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In the Strategic Missile Forces received remote mine clearance machines

The Novosibirsk and Teikov RVSN compounds received the first two remote demining machines, “Foliage,” reports RIA News Post commander of troops Sergei Karakaev.

“Under military conditions, an inspection was carried out of the combat effectiveness of the Folk MDR for the destruction (neutralization) of mine-explosive devices (special assemblies of engineering ammunition), and the first two vehicles were already supplied to Novosibirsk and Teikov missile formations this year.”

According to the developers, the MDR “Foliage” was created to increase the survivability and security of the units of the mobile ground-based missile complex (PGRK) on combat patrol routes and field positions, to demine sections of routes of columns of equipment from remotely controlled minefields, radio-controlled mines and land mines in 2013 year in the framework of the ROC (experimental design work) "Yars" ".

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  1. dchegrinec
    dchegrinec 17 December 2015 10: 48 New
    There is also a wonderful demining tool: UR-77 flying cord with explosives. It will immediately mine a strip of half a kilometer. This is another principle of operation. Different machines are needed ..
    1. subbtin.725
      subbtin.725 17 December 2015 10: 50 New
      Quote: dchegrinec
      : flying cord with explosives

      The Dragon.
      One another is not a hindrance. The circumstances and terrain are different.
      1. kapitan92
        kapitan92 17 December 2015 11: 01 New
        UR-07 installation
    2. Atrix
      Atrix 17 December 2015 10: 56 New
      Совершено разные задачи стоят. Первая(Змей горыныч) для войсковых операций разминирования при наступлении или продвижении войск, а вторая для работы в тылу в "мирное" время на выходах на боевое дежурство ракетных комплексов. Насколько я понял она для обезвреживания радио управляемых мин, которые могут быть заложенные диверсионными группами.
    3. Moore
      Moore 17 December 2015 11: 40 New
      Yeah, and half a kilometer of the road along which these same rocket men ride ...
      1. Artyom
        Artyom 17 December 2015 13: 59 New
        I think that the front of the GPR antenna is to shine through the meter’s ground at 3 depths!
    4. The comment was deleted.
    5. Homo
      Homo 17 December 2015 15: 50 New
      Quote: dchegrinec
      There is still a wonderful means of demining: UR-77 flying cord with explosives. It will immediately mine a strip of half a kilometer.

      What does this have to do with the article? In the depths of our territory, to advance the poplars and yarsov, secretly - explosions every half a kilometer ??? fool
  2. flyer
    flyer 17 December 2015 10: 58 New
    I completely agree with subbtin. 725. Too expensive toy YARS and TOPOL, so as not to save them from a landmine. Strategic Rocket Forces happy holiday !!
  3. 17 December 2015 10: 59 New
    Very nice car! good It's nice to read news like this. Our army is equipped with modern new equipment! I am very glad that in our country there are people who want and can create something new, good and high quality! yes good
  4. Sergey Vladimirovich
    Sergey Vladimirovich 17 December 2015 11: 05 New
    Brothers Novosibirsk made a gift for the holiday. Who, interestingly, got it. OISB was reduced much earlier, such as as unnecessary, who now own and manage this technique ...
  5. inkass_98
    inkass_98 17 December 2015 11: 17 New
    Something reminds me of the base of this mine clearing vehicle laughing
    1. Eugene-Eugene
      Eugene-Eugene 17 December 2015 11: 29 New
      Действительно, а что за база у "Листвы"?
      1. Moore
        Moore 17 December 2015 11: 51 New
        База у неё "Выстрел" КАМАЗ-43269 - по результатам эксплуатации, мягко говоря, не самая удачная.
        Поступать, полагаю, пепелац будет в группу обеспечения марша, т.е. не ракетчикам, а к саперам, - у них до сих пор сложнее БАТа не было ничего. Хоть бы его к категории "ракетное вооружение" отнесли - тогда отвечать будет служба РВО, что в виду сложности образца техники будет правильнее.
        1. Alexey RA
          Alexey RA 17 December 2015 13: 51 New
          Quote: Moore
          База у неё "Выстрел" КАМАЗ-43269 - по результатам эксплуатации, мягко говоря, не самая удачная.

          And this is our tradition: to sell unsuccessful cars in the Strategic Missile Forces.
          Камазовские "выстрелы" тоже ведь в РВСН ушли.
          1. Moore
            Moore 17 December 2015 16: 52 New
            Очевидно, Вы имели в виду "Водники"? Да, РВСН всё примет...
      2. The comment was deleted.
    2. RUSS
      RUSS 17 December 2015 14: 07 New
      Quote: inkass_98
      Something reminds me of the base of this mine clearing vehicle laughing
      1. volodimer
        volodimer 17 December 2015 15: 20 New
        Hanomagh with 152 confused! 152 in the Soviet films depicted German half-tracks, but this is in the films, and you, with such epaulets ... negative
    3. volodimer
      volodimer 17 December 2015 14: 28 New
      Yeah, all the same, the Soviet wheeled armored vehicles 152 and 40 in form - perfection. It is difficult to improve something (here the sides are tilted).
      I received the same aesthetic pleasure with the T44-100 with screens, it is clear that I would not go into the series, and the T54 was already better, but with the side projection ...
  6. Konstantin Yu
    Konstantin Yu 17 December 2015 11: 17 New
    ... To this wonderful car is needed, one more ... to set mines, and to set so that, besides us, no one takes off
  7. clerk theophan
    clerk theophan 17 December 2015 11: 46 New
    Quote: Eugene-Eugene
    Действительно, а что за база у "Листвы"?

    Судя по всему - СБА 60К2 "Булат