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The Pentagon helped Assad secret from the White House

The Pentagon helped Assad secret from the White HouseSince the autumn of 2013, the Pentagon has been transmitting intelligence information about ISIS and "al-Nusra" to Damascus, thereby helping the troops of Bashar al-Assad. With such a sensational revelation made the British press. Experts believe that the American generals showed more sobriety in assessing the events in Syria than the US administration.

The leadership of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States Armed Forces (CLS), led by Martin Dempsey, has long tried to convince the White House that the withdrawal of Bashar Assad could bring extremists to power, and Moscow and Beijing are not rivals, but Washington’s allies in the fight against terror. This statement was made on Tuesday by the famous American publicist Seymour Hersh in the British edition of the London Review of Books. “Persistent confidence” of President Barack Obama that Assad should leave and that there are moderate opposition groups in the country that can break him led to the emergence of secret opposition within the American generals, including from the majority of representatives of the KSSH, reports RIA “News", Referring to Hersh's article.

CIA against the American "military"

“In their view, the administration has become hostage to the thinking of the Cold War era regarding Russia and China, and regarding Syria it does not take into account that Moscow and Beijing share Washington’s fears about the spread of terrorism and also believe that the Islamic State group (DAISH, is banned in Russia and several other countries) should be stopped, ”the article says. According to Hersh, similar assessments of the military sounded in the summer of 2013, when the Defense Ministry’s Intelligence Directorate (RUMO) and KSSH presented a secret report, according to which “the fall of Assad will lead to chaos and, possibly, the seizure of power in Syria by the extremists” according to the Libyan scenario.

The article is based on the confessions of two high-ranking military men - this is General Michael Flynn, who led RUMO in 2012 – 2014 years, and an anonymous source, presented as a long-time adviser to the CNSC. According to them, despite the objections of the generals, another department continued to help the rebels - the CIA.

“The former senior adviser to the Chiefs of Staff Committee told me that the document contained the most diverse assessments, from various signals and data from satellites to intelligence information, and it criticized the Obama administration’s focus on continuing funding and arming the so-called moderate opposition,” writes a publicist .

However, he said, “by that time, the CIA had been in collusion with the allies from Britain, Saudi Arabia and Qatar for more than a year weapons in order to overthrow Assad, from Libya to Syria through Turkey. ”

"The moderate opposition has evaporated"

How do the military capabilities of Russia and NATO

The Pentagon considered Turkey as its main hindrance in Syria. As Hersha said, thanks to Ankara, the secret American program to arm moderate opposition in the fight against Assad has become a large-scale program for technical, military and logistical support to the opposition as a whole, including Dzhebhat an Nusru and ISIL. The moderate opposition evaporated, and the Free Syrian Army was a “stump” stationed in the rear, at a military base in Turkey. "The assessment was gloomy: in Syria, there is no viable" moderate "opposition to Assad, and the US is arming extremists," the author writes.

General Michael Flynn, who is also quoted by Hersh, confirmed that his department repeatedly warned the civilian leadership about the serious consequences of removing Assad from power. “He said that jihadists controlled the opposition, and Turkey didn’t do enough to curb the flow of foreign fighters and weapons across the border,” the author writes. According to him, "Flynn said that if American society saw our daily intelligence reports, it would lose its balance."

The former head of the intelligence department, in particular, said: "We understood the IS long-term strategy," but "the reports of the Pentagon's intelligence department received serious opposition in the Obama administration." “I had a feeling that they did not want to hear the truth,” he concluded.

The author also cites the opinion of the ex-adviser of the committee that "the policy of arming the opposition to Assad was unsuccessful and had negative consequences." According to him, “the committee was convinced that Assad did not need to be replaced by fundamentalists, but the administration’s policy was different: they wanted to remove Assad.” “But extremists dominated the opposition. And who was he to change? It is nice to say that Assad should leave, but this means that any other is better. This approach was a problem, ”Hersh said.

"Obama did not know about this"

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As a result, Pentagon intelligence, secretly from the White House, decided to help Assad. Starting in the autumn of 2013, the CNS took steps against the common enemy, without coordinating them with the political leadership. “Germany, Israel and Russia were in contact with the Syrian army and had some influence on the decisions of Assad - and it was through them that US intelligence began to be sent,” the author argues.

“We were not eager to deviate from Obama’s stated policy,” said the same Councilor’s Councilor. - But the exchange of intelligence with other countries through communication channels between the military could be productive. It was clear that Assad needed the best tactical intelligence and operational recommendations. The KSH concluded that if these needs were met, then the common struggle against Islamist terrorism would be beneficial. Obama did not know about it, but Obama and in general does not always know what the KSSH is doing in certain circumstances. This is true for all presidents in general. ”

“When the flow of American intelligence came, Germany, Israel and Russia began to transmit this information about the whereabouts and intentions of the radical jihadist groups of the Syrian army, and in response Syria shared information about its capabilities and intentions,” writes Hersh. “There was no direct contact between the US military and Syria.” According to the same KNS adviser, "it was not some kind of sinister conspiracy of the chiefs of staff to support Assad, bypassing Obama."

By the way, that the Western intelligence services are in contact with Damascus, it became known two years ago. This was admitted to the BBC by the Deputy Foreign Minister of Syria, Faisal Mikdad. "I can not tell you about all the details, but we were visited by representatives of Western intelligence agencies, including the British ones," he said in January 2014.

But then this work was stopped. One of the main reasons Hersh calls the resignation of Martin Dempsey last summer. After that, the "indirect path of the American military to Assad disappeared." His successor, General Joseph Dunford, publicly took a tough anti-Russian stance.

According to the author of the publication, for Dempsey "it remains a mystery why Obama continues to defend Erdogan, given the weighty evidence gathered against the American intelligence community, as well as facts indicating that in confidence Obama agreed with these evidences."

“Dissent persists,” Hersh states. “The longtime adviser to the General Staff was unable to hide his contempt when I asked him to give an assessment of Syrian US policy.” “The decision on Syria is right under our nose,” said the consultant. - The main threat for us is ISIS, and all of us - the United States, Russia and China - need to work together. Bashar will remain in power, and after the situation in the country stabilizes, elections will be held. There is no other option. ”

The press service of the White House Tass said they have not yet studied the article Hersh.

"Many in the Pentagon do not like to fight"

The deputy director of the Institute of the USA and Canada RAS, retired major general Pavel Zolotarev does not exclude that the US military intelligence did help Damascus secretly from the White House with the mediation of colleagues from Germany, Israel and Russia.

“This is a standard trick, which is not voiced, but is widely used. Such things do not necessarily need to be reported to the president. Intelligence agencies have a certain degree of freedom - for the sake of secrecy, and they use it. Although this, of course, contradicts the established order. But I don’t think that the White House will now apply any measures to General Flynn, ”Major General told VIEW.
Zolotarev also recalls that the hardware competition between the CIA and the Pentagon has always existed, so it’s also quite plausible that their positions in Syria have diverged diametrically.

In contrast to the White House staff, an American political analyst, a former Pentagon and State Department official, Paul Grenier told the VIEW newspaper that he had already seen Hersh’s article. “I must remind you that this is a very respected journalist with a lot of experience. This does not mean that you can be charged for every word, but since he writes like that, it means that you need to take it seriously, there is something in it, ”said the expert.

“As for the essence of the article, it is quite conceivable - the difference in opinions between the Pentagon and the CIA, especially on such delicate issues as the Syrian war. As is known, in the realm of "real politics" we have to deal with unpleasant organizations. American foreign policy uses many dangerous groups, and this can then go sideways. Remember the "contras" in Nicaragua or the Mujahideen in Afghanistan? They were far from angels. This is a very dangerous game. And the Pentagon has to then fight in new wars. In 90 I myself worked as a translator with many Pentagon generals. So, many of them, in principle, do not like to fight. These are politicians, theorists are very dashing, that they willingly start wars, ”summed up Grenier.
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  1. The black
    The black 24 December 2015 10: 50
    If this is true, then we can directly say that the US president is ZERO. However, there is nothing surprising here. Any US president is a hostage to large defense industry companies, as he is de facto elected by them.
    1. falikreutov
      falikreutov 24 December 2015 10: 58
      But did anyone doubt it?
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      2. oleg-gr
        oleg-gr 24 December 2015 11: 15
        The Americans help the one who loses. This increases the duration of the war and sell weapons. Business, nothing personal.
        1. cniza
          cniza 24 December 2015 12: 25
          Something like this, and now they give out as a wise, far-sighted decision and action ... the arms lobby steers, and Obama only puffs out his cheeks.
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        4. Patriot 1
          Patriot 1 24 December 2015 12: 31
          Quote: oleg-gr
          The Americans help the one who loses. This increases the duration of the war and sell weapons. Business, nothing personal.

          Indeed, now they are helping ISIS - "mistakenly" bombing Assad's army ...
    2. corporal
      corporal 24 December 2015 11: 09
      Quote: Black
      If it's true

      If this is true, then on BV in general everything turns into an incomprehensible cocktail, who is for whom and against whom, together with whom? request belay
    3. shooter18
      shooter18 24 December 2015 11: 12
      The article is very interesting! I would not say that the President of the United States is zero! After the president’s departure, their country’s policy doesn’t change much and the country continues to develop further, but on the contrary, all decisions and actions are tied to one person, and this is not good for the country, so a new manager comes in and everything begins to redistribute the authorities, cut resources and programs that laid for decades to come, just stop ...
    4. good7
      good7 24 December 2015 11: 14
      The President of the United States and its lobby are the people bought by KSA and Qatar! This is what happens when the elite is alien to you!
    5. vyinemeynen
      vyinemeynen 24 December 2015 11: 19
      The "good" Pentagon quietly "fights" against the US President and the State Department - complete nonsense!
      1. avia1991
        avia1991 24 December 2015 13: 01
        Quote: vyinemeynen
        The "good" Pentagon quietly "fights" against the US President and the State Department - complete nonsense!

        Well, let's say, not the entire Pentagon, but only a few people .. of which someone in general may turn out to be "Stirlitz" with the surname Isaev in 50 years wink
        But in general - I agree with you: this news causes more distrust than joy - such actions can be regarded, among other things, as a betrayal of the interests of their country! Which does not paint the generals at all ..
        No one doubts that among Americans there are enough sane people who do not consider it necessary to perceive Russia as an enemy .. and Syria, respectively, too. BUT! The appearance of this article looks somehow strange right now - somehow it’s very TIME! .. Kerry declares that the states are ready to cooperate, it seems like the policy of the Americans is suddenly unfolding .. It feels like they unobtrusively want to snatch in "white and fluffy", and, moreover, pro-Russian (!) Minded Americans ..? WHAT IS IT? You can take it as an attempt to change the mood of public opinion in Russia and in the world. Of course, one article will not make the weather, but - "the water wears away the stone."
        We will see what happens next .. hi
        1. vyinemeynen
          vyinemeynen 24 December 2015 13: 17
          Quote: avia1991
          It feels like they unobtrusively want to snatch in "white and fluffy", and also pro-Russian (!) Minded Americans ..? WHAT IS IT?

          Trump does not remind? laughing
          1. avia1991
            avia1991 24 December 2015 13: 34
            Quote: vyinemeynen
            Trump does not remind?

            smile ...
            I think this is somewhat different.
            Trump can win - or he can lose. He differs, of course, from other candidates, but - you can't get into his brains! We will judge "by his deeds."
            But the generals of the Pentagon and the CIA, with their exorbitant arrogance and contempt for anyone's interests, will remain to serve. And attempts to "whitewash" these "tavarisches" in our eyes are useless, in my opinion wink
    6. KAV
      KAV 24 December 2015 13: 37
      I doubt something very much. Right now, at such a pace, the information field will lead to the fact that it turns out that this is not Russia, and the mattresses helped Assad to remain in power and defeat the IS. Well, Obama didn’t know ... what can I do now ... They will hang all the punctures on Obama and carry out the post with honor.
    7. Geisenberg
      Geisenberg 24 December 2015 13: 41
      Quote: Black
      If this is true, then we can directly say that the US president is ZERO. However, there is nothing surprising here. Any US president is a hostage to large defense industry companies, as he is de facto elected by them.

      This is both true and not. The Pentagon does not help anyone, only itself. The US president is zero, with no options.
  2. Koldunja
    Koldunja 24 December 2015 10: 56
    The Pentagon helped Assad secret from the White House

    Yes, of course ... So we believed ... A man is beautiful by deeds, not words. And the words of mattresses have long been at odds with deeds.
  3. chikenous59
    chikenous59 24 December 2015 10: 57
    The President of the United States does not have such powers, for example, as the President of the Russian Federation. The country is governed by the Fed through the Senate and Congress
  4. morpogr
    morpogr 24 December 2015 11: 00
    Are there really adequate and thinking people in the states in the leadership? If this is true, then an internal revolution with such an aggressive policy is just around the corner.
  5. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 24 December 2015 11: 02
    Moderate opposition within the United States. laughing laughing
  6. knn54
    knn54 24 December 2015 11: 04
    Obama is not a zero, but a "Nobel laureate" with a "peculiar" concept of the world.
    “Germany, Israel and Russia ... - Israel is bewildering in this company, which Assad does not tolerate.
    PS Is it not often that "misinformation" on the site began to appear?
  7. asiat_61
    asiat_61 24 December 2015 11: 05
    It resembles a bad American movie, an evil investigator, a good investigator. Although, in principle, maybe.
  8. Watchdog
    Watchdog 24 December 2015 11: 06
    if this is true, then the whole world is hooking as a result of hardware games in the US executive system.
    CIA vs Pentagon. Someone is losing, someone is skimming cream.
  9. A-Sim
    A-Sim 24 December 2015 11: 06
    "... the confessions of two high-ranking military personnel are General Michael Flynn, who led the DIA from 2012–2014, and an anonymous source presented as a longtime adviser to the KNS."

    The opinion expressed in the letters of the article is neither confirmed nor refuted. Almost everything "- says the author."

    Free retelling of fantasies.
  10. Maxom75
    Maxom75 24 December 2015 11: 07
    Pentagon generals really like to cut the budget, but not to fight. If you enter a war, then there is always the possibility of not being effective, which means you will be taken to civilian life and the trough will close. so what's the risk if you can support both sides of the conflict and be above the fray? B. Obama really may not know anything, because. the role of the president in the United States is reduced to the role of the king from the movie "The Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors", he is obliged to fulfill the will of the richest and most influential people in the United States, otherwise every intractable president may find his own Lee Harvey Oswald.)))
  11. Phantom Revolution
    Phantom Revolution 24 December 2015 11: 10
    I wanted to ask on the stat. data on the number of aircraft. The author took data from the aircraft that are in the United States? If so, how will the United States transport 10 thousand fighters from its continent?) I think the data is exaggerated.
  12. Altona
    Altona 24 December 2015 11: 10
    An article about the "multi-turret" of the Capitol and the Pentagon. One tower doesn't know about the other's business?
  13. meriem1
    meriem1 24 December 2015 11: 11
    And Geese understands that the military realists! To pour blood with a river is the lot of rotten politicians. The military are the People who least want to fight, although they have been learning this all their lives. But they know for sure that any war ends in peace. The stratification of ideas and meaning in America is visible on the face. Thank God that this is so! There is hope that all of us will not be covered by a nuclear mushroom. One of the components of this is that We are not afraid .... and they know it!
  14. saruman
    saruman 24 December 2015 11: 11
    "This is a very dangerous game. And then the Pentagon has to fight in new wars."

    This is the key point. The military does not really like to rake the mistakes of politicians.
  15. Dwarfik
    Dwarfik 24 December 2015 11: 14
    Quote: Black
    If this is true, then we can directly say that the US president is ZERO. However, there is nothing surprising here. Any US president is a hostage to large defense industry companies, as he is de facto elected by them.

    Do you believe it? You need to whitewash yourself by making a "lame duck" out of the outgoing president. Can I ask about the support of Assad himself?
  16. Mikhail Krapivin
    Mikhail Krapivin 24 December 2015 11: 15
    Well, are there really sane people in the USA ?;) I can’t even believe it. A table of the correlation of forces is shitty, well, not at all in our favor, there is definitely something to work on.
  17. 1goose3
    1goose3 24 December 2015 11: 23
    I would like to believe, but it is very Doubtful. Rather, it is not true.
  18. triglav
    triglav 24 December 2015 11: 28
    Article 7 is actually curious. Even if it contains 70% of the truth. The showdown between the Pentagon and the CIA has long been known. They deceive each other (or rather do not share information), and everyone wants to be the first. We need to look at the reaction of the White House regarding the article. In any case, the situation is interesting.
  19. Dwarfik
    Dwarfik 24 December 2015 11: 29
    Quote: Mikhail Krapivin
    Well, are there really sane people in the USA ?;) I can’t even believe it. A table of the correlation of forces is shitty, well, not at all in our favor, there is definitely something to work on.

    Well, let's be objective. If we take into account the German army, then its share in this table is only statistical! A broken and rusty aircraft does not represent combat value.
  20. sl22277
    sl22277 24 December 2015 11: 29
    Somehow it’s doubtful it’s all about ignorance ... One thing is clear to me. The White House is panicky afraid of losing power, at least taking a step backward. The complete disregard for the success of the Russian campaign in Syria clearly indicates that the State Department is extremely biased. It seems to me that the White House should reconsider its plans to enslave the world, and choose a different path. Otherwise, nothing good will come of this story!
  21. 24rus
    24rus 24 December 2015 11: 30
    Something in our reserve is not enough soldiers (2,5) should be like more
  22. 24 December 2015 11: 33
    Maybe that's the way it is, I mean the ratio of personnel and weapons of different ... Yes, just the sense of the amount of equipment and the crowd l / s ?! They don’t have enough douche ... Well, at least not compare with the RUSSIAN spirit !!! And Generalissimo Suvorov A.V. generally took not a number but a skill !!!
  23. Rosty
    Rosty 24 December 2015 11: 48
    Everything is simpler. Remember World War II - Opel plants in Germany. For example. Supplies of bearings, without which the entire war machine of Fascist Europe would have stopped altogether. And on the other hand, deliveries according to Lendliz. Old as the World.

    About the ratio of armaments - quantity, this is not always quality. This is me about technology, but there are also tactics of application, concentration, etc. Well, people. They are different
  24. Ruswolf
    Ruswolf 24 December 2015 11: 50
    Something I don’t really believe is that in the USA such changes suddenly happen.
    And Kerry did not agree and was always opposed. And the generals partisan.
    All this resembles the fighting of a coalition. bombing, flying, destroying ..... and all living except soldiers of Syria and Iraq.
    At the same time, Obama’s cabinet and the State Department are not commenting on such statements either by Kerry or the generals.

    I want to believe .... But I can’t!
  25. MolGro
    MolGro 24 December 2015 11: 53
    This is something like Ukrainian !!
    It looks like zrad))
  26. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 24 December 2015 12: 05
    The fact that the military and politicians in the United States are in periodic confrontation was written back in Soviet times. Although then they were much rallying in the fight against the USSR. But times are changing, circumstances are changing. In the United States, as in any other country, there are both sane and full idiots.
  27. iouris
    iouris 24 December 2015 12: 06
    A comparison chart of military budgets shows the effectiveness of the military budget of the Russian Federation and the inefficiency of military expenditures of the ShA and NATO.
  28. askort154
    askort154 24 December 2015 12: 11
    We had a group of Africans at our school. Those who are from wealthy families, contemptuously treated not only their relatives, but also us. Disgusting faces, if we began to "educate" them, then immediately, as from under the ground, political officers appeared.
    Now I look at Obama, he reminds me of those freaks. From this I conclude:
    Obama is the first black to steer the world. He is arrogant, swaggering, envious and
    vindictive. Since he constantly loses to Putin in the world ranking, his
    this is infuriating. Therefore, his hatred is not so much towards Russia as
    to Putin's personality, because he interferes with the super-black, calmly "steer" the world.
  29. afrikanez
    afrikanez 24 December 2015 13: 23
    Their state is not sickly there. The White House itself and the Pentagon too. In the dryness they have there, complete. fool lol
  30. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 24 December 2015 13: 49
    Well, they clown there! laughing
    People were incorrectly compared.
    One Rusich - 20 worth Gavnatovtsev!
  31. Mig-31
    Mig-31 24 December 2015 15: 50
    Pi ... deja all this! S ... ki! As in the Second World War, they want to cling to the victory of Russia over the Shaitans.
  32. rubidiy
    rubidiy 24 December 2015 16: 13
    mdya ... you have to be an extremely naive person in order to narrate to this scribble ... negative
  33. The comment was deleted.