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In Syria, Islamists ripped off evacuation from Shiite areas

Militants of the coalition group "Jaish al-Fatah" violated the local truce and shelled the settlements of Al-Foy and Kefray, thereby disrupting the planned evacuation of civilians, reports report local media reports.

As a result of the shelling, one civilian was killed and several injured.

On Sunday, it was reported on the intention of the authorities to evacuate people from their Shiite areas in northwestern Syria. It was planned to withdraw about 380 people, which then should have been shipped to Damascus and Beirut.

There is no state-wide plan for a peaceful settlement of the conflict in Syria, therefore, the authorities have to negotiate with the militants on local truces.

The agency recalls that on Saturday, the UN Security Council "adopted a resolution in support of the political process in Syria." The document implies the announcement of a truce in the country (not applicable to groups recognized as terrorist) and the transition to a peaceful settlement of the conflict. The Security Council also called for pressure on the Syrian government and the formation of the opposition with a view to a complete cease-fire.
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Ammar Abdullah / Reuters
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  1. oleg-gr
    oleg-gr 21 December 2015 13: 32
    And is this moderate opposition? Destroys women and children for being Shiites?
    1. Sasha 19871987
      Sasha 19871987 21 December 2015 13: 34
      this goofy scumbags, not the political opposition ... catch and hang this infection ...
      1. 79807420129
        79807420129 21 December 2015 14: 04
        Quote: Sasha 19871987
        this goofy scumbags, not the political opposition ... catch and hang this infection ...

        Catching and hanging too long, it’s better to immediately put air order into the ground and bomb.
    2. The black
      The black 21 December 2015 13: 35
      NO . These are ordinary bandits who have become "moderate" thanks to their American and Saudi backers. smile
      1. padded jacket
        padded jacket 21 December 2015 13: 47
        For a long time, everything is clear, everyone who is against Assad of the people of Syria and its army are terrorists and they do not have a separation between good and bad.
        It is very pleasing that thanks to Russia and other allies of Syria, its army takes on the form of an army rather than a people's militia and at least it has body armor and helmets.
  2. knn54
    knn54 21 December 2015 13: 43
    NO negotiations, it is advisable not to take prisoner.
  3. gukoyan
    gukoyan 21 December 2015 13: 44
    Do not differ from the IG ...
  4. gladysheff2010
    gladysheff2010 21 December 2015 13: 49
    God grant patience to Assad! I couldn’t, I shot this infection from artillery!
  5. Россия 24
    Россия 24 21 December 2015 13: 53
    They will become moderate in a bullet’s head from those women who were hiding from shelling with their children.
  6. Egor123
    Egor123 21 December 2015 13: 54
    I also have an "opposition" ...... The same ISIS ....
  7. Extraneous
    Extraneous 21 December 2015 13: 58
    So Russia has a reason to include this group in the list of terrorist organizations.
  8. vobels
    vobels 21 December 2015 13: 59
    Thugs they will be thugs, whatever you call them: moderate or radical. They can be "pacified" only through destruction.
    1. Ezhaak
      Ezhaak 21 December 2015 14: 23
      Quote: vobels
      They can be "pacified" only through destruction.

      But what about those who are being helped by the whole of Europe, led by the United Nations Civil Aviation? The helpers will cry and the UN will send calls.
  9. Starik72
    Starik72 21 December 2015 14: 54
    Until the thugs from the USA and EUROPE, the thugs in Syria and everywhere, calm down, DON'T GRAVE !!! THESE THREAT THOUGHTS ARE SATISFIED ONLY BY DEATH!
  10. olimpiada15
    olimpiada15 21 December 2015 15: 01
    As required, the militants are always terrorists, and anyone who takes up arms and money, especially from representatives of other states, is a traitor and a terrorist.
    As for the opposition, i.e. people really striving to change the state, there are such people in any country, they have been holding arms in the ranks of government troops and militias for 4 years now defending their people and their country from mercenary terrorists, and do not earn on the murders of fellow citizens.
    And the screams of representatives of some countries about the protection of the "moderate opposition" are nothing more than the protection of paid mercenaries in order to tear off a piece of Syria and destroy the state.