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Cranes over Paul Kulikov


“People say that on the fortieth day the cranes once again circled over the Kulikovo field,” Igor Nemodruk finished his story in Odessa. And there is no need to explain what it is about ... These tragic events that took place on 2 on May 2014, for a long time, will hurt in the hearts of not only Russians, but also Ukrainians, except, of course, those who are mad with Russophobic propaganda. and neo-fascist ideas. Even in the West, many honest people shuddered in those days, seeing behind the propaganda tinsel the true appearance of a monster, ready to burn everything alive in its path.

Many readers of “Military Review”, who follow articles from Donetsk, are already familiar with Igor Nemodruk - one of the heroes of the material “Participants of the Odessa resistance: “We had to go to the new Kulikovo battle". A native of Donbass (specifically, the Luhansk region), he moved to Odessa many years ago, and today he was again on the land of Donbas. This time - in Donetsk, where he is one of the defenders of the young Republic.

In the days of the Russian Spring, he was an active participant in a camp on the Kulikovo Field in Odessa. Miraculously survived on May 2 in a terrible slaughter, although he was severely beaten by right-wing men. It so happened that the paddy wagon, who had come to arrest him and other comrades, was a salvation from death, which took the form of sadistic radicals.

“Odessa law enforcement agencies are heavily cleaned,” says Igor at the presentation of his book “The Field Kulikovo”. - And then, right after May 2, there were a lot of sympathizers among the police and prosecutors. Now they are not. "

The presentation took place on December 10 in the Russian World Foundation in the Donetsk Republican Scientific Library. N.K.Krupskoy. The hall was full. A lot of journalists came, including the legendary Graham Phillips.

This book, according to the author, although written in art form, but based solely on real events. Only changed the names of some characters.

The main character of the story, Igor (to whom the author, of course, gave his features), experienced a serious personal drama several months ago — his former wife and, at her instigation, his children refused to talk to him. Now he met a girl he loved. But duty forces him to go there - to Kulikovo Field. At first, everyone is enthusiastic, they believe in victory.

Among the friends of the main character there was a split. Some - in the same place, on the Kulikovo field. However, there is one who supports the Maidan and is happy to show his photos, where he is "heroic" in Kiev. Igor tries to explain something to him: “You are a fool, Seva. And you are a fool and your whole Maidan is frantic ... There was such a good country - Ukraine. But she was attacked by the Maidan. Like a mad dog. Attacked! Bitten! And that's it! There is no Ukraine. ”

1 May Igor went to a barbecue with his girlfriend, but they did not let them rest easy - right from there he was called for a general gathering. After all, the arrival of pravosekov was known in advance.

This is how the author describes the situation that reigned on Kulikovo Field when they were still alive: “Everyone was excited and everyone smiled at each other. Smiled about and for no reason, just meeting his eyes. Greater smiles could be observed except April 1 on Humorine. Well, or in the "House of Clowns" during the performance. But then the smiles were of a different quality. They were added to the St. George ribbons, they were as an additional sign of identification. They seemed to say: “We are of the same blood with you, you and I!”

And - in full contrast to these smiles - the invasion of the Pravoseks: “At first, lonely figures flashed among the trees, they quickly approached, running from tree to tree, they were already thicker behind them, then the stream poured. It rushed like a mud avalanche, along a lane in continuous mass, and flowing through the square between the trees. Above him stood the roar of human voices, in which it was difficult to isolate something meaningful, some individual words or phrases. All shouts and cries merged into a solid, saturated with hatred and anger hum. "

We all know the terrible outcome of that battle. So this event opened with a presentation on the verses of the poet Vadim Negaturov, who was not destined to survive that day, May 2. The memory of the fallen was honored with a minute of silence.

“We knew that pravoseki were traveling,” said Igor Nemodruk. - Two weeks before these events, the regional authorities began to exaggerate the question that our camp should move out. It was motivated by the fact that soon 9 May, the Victory Parade will be held, and our tents interfere. Although they stood apart and did not particularly interfere. We were offered various "gingerbread" - promised to give the car, to transport to the outskirts of Odessa, select products. Several organizations agreed, but most remained on the Kulikovo Field.

He added: “The enemies have very well chosen the time. Maevka, people are scattered around the dachas, rest. ”

According to him, when the train arrived with pravosekami - it was not an ordinary passenger train, but a specially designated one. Supposedly the fans came to the match, but most of them were determined to fight. They had equipment - knee pads, elbow pads, helmets. But the participants of the Kulikovo field did not assume that it would come to murder. They thought it would be just a fight. Were ready for the fact that there will be broken teeth, broken limbs.

But the reality was much worse ...

Nemodruk also said that on the eve of 2 in May Parubiy came to Odessa, who at that time was the chairman of the National Security Council. Not the very last person in the state. And he personally handed the outfit to the commander of the Pravosek squad. Then this squad finished off those who tried to escape from the fire.

When asked about the number of victims, the author of the book Kulikovo Field replied that there were many more dead than the authorities reported. But you can't say for sure - there was no opportunity to count. “One comrade, who then went to Lugansk, said that on the 3 number he and his wife went before the train to Kulikovo Field and saw the unknown people loading dead bodies into the trunk of a car.”

Speaking about the current situation in Odessa, Igor noted with optimism that on May 9, many people came out with Red flags and St. George ribbons. And when Poroshenko arrived, they chanted: “Fascism will not pass.” And 2 May, on the anniversary of those events, at least 45 thousands of people came to commemorate the fallen. This was shown by the counters on the established framework of metal detectors.

He expressed the hope that the murderers will be judged by the Nuremberg Tribunal, which will be included in history like the Odessa tribunal.


In Donetsk, they often recall Odessa. On the streets you can find inscriptions: "Do not forget, do not forgive Odessa." And from there, from the city by the Black Sea, it is often reported: despite the atrocities of the fascist authorities, the inscriptions “Donbass, we are with you!” Constantly appear.

They remembered about Odessa and at the rally near the Park Inn hotel, which took place on the same day as the presentation of the book Kulikovo Pole. After all, December 10 is Human Rights Day, which is celebrated since 1950. This date was established by the UN in honor of the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The place where people came to declare their rights was not chosen by chance - after all, OSCE observers are based at this hotel.

They came to demand freedom for the activist of the Young Republic organization Dmitry Nazarov. He was abducted by the Ukrainian special services when he was forced to go over another front line to help his sick sister. Dmitry was involved in volunteering, helping children, war veterans, retirees. And ukrovlasti accuse him of "terrorism" ...

And a special cynicism is that, on the eve of the International Human Rights Day, the Ukrainian special services conducted a monstrous punitive operation in Krasnogorovka, arresting 85 people right away. Allegedly "prevented the attack." Although the most zealous supporters of the junta openly declare: the operation was carried out against the "cotton".

"Vata", "Colorado", "titushki" ... All these labels have been stuck for two years on those who refused to accept the fake values ​​of Maidan. He hung a label - and it is already possible to justify the burning of people, extrajudicial detention, and mass arrests.

So the OSCE preferred not to notice the massacre of the residents of Krasnogorovka ...

The atrocities continue ... In the Lugansk People's Republic, legendary commander Pavel Dremov, one of the most active fighters for Novorossia, was treacherously murdered. Whoever is a performer - the Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance group or a traitor in the environment - one thing is clear. This crime was organized by the same "directors", under whose leadership the mob raged on the Maidan, then they burned people in the House of Trade Unions and barbarously bombarded the cities of Donbass. And they continue to fire under the shameful silence of those who assumed the role of the world community. And for a long time, the cranes will spin and grieve for the fallen ...

(Especially for the "Military Review")
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Elena Gromova
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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 15 December 2015 07: 36
    Revenge of the people of Donbass, knows no boundaries and times!
    The judgment of God, it will be for the Ukronazists!
  2. parusnik
    parusnik 15 December 2015 07: 44
    So the OSCE preferred not to notice the massacre of the residents of Krasnogorovka .....And why .. OSCE to talk about the Nazi face of the Kiev regime ...
  3. Angry orc
    Angry orc 15 December 2015 09: 45
    judging by the popularity of the article, few people are interested in it, but in vain, the article is bright, described by the participant in the event. There is an advertisement for the book, but to the point. The main thing is that this cannot be forgotten, not to mention forgiveness and articles of this kind refresh the memories of who is in power in ruin
  4. Lelek
    Lelek 15 December 2015 10: 14
    And a special cynicism is that, on the eve of the International Human Rights Day, the Ukrainian special services conducted a monstrous punitive operation in Krasnogorovka, arresting 85 people right away. Allegedly "prevented the attack." Although the most zealous supporters of the junta openly declare: the operation was carried out against the "cotton".

    For the Kiev princelings and the so-called. "cotton wool" and the same "UPAvtsy" are only consumables, on the "correct" use of which you can cut down a good bakshish. Human blood is the ringing of coins to these bastards. Even the fact that it is not enough for them to plunder openly, they immediately cynically raise their salaries against the background of the impoverishment of ordinary people. For what? For devastation, blood and racing on the bones.
    1. andrew-z
      andrew-z 15 December 2015 23: 08
      and you did not try to convert 6000-8000 UAH into rubles and compare with the salaries of Russian officials? ... you will learn a lot of new things)
  5. potalevl
    potalevl 15 December 2015 14: 47
    The truth is behind us! God is with us!
    Our President, Comrade Putin!
    Bend the enemy into a ram’s horn.
    BUT PASARAN-fascist unrest!

    Close our ranks
    Believing the laws of the Brotherhood holy ...
    And again we will save the world from trouble,
    Like an unforgettable forty-fifth.

    Nuremberg's memorable lesson.
    An eloquent story ...
    The truth is behind us! God is with us,
    And where God is always Victoria!

    Russia with Ukraine forever!
    The subhuman fascists!
    And the vile pack of terrorists
    It will disappear from the face of the Earth soon!

    March 12.03.2014, XNUMX. Michael Versespletov
  6. Dzimka
    Dzimka 15 December 2015 16: 20
    The sad thing is that in Ukraine, few people remember the events of that day. The memory is selective, and the "Svidomo" citizen is even more selective. They prefer not to remember tortured people, and this is terrible. It is as if the death of citizens is a perfectly normal thing, ordinary.
  7. Koshak
    Koshak 15 December 2015 17: 50
    Everlasting memory!

    It seems to me at times that soldiers,
    From the bloody fields that have not come,
    Not in this land once fell,
    And they turned into white cranes.

    They are still from the time of those distant
    They fly and give us votes.
    Not because it is so often and sadly
    Do we stop looking to heaven?

    A wedge flies, flies across the sky -
    Flies in the fog at the end of the day,
    And in that formation there is a small gap -
    Perhaps this is the place for me!

    The day will come, and with the crane pack
    I'll swim in the same gray mist,
    From under the sky like a bird's call
    All of you who left on earth.

    Rasul Gamzatov.
  8. staryivoin
    staryivoin 15 December 2015 18: 24
    Very consonant with "the cranes over the Kulikov field" and "Swans over the Nepryadva". Who in years will remember there was such a cartoon filmed in the 80s for the 600th anniversary of the battle of St. Kn. Dmitry Donskoy on the Kulikovo Field. And after all, the prince fought not only with the Tatar-Mongols (one should not confuse the army of the temnik Mamai with our Tatars, or with the present-day Mongols). He fought for Russia with foreigners, and yet there were Rusichs in the army of Mamai ... and in the army of the Donskoy there were Tatars ...
    Here is such a story ... And still, it is ours and our present should think, and everyone who comes after us will have a lesson if we teach them ... WHAT RUSSIA WAS AND WILL BE STANDING FORCE IN THE RUSSIAN SPIRIT AND FORCE OF THE RUSSIAN UNITY !!!
    Otherwise, a white fluffy animal ...
  9. summer
    summer 16 December 2015 00: 16
    On the day of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Odessa from the NFZ, another “clash” of Odessa residents with “guests” of the hero city took place. Then it all ended "as it should." And the police stood on this side of the barricades.
    Three weeks remained before the tragedy. The next visit of the Varangians was prepared at the state level.
    Citizens comrades Russians! Do not blame Odessa residents for cowardice - in those conditions they did everything they could. You do not blame the cowardice of the White House defenders in October 93rd.

    Think about what would happen if in your city under the auspices of the "struggle against the communist heritage" Minin Street was renamed Menachem-Mendl Schneerson Street (Dnepropetrovsk .... while Dnepropetrovsk).

    and more, from the last ..
    Decommunization: in Odessa there will be Richter, Oistrakh streets and Utochkin lane
    The historical and toponymic commission of the Odessa City Council chose the names for 10 streets, 9 lanes and one city park to be renamed.

    The following names will appear on the map of Odessa:
    st. Pioneer (Primorsky district) - st. Frapolly Brothers (architects);
    st. October Revolution (Kiev district) - Yefim Geller (chess player);
    st. Comintern (Malinovsky district) - Petra Leshchenko (singer);
    st. Collective farm (Kiev district) - Joseph Timchenko (inventor of the movie camera);
    st. Petrovsky (Malinovsky district) - Efim Fesenko (typographer);
    st. Chapaeva (Malinovsky district) - Pavel Virsky (choreographer);
    st. Shchorsa (Malinovsky district) - Svyatoslav Richter (musician);
    st. Zatonsky (Suvorov district) - David Oistrakh (musician);
    st. Kuibysheva (Primorsky) - Staroreznichnaya (old name);
    Leningradskoye Shosse - Kievskoye Shosse (old name);
    trans. Collective farm (Primorsky district) - per. Reznitsky (old name);
    trans. First Collective Farm (Kiev district) - Sergey Utochkin;
    trans. The second collective farm (Kiev district) - Sergei Eisenstein;
    First Stakhanov Lane - Krushelnitsky (opera singer);
    Fourth Stakhanov Lane - Kryzhanovsky (theatrical figure);
    Third Stakhanov Lane - Sturdy;
    Second Stakhanovsky per. - Skalkovsky (historian – archaeologist);
    Per. Schorsa - Ginzburg (publicist);
    Per. Chapaeva - Yakhnenko (industrialist);
    The Lenin Komsomol Park will be renamed Savitsky Park (industrialist, creator of ponds). The issue of renaming toponymic names will be considered at the February session of the City Council.

    If there are courageous - throw a stone in Odessa. Just before that, do not forget to make sure - are you living in a glass house?