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The Iraqi parliament presented their version of why the Saudis formed an “Islamic anti-terror coalition”

Iraqi parliamentary deputy Samira al-Mousawi proposed her version of what Saudi Arabia suddenly needed to form a so-called Islamic anti-terrorist coalition. According to the parliamentarian, all countries included in this coalition are aware that the DAISH (IG) comes to an end, and the very same Saudi Arabia really wants to be among the countries that took part in the destruction of the group. At the same time, Samira al-Mousavi adds that a number of countries of the “coalition”, and first of all Saudi Arabia itself, participated in the “feeding” of the group “Islamic State”.

The Iraqi parliament presented their version of why the Saudis formed an “Islamic anti-terror coalition”

RIA News cites a fragment of a statement by a member of the Iraqi parliament:
Real logic analysis allows us to say that Saudi Arabia felt that DAISH would soon come to an end. Why don't we tell the truth? All of these groups came from this "nurse" - Saudi Arabia, the Gulf countries. Saudi Arabia, through this union, wants to play a strong role, to unite such countries around itself, to play a role in solving the problems of the region. She plans what will happen after DAISH.

At the same time, the Iraqi parliament is surprised that neither the Iraq nor Syria have been invited to the so-called Islamic coalition, which claims to have started anti-terrorist activities. The coalition notes that they invited Iraq, but in Baghdad they say that for some reason such “invitations” did not come through diplomatic channels, but through the media - unofficially.
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  1. Kos_kalinki9
    Kos_kalinki9 24 December 2015 06: 38
    Well, yes, like, a second front.
    1. Tatyana
      Tatyana 24 December 2015 08: 35
      It's just that the Saudis want to stay in the "game" of oil production in the BV - and they don't care which side, the main thing is that in the "game" and continue to distribute "cards" themselves.
      Saudi Arabia wants to continue to keep the situation in the BV under its control and manipulate countries in the region in its favor, and it is clear that the Saudis will again bluff against Syria and Iraq.
  2. Magic archer
    Magic archer 24 December 2015 06: 40
    The Moor (igil) did his job, the moor must leave. The Saudis competently played their trump cards. The whole Middle East is blazing. Syria and Iraq are on fire, Turkey and Iran can’t stand aside either. It’s curious how the Saudis are going to fight against the igil? conceived as a ground operation? Being sponsors and wallets, you yourself never fought with anyone ...
  3. warriordima
    warriordima 24 December 2015 06: 41
    Neither Iraq nor Iran were invited ...
    1. Kos_kalinki9
      Kos_kalinki9 24 December 2015 06: 44
      Well, they really fight. And these feed terrorists with one hand, and they are going to fight with the other. Oil painting.
  4. venaya
    venaya 24 December 2015 06: 42
    Why don't we tell the truth? All these groups came from this "wet nurse" - Saudi Arabia

    There is a whole proverb - radish horseradish is not sweeter. What is the difference as the new gang will be called, it is important who organized it and for whom it works.
  5. Same lech
    Same lech 24 December 2015 06: 42
    and the same Saudi Arabia really wants to be among the countries that took a direct part in the destruction of the group.

    There is one very effective slogan in life if you can’t do what you yourself become the head of people who can do something.

    The Saudis decided to take such a path ... the US Department of State does the same all over the world, getting into every hole in the neighbor’s fence.
    Further, in any more or less significant gangster nativity scene such as ISIS, there are traces of specialists from the US intelligence office (CIA, NSA, etc.) and among the top management.

    I wondered why most of the top-level bandits were released from US prisons at one time.
    Then all of a sudden, they find themselves the leaders of all kinds of gangs of terrorists of international level with the necessary connections and money ...

    the answer is logical ... the preparation and implementation of large-scale terrorist acts begins with the territory of the United States ... the nursery of evil to the whole world is located there.
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  7. Revolver
    Revolver 24 December 2015 06: 43
    Islamic anti-terrorist coalition? Moreover, led by the Saudis? It's like "bees against honey".
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  8. Great-grandfather of Zeus
    Great-grandfather of Zeus 24 December 2015 06: 43
    They will destroy the ISIS, the Saudis, cataracts, and the Britons will create something different! Only the new monster may turn out to be more tenacious and more aggressive and eats up its creators. Or at least "bites" them.
  9. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 24 December 2015 06: 44
    Member of Iraq’s parliament Samira al-Musawi

    Rights MP, oh, how rights
    Saudi Arabia senses Daesh is coming to an end

    Not soon, but it will come. This was felt not only by the SA, but also by the countries of the West, which suddenly began to stir. True, this "stirring" so far does only harm, but there is window dressing. And the SA did not act independently in the creation of this coalition, but at the prompting of a "senior comrade." She also needs to insure herself in the event of a complete defeat of ISIS, so that during debriefing she is not billed.
  10. EvgNik
    EvgNik 24 December 2015 06: 45
    In wars, the usual thing is that someone is fighting, and someone is skimming this cream. Like in the Second World War. France, having spent the entire war in cafes, suddenly found itself among the countries of the victors. Russian proverb: Raking in heat with the wrong hands.
    neither Iraq nor Syria was invited.

    That is, they did not invite those who are really fighting.
  11. Mikhail m
    Mikhail m 24 December 2015 06: 48
    They defeated the six again, and the organizer on a white horse. Of all these events, the ears of the overseas host clearly stick out.
  12. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 24 December 2015 06: 55
    The Saudis gathered to share the pie. They themselves decided that the opposition that was fed by them was enough to open a decent piece for themselves. They are not afraid of being billed for "all good things." Of course, they will not fight. Why should they fight. Will hire someone.
  13. pvv113
    pvv113 24 December 2015 06: 58
    Saudi Arabia really wants to be among the countries that took a direct part in the destruction of the group

    It is still possible that besides the desire to be on the list of winners, there are attempts to cover your tracks with close ties with Daesh hi
  14. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 24 December 2015 07: 06
    , all countries included in this coalition are aware that DAISH (IG) comes to an end, and Saudi Arabia really wants to be among the countries directly involved in the destruction of the group
    I think (however, both Obama and Putin voiced the same thing) that the war with IS will last for a long time, now even not 41 years. The fact is that the Alawites are being knocked out, and there is nowhere to take the new Assad. And he is opposed by the Sunni majority. ideas of radicalism are attractive to many beyond the borders of the conflict. They are like moths to the fire flock to Syria and Iraq. I have not heard about the volunteers of the Assadists (Irran does not count --- he has his own role, and this is an organization). In addition, sponsored countries established a reliable traffic of "black soldiers". And they will always throw "English guns" on them. In addition, the West benefits not from the overthrow of Assad as such, but the constant flare-up of this war (otherwise everything would be decided by one point missile strike). And involvement in the orbit of this war The process is going on, unfortunately. The SA wants to participate more actively in the war with its potential and the hands of its servants. P.S.
    1. Stirbjorn
      Stirbjorn 24 December 2015 08: 36
      I am joining. I am generally surprised by these winning reports. ISIS has not lost a single large city, it has not suffered a single serious defeat, moreover, it is taking deeper roots in Afghanistan, Libya and other countries, and it has been buried for a month now. Islamists from all over the world are still gathering there, so in this regard, human reserves are inexhaustible for now. Oil is still under control, the Turks are also buying. The main blows in Syria to the opposition are necessary, why are the Ishilovites so worried?
  15. Zomanus
    Zomanus 24 December 2015 09: 03
    Perhaps they decided to head because
    learned that ISIS can turn against them.
    I understand the current moment.
    The whole world is in crisis, in fact there is another non-hot war.
    Accordingly, there must be a loser in this war,
    whose resources all the winners will feed on.
    In the previous war, the USSR was such a loser.
    Now the Middle East has been kneaded.
    We will defend Syria, the Americans milk Iraq.
    Saudis remained with the Qatari from moneybags.
    Perhaps they will be put under the knife with Turkey.
  16. WUS 068
    WUS 068 24 December 2015 12: 25
    What's incomprehensible here? The same song as during the Second World War. Open a second front, occupy part of Syria, and then as with Western Europe. And you can safely pull pipes to Europe. And then Russia is out of work. Therefore, the "Nord Stream" is badly needed to "get rid" of Ukraine and occupy the largest possible market in Europe. Then it will be much more difficult for the Saudis and Qataris to get into Europe.