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The exercise of motorized rifle units began in Chechnya

Motorized rifle formations of the Southern Military District started the development of tasks at the test sites in the Chechen Republic, reports RIA News message of the district press service. More than 5 thousand troops are involved in the training.

The district noted that “the first stage of training motorized rifle subunits will end with live firing as part of the squads, after which, in 2016, the combat coordination of motorized rifle and tank platoons ".

“The servicemen of the motorized rifle formations of the Southern Military District, stationed in the Chechen Republic, have begun to work out the tasks of combat training at the Gvardeets, Kalinovsky and Alpine training grounds. More than 5 thousands of servicemen were involved in field training, about 300 units of weapons and military equipment were involved, ”the release says.

According to the press service, “motorized riflemen will have to continue mastering the newest armored personnel carrier BTR-82AM, where radio stations of the 5 generation P-168, the orientation system for determining the current coordinates of the vehicle and displaying its location on the electronic terrain map, are installed to improve command control .

It is also reported that "snipers and grenade launchers at the exercises will master the skills of selecting and equipping firing positions, covert movement on the battlefield, observation and reconnaissance of targets, firing at various distances in pairs and in cooperation with the main forces day and night."
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RIA News. Kirill Braga
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    RUSIVAN 15 December 2015 19: 35
    It’s hard to learn, easy in battle ... Well done
      MIKHALYCH1 15 December 2015 19: 40
      The direction is dangerous, in the current situation in the world ... You need to be prepared for the unexpected!
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Olfred
        Olfred 15 December 2015 22: 55
        I agree completely! not only the development of skills but also to show the ill-wisher all the readiness for action in case of aggression! hi
    2. 79807420129
      79807420129 15 December 2015 20: 03
      But somehow I remember that Bloomberg calculated how much the operation in Syria cost us and categorically stated that Russia could not conduct more such large-scale exercises, they say there is no money, and we conduct such exercises and continue the operation in Syria, weeping and all the prowlers .
  2. Denis Obukhov
    Denis Obukhov 15 December 2015 19: 38
    Teaching is not just about developing skills. The teachings are a demonstration of the capabilities of the army. I am more than sure that these exercises are studied from all sides by NATO military experts and not only. The fact that Russia, in conditions of a difficult economic situation, can allow itself to conduct such military exercises, suggests that the country's leadership is keeping abreast. Remember. Under Yeltsin, military exercises were not conducted for years and the results of this were obtained in a protracted conflict in the North Caucasus, at the beginning of which the Russian Ministry of Defense shamefully abandoned its soldiers.
    1. Dryuya2
      Dryuya2 16 December 2015 02: 29
      Quote: Denis Obukhov
      Learning is not just about developing skills.

      good burn more
  3. Sergey333
    Sergey333 15 December 2015 19: 49
    The south has stirred, it seems that Tajikistan has the same goals, the intelligence is apparently digging something.
  4. polite people
    polite people 15 December 2015 19: 50
    This we show that there is nothing to meddle with ISIS in the Caucasus. Tear to shreds. soldier
  5. Puler
    Puler 15 December 2015 20: 13
    "Wild Division" heard there is a good school in Chechnya, they train well ...
    1. Phantom Revolution
      Phantom Revolution 15 December 2015 21: 19
      Quote: Puler
      "Wild Division" heard there is a good school in Chechnya, they train well ...

      The training should be good everywhere, but the war against terrorism did not end there, therefore the training is "close to combat".
  6. erased
    erased 15 December 2015 20: 32
    ... "motorized rifles will continue to develop the latest armored personnel carrier BTR-82AM ...

    This is not the latest technology, but has long been obsolete. Maybe just the filling is relatively new. The latest - BTR Boomerang.
    And it is still unclear how to put such weapons and their control systems on horseradish taxi?
  7. Aandrewsir
    Aandrewsir 15 December 2015 20: 35
    Quote: RUSIVAN
    It’s hard to learn, easy in battle ... Well done

    That's for sure. A well-known Soviet-era army proverb says: "It's hard in training, easy in the focus of defeat."
    Soviet army humor, experienced in 1986 - 1988.
    1. prosto_rgb
      prosto_rgb 16 December 2015 09: 13
      Quote: Aandrewsir
      "It's hard in learning, easy in the focus of defeat."

      Army humor, he is so emotional and soulful.
      The main thing accurately conveys the essence of the phenomenon.
  8. Stauffenberg
    Stauffenberg 15 December 2015 21: 02
    At the same time, the Czechs will once again see what happens if that ..
    1. prishelec
      prishelec 16 December 2015 01: 59
      Quote: Stauffenberg
      At the same time, the Czechs will once again see what happens if that ..

      The swineherd! .. "Czechs" are not even aware that some kind of training is being held ...)) except that Kadyrov and his entourage.
  9. vov4ik_zver
    vov4ik_zver 15 December 2015 22: 15
    "The exercise of motorized rifle formations began in Chechnya," - none of the civilians was injured ...
  10. deputy ___ watered
    deputy ___ watered 15 December 2015 22: 44
    I wanted to express my opinion for the amateurism of the commentators, but it is not advisable to consider the BTR as obsolete equipment, because our worst friends with rearmament are still straining (with the exception of Turkey), the second population of the Chechen Republic regularly sees certain events being held both as part of special operations and during the exercises, thirdly I recommend that you familiarize yourself with statistics from open sources of information on gang activity in the North Caucasus by region (According to my information, this indicator is higher in the Republic of Ingushetia and the Republic of Dagestan).
    1. prishelec
      prishelec 16 December 2015 02: 14
      Quote: deputy ___ watered
      the second population of the Czech Republic regularly sees the holding of certain events held both within the framework of special operations and during exercises,

      The population of Chechnya nevermind, the more so on a regular basis, doesn’t see any exercises,)) do you think the equipment travels all over Chechnya and shoots chtol)) local media didn’t even mention it with a word - I have news widgets from almost all regions in the browser , gang activity is high everywhere, judging by the news, in the region, for example, north of Chechnya, crime is a hundred times higher than in Chechnya!)))
  11. NordUral
    NordUral 15 December 2015 23: 34
    I am glad that we are not relaxing.
  12. dchegrinec
    dchegrinec 16 December 2015 04: 59
    There God himself commanded the creation of combat-ready units.
  13. Al_oriso
    Al_oriso 16 December 2015 06: 22
    Recently, Russia has been conducting so many exercises that NATO will not be able to live in peace. So Kerry flew in ...