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Vote on time or lose again

Vote on time or lose againAs you know, in less than a week we all have to commit an act of civil obedience, namely, to choose a wise and far-sighted legislative authority again.

This would not be worth reminding once again, especially on the alternative website. stories, if it were not for one nuance, which I consider to be a duty to convey to the public.

Recently some kind of appeal has been spreading on the Internet, excerpts from which I cite:

Everyone talks about low voter turnout. Many say: "I do not vote, not for anyone," "I do not vote, nothing depends on me." Anyone ask - all against edra, but no one believes that his voice decides something. Funny, right? The party of crooks and thieves uses it very well, did not come to the polls - voted for United Russia. I was an observer at the last election and watched the mechanism of “people's will” in all its glory. But we can influence the outcome of events ...

... Need to vote in the evening! From 19 to 20 hours! It is very likely that when you come to the polling station, you will be unpleasantly surprised: Have I already voted? So it happens ...

... 1. Voting from 19 to 20 hours (REMEMBER, VOTING AT TERMINATION IN 20.00).
2. If you received a call asking why not come to vote? - answer (any option):
• fundamentally do not go
• nothing dedends on me
• no one
• there is no column "against all"
• send away
• other ...
And we go to the polling station to vote from 19 to 20 hours!
3. If you got a call, but you cannot visit the polling station, tell me that you will definitely come, but in the evening, later. Your voice will not be stolen!
4. If you find that someone has voted for you, we invite observers. We make a statement to the prosecutor's office about the violation. Let the thieves and rogue will be hard.
5. Today is the day off, rest. YOU HAVE PERFORMED YOUR CIVIL DEBT!

According to my information, a large number of young people, who had previously ignored elections, are going to do just that.

It looks beautiful and logical, but this is a setup!

As you know, the voting procedure itself consists of the following stages:

- the voter draws the passport;
- A member of the commission takes a passport, looks for the last name in the list, checks the data, enters the passport number, transfers the list to the voter;
- the voter signs, receives the bulletin, departs from the table.

How long does this simple procedure take? From 30 seconds to a minute, depending on the quickness of a particular person. And by the end of the day, when everyone was tired, even more. Consequently, in an hour a member of the commission is able to pass no more 100 people through himself. And if not even hurry?

According to rough estimates, in my polling station on the 1 a member of the commission who works directly with the lists has at least 400 - 500 potential voters. Taking into account the fact that half actually goes to the polls, it’s not difficult to handle 12 people for 200 hours. Therefore, the numerical composition of the commission will clearly be the minimum that the corresponding federal law establishes.

EP electorate is estimated at 20%. Consequently, if a 300-400 person comes at the last hour to vote for anyone, but not for the party of power, only a third of them will have time to do it. Where are the voices of those who physically did not have time to vote or, seeing the queue, spat and left, I think it is not necessary to explain.

Thus, there is reason to consider the mentioned opposition appeal as a cunning, well-thought provocation by the ruling party, designed to gather all the protest contingent in a heap and elegantly cut off from the ballot box.

20.00. The voting time is over. Go home. What are the claims, gentlemen? That is the law. It was necessary to come on time.

But we are smarter.
It is necessary and in fact to answer a possible phone call that you are not going to go to the polls. But you need to come not to 19.00, but to 17.00.

In this case:

firstly, everyone will have time to vote
Secondly, commission members will not physically have time for falsification,
third, they will be careful not to throw in the documents, because now they will not be sure that the refusers will really ignore the elections.

That is, thanks to simple steps, the election fraud operation in this part will be disrupted.

Of course, there is a fallback - fake protocol. But it is more difficult because of the presence of observers, who this time may be incorruptible. I assume that the priority of the considered variant is higher.

If we can break the fraud at least in one stage, let's do it.

The authorities call us to the polls? No problem. We'll come.

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  1. Sergh
    Sergh 29 November 2011 06: 53
    This political turmoil lifted me up. Although there is no distraction on the military theme, there are also "well-deserved teachers." Yeah, I will run at 17, at 19, peep through the keyhole ... complete nonsense!
    1. Krilion
      Krilion 29 November 2011 11: 39
      no need to try to hide your head in the sand (in the military topic to distract) ... after the elections to the State Duma and the presidential election, the Russians oh how soon they will give the opportunity to express their will ... the State Duma will be for 5 years, the president for 6 ... many and they won’t survive until the next election .. so you must vote so that you don’t curse yourself later ...
      1. Surg
        Surg 29 November 2011 13: 48
        Yes, even if everyone votes in favor of the Communist Party, and there is nobody for EP, they will still arrange everything so that EP won. So everyone knows who will be at the helm.

        Although I’ll go to vote anyway.
    2. Serush
      Serush 29 November 2011 14: 37
      I agree, the site is military-historical. For me, first of all about the military past and present of Russia.
      On the site, the overwhelming majority of adults and reasonable people (you are Sergey, I also relate to them), and I am sure that the majority understands that the future state of the army and Russia as a whole depends on the election results.
      It is necessary to go and vote, otherwise God forbid Russia and its army - will remain only in history.
    3. mind1954
      mind1954 30 November 2011 04: 29
      Citizen "Lieutenant General"! Under the Tsar Borodino field, only
      plowed up, and it was forbidden to build up, and during the USSR too!
      And now, with EP, it is being sold and opened by bulldozers,
      built up with cottages, with absolute indifference, and MO and MK.
      As one of the owners of the cottage brazenly stated directly to the camera:
      "They are here to die, so that WE can live well !?"

      You should talk to those officers from the GDR, directly, in a clean
      brought out the field!
    ESCANDER 29 November 2011 06: 59
    Yeah, with the light hand of Navalny, the label “Party of crooks and thieves” finally stuck to EP. It would be necessary for them to change either the name or image.
    1. Alexei
      Alexei 29 November 2011 08: 19
      Better yet, they should go abroad and never again come to their homeland.
      1. Commoner
        Commoner 29 November 2011 10: 29
        And where they have money - there is their homeland fellow
        1. Surg
          Surg 29 November 2011 17: 53
          Well, let them go there smile Not much to lose.
    2. Kite
      Kite 1 December 2011 12: 08
      But do not you remember what was the opinion in society about party nomenclature?
      And that was with strict party discipline! Now such a discipline is impossible, today it stuck in one party, then in another.
      I have a more critical attitude towards Navalny, he also seeks his own benefit, without hesitation in methods and hanging labels. As I see the repetition of the cliche, this is how I conclude about the author: either naive or malicious. (but also: "simplicity is worse than theft", - Russian national post.)
  3. Yndyrchi
    Yndyrchi 29 November 2011 07: 56
    Something has become too much screaming about what is needed - de must vote to go. Because if no one comes, the election commissions will have to fake a lot of signatures in the newsletter journal.
    And this is material evidence, if you do not tell (unlike the faceless newsletter).

    As you should not sit down to play cards with cheaters, you should not go
    on scam "elections" in general - will still be deceived.
    Only disgrace yourself - in the form of a sucker to expose.
    1. Ustas
      Ustas 29 November 2011 08: 42
      Need to vote. And they will deceive you about ..., they will not be able to deceive for a long time.
    2. Joker
      Joker 29 November 2011 09: 58
      Do you live in Russia? So the main difference between a citizen of a country and an emigrant is that he has the right to vote. If you do not want to vote, it turns out you are not a citizen at all.
      1. itr
        itr 29 November 2011 12: 44
        Joker are you right let the author of the article go with Hamas to figure it out and don’t worry about our elections
        We will choose the other Moses as without you
    3. Serush
      Serush 29 November 2011 14: 39
      To shame oneself is to let one's own fate and the fate of one's children take its course, finding for oneself "left" excuses.
  4. urzul
    urzul 29 November 2011 09: 02
    The article is complete, in terms of bribing observers, have you seen observers from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation-these are indigenous communists, who will bribe them ???
    Of course, she killed about dead souls, since the ballot boxes are opened after the end of the elections in the presence of all the same representatives, and they see her all day.
    Yes, and the tales of "special voters" who are spreading leftist whitewash are also nonsense. Since each polling station has them under the report, that is, it is not possible to know in advance how many votes and who will not, and it is not realistic to take the whitewash out of the polling station in advance. And in the evening, having opened the ballot box, the counting of votes and unused whitewash is taking place. And this data goes directly to each party.

    But the process of falsification, the real one looks a little different and we can say "simpler"
    1. Charon
      29 November 2011 10: 39
      Dear urzul, you can consider all nonsense.
      But I have reviews of people who personally observed the facts of pulling up turnout and stuffing of ballots. So you should not be so categorical and rely too much on observers.

      And in the fact that falsification can occur at a different level, I absolutely agree. We cannot influence this in any way. But this does not mean that nothing needs to be done at its level.
      1. urzul
        urzul 29 November 2011 12: 11
        As a man who has been the observer and chairman on the site more than once, I’ll say that this is nothing more than a provocation for reporting, and thus even 5% of votes could not be falsified. Everything is made much easier, I said;)
        1. Charon
          29 November 2011 12: 17
          In this case, the more it is not necessary to break into the site in the last half hour. And you won’t prevent anything and you won’t have time to vote.
          You need to go calmly when it is convenient for you, without the fuss and feverish gleam in your eyes.
          I repeat that I will not argue with the statement that falsification of ballots is only one of the possible methods of falsification because I agree.
        2. Ustas
          Ustas 29 November 2011 14: 37
          Everything is made much easier, I said;)

          For example, take a bill that voted for (say) the Communist Party and put it in the stack of EP and in the morning (when the observers get tired and disperse), correct the protocol. Then seal it all. And that’s all. Who will open the seal and recount? Need a court decision.
          1. urzul
            urzul 29 November 2011 16: 53
            Observers receive copies of the protocol immediately, do not talk rubbish
    2. Serush
      Serush 29 November 2011 19: 37
      You know better.......
  5. esaul
    esaul 29 November 2011 09: 39
    In the title itself, there is already a propaganda setup - the words "You will lose again!" I thank the vigilant Charon for confirming me in the opinion that there is no alternative to Putin today, so much so that his opponents are already hysterically beginning to slander open slander! It becomes amusing to observe how the "alternative", in an effort to break through to power, begin to fence the most outrageous "facts"! And, after all, unity, today, for our country, oh, how necessary!
    1. Serush
      Serush 29 November 2011 14: 42
      December 4, the election of the State Duma, not the president.
      And about: Putin, ten years ago, no one knew him, if you remember, he was like "the devil appeared from the snuffbox."
  6. Charon
    29 November 2011 10: 04
    The main idea of ​​the article is not at all that falsifications will certainly be in the form we are told.
    The call to go to the polls at 19.00 is not mine. Personally, I consider him a provocation.
    I fear that those who wish to prevent a possible forgery will not physically have time to vote.
    There is no advertising of an alternative EP party in the article.
    I expressed my concerns.
    It is in your will to take note, ignore or thank as Esaul did.
    Indeed, a military site is not a good place for pre-election discussions. But once every four years, I think it is possible.
    1. Serush
      Serush 29 November 2011 15: 06
      Do not make excuses, everything is right, well done.
      I took note.
  7. Samsebenaum
    Samsebenaum 29 November 2011 11: 31
    Here we live !!!
    One has to look for at least some loophole in this thoroughly deceitful system.
    And so that I vote for EP? God forbid!
  8. Cardamom
    Cardamom 29 November 2011 13: 22
    You know, it was interesting to me and I asked all my acquaintances, as well as acquaintances and so on, who would vote for Yer ... No one ... Not a single person! All working, most family.
    Where do the expected 50-60% come from? !!
    1. urzul
      urzul 29 November 2011 14: 18
      And all of my acquaintances are for them, and from this, this is your social niche and your social circle, that's all
      1. Tyumen
        Tyumen 29 November 2011 20: 02
        Naturally, the niche of the deputy director (or whatever you wrote about yourself there) is all for EP. It would be strange to see discontent among you.
        1. urzul
          urzul 30 November 2011 09: 13
          Well, he didn’t appoint me to this position, I give people work, and not just a little
  9. Samsebenaum
    Samsebenaum 29 November 2011 13: 39
    I have the same result !!!
    It means that there is a lie around, an impudent and no longer covered up lie!

    Draw conclusions, friends!
    1. arhipelag
      arhipelag 29 November 2011 13: 44
      +1 and I have the same one, and I already wrote about this on this site somewhere. I don’t know personally anyone who would be going to vote for EP!
  10. dred
    dred 29 November 2011 14: 09
    who won the election is not interesting.
    1. urzul
      urzul 29 November 2011 14: 20
      Consider this classified information:
      50% Single
      30% Communist Party
      20% LDPR
      Well, they chop off other parties by 1%, the error is 2-3% so you can not go to the polls;)))
      1. Charon
        29 November 2011 14: 37
        I would clarify that the installation on EP - 53%. But these are already insignificant subtleties for, indeed, within the framework of the error.
        You gave your forecast, we heard. Unless there are no figures for future attendance. But it is not important.
        We’ll discuss it on Monday.
        1. urzul
          urzul 29 November 2011 16: 04
          This is not particularly important;)
      2. Serush
        Serush 29 November 2011 15: 12
        Key words, you have - "so you can not go to the polls."
        No, we will go. And vote.
        1. urzul
          urzul 29 November 2011 16: 08
          Sense to go? deal better
          1. Serush
            Serush 29 November 2011 18: 42
            When you will, your children will teach ....
            1. urzul
              urzul 30 November 2011 09: 14
              There is no longer afraid.
              I threw you a link, pay attention to the topic of all the articles, before there they wrote about Libya, Tunisia and Egypt
  11. Artemka
    Artemka 29 November 2011 14: 37
    And suddenly all the same, not United Russia will win. There is always a chance. In the end, hope dies last. In general, we look at what will happen.
  12. Denis
    Denis 29 November 2011 15: 10
    Tell me, who during the existence of the State Duma noticed any changes for the better?
    Yes, if you disperse, but rather outweigh, this is a herd of fat 3,14health the world will not lose anything
    1. Magadan
      Magadan 30 November 2011 01: 35
      When the Communist Party pushed Primakov to the premieres in 1999, I definitely saw improvements.
  13. mar.tira
    mar.tira 29 November 2011 15: 34
    Beautiful caricature. And that says it all, a minority cannot rule the country for a long time. It will be choked. This has already happened in history, and more than once. And as we said here, a certain urzul, not that niche, and not that circle of contacts. That means not E.R. And thank God!
  14. Samsebenaum
    Samsebenaum 29 November 2011 16: 28
    Do not the edresses themselves disgust? It's dirty, it's gone ... but with flags, speeches ...
    They see in the internet, read reviews, opinions.
    This is not an election, this is a farce. Guarantors, ay !!!
    Time will pass and our children will see a film called:
    "Elections. History of All-Russian Deception."

    The closer the elections, the harder the soul ...
    1. Tyumen
      Tyumen 29 November 2011 20: 06
      Quote: Samsebenum
      with flags, ropes ...

      Chernomyrdin was right - * Whatever party they create, we still get the CPSU *.
  15. Yurk
    Yurk 29 November 2011 20: 16
    You say: Why? ... here .. etc.
    I live in a military town near Moscow.
    When there were some elections eight years ago, I don’t even remember which ones.
    At first I did not want to go to vote, but towards evening I nevertheless gathered.
    At about 17 pm - 18 pm I go to the polling station, go to the table, ... the lists, and there I and my children have long ago, it turns out, have voted and the signatures are already on the list, although the children were in another city !!! I was quickly stuck with "papers for voting" - go vote, you don't even need to sign (and why, the signatures are already there), just not to blather !!!
    Here you have honest elections in military camps!
    Yes, here, and observers, probably, no one will let control!
    - And that means that there will be 100% turnout, and of course everyone will vote, you guess for whom or tell (of course, for your beloved EdRussia) .....? !!!
    1. arhipelag
      arhipelag 29 November 2011 21: 29
      +1 again, I also wrote somewhere on the site that I came to the polls, but in vain it turns out that someone already voted for me ... who is interesting ??? identical to yours and Yurk’s story
  16. patriot64
    patriot64 29 November 2011 22: 29
    The director of our plant joined the party "ER" in the summer of this year. He began to explain to everyone that it was a real blessing for the plant. Voluntarily and forcibly dragged a man about half a century into it and announced: ALL THE PARTIES ARE PROVIDED FOR SUMMER HOLIDAYS winter period. Further, worse. We stopped paying sick leave to those who are out of politics. Two weeks ago, they handed out forms and forced the ENTIRE FACTORY TEAM to sign that they support "ER". Apparently, there were more forms than people. Today they lent us, Engineers, additional forms and told them to be filled in by evening. "Go to your neighbors, to the street, even to prison, but don't return without signatures!" Maybe at some factories everything is different, but what is happening at our plant is pure truth and not a word of fiction !!! I am going to vote FOR ANY PARTY, BUT NOT FOR "EDINOROSSOV" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. Magadan
      Magadan 30 November 2011 01: 32
      Patriot, the fact is that most likely your director will make you shoot all the ballots on your cell phone. Be sure to record it on a recorder if possible, then discreetly toss it to him a record where he makes people speak for EP. It will be a wonderful time bomb. In the future, you can then turn to the prosecutor's office and he will understand this. You can also anonymously drop your vacation requirements, etc.
      The main thing is to find a dozen more who are ready to fight and act secretly. At some point. after you have gathered enough evidence, you can decide with the whole plant to file a lawsuit with the prosecutor's office and the court, and attack the whole crowd.
      Do not think that he will easily deal with you - he probably has enough enemies to attack him as soon as his weakness is felt.
      These all behave this way. Eat each other like spiders in a jar.
  17. Joker
    Joker 29 November 2011 23: 02
    All state. structures will be behind E.R. This is a long recognized fact, since the state pays them salaries. So they always have a certain percentage, and those who don’t want to go to the polls even more and increase it, so think yourself further.
  18. Dr. Perkele
    Dr. Perkele 29 November 2011 23: 09
    Quote: Tyumen 35
    Chernomyrdin was right - * Whatever party they create, we still get the CPSU *

    If the CPSU, so half the trouble. And here in general darkness.
  19. dimon
    dimon 29 November 2011 23: 35
    uttermost, I do not think that there is any kind of system falsification or falsification of protocols
    but the "request" to vote for whom the public sector needs (military, doctors, government agencies, etc.) is present and this is a thousand times more votes than one-time violations at voting places
    I’m going to vote for an apple myself and in the spring for Putin, and I think that I choose the best of what is offered
  20. mishan
    mishan 29 November 2011 23: 49
    Are you sure that the procedure for filling out empty ballots cannot be followed AFTER 20:00 ?? And there will be no problems. Not for nothing that all the commissions stick out on the site until one in the morning, obviously they’re not only counting.
    1. Yurk
      Yurk 30 November 2011 00: 02
      Theoretically, all unused ballots after 20.00 should be destroyed, rendered unusable, as I understand it ...
      And the commission sits late - interest must be adjusted ...
      ... as it should, if that ...!
  21. Samsebenaum
    Samsebenaum 30 November 2011 00: 24
    And then they will beat the drums and shout: "We won, the majority for us!"
    Ugh, parasites ...
    I, too, will vote for Yabloko. There is a clever Yavlinsky and there is no hopeless lie.
    1. Magadan
      Magadan 30 November 2011 01: 26
      Samsebenaume, did not expect this from you! Who else drove Russia into shit if not these "shitcrats" of all stripes! You shouldn't be like that.
      It is impossible for Russia to build either an economy or a life on a Western model.
      If the short-western style is "the strongest survives," but in our country great things were done in Russia.
      Moreover - do not think that they have built such a wonderful economy in the West, all their successes are accumulated loot from the time of the robbery of the colonies.
      Yes, they have a salary of 4000 dollars, but they must immediately spend 3000 on mandatory, inevitable expenses, such as taxes, communal services, education, insurance, etc. Can you imagine if you lose your job? The same 3000 where do you get now? Western society is a society of eternal slavery, just a banker with a debt was replaced by an overseer with a whip.
      1. Samsebenaum
        Samsebenaum 30 November 2011 13: 13
        Firstly, it was not the Democrats who drove Russia into shit, we basically didn’t have it at that time, but a group of people who called themselves such.
        I am also aware of how people live in the USA, Europe. And I'm not a supporter of such a model, no! It just does not fit into our mentality.
        Moreover, I completely agree that Russia should have its own "face" (however, Peter I cut a window to Europe and no one blames him for this) and that there is no question of even becoming a miserable copy or a parody of someone!
        Secondly, I am for Yabloko for 2 reasons:
        1. Their program, in essence, is the completion of the Stolypin reform (this is the very path for Russia).
        2. Yavlinsky. Education, intelligence, education, endurance and calculation.

        Take your time to throw stones at my garden. Be prudent and if you
        without emotions, without prejudice, listen / read the program of this party, I think your attitude, at least, will get warmer.
    2. mar.tira
      mar.tira 1 December 2011 12: 17
      Yavlinsky was the first to break into the group to arrest members of the State Emergency Committee. And he led one of them. Pugo was on his conscience. That's how he hated the Soviet Union.
  22. Denis
    Denis 30 November 2011 12: 32
    anthem milestone election!