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Khodorkovsky is on the international wanted list

The Investigative Committee of Russia announced the ex-head of Yukos Mikhail Khodorkovsky on the international wanted list. In relation to Khodorkovsky, at the request of the RF IC, the court issued a resolution on absentee arrest on the basis of the articles on which Khodorkovsky passes as an accused. We are talking about the following points of the Criminal Code:

h. 3 Art. 33, paragraphs "A", "b", "e", "g" and "s" h. 2 Art. 105 and h. 3 Art. 30, h. 3 Art. 33, paragraphs "A", "b", "e", "g" and "s" h. 2 Art. 105 h. 2 Art. 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (organization of murder and attempted murder of two or more persons).

Press office Investigative Committee of Russia:
According to the investigation, Khodorkovsky, being a shareholder and chairman of the board of the YUKOS oil company, in 1998-1999 entrusted Nevzlin and Pichugin, employees of his company, as well as other persons, to kill the mayor of Nefteyugansk Petukhov and businessman Ryubin, whose official activities contradicted the interests of Yukos ". For the investigation it is abundantly clear that these crimes were committed with selfish motives. It was decided to organize the murder of Petukhov in connection with his legal demands as the mayor of Nefteyugansk to the Yukos oil company on the return of taxes hidden from the state.

The attempt on the entrepreneur Yevgeny Rybin was connected with the lawsuits initiated by him against Yukos to recover damages caused by the illegal activities of this oil company.

I will note that the election of a preventive measure after the issuance of the decision to prosecute as an accused is a standard procedural act. And it doesn’t matter where the accused of committing particularly serious crimes is hiding - in Russia or outside of it, but at least in Antarctica - we just have to take all measures provided by law to bring him to criminal liability. And the Investigative Committee acts in accordance not only with the norms of Russian legislation, but also of international law, and is also guided by one of the main principles of criminal justice - the inevitability of punishment. And this principle should apply to all, without exception, and even more so to those accused of committing particularly serious crimes, such as murder and attempted murder.

Leonid Nevzlin, Alexey Pichugin, Gennady Tsygelnik, Yevgeny Reshetnikov and Vladimir Shapiro have already been convicted of committing these crimes.
Mikhail Khodorkovsky is on the international wanted list.

Khodorkovsky is on the international wanted list

A spokesman for Khodorkovsky (and the man accused of the murder has his own spokesman) Külle Pispanen states that absentee arrest "does not affect the ability of Mikhail Khodorkovsky to move."

He doesn't care.

As can be seen, the murder of a man hiding from justice abroad (in Switzerland) for Mr. Khodorkovsky does not play any noticeable role. Much more important are the political ambitions that appeared in Khodorkovsky immediately after he "promised everything" to not engage in politics ...
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  1. Roman1970
    Roman1970 23 December 2015 13: 11
    As you can see, killing a man for Mr. Khodorkovsky, hiding from justice abroad (in Switzerland), does not play any noticeable role.
    I don’t care about his moral principles. The question is how and who will look for it. Interpol? There is nothing in the article about this. So "no one in any way", alas ...
    1. 79807420129
      79807420129 23 December 2015 13: 16
      Pavel Sudoplatov, please leave from vacation, the client has long been ripe for an ice ax.
      1. BilliBoms09
        BilliBoms09 23 December 2015 13: 25
        The Investigative Committee of Russia announced the ex-head of Yukos Mikhail Khodorkovsky on the international wanted list. In relation to Khodorkovsky, at the request of the RF IC, the court issued a resolution on absentee arrest on the basis of the articles on which Khodorkovsky passes as an accused. We are talking about the following points of the Criminal Code:
        Something I'm stupid. But why did they let him out? belay
        1. Oznob
          Oznob 23 December 2015 13: 29
          So mother zhezh asked.
        2. g1v2
          g1v2 23 December 2015 21: 03
          Have you already forgotten how they predicted him as president? How was a martyr made of him? That is why they released him so that the people would see whom they were planning to elevate to the throne. request Now he is free, but much safer than when he was sitting in the zone. Even those who campaigned for him from him, as if from a plague shy away. hi
    2. 53-Sciborskiy
      53-Sciborskiy 23 December 2015 13: 25
      Khodorkovsky was released, bought a house in England. Sits, sunset over the Thames admires. A butler approaches, puts a tray in front of him.
      - What is it?
      “Oatmeal, sir.”
      Mikhail Borisovich sadly spreads porridge on a plate:
      - And now in prison, dinner ... Macaroni ...
    3. FiremamRescueS
      FiremamRescueS 24 December 2015 20: 17
      Hodor, Hodor .....))) than he reminded me now of the hero of the game of thrones))))
  2. Andryukha G
    Andryukha G 23 December 2015 13: 12
    Hide this thief for life in Siberia and the end of the matter, enough to liberalize with him !!!
    1. avvg
      avvg 23 December 2015 13: 17
      In my opinion, the fate of Berezovsky awaits him.
      1. Fidget
        Fidget 23 December 2015 13: 21
        I fully share your opinion, colleague! =)
        something like "lying supine on the floor in a locked bathroom in the house" ...
    2. Korney84
      Korney84 23 December 2015 13: 19
      Khodorkovsky was planted, the price of oil began to rise. Released - the price has fallen. So you urgently need to put this subhuman !!!
  3. pts-m
    pts-m 23 December 2015 13: 12
    probably released, that would reveal its direct owners. inventive move. however.
  4. Fidget
    Fidget 23 December 2015 13: 12
    Oh really? =)))
    I personally will be waiting for an article about a heart attack or stroke in a Swiss mansion ...
  5. sever.56
    sever.56 23 December 2015 13: 12
    It was not a hell to let go abroad. I understand - my mother was seriously ill, she was released under an amnesty. We did everything right, humanly. But, - it was necessary to take away the passport and watch him so that he would not even have a thought to rot Russia. And now he enjoys quietly in Switzerland, gives press conferences, almost with open calls for the overthrow of the government, finances the "fifth column", his office, called "Open Russia", operates unhindered. We must close all his "shops" in Russia, so I don’t think the West will give him out to us. Or organize something like "Berezovsky's scarf". I am sure that we have specialists for this action in the special services.
  6. Oleneboy_
    Oleneboy_ 23 December 2015 13: 14
    Do not come to him anymore in Russia. Do not go to the cemetery to mom .....
  7. shark
    shark 23 December 2015 13: 16
    It is necessary to send an ice ax to him with a parcel. Maybe it will ...
    1. novobranets
      novobranets 23 December 2015 13: 49
      The ice ax is a trace. Send him a silk lace with a note - "Mishan from Recep Tayyip". lol
  8. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 23 December 2015 13: 17
    Khodorkovsky is on the international wanted list

    First let go, then look. As if before, they did not know that he was involved in the killings. The head of the Security Council of such a cool company could not make sole decisions. Political game with a detective bias.
  9. Loner_53
    Loner_53 23 December 2015 13: 20
    Khodorkovsky is on the international wanted list

    So, first we let go, we give the opportunity to leave on all four sides, and then we declare a wanted list, that’s like it’s all winked good
  10. fa2998
    fa2998 23 December 2015 13: 22
    What miracles our law enforcement system does not do. Well, they condemned, let him sit (and he had a lot of articles), they didn’t let him go (maybe “greased”). Now, I would sit quietly (like Luzhkov), money is probably found, no politics. And again they are looking for him. Neither Geneva, nor London will give him away, they will be referred to as "political." He will buy an estate near London, and he will be blowing. tongue hi
    1. max702
      max702 23 December 2015 13: 58
      He would be happy to sit quietly, but the curators came to him and told him to look in the mirror! "-Do you know who this powerful old man is? This is a giant of thought, the father of Russian democracy and a person close to the Emperor!" And Khodor understood everything, they just won't let them live, but he is kind enough to work off his well-fed life, but he won't want to ... well, BAB's example is science to him .. And he went to write all sorts of libelous things and wander around the courts ... not interested. They said you will work, so he went.
    2. S_last
      S_last 23 December 2015 23: 02
      Come on, if they wouldn’t let go then they would have already left. He was arrested on October 25.10, 2003, and in total 10 years, 10 months, he was released under an amnesty on December 20, 2013, so that he did not sit for 8 months.
  11. Vladimir 1964
    Vladimir 1964 23 December 2015 13: 24
    To be honest, the actions of our law enforcement officers cause some bewilderment. I do not feel "great love" for Khodorkovsky, and that's putting it mildly. But nevertheless, it is somewhat incomprehensible to me what the above-mentioned bodies were doing during this man's imprisonment. Was it really not enough so many years to clarify the circumstances? Was there really a compromise on release, which was later violated by Khodorkovsky? Then the question of the competence of our security and analytical services arises.
    As it is simple, colleagues, the current announcement on the international wanted list, except for a grin, unfortunately, does not cause anything. belay
  12. 76SSSR
    76SSSR 23 December 2015 13: 26
    Time to sharpen an ice ax ...
  13. carabiner sks
    carabiner sks 23 December 2015 13: 36
    Thank you for giving the photo, meeting on the street - I’ll inform ... laughing
  14. Million
    Million 23 December 2015 13: 37
    There was no need to let him go. An honest Hebrew word costs nothing
  15. Mareman Vasilich
    Mareman Vasilich 23 December 2015 13: 48
    Quote: BilliBoms09
    Something I'm stupid. But why did they let him out?

    Don’t say they would have buried somewhere in the ravine on the sly, and this is the end.
  16. kizhe
    kizhe 23 December 2015 13: 55
    He would sit quietly abroad and, you see, would live to a very old (or not so) old age. And so, I think, will not last long.
  17. Olegater
    Olegater 23 December 2015 14: 01
    And why was he released at all. To a sick mom? But probably the majority of those now convicted under articles not bearing great public danger also want to see their relatives. And now they are sitting and thinking - they pulled a bag of potatoes and planted it, but they did not let it go to relatives. Hodor did a lot of things from the murder of the mayor to thefts in especially large and at large (no damn justice to himself). That now he will be declared a political martyr, in fact it’s a n.i.d.a. (sorry for being rude).
  18. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 23 December 2015 14: 06
    Another example of how Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin tried to maintain normal relations with the collective West, although it was clear that nothing good would come of it. The price of Khodorkovsky’s promises is three kopecks on market day.

    It was not necessary to pardon him, or at least not to let him go abroad.

    PS It is not clear from the article, this is only a wish of Russia, or Interpol has already included the thieving oligarch in the red list.
  19. APASUS
    APASUS 23 December 2015 14: 27
    Khodorkovsky chose his own fate, I don’t think he lives well there.
    They don’t like traitors anywhere !!! But they make them work out ...............
  20. Denis Skiff
    Denis Skiff 23 December 2015 14: 48
    that’s a parasite. a policeman would be good.
  21. Kibl
    Kibl 23 December 2015 15: 03
    Besides glasses on this mocking mug, there is not enough one more gadget, a neat inlet in the forehead from the bullet and an ugly torn neck!
  22. Mark68
    Mark68 23 December 2015 15: 08
    It seems that the current actions of our security forces are a weak response to the arrest of Russian state assets in the Yukos case. Really, during the time of Khodorkovsky’s imprisonment, they couldn’t figure out who ordered and killed whom and when. As if they didn’t know before. Why were they released then and sent abroad?
    1. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 23 December 2015 15: 37
      Joining Yukos to Rosneft was done very rudely.
      Such things in international trade do not forgive.
      If Rosneft eventually refuses to pay 50 billion,
      its sales of oil abroad may be blocked by sanctions.
      1. Gormenghast
        Gormenghast 23 December 2015 17: 47
        The court decision on 50 billion is based on an unregulated energy charter by Russia.

        So from a legal point of view, this decision is a pure gop-stop. Just decided that they - collective west and so Russia supposedly has to pay.

        its sales of oil abroad may be blocked by sanctions.

        Especially to China. laughing
        1. voyaka uh
          voyaka uh 23 December 2015 18: 42
          "based on the energy charter not ratified by Russia." ////

          Such claims are considered not only in the field of energy.
          When a state-owned company absorbs private without compensation
          to shareholders, this action is considered in international courts as
          illegal. The court is won by shareholders, and they are trying to get the amount
          in various ways, including the complete blocking of the work of that state-owned company.

          China, by the way, also listens to the decisions of such courts and arbitrations.
          If the company operates in the international market, then it has to play
          according to the accepted rules.
    2. S_last
      S_last 23 December 2015 23: 07
      Yes, he didn’t spend 8 months out of his 130 appointees, wouldn’t be released in December 2013, and in August 2014 he would be released as a prisoner.
  23. seti
    seti 23 December 2015 15: 34
    Nevertheless, the course is correct. Let the world know who it is. The main thing is that our media such as RT should not be silent but trumpet the whole planet that he is a thief and a killer. With a fact drive, of course. And to prove that the shares of Yukos and other companies were acquired illegally. Maximum publicity. Search around the world, block all accounts and demand that he be returned to Russia for a long time.
  24. 23 December 2015 17: 59
    Well let yourself amuse yourself with your impunity and freedom lol sooner or later they’ll take and punish him all. And then he will no longer laugh !!! In vain he hopes for his capital they will not help him! Such a creature negative how is he a place under prison bunks! yes
  25. gregor6549
    gregor6549 25 December 2015 12: 09
    Guys, what does Khodorkovsky have to do with it? All this hype with his arrest and others was started with one purpose: to find legal grounds for non-payment of international claims of Yukos shareholders. And at stake there is such money that you can think of anything and against anyone. And with all my "love" for Khodorkovsky and other oligarchs who are "equidistant" or "equidistant" to the body, in this case the whole case against Khodor is sewn with white thread and will not give anything but another embarrassment. Moreover, its place in the Russian business arena has long been firmly occupied by the Rottenbergs, Timchenko and others like them. It is high time to deal with them and their patrons in power.