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The myth of the "preventive measures": some interpretations of the plan "Barbarossa"


Expose the lies of Rezun-Suvorov and his followers

18 December 1940 of the Third Reich führer Adolf Hitler signed Directive No. 21 (the Barbarossa Plan).

Six months later, in June 1941, Nazi Germany and its satellites set about implementing their sinister plans. This led to the death of millions of Soviet people and gigantic material losses.

It is also necessary to write about the blitzkrieg plan because the very fact of its development and adoption in 1940 clearly shows how deceitful and cynical is the myth of Germany’s “preventive measures” against the USSR. For many years, he has been promoted by a traitor to the Motherland and a falsifier. stories Victor Rezun-Suvorov and his followers.

In 1978, Rezun, who worked in Geneva at the Swiss GRU residency under the "roof" of the USSR Permanent Mission to the United Nations, intimately approached a foreigner. And behind him, as it turned out, were Western intelligence agencies.

And as soon as Rezun was blackmailed (unconventional orientation in the ranks of the Soviet special services, to put it mildly, was not welcomed), he "chose freedom", asking for political asylum in the UK. There, being under the hood of the British special services, the traitor to the Motherland became a historian.

Under the guise of "Viktor Suvorov," books began to appear that distorted the real history and defamed the USSR. They are still overwhelmed with shelves of many bookstores in Russia - the so-called Western partners never spared money for the duping (Alexander Zinoviev's term - ON).

Particularly insistently, Rezun-Suvorov insisted that the outbreak of World War II was primarily the fault of the Soviet Union, and the German invasion of our territory was a "preventive war." Germany, it turns out, was forced to attack the Red Army, which was preparing to attack it.

Who stood at the origins of the plan blitzkrieg

In fact, Hitler had been hatching plans for an attack on the USSR since the 1920s. Long before 22 June 1941, he explicitly stated:

"We, the National Socialists, quite deliberately put an end to all German foreign policy before the war. We want to return to the point at which our old development of 600 interrupted years ago. We want to suspend the eternal German drive to the south and west of Europe and definitely we point our finger in the direction of the territories located in the east.We finally break with the colonial and commercial policies of the pre-war period and consciously turn to the policy of conquering new lands in Europe.

When we talk about the conquest of new lands in Europe, we, of course, can mean, first of all, only Russia and those marginal states that are subordinate to it. "

Hitler gave the team to start developing a plan for the defeat of the USSR only a few days after 22 June 1940 of the year France was defeated and capitulated.

However, before receiving the Führer’s order, the Chief of the General Staff of the Ground Forces, Colonel-General Franz Halder, on his own initiative, began to study the question of "delivering a military strike to Russia."

21 July at a meeting with the commanders of the armed forces of Germany, Hitler outlined the main objectives of the war against the Soviet Union.

On July 31, the Führer met with Halder, Commander-in-Chief of the Land Forces of the General Staff Marshal Walter von Brauchitsch, Chief of Staff of the Supreme High Command of the German Armed Forces (OKW) Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel and Chief of the Operational Headquarters of the General Command of the German Chief Operations Officer Wilhelm Keitel and Chief of the Operational Headquarters of the General Command

Hitler, who had a burning desire to defeat the USSR already in 1940, had to abandon this idea. The generals convinced him that it was necessary to thoroughly prepare for the upcoming war - to build airfields, roads, warehouses and much more. As a result, it was decided to attack the USSR no later than May 1941 of the year and crush it a maximum of five months - before the onset of autumn.

The time from August to November was spent on developing a plan for the upcoming campaign. A significant contribution to the planning of the war against the USSR was made by 1 of the chief quartermaster of the Army General Staff, Lieutenant General Friedrich Paulus, Chief of Staff of the 18 Army, Major General Erich Marx, Lieutenant Colonel Bernhard Lossberg.

In November, 1940, Halder reported to Brauchitsch the project “Otto” - the plan of war against the USSR was firstly named. After some revision, the plan lay on the table to the Führer. 18 December, Hitler signed Directive No. 21 (Barbarossa plan), and 3 February 1941 of the year approved the directive on the strategic deployment of ground forces according to the Barbarossa plan. She was sent to the headquarters of the three groups of armies, air forces and naval forces.

And in late February, the deployment of the German army groups "North", Center "and" South "near the borders of the USSR began. Rezun-Suvorov prefers not to recall this.

Rosenberg against Rezun-Suvorov

Another documentary refutation of fantasies and fakes of Rezun-Suvorov was Alfred Rosenberg’s Political Journal published in 2015 in Russian.

2 April 1941, the main Nazi ideologue recorded in it information about the joyful event for yourself: "Rosenberg, now is your hour!" With these words the Führer completed a two-hour conversation with me today ... "

The conversation took place in connection with the appointment of Rosenberg as the Commissioner for the centralized processing of issues of Eastern European territory. Camouflage will be dropped after the German attack on the Soviet Union: from 17 July 1941, Rosenberg will be referred to as the Reich Minister of the occupied Eastern Territories. He has been preparing for this mission since April.

Noteworthy is another entry made by Rosenberg 1 May 1941: “I just wrote 5 flyers: to the Red Army, to the Russian people, to Ukrainians, Caucasians and the people of the Baltic States. With all the relevant nuances that historical conditions and political objectives require.”

As we see, the preparation for a "preventive war" was very detailed and thorough, with "all the relevant nuances."

20 June, when the Nazis had already prepared for a strike on the USSR, Rosenberg appealed to the higher generals with an explanation of the political objectives of the upcoming campaign and plans to dismember the Soviet Union.

He said: “Today we are not looking for a“ crusade ”against Bolshevism only in order to free the“ poor Russians ”for all time from this Bolshevism, but in order to pursue German world politics and ensure the security of the German Reich ... War to create indivisible Russia is therefore excluded. Replacing Stalin with a new tsar and even the appointment of a nationalist leader will lead to the mobilization of all the energy in this territory against us. The place of this, although customary to this day, concept of united Russia is completely a different look at Eastern issues ... "

It was planned to dismember the USSR, to appropriate resources, to destroy part of the population, and to ruthlessly exploit the rest.

Rosenberg didn’t hide it, noting: “The feeding of the German people is undoubtedly at the forefront when it comes to German demands in the East. And here the southern regions and the North Caucasus will find reserves for feeding the German people. But we don’t see our debt in ... feeding the Russian people as well. We know that this is a tough necessity that makes you forget about any feelings. Undoubtedly, enormous exploitation will be necessary, and the Russian people expect tough years. "

The Nazi ideologue and the German generals did not anticipate that hard times were not just for the Russian people ...

An attempt to implement the plan "Barbarossa" did not lead to another triumph of the German weaponswhat all its developers counted on. Already on the fourth day of the war, Erich Marx, who was considered in Germany almost the main specialist in Russia, came under fire, was seriously wounded and eventually lost his leg. And in July 1941, Keitel found out about the death of a tanker son.

The number of casualties in Germany grew with each passing day, and the chances of victoriously ending the war — no longer until the fall, but at least someday - became less and less.

The Barbarossa plan turned out to be a common and fatal mistake of Hitler and his generals.
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  1. Same lech
    Same lech 21 December 2015 09: 37
    The Barbarossa plan turned out to be a common and fatal mistake of Hitler and his generals.

    NAPALEON’s plan to capture RUSSIA also proved to be a fatal mistake.
    The current US plan (Anaconda loop) to conquer RUSSIA is again from the same series ...
    how much can you learn these slobs of history ... do not go brothers war on RUSSIA ... you will be beaten.
    1. Geronimo73
      Geronimo73 21 December 2015 15: 11
      with plans of Napoleon, you are very excited. Napoleon’s Russian campaign was a necessary measure in connection with the unreliability of Alexander 1, who banged his dad ....
      1. Per se.
        Per se. 21 December 2015 19: 01
        Quote: Geronimo73
        Napoleon’s Russian campaign was a necessary measure in connection with the unreliability of Alexander 1, who banged his dad.
        Indeed, Napoleon did not want war with Russia, his troops even stood on the border, awaiting a response from Alexander I, whom Napoleon asked, if not to renew the alliance with France, then break the alliance with England, stop trade with her. Now little is remembered that Paul I became an ally of France and discussed with Napoleon a joint campaign in British India. It cost Paul his life, for the coup and the murder of Paul I, British ears stuck out. Napoleon took the assassination of Paul very painfully, as a loss and a blow to Napoleon himself. Alexander fell under the influence of the English lobby at court, being implicated in the murder of his father. Britain successfully substituted Prussia, Austria and Russia in its place in order to take advantage of the fruits of victory more than others. Napoleon, not to a lesser extent at the suggestion of the British, was called almost the Antichrist, although it was Napoleon who could save the world from such a trash as the hegemony of the Anglo-Saxons, this was the first serious challenge to their planned dominance in the world of developing capitalism. Had Russia and France won in this coalition, we would have gained influence in the Balkans, Constantinople, without contradicting France in its colonial interests. As it happened, England succeeded in eliminating a later and more dangerous rival, the young and ambitious German capitalism, in the First World War. Again they set up Russia, played off those who were supposed to be allies. The appearance of Hitler is a separate topic, after Versailles, Germany would never have pumped up muscle if the Anglo-Saxons had not allowed it. To their great disappointment, after the elimination of competitors in the First World War, and four main empires collapsed (German, Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman and Russian), Russia did not disintegrate, did not fall into dependence, but became a new pole of world power, the mighty Soviet Union. For this, the Germans came in handy again, for this they allowed Hitler to come to power and gain strength. Let them kill each other, so, Churchill spoke about this, intending to help one or the other, for greater effect ... Now the Anglo-Saxons have surpassed themselves, if already from Ukraine they will make "ukroreykh" against Russia, so that the Russians will kill Russians, plus the eternal enemies of the Turks and other frostbitten trash, such as DAISH.
    2. Geronimo73
      Geronimo73 21 December 2015 15: 11
      with plans of Napoleon, you are very excited. Napoleon’s Russian campaign was a necessary measure in connection with the unreliability of Alexander 1, who banged his dad ....
    3. Prometey
      Prometey 21 December 2015 18: 46
      Quote: The same LYOKHA
      NAPALEON’s plan to capture RUSSIA also proved to be a fatal mistake.

      Napoleon did not have such a plan.
  2. Boos
    Boos 21 December 2015 09: 40
    As far as I know, even Rezun realized the greatness of Stalin, and in recent works he pays tribute to the Leader. What do I wish to the Russian government, although why am I talking about a pipe dream?
    1. avva2012
      avva2012 21 December 2015 10: 17
      Don't mention hell by night. What Rezun says about I.V. Stalin, the fact that he supposedly admires him, this is all to "evidence" that the USSR wanted to take over the whole world. Don't listen to a traitor. It is better to give an opinion, even if the enemy, but honest: "I personally can not feel anything other than the greatest admiration for this truly great man, the father of his country, who rules the fate of his country in times of peace and its victorious defender during war." W. Churchill Speech in the House of Commons on the next anniversary of the October Revolution.
  3. Barakuda
    Barakuda 21 December 2015 09: 44
    I have a terrible book "SS in Action" from the times of the USSR with photographic documents. Someone blathers something I just give you a look at the lampshade for a lamp made of leather .. And then, in addition, "CIA against the USSR" Yakovlev, there are no arguments.
    I can’t imagine how patient our people are, they didn’t wipe Germany off the face of the planet .. Although, by right, they could.
  4. Evgenia
    Evgenia 21 December 2015 09: 46
    Whoever comes to us with a sword will perish by the sword.
  5. pravednik
    pravednik 21 December 2015 09: 50
    I don’t understand one thing. Why aren’t they stealing or destroying traitors from us, as Israel does? K allows you to print and sell books that discredit and tell our story in our stores.
  6. 24rus
    24rus 21 December 2015 09: 56
    "It was planned to dismember the USSR, appropriate resources, destroy part of the population, and exploit the rest mercilessly" - the plan was fully implemented under Gorbachev
  7. Fonmeg
    Fonmeg 21 December 2015 10: 05
    Some scum defames the famous Russian surname by covering it with its true Jewish name!
    1. corn
      corn 21 December 2015 20: 57
      "Jews, Jews, only Jews around"
      Born in the village of Barabash of Primorsky Krai in the family of a military man. Father is Ukrainian, mother is Russian. (From wiki).
      I understand that Vika is a garbage dump.
      You will receive the "major" soon.
      1. corn
        corn 22 December 2015 13: 07
        Already received.
  8. Roman 25
    Roman 25 21 December 2015 10: 16
    "It was planned to dismember the USSR, appropriate resources, destroy part of the population, and exploit the rest mercilessly."
    Divide and rule! How long they want to apply this principle to Russia.
    But in essence, what a nonsense is a preemptive strike on a weaker opponent! The young state of the USSR was many times weaker in technology and personnel (purges, etc.).
    1. Black Colonel
      Black Colonel 21 December 2015 11: 14
      The USSR was many times weaker in technology and personnel
      Sometimes, before writing something, you need to read the relevant literature and turn on the intellect.
  9. avva2012
    avva2012 21 December 2015 10: 27
    The Ost plan actually existed. Our partners do not remember anything, they supposedly forgot everything. The destruction of tens of millions of Soviet citizens, the rest, would have been left as slaves. Two classes of education, promotion of alcohol intake, abortion, sexual promiscuity. Doesn't it look like anything? Alois's business is alive and well.
  10. Ivan Tartugai
    Ivan Tartugai 21 December 2015 14: 57
    "It was planned to dismember the USSR, appropriate resources, destroy part of the population, and exploit the rest mercilessly."
    The USSR is divided. We all see it, we all see it.
    Resources assigned. From the republics of the former USSR, raw materials are actively pumped to Western countries and states. Almost all resources and mineral raw materials, and hydrocarbons, and biological resources, forest, seafood.
    The population is being destroyed. It is destroyed by wine, tobacco, narcotics, poor health and every day worsening health care, poor food, poor living conditions, sexual licentiousness especially among young people, prostitution, injuries and deaths on all types of vehicles, injuries and deaths at work, crime.
    The population is ruthlessly exploited. We all see it, we all see it and feel on ourselves.
    So the Barbarossa plan on issues of principle has been practically implemented. Of course with some changes mainly in terms and implementation methods.
  11. Riv
    Riv 21 December 2015 15: 29
    I do not quite understand why this author has exposed this? Since Germany attacked the USSR, it is obvious that some offensive preparations preceded the advance of the four tank groups. And even the hedgehog is clear that it took quite a long time.

    The purpose of the war is also obvious with the same Rezun / Suvorov (who incidentally is not a GRU officer) is formulated quite simply: resources. Germany lost her blitzkrieg in France. Yes, the company of the 40th year was won, but Britain remained invulnerable to the English Channel, and behind it stood all the power of the States. Already in the 41st allies dumped 31.000 tons of bombs on Germany. The war went to exhaustion. Germany needed resources, but Europe was not enough. What to do? Trivial: subjugate the European part of the USSR. Caucasian oil, Ukrainian metal, food, engineering plants. To seize all this - and England is doomed. For each English bomb, three German will fly. Plus a common border with Turkey ... Plus access to Afghanistan and further to India ... Plus a direct connection with Japan ... A lot of delicious buns. Of course Hitler attacked.

    What is there to expose?
    1. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 21 December 2015 16: 23
      In principle, the correct analysis.
      But one "but". Resources - oil, wheat, etc. - Germany
      received from the USSR and so on under the treaties of 1939 and 1940.
      And she could calmly receive further and fight against England.
      But in the strategic negotiations of Molotov-Rippentrop in December 1940 there was a breakdown,
      Hitler strongly disagreed with the demand of the USSR to receive
      under the control of Bulgaria and the Turkish Straits. And Molotov on time
      He didn’t back down, and even joked unsuccessfully about Germany’s failure in the battle
      for England. There is a protocol for this.
      The quarrel led to the fateful date - Dec 18, when Barbarossa's absurd plan
      (line A-A Astrakhan-Arkhangelsk) came out from under the cloth "into the field".
      1. Riv
        Riv 21 December 2015 16: 51
        Everything would be so simple ... But you take an interest in the volume of deliveries under these contracts. This is charity on the porch. And if there is an opportunity to get everything at once - why pay? Let the Wehrmacht work.
        Neither Hitler nor his generals had any idea of ​​the strength of the Red Army. Here again, it is useless to argue with Rezun.
        1. voyaka uh
          voyaka uh 22 December 2015 15: 59
          "About the strength of the Red Army, neither Hitler, nor his generals had
          no clue. "////

          Hitler's turning point in the Red Army
          became a tactical failure (very large losses) of the Red Army
          in the Winter (Finnish) war. This led to a fundamental underestimation of the military
          potential of Russia as a whole.
          But for Stalin, the Winter War was a shock: he realized that a victorious offensive
          The Red Army to the West (as in exercises) will fail.
          And he began (belatedly) to prepare for defense against the German attack. Promptly
          a wide counterattack was being prepared, since defensive actions in exercises were not
          trained at all, and attacks, at the very least - yes.
          Rezun did not notice these factors in his books and came to a false conclusion
          about preemptive strike.
  12. Aleksander
    Aleksander 22 December 2015 14: 36
    Rezun intimately bonded

    It's five" good !
  13. Warrior2015
    Warrior2015 22 December 2015 18: 59
    Quote: The same LYOKHA
    NAPALEON’s plan to capture RUSSIA also proved to be a fatal mistake.
    All right, and comrades have already noted above, neither Napoleon nor Charles XII There was no plan for the occupation of Russia. There was a plan exactly peace enforcement... Those. the withdrawal of Russia from the war, the conclusion of a firm guaranteed peace; in case of refusal, the replacement of the ruling tsar - Peter I and Alexander I with a more loyal and peaceful ruler. Karl of Sweden succeeded in doing this with Saxony and Poland; Napoleon succeeded in this with most of Europe - look, France, even engulfed in a revolutionary rebellion, directly occupied only small "outpost republics" such as the Cisalpine, seating loyal rulers everywhere, Napoleon often kept the old dynasties, no more.

    So to speak, the question was clarified just who is cooler. As a result, it turned out - at Waterloo - that the British are the coolest. The second place "on points" among the allies in the Napoleonic wars is shared by the Russians and the Prussians.

    Quote: Riv
    The war began to exhaust. Germany needed resources, and European was not enough. What to do? It is trivial: to subordinate the European part of the USSR. Caucasian oil, Ukrainian metal, foodstuffs, engineering plants. To seize all this - and England is doomed.
    And again, the above already gave the correct idea - Germany had already received all this without any problems from the USSR without a war, in exchange for technology or money; and after the capture of the French gold and in general, everything became fine. Therefore, if suddenly German intelligence had not reported that the tanks in the USSR were not 5000, as they thought, but how 15000 were "accidentally" (but in reality it was up to 32000, against 4000 in the Reich + 3000 French trophies), then the Germans would not have abandoning everything, feverishly prepare for war in the East.

    And yes, the unexpected failure of the Red Army (the combat power of which seemed to be confirmed by Lake Khasan and the Khalkhin Gol River) in the "Winter War" with Finland showed that the Wehrmacht also has chances, although before that the Nazis were very afraid of Soviet combat capabilities ...
  14. Ivan Tartugai
    Ivan Tartugai 23 December 2015 12: 22
    Extract from the book of Fowler W. "Plan" Barbarossa "Blitzkrieg in the East. 7 first days of operation ":
    “... von Brauchitsch asked him:“ All right, Paulus, and how long will the campaign last? ” Paulus (1st Chief Quartermaster - Deputy Chief of General Staff for Operational Issues) paused and replied: "I think from six to eight weeks, Mr. Field Marshal." “Yes, Paulus, I suppose you're right. It will probably take us six to eight weeks to end Russia. ”
    Take the longest duration of Operation Barborossa, that is, 8 weeks, that is, 56 days. The distance in a straight line, along the 52nd parallel from Brest, on the border to Balakovo, on the Volga will be 1800 km, and in order to cover this distance, the Wehrmacht soldiers must cover 32 km daily, i.e., every 56 days. Since it’s difficult to go straight through forests, swamps, ravines, shrubs, it would be most convenient to follow the existing road, in this case the Wehrmacht soldier would have to actually cover 40-45 km, on average 42 km daily for 56 days, of course without days off, rest days, etc.
    In this case, the most favorable daily routine for a Wehrmacht soldier should be as follows:
    - 7-00 hours climb, recovered, dressed, put on shoes, had breakfast, collected bedding and toiletries, laid in a satchel. And then peppy, after a full, calm 8-hour sleep, and also a well-fed soldier after a hearty, hot and well-assimilated breakfast, goes to the construction and marschiren nacht Osten;
    - from 9-00 to 13-00 march on a good, dry and relatively smooth road. With a calculation of about 30 kg weight. And so he walked 20-21 km in four hours.
    - 13-00 to 15-00 hot, hearty, but well-digestible lunch, a short rest. Put your shoes in order, dust off your clothes. Construction. And again, well-fed, having a little rest, went forward to the East.
    - from 15-00 to 19-00 march on a good, dry and relatively smooth road. With a calculation of about 30 kg weight. And so it went another 20-21 km.
    -19-00 to 23-00 hot nourishing dinner, recovered, evening toilet. He put his shoes in order after a very busy day's crossing of 42 km, hemmed somewhere, knocked out somewhere, replaced, dried, etc. Prepared a place to sleep and hang up at 23-00 hours.
    -From 23-00 to 7-00 a full, calm 8-hour dream, so that in the morning rested again go on a campaign to the East.
    So all 56 days with daily crossings of 42 km.
    So even with such a very favorable regime, not a single Wehrmacht soldier can go from Brest to the Volga in 56 days. But he still needs to fight, shoot, throw grenades, dig trenches, overcome minefields, force rivers, and remove dead and wounded from the field.
    Field Marshals came up with a very strange plan for Barbarossa. Most likely, this Barbarossa plan was created for misinformation, and the basic plan of the war with the USSR was different, which is unknown to the public.