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Greece proposes "stolen name" Macedonia to be renamed for NATO membership

The Guardian It comes out with the material that Macedonia cannot take the path, for example, of Montenegro to join NATO solely because of the position of Greece. According to Western journalists, Greece declares that Macedonia has no right to bear such a name, since it is “stolen” from the northern Greek province.

Greece proposes "stolen name" Macedonia to be renamed for NATO membership

The Prime Minister of Macedonia, Nikola Gruevsky, states that Greece is indeed making claims to the official Skopje over the name of the state. Moreover, these claims are actually made since the collapse of Yugoslavia and the formation of Macedonia. According to Nikola Gruevsky, the official authorities of the country "may consider the claims of Greece." According to him, it would be quite possible to discuss the issue of changing the name of the Balkan state.

Prime Minister of Macedonia:
We are ready for dialogue with Athens and for the search for a compromise solution.

At the same time, the authorities of Macedonia and Greece declare that renaming the Macedonian state can bring it not only to NATO, but also to the European Union. It turns out that the whole thing is solely in the title ... Who would have thought ...

It is noteworthy that this news vigorously discussed in the Ukrainian segment of social networks. Some particularly violent interpreters stories users propose to demand a ban on the use of the concept "Rus" in the Russian Federation, claiming that only Russia has the right to "Rus" as a "brand" ...
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  1. Denis Obukhov
    Denis Obukhov 16 December 2015 17: 17
    Invite Khokhlov to NATO: for this they will not only change the name of the country with joy, but they will sell the whole Nenka!
    For this reason, Georgia may never become a member of NATO, as it is called Georgia all over the world, and this is one of the states of the USA! Or Georgia will have to rename too.
    1. 79807420129
      79807420129 16 December 2015 17: 21
      And these from the family of umbrellas and rabbits are bustling about, because until 1917, there was no such thing as Ukraine, Little Russia was, New Russia was, and Ukraine?
      1. lelikas
        lelikas 16 December 2015 17: 32
        Just cunning Greeks, decided to cut a little dough on copyrights - then you need to repay loans.
        1. hrych
          hrych 16 December 2015 19: 48
          You can't even imagine how cunning they are, they even privatized (by pseudo-historical monks on paper) the Eastern Roman Empire, with the capital city of New Rome. They called New Rome Constantinople, although it never was like that, although the builder of this city was the Roman emperor Constantine, but it was New Rome that built and if he decided to give the city his own name, he certainly did not use any Greek name. And to call the Roman Empire Byzantine, so generally delightful, there was somewhere nearby the unfortunate village of Byzantium ... Also in religion, the Greeks allegedly baptized Russia, although Andrew the First-Called did this, and under Vladimir becoming a state religion, however, the service was not conducted in Roman Latin and even more so in Greek, but exclusively in the Old Russian language and were not obeyed to any patriarch either Roman, Antioch or Constantinople. Their only influence was when the patriarchate was introduced in Russia and the Nikonov heresy, when the Romanovs plunged our country into a series of religious schisms and uprisings. Even these scribblers invented a way from the Varangians to the Greeks. And if everything is clear with the Varangians - the Baltic lutichs and the Prussians, then everything is not all right with the Greeks, there were the lands of the Romans. That is what the Greeks became famous for, because they sold themselves to the Cross-bearers, and then to the Turks, which led to the genocide of the Romans. And now about Macedonia, let's take the "pope of history" - Herodotus, he says that the capital of the Macedonians, where Alexander was born - Pella, is inhabited by Bottians - a Thracian tribe, and the Thracians are undoubtedly Pre-Slavs. And the Macedonians, undoubtedly having Hellenic roots, are half, if not more, Thracians. Another problem is the name Pella in Greek is not translated in any way, but in the same place, not far from Bosnia, there is the Serbian city of Pale, which naturally has a translation from Slavic and is so clear. Even the Macedonian army besides the phalanx had cavalry, and Alexander himself became famous on his Bucephalus, but the Greeks used horses only harnessed to chariots, i.e. in a two-wheeled cart and no more, and even then in single copies such as a king, etc. Well, so did the Egyptians. The Persians had a real armada of war chariots ... Also, the Macedonian in the army simply simply had Thracian cavalry just simply. So, who stole the Macedonian name still needs to be figured out who they are Hellenized Thracians or Oracian Hellenes, but certainly not pure Greeks. Yes, and the Athenians called Sashka's pope - Philip the Barbarian, and the barbarian among the Greeks meant non-Greek. Such is the alignment. And look at the current Greeks, in terms of science and technical level they are an order of magnitude inferior, for example, to the Germans - barbarians, so there is still nothing to offer in literature, opera, etc. Some strange descendants of the founders of European science and art, and the military spirit is very doubtful , Achilles and does not smell, trading and only, as in the time of the fall of Constantinople and the betrayal of the Romans.
          1. Pancho
            Pancho 16 December 2015 20: 08
            And it was not too lazy for you to write this nonsense, far-fetched. By the way about the opera, is a name like Maria Callas telling you anything?
            1. hrych
              hrych 16 December 2015 23: 00
              Bredyatina easily checked, take Herodotus study or Procopius of Caesarea ...
              And Richard Wagner says something to you or Beethoven, find this level of a Greek, so no, but she is a singer of such a lot in troupes of large and small theaters, and she owes her success to communication and PR with Onasis, I heard her, far from Brigitte Nielsen, and the "quivering" voice to an amateur, rather annoying, and not flooded, rejected this style by society ...
              We take antique statues in museums around the world and everywhere we see the so-called Roman copies from the Greek original, Scythian gold is called Greek, although the figures there are snub-nosed people and hairstyles for a pot, and the animal style with animals whose Greeks did not see in the pictures and Scythian clothes, i.e. e. trousers and boots, not a bare bottom and sandals like the Hellenes. And, what do they find in the "cradle", nothing, there are more ancient Mycenaean creations, there is later a Roman one, but from the Greek period, clay pots with black primitive hoplite drawings exclusively with a bare bottom, but wearing a helmet ... By the way, the exploits of Hercules: he killed pig, cleaned the stables or outhouse from feces and stuff ...
              1. Pancho
                Pancho 17 December 2015 21: 46
                You can look at those statues with hairstyles like a pot? Do not be like the Ukrainians trying to trace their antiquity to the dinosaurs. What you described is the fruit of your unhealthy imagination. About Callas, a person who makes a mistake in the word "konushnya" somehow can hardly competently judge. At least one could read her biography to know that before Onassis she was already great. Archimedes and Pythagoras were probably also Scythians?
                1. hrych
                  hrych 18 December 2015 16: 39
                  You shouldn't find fault with mistakes, we are not on the site of young philologists, especially because of inattention. It is also not worth giving out "great" labels to those who have come out of the theater to the stage, ala the Basque. True genius opera singers are known to a narrow circle of connoisseurs, they did not row the loot with a shovel, did not participate in glamorous scandals, although they do not belong to those in need. "The little drum" of the same type of Verdi's operas could not withstand competition with mass culture, and Wagner's divine dramas were deliberately prohibited. If you wish, listen to Gotlob Frick, or even better Ludwig Zuthaus, for example, in Siegmund's aria in Valkyrie, and even to have Wilhelm Furtwängler conducted the orchestra, well, at worst, Arturo Toscanini, and you might understand that Kareros, Domingo and Pavarotti are mediocre unable to pull out these arias and Callas there would have taken the Waltrauts to sing along, no more.
                  By likening ukrov, it’s not worth talking again, every person on earth has someone offspring, and ultimately, everyone is from their foremother and forefather (get into it), in their antiquity and greatness of their ancestors they surpass any Western European and really flows in their veins Scythian and Slavic blood. Another thing is that the Vatican continues its scheme of the division of peoples, as described by the Babel crowding, it is worth changing languages, people are divided and begin to self-destruct. So there was a division into Germans and Slavs, when the words are exactly the same, such as brother-brader-brooder, sister-sister-shvester, wall-rampart, bull-ox-bull, however they introduced articles into the language, changed the grammar and all the cranes, it is not clear, then the authenticity of the people is changing and he is being pitted against his former ones. The Vatican appeared, a mov appeared, they drew a story, but fake, although its true one is much cooler.
                2. hrych
                  hrych 18 December 2015 16: 58
                  "To erect antiquity ..." precisely to the Rus, the term does not stick, because over the past thousand years, which even you cannot dispute, this people defeated all the attackers, starting with the defeat of the Khazar Kaganate and ending with the next all-European invasion in 1941, naturally captured the most extensive land, and if we talk about 1/6 of the firmament, then this is cunning from a firmament suitable for human habitation on Earth, minuscule, the main crops are occupied by deserts: icy, sandy, mountainous. More than half of Africa is desert, 90% of Australia is desert, 100% of Antarctica is desert. Following the size of the state: the United States with a population of two and a half times ours live on lands, most of which are desert, China has a population of ten times more, but most of the territories are desert. There is a huge island Greenland with 100% wasteland, etc. And we lost land not from an external enemy, but from internal crises ...
                  1. hrych
                    hrych 18 December 2015 17: 41
                    So, if a thousand years ago we observe a nation comparable in population to neighboring powers, not inferior in development and militancy, and if it won, then surpassed at that time the largest state in Eurasia - the Khazar Khaganate, and the defeat was complete with the destruction of the capital and the largest and the most ancient cities, such as Derbent, Sarkel, Itil, etc. The development of the people is also characterized by equipment, because blades and armor require metallurgy, cavalry is provided by livestock breeding and breeding because you cannot force a farmer to keep ranks and jump into the thick of the enemies with the clang of steel and dying screams of people and animals. It is necessary to take cities with the use of siege weapons, etc. Until now, the military industry is on the crest of scientific and technological progress, then metallurgy is for blades, now it is jet technology and nuclear energy. So, a thousand years ago, suddenly, people from an oak tree collapsed or fell from the moon. Or did he have glorious ancestors? Not me, but Lomonosov noted that the Scythians described by Herodotus as the oldest, most developed and belligerent people, but after more than a thousand years, of the same Hellenic historical science, adept Leo the Deacon, Svyatoslav and his soldiers are called Scythians. So there is nothing to argue with the fathers of history, they know better who the Scythian is here, much less a thousand years ago.
                    1. hrych
                      hrych 18 December 2015 17: 54
                      But however, as Herodotus described the Scythians a thousand years before himself, the Deacon connected the Rus and Scythians a millennium after, and you cannot deny the glorious history of the Rus of the last millennium.
                      Now the Ukrainians, yes they are the descendants of the glorious Scythians, however, fell under foreign dominion, the elite, both military and intellectual, were physically destroyed, and the sullen Zrobichans left their descendants in the form of Westerners, and apparently they are kind of plain-looking, like this selection. And this is for a couple of hundred years, and here we are witnesses of how they maidanatsya for 25 years. Peoples have been developing for thousands of years, and are degrading in a couple of dozen. And the Great Russians fought off the invaders and continued their progressive movement without losing the military caste and mastered near space and thermonuclear energy. So the habitat of the Herodotian Scythians and Rus mysteriously coincides. And, as luck would have it, in confirmation of Herodotus, archeology has torn Tripoli and other cultures with anthropological characteristics, and the haplogroups for you Russophobes (or not for you) have finally broken the ridge and there was nothing to cover. And with vases and decorations faces look characteristic and the clothes are the same and even the hairstyle ...
                      1. hrych
                        hrych 18 December 2015 18: 46

                        Unfortunately, the recording is not very good, but you will roughly have an idea of ​​Wagner’s arias and Zuthaus’s voice ...
                      2. Pancho
                        Pancho 18 December 2015 21: 22
                        You have laid out a whole lecture for me here. In short, my objections are as follows: 1. The connection between the Scythians and the Russians, and even after a thousand years, a person with a rich imagination can see (it would be nice to cite links to articles on the similarity of the genotypes of the Scythians and Russians). I will also note that I Russian, which I am proud of, but I consider it beneath my dignity to look for glorious ancestors where no one has seen them for so many years. 2.There is no comrade for the taste and color of a friend, I’m talking about comparing glorious Italian and Spanish tenors with the Germans. not impressed. I don’t share your admiration for Wagner, but this is again about taste. Everyone has their own preferences. I’ll not even argue about Callas, here everything is clear for a long time, except for you. Etruscans and Italians also have orial habitat "mysteriously" Then, it never occurred to you that the word "sister" is similar to "sister" because it is just a borrowing from other languages. For example, as the word motherland is a translation from Greek "patrida", "lord" from Greek " kirie. "When our ancestors at They took the faith from the Greeks, including Greek and not only books, texts that, after translation, influenced the Russian language. There is nothing shameful here. The same English language is full of borrowings from Greek. "As a material of literature, language Slavic-Russian has an undeniable superiority over all Europeans: his fate was extremely happy. In the XI century, the ancient Greek language suddenly opened to him its lexicon, a treasury of harmony, bestowed upon him the laws of its deliberate grammar, its beautiful turns, the majestic course of speech; in a word, he adopted him, thus saving him from the slow improvements of time. By itself, it is already sonorous and expressive, henceforth it will take on flexibility and correctness. "I hope you will not refute Pushkin. I think he is more well versed in this matter.
                      3. hrych
                        hrych 18 December 2015 22: 13
                        I beg you, at the expense of accepting faith from the Greeks ...
                        Not my fabrications, but officialdom:
                        The name “Byzantine” the Eastern Roman Empire received in the writings of Western European historians after its fall, it comes from the original name of Constantinople - Byzantium, where the Roman emperor Constantine I transferred the capital of the Roman Empire in 330, officially renaming the city “New Rome” [7] . The Byzantines themselves called themselves Romans - in Greek, “Romans" [7], and their power - the "Roman (" Roman ") empire (in the Greek (Byzantine) language - Βασιλεία Ῥωμαίων, Vasily Romemeon) or briefly“ Romany ”(( , Romania).
                        From this it is clear what the city was called, what the empire was called and what they called themselves and, accordingly, who they were ethnically. And it is clear that the name is generally invented on paper, no more and no less. Starting from the capture of New Rome in 1204 by the crusaders and until 1453 of the fall of the city from the Turks to the emperors, the Paleologians climbed, I can't say about their ethnicity, maybe the Greeks, although they raised their clan to Augustus. But the baptism of Russia was before 1204 for more than 200 years and there on the throne there was no smell of Greek stench. There were the Romans, the baptism of Olga (not Russia) was in the "New Rome" under the Emperor Roman, the son of Constantine Bogryanorodny (names are exclusively Latin). So what kind of Greeks are there? Get into the essence. Then talk about the baptism of Russia by the Romans. The division into Catholic and Orthodox (Orthodoxy was called in Russia) occurred among the Romans. And this current Greek manure with its Athonite elders, divine service in Greek does not even apply to church division, this heresy appeared later and we still need to figure out how, I think after the genocide of the Romans and simply the destruction at the root of the Orthodox Church, and even more so had nothing to do with our RUSSIAN church, before Nikon's heresy, when they began to bend our church under the Greeks, but that's another story.
                      4. Pancho
                        Pancho 18 December 2015 22: 40
                        Mix only the slops in a bucket with your tongue (Greek stench, Greek manure), you yourself don't mind? You don't understand anything about these matters. You have a personal dislike for the Greeks, and I hate this attitude towards this respected people. , whose contribution to world civilization cannot be overestimated, although there was one "specialist" under the characteristic nickname Khrysh, who said his "weighty" word in history. And your attitude towards the Russian Orthodox Church is all the more disgusting. The messengers told Vladimir about the Greek faith, but you -that of course it is better to know what was there and how. Only a narrow-minded person can draw a conclusion about the national origin from the name. For example, the unknown Vladimir Soloviev is a real Jew, about which he tirelessly repeats, but where is Jewishness in his name, eh? I did not receive any specific questions about links, statues and so on. Based on this, I conclude that all your statements are unfounded, but in common parlance this is nonsense. The circle is closed. The whole New Testament is written in Greek Eskom, almost all the letters of the Apostle Paul to the Greeks and you still have something to object?
                      5. hrych
                        hrych 18 December 2015 23: 04
                        These are the main liars, their lies on the surface, although some eyes have hatched, but do not see. Confusion in history on these personalities, they seized the annals and papist liars gave them an order of magnitude, no relation to the ancient Greeks they do not have. I don’t know who these creatures are, genetically they do not belong to the Aryans, of whom the Hellenes were undoubtedly black, their genetics is close to the Iberian-Albanian group (those whom the Aryans drove into the mountains 4 thousand years ago). They worship the cult of death, wear black, conduct all-night (?) Services. Bow to relics (?), I.e. cadaveric sewage. A significant spread of homosexuality, some secret cults where no strangers are allowed, etc. I repeat the complete backwardness in art and technology. It is the Archimedes that you quoted that would hardly recognize their descendants in them.
                    2. hrych
                      hrych 18 December 2015 22: 49
                      And of course, we must remember that the Russian tsars proclaimed Moscow the Third Rome, and the Fourth did not happen. Not the second by Constantinople or Byzantium. Constantine himself built the New Rome on the site of the legendary Troy because the Romans derive their ancestry from the Aeneas Trojan, or rather from the royal family of the Dardans (and where are the Dardanelles?), And digging a bunch of garbage on the Gisarlyk hill, secretly ordering fake jewelry and supposedly removed the found smuggled treasures, supposedly Turkish intelligence services in a tyrannical country, would not have looked after the pale-faced person, and there would not have been a single informant among the diggers. Yes, and this hill does not draw to the city, which they could not take 10 years, and even far from the sea, where to put the horse and the sea hydras strangled Laocoon and his sons ...
                  2. Skifotavr
                    Skifotavr 18 December 2015 22: 50
                    Quote: Pancho
                    You have laid out a whole lecture here to me. Briefly, my objections are as follows: 1. A person with a rich imagination can see the connection between Scythians and Russians and even after a thousand years (it would be nice to provide links to articles on the similarity of Scythian and Russian genotypes). I also note that I Russian, which I am proud of, but I consider it below my dignity to look for glorious ancestors where no one has seen them before for so many years.

                    If you don't know, then don't write. Archaeologists at first considered the Scythians to be Slavs for a long time. Then someone did not like it and they began to be considered Mongoloids. And then one smart guy suddenly "proved" that they were suddenly Iranians and spoke Iranian! I am familiar with that proof and I will say that this is the most terrible nonsense! As soon as I find this - "proof" - I will try to put it on your court. But the genotype of the Slavs and Scythians has long been established - they are not just similar, but identical.
  2. Skifotavr
    Skifotavr 17 December 2015 05: 54
    It is also curious that, according to Homer's Iliad, the son of the king of Troy (a close ally of the Thracians) was called Boris - and this, by the way, is a traditional ancient Slavic name that also does not need translation.
    1. Pancho
      Pancho 23 December 2015 20: 37
      Quote: Skifotavr
      their name was Boris

      Or maybe Paris?
  • A-Sim
    A-Sim 16 December 2015 17: 24
    In "Tamaria", for example ...
    1. alexng
      alexng 16 December 2015 17: 41
      If they join NATO, it is better to have a black copy.
  • Dryuya2
    Dryuya2 16 December 2015 17: 46
    Quote: Denis Obukhov
    ... invite to NATO:

    Quote: Denis Obukhov
    For this reason, Georgia may

    good tongue fellow
    1. Dr. Bormental
      Dr. Bormental 16 December 2015 17: 59
      How can this be? belay Does he have stamped comments and he stupidly copies them from chat to chat? Maybe I don’t understand something?
      1. Dryuya2
        Dryuya2 16 December 2015 18: 05
        Quote: Dr. Bormental
        Maybe I don’t understand something?

        my comments last look fellow bully
    2. The comment was deleted.
  • Grabberxnumx
    Grabberxnumx 16 December 2015 17: 19
    None of the rulers of Ukraine accidentally came to Macedonia? May have infected the unfortunate Macedonians!
  • izya top
    izya top 16 December 2015 17: 20
    but what happened in the universe? an attack of debilism and insanity is sweeping across the planet, and now it is impossible to understand where this muck came from in the first place. praise the Lord that there are still "islands" of adequacy, in which we were lucky to live what
    1. A-Sim
      A-Sim 16 December 2015 17: 25
      world crisis. there is no bread - come on.
  • Denis Obukhov
    Denis Obukhov 16 December 2015 17: 23
    New Macedonia?
    1. onizhe
      onizhe 16 December 2015 18: 49
      Macedonian Ukraine.
  • Mjohn
    Mjohn 16 December 2015 17: 24
    Greece claims that Macedonia does not have the right to bear such a name, since it is "stolen" from the northern Greek province.

    The stolen name of the province ... Something reminiscent of laughing
  • dchegrinec
    dchegrinec 16 December 2015 17: 26
    In the European Union, more sticks would be inserted for the joy of the viewers! wassat
  • Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 16 December 2015 17: 31
    "only Kiev has the right to" Rus "as a" brand "..."

    For us, Russia is not a "brand", but a Motherland.
    1. Sanmak
      Sanmak 16 December 2015 18: 36
      Get fucked !!! Galician banderlogs-this is Russia ??? Well, nichrome, but we did not know !!!
  • pavelty
    pavelty 16 December 2015 17: 31
    Took the Greeks of the Macedonians poor fellow ...
    1. Sergey S.
      Sergey S. 16 December 2015 18: 26
      Quote: pavlentiy
      Took the Greeks of the Macedonians poor fellow ...

      And the Bulgarians think. that ethnic Bulgarians live in Macedonia, and the Serbs say that the Macedonians are most licked by their language ...

      Brothers Slavs ...
      Orthodox brothers ...

      It would be better to recall the historical roots and united against the lack of spirituality of Catholicism and the meanness of the Geyropei shit democracy.
      1. Skifotavr
        Skifotavr 17 December 2015 19: 49
        Quote: Sergey S.

        And the Bulgarians think. that ethnic Bulgarians live in Macedonia

        Bulgarian rewriting of history for the sake of their nationalism will be worse than Bandera's. Their "scientists" in all seriousness assert that the legendary founders of Kiev Kiy, Schek, Khoriv and Lybed were Bulgarians, that Cyril and Methodius were Bulgarians, as well as Attila, Genghis Khan and Tamerlane. The Bulgarians have a very serious historical inferiority complex, because ethnically Bulgarians are a mixture of a horde of Turkic-speaking Volga Bulgars that moved to the Balkans with the Slavs who lived there earlier and the Ottomans-Turks who came later.
    ALEA IACTA EST 16 December 2015 17: 38
    And I thought ... belay lol
    1. Vladimirets
      Vladimirets 16 December 2015 17: 52
      Did the Bosporus and the Dardanelles later dig up the proto-holes? Apparently, without them, the customer would not accept work. laughing
    2. onizhe
      onizhe 16 December 2015 18: 59
      Then Ukrainians should be called Scythia.
  • individual
    individual 16 December 2015 17: 54
    What is the argument?
    It is necessary to solve it in a modern, civilized way:
    To donate DNA to a degree of kinship with Alexander the Great and business ... fellow
  • andrew42
    andrew42 16 December 2015 17: 56
    I remember that a long time ago, in 1995, on a beach in the Bulgarian Albena, I watched 2 dark-haired, dark-skinned, curly-haired and hump-nosed "tourists" unsuccessfully glue Russian girls. Purely out of interest, I asked the guys, -uea and yu from? Where they say, darlings. These shots proudly answer: We are Macedonians! And then I just whinnied, could not restrain myself, accompanied by their absolutely non-smoking look. What (through laughter), b .., Macedonians? Maybe Albanians or Turkish? - In all seriousness they repeat: her, we are the most Macedonians! There was still no joke about a Negro in the Kiev metro, I would have told them. For me, naive, Macedonia has always been personified with the harsh northern barbarians, built in the phalanx of Philip. Well, on the edge, with something similar to the Serbs. That's when I realized that there is Macedonia, which is called that in our time. Pure Arabia, inhabited at one time by the Sublime Port by analogy with the West European mark - a resettled wild population to suppress the Slavic aborigines. Sadness .. In general, let them rename Macedonia to Western Turkestan or Western Arabia, so at least the content will correspond to the form.
  • Dr. Bormental
    Dr. Bormental 16 December 2015 18: 07
    "Let's call them simply - Clara and Rosa! In honor of Clara Zetkin and Rosa Luxemburg! Hurray, comrades!" (c) Heart of a Dog
  • moskowit
    moskowit 16 December 2015 18: 13
    Not everything is so unambiguous in this matter. If you follow historical realities, the Greeks must determine the date from where they "dance". If we take the 4th century BC, then Alexander the Great subdued all the Hellenic states. Macedonia began to dominate the peninsula. Later, these territories fell under the rule of Rome and everything ended in Byzantium.
    Skip the time of Ottoman rule in the Balkans. We turn right now to the two Balkan wars of the beginning of the 20 century, where the territory of Macedonia in Turkey was disputed by three states, which recently gained independence. These are Serbia, Greece and Bulgaria. So the region of Macedonia was divided ... And statehood gained only part of the historical Macedonia, which later went into Yugoslavia.
    1. andrew42
      andrew42 16 December 2015 19: 50
      So in that very "let us skip the time of the Ottoman rule" and the dog is buried, as they say. It's easy for you, from the 15th century, but right away into the 20th :) What is left of those Macedonians in 5 centuries? - That's right, - Macedonia. That is, the name is one. As in the case of Assyria, although even now there are people claiming to be Assyrians. All that remains for NATO is to accept Macedonia, and Kosovo to boot. To sell the organs of German burghers in the Paris bazaar.
  • zekaze1980
    zekaze1980 16 December 2015 18: 50
    For me it doesn’t care, let them find out the sex among themselves.
  • seregatara1969
    seregatara1969 16 December 2015 19: 43
    as friends, you don’t sit-in NATO full members are not good
  • Stauffenberg
    Stauffenberg 16 December 2015 20: 40
    MaCdonia - and the red clown on the coat of arms
  • Rav_Poroh
    Rav_Poroh 16 December 2015 22: 29
    And the Macedonians in the photo look very personal.
    1. Skifotavr
      Skifotavr 17 December 2015 19: 58
      Quote: Rav_Poroh
      And the Macedonians in the photo look very personal.

      Because it is Slavic.
  • bad
    bad 17 December 2015 04: 40
    Quote: dchegrinec
    In the European Union, more sticks would be inserted for the joy of the viewers! wassat
    ..heh .. they have this favorite pastime, sticks to each other throw and insert .. laughing rear wheel drive ..