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In Donetsk, next to the stop, an explosion thundered, there are no victims

The explosion that thundered on Monday evening in Donetsk, not far from the tram stop, did not cause visible damage, according to RIA News.

In Donetsk, next to the stop, an explosion thundered, there are no victims

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Donetsk Republic, "an explosive device worked near one of the public transport stops in Donetsk on Monday around 19.20 Moscow time."

The ministry believes that "the explosion is the work of the sabotage group."

“On both sides of the blast site are residential single-story houses, there is no visible damage, and the glazing was not affected. Currently, the site of the explosion is marked with a special tape. Information about the victims at the moment no. At the scene of the explosion are a few law enforcement officers. ”- the agency correspondent reported from the scene.

In the DPR, the “Interception” plan has been announced, law enforcement officers are conducting operational search activities.
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AFP 2015 / Vasily Maximov
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  1. Byshido_dis
    Byshido_dis 22 December 2015 11: 42
    Guessing and guessing, when later Khokhlozad svidomity pressed to the nail (
    1. Snake AAA
      Snake AAA 22 December 2015 11: 47
      Fascists only correct the grave,
    2. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 22 December 2015 12: 50
      Employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the DPR discovered in the center of the capital of the republic a cache of Ukrainian saboteurs, with almost 5,5 thousand munitions and 86 kilograms of explosives over the past day.

      “On December 21, pyrotechnics of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the DNI when examining the territory for explosive objects were detected in the Kiev region of Donetsk on Shchorsa Street, fuses —160 units, plastid - 1 kilogram, gunpowder - 15 kilograms, TNT - 70 kilograms,” the DNR Ministry of Emergency Situations noted.

      These 5,5 thousand munitions include about five thousand rounds of ammunition, 33 grenades, 20 charges for a grenade launcher, 82 artillery shells and 180 charges of the VOG type.
  2. cniza
    cniza 22 December 2015 11: 42
    Yes, these ... seem to calm down only in the next world, we need to help them faster.
    1. ALX
      ALX 22 December 2015 12: 16
      In Volgograd, apparently, the house was blown up. And the numbers are mystical village 7vetrov, 7et., D.47. (747). By the way, this is not far from the place of the explosion of the trolley bus. It is not clear why the second explosion occurred, after almost an hour? The firefighter was in place after a few minutes and was the gas supposed to be shut off?
    2. The comment was deleted.
  3. Vladimyrych
    Vladimyrych 22 December 2015 11: 43
    People have already been fed up ... It would have been more likely that something had already been decided so that people could live at least possible without a "roulette".
  4. venaya
    venaya 22 December 2015 11: 43
    "The explosion is the work of the sabotage group"

    Frank psychological impact on residents of Donetsk. All these provocations have one goal - the creation of nervousness among residents.
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 22 December 2015 11: 48
    The main thing is that no one was hurt.
    "The explosion is the work of the sabotage group"

    So the penetration channels are not completely blocked, or at the moment it is impossible to do.
  6. The comment was deleted.
  7. avvg
    avvg 22 December 2015 11: 49
    Dill will not calm down until once again hit the next pot and got it in the teeth.
  8. HAM
    HAM 22 December 2015 12: 02
    Radio amateurs today said that a LARGE dill-drone (foreign) was shot down by the army of Novorossia in the LPR, now there are a lot of them and they are behaving impudently. In short, dill hounds specifically, not to good.
  9. Tra-ta-ta
    Tra-ta-ta 22 December 2015 12: 19
    Quote: HAM
    . In short, dill hounds specifically, not to good.

  10. Afinogen
    Afinogen 22 December 2015 12: 19
    The main mistake is the Minsk treaties, it was not necessary to arrange negotiations, but to drive Bandera bastards across the Dnieper when they ran away throwing their weapons. And it turns out strangely as soon as the "miracle warriors" start to run away or negotiations and treaties immediately fall into the boilers. Here is the last example when the Nazis fell into a big cauldron so immediately Merkel and Oland rushed to arrange negotiations.
  11. Leprekon
    Leprekon 22 December 2015 17: 06
    DRG with this result, not seriously. Most likely, a lonely ukropatriot who has undergone introductory briefing and received his thirty pieces of silver.