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China, Iran and the "world of endless war"

To reset the United States from its pedestal, to deprive them of their status as a world hegemon, as if Russia and China conceived it. They are supported by some smaller states that do not like the US geopolitical domination either. Iran stands out among the latter. The common goal of these countries is to use Washington’s strategic blunders both globally and regionally. If America does not know how to respond to the coordinated actions of these countries somewhere, then they will celebrate another victory. And the world order, once organized by the United States, gives another crack.

China, Iran and the "world of endless war"

This is related by Nenad Drka (Nenad Drca) in the publication "Modern Diplomacy". The author is a former military translator, linguist, specializing in translations from three languages, who has worked in many countries (on three continents) for the last eight years.

In connection with the latest changes in geopolitics, Russia and China are cooperating and coordinating their actions politically, militarily and economically. This new collaboration “almost always has an anti-Western and anti-American character,” the author is sure.

Russia, China and a group of small states like Iran are aiming to throw the USA off the throne of the world hegemon. They do not like that there is only one geopolitical leader in the world. The “collective goal” of Moscow and Beijing is to use all the blunders of the United States, both regionally and globally. The absence of an American reaction to the actions of China or Russia is a success for the latter. According to the author, the “Chinese-Russian axis” is currently opposing American interests in almost all “imaginable fields”. And the level of global cooperation between Russians and Chinese "is a very serious problem for the global status quo."

New coordination between China and Russia is seen not only in major economic agreements excluding the dollar, but also in other areas. China “imitates the Russian strategy by conducting its microterritorial expansion and claiming various disputed islands in the East China and South China seas,” the analyst said.

Moscow and Beijing are accused of conducting large-scale anti-American cyberwar, as a result of which intelligence and industrial cyber spies steal state and commercial secrets.

China intends to buy oil not for dollars, but for yuan, and Russia approves of this financial maneuver. This is directly harming America’s interests, as China will soon become the world's largest oil importer (with the yuan recently recognized as the world's reserve currency). Both Russia and Iran, writes Nenad Drka, are now using the yuan instead of the dollar for oil-buying transactions with China.

This mutual economic geo-strategy strongly brought Beijing and Moscow closer together. The bilateral trade volume of the two countries rose to 95 billion dollars in 2014 year. True, the reality is that China cannot ignore the fact that the main trading partner for Beijing is the United States and the EU, and not Russia at all. China cannot afford to “sacrifice” the American market. And the United States is aware of this. All they have to do is solve the problem: how can the US “reset” its relations with China and with Russia, “before it is too late”. If Beijing’s current economic geostrategy is not held back until the 2040 year, then China’s GDP could be 40% of the global one.

And then there's Iran. Beijing and Tehran held talks on ways to cooperate on civilian nuclear power. There is interest in oil deals. It is clear that China is thinking about the economic benefits of trade with the countries of the Middle East, including weapons and technology.

In contrast to the Americans, who had thought of an “Asian U-turn,” China showed great negotiating abilities. Most likely, Beijing’s strategy was underestimated by senior executives in Washington. While the United States was "working hard" in trying to convince its allies to abandon the support of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), China deftly bypassed the American talkers and managed to convince many US allies to support him. Then the Chinese proudly announced that not only American allies, such as Great Britain, France and Germany, were registered as founding members, but also Egypt, Israel, and Jordan, and Kuwait, and Oman, and Pakistan, and Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates. Finally, I entered the bank and Iran. This was a real "insult" for the United States, since Washington at that time applied financial pressure on Iran.

If the United States pursues a "world gendarme" policy, then China does not seek an active role in conflicts in the Middle East. China prefers to act in confidence: openly and directly. Beijing, as a rule, avoids the use of hard power. Against the background of the American strategy, it seems that Beijing understands all the benefits of “soft power” perfectly. All these PRC maneuvers are undermining America’s traditional role, the author believes.

Today, Russia may seek cooperation with the United States on Syrian issues, but it will not cease active cooperation with China. And their common goal is to weaken American financial domination in the world market.

Probably, the United States should improve relations with the PRC, given the large scale of both trade and US debt to Beijing. At the same time, Washington needs to pay attention to strengthening Chinese rapprochement with such obvious US strategic opponents as Russia and Iran. According to the analyst, today we live in a “strange new world” where the war does not stop in one form or another.

Actually, let us add, no such “strategy” for bringing Russia and China closer, and all the more so, a single global policy does not exist. We think it is only in the minds of other analysts or propagandists. In fact, the Celestial does what is beneficial to it. It is beneficial for her to buy some modern weapons systems from Russia in small quantities — she will do it and then copy them. It is advantageous to agree on gas supplies at a price that for some reason is not known to journalists - the “dragon” will agree, taking advantage of the pressure on Western sanctions in Russia.

And here is the latest strategic innovation of the PRC: the new “Silk Road”, leading from China, has earned bypassing Russia. Write about this major Russian media.

The first transit train in the framework of the trade route from China to Turkey came to Georgia from China, bypassing Russia, 13 reported in December "Moscow Komsomol".

According to Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Garibashvili, “this train is decorated with the flags of Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kazakhstan and the European Union. We can take Chinese cargoes in Georgia in 8-10 days in an unprecedentedly short time, and then in different European countries in 3-5 days. ”

“The Silk Road” and the Eurasian Economic Union promoted by Russia, despite assurances from Beijing and Moscow, can hardly be considered complementary, writes RBC. The economic interests of the projects are already facing now: Beijing is concerned about the Customs Union created at the initiative of Moscow, since uniform tariffs for importing Chinese products to the CU countries may negatively affect the prospects for growth in the trade volumes of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan with China.

For several years now, Russia has been losing economic competition in Central Asia to China. Here are the figures that RBC gives: the volume of bilateral trade of the PRC with the countries of Central Asia in 2013 amounted to 50,3 billion dollars, and in 2014, amid the economic slowdown, 46 billion dollars. You should also know that Beijing last year, he approved the allocation to Astana of an investment package in 30 billion dollars, and Tashkent got hold of the 15 billion deal. The volume of economic assistance to the Chinese of Kyrgyzstan amounted to 3 billion dollars. For comparison: Russian investments in the region in 2013-2014. amounted to total 15 billion dollars, and the volume of trade - 30,5 billion dollars in 2013 year and 27,8 billion dollars in 2014 year.

Of course, we note in conclusion, the initiative of the Silk Road implies a further increase in the volume of trade and investment from the Middle Kingdom. Russia will not survive this competition, especially in its current weak position, when oil prices are plummeting and the ruble is getting cheaper every day.

Another thing is that the United States does not want to strengthen China. But this is different историяunrelated to Russia.

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  1. good7
    good7 17 December 2015 07: 24
    And what can we trade with central Asia? Let the Chinese also look after the mess there! So, it would be nice to throw some money to the local communist parties if there is nowhere to put it! You look, and the opposition to the Islamists itself would be lined up!
    1. sa-ag
      sa-ag 17 December 2015 09: 50
      Quote: good7
      So, it would be nice to throw some money to the local communist parties

      capitalism sponsors the Communist Party, which only in the world does not happen, by the way there is no one to throw
      1. Talgat
        Talgat 17 December 2015 17: 50
        in fact, a new era begins - the 21 century, there is no USSR - and the main geopolitical opponent of the West and the World Government - this is of course China

        The West and the United States are trying to "knock out" China's most powerful potential allies right off the bat - its future support is, of course, the Eurasian Union - then Iran and Syria and the Latinos are Bolivarians

        If you could make Russia "liberal - European - democratic" - it would be a nightmare for China - if now the West has made Ukraine an enemy of Russia

        then according to the same recipe - "democratic" Russia with strategic nuclear forces and advanced technologies would become the most terrible enemy of China
        Believe me - propaganda would have fooled the Russians - and would have used the millennial fear and whaling of the steppes (Tatars of the Kazakhs, etc.)

        It is a great luck that we did not become Western toys and a blind tool - the National Academy of Sciences and the GDP with the Chinese and Iran are not fools, and are not going to set up a meat grinder here - it seems the United States was able to create problems with the course of the crisis, etc. - but the feuds in Eurasia will not work - we are living
        1. Karlovar
          Karlovar 18 December 2015 12: 25
          A great comment!
  2. parusnik
    parusnik 17 December 2015 07: 33
    In fact, we add on our own, there is no such “strategy” for the rapprochement between Russia and China and, moreover, a single global policy. It, we think, is only in the heads of other analysts or propagandists.... It seems true ... Even Mao Zedong said something like this that the policy of China is like the behavior of a monkey sitting on a tree and watching the battle of two tigers, and when the tigers are exhausted in battle, get off the tree and lower the skins. . It’s a pity in the USA they don’t understand this .. It's time to restore the geopolitical balance .. And not to dictate Russia's will ... But, alas, the USA imagines itself to be the arbiter of the world ...
    1. Karlovar
      Karlovar 18 December 2015 12: 29
      Send this letter to Obama! Enlighten, so to speak. And then he - sick - is not aware of such a simple "truth" until now ...
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 17 December 2015 08: 18
    Russia, China and a group of small states such as Iran have the goal of dropping the United States from the throne of world hegemony.

    Perhaps such a goal exists, but so far there is no confirmation of this. Another thing is that both Russia and China, if necessary, use blunders (shoals, and rough ones) of the United States for their own purposes. So only a fool would not use it. Moreover, the USA is getting more and more of these "blunders" every year.
  4. Alexez
    Alexez 17 December 2015 08: 56
    RBC, which the author refers to, also belong to a certain circle of persons with their own interests. Therefore, I would not take on faith the arguments given in the article. For example, the work of China in the countries of Central Asia can be seen as ousting the United States from this region, the weakening of the influence of which at our borders is in our favor - there is less opportunity for destabilization. So the Silk Road is a tool for projecting its influence through economic ties. Over time, trade relations with Europe will improve, but for now we need a stable partner in the east. About copying modern weapons - fortunately for us, the production technologies of many key components are based on a fundamental scientific base and a design school, which can not be copied as much as possible - just grow.
  5. volodimer
    volodimer 17 December 2015 09: 01
    The United States, imagining itself to be a world policeman, forgot that the policeman is a representative of law enforcement agencies and is limited by the observance of these same rights. Thieves, resolving problems by concepts, also provide order, but by right of the strong. That's how the United States behaves like a world bandit.
  6. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 17 December 2015 09: 14
    What is China, what is Iran, allies are still those. If they throw it, they will not blink an eye. Times are vile. Everything on these grandmothers, as they’ve branded.
  7. Alekst
    Alekst 17 December 2015 09: 38
    Times as times, allies as allies, the world order in its usual state - the law of the strong acts, but to be honest I don’t see much difference with any other times except informational support, and the fact that I live at that time, and not read about him in the book.
  8. aviator1913
    aviator1913 17 December 2015 10: 35
    China could not go east, Japan, Korea and the United States, together with its allies in Asia, blocked Chinese expansion on the oceans. New alliances were formed with Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand. Therefore, in 2013, the Chinese Communist Party decided to go west, towards Central Asia and Europe. Going will be soft power until there is a reaction.

    At the moment, China is playing with all the players, without giving anyone an advantage. It seems to me that there will be several silk routes, one through Russia, one through the Caspian and Georgia, one may well go even further south. Such a differentiation of paths will create competition between them and reduce China's costs.
  9. Petrik66
    Petrik66 18 December 2015 05: 51
    Why do the speakers think that the United States, Iran and especially China are downright geniuses of politics, enlightened in all matters, and we are political losers? China is very similar to the USSR with its tangle of internal contradictions and can collapse as quickly as we did in the late 80s. If you talk about the policy of selling ass on all sides as a "high" policy, then in relation to our "partner - a kept woman" Lukashenka it may look like a compliment to him, but in relation to China? They still have not experienced their complexes of communication with the West, when they were popularly explained who they are in life. These are behaviors on the part of weakness, not strength. And do not mix the wisdom of the politician and the cunning of the merchant in one heap. Otherwise, you will soon call Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk thinkers.
  10. Andrei946
    Andrei946 18 December 2015 11: 26
    The author of the article says that China is being dragged heavily for the role of world policeman! But he is in no hurry to use it. China is waiting for the United States in this role to undermine its resource sustainability completely. Then China will come out.
    You need to understand the simple thing that the world elites are not profitable rapprochement between China and Russia. Therefore, everything is being done so that the rapprochement between China and Russia does not happen. However, this does not exclude the supply of the same oil and gas to China to ensure the productive power of China.
    There is only one way out: to negotiate with the Chinese and wait for Pax Americana to collapse.