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KBHA: will it be necessary to regret “Proton” again?

After publications about the defense enterprises of Omsk and Kurgan, it was the turn of another plant. More precisely, its component. We are talking about the JSC "Design Bureau of Chemical Automation" (JSC KBHA) - the Russian enterprise of the rocket and space industry, producing engines for launch vehicles "Proton-K", "Proton-M", "Soyuz-2-1", "Angara" . And also for a number of ICBMs that are still in service with the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

In general, KBXA consists of two parts, or, as they are called by employees of the enterprise, "platforms". The main site is the plant itself. And there is also a test facility (IC), which is located away from the main production for obvious reasons. And here we will talk about the testing ground.

What is a test facility? This is a whole system, a factory in a factory, if you want. The engine arrives on the IR when disassembled. Piecemeal. And each node passes its own tests. Hydraulic, dynamic, climatic and other in accordance with the regulations. Next, the engine passes the assembly, and then fire tests. About these tests usually knows half the city, heard.

After fire tests, the engine is washed (with alcohol!) From residues of heptyl and other pleasures, produces thermal vacuum drying and is sent to the final assembly and fine-tuning back to the main site. And only then to the customer.

I painted it all to emphasize the importance of IC. Tests - one of the most responsible procedures. And on the test complex itself, not everything is smooth and beautiful.

Prior to the starting point (September 2015), about 12,000 2 people worked on the IR. It was from September 000 that a chain of events began to occur, which is of concern. It all started after the next unsuccessful launch of "Proton". Vladimir Sergeevich Rachuk, the head of the enterprise, who ran the plant from 2015 of the year and, in the opinion of veterans of the KBCA, actually saved the plant in 1993, was dismissed.

And, according to the program of rejuvenation of personnel, sounded by Dmitry Rogozin, Alexey Vasilyevich Kamyshev was appointed to the position of director of the ACACA, a man really young for such a position, and, as is customary today, an “effective manager”.

It is surprising that Alexey Vasilievich’s career went as far from production as possible. Judge for yourself.

1997 to 2000 worked as a specialist of the securities department, a specialist in work with shares, a specialist in customer acquisition, head of the department of active-passive operations, and then deputy manager of the Voronezh branch of Uralvneshtorgbank OJSC.

In 2000 — 2002 held a number of key positions in the field of financial management of large regional enterprises of the Voronezh region. What positions at what enterprises? Data is not publicly available.

In 2002, he was appointed First Deputy Director of Voronezhsvyazinform, a branch of CenterTelecom OJSC. Then he held the positions of First Deputy Director of the Voronezh Branch of CenterTelecom OJSC and Deputy Director of the Voronezh Branch of CenterTelecom OJSC in Economics and Finance.

In March 2009, Alexey Kamyshev was appointed Deputy General Director - Financial Director of CenterTelecom OJSC. And in 2011 - the director.

And in October, 2015, Mr. Kamyshev became Executive Director of KBXA. Is it worth it to congratulate the team, it is not clear. On the one hand, a director at an enterprise of such a plan is more of a financier and business executive.

There are also positive news. In the same October, Viktor Dmitrievich Gorokhov, the leading specialist, "man-rocket engine", father of RD-0124 and the largest specialist in rocket engines in the world today, was appointed to the position of general designer of KBKhA. The plant can and should be congratulated on this appointment.

But there is a real fear: will anyone implement the designs and projects of Gorokhov?

Next year, the KBKhA really risks being left without a test facility. More precisely, the complex is still in place, but the experts ...

In a conversation with several employees of different departments of IC, I learned that over the past year the average salary in the plant was 30 thousand rubles. In 2015 - 21 is a thousand. What is the "average salary", I think, no need to explain. It is difficult to say which figure is in the director’s statement, you know, this is a mystery, but I can tell you for the engineer of IC. Listing seen. From 15 to 18 thousands. And this, I note, an engineer. Just an employee who connects the hoses, wires, gets even less. But I spoke with the engineers, so I’ll leave the laborers aside.

The engineer who tests the booster units and makes a conclusion about their suitability for 18 thousands. Do we want Protons to not fall?

It’s not even the case that people have no conscience and desire to do their job. And there is a conscience, and a desire to eat. But you also need to live. I understand why each of my interlocutors had a second job. One in the shopping center, almost in the specialty (well settled, as colleagues said), the second "bombed" in a private taxi on his car, the third ... the third carries prostitutes at night. And gets in 3 times more than in the factory. And he really thinks that it is necessary (as long as children in high schools are learning) to make this disgraceful but profitable way of earning the main thing in an amicable way.

But after the night shift, each of them returns to his workplace. It is still coming back.

"Previously, there were awards for the successful implementation of the plan. 0,8 from salary. Now everything, there are no bonuses, and they said they would not. There is no money. Until recently, they saved processing. Here it is: we can sensibly test one node in a day. when you need two. It’s unrealistic on a working day, we’re still working according to the regulations. So, we have to stay. Or we’ve left on weekends. Now we’ve said that everything is complete with rework. And how do you live? ”

"Effective Managers" in the management came up with a masterpiece way to save money. Two shifts. As in the old days, when the plant worked. If a person goes in shifts, then there is no talk about any additional payment for processing. But the question arises, where to get specialists for one more shift?

Exit found the original, but bordering on idiocy. In the departments where there are no tests at a specific moment (this happens regularly), people are asked to either take leave without pay, or ... go to another department. Temporarily. They get trained by specialists so that they can perform tests at the time of the “work block”.

"Here I work for 15. Semenych comes to me, and stands, looks at me, but for my 18. I worked, left. And he means in the second shift he starts to do something like my work. And in the morning I come , and I am starting to check everything again, because from it the same hydraulics as the gunman from me. And I need it? They kind of saved and didn’t get the person kicked out. But I’ll run out of this madhouse sooner or later. when I test the knot from the beginning to the end, I later put my signature for what I have experienced. And it will not sign for me. And I for neg . Madhouse is shorter and nonsense ... "

But most importantly, if my interlocutor really spits and goes to the side, what's next? And then there will be fire tests in the department of Semyonitch. And Semyonitch will test the engine. Who will then experience hydraulics in any of the shifts?

I will not even stutter about the quality of the tests with such a replacement. For such a rotation, even for the idea itself, it is necessary to beat the whip and refer to the East. Concrete worker.

The new leadership vows to raise the average salary in the plant right up to 31 thousand rubles. Due to layoffs. It is understandable that they will dismiss not assistants to deputy finance directors. Although every deputy director has an 2-3 assistant. "Effective managers" can not be reduced. They are the mind and heart of the plant.

That's just who they will manage in six months is completely incomprehensible.

They are going to dismiss repairmen, builders, operators. Those who maintain their penny salaries in working condition of buildings built at the end of 50's. Indeed, why keep them? The glass in the roof of the workshop will fly out so that it doesn’t drip onto the head, the workers will not fall apart, they will be tightened with polyethylene. And the pipes will be welded. And the taps will change. And the snow will be cleaned. They are workers, so let them work.

And the tests ... well, so they also pay for the tests and pay ...

Providers, of course, will also be removed. Why are they? All that you need, order, we will bring to you. Do not bring the Lord, I spend extra IR penny without coordination. And the fact that you can carry God knows how many applications submitted - nothing. Nothing, that in the last 3 of the year, none of the ordered stand devices were replaced instead of the ones that failed. Nothing. Work after all. And with the devices and a fool can.

There is such information on one of the pages of the KBXA official website.

The Department of Reconstruction and Repair is currently engaged in the implementation of a project for the reconstruction and technical re-equipment of bench-testing and production facilities and pilot production as part of the "Federal Space Program of Russia for 2006-2015 years"

This project provides:

- reconstruction of existing buildings and structures on the site of the ZRD;

- technical re-equipment of existing production facilities at ZRD and IK sites;

construction of new buildings and structures at the sites ZRD and IK.

Work on the reconstruction and technical re-equipment of the bench-testing and production base and pilot production will allow:

- to increase the level of automation and mechanization of production;

- to increase labor productivity, quality and reliability of products;

- shorten the production cycle and reduce the cost of production.

This is a list of what has not been done, with regard to IC. NOT reconstructed, NOT re-armed, NOT upgraded. Nothing is done.

KBKHA is a respected (still) enterprise in the city. WITH history. Glorious history. "East", "Sunrise", "Energy". But what will happen if cool specialists brought to the extreme are gone? Who will eventually build engines for rockets and who will experience them? Youth is no longer lure. What young specialist will go to such a salary? Actually, they go, but not for long. So that was something to push off. And few. For an amount greater than 15-18 thousand, you can safely work with less responsibility than in the KBXA.

"I called one factory here ... They need a power engineer. They asked where you work? In KBX ... How much time? So much ... 40 thousand suits you? I think ..."

He is still thinking. What can I say?

We have many beautiful words about the revival of the military-industrial complex. About increasing attention, about creating decent conditions. But, unfortunately, very often the words do not carry things.

Satellites continue to go out of orbit, and we regret it. Launch vehicles do not perform their functions. We are indignant about this. The government takes certain steps, dismisses some and appoints others. "Effective Managers". Young, and perhaps well understood in the management.

Here they would understand how a RD test engineer can work for his salary. How can he live on it. But from the height of their salaries - is unlikely.

And the "Protons" will fall further, apparently.
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  1. Aksakal_07
    Aksakal_07 22 December 2015 06: 47
    And we still wonder how the syndrome of "pest control" could arise in the bad memory of 1937?
    1. Dembel77
      Dembel77 22 December 2015 07: 45
      It is very difficult to read this - not good news. The industrial kitchen does not look attractive from the inside. And of course, 18 holes to the engineer is a shame! It remains only to believe in the strength of a Russian character that people will endure such mockery for some time, during which (perhaps!) The power in the enterprise will change its attitude towards workers.
      1. Row
        Row 22 December 2015 09: 42
        Are you surprised? Have you already forgotten about the previous Minister of Defense and his female battalion? And these are all events from one row.
        1. Alekseev
          Alekseev 22 December 2015 14: 52
          Quote: Ryan
          Are you surprised? Already forgot about the previous Minister of Defense

          Yes, here "individual civilians", however, far from the army and the military-industrial complex, are already standing up for the reformist. Recently I gave a "shock" to one such smart guy.
          You see, he imagined that thanks to the "Serdyukov reforms" of the present "the Red Army is the strongest of all." And he, they say, watched all this recently, is a bogeyman and is now watching on TV.
          Unfortunately, our successes are overshadowed by such things as at KBKhA and "here and there, sometimes".
          The logical conclusion is alarming that there can be no order in the military-industrial complex if there is a disorder in a given state, say, in the housing and communal services or in the field of education.
          May God of Russia give such a leadership, which would have had the political will to destroy the managers and put a lot from head to foot, as it should be.
        2. Shpagolom
          Shpagolom 22 December 2015 16: 37
          Employees of a company funded by the state budget drank at the Moscow club until midnight

      2. Ezhaak
        Ezhaak 22 December 2015 15: 02
        Quote: Dembel 77
        power in the enterprise will change its attitude towards workers.

        Never the owner at the factory will pay attention to his subordinates! This is not his problem. Pay attention to the contract with the director of the enterprise. Too often, the director’s salary is linked to the income of the enterprise, including salary savings. More income - more salary. Economists, AU, share information. But here economists, although beginners, are found.
        1. biznaw
          biznaw 23 December 2015 00: 08
          Quote: Hedgehog
          Quote: Dembel 77
          power in the enterprise will change its attitude towards workers.

          Never the owner at the factory will pay attention to his subordinates! This is not his problem. Pay attention to the contract with the director of the enterprise. Too often, the director’s salary is linked to the income of the enterprise, including salary savings. More income - more salary. Economists, AU, share information. But here economists, although beginners, are found.

          The problem is national and in state-owned enterprises and in private and even in the Duma, bosses and deputies themselves appoint salaries and remuneration. Such a power ... there are no restrictions other than the size of the greed of an official deputy. Well, to the people, what will remain at cost ... that is, horseradish without salt.
          1. Bulrumeb
            Bulrumeb 23 December 2015 14: 07
            Well, greed is limitless
        2. aaz
          aaz 24 December 2015 11: 11
          So it is ... we also
      3. mervino2007
        mervino2007 22 December 2015 20: 00
        Quote: Dembel 77
        And of course, 18 holes to the engineer is a shame!

        Roman Skomorokhov described everything correctly. The main thing: while Rogozin will put EFFECTIVE managers, NON-ECONOMIC OFFICERS, to the posts of directors, the TUBE will buzz in this business, and the missiles will fall. Dmitry seems like a smart, active man - and he’s freezing such nonsense. Managers and their deputies will not increase productivity, they are not techies, they do not understand, at least superficially, technologists and people-specific manufacturers. The army wins when, among other reasons, it feels concern for the fighter. This is not here. Deputies see their role in finding people at the factory, in their opinion, which can be dispensed with. This represents them, in the eyes of the chief manager, as active employees. As a result, they force the workers of the main professions to do household work, supposedly they are not loaded. So who invented the support staff, are you fools? The new managers are not aware that the quality and productivity of the main staff are the main conditions for the trouble-free operation of the PRODUCTS. So give the hard workers secondary work, distract from the main goal. What to expect in such an environment?
        1. Gogia
          Gogia 24 December 2015 16: 11
          Rogozin is still a pentuch. It looks like they started a goat in the garden .... We must put those who look after those who look ...
      4. Gogia
        Gogia 24 December 2015 16: 10
        Unfortunately everywhere such crap ....
    2. AUL
      AUL 24 December 2015 11: 03
      Damn it! Well, frank wrecking and sabotage! And does our guarantor really know and see nothing? And why doesn’t he take measures - emergency, in a fire order? After all, this is a blatant undermining of the defense capability of the state, here it is necessary to shoot publicly for such pranks!
  2. Mik13
    Mik13 22 December 2015 06: 52
    Just like in a joke:
    Once Russian and German companies agreed to hold joint rowing competitions on eight-seat kayaks. Both teams trained hard for a long time and when both were at the peak of their form they organized competitions, but ... The Germans won with an advantage in 1 km.

    After the defeat, the Russian team was demoralized. Top management decided to find out the cause of the failure. A working group was created to prepare proposals for change and restructuring in the team. After many weeks of research, it was found that in the German team rowed seven and one steering ... and in the Russian - one on the oars and seven steering! The top management of the Russian company involved a consulting company to prepare and conduct the restructuring of the team. Having received a substantial fee and implemented KPI, MTP and ISO 9001 indicators and conducted marketing research, the consulting firm came to the conclusion: Too many employees in the Russian team give commands and too few rows ....

    After the restructuring, the Russian team looked like this: - four helmsmen ... - two senior helmsmen, - one helmsman, - and one rower. In addition, a personal system for evaluating performance indicators was introduced for the rower and the range of responsibilities was expanded to increase his responsibility.

    The following year, the German team again convincingly won by a margin of 2 km.
    As a result of another defeat, the top management of the Russian company hired a consulting company to audit and evaluate the effectiveness of the team. It was decided to disband the rowing team ...
    The rower, as the main culprit for the inefficiency of the team, was dismissed, all planned investments for the 2014-2015 years in the new boat and the oars were canceled. The helmsman was thanked, and the money saved was paid to top management as a bonus.

    I don’t know the author.

    But in the current realities, something is somehow not funny at all.
    1. fennekRUS
      fennekRUS 22 December 2015 12: 11
      Vitally, and most importantly, the helmsmen form the team. And they don't want to take and teach rowers. In words, everyone understands everything, but as it comes to specific steps, they cut additional responsibilities for the "survivors" To remove such "effective" ones and to production, to the very bottom. And from there, let him re-write his career, if he can.
  3. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 22 December 2015 06: 59
    We have many beautiful words about the revival of the military-industrial complex. About increasing attention, about creating decent conditions. But, unfortunately, very often the words do not carry things.
    We also have a lot of beautiful words about helping "small enterprises" - in reality they spread rot and destroy, this is how we raise the economy! and state enterprises, including defense ones, are crying under the yoke of all sorts of extortionate taxes, utility bills and electricity bills, recently there was a story with the Kurgan plant where the latest technology is made. this name is sabotage, consider = sabotage!
    1. Ami du peuple
      Ami du peuple 22 December 2015 07: 50
      KBKhA has always been considered a serious and well-deserved enterprise, one of the pillars of the Soviet / Russian space program. Remember Gagarin's second phrase after “Let's go!”? "Kosberg worked" - that is, the third stage of the rocket, which put "Vostok" into orbit, worked.
      And now the legendary leaders of KBKhA Kosberg and Konopatov are turning over in their grave, looking at the current "effective management". I have no words...
  4. Cap.Morgan
    Cap.Morgan 22 December 2015 07: 00
    How many are already releasing, these Protons.
    Years 30-40? I want to ask, have the technologies stopped their development? All? Nothing new appeared? The Americans seem to be developing a new generation of engines, and they’ll have another new spaceship about to appear, and we’ve been producing space technology developed by Korolev and will probably continue to do this for another hundred years. By the way, we did have a research program for Mars. All ? Something is not heard about her ...
    1. Jurkovs
      Jurkovs 22 December 2015 08: 59
      KBHA Leader in Research on Methane Engines: P.86.5
    2. serverny
      serverny 22 December 2015 15: 12
      Do you sincerely believe that the current Protons and Protons of 40 years ago are identical products? Then you are an extremely short-sighted person.

      If you meant something else - learn to better formulate thoughts.
      1. Cap.Morgan
        Cap.Morgan 22 December 2015 19: 09
        Why w. Didn't you ride a Lada?
        But Lada 1973 and 2003 release - these are completely different cars.
        There, the engine is a bit different, and the injection appeared, and even a radio tape recorder, but only the Lada remained the Lada. Since it is impossible to upgrade anything ad infinitum.
        Concepts are changing.
        1. gridasov
          gridasov 22 December 2015 19: 22
          You correctly and reasonably point out that individual changes in the engine design do not change the overall conceptual scheme of operation. There are not many people who understand that the limit of engine design improvement has been reached. which provide neither an increase in jet thrust nor efficiency. In general, there is no need to talk about the effectiveness of the previous scheme. But such an assessment of everything that happens in engine building, and in particular for missiles, does not matter if there are no substantiated scientific arguments to explain why modern principles do not give a result and how it is necessary to resolve issues and in what vector to develop. Therefore, it is still a problem to find people who "hear" and understand. I will say one thing - not the engine itself needs to be changed first, but it is necessary to change the algorithms of physical processes that will be implemented by a mechanical device. With us, the opposite is true.
          1. evil partisan
            evil partisan 22 December 2015 19: 28
            Quote: gridasov
            individual changes in the design of engines do not change the general conceptual scheme of work

            Oops! PhD candidate woke up! Well, how are the algebraic equations describing the “emission of flywheels”? wassat So you are also special in rocket engines, are you ?? what And when you only have time ... Gridasov! Do not embarrass yourself requestjust shut up for clever get off yes .
            1. gridasov
              gridasov 22 December 2015 19: 52
              What is this !! ?? Deny not forbid. All the same, it does not give me estimates. In general, a sign of only individual bad manners. Maybe the dear one can tell you what the key problem is and the unresolved problem of rocket engines. And why not see heavy rockets as their ears neither to Russians nor to Amers and to nobody. Learn physics!
              1. evil partisan
                evil partisan 22 December 2015 20: 39
                Quote: gridasov
                Learn physics!

                Now it was really painful: I still have not heard this classic phrase from such an ignoramus recourse... A lot of things happened to hear her, even from S.V. Vonsovsky, but from Gridasov ... How low I fell crying .
                1. gridasov
                  gridasov 22 December 2015 20: 52
                  Laughter and more!
                2. aaz
                  aaz 24 December 2015 11: 19
                  The phrase is from school)))
              2. aaz
                aaz 24 December 2015 11: 18
                Nah ... better you tell us ... and we laugh
            2. aaz
              aaz 24 December 2015 11: 16
              This is a simple and working way to "translate the arrows"
    3. Ezhaak
      Ezhaak 22 December 2015 16: 03
      Quote: Cap.Morgan
      All? Nothing new appeared?

      Take the phrase: You know less, sleep better. And my head is not full of thoughts about how expensive it is and to whom to sell what suddenly became known. Once they don’t speak, it means that you and I don’t need to know that either.
      1. aaz
        aaz 24 December 2015 11: 21
        That's for sure (movie quote)
    4. tao
      tao 22 December 2015 21: 23
      Protons Chelomeevsky.
    5. Awaz
      Awaz 22 December 2015 23: 58
      Well, the Americans, whatever they say, everything is in the same place. Maybe they come up with something, but after the departure of the Von Braun team, they didn’t come up with such a breakthrough, except that they buy engines from Russia. There, too, effective managers settled in and sawed loot. They are lucky only in that the dough there is much more than in Russia and that something remains for the projects.
      And so the article is sad and unfortunately fairly true. On the one hand, it is clear that somehow it is necessary to shake up the entire system, but really not at the cost of degradation of highly skilled specialists. Unfortunately, not everything is measured in money, but people need to be given hope and confidence in the future and then it will be easier to call them and work more and all that ...
      1. denis02135
        denis02135 23 December 2015 03: 14
        Dear AwaZ

        I think you're wrong. After Von Braun, SpaceX appeared with the Falcon 9 and the Falcon Heavy.
        On December 22, 2015, SpaceX launched the first ever guided landing of a booster rocket.
        Both here and there management is carried out by "effective managers", but do you see the difference? There they spend their money, and we have state money. There they are fighting for the market, and here for the cut.
        And there they use almost harmless kerosene and oxygen, and we have toxic heptyl (which, with the right feeding of greens, Proton can squeeze out of the market). True, the launch price is more expensive, but this is in conditions of pre-production launches. Five years later, they probably will cope without Russian engines.
  5. Yak-3P
    Yak-3P 22 December 2015 07: 18
    I’ll say about Ufa ... the same Ekaterina bogeyman - UPPO (instrument-making) -autsortin
  6. IrOqUoIs
    IrOqUoIs 22 December 2015 07: 34
    Managers will destroy all production. Exactly the same situation in Izhevsk at the Automobile Plant, they twist and twist as they want. And most importantly, they do not rummage in production technology in general, before my eyes only numbers. They wind it up and wind up, and there even though the grass does not grow. Ugh!
  7. VostSib
    VostSib 22 December 2015 07: 51
    ... you, my friend, are covering some wrong news, Russia has come out of the crisis on TV, those in power are shouting with one voice that everything is for ... wonderful ... - "provocateur"!
    Seriously though, most of the industry is in this state, for many years now Russian Railways employees have been taking days without maintenance and prospects for improvement are invisible.
  8. weaver85
    weaver85 22 December 2015 07: 53
    Guys, I’m a designer in the design bureau in Krasnoyarsk, we have a manager-administrator in our place of chief engineer. Slippery th * but not an engineer! He was taken to win tenders and to advise us on technical issues. Well, he not only didn’t bring anything in half a year (he hired a girl to fill out applications for participation in tenders for his money). So he is also not literate! He cannot write a cover letter himself! All the affairs that we handed over to him so that he would put things in order, he handed over a week later, hanging up his own affairs! And technical questions ... To the side of his friend he gives sections from the project - for money - and we, engineers, are also FORMING and REMOVING them!
    In general, as we did the work ourselves for the ISU, we do so.
    Only on the neck another sat down, the boss, who stinks and threatens to cut off his salary.
  9. Evgeniy667b
    Evgeniy667b 22 December 2015 07: 58
    The same top manager Sienko at Uralvagonzavod! Cyclist, in a word! Yes, her Gazprom in the past for management. Yes, these people have technology, as well as those who produce it, something like a lamp. In my head, only profit at all costs. Leaders of the state also seem to be only concerned about profit, not the essence. Some of her got trained at the GSVG. So far, slowly but surely, we are sinking!
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Evgeniy667b
      Evgeniy667b 22 December 2015 09: 11
      Mr. Oleg Sienko! Well, he loves PR. As they said in the old days, it is necessary to drive from the factory a filthy broom!
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Evgeniy667b
        Evgeniy667b 22 December 2015 09: 17
        The wheelsets scattered, the carriage on its side. And the release of Armat and other "Modernizations" of the invulnerable T-72 depends on this person
        1. Siberia 9444
          Siberia 9444 23 December 2015 17: 45
          The photo is old and cars may sideways because of the broadening of the path
  10. hohryakov066
    hohryakov066 22 December 2015 08: 01
    The author raised a problem that is extremely relevant for such enterprises. In my hometown, the once famous UEHK was thus DESTROYED. The "non-profile" shops were destroyed, the number of the team was reduced five times, the scientific and experimental subdivision was killed. Previously, these "non-core" ones provided the activities of a huge enterprise, but now outsourcing is everywhere, and with tenders. It should be cheaper! And who will do better for the cheap? Nobody! So it turns out that one electrician and two engineers were left in the shift serving electronics and electricians. They would be happy to work with their hands in case of need, but only a hard worker has permission! So they stretch this skinny skin more and more! Obviously, while this nuclear firecracker does not strike at the side of the regional center and does not give the country a second Chernobyl ... So the fall of Protons is not the worst thing. We urgently need to drive these reformers with a filthy broom!
  11. Dragon-y
    Dragon-y 22 December 2015 08: 12
    For new technologies to work, you need to at least not lose the old ...
    A article would be sent to Rogozin, or something ...
    1. gridasov
      gridasov 22 December 2015 13: 37
      People, as they were funny, remain so. What is meant by new technologies, which, among other things, you think you should earn is called, let's "put the old cubes in a new way". Breakthrough technologies are the product of the work of individuals who are able to reach new deep levels of insight. The foundations of new technologies must be sought together with the people who are their carriers. Whoever does not understand this is outside the game.
      1. Zefr
        Zefr 23 December 2015 10: 50
        Are you hinting at yourself as an incomprehensible genius?
    2. ssss605
      ssss605 23 December 2015 02: 31
      And Rogozin the Great will judge everyone! ..... and will give cuffs to the negligent!)))
      1. PHANTOM-AS
        PHANTOM-AS 23 December 2015 02: 39
        Quote: ssss605
        And Rogozin the Great will judge everyone! ..... and will give cuffs to the negligent!)))

        He is "Terrible"! Even the painting is "Grozny making his son a director" - a masterpiece of contemporary art.
    3. aaz
      aaz 24 December 2015 11: 25
      Does he have little toilet paper?
  12. xBoris
    xBoris 22 December 2015 08: 34
    hmm ... I thought this "garbage" with effective managers only in the field of communications .. But no. Even bark beetles got into the rockets. Apparently we will still have to raise the new Stalin. Otherwise, we will not survive ...
    The most interesting thing is that there is plenty of money in the country .. There - .. again in the media, our nouveau riche break records, we have the most yachts in the world .. And at the expense of whom .. ?? You’ll think about it .. And here again, innovation .. For the beating - there will no longer be criminal punishment. Well, think about it, a couple of bruises .. - and look from the side of the beating ..? That is, the right of the rich is not enough, so now we directly introduce the right of the strong ..? Any turn, a moot point - who is stronger is right .. ?? Nothing so state .. !!! And exemption from liability for tax evasion .. ?? - In general, you can not pay taxes, the state spat on itself !!!
    It looks like the leader’s time to change, something that his kooks have completely lost touch with realities ..
    1. Comrade Artem
      Comrade Artem 22 December 2015 08: 57
      Don’t worry so much about the connection, it’s even worse in medicine. And the further the worse. Someday (I believe in it) all the same, everyone will understand that the economists ’intention is not to save on people and equipment, but to raise the financial efficiency of production and enterprises. In the meantime, economists rule us, everything will fall, explode and so on ...
  13. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 22 December 2015 08: 48
    Proton-K has been discontinued for a long time.

    Proton-M, although heptyl, is an excellent launch vehicle. And almost all of its accidents are the fault of the booster blocks, which, in fact, are not part of the rocket.

    I would keep its production until a real replacement appears, which the Angara-A5 is not (expensive). Commercial launches require a competitive price; Angara-A5 is only for launching domestic, including military, vehicles.
    1. pilot bin-bom
      pilot bin-bom 22 December 2015 22: 20
      Hangar-1 waited thirty years. Question. and how much more hangar 5 to wait?
  14. Engineer
    Engineer 22 December 2015 08: 49
    Not quite so, the fact is that the plant - the Voronezh Mechanical Plant is not included in the KBHA, as the author wrote. KBHA is located on the territory of the plant, but their management is different. The landfill is generally located on the outskirts of the city with a picturesque view of the reservoir, where, with luck, you can observe a spectacular picture of the test of engines at night.
    1. Starina_hank
      Starina_hank 22 December 2015 17: 31
      "Brilliant" move! At the Kurgan Machine-Building Plant, all production has long been divided into separate "factories", each is headed by its own general director and its own pyramid of power. Is it possible to create something worthwhile with such an organization ?? And to master money is easy!
    2. Starina_hank
      Starina_hank 22 December 2015 17: 31
      "Brilliant" move! At the Kurgan Machine-Building Plant, all production has long been divided into separate "factories", each is headed by its own general director and its own pyramid of power. Is it possible to create something worthwhile with such an organization ?? And to master money is easy!
      1. Siberia 9444
        Siberia 9444 23 December 2015 17: 46
        One to one Russian Railways
  15. Jozhkin Cat
    Jozhkin Cat 22 December 2015 08: 50
    So in about any more or less serious enterprise, alas, the director and the white house do not care what’s going on in the shops, how and how people live, when the employees score above 75 and above.
    1. tao
      tao 22 December 2015 21: 44
      And I do not understand the people working at such enterprises for a ridiculous salary of 12-30 thousand rubles. Okay, pensioners and people of pre-retirement age are understandable, but when a guy 30-45 works for this money, it ... It’s necessary to quit all such staff from such enterprises, then maybe someone will think about it above. But there will always be one who agrees to plow for such a salary.
      1. aaz
        aaz 24 December 2015 11: 34
        Well, where will you go when the same thing is everywhere?
  16. pravednik
    pravednik 22 December 2015 08: 53
    The most important thing is not the governments, the president doesn’t read this, they don’t know, and they don’t want to know and read what people write. And they don’t even want to get to the bottom of the matter. We don’t have engineers, there are only managers who are dumb but greedy for money. Not in vain they study abroad, they only learn how to destroy Russia. And the country's leadership encourages this. Does Ragozin really not understand this? And these appointments are carried out by acquaintance to see.
    1. Glukashin
      Glukashin 22 December 2015 23: 42
      You still do not understand that Ragozin is a common slime dish? In vain. They showed an episode of his dialogue with Putin about the delay in launching a new cosmodrome, he spat straight out of frustration. Essence (not verbatim)
      Putin Well, what is there? Problems?
      Ragozin. Yes, but we work !!! By the new year we’ll launch a rocket !!!
      P. No need to rush, the main thing is no accident ... well, let it be in spring, in March, there, April ...
      R. Yes !! Got you !!! We will do the Cosmonautics Day !!!!
      P. (grimacing) Yes, you don’t need to bind to dates, the main thing is reliability ...
      R. Yes !!! I understand you, let's do it !!!
      1. ssss605
        ssss605 23 December 2015 02: 35
        He knows!!! He is a philosopher !!! wink
  17. Jurkovs
    Jurkovs 22 December 2015 08: 57
    And in such a difficult situation, KBHA was able to proactively create methane C.86.5 and work out on it almost all the methane heating technology, its total percentage composition and much more. Now any of our design bureaus can take advantage of these data and bring the era of methane engines closer. Glory to KBHA!
    This is not the first time I have read articles by this author, and this is not the first time I have advised him not to be lazy and go deeper into the topic.
  18. looker-on
    looker-on 22 December 2015 09: 21
    Quote: Jozhkin the Cat
    So in about any more or less serious enterprise, alas, the director and the white house do not care what’s going on in the shops, how and how people live, when the employees score above 75 and above.

    75 thousand .... are there such sn at managers? 200-300 thousand
  19. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 22 December 2015 09: 31
    In Soviet times, the director of an enterprise was a person who went through all the "steps" from a simple engineer or even from a worker to the head of an enterprise. Such a manager thoroughly knew the technological process of his production. In modern Russia, such leaders have already disappeared, died out like mammoths or were pushed aside from the leadership of "effective managers." The worst thing is that our leadership considers all kinds of "economists", "financiers", "managers" to be the most advanced guiding and driving force of the economy and, oddly enough, "production". "Industrialists-technicians" are considered in our country as "pests" who slow down "production" by putting forward their "stupid" requirements and they must always be "rushed" and kept away from management. Alas, these are the realities of the Russian economy - the "projectors" are idiots at the helm, and those who know how to "do something with their hands" are pushed aside.
    1. denis02135
      denis02135 23 December 2015 03: 44
      Dear Monster_Fat

      You are wrong, there were appointees, at my factory the director was a Raykom nominee, and he was tying a denyuzhka even like that. So during the USSR, too, not everything was good.
    2. aaz
      aaz 24 December 2015 11: 37
      we have the same
  20. Dazdranagon
    Dazdranagon 22 December 2015 09: 39
    This is so everywhere, write letters to Putin!
  21. Griadotop
    Griadotop 22 December 2015 09: 53
    Our country is tired of "effective managers". In all the institutes where specialists are supposed to be trained, economic faculties have appeared. Tell me, why the hell in our country so many under-economists who have been whipped up to get a higher education diploma? Don't we need a designer and specialized engineers? One gets the impression that we do not have a country, but one large trading floor.
  22. kirgudu
    kirgudu 22 December 2015 10: 15
    After the QW from the SU-24, one does not have to be surprised at effective managers. Already not even funny.
    1. Pacifist
      Pacifist 22 December 2015 10: 53
      What surprised me. The board is not flooded with a compound !!! Hands freaks designers pull! Horseradish is useful from ChN if the main element does not have protection against explosive dynamic loads. When designing rocket models, I poured control modules with epoxy in the palace of pioneers so that they would not collapse upon an unsuccessful landing. I want to cry from this shit.
      1. kirgudu
        kirgudu 22 December 2015 11: 21
        So then, with the bloody USSR, the boards were filled with the blood of infants, and now no, no!
      2. Starina_hank
        Starina_hank 22 December 2015 17: 42
        The managers agreed with the customers and removed the "extra" operation from the technical process !!? On the face of "saving" money and time! By the way, the test was carried out by the same test engineers as at the KBKhA test site. "Effective" management is evident!
      3. opus
        opus 22 December 2015 18: 35
        Quote: Pacifist
        What surprised me. The board is not flooded with a compound !!! Hands freaks designers pull!

        it would not help

        KPTD: works in the temperature range from minus 60? C to plus 250? C.

        Provide effective heat dissipation (respectively, supply) and electrical insulation due to increased heat-conducting and dielectric properties of ceramic fillers, conformity to contact surfaces and pronounced thermal relaxation.

        An on-board flight data recorder installed on the Su-24 is capable of withstanding shock overloads of up to 3 units and temperatures of up to 400 degrees Celsius
        The impact was such that the metal outer casing was damaged and vibration filling did not save
        1. ARS56
          ARS56 22 December 2015 21: 45
          Chips were not filled. Only thermal protection. In the absence of filling, thin fiberglass and a rare arrangement of mounting points of the board is the whole problem. Such mistakes in the USSR could be made only by young specialists on the first day of work, but they had senior comrades who would force them to redo everything. A shame. Though retire from work again go ...
          1. opus
            opus 22 December 2015 22: 02
            Quote: ARS56
            lack of fill, thin fiberglass and the rare location of the mounting points of the board is the whole problem.

            the board flew after the explosion of the warhead of the explosive rocket, or after falling to the ground.
            Not the point.
            After damage, the La-board (interface, power supply) is no longer needed. Flash-Memory would not have been saved by the "filling" either. Well, the case (protective capsule) is damaged.
            The board breaks, if the fault passes through the EPROM, then it breaks, and without the KPTD there is a chance that it will bounce (tear off the regular connection points), with the compound, it will break 100%
            1. Pathfinder_II
              Pathfinder_II 24 December 2015 02: 06
              > Not the point.
              This is important because shock loads are different.
              > and without KPTD there is a chance ...
              The microcircuits themselves are unsuccessful, the place of contact with the board (number * area of ​​contact pads) is huge, the likelihood that it will tear out all the legs before the board is destroyed is insignificant // it is interesting to know what kind of microcircuits were used. Perhaps if the board were thicker, with an inner layer of copper under the chip, the load would be more evenly distributed and not break the IC.
    2. iouris
      iouris 22 December 2015 12: 00
      The procurement manager worked efficiently: I purchased the chips. Very cheap.
      The question is different: why did you start this gimmick with a drive, if there is radar monitoring data, if you can’t prove anything using these data, especially since the drive is very badly damaged?
      1. serverny
        serverny 22 December 2015 15: 17
        There was only one sense from CHN - the recording of radio conversations and the absence of any warnings from the Turks. For this, they bother with the media and the invitation of overseas experts - they were so sure of the record.

        It is a pity that effective managers in the production of black boxes cut money and quit.
        1. opus
          opus 22 December 2015 23: 35
          Quote: serverny
          There was only one sense from CH

          It used to be called an RPD (FDR) flight data recorder: speed, altitude, coordinates, evolution of control elements, parameters Du and so on.
          Enough to prove "flew in or not."
          -------------------------------------------------- ---
          The Turks, by the way, if the stigma was not in the cannon: they would immediately provide the RPD parameters.
          Everything is visible there: where the launch was RVV, flew / did not fly, what was broadcasting, etc.
          something like this:

          and no compound

          refractory powder only
        2. Pathfinder_II
          Pathfinder_II 24 December 2015 02: 16
          strangely, Khodor "quit" and even left the country, and this did not stop him from initiating a criminal case against him and putting him on the international wanted list. And these managers are probably still in Russia and no one will answer.
      2. opus
        opus 22 December 2015 23: 50
        Quote: iouris
        if there is radar monitoring data,

        and such data was provided by MO?

        or screenshots of the radar screen?


        A "presentation"

        she’s not really. Any manager can do
      3. Pathfinder_II
        Pathfinder_II 24 December 2015 02: 13
        1. no one apparently initially knew about the parameters that can be read from the recorder. And he did not know about the possibility of constructing an aircraft route using them and determining its position during the attack of the "Turkmen" aircraft. Or they considered it unnecessary to inform these parameters (we are all "tupacs", why do we need this);
        2. no one, knowing the internal structure of the "black box" (in every sense of the word), based on external damage, could not assume the degree of destruction of information carriers;
  23. Mera joota
    Mera joota 22 December 2015 10: 22
    .... and at that time in the damned USA (well, there is a public debt there, drank dough, etc. patriots remember) SpaceX launched its Falcon 9 which not only put the satellites into orbit, but also landed (exactly where they planned ) first stage ...
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 22 December 2015 11: 09
      In the USA, all space exploration and development programs are supported by money, and good money, and there are private traders, competition - and the return level is a good indicator of all this.
    2. IS-80
      IS-80 22 December 2015 11: 27
      Quote: Mera Joota
      .... and at that time in the damned USA (well, there is a public debt there, drank dough, etc. patriots remember) SpaceX launched its Falcon 9 which not only put the satellites into orbit, but also landed (exactly where they planned ) first stage ...

      So what? Expand your thought.
      1. Dazdranagon
        Dazdranagon 22 December 2015 14: 49
        Quote: IS-80
        So what? Expand your thought.
        - and yet we are again catching up! hi
        1. Awaz
          Awaz 23 December 2015 00: 08
          I've also seen this landing .... Actually, it surprises me, but why? Why can't a stage land on a parachute? it’s definitely cheaper ... In addition, this stage did not produce all the fuel, and in order to push it back you need to have much greater strength than in order to shoot once.
          I don’t know what goals they pursue, but I don’t see any practical benefit from such garbage. If only the moon is lazy, but it seems that they already have experience and why come up with something new or not?
          1. Mera joota
            Mera joota 23 December 2015 08: 04
            Quote: AwaZ
            I don’t know what goals they pursue, but I don’t see any practical benefit from such garbage

            The goal is simple, keep the most expensive engines. It will not work otherwise.
            1. Awaz
              Awaz 23 December 2015 11: 16
              Do you think that after such a take-off and landing, the engines will not need to be sorted out and overhauled? Well, in general - the engine, if you save it, you can probably run the maximum again, then it will be dangerous.
              Although of course you can conduct experiments, but in my opinion - this is not a breakthrough. This is a stomp on the spot, a waste of enormous resources and forces on a dubious result.
              Of course, I’m far from astronautics and probably don’t understand something, but common sense says that all this bullshit
      2. Ezhaak
        Ezhaak 22 December 2015 16: 17
        Quote: IS-80
        Expand your thought.

        And what is there to deploy? There are no people in Russia who can share their money. While accumulation prevails. And no one wants to share the profit either. Prevails: Me, me, and again me.
      3. Mera joota
        Mera joota 23 December 2015 08: 02
        Quote: IS-80
        So what? Expand your thought.

        World cosmonautics (which is typical in private!) Is making leaps into the future, the fall of Russian cosmonautics is swift and cannot be stopped (in existing realities).
    3. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 22 December 2015 16: 25
      In, the other day my wife was forced to pay for PayPal alone
      dollar for something. I say: "don't be greedy, this is Elon Mack, for
      then to land a new rocket exactly on ...
      And now - the dollar helped - it worked! laughing
  24. stargigant
    stargigant 22 December 2015 10: 47
    Does the government even read the article? Although this article reached the President of the Russian Federation.

    In general, first of all, there should be product quality and a stable salary for NGO workers. Then we will be proud of our country.
    1. Starina_hank
      Starina_hank 22 December 2015 17: 45
      Yes, he has no time to read our "nonsense", he runs the country from the galley!
    2. Starina_hank
      Starina_hank 22 December 2015 17: 45
      Yes, he has no time to read our "nonsense", he runs the country from the galley!
  25. Pacifist
    Pacifist 22 December 2015 10: 59
    Roman, maybe it's worth letting this information through a public reception? Just raise the wave so that you pay attention or for example through ONF.
  26. GUKTU
    GUKTU 22 December 2015 11: 08
    I am deeply convinced, and no one will convince me that our country is being politely, quietly poured into the joyful shouts of jingoistic patriots! We have good things only on paper, but a real picture of life, everyday life, etc. just terrifying !!! The whole point of being in power is the personal enrichment of officials and their many relatives. We will soon bend from such "care" ... And this is in a country where there are huge deposits of minerals, where there is a lot of forest, a lot of arable land.
    1. Pacifist
      Pacifist 22 December 2015 11: 31
      The paradox of the situation is that this applies not only to state enterprises. We have the same garbage at work, even though we have a completely commercial structure. A new leadership came and was approved by the owners of the company. They do not understand nikhren in the specifics, but at the same time, with enthusiasm worthy of a better application, they began, under the slogans of increasing efficiency, to break everything that had been created by the work of employees for almost 20 years. It's pointless to prove anything. They are like a log, do not listen. The results are dire. But the worst thing is, when they ruin everything, you won't be able to make claims against them. "We did what we were told!" and then they will dump, and they will put ticks in their resume and move on, and the case will die out. So this is not a disease of the state, but a general trend. It is not the most competent people who break through to management, but individuals with beautiful diplomas and bullish pressure. The fact that at the same time they have a brain with one gyrus and no knowledge of the subject does not seem to bother anyone. The main thing is correct acquaintances and the ability to carry garbage with a smart look. These are the disastrous things. And the gos, sadness of course. For too long, a system of governance with a Slavic identity has been entrapped. Here is the result.
      1. Bator
        Bator 22 December 2015 14: 26
        Exactly! Even in private enterprises it's the same! Although, what I say is private. There used to be a State Plant, then an OJSC, and then privatized for one kopeck (they made an LLC). And they drive the juices out of everything that is possible. Investing money in production only so that it does not bend. Defective menageries are everywhere. People have been cut ("we will add your salary at the expense of the saved funds"). Hareen. Full savings on modernization (squeeze equipment from 80-90 years to complete collapse). Money is allocated so that production does not collapse. I agree with the article that if you have one profession during the day, another in the evening, and a third on the night shift, the salary is the same and therefore the result is predictable.
    2. Glukashin
      Glukashin 22 December 2015 23: 56
      This is not patriots cheers, believe me, the vast majority are paid commentators. They appeared in large numbers after the protests of 11-12 years, when the authorities suddenly realized the importance of the Internet. Prior to this, one hundred comments scolding the government accounted for hardly one in a row.
  27. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 22 December 2015 11: 42
    In the USA, such "loud" "managers" who can only work with "language", but with big ambitions, who in the words "can do everything" and "can do everything", are called "Big Mouth Guys" - that is, "Guys with Big Mouths "...
  28. ZAV69
    ZAV69 22 December 2015 12: 34
    The situation of the majority of enterprises in Russia is described. In Rostelecom, this is exactly what is happening
  29. Tektor
    Tektor 22 December 2015 13: 01
    It was exactly the same at the Academy of Sciences in the 90s ...
  30. hammer stalker
    hammer stalker 22 December 2015 13: 03
    Boguchansky aluminum plant. Also super ecological, with a closed system. Without harmful emissions into the atmosphere. But in fact, neither of which works. All smokes. The pipes run. And aluminum is poured from aluminum that is being transported from Bratsk. Well, somehow.
  31. Russian jacket
    Russian jacket 22 December 2015 13: 10
    yeah ... I repeat. The most effective managers are like that, not only in finances, but also according to Putin, as specialists, when you need to lick an ass from a superior boss. People without principles and self-esteem, but with lordly manners.
  32. gergi
    gergi 22 December 2015 13: 31
    Why go far, Mosenergo! Effective managers came and declared that we do not understand a damn thing in the energy sector, but we will teach you how to work. First of all, they overtook those who produced mega and hygiene, spawned a bunch of the main specialists of the breed, not sowing and not sowing but not small salaries regularly received. One with a bipod and on his neck seven with spoons screech in the first way, managery. The people are already Satan! Zadolbala this bastard. Moscow will soon be left without electricity. Inflation is eating up salaries, for several years there has been no indexation, only salaries for managers, loved ones, are overwhelming for work. It’s not a joke, to shift pieces of paper from table to table with a meaningful look.
    1. Ing40
      Ing40 22 December 2015 15: 43
      I apologize for being off topic. Congratulations on your professional holiday, colleague hi !!!
  33. nikolarjabzev
    nikolarjabzev 22 December 2015 13: 31
    It's all nonsense! Everything is OK with us. Only ACS slows us down !!!
  34. Dimach
    Dimach 22 December 2015 13: 43
    Recently there was an article on how many and which factories were built under Putin.
    Livestock, screwdriver assembly from foreign parts and other crap.
    Let it be better to officially publish so much of everything poher and is on the verge of ruin over the past 15 years, so to speak for an objective assessment of the board.
  35. Bayun
    Bayun 22 December 2015 14: 42
    Locally described is the national slice of the global SYSTEM crisis. Upstairs everyone knows everything. The Western economy did not take root in the Russian Kingdom (NORTH). The NORTH national economy means: concentration of energy flow INSIDE the country, with a symbolic price of energy and fuel for the people. An investor who wants cheap energy should build a plant with technologies (not with assembly!) In Russia, and not get hydrocarbons through the pipe. An analogue of the scheme with cheap labor in SEA. Also, the economy of the north rejects commercial% (parasitizes on financial flows) and commercial propaganda - marketing and advertising, the essence of which is generating income from distorting information flows in the economic space. High-tech enterprises without the northern triune state administration TECHNOLOGY will not survive. State power - autocracy; professional management (Ministries, industry unions) - the best by profession, in fact - the republican form of government; local government (villages, homeowners associations, etc.) - democracy.

    The sovereign, without relying on specialists in industry and other substantive issues, loses not only power, but also the state. From personal experience, I can say that for 10 normal top state managers with a VALUE today there are 100 crooks, half of whom are brazen outright thieves, 10% are OPEN enemies of the people and the Motherland, and the remaining 40% are "sons" and their friends boobies - lovers of "fun". Weak, but gladdened that the situation in the US and the EU is exactly the same.

    In the framework of the analysis according to the old model (capitalism-socialism), the world (not only Russian) economy is OBJECTIVELY doomed to extinction.

    Today's exit for the Russian Kingdom: URGENT reconstruction of the State Planning Commission and branch ministries.
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 22 December 2015 15: 08
      An empty idea - the sense from these guys will be the same.
      1. Bayun
        Bayun 22 December 2015 21: 00
        To be honest, you are right. When at a meeting in the Government on a very technical topic out of 30 sitting, only 1 (!) Understands what the speech is actually about - here except: "here, it is like - Mikhalych" and there are no words. Everything rests on enthusiasts who are also in the system and are forced to "steal", and then invest the "stolen" in personnel, technology and equipment at their factories. Unfortunately, the generation of sons of Politburo members, Marshals and Colonel-Generals en masse - rotten, plush and corrupt. There are rare isolated exceptions, but this makes life even harder for "our own" than for us for ordinary people. One hope (if without the next revolutions) is to bring up the right grandchildren;)
        1. Glukashin
          Glukashin 23 December 2015 00: 17
          The government is well said. But about the sons of members of the Politburo did not understand? Who are they? What they rule, what kind of business empires? Such statements, in my opinion, are intended to divert attention from the true culprits of the collapse of the country, well known to all. Again, they say, the scoop reached out.
          And the proposal not to protest, and to shift all problems to grandchildren is generally enchanting! And what will the grandchildren restore?
  36. AlexA
    AlexA 22 December 2015 14: 43
    Bitterly, but for sure. And the conclusions are reasonable.
    In Perm, at Perm Motors, we also have all "effective managers" in key positions. And the engines of the first stage of the Proton are Perm.
    And the salary order is the same.
    Tears ...
  37. Alexander_
    Alexander_ 22 December 2015 15: 24
    Big F, the lumen is not very visible.
  38. NordUral
    NordUral 22 December 2015 15: 34
    With such a sad approach, things will not work out in the Danish kingdom of crooked mirrors. What Rogozin is an effective and omnivorous menager, he himself appoints such.
  39. Specialist 77
    Specialist 77 22 December 2015 15: 54
    friends .... most likely I will run into a flurry of criticism, but I will tell you about one enterprise (which, in addition to the "mace" and "blue", also manufactures components for peaceful space ..... so, let's just say, a representative of a dynasty, workers of this enterprise .... business with production, such technically complex, units as rocket engines are on the eve of complete ... and the point is not only that the machine tool park is morally obsolete (with proper maintenance, you can to work on this equipment ... and even effectively ...) ... and not only in personnel (although at this enterprise, they are of retirement age ...) ... but in the management team ... .even in the cloudy 90s, the enterprise continued to release products, kept the material and technical base, by any means kept specialists from dismissal (he himself fell under the "young specialists" project ...) and so .... at the beginning of 2000, I had to leave this enterprise, for good reasons .... only returned in 2014 .... and what did I see ..... half of the territory of the defense enterprise yatiya sold to private traders .... the buildings are without equipment .... the output is at such a low level that not only the quality control department, but also basic measurements of the layman, such details will not be missed .... equipment is sold at the price of scrap metal. .... could not stand it .... worked for a year, left ..... I think that if in the defense industry, there is such a mess, what can I say, about peaceful space ...
  40. 16112014nk
    16112014nk 22 December 2015 16: 18
    Quote: Andrey Yurievich
    we have so many beautiful words

    About "effective managers".
    "There are people who always speak only clever and good words,
    But you feel that they are stupid people. "
    A. P. Chekhov
    And such "effective" ones are in abundance in all governing bodies. The vicious system of negative selection to power since 1917, aggravated since the 2000s. As one official from the Accounts Chamber used to say: Wherever you go, there are clans-relatives, wives, children.
  41. Tarn-off
    Tarn-off 22 December 2015 16: 38
    KBHA - where is it? In Voronezh? Is this material discussed in the material?
    1. s.melioxin
      s.melioxin 22 December 2015 18: 11
      Quote: TARN-OFF
      KBHA - where is it? In Voronezh? Is this material discussed in the material?
      Yes Dear, this is the one in Voronezh. It’s bad for him there now. There is no catastrophe yet, but it is brewing. And if you talk about the plant VMZ itself, the picture will become even more deplorable. Such a plant almost ditch. 1985, 24000 thousand people worked, together with the KBHA. Almost the highest salary in the city. Specialists sought there. And now the plant keeps only at the expense of retirees and disabled people. In the morning you stand and see who is going to make rocketry. Heart bleeds. May God grant them health, but in this state they should be at home for about 10 years. In this particular case. The hope is that we will break through. Time is a pity.
      1. dmitriy_s
        dmitriy_s 19 January 2016 02: 18
        In 2014, I saw a vacancy from KBHA for an electrician, they promised a 25k salary. But then I left the army, but in November 2015 I returned - no vacancies, moreover, neither at the KBKHA or at the VMZ. YES and the news is still here come across.
  42. isker
    isker 22 December 2015 17: 45
    Quote: Evgeniy667b
    Mr. Oleg Sienko! Well, he loves PR. As they said in the old days, it is necessary to drive from the factory a filthy broom!

    - a Jew?
    - a Jew.
    - To the wall!
    - So am I - Eternal ?!
    - To the wall! ..
    And the eternal Jew is gone.
    (Golden calf)
  43. Cap.Morgan
    Cap.Morgan 22 December 2015 19: 24
    I re-read here recently an article about the Stalingrad Tractor. Early 30s article
    If you read it with understanding and analysis, removing toasts and fanfare, then the situation is catastrophic.
    Workers cannot do anything and drive the marriage. Tractors, even those that were created to show the bosses, are scattering before our eyes .... in general, nothing has changed in principle.
    The war, however, was won.
    So maybe not only with us.
    But they, too ... can only explain this.
  44. onix757
    onix757 22 December 2015 21: 23
    The point is the following, they finish the Soviet legacy and that's it .. The authorities haven’t learned to create anything, it teaches us to think that we cannot be the first, it rides what the industry still allows, and success can only be achieved with "partners". A functionary from Roscosmos sits like this a few years ago and rubs the audience on the TV that it is, in principle, not realistic to plant the falcon stage, and in general we do not need projects with an incomprehensible economic effect and we need to focus on near-earth orbit as our ancestors did. Well, what can you expect from this riffraff? We are obviously in a losing position when liberalism is in the heads of the rulers. T
  45. Governor
    Governor 22 December 2015 22: 28
    In the meantime: "The State Duma deputies in the third, final reading adopted a bill allowing FSB officers to shoot at a crowd of people to prevent a terrorist attack, release hostages, and also to" repel a group armed attack on critical and potentially dangerous objects or facilities of state authorities. "

    It is clear that this will not stop the revolution, but the fact itself is interesting. What do you say, gentlemen, cheers of the putriots?
    Seem to be repeated to the nearest year.
  46. tolancop
    tolancop 22 December 2015 22: 37
    There are no censorship words. Unsuitable.
    IMHO, all experience cries out that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to set up accountants to manage factories ... Apparently, it doesn’t reach.
  47. Seneca
    Seneca 23 December 2015 00: 31
    Quote: Cap.Morgan
    How many are already releasing, these Protons.
    Years 30-40? I want to ask, have the technologies stopped their development? All? Nothing new appeared? The Americans seem to be developing a new generation of engines, and they’ll have another new spaceship about to appear, and we’ve been producing space technology developed by Korolev and will probably continue to do this for another hundred years. By the way, we did have a research program for Mars. All ? Something is not heard about her ...

    And about the lunar program, everything died out. Here you have to follow the success of the Americans .. there is at least some kind of movement. So SpaceX finally made the completely successful launch of the Falcon 9 .. For the first time in history, part of the rocket returned only on single propulsion devices. Now they are at the forefront of progress in space.
  48. ssss605
    ssss605 23 December 2015 02: 39
    Kirdyk will come to our cosmonautics! A couple of months ago I was at Baikonur .... You can’t imagine what kind of arctic fox is there ....!
      PHANTOM-AS 23 December 2015 02: 46
      Quote: ssss605
      .You do not imagine what kind of arctic fox ....!

      Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it's a disguise! that no one would have guessed that the country was rising from its knees.
      1. ssss605
        ssss605 23 December 2015 03: 38
        I understand everything .... not ours ... Kazakhstan rules there! but as if he had been in Syria after the bombing! ...
  49. VS
    VS 23 December 2015 09: 39
    Another transfer of the factory for sale ...
  50. Horn
    Horn 23 December 2015 10: 09
    No one can convince me that a person who knows the kitchen from the inside should lead the production. Metallurgical - metallurgy (it doesn’t matter: a distributor, a housekeeper, a lawn mower), a design engineer should supervise a design bureau, etc.! The accountant CANNOT manage the enterprise! His brains work differently. This they can simply replace the accountant and nothing will change (if not to steal, of course) - the same program, the same postings, payments and KBC. And only a techie knows, for example, that it is impossible to put discharge lamps in a workshop where there are parts rotating at a speed of more than 50 rpm to save energy. or turn off the ventilation in the mine face!