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Russia will be ranked third in the world in defense spending

Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov on November 24, during a meeting of the military-industrial commission, announced the volume of state defense order financing in Russia for 2012 – 2014. “The project has already been formed, and it proceeds from the parameters set by the federal budget, and also takes into account the loan funds attracted by organizations of the military-industrial complex under state guarantees,” said Sergey Ivanov. December 4 The draft government decree on the approval of state defense orders should be submitted to the signature of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Immediately after that, the parties will be able to start entering into contracts.

Russian state defense order, trillion rubles

Russia will be ranked third in the world in defense spending

Source: open data, plan for 2012 – 2014 years, announced by Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov

Sergei Ivanov called the "cost increase very substantial." Still: one and a half times the level of 2009 year. Then Russia was in seventh place in the world in defense spending, demonstrating their nominal increase of 268% compared to 2002 year. Only China showed comparable rates in the top ten countries. “We have an army - 1 million people, including 220 000 officers, who will have their salaries increased by a factor of 2012 – 2,5 since January 3. The number of contract servicemen will also increase - the maximum number is defined in 425 000 people (the rest are conscripts), says Igor Korotchenko, editor-in-chief of the magazine National Defense. “The most difficult problem is the low level of staffing with new military equipment, currently its share does not exceed 10 – 15%, the task is to bring this figure to 70% by 2020 in the framework of the state armament program with a volume of 20 trillion rubles.”

Top 10 countries in defense spending in 2009 year, $ billion

Source: World Trade Analysis Center weapons

Does Russia really come out third in the world in defense spending? With other things being equal it is not necessary to doubt it. The countries that are now from 6 to 3 are ranked in the TSAMTO rankings, are experiencing serious difficulties and are unlikely to increase their spending on the army: they are more likely to reduce. For example, the UK, which is now firmly in third place, will cut costs somewhat compared to the current level and in 2013 will spend approximately $ 67,5 billion on defense. And Russia is more than $ 70 billion. Another thing is that it is impossible to predict the behavior of the ruble exchange rate, the euro , yen and pound sterling to the dollar in three years. And much depends on it. For example, in the 2009 year, due to the devaluation of the ruble, despite the increase in ruble spending on Russian defense, in dollar terms there was a decrease of 6%.

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  1. itr
    itr 28 November 2011 09: 53
    I wonder who even styled our army officials to fuss
    Silently they would have mastered the money and put everyone before the fact. For example, China and no one exactly still knows how much they spend on defense.
    But in fact, one chatter, and this is another reason for neighbors to tease baselessly
    they will start arming the same
  2. Vadivak
    Vadivak 28 November 2011 09: 53
    Is Russia really going to take third place in the world in defense spending? no doubt about it

    On the one hand, it’s very good, and on the other, knowing how state defense orders are not fulfilled and money is stolen, there are doubts about the final result
      ESCANDER 28 November 2011 10: 53
      Well yes. And, probably, the first place in the world for cutting the same funds by “effective managers”, which ultimately leads to the opposite end result.
    2. urzul
      urzul 28 November 2011 12: 25
      then we will definitely take first place in the number of billionaires
    3. Surg
      Surg 28 November 2011 12: 31
      Before the election they promise anything, for the first time or something.
      1. KGB161rus
        KGB161rus 28 November 2011 12: 43
        on slide 09, at that time there was a "crisis", now we are second only to the USA, China, England, and strangely enough, Japan. ... ...
        I want to add one more, half of the countries from that list are not able to wage full-scale wars. .
        1. urzul
          urzul 28 November 2011 12: 47
          on 2010, if you believe Wikipedia, we are on 5 place after the USA, China, France and Great Britain
          With amount in 58,700,000,000
          1. KGB161rus
            KGB161rus 28 November 2011 12: 53
            according to wikipedia
            , you forget about the wiki, in it only the outputs of new films can be watched. .
            1. urzul
              urzul 28 November 2011 13: 46
              Well, there are links to numbers there, where did they get such data
            2. Cap-3 USSR
              Cap-3 USSR 28 November 2011 14: 06
              I agree, and still pictures to skate.
      2. KGB161rus
        KGB161rus 28 November 2011 13: 15
        Before the election they promise anything, for the first time or something.

        Of course, whoever can turn around like that, Mr. Obama caught bin Laden’s election, promised to withdraw troops from Iraq before the end of this year. Well, simply, the changes are ripe, because we have already had the technology 20 years ago. .
  3. KILLAvolt
    KILLAvolt 28 November 2011 10: 08
    It is necessary to restore order with the spending of budget funds and grab all the thieves, cruelly and cruelly! Then, perhaps, we could go to the first place ... smile
    It would also be nice to ban people with criminal records from becoming deputies !!! How can wolves be allowed to guard the herd ?! Or ... no, not like that: goats guard the garden !!!
  4. vadimus
    vadimus 28 November 2011 10: 36
    The money is huge and if it was intended, then the topic. But fairy tales about the white goby are already full. That's just the situation in the world is awful, you can’t miss it. As the saying goes "according to the laws of wartime ..."
  5. miland
    miland 28 November 2011 10: 49
    Or maybe with the help of such news we are already waging an information war with the West? If this news is true, then it would be nice, because our defense industry needs to be supported.
  6. dred
    dred 28 November 2011 11: 04
    It would be nice that it was true just again looted 70% of the money.
  7. zavesa01
    zavesa01 28 November 2011 11: 27
    The good news is that only our generals will either steal it or they will buy a good thing like the mistral. And now they are arming themselves as they should.
  8. Boos24
    Boos24 28 November 2011 11: 46
    Yesterday I heard about the laser mounted on the A-60 aircraft, which satellites can disable, and this is only one secret development so far, I hope there are a lot of them, and Nato will drop their eyes when they see the latest military units on the battlefield in huge numbers, do not spare time show the power of Russia
  9. erik777
    erik777 28 November 2011 12: 09
    Pff clowns, where they will take the aircraft, fleet, tanks, army. Over the course of 20 years, we have turned from a large industrial country into a raw materials appendage, producing nothing on its own, but only importing all goods. As for the defense industry, they turned the hell out of the best aircraft construction, which they built in 10 years from the strength of 30 aircraft, the fleet was killed there is no need to comment, tank building is T-90, the pride of our military-industrial complex, but in 1, it was developed and started to be produced back in the USSR, in 2 we have less than a thousand, in comparison with T-80 10 thousand, T-72 30 thousand. They ruined the army, military service as a punishment for the people, it is not very prestigious, nobody wants to go there, and in the USSR, as I remember, those who were not in the army were considered either sick or cowards, or some kind of flawed ones.
    Conclusion: it was not necessary to destroy everything for 20 years, and then it would not have to strain so much now. But the NATO missile defense system puts us into a stupor, because in this area, as in many others, we have not done anything for 20 years.
    1. urzul
      urzul 28 November 2011 12: 30
      Firstly, there are still enterprises and they are developing, not everyone ditched 90
      Secondly, no one ascribes T-90 to Russia
      In third new tanks, no one has more 2000
      And the conclusion was destroyed not by 20 but ten years, just to create is much more difficult than to destroy

      the decline in production at 2005-2009 is due to the 2008 crisis and a decline in procurement.
    2. Don
      Don 28 November 2011 14: 02
      Unproven empty talk. Each line can be 100% refuted.
  10.  Packard
    Packard 28 November 2011 16: 02
    It sounds promising, but looking back at Russian reality, there are fears that this will turn out to be an unheard of theft of scale ...
  11. dobry-ork
    dobry-ork 28 November 2011 19: 34
    What are you whining: plunder, sawn, plundered ...? Yes, 5 years ago it was scary and unrealistic to even imagine such a defense spending. Then they would have definitely stolen. Of course, I’m not saying that everything is so rosy now, but nonetheless ...