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Training of driver-mechanic PGRK "Topol-M" and "Yars" at the Kapustin Yar training ground

The 161 school of the technicians of the Strategic Missile Forces, stationed on the territory of the 4 State Central Interspecific Kapustin Yar testing ground in the Astrakhan region, is being trained by warrant officers - mechanics-drivers of autonomous launchers for mobile groundwater missile systems (PGRK).

Along with a well-developed educational and material base of classrooms, there is an autodrome for carrying out practical driving lessons in the school, equipped with special elements for performing driving instructional exercises for training driver mechanics of multi-axle wheeled chassis MAZ-543, MAZ-7917, МЗКТ-79221 ( "Topol", "Topol-M" and "Yars").

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  1. Rurikovich
    Rurikovich 28 December 2015 06: 50
    Somehow I managed to drive the 543th time good Unforgettably... winked
  2. Waltasar
    Waltasar 28 December 2015 07: 17
    Judging by the condition of one of the "missiles", drivers sometimes underestimate the dimensions. But it's better here than to crumple a real rocket.
  3. papanya59
    papanya59 28 December 2015 07: 24
    Drugan served as a carrier on this, back in the union. After demobilization and still drives "hurricanes" in Gazprom. Previously, almost every year he drove to training camps to confirm qualifications and master new tractors.
  4. Moore
    Moore 28 December 2015 07: 57
    There are no new four-axle chassis for Yars ...
    1. Kolesnikoff.dmitr
      Kolesnikoff.dmitr 28 December 2015 23: 25
      There are 8 axles on "Yars". Part of the training - what is on that and go. Then in combat units they undergo additional training in accordance with the equipment and conditions in service, the 8-axle is lighter in control than the 7-axle, the turning radius due to the rear steered axles is smaller, the engine is more powerful.In the MAZ 7917 cab, my colleague is a driving instructor senior warrant officer Evgeny Kobzev. At 96 he stayed in Cap Yar and I was brought to Irkutsk.
  5. Andryukha G
    Andryukha G 28 December 2015 08: 43
    What a huge responsibility when you have such a rocket behind your back. Father was a driver in the same Masa when he served in a missile regiment (military unit 21300 in Gezgaly, 49 RD in the city of Lida, Grodno region) of all Strategic Missile Forces rockets with the Strategic Rocket Forces Day celebrated on December 17 !!!
    1. Alex_59
      Alex_59 28 December 2015 12: 21
      Quote: Andryukha G
      What a huge responsibility when you have such a rocket behind your back.

      Yes bullshit :-) The photo shows the result.
      1. Kolesnikoff.dmitr
        Kolesnikoff.dmitr 28 December 2015 23: 54
        An extremely rare result, we are still well prepared. And such cases can be counted on the fingers. If it’s Kansk, then Mech-Vod and the Commander got on a decent time. They put the car on wheels and it went under its own power to the TRB. The missile really was decommissioned.
        1. Alex_59
          Alex_59 29 December 2015 07: 02
          Quote: Kolesnikoff.dmitr
          An extremely rare result, we are still well prepared. And such cases can be counted on the fingers.

          Yes, in no case did I say that they cook poorly. I just remembered that there was such a case. I don’t know where it happened, a photo from the network, there were still somewhere photos of how it was put on wheels, and yes, he left on his own.
  6. dFG
    dFG 28 December 2015 17: 02
    It's time to retrain on the KAMAZ platform
    1. Kolesnikoff.dmitr
      Kolesnikoff.dmitr 28 December 2015 23: 33
      The Kamaz platform must be brought to mind. They have little experience in the production and operation of such platforms. Yes, and with reliability and spare parts.
  7. fatneck
    fatneck 29 December 2015 03: 13
    In the fire garrison of St. Petersburg, competitions were held in the skill of driving the main tanker vehicle AC 40, I will not describe in detail the characteristics of the specified car, the Internet for help, the competition was held on the site near the Kirov stadium, the first place was taken by Vladimir Botnar (the kingdom of heaven is oncology), said to me: "I was taught to steer in Kapustin Yar" Mazami "with" Topols ", and here" Zilas "...