - 1,8 km;
        Overload of an intercepted target - 2 units.

        I don’t even want to read further. request
        1. Tra-ta-ta
          Tra-ta-ta 26 December 2015 20: 38
          The first blow - the fuselage on the wing - fell through.
          At the same moment, as I intended, I ejected. Now I regret: the fighter could probably be saved.

          .. Continuous punctures .. and the shoe still lost ..
          It's amazing that at least they gave the order ..
      2. Zeppelin ml.
        Zeppelin ml. 27 December 2015 08: 40
        Quote: Andrew Y.
        the pilot honorably fulfilled his duty, the rest - blah blah blah, you can not read ...

        Wrong, Yurich, IMHO. This is in the award lists and obituaries - "I did it with honor", and journalism is "blah blah blah".
  2. sever.56
    sever.56 26 December 2015 17: 07
    33 th
    Who is Marat Syrtlanov? Where did he get the sources of information from? Who gave him the right to judge the actions of the pilots, the incompetence of everything and everything that is possible?
    Still I would have called for repentance, and so that the whole of Russia would kneel for the plane brutally shot down by a drunk Russian pilot ... It smacks of the sometimes "spotted" and ever-drunk EBN, when Russia and the Russians have to repent and sprinkle ashes on their heads just for the fact that they Russians, and are still alive.
    The author is a creepy provocateur who misses the times when the USSR and Russia during the times above the devils I mentioned were put on a par with Zimbabwe and Sudan.
    One hundred cons to the provocateur ...
    1. Kassik
      Kassik 26 December 2015 18: 02
      About the author: Marat Faridovich Syrtlanov - a military journalist, reserve colonel.
      1. Dryuya2
        Dryuya2 26 December 2015 21: 33
        Quote: Kassik
        reserve colonel

        from 2004 year
        in 1981-1983 He performed military duty in Afghanistan, was awarded the medals “For courage” and “for military merits”, he went on business trips “to war” 8 times during the Chechen campaigns, and was awarded the medal of the Order of Merit for the Fatherland, 2nd class. Now police colonel Marat Syrtlanov heads the press service of the Main Organizational and Inspection Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia
        from 2007 year
        The course of the exercises was monitored by a Moscow analyst, Deputy Head of the Center for Combating Terrorism of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, police colonel Marat Syrtlanov
        Colonel (reserve) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs about the actions of the pilot - well, I don’t know request
        About the author: Marat Faridovich Syrtlanov - reserve colonel, writer.
        Well, the article itself from 2006 - why her friend was pulled out now - I don’t know request
    2. veksha50
      veksha50 26 December 2015 18: 14
      Quote: sever.56
      One hundred cons to the provocateur ...

      I would say a little differently ...

      Even assuming that everything - what the author of the article said - is true - I ask the question: Is it necessary, especially now, such a voiced truth ???

      And if necessary - first of all - to whom ???

      A stand hangs in the Museum of the Armed Forces about the heroic deed of the pilot - even if he continued to hang and educate ... The younger generation always needs examples - are they real or somewhat contrived ...

      After all, Malchish-Kibalchish and Malchish-Plohish are seemingly far-fetched faces, but they raised thousands and millions of boys in their readiness to defend their homeland ...

      These data are subject to deep, but - internal analysis, analysis not for the general public ... Who is guilty of what - should be punished (from the pilot to the commander of the air defense ... MO Sokolov after all for Rust removed?) ... But to smear in in this spirit, practically in the open press, after so many years - no, no need ...
      1. Inok10
        Inok10 27 December 2015 00: 14
        Quote: veksha50
        from such data they are subject to deep, but - internal analysis, analysis not for the general public ... Who is guilty of what - should be punished (from the pilot to the air defense commander ... MO Sokolov was removed for Rust?) ... But to smear in in this spirit, practically in the open press, after so many years - no, no need ...

        .. I completely agree .. hi .. the abundance of publications on VO with a clearly "double" meaning is already beginning to be alarming .. they are united by a kind of neutral tone, with a claim to objectivity .. but alas .. there is no objectivity, the bias in the presentation of the material is frank .. it seems that elections are still far , and what close attention .. hi
      2. aerspb
        aerspb 27 December 2015 02: 02
        So the author writes that the pilot once again requires himself a star of the hero. So he wrote an article so that injustice does not triumph. I completely agree with the writer. Something like this.
      3. poquello
        poquello 27 December 2015 03: 32
        Quote: veksha50
        After all, Malchish-Kibalchish and Malchish-Plohish are seemingly far-fetched faces, but they raised thousands and millions of boys in their readiness to defend their homeland ...

        horseradish and washstand things are slightly different with some similarities
        Let's stay, we will shutter the curtains, and we will swing the car ourselves, and we will sing funny songs about how we rush fast !!
      4. Aleksander
        Aleksander 27 December 2015 05: 49
        Quote: veksha50
        A stand hangs in the Museum of the Armed Forces about the heroic deed of the pilot - even if he continued to hang and educate ... The younger generation always needs examples - are they real or somewhat far-fetched...

        Stand about invented the feat should be in another literary museum. Lies do not educate, and the exposed lie-disappoints even in actual exploits, IMHO.
        1. veksha50
          veksha50 27 December 2015 10: 57
          Quote: Aleksander
          A stand about a fictitious feat should be in another literary museum. Lies do not educate, and exposed lies-disappoint even in actual exploits, IMHO.

          Hmm ... Remember how much negativity caused the information that one of the 28 praised Panfilov, whose names are carved on the stele-monument, turns out to be still alive and lives in Kazakhstan ...

          I remain of my opinion - there was no need to promote it ... Well, somewhere in the headquarters there was an error in compiling lists ... But after so many years it was not necessary to promote it in the entire CIS, that is, the former Union ...

          Then what, to consider a lie and a feat of Alexander Matrosov, a fine man? And the same Nikolai Gastello, and Zoe Kosmodemyanskoy (she could not give anyone to anyone, as well as Private Smirnov, whom the Germans tortured and crucified with nails - but he just did not know what he was interrogated about !!!) ...

          There have always been, are and will be far-fetched heroes ... And in the German army there were enough of these during the Second World War, and everywhere ... Workers on the ideological front in any army, in any country work in this direction ...
          1. Aleksander
            Aleksander 27 December 2015 20: 59
            Quote: veksha50
            Hmm ... Remember how much negativity caused the information that one of the praised 28 Panfilov’s, whose names are carved on the stele-monument, turns out to be still alive and lives in Kazakhstan

            None of the normal people did not cause a negative - they are well aware that mistakes are inevitable in that deadly whirlwind. The main thing remains and remains - EXPLOIT all panfilovtsevwho defeated the Nazis on the outskirts of Moscow. They understand that instead of an erroneous surname there are THOUSAND surnames of really dead and real heroes. Or, for example, millions of missing people are already not heroes if their names are not on the obelisks and in books?
            The pilot from the article, by itself and for himself, is his feat or is or is not. My purely personal opinion is no feat, and his stand in the museum is blasphemy.
            1. veksha50
              veksha50 28 December 2015 10: 00
              Quote: Aleksander
              My purely personal opinion is no feat, and his stand in the museum is blasphemy.

              Though belatedly, I will express my opinion ...

              I’m not saying that there is a no-no feat, and if not, then the stand at the Museum is blasphemy ...
              Over a period of time, the state apparatus defined this as a feat ...

              I’m saying that now, after so many years, it wasn’t worth fanning this business ... Otherwise, young people will cease to believe all of the exploits described and learn from them ...

              PS At least, if an investigation had been carried out and some conclusions were made, this stand could have been quietly, without fuss, replaced by some other ... And only Kulapin himself would have noticed it, and no one else ...
          2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Zero73
      Zero73 26 December 2015 18: 18
      Marat Syrtlanov, reserve colonel, military journalist, graduated from the Lvov VVPU, VPA named after Lenin, was a correspondent of the Air Force department of the newspaper of the Transcaucasian Military District, the Air Force magazine "Aviation and Cosmonautics", the head of the operational units of the central apparatus of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. according to
    4. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa 26 December 2015 20: 27
      Quote: sever.56
      The author is a golem provocateur ... A hundred minuses to the provocateur ...
      Nevertheless, he managed to arouse in most visitors a negative attitude towards captain V. Kulyapin. You can immediately feel the hand of a real professional journalist who is used to writing custom articles. Biography is confirmed by this: Lviv Political School, VPA Journalism Faculty, corridors of power .. Ministry of Internal Affairs again ...
      That the article is custom-made and for the needs of the day (shot down by the Turks SU-24M), I have no doubt ...
      I doubt the other:
      - Does this writer know that professional PILOTS became the political commanders in aviation !!! who had training no lower than 2 classes. And they were obliged to FLY, rather than scribble articles, leading the others by personal example?
      - Does the afftor know that the pilot raised to intercept the border violator after the report "I see the target" (at least visually, at least by the locator - it doesn't matter) is obliged to INTERCEPT it! (that is, to destroy, or force to land);
      - Does this political journalist know that it’s forbidden to use weapons under the Convention and civilian aircraft by convention? And the intruder who lay down in a bend and then on the box - you need to stop! He’s not going to land, but he is going to throw our interceptor into a tailspin, and to leave the airspace of the USSR himself;
      - Does the colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs know that it doesn’t matter in the air what kind of livery is on the intruder (under the lamb's skin there may be a seasoned wolf with tons of reconnaissance equipment on board!), and it is important that he directly climbs onto the rozhden, thereby translating the air defense system of the Caucasus and 4 VA Air Defense in the BATTLE mode of operation! Or did he not read anything about September 1, 1983 and flight 007 of the South Korean airline?
      He probably knew all this. Moreover, he turned out to be well aware of all the ups and downs of the case, got acquainted with the closed materials of the case, even got acquainted with the Argentine offspring of offending pilots by letters ...
      And all for what? In order to spoil the head of a pilot who has completed the BATTLE ORDER. And then, with pleasure, spread the contents, recalling that the Museum of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation has a stand with a description of this ram and a photo of Kulyapin.
      Those who put a minus to my colleague sever. 56. (Yes, and I’ll probably put it too):
      - Do not forget what time we served then. Well, if the commander of the SKR "Selfless" (cap2r Bogdashin) on 13.02.1988 went to the ram of the American RC "Yorktown", following the order "to oust" the intruder from the USSR terrorist command, Kulyapin's ram - an unwritten rule for pilots of fighter air defense aircraft.
      The intruder must be stopped, even at the cost of his own life!

      I have the honor!
      1. serezhasoldatow
        serezhasoldatow 26 December 2015 21: 31
        Does this writer know that professional PILOTS became the political ambassadors in aviation !!! who had training not less than 2 classes. And they were obliged to FLY, rather than scribble articles, leading the others by personal example?
        Do you know how Pravakov, who could not become leftists, was sent to study at the Academy to them. Lenin? Then they came back and rotted their former commanders. Do not know or do not want to know? It was a long time ago, in the USSR, so I don’t remember the names. So there were those. The commissioners were the first to teach this to the civilian commissar, while the politicians of the apartment and rewards were taught.
        1. dudinets
          dudinets 26 December 2015 22: 41
          Pravakov fighters do not exist. or am I wrong then correct. and I don’t think they sent an idiot to intercept. purely logical.
        2. Boa kaa
          Boa kaa 26 December 2015 22: 58
          Quote: serezhasoldatow
          Pravakov, who could not become leftists, was sent to study at the Academy. Lenin? Then they came back and rotted their former commanders.

          Respected! It’s not my fault that a political commander has offended you. But to the point:
          When you show me "correct" on the SU-15, then I will accept your reproaches. By the way, about the edits. On the same SU-24/34, the navigator sits in the right seat ... Without him, the board would probably use its weapons more effectively.
          And then, we navigators (naval and aviation) always did our own thing and did not go in with requests "uncle, let me steer!" This is the lot of bombers, and "our business is right - not to interfere with the left!" (Toast of the navigators) drinks
          1. Lucy
            Lucy 27 December 2015 00: 44
            Boa KAA (3)

            In IA they said: "Achtung Achtung is a political officer in the sky!"
            Some clowns managed to catapult on leveling, and MiG-21bis sat down, without Iap!
            In the Air Force of the USSR, make it politically flying - this is nonsense! drinks
      2. your1970
        your1970 26 December 2015 22: 37
        the question remains open, WHY did they not give the GSS (if it completed a combat mission)?

        Z.Y. I knew one political commander about whom they said that in the MI-8 Union is not enough, to teach him how to fly ...
      3. Inok10
        Inok10 27 December 2015 00: 22
        Quote: Boa constrictor KAA
        - Do not forget what time we served then. Well, if the commander of the "Selfless" ICR (cap2r Bogdashin) on 13.02.1988 went to ram the American CD "Yorktown", fulfilling the order to "expel" the intruder from the USSR terrorist forces, then the Kulyapin ram is an unwritten rule of air defense fighter aviation pilots.
        The intruder must be stopped, even at the cost of his own life! the army, orders are not discussed, but carried out .. hi .. as usual, only old people go into battle .. more than 70 years have passed, but nothing has changed, the illustration is attached .. soldier ..
  3. zennon
    zennon 26 December 2015 17: 37
    Something I can’t insert into the video post. Well, google KULYAPIN in short, then the video and watch a movie with him and about him. I saw more than once.
  4. driving
    driving 26 December 2015 17: 41
    I agree with the previous author.
  5. Sterlya
    Sterlya 26 December 2015 17: 43
    Well, what can you say? Well done. The task was completed no matter what. This is what a true Warrior should do. (bad boot lost laughing )
    1. V.ic
      V.ic 26 December 2015 18: 11
      Quote: Sterlya
      (bad boot lost)

      As in the song performed by Edith Utyosova ".. your dog is dead, and the rest is a beautiful marquise ..."
  6. Walking
    Walking 26 December 2015 17: 44
    New liberal rumors.
  7. sssla
    sssla 26 December 2015 17: 49
    Conclusion one to read!
    The article justifies the actions of Turkey with our SU brought down!
    Like you yourself shot down in batches just like that !!!
    No comments !!!
    1. Senior manager
      Senior manager 26 December 2015 19: 10
      But don’t, I think, hang all the dogs on yourself, all the more so the incidents are completely unequal in nature. By your logic, we should now recall the genocide of the Armenian people, so what? We know our relatives very well, so not everything is lost. Hammer, for every one you don’t get enough ...
      1. sssla
        sssla 26 December 2015 20: 58
        Quote: St. Propulsion
        According to your logic, we should now recall the genocide of the Armenian people,

        My logic ??? Did not quite understand!
  8. starchina pv
    starchina pv 26 December 2015 18: 19
    one hundred minuses maratke !!!! dishonored pilots of the country of councils !!!
    1. WSW1WSW
      WSW1WSW 26 December 2015 21: 51
      More than unforgettable Belenko no one will do.
  9. flyer
    flyer 26 December 2015 18: 29
    A mediocre article, denigrating everyone and everything, except for the author, "supposedly" somewhere on fire ... Only the translation of the TN callsign as tango of November speaks of the author's complete incompetence in matters related to aviation. It was just disgusting to read. You know. about the fact that Kulyapin begged the hero? I have the honor!
    1. Privat
      Privat 26 December 2015 20: 24
      with the call sign “TN”, which sentimental dispatchersin order to avoid phonetic errors on the air, decrypted only Tango November (Tango November)

      What does "sentimentality" have to do with it? The author does not know the standard international radio code? In fact, everyone who has anything to do with flying should own it.
    2. WSW1WSW
      WSW1WSW 26 December 2015 21: 48
      "I HAVE HONOR!" This is a common phrase for the "flying man". There is no word in the article about translation (!). It's completely different there. And there is NO ATTITUDE to tango and to November !!! Just to make it clear. hi
      As in this case. "Who did it?" Answer: "A HZ. Who knows."
      Some kind of garbage-market commentary of a person far from aviation.
    3. WSW1WSW
      WSW1WSW 27 December 2015 17: 45
      I apologize for my harsh words in the text with the "bowler hat".
      However, even after the lapse of time, the exchange of personal messages, it is still somehow difficult to read this commentary of the "flyer".
  10. Indifferent
    Indifferent 26 December 2015 18: 31
    I understand patriots and fighters for a just cause. But how can an unarmed aircraft similar to the Il-18 and armed to "shark's teeth" be considered a battle?
    Once the pilot came into visual contact with him, it was clear that there were no missiles under the wings, no bombs either. Rotating turrets with guns are also not visible. How could the intruder respond? If only to go on a ram?
    Why was the fighter pilot afraid to step forward of the plane? The photo shows that this is a passenger plane? What kind of battle are we talking about?
    All that was required of the fighter was to go from the border, so that the plane did not go abroad and accompany before landing if he had a course to Yerevan.
    There is also the question of the pilot’s literacy and his leadership, that they could not identify the plane’s affiliation with Argentina. After all, it was enough for the pilot, if he himself did not figure it out, to tell the officer on duty what is depicted on the tail and wings. And identification tables hung in the days of the USSR in all military closets, not to mention headquarters and other establishments.
    I am not against the exploits of our heroes. I am for justice. Deserved - get it. I did not deserve to be silent and that’s it!
    Who is against justice, put me cons!
    1. vladimir_krm
      vladimir_krm 26 December 2015 21: 04
      Yes, and the strange thing about the article is not only that. The pilot "forgot" about the gun ?? Nonsense. Did you lace up your boot? Flight boots are laced once, on the leg when received, then they use a zipper. Etc. Some kind of muddy article, you shouldn't believe it.

      By the way, here is a similar case, the interception of Iranian helicopters, judge for yourself:;
      Sh. - He is heading towards the border.

      KP - Repeat!

      Sh. - Goes to the border!

      KP - Goes to the border, I understand.

      56.26 "KP - 058, to be identified.

      Sh. - Got it, now I’ll come.

      KP - Come see the type, height.

      Sh. - Its height is 1500m.

      KP - Is there any identification marks, Shkinder?

      Sh. - Now I will come. I have not approached yet.

      57.02 "KP - Weapons for battle!

      Sh. - Got it.

      KP - 058, are you observing?

      Sh. - Watching, watching. I come closer.

      KP - Come closer, combat helicopter - destroy!

      Sh. - Got it, not our helicopter, now.

      KP - Destroy! Take down the helicopter!

      41 "-53" KP-058? 058? 058?

      Sh. - I answered, I’ll destroy it now.

      KP - Turn on "reset AB start", turn everything on.

      Sh. - Got it.
  11. iouris
    iouris 26 December 2015 18: 53
    This case is subject to an independent investigation: one might say, "based on the materials of appearances in the press."
    Individual hints that the USSR is an "evil empire" indicate the author's bias. It can be assumed that at least some of the versions presented by the author as facts raise serious doubts.
    If this is another ideological diversion aimed at young people, then it is clear why this material was published right now, and not in 2002. It seems to me that the competent authorities need to understand this matter and submit the official opinion of the assignee of the USSR.
  12. parafoiler
    parafoiler 26 December 2015 19: 13
    In Soviet and modern Russian times, combat duty was and remains a “sacred cow” in the range of tasks solved by the Armed Forces. Should we decide after 31 years who is right and who is wrong ?! About pilot Osipovich, let's start to talk about the music. I just want to ask the most zealous: were you there ?! What would you do ?! Don't mix God's gift with scrambled eggs. Do not make questions related to the security (!) Of the country absurd. And the article is written in a stupid "pindo.sov" style.
  13. cte-power
    cte-power 26 December 2015 19: 23
    some kind of foul little article
  14. tanit
    tanit 26 December 2015 19: 25
    The stock colonel wrote an article ... Well. It happens. Vlasov, - so he is - as a general was a general.
  15. DIMbor
    DIMbor 26 December 2015 19: 49
    With all due respect to the pilots, but the proverb recalled: In every herd there is a filthy sheep.
  16. NordUral
    NordUral 26 December 2015 19: 53
    And the passengers of the South Korean Boeing would have survived, and ...

    But what’s wrong with this? Give to fly to Novosibirsk? You twist something, Colonel.
  17. Nikotin13
    Nikotin13 26 December 2015 20: 05
    a small correction: you can hardly meet black pilots in the Argentinean Air Force today, and even less so in those years ... Article is good
  18. Roman 25
    Roman 25 26 December 2015 20: 06
    There are many dark pages in our history, but is it worth turning them like that, especially now?
  19. starchina pv
    starchina pv 26 December 2015 20: 12
    campaign little monkey and a hedgehog with him Turkish-nationals, look how amicably minus !!!!!
  20. WSW1WSW
    WSW1WSW 26 December 2015 20: 23
    READ THE MATERIAL. You can see this in every way. And an attempt to discredit the USSR, the successor of Russia. And the desire to call a spade a spade. I can not judge. For this I need, so to speak, factual materials, and not INTERNET KNOWLEDGE. But I remember those years and rumors in the midst of military pilots about these events. They gave some doubts.
    The answer to the bright receivers of this material. LIVE BOTH. If Kulyapin is slandered and slandered, then the duty of his officer honor is to sue the slanderer.
  21. WSW1WSW
    WSW1WSW 26 December 2015 20: 27
    And further. I do not understand Kulyapin's behavior in the air. "I fly as I want, I voluntarily turn on the sight to radiation."
  22. cherkas.oe
    cherkas.oe 26 December 2015 20: 33
    I read the article, everything seemed to be correct, but it was stunned by the press at the end of the eighties and all the nineties, where everything Soviet and Russian was exposed and exposed. And the hari of Svanidze, Mlechin and other slime in front of my eyes grew.
  23. polkovnik manuch
    polkovnik manuch 26 December 2015 20: 40
    The article is normal, the pilot did the right thing. There is nothing to drool over, first follow the order. If we discuss orders, nothing good will come of it, the pilot, I'm sorry, not the Dumskiy talker, and he perfectly understood that not fulfilling the order would end for him by the tribunal.
  24. Thompson
    Thompson 26 December 2015 20: 41
    In fact, as they write above, the feeling from the article is twofold.
    And it smells like rotten.
    Apparently resentment for twice shooting down and apparently not a single award.
    1. WUA 518
      WUA 518 26 December 2015 20: 55
      In fact, the article was written in 2008. Here is a quote from the site 166 Guards Red Banner Iap: I wanted to return once again to the article about V. Kulyapin. A lot of contradictions or deliberate distortion of facts. One feels the incompetence and commitment of the author. I think that publishing it on the forum is necessary, because the testimonies and opinions of the people involved in this event should be voiced. Ambiguously belonged to the tribe of political workers, although among them I know many decent and highly professional officers. I, Khvostikov Aleksei Alekseevich, until August 1981. served in 166gv. IAP in the post of chief of the air-fire and tactical training of the regiment (I will make a reservation at once: in August 1981 he was enrolled in the VVA named after Yu.A. Gagarin, and was not removed, as the author of the article writes). V. Kulapina knew personally and treated him with respect. I already spoke about this event in the first part of the forum, so I will go through the article right away.
      1. The question arises: how and when did the "foreign colleagues of the author" investigate this state of emergency, if, according to him, only 3 people were involved in the investigation, although this could not be in principle. Unfortunately, I had to participate in the investigation of flight accidents and I know that a wide circle of specialists from different directions is involved in them. In this case, my colleague Altimirov R.S., doctors (I do not know the whole composition) was involved in the place where CL-44 fell from the regiment. But, you must admit, even in order to make excuses to the international community, qualified training is needed.
      2. It is not clear in the same way: how is an experienced crew, without flying even half a route, has exhausted all the fuel? Suppose there was a technical malfunction on board, but then they would have heard their “MAY DAY” (Terleu Misfortune) even in their native Argentina. But the “silent glanders”, especially when crossing the border of another state, do not enter the forced one. After all, they are not waiting for him here, and for an emergency call it is necessary to clear the airspace and get the necessary minimum information for landing. And for some reason, the author is silent that the crew made the exact same maneuver with crossing the state border and entering our territory the day before, while traveling to Tehran, and without any intention of landing in Yerevan. I think that the calculation was just that they would not dare to beat a transport plane. Well, somersault nearby, scare and leave. Not on those ran!
      3. The author does not know that the procedure for using on-board equipment (including weapons) is determined by the pilot according to the situation, and the control mode sets the flight mode to the target. The goal is not fast - it must either be escorted or brought to the landing airfield - the economical mode is chosen correctly, in both cases a fuel supply is needed.
      4. Accusing a pilot of unprofessionalism only for the reason that he failed to determine his affiliation is also impossible. Yes, we taught and knew the identification marks of aircraft of foreign states, but the military and not the whole world. Until now, when I fly to Vnukovo or Sheremetyevo, I catch myself thinking that I can sometimes not figure out the daub on the keels and fuselages - who is who. And you?
      5. Did not give signals to the violator - this statement requires explanation. In a personal conversation, Valentin said that visually the crew watched him, as he stepped on the beam of the intruder with the intention of honking him. But at that moment the CL-44 began to abruptly turn around with a big roll to the fighter. For what purpose?! After all, he had not been signaled yet. The speed of the fighter at that moment was close to evolutionary (for the Su-15 - 450km / h). Given the presence of maximum external suspension - maneuvering in this mode was not easy.
      What could have happened in this situation for an inexperienced pilot? Loss of speed, access to supercritical flight mode, stall - maybe the intruder was counting on this? And now on the other hand: if V. Kulyapin sought to revise the decision on the award, what is the point of exposing himself as an intruder from all sides? After all, he could have remained silent, since to convict him of this violation is very problematic.
      1. WUA 518
        WUA 518 26 December 2015 20: 56
        There are other "plumes" of the author:
        - the system for recording flight parameters of the Su-15 (SARPP-12V) does not register the deviation of the aircraft control stick (the deviation of the stabilizer is YES, but with an error of 5%) - the pilot’s hand trembling is the author’s imagination;
        - and it’s absolutely shameful for a political scientist not to know that Captain Gennady Eliseev, Hero of the Soviet Union, pilot 982iap (aerial Vaziani) in 1973 rammed not a “sports airplane”, but a training and combat aircraft of the Iranian Air Force T-38 (F-fighter spark 5, outwardly they are very similar).
        As for the "excommunicated professionally unsuitable bosses" 166 Guards IAP - about the future fate of many can be found on the pages of our forum.
        Of course, ramming is far from the most effective method in aerial combat, but the situation may require its application. To commit it is also necessary to have courage. The pilot was assigned a combat mission, and he completed it - this is the main thing!
        It is also outrageous that, presenting the flight of CL-44 as the flight of a “peaceful target”, the author turns a blind eye to the fact that the target of the aircraft freight is falsified; that the crew was engaged in prohibited activities - the transport of weapons.
        I’m also curious: what kind of resonance would this event have received if the aforementioned “peaceful defenseless target” had been shot down on the way to Tehran ?! And what would the author then answer to the son of the 2nd pilot, “spread out on our basalt with a helm in his hands”? (according to Altimirova RS, who flew to the crash site as part of the commission, what was left of the crew was in the charred compartment of the aircraft cabin).
        I do not want to discuss: how commensurate the reward for the perfect act of the pilot is - let it remain on the conscience of those who determined this measure. But the fact that this article - DIRT - is also visible to the naked eye.
        Clarifications to the controversy: Su-15 landing speed - 280-300km / h (maximum 345-pneumatics limitation); joint suspension of guns and missiles - allowed, but not more than 2 missiles of any type (restriction on landing gear).
      2. Dryuya2
        Dryuya2 26 December 2015 23: 40
        Quote: WUA 518
        Actually the article was written in 2008

        28 June, 2006 winked
  25. tralmaster.
    tralmaster. 26 December 2015 20: 52
    Somehow the govnets from the article shows. Again so softly .... the past. Already we got these false great-loves, shit-democrats.
  26. Nikotin13
    Nikotin13 26 December 2015 21: 02
    By the way, in Argentina, they still treat us with great respect ... and not because all the planes that crossed our border are shot down one time .... The truth is more expensive.
  27. Gardener91
    Gardener91 26 December 2015 21: 05
    There are no specific excerpts or quotes from the conclusions of the state commission. After such investigations, especially by its independent, impartial members, the report of the Politburo must indicate the reasons, circumstances, perpetrators of the incident. conclusions of the USSR Politburo. I would have believed one hundred percent if I had published at least an extract from the report, and better conclusions, the final part. And let the future military prosecutors teach the investigation itself, there are a lot of pitfalls there.
  28. nemar7106
    nemar7106 26 December 2015 21: 49
    I read, I shed tears, such "PISUNOV" as Maratka, you have to shoot with a slingshot in deep childhood, one word Lvov political ... But 70% of the article is a lie !!! At that time, I served at PN Kopitnari (Georgia), they talked a lot about this among themselves on this occasion, and then I had to serve for 4 years and be friends with Alexander Poyda, who directed Kulyapin to this plane from PN Nakhchivan. I understand that there is fiction, but not to that extent. Yes, I was a senior then, and I probably don’t know a lot, but, but, but Baghdasaryan -"The operational duty officer of the Tbilisi command post, which controlled the airspace of the entire Transcaucasus during the day when the events described here unfolded, was Lieutenant Colonel Baghdasaryan."he was not the OD of the KP of the Tbilisi KP, at the KP, in addition to Grechko who escaped, there were 6 more people who could give the command to destroy this target. After the "reunification" of the air defense aviation and the air defense aviation air defense, there remained 3 regiments of Gudauta su15tm, Marneuli su 15 and not (su 15 tm) and Nasosnaya mig25, and it turned out to be a gap of 600 ki in the open section of the border; Kurdamir based the 976th Insterburg Bomber Aviation Regiment (Kurdamir, Su-24, Su-17), which are not intended to destroy air targets. And 70% of such inaccuracies, escort and displacement, forgive me not a car or a tank where you can stop to think to give the building speed, this is an airplane that flies only nose ahead even if it turns ... There are mines. the speed at which it can perform some kind of evolution is 450 km / h (if I'm not mistaken), and that mines have a speed of 280-250 km - and what can be done? in general, it seems that Maratik did not meet with anyone and sucked it all out, I don't know where ...
    1. Lucy
      Lucy 28 December 2015 06: 40
      From the website
      166 Guards Red Banner IAP (military unit 10227), Marneuli airdrome (Sandar), Georgia,

      Today we have a sad memory of the "anniversary", 15 years since the 166th Guards Red Banner Regiment ceased to exist! :(

      January 3, 1993 airfield, combat equipment ([i] ~ 40 boards of the Su-15TM [/I]) and other property of the regiment, by actual availability, was transferred to the Kitovani guards as representatives of independent Georgia.,2--166-gvardejskij-krasnoznamennyj-iap-v

    2. Lucy
      Lucy 28 December 2015 07: 53
      In 1970, the regiment received new equipment - handsome high-altitude interceptors SU-15

      At the end of 1988, the regiment was again returned to the air defense and transferred to the 19th separate air defense army. The regiment again becomes a fighter regiment.
      In February 1989, the regiment go overt on the Su-15, but already TM, which were in use, collected from the Far East and from the Central Asian Military District, and ammunition was collected from all over the USSR.
  29. Kostya Andreev
    Kostya Andreev 26 December 2015 23: 36
    In vain you cling to the author, (looking for mistakes, inconsistencies in the article) he farted as best he could, as he managed.
    The pilot complied with the order and destroyed the offender. Critics of the pilot and command are strong in hindsight, it is now known that there were no weapons and all kinds of substances on board, and then it was not known what was on board.
    And in general, we need to study, study and study again with our partners, shot down a civilian plane, sent the whole world in three letters and did not apologize. (Only surrenders, we won’t learn)
  30. water
    water 27 December 2015 00: 21
    QUOTE: ".. And the passengers of the South Korean Boeing would have survived ..." !? I'm not a pilot. But I know for sure that the passengers of the South Korean Boeing flying on flight 007 would not have survived anyway. If only because it was remotely blown up over the Sea of ​​Japan, 5 kilometers south of Moneron Island, 40 minutes later than the US CIA reconnaissance aircraft RS-35 was shot down near the said island. However, thanks to the efforts of the writing fraternity, the world, as well as the Russian public, still hangs the death of a passenger plane on the USSR, not wanting to find out in detail who, who and where actually shot down.
    1. WUA 518
      WUA 518 27 December 2015 00: 38
      Quote: watermark
      Quote: watermark
      Sea of ​​Japan, 5 miles south of Moneron Island for 40 minutes

      Is this from Michel Brun’s research, if I’m not mistaken? It’s Brun who not only insists on the destruction of RS-135 by Osipovich, but also claims that there were several foreign aircraft. Check out some of his reasons. On the morning of September 1, Washington and Tokyo announced the destruction of a South Korean plane. However, both sides called different times of the tragedy. The Japanese claimed that the plane was shot down at 3 hours 29 minutes, the Americans - at 3 hours 38 minutes. According to representatives of the Self-Defense Forces of Japan, the liner was pursued by a MiG-23 fighter, the Pentagon called it Su-15. Tokyo claims that the crashed plane after being hit by missiles was in contact with Japanese dispatchers for about another 40 minutes.
      1. water
        water 27 December 2015 20: 38
        Michelle Brune wrote for a lot after. However, I wrote objectively! At the same time, at the beginning of November 1983, AS-135 from the Georgy Kozmin Pacific Fleet rescue vessel came to the wreckage of the RS-19. Three days later, divers from the Mikhail Mirchik drilling ship began lifting the debris. Tons of rubbish imitating passengers' luggage were raised. In addition, hundreds of kilometers of magnetic tape, pieces of antennas and recording equipment, seats and fragments of the crew's bodies with elements of uniform overalls for US Air Force pilots and engines from the Boeing-707 aircraft (they are quite different from the engines installed on the Boeing 747). But the passenger seats and bodies of passengers were never found. On this occasion, somewhere in the archives of the Pacific Fleet there is a report of a special commission. But, as you can see, it will not be in demand soon.
  31. Lucy
    Lucy 27 December 2015 01: 25
    A rotten little article about the colonel allegedly ******, an OD of some Tbilisi CP who destroyed the Sony C-90 cassette with recordings of talks on several tracks, about not understanding how to maneuver on a pipe between the legs near CL-44.

    I looked through the comments. And what will the bundles say about the magnet. records? It seems that the bobbins were sealed, or dezh. by communication .... also from Yerevan!
  32. valiant71
    valiant71 27 December 2015 01: 32
    I see a lot of writing by professionals. I'm also in the subject, so a lot seems to be nonsense. It is NOT NECESSARY to idealize the air defense system. To close their eyes, then Zh..u tear. Firstly, if a person applies for the title of Hero (like underestimated), then this does not say anything good about the person. Agree. When the South Korean Boeing was shot down, the pilot performed all the procedures before launching the missile, although there were some troubles there. Lives, does not suffer with "Red Star". And the decision to shoot down was not made by the person on duty from the observation point. District Commander. There the reports go higher! What's Baghdasaryan like?
    For me, the behavior of a pilot is horrific unprofessional. And why are we then outraged by our downed SU-24? Yes, no matter what the apparent behavior of the airplane is, there are those very procedures - a signal of wings, advancing, firing on the course. What was the obvious reason to bring him down without delay? Could not use a rocket? Where's the gun? What the hell? Sorry. What was scared of the civilian liner? And then he went to the ram. Underpolit. He wanted to stupidly become a hero. Here is more to be believed!
    1. nemar7106
      nemar7106 27 December 2015 18: 46
      Well, in order to understand, you need to be at least a little familiar with the BRAVS (combat use of rocket - artillery weapons of an airplane). Su - 15 doesn’t have a gun, after this incident they began to hang a container with a cannon (GP - 9), in order to shoot a rocket it is necessary to create a rapprochement speed, and when you are hanging close, you need to lag behind, and then create a rapprochement speed ... Kulyapin received the Order of the Battle Red Banner, and it was Bogdasoryan who made the decision to defeat ...
      1. Lucy
        Lucy 27 December 2015 19: 59

        As I understand it, in 1981 they didn’t hang R-15s in the DZ on the Su-60?

        ... in order to shoot a rocket, you need to create a rapprochement speed, and when you hang close, you need to lag, and then create a rapprochement speed ..
        1. nemar7106
          nemar7106 27 December 2015 22: 59
          The armament consisted of 2 medium-range air-to-air missiles of the R-98 type. Used missiles R-98R with radar and R-98T with thermal seeker. In addition, older missiles of the R-15M or R-8M-8 type could also be used on the Su-1, but only when intercepting a target in a ZPS. The missiles could be launched both singly and in a salvo, with an interval of 0,5 s. The weapon system consisted of: radar station RP-15M ("Orel-D58M"), collimator sight K-10T and beam holders BDZ-59FK.http: //
          Then there was a revision under the Code of Criminal Procedure 23-250 and missiles p 60
  33. Termit1309
    Termit1309 27 December 2015 03: 47
    Quote: valiant71
    Where's the gun? What the hell?

    For experts. On the SU-15TM gun containers: 2 × UPK-23-250 with 23 mm guns GSh-23L. That is, the guns are not built-in. UPK-23-250 is such a box with guns which is suspended on the external suspension of the airplane. (For experts and blondes)
    And they are suspended instead of PTB. Therefore, before raising a wave, one must at least know whether the cannon containers were suspended in this departure.
    1. nemar7106
      nemar7106 27 December 2015 18: 47
      Kulyapin was on a simple SU 15 not TM, TM stood in Gudauta, and in Marneuli there were SU 15
  34. The comment was deleted.
  35. Platonich
    Platonich 27 December 2015 06: 28
    In the same way they beat Alexander Matrosov, who stumbled on the trunk of a German machine gun!
  36. Zeppelin ml.
    Zeppelin ml. 27 December 2015 08: 46
    style of presentation - Pravdino-Izvestinsky, boring. And here is this phrase:

    It was a question of completing parts and assemblies for Soviet-made tanks - this question of the author in the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the USSR Armed Forces hung in the air and allowed at first to put forward a version about the involvement of Kulyapin in the unintentional disruption of a contract most beneficial for the USSR.

    generally pleased. The author's sigh of regret about the "beautiful", but failed conspiracy theory. He shared his annoyance, so to speak.
  37. Mikhail Krapivin
    Mikhail Krapivin 27 December 2015 09: 20
    I hate "Comedy Club", but a week or two ago, I came across a performance there by a humorist, as they say, "on the topic." Namely, the humorist spoke on the topic - "we, the Russians, are not interested in getting into a serviceable tank, with full ammunition, to leave on time and defeat the enemy without problems. A Russian will sit in the wrong tank, faulty and without ammunition, will go in the wrong direction and as a result , to save the world, will strangle all enemies with his toe. " Reading an article about this ridiculous ram, for some reason I remembered this stupid performance of a comedian. And why not ...
  38. rubin6286
    rubin6286 27 December 2015 17: 39
    It seems to the author of the article that he has risen. In fact, he just surfaced.
    1. Kostya Andreev
      Kostya Andreev 27 December 2015 18: 22
      The author could not come up, because he does not sink.
  39. nemar7106
    nemar7106 27 December 2015 19: 07
    look Kulyapin can you look a little different [media = http: // http: // v = HLC_3k1K-nA]
  40. veteran66
    veteran66 27 December 2015 20: 15
    Quote: veksha50
    But is it necessary, especially now, such a voiced truth ???

    The truth is always needed, as it was awl, you can’t hide it in a bag. I remember as a child my father (an air defense fighter pilot) spoke about the first hero who rammed a border violator on a jet plane. So the conclusions there were also mixed. Why create such idols for yourself? Few true heroes?
  41. Hammer
    Hammer 28 December 2015 07: 14
    You stood right behind this pilot. And who will remember the crew of the dead transporter, huh? Due to the unprofessional actions of the pilot and the leadership, the desires of the bragging of the first, this plane was killed, and it does not matter what legal boundaries drawn on paper by smart uncles, he violated. It is about the lives of people! Is the pilot guilty of just not professionally planting him? To blame! And the Americans are guilty, who violated the borders of the USSR about 5 thousand times, and brought the leadership of Soviet air defense to hysteria!
    1. aviapils
      aviapils 28 December 2015 14: 15
      Of course, it is necessary for the "businessman" to remember that the grandmas on the weapon "scored".
      And the pilots must remember that for the grandmother took the risk.
      They all knew what they were going on, and got what they knew.
  42. aviapils
    aviapils 28 December 2015 14: 37
    The article is complete nonsense of the most ardent representative of modern, so-called "zhurnalyug".
    Such "investigators" have proliferated everywhere now.
    And what is characteristic, they are given the "word" in the press.

    That day, in the morning, at the first violation of the border, from our air. Kurdamir raised the "night light" - Major Vladimir Innokentievich Zubkov. He didn't have time to intercept. They raised it late, and the intruder managed to "dive" abroad.
    By the way, after ramming Valentin Kulyapin, border violations ceased.
    And before this violation almost every day.