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Navy destroyer Jinan around the world


The arrival of the destroyer Navy PLA Jinan in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (USA) (c)

Chinese media published a series of photo essays on the ongoing circumnavigation of the Jinan squadron destroyer (Jinan, tail number "152") of the 052С project. To date, the ship at the head of the compound, which also includes the frigate Yiyan (onboard number "548") of the 054 project and supply vessel Qiandaohu (on-board number on "886") of the 903 project, has already visited 11 of foreign ports. The round-the-world trip was preceded by the participation of the compound in the operation to ensure shipping off the coast of Somalia. As part of the practice that has developed in recent years, the Chinese actively use visits to foreign ports for the purposes of public military diplomacy, organizing ship visits by representatives of the local population. As a result, quite detailed photo reports from the board of the Chinese destroyer were published.

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  1. V.ic
    V.ic 21 December 2015 07: 26
    The red flag on the mast on the left and the red star on the stub of the barrel of the bow gun were pleased, but the inscriptions hieroglyphically upset. The article did not vote.
  2. Falcon
    Falcon 21 December 2015 08: 41
    Decent ship! Looks nice.
    Burkam is already stepping on the heels in full.

    The second helicopter hangar suggests itself, of course, they didn’t do it in vain.

    We finalized our C-300F, judging by the photo. Separate lid for each glass. Well done of course, a smart move.
    We still need a carousel ...
    1. lelikas
      lelikas 21 December 2015 10: 38
      Quote: Falcon
      Burkam is already stepping on the heels in full.

      No, he is not pulling on the destroyer yet - he is weakly armed.
      But here following him, yes already. And we are behind.
      1. donavi49
        donavi49 21 December 2015 10: 55
        Why not pull? It pulls:

        48 SAM HQ-9, a copy of the Fort (part license, part themselves, plus all finalized by Israeli and Thalesian technologies).
        8 anti-ship missiles / missiles in inclined shafts. RCC modified and constantly updated Exosets. KR clones of Toporov, TTX are classified, but carry a long loaf or conventional warhead.
        6x324mm TA - the standard for modern ships.
        100 mm cannon + 2 MZA (it seems that during the modernization they are going to install HHQ-1 instead of 10 MZA their RIM clone - up to 24 DB missiles with a good guidance system).
        Again, their know-how is 72 launchers in 4 universal blocks, depending on the needs, these launchers can shoot off obstacles, put a thermal curtain, act as RBU or fire along the coast in addition to artillery, like Grad.

        This is certainly not Burke. But he does Euro destroyers.
  3. kaa_andrey
    kaa_andrey 21 December 2015 10: 25
    The modest charm of the Middle Kingdom!
    Correct understanding: demonstrations of power on friendly visits.
  4. Dimon19661
    Dimon19661 21 December 2015 11: 04
    Yes, it’s nothing, where can I say, ah ... The revolving system is outdated, the phalanx is an old topic. The location of the RCC is 30 years ago. Today's stealth technology is practically not applied. In general, a conventional destroyer with the layout and weapons of the middle, high of the late 90s.
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 21 December 2015 12: 21
      Revolvers are outdated - and the Chinese have released 052D with 64 universal cells. And now those destroyers are already releasing at 2 shipyards. 3 ships are already in the PLA.

      For example, undergoing a deep modernization Nakhimov - turret remain. This is for example.

      MZA systems are installed on everything, including naval ships under construction, and in choosing the AK-630M from the tsarist admiral series of frigates and the Chinese, I would put it on the Chinese, because the source is the Goalkeeper with advanced FCS. Moreover, the Chinese went the American way on 052D costs HHQ-10, an air defense system for 24 missiles, and not MANPADS, but derivatives of their ultralight missiles with thermal G-VV for helicopters and UBS, it is heavier and better.

      The location of this type of anti-ship missiles is put almost everywhere, including new ships, for example, the advanced FREMM, and also on wartime Berks (now they either go without any anti-ship missiles or ship 2-4 to MK). Moreover, the Chinese understand and on 052D they have already corrected themselves and made 64 universal verticals, for any missiles.

      But the system with 4 radars of a large area located in the superstructure was applied. And again 052D was stealthy.

      It’s just that the Chinese are developing gradually, they deliberately rejected the option of waiting for the wunderwafle to assemble and build it, 10-15 years old. They are building ships of today, but a lot. Built 6 of these 052C destroyers - while they were being built, universal launchers, new missiles, a new radar, reached the readiness, finalized the hull and went into the 052D series with a plan 20 ships (actually already 3 in the PLA, 8 on the water) Now in active development is already a new building 055.
      1. Dimon19661
        Dimon19661 22 December 2015 14: 10
        And what is the goalkeeper promoting AK-630 with Vympel-01?
  5. linen
    linen 21 December 2015 15: 10
    The car is good and not bad done!
  6. kvs207
    kvs207 21 December 2015 21: 53
    Quote: donavi49
    Why not pull? It pulls:

    Right The main thing is that there will be many angry