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Results of the week. “Everything will go like clockwork: at first — in the evenings — singing, then pipes will burst in the toilets ...”

I burned a verb

11-I press conference of Russian President Vladimir Putin. A record number of journalists from a record number of countries in the world. Thematic lines are very diverse: from hot topics - Syria, Turkey, Ukraine, the Russian economy to those of a regional nature - promoting the development of regional business; from Chaika and Rotenberg to the daughters of the president; from indexation of pensions and future changes in the retirement age to issues of ties with Georgia and the creation of a wide-body aircraft of Russian origin.

And according to the established tradition, everyone did not see and did not hear from the head of state what he madly wanted to see and hear. Someone did not hear how the president would personally lead corrupt officials to the frontal place and, with the help of the Maxim machine gun, put the bribe takers and embezzlers into the expense. Someone did not hear the words about how, where presidential daughters still work - well, you know, for a certain circle of people this is interesting - because of the lack of this kind of information, they develop insomnia, tick, stress and excessive sweating. Someone did not hear statements about how the president would enter the government building and, in front of all honest people, expel representatives of the so-called economic block of the cabinet of ministers with a shout: “P-go, leave out!”

Compared, of course, with previous press conferences. Conclusions sea: from "Putin is not the same - just something more than three hours ..." and "and where" sit down, Masha! “Thank you, Vova!” Before “by what pattern the president coughed while talking to journalists” and “why didn’t they give the word to Ksyusha Sobchak”.

As a result, one thing is clear - the world's attention was riveted on Putin's speech: from politicians to housewives - all at least out of the corner of the eye, at least in news issues, but watched the press conference in Moscow, and in Kiev, and in Ankara - in Ankara, which, as everyone now knows, someone licks something, and where, as in "Square", the news series is practical completely boiled down to covering the theses of the head of the Russian state.

Comments from our readers:

Reserve officer
Fully looked from start to finish. There are many answers that are very worthy. And who go on quotes. But the impression was that two different people answered questions about the economy and questions about international relations. The work of the government, as it turned out, does not cause complaints from the president. And the work of the Central Bank, too. After the press conference, people responsible for the financial situation of the country, for education, medicine and the economy breathed freely. Calm down, they say, will not touch them. And in vain.

Looked, listened. Now read. Data:
1. The guarantor tried to show the failures in a favorable light.
2. Heaped listeners with a stream of numbers and statistics numbers.
3. He wriggled out answers to some uncomfortable questions, so I didn’t like a couple, namely
a) about the lawlessness of the major-Buratin-children of the oligarchs;
b) about the salary reports of 20-30-40 sput with the fact of 7-8 sput and pensions, skipping immediately to retirement, leaving without attention the issue of salaries in small cities more than 700);
c) on the naming of the heads of "governments" of the regions, for example, Tatarstan, he answered completely without specifics;
d) I made fun of the supreme managers and charity about the zryaplat, so I want to cry;
e) nothing at all in the real economy, but will return dirks;
other little things.
4 Well answered about the teachings in Syria.
Conclusions everyone is free to do. I changed my opinion about the head of state for the better (from neutral). Maybe I'm not aware of some kind of a grand plan, but "Sad to me guys, sad ... sad to me!"

Good press conference. It is just annoying that representatives of the “fifth column” have more opportunities than others to ask questions. And they do not ask questions, but declare their boring claims to Putin with lisping voices.

Surrogate rivers

The horrific picture of the distribution of alcohol-containing surrogates looms in most regions of the Russian Federation. Under the guise of high-quality and sometimes even elite alcohol, they are sold both from store shelves, via the Internet, and "from under the floor" hundreds of thousands of liters of poison, which take the lives of Russians in Novosibirsk, Kazan, Chelyabinsk, Voronezh, Moscow and other Russian cities. FAS this week proposed a set of measures to counter the spread of surrogate alcohol.

The highlight of this situation is that the points of trade in counterfeit alcohol (read: poison), known to the overwhelming majority of the inhabitants of a particular locality. Among the ignorant, by some phenomenal coincidence, are law enforcement officers. Their eyesight drops sharply, the sense of smell on those who violate the law, on the basis of, apparently, the complications of a certain disease, tends to zero. “Fake” selling thousands of decaliters at the price of soda, but you can't take the criminals, you know. Perhaps, in the law enforcement structures of the regions in which the counterfeit alcohol becomes more than legal, it is necessary to send glasses with “strong diopters” as New Year's gifts in order to see better ...

Comments from our readers:

Nonsense situation is that the substitute will always buy. Just because to buy a truly branded product can not afford. And I want to. So they buy the notorious ... I personally know quite serious people who drank and drink a surrogate. Moreover, the argument is killing: 1. No one else has been poisoned by 2. Although crap, but cheaper than vodka in the store.

Ingvar 72
Normal terms and the inevitability of punishment. And everything will work out. Naturally, with the state monopoly on the production of alcohol. Moonshine - drive for yourself, proved the fact of selling 1 once - a rather big fine, again - a prison. There would be a desire.
Unfortunately, we are not going to fight this, the entire shadow market has a serious lobby in the highest structures of power! In Blagoveshchensk, Kozhemyako tried to limit the sale of alcohol, floods, emergencies, after a time limit on sales, the number of establishments with alcohol increased by a few dozen times, and in any case, tick or cafe! So, with the departure to Sakhalin Kozhemyako, the administration came to the conclusion that such a number of alcohol slippers, including IN RESIDENTIAL HOUSES, is good. They promised to close a year ago, and now they are talking about lifting the prohibitions! It is no secret to anyone except the police and the prosecutor's office that, in addition to the brewer, alcoves often realize something stronger, from under the counter. All in one voice, there is no violation! The saddest thing is that a number of deputies are being cut for all these eateries, to the pharmacy - three blocks, at the crossroads - four beer houses! Apparently, there are people in the regional government who have quite a bit of money from this, but what can we say about the whole country? I personally know several people who trade in counterfeit goods from the Caucasus, and no one can do anything to them, because it is profitable! And people are really dying, but after all there is money, business! An abomination!

For 23 million, we have any hut reading room will be worse than the pace ...

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Finance of Russia on the eve decided on the need to jointly discuss the question of the procedure for the payment by the Russian Federation of membership fees to the Council of Europe (CoE). Having limited Russia in powers, the European “partners” did not even think to take care of reducing the membership fees paid by the Russian Federation. Usually it was not at all customary to talk about these contributions at all, for by the same Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation it was considered that they (contributions) were “not so high”. However, in reality, payments made by Russia to the treasury of the Council of Europe look very impressive - 23 million euros annually.

If the decision to cancel or at least reduce the amount of payment of contributions to the Council of Europe by Russia is made, then this will be the second attempt to remind Western "partners" that the Russian Federation is truly a sovereign state. The first is the decision that the Constitutional Court may spit from a high bell tower on the verdicts of the ECHR, if they contradict the Basic Law of Russia.

But it’s really strange how it turns out: the Russian delegation is shut up in the PACE mouth, but at the same time they also demand money from the Russian delegation for participating in this theater of the absurd. Let those who have deprived Russia of the right to vote, and are looking for 23 million from their own budgets to continue this ridiculous puppet comedy with one big overseas puppeteer. And for 23 million euros, we can also launch our own alternative to PACE with the ECHR - to scratch the tongue and have a hearty dinner, there will definitely be those who want it.

Yes, for 23 million (and not even the euro) we have any hut reading room will be worse than their pace ...

Comments from our readers:

Yes, pay, not going anywhere. So are we, Russia - a generous soul.

Diana Ilyina
It seems that it has finally come to our political establishment (as it did to giraffes, it took as long as two years) that no one will play fair with Russia! Let's hope that the Ministry of Finance does not really allocate money, at least, until Europe finally changes its mind and realizes that along the way with America they can only reach the edge of the abyss, beyond whose edge no one on this planet will have a future !

The question of contributions was practically the first that arose among the normal part of the population after the restriction of Russia's voting rights in PACE. But Dimsik, like the entire economic block of the government, somehow comes very long, although they are not giraffes in stature. If one wanted to preserve the appearance of politeness, it would hardly have been possible in a less acute situation, and now it is generally a utopia. Contributions should have been limited in proportion to the extent of our participation in meetings - there is no active participation, there are no contributions, so to pay clean for lunch.

Concerned diplomacy

In the capital of Montenegro, several hundred people came to the rally to express words, to put it mildly, disapproval of the country's coming entry into NATO. The US Foreign Ministry reacted violently to the fact that in Podgorica, a rally of opponents of integration into the North Atlantic military bloc was held under the flags of Russia and Serbia. Russia was immediately accused of “destabilizing” the situation in the Balkans. For a second, Russia is accused of destabilizing the situation in the Balkans by a country whose bombers poured bombs and missiles on the cities of Yugoslavia ... And the American embassy in Russia again tried to teach the Russian Federation international law.

Results of the week. “Everything will go like clockwork: at first — in the evenings — singing, then pipes will burst in the toilets ...”

As soon as, in a single country, the American textbook encounters problems in translating the ideas recorded in it, the rattle and clanking machine called “American diplomacy” is immediately turned on. The very combination of “American diplomacy” is an oxymoron ... Something from the series “White Black” or “Ukrainian Independence”. They say that American diplomats are not reflected in the mirrors, but at the same time you will not get rid of any garlic from them. The vocabulary of a modern American diplomat is based on a clear core of several key phrases: “violation of human rights”, “we carry democracy”, “support of the opposition”, “new package of sanctions”, “sorry, I won't go to Libya” and “God bless America. " Alternating these phrases, American diplomats are able to multiply so actively that they open the largest embassy buildings in the states of the world and the most extensive network of NGOs.

Comments from our readers:

For a minute, Mr. Tefft and the state he represents also have many complaints and concerns, only they ignore them and consider them Kremlin propaganda. For some reason, it seems to me that even commenting on their concerns and complaints is a great honor. It is necessary to proceed from one position that the law is written strong, but it also monitors its observance. It is necessary to become stronger, then the claims with concerns will be much less ...

The answer to the State Department: "You will answer us ... more for the Indians!"


These have some kind of unhealthy sexual concern about sovereign countries.

In the heat

During a recent visit to Kiev, US Vice President Joseph Biden spoke at the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and chided local politicians for rampant corruption in the country. “You cannot find a single democracy in a world where the cancer of corruption is so thriving. You can not find any such country - Biden was excited on the podium of the Ukrainian parliament. “Corruption does not allow building a successful democracy.”

Biden - he, of course, spoke beautifully, shook a finger at the Ukrainian "elite", frowned his eyebrows - everything is as it should be. But Biden left - and it went ...
At first, Yatsenyuk was dragged away for a causal place, then Avakov and Saakashvili clashed in an Armenian-Georgian fight, and the first one tried to attack the second with a glass and a choice mat. Misha did not give up, and the Caucasian dialogue about “who is the greater patriot of Ukraine” had to be interrupted by the presiding Poroshenko. And this is the Nobel Peace Prize - at least!

Then pravoseki already announced that the current president of Ukraine in the event of a grandiose shukhera might not reach the airport, as was the case with Kuchma and Yanukovych. This is democracy, baby!

As the greatest democratic peremoga of the week - Yatsenyuk moratorium. Ukropremier, so inspired after Biden's visit and dragging for the reproductive organs, allowed himself not to pay Russia's debts in the amount of more than 3 billion dollars. And this is the Nobel Prize in Economics. Definitely!

Comments from our readers:

Swindlers and thieves have no nationalities. American only act on the principle of "what is allowed to Jupiter, the bull is not allowed." By controlling the media and fooling the population, you can successfully lie to the whole world (which, by the way, has already been done for a dozen years - "People hawala").

I understand it this way - guys (as Americans like to say), we understand perfectly well that you are enchanted, but we must say it out loud, otherwise we will not be understood in the world. But while we need you, we will continue to close our eyes to this. Forward Ukraine to achieve even greater heights in the corruption and genocide of its people.

Chieftain killed

12 December 2015 of the year in 13: 15 killed Pavel Dremov - chieftain of the 1-th Cossack regiment named Platov. Colonel, commander of the 6 th motorized rifle regiment of the Luhansk People's Republic. The commander was killed on the day of his wedding celebration - celebrations on the land of Lugansk.

The murder of Ataman Dremov is another proof that the era of military romanticism in the Donbass has come to an end. Atamans, detachments, drafts, volunteer urge - all this, whether they want it in the LC (or in Russia) or do not want it, is stuck into the wall of everyday life and banal selfish interests. Key pieces can be removed from the chessboard by both opponents and yesterday's comrades who have turned into no less opponents. Included is the banal practice of redistributing spheres of influence and ideological fronts, which (practice) is by definition inevitable in conditions of a sluggish civil war that continues, in spite of any Minsk “agreements”, in Ukraine.

Comments from our readers:

The black
Surely there are those who believe that this could be done by weak Ukrainian special services. It is absolutely clear that this is internal disassembly and redistribution of spheres of influence, the same as with Batman. Who is behind this - in my opinion, it is obvious who Dremov most of all interfered with and was a bone in his throat - they know absolutely everything.

No one
The bitter truth is better than a sweet lie. The situation in the Donbas is really bad. We have the best, real patriots, bright minds, devoted to the idea of ​​the Russian world, ready to follow and lead others to the end. Let us recall how in the spring of 2014, the fire of the Russian spring flashed brightly in our hearts, how everyone was inflamed with enthusiasm and hope for the unification of the Russian people, for the creation of a society of social justice. It is difficult to realize that our hopes do not seem destined to come true, and we strengthen ourselves in this every time with the departure of the leader of Novorossia, with the departure of a part of the soul of Novorossiya. Now, in the Donbass, the spirit of Novorossia is probably already gone, only memories of the past, when there was the heroism of the Russian people and the lost opportunities that had not become a reality.

В stories The civil war rummage and many interesting things will be found on the same Makhno with awarding the Order of the Red Banner, forcing the Sivash and the elimination of its formations. So everything new is well forgotten old. Nobody needs a walk-field, even in a romantic dress, in hats, since the "spin" from the "raiding" of "businessmen" is no different and successful only when there is something left to press, and on a narrow strip of the LC "Two birds in one there is no place for a den ”- as the late Swan said, only the Kremlin will support the living and, therefore, successful.
It is a pity, of course, to Dremov and the Brain, but nobody has canceled the laws of revolution, and the fee for their misunderstanding is rather bloody, or pan, or disappeared.

Deviant behavior

The commander of the Ukrainian border ship that approached the Crimean enterprise Chernomorneftegaz in the Black Sea (nationalized in November 2014) demanded that the installation captain provide him with information on the crew composition and the purpose of finding the installation in the area. had.

The loan debt Yatsenyuk himself allowed Russia not to pay. On the New Ukrainian move, theft is now called the beautiful word "moratorium" ... Arseny signed the document on the actual authorization of the blockade of the Crimea with his own hand. And as soon as it comes to the fact that Russia, as it were, compensates for the losses incurred, there it comes in tears and snot, calling out to grandfather Biden, who, in the understanding of ukrovlasts, “came up — put things in order”. He came, but already inveterate Ukrainophiles in the West are beginning to understand that this rabbit farm at the head of the country is beginning to bother with its frank reluctance to do anything other than constant requests to wipe snot and change diapers ...

Well, the commander of the Ukrainian ship, as they say, got lost himself when a Russian missile boat of the Russian Black Sea Fleet and the border Amethyst appeared on the horizon, who quickly explained that rigs and platforms to children with deviant behavior were not a toy ...

Comments from our readers:

Dill still have trumps ... sewer blockade, underground blockade.

This is what. After the official expiration of the payment of 3 billion for Ukraine comes default. And what do lenders do with debtors? Correctly, describe and confiscate property. The first confiscated similar - those warships that are with us. Won Olshansky, they say, has already been painted. Well, then we will see - what is valuable in Ukraine, what can be taken for debts. Maybe the infrastructure in the Donbas, which officially belongs to dill, can ship with a cargo of some kind, we will tow to our port. Well, probably the right appraisers will evaluate confiscated goods.

There is nothing to steal from the always offended because, apart from grabbing the Russian / USSR heritage for free, they have nothing of their own. Even ethnicity and history.

Although not quite. They have their own stupidity, greed and betrayal ...

How Turkish fishermen mission failed

13 December 2015, the crew of the Russian patrol ship "Sharpy", located in 22 kilometers from the Greek island of Lemnos in the northern part of the Aegean Sea, prevented a collision with a Turkish seiner.

Turkish "sea wolves" decided to change course only after they heard shots, and not verbal warnings from Russian sailors. The captain of Turkish fishermen said that, they say, he thought - he wanted to entertain a NATO ship, they say, with fresh fish, to call for ushitsu. And it is - what ...

Apparently, the next day in Ankara, the Turkish “fisherman” was lowered in rank and struck off the queue for a preferential mortgage due to the fact that the mission to turn a fishing vessel into a victim of “Russian aggression” was failed.

Comments from our readers:

The Turks apparently want to provoke a military conflict in order to block the straits for our ships.

Just exp
The Turks are craving for everything, because once they’ll really get it, and what they will do. Think that states will harness? Poland in 39 also thought, it turned out that the West has only its own interests, but there is no desire to defend its allies from serious opponents.

Until they put a fist under their nose, they do not understand. Turks.

And Sunday joke in the subject:
At a disco in Germany, a Russian in a T-shirt with the inscription: "The Turks have three problems."
Turks comes over to him:
- Come on? Are you looking for problems? Do you want to go?
- This is your first problem. Aggressiveness. You always try to create problems from scratch.
When the disco ends, a group of Turks are already watching the Russians:
- Oh, you! Now you will answer for your words!
- This is your second problem. You cannot solve your problems one-on-one right away and collect Codes for any reason.
- How dare you talk to us like that!?! - Turks raised knives ...
“This is your third problem,” the Russian sighed. - You always come to a shootout with knives ...

The act of "aggression" in hindsight will not pass

The International Criminal Court in The Hague will not be able to initiate proceedings upon the accession of Crimea to the Russian Federation at the request of Kiev, RIA Novosti reports to the representative of the ICC Fadi El-Abdallah.

Abdullah noted that “the function of the consideration of cases related to the so-called acts of aggression may appear at the International Criminal Court only at the end of 2017, in the event that the relevant norms are ratified by at least the 30 states”.

Well, if “at the end of 2017 of the year”, this court will not accept any “suit” against Russia regarding “aggression”. Backdating laws, especially international, do not apply.

As a matter of fact, the aforementioned Mr. Abdullah does not argue with this. “I don’t think this applies to facts that were in the past. Events that occurred before the amendment regarding an act of aggression enters into force will not be considered by the court, ”he said.

Recall, the Ukrainian Rada, in collaboration with the Prosecutor General’s Office, previously sent materials to the Hague, allegedly proving the illegality of the annexation of Crimea to the Russian Federation.

No luck.

Comments from our readers:

Pavel Vereshchagin
The decision of the IMF showed that in international relations arranged according to the standards of mattresses, everything is possible. May God give me a mistake.

If consideration of cases that occurred before the adoption of the new norm is allowed, then what will begin?
Serbia will sue NATO countries, Libya against EU countries, etc.
What is the statute of limitations: 100, 1000 or 5000 years?

Belarus claims Lithuania to Vilnius, and Poland to Bialystok. Even the Americans will not take this step, as they have the most stigma in the gun.
Across Crimea, it will be necessary to prove the legality of joining Ukraine.

No one
As long as they hold a vote there in November 2017, by that time, Ukraine, as a state, may no longer be. Therefore, a lawsuit in the court itself will expire.

Warning "Ottoman Sultan"

Turkish authorities are expelling Russian journalists from the country, the media is witnessing a new round of rumors about Ankara’s planned creation of a security zone in northern Syria, and Russia is sending a Pacific cruiser to the coast of Latakia fleet Varyag, a ship of the same class as Moscow, which in turn will return to Sevastopol. At the same time, the Rostov-on-Don submarine strikes cruise fighters with cruise missiles, simultaneously sending a warning to the "Ottoman Sultan," recalls Igor Kabardin, a VO observer. That was only one day - December 8, 2015. The escalation continues. Although in words both sides advocate reconciliation, their actions suggest otherwise.

In the end - a frightening picture. If before politicians could plan for about a year ahead, but now the maximum for the quarter. Events twist on an unpredictable scenario, drawing all the new players into the historical spiral of modern times.

In addition, we must not forget: Turkey is a member of NATO, and everything connected with Ankara is fraught for Russia with “objections” from Mr. Stoltenberg and his American curators.

Comments from our readers:

Dear, the provocation with the Russian ship was predicted and predicted on our site, I am sure, there will be other provocations. As for the described scenarios, the development of the situation proposed by the author, then everything can go differently. For example, the Turkish Armed Forces will invade the northern part of Syria, imitating (even, perhaps, seize a couple of ringleaders) the fight against the ISIS, while large forces will not be introduced immediately. And here I am not sure that the VKS will strike at the Turkish Armed Forces in Syria, and this is precisely the key point, since the Turks will immediately try to create refugee camps in this territory, all sorts of humanitarian organizations, and, of course, no one will bomb them. will be. How far can the Turkish Armed Forces invade? I suppose, until they meet the resistance of the Syrians.

In this case, we can agree with Kabardin in the sense that the degree of tension rises, can jerk at any moment. But I can say with confidence that Turkey in this case will be a scapegoat, since its NATO colleagues have repeatedly otmazyvatsya from their involvement in Turkish antics and demarches. Even if this fishing trough would have been drowned, it would still be declared a problem between the two countries, and not an “attack” on the entire NATO bloc.

Apart from Ukraine, frankly hostile countries also pulled Turkey into an orbit, it was easy, Erdogan and other extremely unbalanced and aggressive politicians with their almost global claims to supremacy in the region easily agreed to this. In the future, tensions will only increase, and our military need to be ready for even more serious provocations. And they will immediately strike in Syria, or close by, in Ukraine, in the Donbas, and maybe in the Crimea, and in Armenia they can arrange a border conflict. The question is only in the choice of the moment.

Tehran loses generals

According to Bloomberg, Iran is starting to withdraw its units participating in the coalition of forces led by Russia and leading a military campaign in Syria. US officials told the correspondent that, according to their observations, in recent weeks a significant number of soldiers of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps have been retreating from the Syrian military zone. The retreat began after some senior officers were injured and killed, leading a campaign in Idlib province and other areas. As a result, the attack launched in September on the initiative of the Russians “seems to be losing an important ally”.

Reports of the withdrawal of Iranian forces from Syria and the death of Iranian military leaders are confirmed by many major sources, including Russian.

"Vedomosti" write that Russia replaces Iran as a support for the Syrian authorities. This may lead to a further complication of Russia's relations with other countries that are at war with IG.

RIA "Novosti" reported that the brigadier general of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps was killed during a battle with militants in Syria. The agency recalls that at the end of October 2015, the brigade general of the IRGC Reza Khavari and eight Iranian soldiers were killed in Syria.

“Recently, about seven high-ranking generals of the IRGC died in Syria,” said Vladimir Sazhin, senior researcher at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, told Moskovsky Komsomolets. - This is a big loss. Of course, it alarmed the Iranians. But I do not think that this is the main reason for the alleged withdrawal of troops. There may be much deeper reasons. It is very difficult for Iran to conduct large-scale military operations in Syria, because it does not border this country. There is a question about the need to transfer troops. These are complex operations from the point of view of rear support of military operations. ”

According to the expert, we are hardly talking about the withdrawal of troops: “I don’t think they will withdraw troops. Maybe there is some sort of redeployment. Special units of the IRGC are changing to ground forces. A month and a half ago, there were reports that Iran plans to increase the number of its troops in Syria to 6-7 thousand. ”

The truth in this matter, we add, is rather difficult to learn. She knows only the soldiers fighting on the ground. Iran has long been considered one of the main allies of the Syrian President Assad, but in Tehran itself, participation in the Syrian campaign is constantly denied. “Legally” is assisted by Assad in his war with “opposition” groups and the army of the “Islamic State” Shiite militia, Kurdish troops and Russia with their air attacks. In addition, it is believed that a coalition of states led by the United States is fighting against the "IS" in Syria.

Comments from our readers:

Mikhail Krapivin
The last sentence of the article smiled: "In addition, it is believed that a coalition of states headed by the United States is fighting against IG in Syria." The key word is “considered”.

Yesterday comrade from Israel wrote about the possible replacement of the IRGC with a regular army. You just have to wait. IMHO, after such a traversed path Iran can not retreat. To withstand all the sanctions and not withstand the losses in the hundreds? Something does not fit.

Provocative stuffing of information will continue, too much play goes, we will see, and we need to continue our work.

Yes that's for sure.
Iran, they say, withdraws its guards. And why did he send them there? Ayatollah decided to have fun?
Say, like this, he took it and withdrew it. I'm sick of him. They killed the general. There, these generals are like ... a few thousand soldiers. The babbling of an expert in the “MK”, they say, is difficult for Iran to transfer the military and supply them, he, he says, does not border on Syria ... Never a military orientalist issues a hypothesis.
And how many are there those Iranian soldiers? Already seven thousand, the whole brigade is not small. In Chechnya, the grouping reached 100 thousand. For comparison.
What it is difficult to equip them using the transport capabilities of the Russian Federation?
Western journalists say that, you see, "the Syrian people began an uprising against Assad." And all the polls joined the LIH and so forth. And those who are for Assad are no longer a people.
No to write the truth: in Syria, a civil war inspired by external forces.
Yes, by and large, in Syria, only the most large-scale hostilities, and the war of radical Islamists and more or less normal and goes to Libya, and Egypt, and Yemen, and Israel. And in Paris too.
There it is not possible to win completely.
It is necessary to take control of key areas, to destroy the most ardent, and gradually, with the whole world, to help healthy forces bring at least a semblance of order in other territories.

German "symbolism"

German Chancellor Angela Merkel in a recent interview with the German media reported that the operation of the Bundeswehr in Syria is legal from the point of view of international law, since the "Islamic state" is a threat to Europe and all democracies. However, Berlin is still against direct participation in the fight against this terrorist group. The head of the German government excludes the use of ground forces. “We will not do this in Syria,” she unequivocally put it.

Earlier, 4 December, the German parliament allowed the participation of the Bundeswehr in the military operation in Syria. However, it is not a land operation. The one-year mission will involve Tornado fighters, tanker aircraft and a frigate. The number of military who can participate in the new operation is limited to a maximum of 1200 people.

Stanislav Tarasov, director of the Middle East-Caucasus Research Center at the International Institute of the Newest States, believes that "military assistance from the Federal Republic of Germany turned out to be symbolic, and its presence in Syria is very conditional." “On December 10, the first two Tornadoes of the German Air Force headed from the airfield in the town of Yagel to Turkey, where they will be deployed on the basis of the Incirlik,” explained the expert to Free Press. - However, German planes will start reconnaissance flights only in January 2016. In addition, on Thursday military aircraft A400M flew to Turkey with 40 German soldiers on board. All this can hardly be called serious military involvement. ”

As we think, cleaning up the dirt for the Americans and getting into the Middle East war for a long time, while simultaneously tackling the crisis with migrants, is such a task too hard for an economically strong Germany.

And even such modest actions of the chancellor, who had decided “symbolically” to help the French in Syria, met with a barrage of criticism from the left opposition in the German parliament. The head of the parliamentary faction of the Left Party, Sarah Wagenknecht, directly called the decision of the Chancellor "irresponsible", arguing his opinion about the likelihood of terrorist attacks in Germany.

Comments from our readers:

The Huns continue to drive the snowstorm, knowing that nothing depends on their position. Well, that's right, we don’t need fuckers even with the Germans because of the non-flying zone introduced by Russia over Syria - a matter, in fact, unheard of over the last 40 years, so that someone would dare to restrict the "sovereign right" of the United States to fly where they want. Let them get used to this state of things, maybe they will be more circumspect.
We would also need to master the airfield in Dar-az-Zor: then we could arrange another flight-free “Triumph” regiment in Iraq, but this airbase (with ammunition!) Still needs to be freed ...

"... the operation of the Bundeswehr in Syria is legal from the point of view of international law, since the" Islamic state "is a threat to Europe and all democracies ..."
Angela, then the operation in the Crimea from the point of view of international law is legal, because there was a threat of reprisals against the civilians of Crimea. And the struggle of the Donbass militia is also law, as the inhabitants of this region do not want to be killed, and they are being killed ... with your support, Mrs Merkel. Strangely, you recognize the "moderate" terrorists in Syria as opposition to the legitimate government of Assad, but do not recognize the resistance to the Nazi regime in Kiev. Are the two hemispheres of the German chancellor in conflict? Just do not understand what, whether the brain, or another place ...

Pete mitchell
Sarah beauty, of course, bends her line. The Germans, it seems, completely ceased to be interested in their ancestors, Bismarck was forgotten, but in vain. He gave them a lot of good advice, maybe wrong, but most were right.

Chinese holiday in Tbilisi

Last Sunday in Tbilisi was a holiday. December 13 on the so-called "New Silk Road" there arrived the first container train "Nomad Express" from China. Together with the Georgians, they were delighted with the Wall Street Journal, The Econimist, Bloomberg and other Western publications, excited by the news that the Chinese had found transit to Europe bypassing Russia.

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili told the international community that the flags of Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kazakhstan, and the European Union decorated the new train. “We can take Chinese goods in Georgia in 8-10 days in an unprecedentedly short time, and then in different European countries in 3-5 days,” he said.

For several years now, Russia has been losing economic competition in Central Asia to China. Here are the figures that RBC gives: the volume of bilateral trade of the PRC with the countries of Central Asia in 2013 amounted to 50,3 billion dollars, and in 2014, amid the economic slowdown, 46 billion dollars. You should also know that Beijing last year, he approved the allocation to Astana of an investment package in 30 billion dollars, and Tashkent got hold of the 15 billion deal. The volume of economic assistance to the Chinese of Kyrgyzstan amounted to 3 billion dollars. For comparison: Russian investments in the region in 2013-2014. amounted to total 15 billion dollars, and the volume of trade - 30,5 billion dollars in 2013 year and 27,8 billion dollars in 2014 year.

Of course, let us add, the initiative of the Silk Road implies a further increase in the volume of trade and investment from the Middle Kingdom. Russia will not survive this competition, especially in its current weak position, when oil prices are falling every day and the ruble is getting cheaper.

Another thing is that the United States does not want to strengthen China. But this is a different story, which has nothing to do with Russia.

Comments from our readers:

Because of what the fuss is not at all clear. Fans of making a noise out of nothing are celebrating. The article presents a simple figure - rail transportation on the route China - Europe occupies only ONE percent. At the same time, it is necessary to recall that at the moment Russian Railways considers Transsib overloaded. A little more growth in its own economy, and it will fully load Transsib. More will be missed. That is, the situation is this: build and create as many routes as you want, there will be a load for them. Boot with excess. You just have to rejoice over Central Asia and Transcaucasia, that they, too, will be able to participate in this. Russian railways are neither hot nor cold. We can also make money on railway equipment, if we hurry up a bit.

Oleg NSK
This route to Europe has nothing to do. How drove the sea, so be it. I think that for the idea of ​​the Chinese is to more densely conquer the markets of the Med. Asia and the Caucasus (including Turkish).

Again, trimming from the table ... Need not to blame the road, but to occupy the place of China in the European market !!!

What to do with? What is produced from consumer goods in Russia? What can be cost-effective to produce with the current attitude to the production?

Oil on 100 dollars per barrel and socialism in Europe

For the first time since December 2008, oil prices have fallen below 38 dollars per barrel. With such oil quotes 7 years talked about the "day of the financial crisis." World economic experts, including bankers, are arguing about this very bottom.

Steen Jacobsen, chief economist at Saxo Bank, who spoke at the presentation of the forecast “Shocking 2016 predictions,” surprised the public with bold statements. When everyone talks about the collapse of the oil market, this man promised the price of Brent crude to 100 dollars per barrel. Already in the coming year. And really, why postpone it? However, it is necessary to take into account the reservation of the soothsayers: 100 dollars will only be a surge, a short-lived phenomenon.

The average price of oil in the next 10 years will be 40-50 dollars per barrel, the expert said. However, there will be a short period of price hike. The most important role in the rise in price of oil will be played by OPEC. The cartel members simply will not stand the pressure on the state budgets of their countries and panic. The time will come when OPEC decides to reduce the supply of black gold to the world market. Of course, this decision will lead to higher prices. Investors will take the so-called long positions in oil. At the peak of the price of raw materials will reach 100 dollars per barrel. In the future, quotes on the stock exchanges, the bank's chief economist believes, will inevitably decrease. In 2016, prices will range from 50 to 70 dollars per barrel.

Some other New Year forecasts by Saxo Bank specialists are also interesting.

According to the forecaster, by the end of 2016, rising oil prices, coupled with a too slow increase in the US Federal Reserve rates, will allow the ruble to strengthen by about 20% relative to the dual currency basket (0,55 dollar and 0,45 euro).

Jacobsen does not rule out even a jump in the Russian currency by 50% - after all, in the 2016 year, the West will lift sanctions from Russia. This will be connected with the decision of world leaders to start a united struggle against terrorism.

A potential US presidential candidate, Donald Trump, will not be the next president. A large audience stands against the billionaire: relatively young, liberal, educated and unemployed Americans - the “millennial generation”. These people will give votes to the Democratic candidate.

In Europe, socialism will be built in 2016. The endless crisis of growing inequality against the backdrop of mass unemployment (it will exceed 10%) will lead Europe to the introduction of a "single basic income." The purpose of the innovation is to help the low-income population.

For goods that are commonly attributed to luxury, in 2016, the demand will fall by half, according to analysts of Saxo Bank. The luxury sector will be in deep crisis.

In short, the rich will become poorer, and the poor - richer.

Comments from our readers:

Same lech
What do you mean ... I'm in shock. As far as I can remember, our wooden ruble is always rolling down the inclined path, no stability.
I now have a firm conviction that saving rubles and savings for the average Russian population is harmful for their own health (a more reliable ruble substitute is needed).
If the Americans start to massively throw their oil into the market, the ruble will fall even lower. The prospects for our economy are unimportant. As before, we stamp the Kudrinskaya road into a happy future.

This is if the population has something to postpone.

Previously, in Russia, no one knew anything about him, but now you can offer him citizenship.
Unfortunately, the author of the first post is right.
Apparently, this is the fate of this.
Imagine, the euro fell to 20 rubles, we immediately lined up for vouchers to Monaco and Barbados, scored loans and bought expensive German cars, their concerns were completely reoriented to our market, the queue is huge, everyone wants to drive Mercedes and BMW ", Pensioners and state employees save for" Audi "from 4-k and above, guards and storekeepers after work drink" Spaten "and the original" Husharden "for 30 rubles a bottle, which is carried by fuel tankers, in columns of 11 thousands !!! Ahhh !!! In Pyaterochka, the counters are littered with jamon and Swiss cheese, you can’t take more 300 rubles with you to the Alphabet of Taste - you stupidly don’t drag the bags to the car. Crowds of German road builders in white overalls are building the Tobolsk-Magadan highway, the longest and most expensive in the world. Brrr-brrrr-brrr, 7: 15, it's time to wake up.
By the way, this would be the best way to ruin your production and boost the European economy)))
Well, or stupidly it would be possible to make a tax on the currency so that the people would not get spoiled and snag, and live from ZP to ZP)))
Get used to the euro for 120. What to do now, cry to sit? This will not help grief. It is necessary to work well for all of us, to treat our work as the same Germans or Norwegians, that is, with full responsibility (not about all, but about many).

They did not expect!

David Blair, foreign correspondent for the British newspaper The Telegraph, believes that the Russians are sending a signal to the West through a demonstration of power in Syria. Submarines, cruise missiles, modern combat aircraft — all this Vladimir Putin uses in Syria to demonstrate Russia's military might. And this power is such that the correspondent is forced to admit: the Putin military machine is as strong as the American or British one.

Until Tuesday last week, Blair notes, the United States and Great Britain were the only states whose ability to launch cruise missiles from submarines against ground targets was proven. However, after the volley tore through the calm waters of the Mediterranean, and the rockets rose into the cloudless sky, Russia became the third member of the club for the elite.

Over the past 20 years, the correspondent reminds, the US Navy launched Tomahawk missiles from its Los Angeles-class submarines. The British Royal Navy did the same using the Trafalgar class submarines (currently replaced by Astute).

Given that cruise missiles allow both fleets to hit targets almost anywhere in the world, and the launch pad cannot be determined (it is hidden in the depths of the ocean), the "submarine - cruise missile" scheme represents the "pinnacle of sea power", Blair sums up.

Soon the Anglo-American “duopoly” will be challenged by France: it will have the opportunity to launch cruise missiles when its Barracuda class submarines are commissioned (this is expected to happen in 2017).

Its version of this weapons is developing and China.

But it turned out that Russia got it faster!

So, the British and Americans (or rather, NATO members) had to admit that there was a replenishment in the "elite club": a new member entered there "without demand." And who would have thought that these stubborn Russians would overtake both the French and the Chinese?

Comments from our readers:

You, Westerners, have long been told: “Guys, do not talk to Russia from a position of strength, it is fraught.” Well, what to do if the West does not understand the words? We have to demonstrate an example. The further spread of NATO can deplete even the angelic patience, the rumors about which, by the way, are greatly exaggerated. You play with fire, kids.

If we are not strong, we will not be completely - neither economically, nor strategically, nor even physically. There will be a couple of hundreds of thousands of beggars on small fragments of a once great country, and about ten thousand escaped traitors in “prosperous and democratic” countries.

These are the thoughts that are coming ... In the West, apparently, they sincerely believe that Russia is a very weak country with decorative armed forces. Apparently, the Western intelligence services have completely forgotten how to spy, and our counterintelligence is able to sniff the misinformation. Therefore, any real action of our troops is so perceived. It becomes a pity our probable friends: they live by illusions

Man from the 15th century

New York Post journalist David Lai found out the amazing details about Vladimir Putin’s secret mission. The correspondent cited photographic evidence that the Russians had long ago developed a technology for moving living objects in time. One of these objects was ... V. V. Putin.

Fragments of three photographs demonstrate how the Russians learned to operate with space and time. Here is a relatively recent photo of Vladimir Putin, and here are two others: one made in 1920, and the other in 1941. The servicemen, captured in the pictures, have “a strange resemblance to the Russian leader,” the journalist states.

Proponents of conspiracy theories, he continues, argue that the conclusion is obvious: "Putin is immortal." At least this person is a “mystical time traveler” and serves “the Russian people for centuries”. Another version: the current president of Russia is “a mythical creature that has been on our planet for hundreds, if not thousands of years.”

According to the third, more concrete, hypothesis, Putin’s activities began in the times of the 15th century Transylvanian leader, Prince Vlad II, known as Count Dracula.

Well, if this is the case, then President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry, even if they are alien lizards who arrived from Fomalhaut, are simply forced to come closer to Putin. It is extremely dangerous to wage a long game of sanctions with an immortal time traveler taking pictures for the American press of the 21st century. Strategists from Washington, who learned from the newspaper the truth about Putin’s mission, should backstage.

Comments from our readers:

They do not have pictures from the future, where the GDP visits Oklahoma and Dakotschiny.

And no one even asked a simpler question: why on the form of GDP allegedly 1941 g. Epaulets? The shoulder straps were introduced in 1943.

I, of course, not a professional historian, but the obvious nonsense in the photo of Putin-tanker. There is not a year 41, epaulets introduced into 43.

You are in the film about Rambo did not notice the crimson epaulets of the Soviet paratroopers? It is better to mark them for the better - the war was not mistaken.

Yes, what have the epaulets ?! PUTIN LIVED, PUTIN ALIVE, PUTIN WILL LIVE! "... and Putin, so young ..." "... and the battle continues again!"))))
Guys, everything is great! Did you notice: the 20 century began with Rasputin (minus sign), and 21 century began with Putin (plus sign)? Just do not say it is a funny coincidence. This is - OVER!

We have long known about this: "Lenin lived, Lenin lives, Lenin will live." He also knew Charles de Gaulle: "Stalin did not die, he was dissolved in the future."

Tatar 174
Well, that moves in time, you can agree with that. Moving in time, Putin has always defended Russia, and now he is protecting, judging even from the pictures, because he is in military uniform. But the United States, as 200 emerged over the years, destroying the Aboriginal tribes and seizing their lands by force and deception, so their whole policy based on murder, lies, deception since those years continues now, so they froze in time, precisely because nothing new and positive for the world can offer.

* “Everything will go like clockwork: first - in the evenings - singing, then pipes will burst in the toilets ...” - a phrase from the movie “The Heart of a Dog”
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  1. venaya
    venaya 20 December 2015 06: 01
    Before default in Ukraine, less than 18 hours are left !!!
    What is the day ahead preparing for us? The expectation of this collapse somewhat overshadows the main current news, we will wait a little longer, further clarity and I hope to increase for our country.
    1. Hon
      Hon 20 December 2015 06: 16
      Yes too early about default. You never know what the IMF will come up with for them.
    2. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 20 December 2015 06: 17

      Quote: venaya
      What is the day ahead preparing for us? The anticipation of this collapse somewhat overshadows the main current news,

      it will be as always, that is, nothing will happen ...
      1. atalef
        atalef 20 December 2015 08: 58
        Quote: Andrew Y.
        Quote: venaya
        What is the day ahead preparing for us? The anticipation of this collapse somewhat overshadows the main current news,

        it will be as always, that is, nothing will happen ...

        Hi, Andrei - in general, defaulted to Ukraine, but you were somewhat delayed, only you are right, right - nothing will happen, happen - it will be the same as it was, as an example Russia defaulted twice - the country does not die of default, people all the more so, well and a credit rating rating - it’s already garbage
        1. andj61
          andj61 20 December 2015 09: 57
          Quote: atalef
          , as an example, Russia defaulted twice - the country does not die of default, people all the more, well, and the credit rating rating is already garbage

          Hello Alexander! Listen, about the default of 1998 is known, and when was the second?
          And about a garbage credit rating - this is generally a political issue: even now, debts, including commercial ones, are serviced, and this provided that it is impossible to refinance. So the garbage rating is not because of the inability to pay, but because banks and Russian legal entities are prohibited from lending.
          And if they were allowed, they would have pulled higher interest rates.
          So garbage in this case refers to creditors - as resorting to non-market methods of dealing with competitors.
        2. nov_tech.vrn
          nov_tech.vrn 20 December 2015 11: 20
          Isn't this default being specially prepared by overseas "partners"? Actually, except for the land, Ukraine has nothing left, as in Russia at the beginning of the 90s, land as collateral is cheap, and a year later it is already someone else's, and practically free.
        3. Glukashin
          Glukashin 21 December 2015 01: 12
          This is when two defaults were in Russia then?
    3. EvgNik
      EvgNik 20 December 2015 06: 19
      Quote: venaya
      further clarity and for our country I hope to increase

      And what will change? In my opinion, everything will remain as it was.
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 20 December 2015 06: 28
        Quote: EvgNik
        And what will change? In my opinion, everything will remain as it was.

        You’ll find out in less than a day. It’s just interesting how the rating agencies will react.
        1. atalef
          atalef 20 December 2015 07: 09
          Quote: Alexander Romanov
          Quote: EvgNik
          And what will change? In my opinion, everything will remain as it was.

          You’ll find out in less than a day. It’s just interesting how the rating agencies will react.

          Good morning, Sanya!
          See how the Russian Exchange and the ruble reacted.
          When people risk their personal money, the reaction (as a rule) is the most honest.
          Rating agencies are worth nothing.
          1. Alexander Romanov
            Alexander Romanov 20 December 2015 08: 29
            Quote: atalef
            When people risk their personal money, the reaction (as a rule) is the most honest.

            Then minus
            Quote: atalef
            Rating agencies are worth nothing.

            I would like to be the head of such an agency, at zero cost, swim in dollars laughing
            Were healthy hi
            1. Gardener91
              Gardener91 20 December 2015 22: 57
              I would like to be the head of such an agency, at zero cost, swim in dollars laughing
              They were healthy hi "... a stupid animal! Is there really a lot of money ?!" Golden antelope.
        2. 33 Watcher
          33 Watcher 20 December 2015 07: 15
          There is another 10-day grace period. Like time to think. So, you have to wait until 30. Although rating agencies may respond tomorrow.
          1. SRC P-15
            SRC P-15 20 December 2015 09: 16
            Quote: Observer 33
            Although rating agencies may respond tomorrow.

            Rating agencies will react when and how the United States tells them! And that means, most likely, nothing.
            1. Sid.74
              Sid.74 20 December 2015 09: 19
              Quote: EvgNik
              And what will change? In my opinion, everything will remain as it was.

              Good question... what

              Or maybe ... wink

              Well ... that rushed ... the collectors went ... belay

              Well, already put the monuments ... belay

              And so, yes ... nothing will change ...
              1. The comment was deleted.
                1. Hello
                  Hello 20 December 2015 10: 40
                  Quote: СРЦ П-15
                  Among the dead is Samir Kuntar, one of the former guerrillas in southern Lebanon, who was released on July 16, 2008 in a prisoner exchange deal between Israel and Hezbollah

                  Partisans are good, take children hostage. This is so partisan am I hope comrade is already in hell in a frying pan.
                  1. Starik72
                    Starik72 20 December 2015 15: 11
                    Hello. Whose cow mooed, YOUR best would be silent. How many Palestinian children have YOU killed during your existence ??? So YOUR children cannot be taken hostage, but YOU can be killed. Oh, YOU!
                    1. Hello
                      Hello 20 December 2015 16: 15
                      Quote: Starik72
                      Hello. Whose cow mooed, YOUR best would be silent. How many Palestinian children have YOU killed during your existence ??? So YOUR children cannot be taken hostage, but YOU can be killed. Oh, YOU!

                      Well, don’t torment, tell us how many Palestinian children Israel intentionally killed?
                    2. 3axap82
                      3axap82 21 December 2015 15: 37
                      Why did you attack Israel ?! Let it expand at the expense of emigrants.
                      The fewer Jews in Russia, the better for Russia.
                      The more Jews in Israel, the better for Israel.
      2. venaya
        venaya 20 December 2015 06: 35
        "What will change?" - Let's wait a bit. This circus itself will be more interesting than the results, especially with regard to the entire global financial system. This issue is of extraordinary importance not only for financiers, but something can burn out for us here as well. This question is not private.
      3. Nyrobsky
        Nyrobsky 20 December 2015 10: 52
        Quote: EvgNik
        And what will change? In my opinion, everything will remain as it was.

        For Ukraine, certainly nothing will change.
        Everything, according to the given movement, will go by inertia and for the worse. After the announcement of default, other creditors, as well as the Russian Federation, will file lawsuits in court, setting aside the agreements on debt restructuring in order to get at least something from the debtor, as in the saying "From a black sheep, at least a tuft of wool." "Sale of Ukrainian assets both in Ukraine itself and abroad. A dashing privatization of everything will begin for a song.
        The allocation of IMF loans, even if they will, will support the budget a little, but will not save the Ukrainian economy.
        Russia defaulted, but Russia had oil and gas, a revision of the production rules of which with a change in taxation made it possible to pay off debts ahead of schedule. Ukraine has nothing of the kind that would allow in the short term to build up gold reserves and pay off debt. Black earth? They will go under the hammer under the control of Western agricultural corporations. Sala Ukraine! Hiroam Shroud! A curtain!
    4. Kos_kalinki9
      Kos_kalinki9 20 December 2015 06: 37
      Quote: venaya
      What does the future prepare for us?

      Petya Valtsman will once again get drunk drinks
      Senya Krol once again flashes with a proud look about the moratorium fool
      Yaresko once again declares that it would be necessary to deal with the debt in pre-trial order, but there is no money in the treasury and no one gives request
      Yakhno, Karasev and Kovtun will once again declare that 3 lard of the ever-green Yanukovych took in a box from under the copier fool
      Well, Russia will wait ten days, after which the lawsuit will be sent to the London court.
      Everything is predictable.
      1. mirag2
        mirag2 20 December 2015 06: 44
        A little about the lies of the liberals:
        "... The media, referring to the Wall Street Journal, report the deaths of Russian servicemen in Syria. In fact, the journalist Thomas Grove, relying on both their own sources and the investigation, published in October 2015, and on the comment of our correspondent Denis Korotkov, talks about the deaths of employees of a private military company known as “Wagner PMC”. Perhaps the distortion arose due to the incorrect translation of the word “contractors”, that is, contract workers, PMC fighters, since in Russian the word “contractor” as applied to military operations is often unambiguously understood as “a military man undergoing military service under a contract ".
        In the original English text of the Wall Street Journal, there is no mention of the death of active Russian servicemen, or their participation in a ground military operation in Syria ... "
        source: http: //
        read the same on "echo": http: //
        1. mirag2
          mirag2 20 December 2015 06: 49
          But Musin tells interesting things about a certain "comrade Illarionov" who is trying to refute the credibility of the "black box" from the SU-24, at the crash site of a bomber in Syria (I saw the video yesterday, sorry for the brakes):
    5. The comment was deleted.
    6. APASUS
      APASUS 20 December 2015 11: 09
      Quote: venaya
      Before default in Ukraine, less than 18 hours are left !!!

      You at least take a little interest in technology, financial rules, the country has 10 days to transfer money! So it will come in time for the New Year
    7. Skif83
      Skif83 20 December 2015 20: 33
      Yes, clarity was enough!
      What did not know that Ukrainians steal gas? They knew.
      What, they didn’t know what to agree with the egg-yards - do not respect yourself?
      Can someone clearly explain the policy of the Russian leadership?
      Hit the tail? Threaten by European courts? FUNNY!
      As for VVP, the leitmotif of his speech is that not everything is bad, and where it is bad, tighten your belts! But how would the people exchange belts with such a "wonderful" government, to which there are no complaints !?
    8. sledge
      sledge 20 December 2015 22: 06
      Nits from the IMF have already made it clear that even if a default is declared officially, loans to Ukraine will still be provided. Well, the fact that Russia will be left without its money invested in an independent economy does not interest anyone in this world crying
    9. Pinocchio
      Pinocchio 21 December 2015 20: 54
      Quote: venaya
      and for our country I hope to add

      Add problems.
      Litigation is a big expense. hi
  2. 20 December 2015 06: 14
    About Putin at all times smiled wink , from the category of the discovery of British scientists! laughing
    1. Mordvin 3
      Mordvin 3 20 December 2015 06: 30
      Breshet state journalist. Look at the ears, no resemblance. laughing
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Baloo
        Baloo 20 December 2015 07: 41
        The proportions of the face confirm your thought
  3. avvg
    avvg 20 December 2015 06: 18
    The commander-in-chief ordered that the daggers be returned to the officers of the fleet!
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 20 December 2015 06: 22
      Quote: avvg
      Dirk must be returned to the officers!

      what marine-worthy, others, why? request
    2. goblin xnumx
      goblin xnumx 20 December 2015 10: 51
      one returned the epaulettes to the place of the other dagger; yes, they would have returned everything to the old places;
      1. tropic
        tropic 20 December 2015 11: 06
        Quote: Leshy74
        one returned epaulettes to the place of the other dagger

        And the second one returned the table of ranks. The third, or even the second, will return the nobility. Hereditary. A matter of time, it seems. Maybe then the state will finally stop pretending to be capitalist? And then the scoops have already got out with their whine about "this terrible capitalism." Cursing how much in vain is capitalism, which they have never seen before.
  4. Amurets
    Amurets 20 December 2015 06: 35
    The local news appeared.http: // Chinese media, specifically Xinhua News Agency criticized the Medvedev government. The article appeared immediately after Medvedev left Beijing.
    1. B.T.V.
      B.T.V. 20 December 2015 07: 22
      Quote: Amurets
      The article appeared immediately after the departure of Medvedev from Beijing.

      And it was printed only in Russian (a subtle hint ?!).
    2. taram taramych
      taram taramych 20 December 2015 09: 11
      Lazha! The dead-end idea about "Russia’s Dead End" on the Chinese resource exists only in a private commentary to a certain article. When translating and typing, the "fried" was stuck in the "cap". This is a greedy pursuit of circulation!
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. GYGOLA
      GYGOLA 21 December 2015 03: 27
      According to the forecaster, by the end of 2016, rising oil prices, coupled with an excessively slow increase in US Federal Reserve rates, will allow the ruble to strengthen by about 20% against the dual-currency basket ($ 0,55 and 0,45 euros)
  5. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 20 December 2015 06: 35
    A normal review, as always. Pluralism of opinions, no one shuts their mouths, and they allow many to speak out.
    I, too, did not like everything in the press conference of the GDP, but on the other hand, the press conference is not a rally, and you should not voice your desire to shoot the economic bloc of your government and put the "Kremlin kids" on bunks. This can be done later, quietly and without fanfare. laughing
    1. goblin xnumx
      goblin xnumx 20 December 2015 10: 45
      about quietly and without pumping "plant" - you will not wait
  6. yuriy55
    yuriy55 20 December 2015 06: 43
    And life goes on
    And life goes on.
    And so many miracles - it is done in it!..
    And life goes on
    And life goes on.
    And each of us is fighting for happiness!
  7. Wildcat-731
    Wildcat-731 20 December 2015 06: 49
    "Weekly review" - as always, everything is short and clear (although, looking - to whom ....?).
    1. Haraz
      Haraz 20 December 2015 16: 00
      Not all. I will add.
      Slovak company Grand Power producing pistols entered another segment of the arms market and now produces PP Stribog / Stribog.

      Meanwhile, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Slovenian Republic is getting ready to buy Austrian Glock and Czech ČZ pistols. Minister Robert Kalinak stated that the Grand Power pistols were 2 millimeters longer than the task and the problem would have happened when Yaroslav Kuratsin had been hit by a car.
      Yaroslav Kuratsina is the general designer, founder and owner of Grand Power. What's the matter ? In Banskey, Bystritsi won the election of Governor Marian Kotleba. He and here in VO were exposed as a neo-fascist. Marian Kotleba, already as governor (zupan), broke up corruption schemes in the Banskobystritskaya oblast (krai) that regional corporations, government and opposition, together made there. Well, Kuratsina Kotlebu in the fight against corruption supported. And this has a price in democracy. It’s not interesting for the government that Grand Power sells ten thousand pistols a year, including in the USA and the Russian Federation.
      Marian Kotleba met Sergey Shoigu, Slovak President Kisku and President Zeman at the celebration of the Slovak National Uprising, I will write on the building of the Governor of Yankee home, Stop NATO / Yankee go home STOP NATO.
      1. Haraz
        Haraz 20 December 2015 16: 07
        And a few photos.
        1. Haraz
          Haraz 20 December 2015 16: 12
          Against Islamization.
        2. The comment was deleted.
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. Asadullah
        Asadullah 20 December 2015 23: 20
        Yaroslav Kuratsina is the general designer, founder and owner of Grand Power. What's the matter ?

        Yes they wedge godlessly, these trunks. Rollers are always beautiful. Politics and ....
    2. The comment was deleted.
  8. Federal
    Federal 20 December 2015 07: 00
    Thank you Alexey and Oleg for such an interesting and capacious review.
    At first, Yatsenyuk was dragged away for a causal place, then Avakov and Saakashvili clashed in an Armenian-Georgian fight, and the first one tried to attack the second with a glass and a choice mat. Misha did not give up, and the Caucasian dialogue about “who is the greater patriot of Ukraine” had to be interrupted by the presiding Poroshenko. And this is the Nobel Peace Prize - at least!

    That is why a new nationality appeared in Ukraine "UKROP", which includes all the nationalities of the world.
    1. Kos_kalinki9
      Kos_kalinki9 20 December 2015 07: 23
      Quote: Federal
      That is why a new nationality appeared in Ukraine "UKROP", which includes all the nationalities of the world.

      Yeah, but parsley rules it.
      1. 3axap82
        3axap82 22 December 2015 09: 17
        Thanks for the great joke.
        PS I already stole)))
  9. 33 Watcher
    33 Watcher 20 December 2015 07: 13
    Off topic, but good news. Turkey is currently withdrawing troops from Iraq. They say Obama davanul on Erdogan. yes
  10. knn54
    knn54 20 December 2015 07: 24
    Sometimes a "seditious" thought comes to mind: why "Mayflower" didn't "meet" the iceberg ...
  11. TVM - 75
    TVM - 75 20 December 2015 07: 33
    What daggers? In the 50s pilots with sabers walked. When they carried the banner of the unit, then pilots with sabers walked nearby. Of course, a dagger is a purely naval attribute. The rest of it is like a saber pilot.
  12. Same lech
    Same lech 20 December 2015 07: 51
    Ukraine's foreign ministry says Russia stole Chernomorneftegaz rigs

    But I think that Khrushchev stole the Crimean peninsula from RUSSIA ... and now, as they say, everything has returned to their places.
  13. aszzz888
    aszzz888 20 December 2015 08: 04
    "Why did not give a word to Sushe Sobchak."

    Horses place in the stall, not in the hall! laughing
  14. silver169
    silver169 20 December 2015 08: 05
    The second photograph of "Putin" could never have been taken in 1941. Shoulder straps, the cut of the tunic, the "Guard" badge (established in May 1942), the Order of the Patriotic War, also established in May 1942, all this suggests that the picture was taken no earlier than the second half of 1943 of the year.
    1. gunter_laux
      gunter_laux 20 December 2015 10: 10
      Where did you see the epaulettes? This is the transition of chiaroscuro. IMHO.
      1. KBR109
        KBR109 20 December 2015 11: 40
        Under the belt the belt of the sword belt is missing.
        1. alone
          alone 20 December 2015 15: 07
          Quote: KBR109
          Under the belt the belt of the sword belt is missing.

          this is also a transition of chiaroscuro wassat

          Was it really possible to confuse a real epaulette with chiaroscuro?)))
      2. lelikas
        lelikas 20 December 2015 11: 50
        Quote: gunter_laux
        Where did you see the epaulettes? This is the transition of chiaroscuro. IMHO.

        As well okay ? :) IS-3 does not fit with 41m. Although Andrei Mikhailovich Usov and went through the whole war.
        You can see and read here -
        There are also comments about Putin.
  15. Koshak
    Koshak 20 December 2015 08: 08
    "Yes, for 23 million (and not even euros), any hut-reading room will be worse than their PACE ..."
    ... and not even one ... smile
    1. Kos_kalinki9
      Kos_kalinki9 20 December 2015 10: 32
      Quote: Koshak
      "Yes, for 23 million (and not even euros), any hut-reading room will be worse than their PACE ..."
      ... and not even one ... smile

      And even for "pluralism of opinions" wassat
      1. innoker-1563
        innoker-1563 22 December 2015 08: 26
        I almost choked on my saliva !!!!
  16. cap
    cap 20 December 2015 08: 34
    “Everything will go like clockwork: first - in the evenings - singing, then pipes will burst in the toilets ...” - a phrase from the movie “Dog Heart”
    Author Alexey Volodin, Oleg Chuvakin

    Thanks to the authors. For a sense of humor separately laughing
  17. sl22277
    sl22277 20 December 2015 09: 08
    Thanks for the review. The main events are covered with humor and in fact.
  18. podgornovea
    podgornovea 20 December 2015 09: 30
    | Comments from our readers:
    | Griboedoff
    | It is necessary to remember that at the moment, Russian Railways considers the | Trans-Siberian Railway to be overloaded. A little more growth of its own economy, and it | will fully load the Trans-Siberian Railway. It will also be missed.

    Smiled! With such a sizzling economic growth as it is now, it will definitely not be enough! Only there will not be enough cargo to be transported and not the capacity of the Trans-Siberian Railway!
  19. Teplohod
    Teplohod 20 December 2015 09: 37
    "7:15 am, it's time to wake up."
    Ugagaga! But I did.
    ODERVIT 20 December 2015 10: 18
    Thanks for the review. And as usual. They will pay for gas, they will not pay for gas, they will pay a loan, they will not pay a loan, default, not default ..... New Year's concern, tired of it.
  21. Barakuda
    Barakuda 20 December 2015 10: 32
    "Putin is immortal." At least this person is a "mystical time traveler" and serves the "Russian people for centuries."

    Who does not know - the doctrine of the reincarnation of the soul (reincarnation) in Christianity was CANCELED in the 6th century at the Council of Constantinople. The venerable bearded saints, whom I do not ask - all head in the sand. Obviously, the power and the wabble were divided. Of the intelligible answers, one - You repent, accept God. In short, do not ask unnecessary questions.
  22. tokens2
    tokens2 20 December 2015 11: 19
    In Europe, socialism will be built in 2016. The endless crisis of growing inequality against the backdrop of mass unemployment (it will exceed 10%) will lead Europe to the introduction of a "single basic income." The purpose of the innovation is to help the low-income population.

    How can they dare to do this?
    In Russia, everything is scheduled right up to some 2050 year. Mr. Ulyukaev generally "promised" only 50 years !!! to get out of the crisis.
    Yes ...
    It will be abruptly Gagarin’s flight into space.
    1. tropic
      tropic 20 December 2015 11: 34
      Quote: Lexi2
      It will be abruptly Gagarin’s flight into space.

      What's so cool? Today he is there. Only called "unemployment benefits". What if such an allowance is paid somewhere, is it socialism?
      The point is not in the manual itself. And not in what it is called. And the fact that this allowance will be the same for all residents of the European Union. That's all the innovation.
      1. tokens2
        tokens2 20 December 2015 13: 31
        And the fact that this allowance will be the same for all residents of the European Union. That's all the innovation.

        you're not right.
        It is one thing to convince the unemployed that they are all lazy.
        It is another thing to recognize and equalize all professions.
        Recognizing in this way the impotence of Western economic surrealism laughing
        That's it! No longer rolls sur "packed" in an economic shell.
        Or the new Salvador Dali with an economic diploma has not yet been born.
        1. tropic
          tropic 20 December 2015 13: 57
          Quote: Lexi2
          It is another thing to recognize and equalize all professions.
          Recognizing in this way the impotence of Western economic surrealism

          Today in the Russian Federation the minimum wage is 5965 rubles. He is one for all, you can’t pay less. In this regard, the academician and the loader are equalized. Common world practice. Find me an academician, and a loader who really gets such a full-time salary.
          What made you so excited about this?
          Do you mind that unemployment benefits (the equivalent of “single basic income”) be the same amount? You think that 850 rubles / month. is unemployed enough? And then what about the OFFICIAL cost of living? For the 2nd quarter of 2015 for the Russian Federation, on average, it amounted to 10017 rubles. And for Moscow - 15141 rubles.
        2. Barakuda
          Barakuda 20 December 2015 14: 45
          Beria and Stalin are not. All homeless people in the shower, robe, hostel and machine tools - the result will be sure! And a psychotherapist like Valuev, that would not have thumped. smile
          1. tokens2
            tokens2 20 December 2015 17: 07
            Beria and Stalin are not. All homeless people in the shower, robe, hostel and machine tools - the result will be sure! And a psychotherapist like Valuev, that would not have thumped.

            Why are you so heartless then?
            Do you think modern machines are something like a soul? Left to right?
            There was ... one man who also dreamed of everything.
            After that, it’s difficult to call him a person either.
        3. Glukashin
          Glukashin 20 December 2015 23: 54
          What do you! In my head, the Fed can only become that way! Ben Helicopter is still that painter.
  23. alone
    alone 20 December 2015 11: 37
    The results are the results. Nothing interesting. There are a lot of praised words about your own, a lot of criticism of others. And you could criticize your own. There is a reason.
  24. VS
    VS 20 December 2015 12: 45
    The review is normal ...
    A small union of all topics ...
    "..." Nobody else will make important decisions on their own, "he said." Everyone will take power. Slogans will take the place of reason. First, the highbrow will take over, and then ordinary working people will follow them. Politicians took a role for themselves. wizards who, passing laws, raising taxes, extracting money out of thin air, will provide everyone with a free life. Their favorites, enterprises and institutions, will divide territories among themselves and strangle everyone who is able to offer any innovations. government, there is only one recipe: strengthening the government's power. The power grows until it becomes too gluttonous, and one planet is no longer enough to feed it. Domestic unrest can be exported on the edge of bayonets. But for some reason they begin to fight against the real barbarians, when it's too late ... War, war, war. I would advise you to offer a prayer to the saints, but perhaps the saints have already left us ... "Paul Anderson.
    Just like from nature ...
    UNAUTHORIZED 20 December 2015 12: 45
    Info just got out: In Indonesia, the T-50 crashed, is it a lie or an accident at demonstrations
    1. Svist
      Svist 20 December 2015 13: 00
      This is not our T-50 PAK FA.
      The incident occurred at 9.50 local time on Sunday (5.50 Moscow time). South Korean-made Indonesian Air Force T-50 twin supersonic combat trainer

      RIA Novosti
  26. Svist
    Svist 20 December 2015 12: 47
    I watched the press conference. Frankly, disappointed. I think with such a domestic policy and war is not needed ...
  27. D. Dan
    D. Dan 20 December 2015 12: 57
    I still think there is some kind of order in Russia that has been keeping our Motherland from collapse since ancient times. Maybe GDP - from this opera?
  28. mamont5
    mamont5 20 December 2015 15: 45
    "Yes, for 23 million (and not even euros), any hut-reading room will be worse than their PACE ...

    Comments from our readers:

    Yes, they will pay, they will not go anywhere. We are like that, Russia is a generous soul. "

    Perhaps they will pay, but ... I would not rush to accuse our leadership of myopia and other worse sins. Our task is also to tear Europe away from the United States (which is not easy). It is easy to destroy and bomb everything (to give such an order), but "divide and rule" is the true task for the ruler.

    The answer to the State Department: "You will answer us ... more for the Indians!"

    They will answer, of course they will. As one of the Native American leaders (fully support) says - the US must be destroyed!
  29. mamont5
    mamont5 20 December 2015 15: 56
    The Turks apparently want to provoke a military conflict in order to block the straits for our ships. "

    There was already an answer to the closure of the straits. True, in Soviet times, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR A.A. Gromyko: "If Turkey closes the straits, two missile salvos are enough, and instead of one strait there will be two. But there will be no Istanbul after that ..."
    And Turkey abruptly stopped all talk about the straits. It was in the late 70s ... "

    It's better not to say ...

    "Conspiracy theorists, he continues, argue that the conclusion is clear:" Putin is immortal. "

    They are afraid ... So they respect.
  30. dchegrinec
    dchegrinec 20 December 2015 17: 25
    I noticed an interesting trend for myself. I don’t know how other people are. The more I look at an open conversation with the president, the more I am surprised at what stupid questions are asked there. Come to such a serious event that I’ll freeze some nonsense and wait for a serious answer ... it’s not clear .
  31. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 20 December 2015 20: 53
    ... it somehow turns out strange: the mouth of the Russian delegation in PACE is shut up, but they also demand money from the same Russian delegation for participating in this theater of absurdity.
    Sometimes, it seems to me, it is necessary to show a fist, and not just to threaten with a finger.
    1. renics
      renics 20 December 2015 23: 51
      Forgot only one word in the last statement. Let’s steal too much. Although the word a lot is not suitable here, the word is not enough.
  32. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 20 December 2015 21: 18
    You did not forget about revenge? We must take the Turks for the most expensive. For loot.

    Successful the other day was the hunt
    I easily found the lair of the wolves.
    Wolf immediately shot me a fraction
    Bitten my dog, two of her puppies.

    Already boasted to his wife his prey
    How in the distance came the howling wolf,
    But this time some unusual.
    He was soaked with grief and longing.

    And the next morning,
    Even though I sleep quite soundly,
    At home the roar woke me,
    I ran out what was behind the door.

    A wild picture appeared to my eyes:
    At my house, there was a huge wolf.
    The dog is on the chain, and the chain is missing,
    Yes, and probably he could not help.

    And next to him, stood my daughter,
    And fun of his tail played.
    I could not help at this moment,
    And what is in danger - she did not understand.

    We met with a wolf eyes.
    "The head of the family," I immediately realized,
    And only whispered lips:
    "Don't touch your daughter, kill me better."

    My eyes filled with tears
    And the daughter with the question: Dad, what's wrong with you?
    Leaving the wolf's tail, immediately ran up,
    He pulled her to him with one hand.

    And the wolf left, leaving us alone.
    And did not harm either the daughter or me,
    For the pain and sorrow caused to him by me
    For the death of his wolf and children.

    He got his revenge. But revenge without blood.
    He showed that he is stronger than people.
    He conveyed his feeling of pain to me.
    And made it clear that I killed his KIDS
  33. archimer
    archimer 20 December 2015 21: 27
    What would the best aces of the USSR answer!
  34. renics
    renics 20 December 2015 23: 46
    (The highlight of this situation is that the overwhelming majority of residents of a given settlement know about the points of sale of counterfeit alcohol (read: poison). Among the ignorant, by some phenomenal coincidence, are law enforcement officers.) And what will be done a policeman if his chief of police is directly involved in this matter and everyone knows about it including the author of the article. But at the same time, none of the officials controlling the police from government agencies, from the courts to the prosecutor's office and the FSB, has the political will to slam this head. And this is another highlight.
  35. Seneca
    Seneca 20 December 2015 23: 50
    Liznul so licked. But such statues are a dime a dozen of the press ... as well as laboring lizuns. Because of this, their fees fall. And you have to scribble texts a lot and often. Which will certainly affect the quality of the relevant propaganda. For such opuses cause more and more nausea .
    1. Glukashin
      Glukashin 21 December 2015 01: 15
      But the article didn’t notice anything with humor and irony, or what?
  36. bentonite
    bentonite 21 December 2015 11: 31
    Regarding the "Man from the XV century", I congratulate you sovramshi - in the 41st there was no shoulder strap in the Red Army.
  37. Alekspel
    Alekspel 21 December 2015 12: 44
    Everything is great and we are already proud of our country in general and the President in particular. But I would like that at least someone would remember about our household and somehow engage in it. And then the President solves global world issues, the prime minister also drove all in work to China, took a picture there. Well, at least for some overwhelming deputy prime minister (just not Dvorkovich), well, at worst, some deputy would be forced to take up the country. And then I’m getting here, for example, a receipt for heating and hot water (three-room apartment 73 sq.m), the amount for the month is 3859 rubles. this despite the fact that the batteries are disconnected all winter because it is warm outside. Where such an amount is impossible to achieve. And the installation of counters in each apartment is sabotaged by heat engineers, because the amount will decrease three times. So will someone ever deal with this kind of problem? Or will we always resolve world issues?